Project of the Week for November 21, 2016: Yahoo! Commuting Coop Living Wall

November 21, 2016 at 1:33 pm

Project Week Yahoo! Commuting Coop Living Wall Lockport Project of the Week: 11/21/16


Yahoo! Commuting Coop Living Wall
Lockport, NY, USA
475 sf. Greenwall

Project of the Week Mini Description & Details

Completed in 2015, Yahoo!’s newest data center is a 155,000 square foot complex in Lockport, NY. PKJB Architectural Group and others utilized integrated building design to eliminate HVAC units, resulting in 40% less energy and 95% less water usage than conventional facilities. Located within the cool climate of nearby Niagara Falls, the air-cooled data center, which can accommodate 50,000 servers, is based on an unlikely design: the chicken coop. Known as the Yahoo! Commuting Coop (Y!CC), the buildings are long and narrow to provide good air circulation and shaped similar to a chicken coop. Yahoo! is committed to being an environmentally responsible company, and the addition of a G-O2® Living Wall by Plant Connection is just one leafy example.

Project Week Yahoo! Commuting Coop Living Wall Lockport

In 2016 Yahoo! incorporated the acoustic Living Wall into their Y!CC utility space because they were interested in increasing their “green” presence. They felt the gorgeous new building for their call center in upstate New York would be a perfect spot. Not only would the living wall provide the “green” exposure they desired, they also felt it would greatly contribute to the aesthetic beauty of their new facility. Installed and maintained by Dore Landscape Associates, the living wall is segmented into seven sections and spans 62 feet. Its curvilinear design flows through the panel groupings and helps create one continuous living wall, while providing contrast to the existing façade. Nine varieties of sedum were planted to create the organic, free flowing design, supplying four seasons of interest, color, and texture. Similarly, other cloud computing providers are all trying to use renewable energy to power their data centers, helping to contribute to reductions in global warming, cut energy costs and comply with regulations. But Yahoo! demonstrates that nothing more boldly says you are being environmentally conscious than a green wall greeting visitors and employees!

Project Week Yahoo! Commuting Coop Living Wall Lockport

Project Week Yahoo! Commuting Coop Living Wall Lockport

Year: 2016
Owner: Yahoo! Inc.
Location: Lockport, NY, USA
Building Type: Corporate
Type: Living Wall
System: Single Source Provider
Size: 475 sq.ft.
Slope: 100%
Access: Accessible, Private

Project Week Yahoo! Commuting Coop Living Wall Lockport

Designers/Manufacturers of Record:

Architect: PKJB Architectural Group
Engineer: KPFF Consulting Engineers
Steel Fabricator: Apollo Steel
Construction: M.A. Mortenson Company
Green Wall System: G-O2 Living Walls, Plant Connection, Inc.
Manufacturer & Grower: Plant Connection, Inc.
Planting Design: Sabrina Buttitta, BSLA, Plant Connection, Inc.
Installation: Dore Landscape Associates
Maintenance: Dore Landscape Associates
2009-2010 Construction Management: Structure Tone

Project Week Yahoo! Commuting Coop Living Wall Lockport

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Project Week Yahoo! Commuting Coop Living Wall Lockport

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Love the Earth, Plant a Roof (or Wall)!

By Linda S. Velazquez, ASLA, LEED AP, GRP Publisher

Chic Sustainability Watch: Trends, Projects & People – Chickens and Urban Agriculture

February 13, 2012 at 3:50 pm

Are you sick of having to wait a whole year to learn about the latest and greatest greenroof trends?  Well, wait no longer!  We have decided to launch a column dedicated solely to showcasing the most chic, most hip, most creative greenroofs and living walls from around the world.

Twice a month, Linda and I will take turns profiling built projects, noteworthy ideas, competitions, and interesting people in the industry – plus some fun ones thrown in as well.

(Image via: AmuzingPlanet)

As always, no project is too small to catch our eyes or garner attention.  From chicken coops (see below) to football stadiums, we want to highlight it all and bring these projects the attention they deserve.

(Image via: Vincent Callebaut Architectures)

We all know by now that living architecture is good for us and the environment.  Our goal for this blog is to raise it up from its status as the cauliflower of the meal and transform it to the foie gras.  We’re calling it: Chic Sustainability Watch: Trends, Projects & People.

And we would love your help.  Do you know of any particularly cool green roof or living walls projects in the news that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are environmentally friendly?  Send them in to us!


For our inaugural column, I’ve decided to focus on two trends that score high marks on the chic sustainability front – chickens and urban agriculture.  Combine them with a hipper than hip green roof and suddenly you have the object of an eco-warrior’s dreams: a sustainable chicken coop that produces its own fertilizer for crops growing on its roof.

The number of green roof chicken coops that have been constructed is astounding. Do a quick Google image search and you’ll be amazed by how many of our feathered friends live under the naturally climate controlled confines of a green roof. Designs vary from rustic and simple to sleek and modern. Here are some that fall into the latter category.


The winner of a design competition by Sera Architects to build “the perfect chicken coop,” Hen Hedge combines an open rectangular structure with a vegetated roof and living wall.  The result is a stylish hen house that provides shade to its occupants and blends into the surrounding landscape.  The one of a kind coop by Gary Gola + Jeanie Lai was auctioned off at a gala benefitting the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art.

(Image via: Landscape and Urbanism)


Love the idea of a contemporary green roof chicken coop, but not quite ready to harness your inner DIY goddess?  Kippen House may be just the coop for you.  The goal of the coop, according to designer Traci Fontyn, is to “look good, be multi-functional and offer the ability to adapt to the small urban lot.”  And the best part of her design is that the green roof holds 10″ of growing medium, enough to grow small vegetables and herbs.

(Image via: kippenhouse)


When architects Mitchell Snyder and Shelley Martin set out to build a coop for their three chickens, they didn’t lower their design standards.  The “residence” is a stunning four foot cube that keeps the ladies warm in the winter and cool in the summer and provides them with enough space for their daily needs.  It also includes a 4-by-15-foot run.  Above it, the green roof is planted with native Oregon sedums.

(Images via: WebEcoist)


“We started out selling our plans to neighbors, they convinced us to start our website…”  So begins the copy at, a website that sells two types of chicken coops, a “green roof chicken coop” (4′ wide by 4.5′ deep with 16 sf of growing area) and an “herb garden chicken coop” (3.5′ wide by 8′ long with 28 sf of growing area).  The best part is that aspiring urban chicken farmers can choose how much of the work they want to do themselves; customers can purchase plans, kits, or fully assembled coops.

(Image via: GreenRoofChickenCoop)


A competition held by the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development called for new and efficient chicken coops.  Winners Peleg/Burshstein Architects and landscape architect Nathan Gulman designed a prefab coop that processes its own waste and is self-powered by renewable energy.  The 200 foot long coop is outfitted with wind turbines, solar panels, and a green roof/living wall.  Water tanks, silos, egg storage, and a waste-treatment system are stored within the coop’s interior.

(Image via: Inhabitat)

So, have these five green roofed chicken coops inspired you to go out and design one of your own?  Remember, everyone deserves the opportunity to surround themselves with chic sustainability, including your chickens!!

Until next time,