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Optigreen international AG introduces a new Green Roof system, Retention Roof Meander 30

System Solution "Retention Roof Meander 30": runoff reduction up to 99 % - probably the smartest Green Roof in the world!

Krauchenwies-Göggingen, Germany, (August 24, 2012) - Optigreen international AG introduces a new Green Roof system, "Retention Roof Meander 30," which covers several key aspects of green roofs:

  • Reduction of peak rain (300 l/ s x ha, 15 min., 2% roof gap) to 99%: runoff coefficient C = 0.01.
  • low weight: 90 kg/sq.m. (198.4 lbs/10.8 sq.ft.), fully water saturated.
  • low height: 9 cm. (3.51 in.)
  • easy to care: due to the low growing Sedum vegetation.
  • cost: high quality, multi-tiered design and cost effective.

The heart of the Optigreen system solution "Retention Roof Meander 30" is the patented Meander Board 30, the little sister of the patented Meander Board 60. The new 30 mm (1.18 in.)  high element made from 100% recycled plastic combines the functions of flow delay and drainage. Due to the structure of the element chambers, the flow length on a plate size of two square metres (21 ½ sq.ft.) extends up to 151 feet, and this extremely delays the runoff. Up to 19 l./sq.m. (5 gal/10.7 sqft.) of rainwater is temporarily stored and runoff starts with a 15-minute delay to the sewer. As per our investigations, the runoff coefficient of C = 0.01 is currently the lowest for a Sedum planted green roof worldwide. The complete Optigreen system is as follows: Protection Fleece, Meander Board 30, Filter Fabric type 105, and 6 cm. (2.36 in.) Optigreen Extensive Substrate Type E – good enough to establish a simple and easy to care Sedum vegetation.

With the Retention Roof Meander 30, now large roof areas can also be greened with lower costs and load reserves. Ecological compensation measures can be met with lower production costs and high saving potential for wastewater fees, retention basin, and sewer infrastructure dimensioning.

If the roof structure should require a similar good runoff coefficient as the Retention Roof Meander 30 but need a greater diversity of plant species, the Optigreen system solution "Retention Roof Meanders 60" would be the right choice. The substrate structure remains at 6 cm, (2.36 in.) while the meander board 60 has a height of 60 mm. (2.36 in.) and a 15-liter (4 gal.) temporary storage combined with 17 liters ( 4.5 gal.) permanent storage capacity.

Hydrological design in accordance to FLL - 300 litres (79.25 Gal. of rain) per second / hectare
(2.471 acres) in 15 minutes = 27 litres/m² (7,13 Gal. on 10.76 sqft) Roof gradient: 2%

About Optigreen International AG
As one of the leading companies in the green roof industry, Optigreen international AG combines over 40 years of experience with continuous innovation and orientation to the demands of the market and a R&D team is working permanently on new products or improvements. Competent advice and a comprehensive range of products are their top priorities in their company's philosophy. Optigreen greens more than two million square meters of roofs per year in different variations all over Europe and abroad. From simple extensive solutions to high quality and sophisticated intensive roofs or parks and driveways on underground car parks, they are in position to offer a green roof solution for almost every roof.


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