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Nathan Phillips Square Wins 2011 Award of Excellence

LiveRoof® Hybrid Green Roof System Supports Transformation in Front of Toronto’s City Hall

Toronto, Canada and Spring Lake, MI. — October 27, 2011 — Green Roofs for Healthy Cities announced that the Nathan Phillips Square Podium Roof Garden is a winner of the 2011 Green Roof and Wall Awards of Excellence. Jeffrey L. Bruce, Chairman of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, announced the winners in the lead-up to CitiesAlive: 9th Annual Green Roof and Wall Conference (, November 30 to December 3, 2011 in Philadelphia.

“Since 2003, the Awards of Excellence have defined the leading edge of innovation for living architecture,” said Mr. Bruce. “With an exceptionally competitive program, this year’s winners should be proud of their accomplishments in challenging the boundaries of the industry.”

The Awards will be presented at the CitiesAlive: 9th Annual Green Roof and Wall Conference at the Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown Hotel in Philadelphia on Friday, December 2nd, at the Awards Luncheon. CitiesAlive is presented with co-hosts The City of Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. Please visit for more information about GRHC awards (including photos and background materials), conference and event registration, and media accreditation.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Podium Roof Garden at Nathan Phillips Square - Toronto, ON

“The 37,000-square foot Podium Green Roof at Toronto City Hall is the largest publically accessible extensive green roof in all of Canada and the flagship green roof installation for the City of Toronto,” said Dave MacKenzie, Horticulturalist and President, LiveRoof, LLC. “This LiveRoof project stands out as a prominent element in the revitalization of Nathan Phillips Square.”

The Podium Roof Garden re-conceives the upper level of Nathan Phillips Square as a vast public park integrated with the existing elevated walkway system, reopening it to the public as a truly engaging 21st century space. The project demonstrates that an extensive 4-6” deep green roof can create an exciting and successful public space supporting intimacy and gathering. It invites strolling and wandering within a setting of complex, lush and abundant varieties of colour and texture that merits repeated visits. The park consists of a sedum and perennial mosaic perimeter garden, a sparkling black granite paved courtyard that frames the Council Chamber, and a café deck that occupies the prow. The project's LiveRoof modular system allows for easy installation and facilitates future maintenance. The varying depth of the modular trays is concealed to provide a seamless surface of planting. “This project brings new potential to the building and space by offering a garden respite from the harsh concrete downtown environment”, said Mary Tremain, Partner of PLANT Architect Inc., who will be receiving the award.

The project fulfills the original potential of this space as a public adjunct to the main square, as a place for ceremony, and as a place to get up close to the fine detail of the building. It brings new potential to the building and space by offering a garden respite from the harsh concrete downtown environment with places for intimacy and lingering, for lunch breaks, evening strolls, and art installations. It also technically improves the building and environment by contributing to energy efficiency, roof membrane longevity, sound insulation, filtration, storm water management, and habitat creation.

“Nathan Phillips Square is a showcase for LiveRoof,” said Kees Govers, Technical Manager for LiveRoof Ontario, Inc., LiveRoof’s licensed regional grower and distributor in Ontario. “It highlights the design versatility, beauty and performance of the LiveRoof Hybrid Green Roof System.”

Designed for immediate success and lasting sustainability, the LiveRoof Hybrid Green Roof System is delivered to project sites with modules full of plants that are already full-grown, hearty, and flourishing. With their technologically advanced and horticulturally refined module design, LiveRoof green roofs establish a healthy, naturally functioning ecosystem on the rooftop.

About Green Roofs for Healthy Cities
Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC) is presenting CitiesAlive: 9th Annual Green Roof and Wall Conference, in partnership with the City of Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS). This event will feature leading-edge designs, new technical performance research, policy research, professional training and tours from November 30-December 3, 2011. See for agenda details, media passes and registration information. Please contact Paul Erlichman for information on media passes ( GRHC is a membership-based industry association developing the green (vegetative) roof and wall industry in North America. GRHC’s mission is to increase the awareness of the economic, social and environmental benefits of green roofs and green walls, and other forms of living architecture through education, advocacy, professional development and celebrations of excellence. Visit for more information.

About LiveRoof, LLC
LiveRoof, LLC is the horticultural science company that developed the LiveRoof® Hybrid System: a green roof solution installed as a naturally functioning ecosystem with thriving, fully mature plants. Combining the best elements of proven green roof technologies, LiveRoof establishes a seamless vegetative surface rooted in a continuous layer of soil. This design maximizes environmental benefits, energy savings and rooftop aesthetics. Regional growers in its national network adapt LiveRoof plants for local conditions and customize plant selection for every project. The proof is on the roof — showcased in LiveRoof projects that stand out as signature elements on commercial, public, university and school buildings in more than two dozen states and Canada. Visit for more information.


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