GRHC Call for Presentation and Training Proposals: Grey to Green Due February 2, 2015

December 19, 2014 at 10:39 am

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities has issued its Grey to Green 2015 – Food and Resilience – Call for Presentation and Training Proposals.


Read on from GRHC:

“It will be three years since the Urban Agriculture Summit in Toronto and many new developments in the field have taken place across North America and around the world. On June 1-2, 2015, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities will be hosting Grey to Green in Toronto – with a focus on food and resilience. We invite you and your organization to become involved by:

Submitting a presentation proposal on the latest best practice/innovation in design, technology, policy, and research. Deadline is February 2, 2015.

  1. Propose a special skills / training workshop in this field, from beekeeping to SPIN gardening. Deadline is February 2, 2015.
  2. Sponsor the event and help us make it an outstanding opportunity for learning, networking and development.”

 In the future, our city-regions will need to embrace all forms of living green infrastructure to help combat the negative effects of climate change. Much of this should be designed to support multiple forms and scales of food production in an integrated system that utilizes numerous energy and nutrient streams and abundant labour.

Please join us June 1-2, 2015 to celebrate and share our successes in this emerging sector and plan for future growth. Go to for more details and to submit presentation and training proposals.  Thank you for your interest and support!  ~ Steven Peck, GRP, Honorary ASLA, Founder and President Green Roofs for Healthy Cities


Click here for the Grey to Green 2015 Call for Proposals in PDF.

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Watch the Panel Session “Green Walls and Maintenance – Needs, Opportunities and Best Practices” with Melissa Daniels, Christopher Lyon, Steven Peck, and James Sable from Our Virtual Summit 2013

December 9, 2014 at 3:44 pm

In anticipation of’s spectacular 2015 Virtual Summit on April 6 through May 31 – and in order to familiarize you with the event – we are now making the Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2013 videos publicly available on our GreenroofsTV channel on YouTube to all free of charge.

Today we have the pleasure to air the Panel Session “Green Walls and Maintenance – Needs, Opportunities and Best Practices.”  Steven Peck, Founder and President of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities is the moderator in Toronto, Canada and leads this panel with Melissa Daniels of Plant Connection in Riverhead, New York, Christopher Lyon of Tournesol Siteworks in Hayward (outside of San Francisco), California, and James Sable of greenscreen® in Los Angeles, California.


“The session will begin with a description of the different green wall technologies.  Along the way, best practices for design and maintenance planning, associated with facades and living walls, will be addressed and we’ll wrap up will a focus on some of the challenges involved and how to address issues if green walls are not performing as expected.”

Here’s more about the speakers:

The VS2013 Green Walls Panel - click to learn more!

Riverhead, NY, USA. Melissa Daniels has been in the horticulture business for more than twenty years. She is co-owner of Plant Connection Inc., a 42-acre nursery company specializing in green roof and green wall products. Melissa is the current President of the Long Island Nursery & Landscape Association, a board director for the New York State Nursery Landscape Association, and a Certified Nursery Landscape Professional. Melissa serves on the Green Walls Committee for Green Roofs for Healthy Cities and is a Certified Trainer for their Green Walls 101 Course.

Hayward, CA, USA. Christopher Lyon is the president of Tournesol Siteworks, and has been working at the intersection of landscape and architecture for 18 years. He’s been part of the Green Roof & Walls jury for the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities CitiesAlive conference awards for the past two years. Tournesol Siteworks is a leading manufacturer of commercial pots and planters, site furnishings and container irrigation systems. Tournesol recognized the nascent opportunity in living walls in 2008, and has become a premier provider of systems to help designers, contractors and owners install them in commercial settings. They are located just outside San Francisco, and work nationwide.

Toronto, Canada. Steven W. Peck is the Founder and President of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, the North American trade association for the green roof and wall industry. See his full profile here. Steven is the Moderator for the “Green Wall Maintenance – Needs, Opportunities and Best Practices” Panel. He is also a Keynote Speaker, presenting “12 Reasons to Invest in Green Roofs.”

Los Angeles, CA, USA. James Sable is Executive Vice-President of greenscreen®. As a member of greenscreen® James has been documenting green wall examples for more than ten years and manages an image library of over seven hundred installation sites and thousands of green wall images. He is active in the promotion of green wall design and research, and co-authored the distance learning course “Considerations for Advanced Green Facade Design” (2012). James travels internationally, presenting to associations and government groups, describing green facades and living walls and the potential benefits for application in the built environment.” ~ VS2013

Watch the “Green Walls and Maintenance – Needs, Opportunities and Best Practices” Panel Session with Melissa Daniels, Christopher Lyon, Steven Peck (Moderator), and James Sable below or see it specifically on its own channel, the Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2013:

Our second foray in the world of virtual conferences, the Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2013: Connecting the Planet + Living Architecture, was very successful at bringing together people from around the world to learn, discuss, and network in our field of living architecture.  This time partnering with the World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN), between and WGIN we produced 36 videos involving 59 esteemed international speakers, specifically: 22 Individual Presenters, including 5 Keynotes; 5 Panel Sessions; and 9 Collaborative Presentations.

