American Institute of Architects Select their 2011 COTE Top Ten Green Projects

May 5, 2011 at 11:23 pm

The COTE Top Ten Green Projects program, now in its 15th year, is the profession’s best known recognition program for sustainable design excellence. The program celebrates projects that are the result of a thoroughly integrated approach to architecture, natural systems and technology. They make a positive contribution to their communities, improve comfort for building occupants and reduce environmental impacts through strategies such as reuse of existing structures, connection to transit systems, low-impact and regenerative site development, energy and water conservation, use of sustainable or renewable construction materials, and design that improves indoor air quality.

Most importantly, three of the top ten projects include greenroofs. Cherokee Studios in Los Angeles, the First Unitarian Society Meeting House in Madison, WI, and the Vancouver Convention Center in Vancouver, BC all showcase vegetated architecture. Here’s to the AIA for recognizing the role greenroofs play in sustainable design!

See the AIA press release and the AIA/COTE Top Ten Green Projects Web site. [4.14.11]

2011 COTE Top Ten Award Winners with Green Roofs:

Cherokee Studios, Los Angeles, CA

First Unitarian Society Meeting House, Madison, WI
Project Database ID#816:

Vancouver Convention Centre West, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Project Database ID#545:


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2009 Top 10 List of Hot Trends in Greenroof Design

March 11, 2009 at 3:41 pm

Well folks, it’s that time of year again.   Linda and I have been burning the midnight oil trying to finalize  this year’s Top 10 List of Hot Trends  in Greenroof Design, and we’re looking for input from you, our faithful readers.

Have you seen any outstanding green roof projects this year or in the past few years?   Is there anything that stands out in terms of great design?   Did you design a greenroof that you think needs a little extra recognition?   We’re searching for all types of greenroofs – sleek and modern, esoteric, big or small, built or proposed.

Did you read my  January Chic Sustainability Column, “A Look Back at the 2008 Top 10 Hot Trends in Greenroof Design Survey?”   To refresh your memory, last year we singled out the following 10 greenroof trends:

10) Client Specific “˜Boutique’ Greenroofs
9) PreFab Modular Homes are Fabulous
8)  Greenroofs as Art & Architecture
7) Parks & Interpretive Greenroof Spaces
6) Solar & Vegetative Roofs as High Performance Buildings
5) Greenroofs for Biodiversity
4) Institutional & Office Parks – Setting the Example
3) Eco-Communities & Eco-Cities
2) Sky High Cool Green Schools
1) The Influence of LEED on Design Professionals = Pushing the Green Envelope

And this is our “working” Top 10 List for 2009:

10) Unique Driving Factors/Boutique Greenroofs: “Mother Nature Meets Lady Luck” – Greenroof Casinos; Living Billboards, and more!
9) “Ecological” Gas Stations?
8)  Heavenly Gardens – Religious Institutions Embracing Living Design
7) Design Competitions Promoting Future Inspiration
6) Green Buildings Creating Green Collar Jobs & Spurring the Industry
5) LID (Low Impact Development) Strategies: Celebrating Water with Greenroofs, Rain Gardens & Green Streets
4) Technological Advances – Faster, Cheaper, & Better Materials
3) The “Green Factor” – Policy Driving Ecological Development
2) Mayoral Initiatives – Championing the Green Machine
1)”Towers of Power” – Mega Vertical Structures Linking Earth and Sky

What do you think?   Have you noticed any new greenroof trends this year?  What are the forces driving new projects?   Has the economy had an effect on the number or type of greenroofs being built?  What role has the new Obama administration had on greenroof projects?

Send your suggestions, thoughts, website links, and photos by March 18th to the following email address:

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!