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Canadian Museum of Human Rights Project Goes with Bioroof Systems Green Roof for Iconic Building Design

Burlington, Canada., (October 12, 2012) - The Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) in Winnipeg, Manitoba will serve as a monument and teaching centre, celebrating achievements in human rights. Antoine Predock’s bold concept marries inspiration from the Manitoba landscape with cutting edge materials and sustainable building techniques to create a truly visionary structure that speaks to the journey from darkness and imprisonment to light and hope.

This LEED Silver certified building is expected to help revitalize Winnipeg’s downtown core, providing the equivalent of 6,000 full time jobs and bringing in tourists, students and scholars for decades to come. For a building that’s going to express the aspirations of a nation and the spirit of a community, only the best materials will do. That’s why Smith Carter Architects and Engineers turned to Bioroof Systems to provide the components for Scatliff, Miller and Murray’s green roof design - a design intended to reflect the prairies that the city was built on.

Bioroof Systems is Canadian owned and operated and is a pioneer in the design of green roofs as ‘urban prairies’ - using native North American plant species and looking to North American biomes for inspiration. Having worked with Bioroof Systems on the precedent setting Manitoba Hydro Place project, Smith Carter Architects and building contractors PCL Construction both knew Bioroof could find creative and practical ways to address the steep slope the green roof would have to be built on. The installation of the roof components will be handled by certified Bioroof installers, Flynn Canada Ltd.

“At Bioroof, we have a history of working on iconic Canadian green roofs,” said Bioroof president Rick Buist, “roofs like the Canadian War Museum, Winnipeg Hydro Place, The Native Child and Family Services Center, and Dr. David Suzuki Public School. Over and over again designers trust us with roofs that present design challenges and demand high performance solutions, not just a ‘green wash’. We’re proud to be the suppliers that people come to when they’ve got a green roof that really matters.”

About Bioroof
Bioroof Systems Inc. has designed a system of green roof components that fulfill the goals of biodiversity, storm water retention, reduction of urban heat island effect, and reduced energy consumption. Our systems offer growing media able to support plantings which produce the habitat required for pollinators and wildlife. Designed for performance, Bioroof is a truly North American solution for the green roof marketplace, carrying the ideals of a robust environmental philosophy throughout our green roof solution.


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Bioroof Systems Inc
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