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Skyland USA announces new rooflite® authorized blending facility in Colorado

Longmont, CO. - (July 29, 2013) - Skyland USA is pleased to announce that Colorado Materials, Inc. is now an authorized blending facility for rooflite certified green roof media in Colorado and the surrounding states. Colorado has been considered a leader in the nation’s sustainable initiatives and it‘s state capital was the first to go green by achieving LEED Gold status in 2008.


“Joining with the rooflite network of soil blenders is a very exciting move for us," said Chris Kerr, President of Colorado Materials, Inc." we have done our research and cannot wait to make these products available for use in the Colorado market."

Colorado Materials, Inc. has been operating as a locally owned business since 1999 and is considered the leading supplier of landscape materials for Colorado and the Front Range. Their passion for premium quality materials allows them to produce their own nutrient rich compost on site with no artificial fillers.

“Skyland USA and the rooflite network are very excited to now be working with Colorado Materials, Inc.” said Joe DiNorscia, President of Skyland USA, the creators of rooflite. “Their exceptional customer service and reputation for honesty and integrity is what we look for when bringing a new facility into the rooflite blending network.”

With more than 7,000,000 square feet of green roofs installed, rooflite certified growth media is the #1 specified media in North America. Backed by the strength of an international network of 18 facilities, rooflite provides regional availability for construction projects in Canada, The United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Chile. rooflite offers a complete line of growing media, from extensive to agriculture, to optimize performance of any green roof.

About Colorado Materials, Inc.
Colorado Materials, Inc is a local family-owned and operated landscape supply company serving the state of Colorado. In business since 1999, Colorado Materials, Inc supplies materials for all levels of use, including homeowners, landscapers of all sizes, and municipalities. For more information on Colorado Materials, Inc. please contact or visit

About Skyland USA
Skyland’s rooflite® certified green roof media products have been installed in over 800 projects and 7 Million square feet of thriving green roofs across the North American continent with a track record unmatched. For more information on rooflite® products, please contact or visit


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