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Plant Connection Installs Living Wall That Helps Patients Heal

PNC Bank generously donates a G-O2™ Green Wall to Hope Lodge in New York to create a therapeutic environment for patients and their families

Riverhead, NY., (March 11, 2012) - Plant Connection had the wonderful privilege and honor to create a living wall at the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge, Jerome L. Greene Family Center in Manhattan. Hope Lodge offers cancer patients lodging at no cost, allowing them to focus on healing and recovering. A nurturing, home-like environment is provided where patients can retreat to private rooms or bond with others in community spaces. Many of Plant Connection’s living walls are used in environments to either aid in contributing to sustainable building solutions, or to create aesthetical living works of art. At Hope Lodge, a green wall was specially designed into the space to produce healing benefits for cancer patients in recovery.

Brian Clinton, PNC Bank, Melissa Daniels and Anthony Caggiano, Plant Connection

Brian Clinton, PNC Bank, Melissa Daniels and Anthony Caggiano, Plant Connection

There are many amenities for guests including a meditation area, lounge, library, and an outdoor terrace. Hope Lodge wanted to expand on the outdoor space and provide its guests the opportunity to connect with nature for therapeutic advantages. Beautiful outdoor planters and furnishings currently allow patients to enjoy some relaxation and reflection in the open air. Hope Lodge felt that the addition of a living wall would enhance the space and further aid in creating a peaceful communal area. Additionally, when individuals are sitting inside the large lounge area, they have tranquil views outside to the terrace and living wall.

Known as Evidence-Based Biophilic Design, this practice seeks to maximize human function and health through proven methods and natural elements. Biophilia is the term coined by biologist Edward O. Wilson to describe what he believes is our innate attraction for the natural world. Numerous scientific studies have shown that including green spaces or other elements derived from nature in health care design, has a restorative effect for both faculty and patients. Whether in a garden setting or dispersed throughout a building, natural forms can be a positive distraction, decreasing stress of the patient, family, and staff, and even mitigating pain. Biophilic Design creates a therapeutic and productive habitat to all that use the space and can even speed the healing process. Incorporating this natural sense of beauty into our buildings will not only make them greener in the environmental sense, but also greener in the human sense.

Due to location of the living wall on the Hope Lodge terrace, a freestanding unit was specially designed and manufactured to display and support it. The green wall measures 10' x 10' and stands 3' off the ground. An automatic irrigation system is built within the armature to ensure the plants receive adequate water. Thanks to their generous support, the wall was dedicated by PNC, who, along with Plant Connection, helped to make it a forever living wall of hope. Hope Lodge is a wonderful example where Biophilic Design integrates nature with architecture to help enliven and enrich the biophilia, thereby increasing the quality of life for all those who inhabit the healing space.

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