The Green Roof Give Away, by Cole Roofing Co., Inc.

November 12, 2010 at 2:18 pm

By Bill Cole

Green is the new black.   And for good reason.  Our planet, its resources and wildlife are all in jeopardy.   Americans have finally taken notice and are doing something about it.
Here at Cole Roofing we believe the push to “go green” isn’t just a trend.   It’s here to stay.   And we’re committed to providing our customers with sustainable roofing solutions that help our environment one roof at a time.
Non-profit organizations are the backbone of our country, committed to worthy causes, its employees working long hours, often doing without the latest and greatest technologies so funding can be directed towards the greater good.
We think it’s time to honor area non-profits, so we’ve launched an exciting contest for one lucky non-profit to win a green roof””either a vegetated or solar integrated roof, both on the cutting-edge of sustainable roofing.   Along with the Green Roof Give Away we will have an online public vote to determine the charity most deserving and one with the most votes will be awarded a $5,000.00 donation from Cole Roofing.
Beyond honoring area non-profits, a mission of our green roof giveaway is to educate the public on today’s different green roofing solutions.   Many people are unaware of the environmentally friendly roofing options available today.   Average consumers may be confused or have misconceptions about vegetated, solar roofs and more.   We’d like to dispel myths and misinformation and give you the facts on green roofs.   After all, an educated consumer is a powerful consumer.  

On our contest site we have many educational blog posts that will provide all sorts of information.   Please don’t forget to check out the contest details and our blog posts at or at – click on the Green Roof tab for more info.   While you are there be sure to “like” us so you get updates on the contest!

The deadline of November 15th for entries is fast approaching so nominate your favorite non-profit for something truly valuable.   We can’t wait to see all the entries!

~ Bill Cole

William Robert Cole is Vice President, Cole Roofing Co., Inc. in Baltimore, MD. Contact   him at 410-242-0600 or, or visit