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Enlightening.  Social.  Entertaining. Trendsetting.  Ending.  #virtual2013!

The World Wide Web. - (March 4, 2013) - All words to describe our 30-day Virtual Summit 2013.

So, have you joined the ranks of the true greenroofs and greenwalls illuminati?  We are all pushing our industry forward with an event like the Greenroofs and Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2013 – virtual really is the future, you know, whether you have embraced it thus far or not.  If you or your business don't live on the Internet yet, you will.

We'll be live through March 13 and this is your chance to catch up with presentations you haven't seen yet on demand.

Yes, you can still register for only $39.  Just use the discount code of GCOM.

If you’re not yet registered, here's what you will miss out from the Agenda for Week #4 - with live Q & A's to follow as noted.  Watch all of these videos in the Rare Earth Auditorium, sponsored by Tremco:

Monday, March 4, 2013:

Inspiration Nook: "Upping the Urban Green. What is the Actual and Potential Role of Ecology in our Cities?" by Dr. Mark Simmons and Christine Thuring with live Q & A

This short video gives a brief introduction to urban ecology and presents a case for collaborative ecological urban design towards an optimistic future for our cities and planet.  In order to gauge how opinions vary by culture and discipline, participants are invited to participate in a short 10 question, global online survey which seeks to answer how can we do better as professionals.

"Phyto Kinetic: Gardens in Movement" by Marc Grañén with live Q & A

The landscape artist from Catalonia created Phyto Kinetic to gain those lost green spaces in where there’s only concrete and asphalt; a world trademark to "engarden" the roofs of public transport - buses!  He says, "Finally, we have started to have green roofs and vegetal walls; now we have also gardens in movement."

Tuesday, March 5:

"The Status of Chinese Green Roofs at the Moment and in the Future" by Wang Xianmin - no live Q & A

The Deputy Chief of the Vertical Greening Academic Group of China Green Building Council, Vice Chairman of the International Rooftop Landscaping Association (IRLA), and Secretary-general of the 2012 and  2013 China World Green Roof Conference gives us an overview of greenroof challenges and growth in China.

"Development of Different Types of Green Roofs & Green Walls for Improved Urban Biodiversity and Green Clime Adaptation in Cold Climates" by Dr. Tobias Emilsson with live Q & A

The Marie-Curie Senior research fellow and researcher at the Landscape Management, Design and Construction Department of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) will discuss how green roofs and green walls can be designed for improving biodiversity and urban climate.  It will showcase a number of different research projects that are run in cooperation with the City of Malmö and the Scandinavian Green Roof Institute.

The Closing LIVE Expo Wednesday, March 6 at the Expo Pavilions:

Expo Wednesdays are Feb. 13, 20, 27 & Mar. 6 - four full days of live action where you'll see leading companies and learn about their products and services.  Also peruse The Associates Pavilion, where you'll learn about different world organizations.  Visit both all 30 days and leave them a message if it's not a Wednesday!

Expo Wednesday March 6 in the Rare Earth Auditorium:

Closing Keynote Address "Reflections of a Green Roof Campaigner and Visions of the Future" by Dusty Gedge with live Q & A

The President of the European Federation of Green Roof Associations and Co-Founder of reviews the past 15 years of his life involved in green roofs in the UK and Europe - from biodiversity to climate change to bridging the gap between the industry and policy.  And he wonders what the next 15 will hold - how can we step up to the plate and retrofit our cities with soil and vegetation and meet the challenges of the 21st Century, the century of the mega city - and how mega green cities are the future.

Panel Session "Sky Parks in the Public Realm - Elevating Green Ways and Urban Connectivity" with Dr. Maureen Connelly (Moderator), Sadhu Aufochs Johnston, Randy Sharp, and Dr. Tan Puay Yok with live Q & A

Dr. Maureen Connelly of the Centre for Architectural Ecology, British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) School of Construction and the Environment leads this panel with Deputy City of Vancouver Manager Sadhu Johnston and Randy Sharp, BCSLA, FCSLA, ASLA, GRP of Sharp & Diamond Landscape Architecture in Vancouver, B.C. Canada with Tan Puay Yok of the Department of Architecture of the National University of Singapore in Singapore.

How can we captivate the use of under-utilized area of rooftops and explore our city in elevated plan and section for the creation of new amenities space and vibrant public places, and for bridges as pedestrian and cycle transportation routes, and even for food security opportunities?  How can an exploration of Sky-Gardens and elevated green ways support Vancouver's Greenest City Action Plan – and vice-versa?  The City of Singapore, through experience and precedents, can provide a global context to advance the vision.


Make sure to join the conversation in their Q & A Session from across two continents!

Thursday, March 7:

"Introduction to Integrated Water Management" by Jeff Bruce, FASLA, LEED AP, ASIC, GRP with live Q & A

The President of Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company will share basic technical and economic information on the design and performance of a fully integrated site and building water management system based on the “Net Zero Water” concept.  Key concepts and terminology are illustrated by case studies and demonstration projects which identify issues and opportunities associated with costs and benefits, design and engineering practices, installation and maintenance requirements of a fully functional integrated site and building water management system.

"Green Roofs & Solar: Double Your Benefits!" by Jörg Breuning and Ryan Miller with live Q & A

Jörg Breuning, Principal of Green Roof Technology (and newest contributing editor) and Office Manager Ryan Miller provide a view into how combining the two technologies of solar photovoltaics plus vegetative roofing equals profits for the environment and the building owner.

NOTE:  Read Jörg's inaugural article here on, "Cool Roofs Are Not Green Roofs."

Friday, March 8:

"Urban Green in Australia" by Matt Dillon - no live Q & A

The President of Green Roofs Australasia, takes you on a journey with onsite talks about new urban green sites in Australia, including the current Central Park Towers in Sydney.

"How Green Roofs in Copenhagen Create New Opportunities, Climate Adapt Our City and Transform Our Living" by Dorthe Rømø - no live Q & A

The biologist and Project Manager for the City of Copenhagen, Dorthe is behind the initiative for green roofs in Copenhagen and has in the last 5 years been head of the project as part of the Public Administration for the city.  She asks, "How do we make this outstanding alternative to conventional solutions as a part of our urban planning and design?  In Copenhagen and Denmark we are in a process of still growing attention and awareness of this multifunctional climate adapted solution and still more municipalities incorporate the green roofs as part of their planning.  But we are also facing some challenges like quality and economy in the choice of green roofs and how to meet these?"

And to wrap up the VS2013 with Week #5  have:

Monday, March 11, 2013:

"The Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort" by Jaron Lubin - no live Q & A

Watch Jaron Lubin, Principal of Safdie Architects, as he presents the amazing engineering feat that is Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort, filmed last November 2012 in Bangalore, India at The INTERNATIONAL GREEN CONFERENCE.

Marina Bay Sands is a world-class luxury casino and hotel in Singapore capped by the 340m-long greenroofed SkyPark with a capacity of 3,900 people and a 150m infinity edge swimming pool.  Set on top of the world's largest public cantilevered platform, it overhangs the north tower by 67m.

Wednesday March 13: Closing Address from Linda Velazquez with live Q & A

We appreciate our attendees and the support of our speakers who give of their time so freely and generously!  And, we also couldn't do it without the forward-thinking vision and support of our advertisers!

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Watch these video presentations now On Demand Week #1, Week #2, and Week # 3 - along with their Q & A chat transcripts.

See the Agenda, Agenda-at-a-Glance, and Speakers pages for the complete list of dates and times.

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