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Printed on 50% recycled paper with 25% post consumer waste using soy inks.

Search The BookStore for books and magazines dealing with both greenroofs and issues of ecological and sustainable design and construction.  Powered by, your purchases are guaranteed and secure. Click on each picture for descriptions, reviews, prices and to order via

Read the books reviewed by us with an * in Recommended Readings.


Green Cities in the World
by various world editors

Although the newly published Green Cities in the World book will officially be launched at the World Green Infrastructure Congress (WGIC) 2014 in Sydney, Australia on October 7-10, 2014, it is now available for purchase in paper book and PDF.

Edited by Julián Briz, Manfred Köhler, and Isabel de Felipe of WGIN – the World Green Infrastructure Network, Green Cities in the World is a compilation comprising 23 authors, including our own Editor/Publishers, Linda S. Velazquez.

The paper copy cost is 40 € Euros plus shipping and handling costs, and the digital copy is 25 € Euros.

Order from: Editorial Agrícola Española


 Green Cities in the World book


Vertical Garden City, Singapore
by Tan Puay Yok

Singapore is a modern, cosmopolitan city that is claiming its place as a global city of the world. This has emerged amidst dramatic transformation of its landscapes since its founding at the start of the 19th century. This is only possible through a deliberate approach of actively reinstating greenery to replace natural spaces that have been inadvertently lost during urbanisation.

Vertical garden city, Singapore describes the skyrise greening movement and efforts in Singapore, and profiles selected projects in the city that exemplify innovation, creativity and the boldness to try new ideas. This book also explores how an ecological perspective can help to derive more functions from skyrise greenery. It is a valuable resource to those who want to know more about Singapore’s efforts in greening its vertical spaces.

The Skycourt and Skygarden: Greening the urban habitat


 EAT UP: The Inside Scoop on Rooftop Agriculture 

Designing Urban Agriculture: A Complete Guide to the Planning, Design, Construction, Maintenance and Management of Edible Landscapes


The Professional
Design Guide to
Green Roofs

by Jason Pomercy


by Laura Mandel


by April Philips


by Karla Dakin, Lisa Lee Benjamin and Mindy Pantiel

Population increases, advances in technology and the continued trend towards inner-city migration have transformed the traditional city of spaces into the modern city of objects. This has necessitated alternative spatial and technological solutions to replenish those environments that were once so intrinsic to society’s day-to-day interactions and communal activities. (2014)

Read "Jason Pomeroy's 'Skycourts and Skygarden' Book Launch Event" from Archinect and "Esquire Magazine & Heineken celebrate the book launch of ‘The Skycourt and Skygarden: Greening the Urban Habitat.'


Philadelphia Green Roof Designer Writes First Full-Length Book on Rooftop Agriculture - EAT UP | The Inside Scoop on Rooftop Agriculture

Green roof designer, landscape architect, and Philadelphia-native Lauren Mandel breaks down the lofty notions of Rooftop Agriculture in the first full-length book about rooftop food production. (2013)

Read "She hopes to get you ‘high’ with fresh produce – New book on rooftop agriculture by Mt. Airy author" in by the Chestnut Hill Local by Lou Mancinelli.

 A comprehensive overview of edible landscapes—complete with more than 300 full-color photos and illustrations

Designing Urban Agriculture is about the intersection of ecology, design, and community. Showcasing projects and designers from around the world who are forging new paths to the sustainable city through urban agriculture landscapes, it creates a dialogue on the ways to invite food back into the city and pave a path to healthier communities and environments.


 The need to find new approaches to the development of cities is becoming increasingly urgent in this age of continuing population growth, demographic transition, climate change, fossil fuel peak and biodiversity losses. Restoring ecosystem services and promoting biodiversity is essential to sustainable development – even in the built environment. Ecosystem Services come to Town: greening cities by working with nature demonstrates how to make urban environments greener.

Green Roofs and
Rooftop Gardens
(BBG Guides for a Greener Planet)
by Beth Hanson

Vertical Garden:
From Nature to City
(Revised & Updated)

by Patrick Blanc
Ecosystem Services Come To Town: Greening Cities by Working with Nature
by Gary Grant
Sustainable Design:
A Critical Guide
by David Bergman

The Rise of Living Architecture Commemorative Edition celebrates the contribution of more than 50 leading experts to the development of the green roof and wall industry over the past decade
Up on the Roof:
New York's Hidden
Skyline Spaces

by Alex MacLean,
Gardening Vertically: 24 Ideas for Creating Your Own Green Walls,
by Noémie Vialard,
Green roofs and biodiversity: Can Green Roofs provide habitat for invertebrates in an urban environment?
by Gyongyver Kadas,

Living Architecture:
Green Roofs and Walls
by Graeme Hopkins and Christine Goodwin,

