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Partnership Pays Off for FedEx and Intrinsic Landscaping of Glenview, IL

Collaboration ensures peace of mind on the installation of the largest freestanding green roof in the Chicago metro area and the largest green roof at any of the world's airports

Glenview, IL., - May 20, 2010 - In today's tough global market, as businesses strive to be both fiscally responsible and environmentally savvy, developing "green" partnerships prove a valuable benefit.

The collaboration between Intrinsic Landscaping Inc. of Glenview, IL, FedEx Corporate, The City of Chicago and the joint venture of Power Construction Company, LLC and Ujamaa Construction, Inc. to install the largest freestanding green roof in the Chicago metropolitan area is a model for green building. The FedEx Cargo Relocation Project as part of the O'Hare Modernization Program includes a 170,000 square foot green roof that will be the largest at any of the world's airports. Spearheading the installation is one of the nation's premier green roof installers, Intrinsic Landscaping, Inc. of Glenview, IL. Recognizing that living roofs are an investment in the future, the company's overarching goal is to provide successful outcomes through a shared process guided by their comprehensive knowledge and respected leadership. "Just as each structure and location is unique, so too are the green roof needs for any given job," says Kurt Horvath, president of Intrinsic Landscaping of Glenview, Illinois. "Our goal at Intrinsic is to promote smart business with innovative approaches that focus on providing the best outcomes for both the human and natural environments now and into the future."

Vital to the success of the project is the company's understanding of systems, components, media and plants. The FedEx Cargo facility, built by Power and its JV partner, Ujamaa, is located on Chicago O'Hare International Airport property adjacent to runways and airplane traffic. Skillful logistics planning, troubleshooting and problem solving helped overcome evident challenges. Working with membrane maker Sika Sarnafil and manufacturer Green Roof Solutions, Intrinsic steered the engineering, construction and labor force with decisive clarity. The assembly is compliant with homeland security measures and also FM Global Insurance requirements. Equally important for companies concerned with the bottom line, construction was completed in approximately three weeks - from start to finish.

Intrinsic Lead Project Manager Kevin Crist says working with a pioneer in North American green roof installations is beneficial in the short and long term. "We've developed relationships with industry leaders. This pays off in many ways. For one, we facilitate customized single-source warranties. This avoids having two separate warranties that aren't consistent with each other - ensuring peace of mind for our client while managing overall project costs." As more and more companies look to become environmentally responsible, partnering with businesses that model sustainability is critical.

In 2009, Intrinsic was awarded green roof installation contractor for the FedEx Cargo Relocation Project, O'Hare Modernization Program. The 170,000 square foot green roof on the Sort Building includes 3.9 acres of pre-vegetated mat, over 2,200 cubic yards of media and 3 miles of edging. It is estimated to have a saturated weight of 4.3 million lbs as well as to retain 2 million gallons of storm water retention annually. The FedEx Cargo Relocation Project is part of The City of Chicago's O'Hare Modernization Program. Power, and its JV partner Ujamaa, were selected as low bidder to construct the facility. At 170,000 square feet, the green roof on the Sort Building will be one of the largest in the United States.




About Intrinsic Landscaping Inc.
Intrinsic Landscaping Inc. is a family owned company whose commitment to the environment is part of an inheritance we take seriously. Having grown to become a premier installer of green roofs, our reputation as a leader in the green industry is based on our expert knowledge of plant materials, the systems that support them and their long-term viability. Intrinsic Landscaping provides a collaborative experience that pays off both financially and environmentally.


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