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Vegetal I.D. Introduces Hydropack®, an optimal solution for Stormwater Management in North America

Batavia, NY., (September 10, 2012) - Vegetal I.D., a European leader in green roofs and living walls, introduces Hydropack®, an innovative, all-in-one tray system for green roofs. Vegetal I.D. operates one of the largest green roof nurseries in North America, and also develops research programs in partnership with universities to remain at the forefront of innovation and technology. This innovation is embodied in Hydropack®, which was patented in 2000. More than 5 million square feet of Hydropack® have been installed in over 1,500 projects in many different climates. Hydropack® has distinct advantages over more complex green roof systems due to its simple, smart design, high water retention capacity and pre-vegetated, removable modules.

Green roofs offer many benefits, especially in densely populated urban areas. The public benefits of green roofs include storm water management, reduced air and water pollution, and decreased heat island effect. The private benefits include savings on heat and electricity bills, increased building value and extended roof life. Green roofs also decrease noise infiltration through the roof and are aesthetically pleasing.

Hydropack® offers all the benefits of green roofs with an optimal water retention to reduce runoffs. Hydropack® is an “all-in-one”, modular tray system consisting of a mineral drainage layer, a filter fabric, FLL-approved growing medium, pre-grown vegetation and a strong hooking system. Hydropack® has many advantages, including:

  • Instant vegetation: Unlike other systems, Hydropack® is at least 85% pre-vegetated on the first day of installation. Because the system comes pre-vegetated, maintenance is very low. The plants are drought-tolerant and are hearty in harsh winter weather.
  • Easy: The lightweight, modular design makes the system incredibly easy to install or remove. The system is the lightest module on the market.
  • Flexible: Hydropack® is the most flexible green roof tray, which is why it can easily be installed on slopes – even very steep slopes.
  • Water management: Hydropack® has a very high water retention capacity. Additionally, the system was designed to improve storm water management for extensive green roof systems.
  • Smart: Hydropack® modules lock together to allow water and nutrients to circulate between trays.
  • Reduced cost: The tray (made of 100% recycled bottle caps) helps reduce the installation costs, since edges and a drainage layer do not need to be installed.

About Vegetal I.D.
Vegetal I.D.’s staff are experts in green roof technology and will guide you every step of the way through the process of designing, installing and maintaining an environmentally friendly and performing green roof or living wall. Their experience as the European leader in green roof and living wall technologies assures that you will get an excellent high performance-low maintenance product that will manage stormwater runoff and remain green for years to come.


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