Shanghai Expo
Vertical Greening,
by Wang Xianmin,
Groundwork: Between Landscape and Architecture,
by Diana Balmori and Joel Sanders,
Rooftop Gardens,
by Denise LeFrak Calicchio, Roberta Amon, Norman McGrath, Dominique Browning,
et al.,


Small Green Roofs:
Low-Tech Options for Greener Living

Paperback by
Edmund C. Snodgrass, Nigel Dunnett, Dusty Gedge,
and John Little
Read an excerpt from this book here: Small Green Roofs: Ancaya Garden Shed
Garden Up! Smart Vertical Gardening for Small and Large Spaces,
by Susan Morrison and Rebecca Sweet,
The Vertical Farm:
Feeding the World in
the 21st Century
Dickson Despommier,
The New American Landscape: Leading Voices on the Future of Sustainable Gardening,
by Thomas Christopher, Rick Darke, Douglas W. Tallamy, Toby Hemenway, John Greenlee with Neil Diboll, Eric Toensmeier, David Wolfe, Ed Snodgrass and Linda McIntyre, Elaine Ingham, Sustainable Sites Initiative, David Deardorff and Kathryn Wadsworth

Retrofitting Office Buildings to Be Green and Energy-Efficient: Optimizing Building Performance, Tenant Satisfaction, and Financial Return,
by Leanne Tobias, [Article by Ralph Velasquez],
The Green Roof Manual: A Professional Guide to Design, Installation, and Maintenance,
by Edmund C. Snodgrass and Linda McIntyre,
DIY Guide to
Green & Living Roofs,
by John Little and
Dusty Gedge,
Sustainable Solutions for Water Resources: Policies, Planning, Design, and Implementation,
by James L. Sipes,

Green Roofs and Facades,
by Gary Grant,
Biophilic Cities: Integrating Nature into Urban Design and Planning,
by Timothy Beatley,
Green Roof Construction and Maintenance,
by Kelly Luckett,
Building Green, New Edition: A Complete How-To Guide to Alternative Building Methods Earth Plaster * Straw Bale * Cordwood * Cob * Living Roofs,
by Clarke Snell and Tim Callahan,

Green Roof Systems: A Guide to the Planning, Design and Construction of Building Over Structure,
by Susan Weiler, Katrin Scholz-Barth,
Organic Architecture,
by Javier Senosiain, Fernando de Haro, and Omar Fuentes,
The Vertical Garden: From
Nature to the City,

by Patrick Blanc,
Green Roofs in Sustainable Landscape Design,
by Steven L. Cantor,


Award Winning
Green Roof Designs
by Steven Peck,
Planting Green Roofs and Living Walls,
by Nigel Dunnett,
A Selection of Plants for Green Roofs in Singapore,
by Puay Yok Tan and
Angelia Sia,
Vertical Gardens,
by Anna Lambertini,

Living Systems: Innovative Materials and Technologies for Landscape Architecture,
by Liat Margolis
Green Roofs: Ecological Design and Construction,
by Earth Pledge Foundation,
Design for Water: Rainwater Harvesting, Stormwater Catchment, and Alternate Water Reuse,
by Heather Kinkade-Levario,
Roof Garden,
by Wang Xianmin,

Sustainable Landscape Construction: A Guide to Green Building Outdoors, Second Edition,
by J. William Thompson and Kim Sorvig,
Green Roof: A Case Study: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates' Design For the Headquarters of the American Society of Landscape Architect,
by Christian Werthmann,
["Read Top-down approach"]
Rain Gardens: Managing water sustainably in the garden and designed landscape,
by Nigel Dunnett and Andy Clayden,
Green Roof Plants: A Resource and Planting Guide,
by Edmund C. Snodgrass and Lucie L. Snodgrass,

Sky Gardens: Rooftops, Balconies, and Terraces,
by Signe Nielsen,
Naturación Urbana:
Cubiertas Ecológicas

(Segunda edicion),
by Julian Briz,
Gardens in the Sky,
by Michele Osborne,
by Javier Senosiain,

Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature,
by Janine M. Benyus,
Big and Green: Toward Sustainable Architecture in the 21st Century,
by David Gissen,

Handbook of Water Sensitive Planning and Design (Integrative Studies in Water Management & Land

by Robert L. France (Chapter by Tom Liptan), 2002
Cradle to Cradle:
Remaking the Way
We Make Things,

by William McDonough & Michael Braungart
2002 *

Wrightscapes: Frank Lloyd Wright's Landscape Designs,
by Charles E. Aguar,
2002 *
A Trellis for Mr. Ellis,
by A.G. Ellis,
Roof Gardens:
History, Design, and

by Theodore Osmundson,

1997 *




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