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Green Roof Solutions Introduces New 100% Recycled Wind Erosion Anchor

A new edition of Green Roof Solutions’ patented Wind Erosion Anchors is made entirely of recycled materials, allows for easy installation, and is very lightweight.

Glenview, IL. (August 26, 2013)
- Green Roof Solutions’ Wind Erosion Anchors keep plant material and green roof media in place by holding down erosion blankets, vegetated mats, vegetated tiles, and trays. The anchors are made of 100% recycled polypropylene which has been UV stabilized and is durable even under harsh rooftop temperature and light conditions. Lightweight discs attach to the anchor’s shaft, which is held in place by the weight of the green roof system. Developed and designed by Green Roof Solutions’ Managing Director Kurt Horvath after working with cumbersome and time consuming alternatives, this patented system is the only wind erosion system designed specifically for green roofs.


The new 100% recycled plastic Wind Erosion Anchors feature three key design changes: the new discs are made of recycled polypropylene and feature a more open design, and the shaft of the anchor is ribbed to resist disengagement. According to Horvath, “This allows the plants to grow through the openings as they mature. [Plant coverage] adds to the life of the product as the plants protect it from exposure to UV and makes the anchors less noticeable in the installation.”

Installation is quicker and easier with the new Wind Erosion Anchors, whose discs and anchors are delivered connected. Further, the snap mechanism created by the ribbed anchor shaft and flexible disc maintains its strength and tolerance. This limits the possibility of disengagement regardless of the applicator.

These anchors are 25% lighter than their predecessors, which means big savings in terms of shipping: fewer emissions created by moving lighter materials, and tangible cost savings for customers! On average, shipping costs are reduced by about 20% when comparing rates for a full pallet of materials to locations across the US. By increasing the amount of recycled content, reducing shipping weight, and providing a more cost-effective product


Green Roof Solutions is yet again helping to green roofs across North America.


About Green Roof Solutions
Green Roof Solutions was founded in 2005 with the goal of bringing high quality green roof components to the market in the United States to support the then young American green roof industry. Green Roof Solutions is proud that in the past 8 years, they have grown to provide primarily American made products throughout North America and beyond. Focused on quality, Green Roof Solutions is confident they have the best products available for green roofs, living walls, and other green building endeavors.




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