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Colbond’s Parent Company Invests In Green Roof Market


Arnhem, the Netherlands (March 2, 2012)Colbond’s parent company Low & Bonar Plc, today has announced the acquisition of Xero Flor International GmbH, a long-established supplier of green roof solutions, based in Germany. The company will continue its operation under the name Xeroflor Green Solutions.

Xeroflor is an innovative business with a strong position in the fast growing green roof market. Its core activity is in the design of value-added pre-vegetated mats used for both new and refurbished buildings. Green roof systems developed by technology leader Xeroflor for almost four decades are supported by patents, which the company licenses to specialized industry partners. Xeroflor also supplies green roof components to this global customer network. High profile examples of Xeroflor green roofs are the Ford Motor Company’s truck assembly plant in Michigan, the Aldi logistics centre in St. Augustin, Germany as well as the Kastrup power plant in Denmark.

Colbond is selling drainage mats to the green roof market which are complementary to the systems of Xeroflor. Jan van Boldrik, CEO of Colbond says: “For many years the green roof market has been a strategically important segment to us. This acquisition will help us strengthen further our Group’s position in this market and adds yet another dimension to our environmental sustainability programs.”

Karl Wohlfahrt, Manager Sales & Marketing Colbond and Managing Director Xeroflor Green Solutions continues: “This transaction offers substantial synergies. Xeroflor adds a wealth of expertise to Colbond whilst our global presence, organizational infrastructure and R&D platform will be instrumental in preparing the next phase in the expansion of the Xeroflor business.”


Xeroflor green roof system at Ford truck assembly plant, Michigan, USA Xeroflor green roof system at Aldi Logistics Centre, St. Augustin, Germany Xeroflor green roof system at Kastrup power plant, Kopenhagen, Denmark




About Colbond

Within Colbond there is a world of technical expertise. The combination of innovative product development and manufacturing expertise in extrusion, spinning, fleecing, and molding of various synthetic materials enables us to develop unique products for our broad customer base. Colbond Building Products’ family of recycled content green roof products contribute LEED points and have proven and predictable performance. Enkadrain drainage core and water retention fabric all-in-one layer is the super-absorbent fabric which holds 10x its weight in water to continually hydrate plant roots while excess water passes through to the drainage core below. For over 20 years, Enkadrain has been used under extensive and intensive green roofs around the world. The unique three dimensional core channels water away and reduces incidental moisture collecting on the structure.



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