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August 13, 2012 at 6:39 pm

Each week you can expect to learn What’s New here on through our “This Week in Review” video.  Here is the transcript from August 10, 2012 from our daughter, Anjuli – click on the photo below to see the video, or here.  Enjoy!

– Hello, I’m Anjuli Velázquez and welcome to “This Week in Review” for  on GreenroofsTV.

Project of the Week

–  Our project of the week is the  Auckland International Airport Novotel Hotel Green Wall built in 2011, in Auckland, New Zealand.  Their website describes the Square Restaurant & Bar, where the green wall is located, as bringing “together exquisite cuisine, fine design and impeccable service with an unmistakably New Zealand sense of hospitality.”  It is open 24 hours a day, and features “a stunning “˜living wall,’ [it is] the perfect place to relax with friends or colleagues.  Enjoy an extensive selection of New Zealand wines and beers, artfully mixed cocktails and gourmet snacks as you soak up the relaxing atmosphere.”

The green wall has an array of native New Zealand flora, including cascading ferns and pan-pacific creepers.  Completed last year, the two-story green wall was designed, built and installed by Natural Habitats, and is nurtured by a hydroponic system.  It improves the indoor air quality by removing air pollutants and raising humidity levels, and it provides visual interest and environmental benefits, creating a more comfortable and relaxing work environment.  The Auckland International Airport’s Novotel Hotel was awarded silver in the Spatial Design category at the 2011 Best Awards.

– To learn more about the Auckland International Airport Novotel Hotel Green Wall,  click on our project of the week photo on our homepage (or on the above photos).

What’s New

–  We’d like to welcome Optigreen International AG, our new advertiser!  They are one of the leading companies in the green roof industry out of Germany.  Look for one of their greenroofs featured as our Project of the Week coming very soon!

Advertiser Press Releases:

–  Skyland USA Has Added Another Product to the Growing Portfolio of rooflite ® Certified Green Roof Media Products: rooflite ® Intensive Ag.

Industry News

–  American Rivers released their latest white paper, “Growing Green: How Green Infrastructure Can Improve Livability and Public Health.”  They explore how green infrastructure practices can mitigate the urban heat island effect and provide a number of other public health benefits.

–  Sky Gardens Blog

– Over at Sky Gardens, check out Linda’s latest post:  “’s “˜This Week in Review’ on GreenroofsTV: August 3, 2012.”

– Guest Bloggers

– And check out Dr. Nigel Dunnett’s guest blog post about the “London Olympic Park: Star of the Show,” along with Dr. Steven Cohan’s guest blog post about the upcoming “Green Roof Research Summit at the University of Maryland on August 16-17, 2012.”

– “Upcoming Events“

–  August 14th-16th: is the Ag Progress Days, at Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences, in Rock Springs, Pennsylvania. #agprogress

–  Also August 14th-16th: is the Plantscape Industry Expo 2012, in Las Vegas, Nevada. @PIAgrows

–  August 15th-18th: is the Urban Agriculture Summit, in Toronto, Canada. @urbanagsummit

–  August 16th-17th: is the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Green Roof Science and Technology Symposium at the University of Maryland, in College Park, Maryland.

–  And August 16th-18th: is Boston GreenFest 2012, in Boston, Massachusetts. @BosGreenFest

– “In the News“

–  Novia D. Rulistia of the Jakarta Post, says “Vertical gardens take root and flourish in green zone.”  The Indonesia Greenwall office is one of several buildings and houses in Jakarta that utilizes green walls.  Decky Rinawan of Indonesia Greenwall says, “the building itself has become a showroom for what vertical gardening can achieve. It shows everyone who is interested in helping make the city greener what can be done with technology and imagination.”

Last year the building underwent a makeover so it could feature the hanging garden of Harmoni and now features 339 square meters of vertical gardening.

– Ryan Gilbert of the Hartford Courant, talks about “Science Center’s Garden In Full Bloom With Flora And Grasshoppers.”  The Connecticut Science Center opened its rooftop garden in May, and has become a popular attraction for both children and adults alike to enjoy native plants, views of downtown Hartford, the Connecticut River and the nearby countryside.

The 6,316-square-foot rooftop garden has several micro climates including a shade garden, an alpine garden and a children’s sensory garden.  Some of the foliage include: blueberry bushes, strawberry plants, canna lilies, prickly pear cactus, various herbs and milkweeds.  The Science Center is LEED-Gold certified and was recently certified as a monarch butterfly way-station. They are offering free admission to Hartford residents in the month of August.  Check out their website ( for more information on tickets.

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Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2011 Episode 6: “Sky Meadows – Integrating People and Nature: Sustainable Green Roofs and Roof Gardens” by Dr. Nigel Dunnett

January 18, 2012 at 9:44 am

Today we have the pleasure to air Dr. Nigel Dunnett’s video presentation “Sky Meadows – Integrating People and Nature: Sustainable Green Roofs and Roof Gardens” from our Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit on and our GreenroofsTV channel on YouTube.

Aramis and I have known Nigel for a while now, probably about nine years or so – he is quite a gentle yet very enthusiastic and passionate soul when it comes to greenroofs and living walls!  We run into him all over the place at conferences worldwide: Nuertingen, Boston,  Basel, London, Singapore…  and with his years of study and knowledge, we were so happy he agreed to participate in our Virtual Summit!

Research on greenroofs has been under way by the Department of Landscape at the University of Sheffield investigating the range of plant material that is suitable for use on extensive and semi-extensive greenroofs in the UK climate  since 2003.  Further trials investigate plant establishment methods, particularly the use of seed mixtures to establish meadow-like communities of both native and non-native grasses and flowering plants:

Nigel Dunnett, PhD is Director of the Green Roof Centre and Professor in Planting Design and Urban Horticulture at the University of Sheffield, UK.  With a background and experience in botany, ecology, horticulture and design, his teaching and research focuses on sustainable urban planting approaches to maximise benefit to people and wildlife.  He is lead author of Planting Green Roofs and Living Walls, 2nd edn 2008; Small Green Roofs: Low-Tech Options for Greener Living, 2011; and Rain Gardens, 2007. He convened the First and Second National Green Roof Conferences in the UK, and acts widely as a consultant on urban planting design matters.  He devised the vegetation strategy for the green roof on the Sharrow School, UK – the world’s first purpose-designed and government-designated green roof nature preserve, and is currently horticultural consultant to the London 2012 Olympic Park.

Dr. Nigel Dunnett’s “Sky Meadows – Integrating People and Nature: Sustainable Green Roofs and Roof Gardens” presentation proposes that green roofs represent a unique opportunity for inserting large areas of diverse, naturalistic, biodiversity-supporting, and beautiful vegetation into the heart of our urban areas: an opportunity that is virtually impossible to repeat in the same way on the ground.

Sustainable solutions now exist for all contexts: large and small, public, private, intensive through to extensive.  Drawing upon the dramatic potential of dryland vegetation around the world, and his own research and practice, the author looks again at the ethical and aesthetic considerations for creating green roofs that are exciting for people, beneficial for wildlife, and low in resource-use.

Enjoy!  Visit to see “Sky Meadows – Integrating People and Nature: Sustainable Green Roofs and Roof Gardens” or click below:

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Check back next week on GreenroofsTV for our 7th installment from the Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2011!

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