In our first photo contest ever, we received 30 contest entries and over 1,500 votes for readers’ favorite greenroof!  The winner was the ESRI Canada’s Garden in the Sky entry, which received an incredible 735 votes!  Talk about rallying your friends and family for support – quite a networking coop there!

April 22, 2010 marked the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and we were excited to honor Earth Day and Earth Week with our first photo contest ever!  The "Love the Earth, Plant a Roof!" Earth Day Photo Contest was quick, simple, and fun.  Any and all types of greenroofs were eligible, any place on Earth.  We kept everyone updated here with all the contest entries and on Twitter.  Don't follow us on Twitter yet?  Do so here.  The contest was open to everyone, not just the roof owner or one of the designers of record. 

No more submittals or voting - closed. The winner was announced on the last day of Earth Month, April 30, 2010, and the projects with the ten highest votes were posted in our Top 10 List for the 2010 "Love the Earth, Plant a Roof!" Earth Day Photo Contest on May 3, 2010. 

The winner will have "their" project highlighted on as the Greenroof Project of the Week for May 2, 2010 through May 9, 2010 and we'll feature the winner in a Sky Gardens interview so they can really tell us more about this living roof and why they love it.  And, as a humble token of our esteem, the winner also received a $100 gift card or check.

Vote Rock Mill Park, Alpharetta, Georgia, USA!  Sample Only
The Greenroof Pavilion design honors the land and Cherokee heritage in this historically and environmentally sensitive Big Creek Watershed with The Greenroof Trial Gardens display; hands-on models and interpretive signage inform young and old alike.  Photo by Anjuli Velazquez.

(30) photos submitted

Vote! River's Reach, Richmond, BC, Canada!
This intensive green roof, installed on a condominium near the Mighty Fraser River provides habitat for songbirds, ducks, frogs, and insects. The richly planted garden is an amenity appreciated by all that pass by the adjacent public walkway. Photo by Jonathan Losee.

Vote Central Wine Warehouse, Portland, Oregon, USA!
This ecoroof retrofit near the Willamette River in downtown Portland is planted with native wildflowers and sedum.  The urban habitat is monitored annually by students for birds and aerial and terrestrial insects. Photo by Casey Cunningham.

WINNER! ESRI Canada’s Garden in the Sky - Toronto, Ontario, Canada! WINNER!
Overlooking one of Toronto’s busiest highways, this 7,500-sq-ft portable garden reduces urban heat, noise and stormwater runoff. It provides lush meeting space for staff and visitors, as well as habitat for birds and butterflies. It helps create a greener, healthier environment.

Photo taken by Margaret Mulligan and submitted by Josephine Chan.
Vote for the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada!
This green roof is the pinnacle of what a green roof should be. It combines Art, Architecture, Design, and Ingenuity, without sacrificing its Ecological Benefits. Photo by Patrick Biller.
Vote “The Cottage” & celebrate earth day by honoring this Atlanta, Georgia, USA, residential greenroof design!
Located at 901 Moreland Ave. Atlanta, GA this earth friendly home, featuring a marvelous greenroof, enjoys thousands of curious viewers every day. Can you think of a better way to influence a community to think green? Photo by William Cooper.
Vote "Chicago City Hall," Chicago, Illinois, USA!
The one that started it all in Chicago. In the heart of downtown, this roof attracts birds, butterflies and is home to a honey bee hive. This green roof celebrates its 10 anniversary this year. Photo by Karen Morby.
Vote for my green roof at the Number One First Street building in Manchester, UK!
The photo is of my environmental monitoring equipment on the extensive sedum green roof of Number One First Street building in Manchester, UK. The roof is part of my PHD study on the environmental benefits of green roofs such as reducing urban heat island effect, reducing rainwater runoff in impervious urban areas and reducing air pollution. Photo by Andrew Speak.
Vote Miami Science Museum, Miami, Florida, USA!
The Museum’s four green roof assemblies, each with varied depths and irrigation schedules, include interpretive signs and rain/ temperature sensors. They provide information for visitors and data for the designers of the Museum’s new building. Photo by Chris Trigg.
Vote for the living roof on the Greensboro Children's Museum's Edible Schoolyard shed, North Carolina, USA!
The living roof was donated to the Children's museum by Earth to Sky Roofing, Carlisle Garden Roofs, and Allied Roofing. It is a wonderful example showing and educating everyone on the benefits of living roofs. Photo by Janie Schepker.
Vote ACROS, Fukuoka, Japan!
The 100,000 sf plant covered building obscures the meaning of living roofs & living walls in Fukuoka, Japan.  The stepped vegetated terraces transform it into an image of a mountain celebrating the changes of the four seasons in a beautiful park in the heart of the city. Photo by Hiromi Watanabe.
Vote Trent University, Peterborough, ON Canada!
Trent’s roof top garden sits on our Environmental Sciences Building providing learning and volunteer opportunities for students.  In this garden we grow vegetables and herbs that are served in our organic campus café –the Seasoned Spoon!  Photo by Leslie Menagh.

