Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2011 Episode 23: Naturalism: Large-Scale Applications of Living Architecture

May 16, 2012 at 7:41 am

Today we have the pleasure to air Paul Kephart’s video presentation “Naturalism: Large-Scale Applications of Living Architecture” from our inaugural  2011 Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit on and our GreenroofsTV channel on YouTube.

Everyone knows Paul as the trend setting ecological designer, native plant guru, and fearless leader of Rana Creek in  Monterey, CA, and he has been a great colleague and supporter of both living roofs and over the years.  His many years of cutting edge design in the living architecture field has made him world famous and very much in vogue for projects around North America and beyond.  He’s been involved in some major iconic projects and we were very excited to have him as one of our esteemed Virtual Summit speakers!

Paul Kephart is the President of Rana Creek and is a renowned expert in ecological consulting and vegetated systems design.  The firm specializes in environmental planning, landscape architecture, habitat restoration, and native plant propagation.  Paul’s approach is to carefully consider each project’s site and to design for a whole ecosystem and the increased health of the land over time along with the desires of his clients.  Paul is best known for his pioneering efforts in Living Architecture on groundbreaking projects such as the California Academy of Sciences, Gap Headquarters, and the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Paul says that design can mimic natural processes integrating them into site and structure.  The resulting spaces efficiently utilize ecosystem services enhancing habitat, infrastructure, and user experience within a context of integrated biological systems.  Vegetated systems foster and promote biological treatment of water and air.

Treatment occurs through biological, physical and mechanical processes, all of which can be integrated into buildings systems.  Paul Kephart will discuss large-scale applications of living architecture including the Transbay Transit Center, CPMC Cathedral Hill Hospital, and the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Enjoy!  Visit to see “Naturalism: Large-Scale Applications of Living Architecture” or click below:

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Check back next week on GreenroofsTV for our 24th installment from the Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2011!

~ Linda V.

Cradle to Cradle & Inhabitat’s Green Giveaway

April 19, 2011 at 4:03 pm

Of course, we’re not the only ones with an Earth Day related contest – I just received my newsletter from MBDC (McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry) and saw this great contest between MBDC and one of‘s perennial favorites, Inhabitat (I get Inhabitat’s Daily Digest as well, but don’t always read it right away since it has so many cool posts – I do need enough time to read them all!).

To celebrate Earth Week, the two have joined up to offer Inhabitat readers  four fabulous prizes  during Earth Week.  Each winner will receive and a copy of the book  Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things and  the following Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM products:

Monday: Method products & Casabella Eclipse cleaning system
Tuesday:  Pendleton Eco-Wise wool throw
Wednesday:  Herman Miller Sayl work chair
Thursday:  Shaw Ultra Shag area rug (as featured in InStyle Magazine)
Friday:  Winners are announced

At the 2001  Greenprints Conference Visionary Dinner here in Atlanta, I had the pleasure of (briefly) meeting early green architect  William  McDonough (after standing in a long line).  I had become aware of his firm’s work when I still a student of landscape architecture at the University of Georgia in the late 1990’s and had encountered the awesome  Gap Headquarters (901 Cherry).  Former Partner & Director of Practice  Kevin Burke was very helpful to me in my initial studies of greenroof technology, and I’m a big fan of William McDonough + Partners‘ work.

Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM products resulted after the wonderful success of the book  Cradle to Cradle, 2002 from North Point Press, New York, NY, written by William McDonough and environmental chemist Michael Braungart.  I fully embraced the philosophies behind the “paradigm shift” in our thinking towards our built environments and products, and the need for “eco-effectiveness” versus just “eco-efficiency.”

In fact, in my Recommended Readings book review of  Cradle to Cradle, I felt that this book should be a part of every teenager’s reading curriculum so that we may inform and inspire our young minds to rethink and remake our architectural and engineering worlds to be actually good for the Earth.  This is one true “Bible” of green thinking that should be a part of each of our libraries.    If you’re interested, you can read more here.

On a related note, Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM products will be featured on  The Early Show for Earth Day.  You can tune in to CBS on Friday, April 22 7:00-9:00 am EST to see some of them.

To enter the Inhabitat Green Giveaway, go to and click on the daily blog post.  In my opinion, just receiving a copy of Cradle to Cradle is well worth winning!

Happy Greening,

~ Linda V.