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Honey Bees find new home on Baltimore Green Roof


Baltimore, MD., November 9, 2010 - Tucked into Baltimore's northwestern warehouse district something new is growing. One of the first roof top gardens designed specifically for honey bees has been installed atop the historic American Ice Company building in Baltimore. Lead by Green Roof Service LLC and Architecture and Design Inc. (ADI) the 105 year old icehouse of Resource Conservation Technology welcomed one of the regions first Honey Bee oriented green roofs. The green roof features an ever-blooming array of plants and a water source for the bees that will live on the roof while offering all of the benefits of green roof technology.

Volunteers and honey bee enthusiast poured onto roof to be apart of the new habitat for honey bees. On lookers explored the garden while Volunteers helped plant a variety of flowering plants including sedum, crocus bulbs, caryopteris, aster, goldenrod and boltonia that will help sustain the hive. Peter Normandt, a Baltimore city bee keeper, provided information on bees and bee keeping during the open house while visitors enjoyed an array of honey-based refreshments.

“Urban sprawl is one of the greatest threats to our natural eco-systems,” says Diane Odell, “By planting these kinds of habitats on city roofs or in back yards we can all help. Hopefully, our project will encourage others to plant bee-friendly gardens of their own.” Diane Odell, of Architecture and Design Inc., is an architect, landscape designer and Green Roof Professional (GRP).

To make the rooftop garden possible, special engineering and the use of modern green roof technology was needed. “The end result is a light weight vegetated structure that filters and contains contaminated storm-water, reduces air-borne pollutants, protects the roof from damaging UV rays, and better insulates the roof reducing heating and cooling,” says Kat Harrold, accredited GRP and employee of Green Roof Service.

Another benefit the green roof structure provides, which makes the bee garden possible is a cooler roof environment. “As water travels through the growing media, roots, and exits through the leaves it creates a cooling effect much like when one sweats. On a sunny day this can reduce the air temperature on the roof by about 10 F degrees,” says Jorg Breuning green roof designer of 30 years and owner of Green Roof Service.

The plants that compose the honey bee garden consist of a wide variety of flowering plants ranging from bulbs to small trees. The habitat covers 5,500 sf of semi-intensive green roof with densely planted perennials and shrubs that are attractive to honey bees. Specially selected vegetation provides continuous bloom from February till November. Maryland State Beekeeper Oliver Snyder III, donated the hive will be maintaining it to ensure future success.

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