Watch these other VS2013 videos released so far:

Reflections of a Green Roof Campaigner and Visions of the Future Keynote Video by Dusty Gedge.

Urban Green in Australia Video by Matt Dillon.

2012 Top 10 List of Hot Trends in Greenroof & Greenwall Design + Look into 2013 Collaborative Video with Linda S. Velazquez and Haven Kiers.

We hope you will join us in watching all of these as we present them!

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Also see these videos below in various languages on our exclusive Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2013 playlist:

Virtual Summit 2013 Highlights Video

Virtual Summit 2013 Trailer

VS2013 Linda Velazquez Promo

VS2013 Steven Peck Promo

VS2013 Julian Briz Promo – Spanish

VS2013 Matt Dillon Promo

VS2013 Manfred Koehler Promo – German

VS2013 Francois Lassalle Promo – French

VS2013 Eun-Heui Lee Promo – Korean

VS2013 Dorthe Romo Promo

VS2013 Wang Xianmin Promo – Mandarin Chinese

VS2013 Tanya Mueller Promo – Spanish

Exploring the Connections Between Healthy Communities and Green Infrastructure by Steven Peck

June 10, 2014 at 11:22 am

By Steven Peck

Over the past two decades researchers have begun developing the tools for quantifying the multiple benefits of living green infrastructure.  Living green infrastructure technologies cover a wide range of strategies from active and passive turf to trees, wetlands, structural soils, green walls and green roofs.  Green infrastructure technologies are becoming increasingly recognized by policy makers as proven and effective ways to solve multiple urban problems.  Yet the many contributions of green infrastructure to our natural and built environments, as well as to human health, are not fully reflected in public policies pertaining to buildings, design practice, community planning or capital and operational investments in infrastructure.


Green infrastructure can deliver preventative health care benefits that translate into reduced expenditures for health care, longer life spans and better quality of life.  With society facing rapidly-escalating public and private health care costs, multi-billion dollar infrastructure deficits, extreme weather events ranging from heat waves to floods and ice storms, broader policy support for living green infrastructure systems provides opportunities to achieve multiple dividends and address multiple needs in our communities.  We need to rapidly adopt new thinking about what constitutes ‘infrastructure’ and implement new policies so that green infrastructure investment can complement traditional grey infrastructure to derive the maximum taxpayer benefits from the billions of public dollars invested each year.

Read the full paper on Exploring the Connections Between Healthy Communities and Green Infrastructure at

This topic will be more comprehensively presented during Grey to Green: A Conference on the Economics of Green Infrastructure, Designing For Health, which takes place August 25-26 2014 in Toronto, Canada.  Save $100 if you register by June 16th.  Visit for more information.


Read the Summer 2014 (Health) issue of the Living Architecture Monitor, North America’s green roof and wall magazine for FREE at

Steven Peck is the founder and president of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities.

SPeckSteven Peck is also co-founder of the Green Infrastructure Foundation in Toronto, Canada.  Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC) is a membership-based industry association developing the green (vegetative) roof and wall industry in North America.  GRHC’s mission is to increase the awareness of the economic, social and environmental benefits of green roofs and green walls, and other forms of living architecture through education, advocacy, professional development and celebrations of excellence.  Visit for more information.

Contact Steven at:  and Tel: 416.971.4494 (233).

“Green Cities in the World” Book Available Now

May 8, 2014 at 4:51 pm

Green Cities in the World Book Available Now

Green Cities in the World

Although the newly published Green Cities in the World book will officially be launched at the World Green Infrastructure Congress (WGIC) 2014 in Sydney, Australia on October 7-10, 2014, it is now available for purchase in paper book and PDF.

Available Now

Edited by Julián Briz, Manfred Köhler, and Isabel de Felipe of WGIN – the World Green Infrastructure Network, Green Cities in the World is a compilation comprising 23 authors, including myself.

Green Cities in the World Book Available Now

The World Expo Zaragoza, Spain. Source:; Photo Courtesy: ZinCo

“The book Green Cities in the World is the result of a convergence of interest from individuals and public and private institutions looking to provide the urban society with a reference publication of a diversity of main topics and opinions from the green urban market. It has been edited by WGIN and PRONATUR.

The mix of academics, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and professionals in this publication leads to fruitful interactions and provides new insights into green urban development of the world. The publication has 16 chapters and 25 national stories, from 23 authors and 241 photos.

