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Skyland USA announces new rooflite® authorized blending facility in British Columbia

British Columbia, Canada - (April 22, 2013) - Skyland USA is pleased to announce that Sumas Gro-Media is now an authorized blending facility for rooflite certified green roof media in British Columbia. With over 287,000 square feet of green roofs in Vancouver alone, the Western Provinces of Canada are seeing a significant growth in sustainable building initiatives.

“We are excited about joining the rooflite network of licensed blenders" said, manager Harvinder Jhally, "The green roof market in British Columbia is growing quickly and we are looking forward to making rooflite products available for projects in our service area.”

With their computer controlled dosing system, Sumas specializes in the production of high quality soil blends and will bring the rooflite products to Western Canadian market. The non-invasive nature of this mixing equipment ensures the structural integrity and consistency of the media. Sumas also practices regular testing through professional soil laboratories to provide the optimized performance for which rooflite growth medium is known.

“We are pleased to add Sumas Gro-Media to our valued network of blending facilities,” said Joe DiNorscia, President of Skyland USA, the creators of rooflite. “We are confident that Sumas Gro-Media will carry on our tradition of providing optimized products for the green roof industry in Western Canada. Their expertise and knowhow, coupled with their state of the art blending facility will be a tremendous benefit for our customers in this region.”

With more than 7,000,000 square feet of green roofs installed, rooflite certified growth media is the #1 specified media in North America. Backed by the strength of an international network of 18 facilities, rooflite provides regional availability for construction projects in Canada, The United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Chile. rooflite offers a complete line of growing media, from extensive to agriculture, to optimize performance of any green roof.

About Skyland USA
Skyland’s rooflite® certified green roof media products have been installed in over 800 projects and 7 Million square feet of thriving green roofs across the North American continent with a track record unmatched. For more information on rooflite® products, please contact or visit

About Sumas Gro-Media
Locally owned and operated, Sumas-Gro Media Ltd has been in business in the Lower mainland region of British Columbia since 2005. They are located between Abbotsford and Chilliwack in the Fraser Valley and have strong ties with local nurseries and businesses. For more information on Sumas Gro-Media please visit:


For more information:


705 Penn Green Road,
P.O. Box 640
Avondale, PA 19311 USA
Phone 877-268-0017
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