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First Sun-Root™ System Installed in North America by Green Roof Technology and Highview Creations

Baltimore, MD., (May 22, 2012) — On 29 March 2012, Green Roof Technology, in partnership with Highview Creations, installed the first Sun-Root™ Solar Green Roof in New York City. The new Sun-Root™ System is located at the City of New York Parks & Recreation’s 5-Boro Administrative Building on Randall’s Island.

The Sun-Root™ System is the newest green roof technology to reach North America. Designed and tested in Germany, the Sun-Root™ System combines a non-penetrative PV mounting module with an extensive green roof. The Sun-Root™ module is made from deep-drawn recycled HDPE and performs two key functions in the system assembly; it provides an optimal mounting angle on any flat roof and retains stormwater to alleviate wastewater facilities and protect nearby waterways. The non-penetrative mounting method assures that no leaks will occur during or after installation of the solar panel array.

The module is held in place by a super-imposed load (i.e. the overlying green roof) and does not require any penetration of the roof’s waterproof membrane. The overlying extensive green roof promotes cooling through the evaporation of stormwater and the vegetation’s transpiration acts to significantly cool the ambient temperatures surrounding the photovoltaic panels. The cooling effect of the Sun-Root™ System is dramatic. It can reduce ambient roof top temperatures by over 80°F and significantly improves the efficiency of the PV panels’ energy production.

“I have been working with green roofs for almost 3 decades now and this is the most exciting time in my career,’ said Jörg Breuning, Principal of Green Roof Technology. ‘The installation of the first Sun-Root™ System in New York City is a watershed change in the industry. The 5-Boro building is home to the largest urban green roof testing site in the country and we wanted to bring our technology there to be seen by the public. The green roof market grew over 115% last year, but this is still only the very beginning. Growing up and working in Germany I have seen how green roofs can become the norm, with most flat-roofed city buildings covered in vegetation. Our Sun-Root™ System is one more tool to help alleviate the environmental problems currently afflicting cities throughout North America.”

The ‘Sun-Root’ System is a straight-forward, easy to install, built-in-place green roof. Each Sun-Root™ module measures 32.5 square feet and is light enough to be carried on one shoulder. Each Sun-Root™ module can support multiple PV panels which can produce over 350 W of electricity.

The Sun-Root™ System is exclusively sold through Green Roof Technology. Visit GRT’s website,, to view more information on the Sun-Root™ System or call 443-345-1578 to speak to a GRT designer.


About Green Roof Technology
Green Roof Technology is one of the founding fathers of green roofs in the United States and has been building its portfolio in ecological excellence for over 30 years. We offer a full range of design services to meet all your green roof, green wall, and natural swimming pool/bio-filtration pool needs. Green Roof Technology started as Green Roof Service LLC in 1980, at the beginning of Germany's green roof revolution. In 1999 with the Chicago City Hall green roof project. Since then Green Roof Technology/Green Roof Service, has been providing the US with unparalleled expertise and service in the living structures/systems industry. Green Roof Service officially made the change to Green Roof Technology in 2011 to better communicate our expertise and to provide a name that would encompass our future diversification.

About Highview Creations
Highview Creations is a green roof installation and maintenance company with a primary goal of bringing nature back into the city. The company strives to introduce plants and living systems into the urban environments through the implementation of green roof technologies. These technologies help reduce pollutants from reaching the waterways and increasing the quality of life in surrounding areas.


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