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Reclaiming People Space: A City's Movement


May 21, 2010 -- San Francisco, CA. Bison Innovative Products is proud to be a supporter of a new San Francisco city project, Pavement to Parks. San Francisco's Mayor Gavin Newsom is spearheading this innovative program that adds small pedestrian open spaces to busy San Francisco streets. Last March a "parklet" was built over what was once two public parking spaces outside the popular Mojo Bicycle Café. Located on Divisadero Street, this curb side parklet remarkably transforms this area. The decking platform, made of exotic hardwood (Massaranduba FSC Certified SCS-COC-002585), extends a level and natural surface from the curb and over the two parking spaces. Planters overflowing with greenery connected by thin wire fencing creatively provide the parklet's border. There are café tables, bike racks and solar powered accent lights - all creating an alluring and pleasant atmosphere for the community to enjoy.

"Pavement to Parks is a collaborative effort between the Mayor's Office, the Department of Public Works, the Planning Department, and the Municipal Transportation Agency."1 This parklet was installed on a trial basis. "There was considerable debate about how to build a durable and attractive platform that wouldn't interfere with drainage and sanitation. The Department of Public Works (DPW), Planning, and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (PUC) landed on a solution they believe will be sturdy and safe," said the San Francisco Planning Department's Andres Power, project manager for Pavement to Parks. "The idea is essentially to build a cheaper bulbout, to get the same effect as a $100,000 [concrete] bulbout at a fraction of the funds," said Power.2

The platform utilized for this project is the Bison Wood Tile and Deck Supports system. The Bison decking system is modular, which was a key factor when selecting products for their platform. Bison Wood Tiles are made of exotic hardwood and are pre-assembled to measure 2 ft x 2 ft. Bison pedestals support each corner of the Wood Tiles and are secured using the Bison Fastening Kit (patent pending). Bison pedestals adjust up and down so the platform extends a level and flat surface off the street curb. The entire deck is anchored to the street so it is exceptionally sturdy and durable.

The Bison Wood Tiles/Deck Supports system is a leading decking application for rooftop and green roofs. It is ideal for building level decks over sloping or uneven surfaces. Learn more about Bison Innovative Products at



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