Vote School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore!
The sexy, undulating greenroof arms embrace the school in a warm, green hug in Singapore. The school’s
mission is to nurture creative and entrepreneurial leaders in an earth-friendly campus. Photo Source:


Vote parc24, Vero Beach, Florida, USA!
Parc24 is taking a stand, and directing Vero Beach into the future, where business can be smart by design and green by nature. Photo by Leah Campbell.


Vote for this 38° barrel-vaulted residence in the Bavarian Alps, Germany!
The 2-tiered German home blends beautifully into the countryside and connects to the earth with its local grasses, succulents, and flowering plants on a special slope-stabilization green roof system. Photo by Optigreen.


Vote Wildwood Community College, Wildwood, Missouri, USA!
The Wildwood Community College is located very close to Babler State Park. While there is certainly no shortage of wildlife in and around the park, this pair of Killdeer birds choose this green roof as a safe place to start their new family. The green roof plants provide comfortable nesting and heat rising from the building keeps the nest nice and cozy. Photo by Kelly Luckett.


Vote Longdrive Residential green roof, Long Eddy, New York, USA!
Located on 63 acres in upstate New York the house sits at the edge of the woods overlooking a meadow.  The planted roof on three levels blends into the natural landscape and encourages the wildlife to creep in close to the house. Photo by Steve Chrostowski.


Vote for the Greenroof Pavilion at Rock Mill Park, Alpharetta, Georgia, USA!
The Greenroof Pavilion design honors the land and Cherokee heritage in this
historically and environmentally sensitive Big Creek Watershed with The Greenroof Trial Gardens display; hands-on models and interpretive signage inform young and old alike. Photo by Caroline Menetre.

Vote for St. Louis Children’s Hospital Rooftop Garden, St. Louis, Missouri, USA!
Just outside St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s eighth floor, patients have a unique setting to enjoy time with nature, a private walk or quiet reflection. The 8,000-square-foot Olson Family Garden , an interactive rooftop oasis designed expressly for children and families who want a place for privacy, solace and healing, is another reason why St. Louis Children’s Hospital is a special place for kids. Photo by Tom Tyler.

Vote Fairmont's Royal York Rooftop Herb and Vegetable Garden Bed's in the Clouds, Toronto, Canada!
Overlooking the CN Tower, with a magnificent view of Lake Ontario, the herb garden provides a stark contrast to neighboring chrome and glass office towers of downtown Toronto. The Executive Chef has brought his love of gardening to new heights on the hotel's rooftop garden, the only one of it's kind in Toronto, as an extension of the hotel's environmental program and as part of the chef apprenticeship training program. Photo by Carolyn Smith.