The book is structured in four scenarios: Economy, Sociology and Policy; Environment; Architecture and Technical; and National Stories.” ~ Green Cities in the World Editors

Green Cities in the World Book Available Now

Cook+Fox Architects’ 8th floor penthouse in Manhattan. Source: Photo Courtesy of Green Roof Blocks.

World Green Infrastructure Network Project

The first book project by WGIN, the huge effort was spearheaded by Professor em. Polytechnic University of Madrid Julián Briz, and Associate Professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid Isabel de Felipe.  Both are board and founding members of WGIN from PRONATUR – Sociedad Española para la Naturación Urbana (Spanish Society for Urban Greening).

The 358-page book has a very interesting mix of contributors including non-WGIN members green architect Emilio Ambasz, Singapore’s Dr. Puay Yok Tan (with Ho Wan Weng), Michigan State’s Dr. Brad Rowe, PhD. candidate Kelly Ksiazek, and myself.

Multiple Contributors

Green Cities in the World Book Available Now

The Golisano Institute for Sustainability. Source: Photo Courtesy of Green Living Technologies International (GLTi).

In addition to chapters from Julián Briz (with Jose M. Duran and Kerstein Röhrich), WGIN  President Manfred Köhler, and Isabel de Felipe (with Teresa Briz), WGIN authors include founding board members Steven Peck of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, Matthew Dillon of Green Roofs Australasia, Brazil’s João Manuel Linck Feijó (with Renan Eschiletti Machado Guimarães and Luis Alberto Suárez Correa) and Japan’s Hajime Kozhimizu.  Additional WGIN member authors include Ho Wan Weng (with Dr. Puay Yok Tan), Colombia’s R. Andres Ibáñez Gutierréz, Poland’s Ewa Piatek-Kozuchowska (with Dr. Jan Lukaszkiewicz), Hong Kong’s C. Y. Jim, and Denmark’s Dorthe Rømø (and WGIN Green Ambassador).

Green Cities in the World is a thoughtful and important, heartfelt combined effort from dedicated professionals across many disciplines on many facets of international green building, urban greening and in particular, of course, the living architecture of greenroofs and greenwalls.   The spread and depth of topics and perspectives are unique and truly enlightening, full of keen observations, detailed research, project applications, and further reading.

Awesome Photos

Brimming with spectacular color photos from around the world (many which I supplied from’s various esteemed colleagues and advertisers – thank you!), they beautifully illustrate key points and projects.

Green Cities in the World Book Available Now

A pioneer in rooftop agriculture, Brooklyn Grange is a 40,000 square foot commercial farm located above a six-story building in the dense urban environment of Queens, New York. Photo © Andy Kropa.

Linda Velazquez’s Contribution

I wrote about a subject near and dear to‘s heart: Green Cities in the World Chapter 5 – Greenroofs & Greenwalls in the New Millennium: The Influence of the Age of Technology through Online and Social Media. An except is included below:

“The rise in popularity of vegetated roofs and walls is no doubt due in part to advances in information technology and the rise of multi-media exposure.  Beyond the traditional print, radio and even television venues, the power to reach, inform, and influence the masses at all levels of age and socio-political-geographical backgrounds from around the world has never been greater with the advent of the Internet.  According to Internet World Stats, by December 31, 2000, the Internet had 360,985,492 users worldwide and by June 30, 2012 the amount had exploded to 2,405,518,376 users. With Asia leading the way with 1,076,681,059 users, followed by Europe (518,512,109), North America (273,785,413), Latin America / Caribbean (254,915,745), Africa (167,335,676), the Middle East (90,000,455), and Oceania / Australia with 24,287,919, this figure represents a 566.4% growth rate (Internet World Stats, 2013).

Ecommerce, entertainment, the rapid diffusion of news and events, along with Email, instant messaging, social networking, texting, video calling over Wi-Fi and Skyping, is not only possible, but expected at the touch of a keyboard or mobile devices.  Our views of culture, social relationships, and how we interact in the world of e-business have forever changed through electronic media and smart devices.  The Internet has altered the way we do business forever – surfing the net has become a way of life around the world. ” ~ Linda Velazquez in Green Cities in the World

Order Online

As in many first-print editions, the paper copy of Green Cities in the World has some typos and photo caption errors.  All of the ones I caught were amended in the PDF version and will appear in the second printing of the book, too.

Green Cities in the World Book Available Now

2010 Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Village. Source:; Photo Courtesy of Vitaroofs International Inc.

The paper copy cost is 40 € Euros plus shipping and handling costs, and the digital copy is 25 € Euros.  Order directly online here or from:

Editorial Agrícola Española

Email questions to: or

Hopefully you’ll order a copy of this fine book, and we’ll see you in Sydney this October with many, if not all, of the authors for the official Green Cities in the World book launch!

Green Cities in the World Book Available Now

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~ Linda V.