Vote for the Yale University Smilow Cancer Hospital, New Haven, Connecticut, USA!
The following is an intensive green roof project we constructed last in 2009. This project is located on the seventh floor of the Yale University Smilow Cancer Hospital. It contains a 90 foot water feature as well as 3,200 sq. ft. of clay pavers. The architectural firm who designed this project was Towers Golde, Inc. Photo by Albert Leavitt.

Vote for Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, Colorado, USA!
Filled with natives of and climate appropriate plants to the semi-arid west, this green roof sits on top of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver. In a series, tumbling playfully from an overhead sod shelter to beds on the floor of a roof, this green roof takes another look at how we look at green roofs and what they can give to us in our respective and particular climates. Here we celebrate the beautiful flora of Colorado from the plains to the alpine tundra. Photo by Karla Dakin.


Vote Russell Investments Center – Seattle, Washington, USA!
With views of the Puget Sound and Mt. Rainier, this accessible green roof in the heart of downtown really allows urban dwellers to feel close to nature. Planted with native sedums, grasses and conifers, the building is also home to the Seattle Art Museum. Photo by Dave LaClergue.

Vote Brooklyn Green Roof, Brooklyn, New York, USA!
We are holding storm water instead of letting it overflow our sewer system and flood the subways, we are creating a habitat for bees, butterflies and birds, and we are getting to know our neighbors better by meeting up on our Green Roof (a much cooler spot to hang out than the roof that was there before).  Our little dog loves running around up there also and he won't burn his little paws on the hot roof anymore! Photo by Gustav Gauntlett.

Vote for ASLA Green Roof, Washington, D.C., USA!
This roof is great because the plants are brought up to eye level and an aluminum grating has been added so sedum is blooming at your feet. The “waves” are noise insulators from the a/c units and the roof provides an urban habitat for birds, pollinating insects and butterflies. Open to the public almost 5 years, visitors have come from around the world to view it, including past First Lady Laura Bush. Photo by Keith Swann.

Vote Resources For the Future Building, 1616 P Street, Washington D.C., USA!
The Resources for the Future Non Profit Organization conducts independent research rooted in economics and other social sciences to help in the development of policies and mandates to solve environmental, energy, natural resource, and public health issues. By incorporating a vegetative roof on their building that allows for tenant access, they are contributing to reduce their environmental footprint while allowing inhabitants the pleasure of enjoying this beautiful space. Photo by Margaret Collins.

Vote College of Law, Saskatoon, Canada!
This 650 m² green roof is thriving in an extreme climate. Pasture sage, a plant indigenous to the region, grows above the Native Law Centre. In late summer, the sage is harvested in a traditional manner by faculty of the NLC to use for smudging in ceremonies throughout the following year. Photo by Goya Ngan.

Vote for the Adnams Brewery Green Roof, Southwold, UK!
It is
the biggest Green Roof in the UK (8000 m2) and one we’re very proud of! It turned a disused gravel pit into a marvel of creative technology, it’s ahead of its time and a monument to Green Technology, thanks to Adnams the quality real beer producer. Photo by

Vote Augustenborg's Botanical Roof Garden, Malmö, Sweden!
Here the green roofs are a part of a complete concept of urban sustainability: permeable hard surfaces, open storm water canals and ponds, photovoltaics, green roofs, and trees, all improving the environment in an urban mixed use area. Photo by Louise Lundberg.


Vote FCNL, Washington, D.C., USA!
The Friends Committee on National Legislation (Quakers) is committed to seeking an Earth restored. As the first green building on Capitol Hill, our green roof is a constant reminder to members of Congress that we can and must do better. photo by Rachael Jeffers.

Vote Bellevue Towers, Bellevue, Washington, USA!
At nearly an acre in size, the rooftop garden’s bold, modern geometry is informed by the curvilinear tower design, which includes 27,100 square feet of intensive roof garden planting area and 6,400 square feet of extensive ecoroof.  The intensive gardens between towers provide a valuable, usable outdoor spaces for the residents and a visual asset to the condominium units above and adjacent office buildings.  This project is certified LEED GoldPhoto by Ben Johnson.
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