Project of the Week for February 29, 2016: Global Change Institute

February 29, 2016 at 8:00 am

By Linda S. Velazquez Publisher Project of the Week: 2/29/16


Global Change Institute
Brisbane, Australia
753 sf. Greenwalls

Project of the Week Global Change Institute

Project of the Week Description & Details

Located in the sub-tropical climate of Brisbane, the University of Queensland (UQ) is committed to embedding sustainability into all aspects of campus life. The 5-story Global Change Institute (GCI) is the first educational Living Building Challenge-registered project in Queensland, and the UQ’s landmark zero-carbon, 6-star Green Star rated collaborative hub generates more energy than it consumes. Designed by HASSELL, ARUP, and Bligh Tanner among others, the building also features a sophisticated sun shading system that tracks the sun and protects the glass louvers which create natural ventilation. The air flows across occupied office spaces to the central atrium which acts as the building’s lungs, discharging warm air through its thermal chimney. An onsite greywater system, bush tucker garden, bio-retention basin, and greenwalls enhance the building’s green ethos.

Project of the Week Global Change Institute

The Greenwall Company installed their paneled greenwall system over the indoor air-conditioning vents in the atrium designed to draw and expel air through the plants in order to maximize dust and VOC reduction giving a biological treatment to air in the building as well as providing amenity. The unique aspect of the irrigation and nutrient system of the greenwall is the water from the bio-retention pond is recirculated through the lower vertical wetland with the native rainbow fish and water plant waste providing nutrients for the plants. Due to the small pond size, a separate recycled water system irrigates the upper greenwalls from harvested rainwater. Australia’s greenest educational building demonstrates sustainable technological research and pilots innovative sustainable building solutions, and the atrium with its green walls is drawing staff, students and visitors from around the campus to spend time in its naturally ventilated, lush green space.

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Project of the Week Global Change Institute

Project of the Week Global Change Institute

Photo ©Christopher Frederick Jones, Courtesy of HASSELL.

Year: 2013
The University of Queensland
Brisbane, Australia
Building Type:
Living Wall, Test/Research
Single-Source Provider
753 sq.ft.
Slope: 100
 Accessible, Open to Public

Project of the Week Global Change Institute

Designers/Manufacturers of Record:

Architecture, Interior Design & Landscape Architecture: HASSELL
Sustainability, Acoustics and Fire: ARUP
Civil & Structural Engineer: Bligh Tanner
Mechanical and Electrical Engineer: Medland Metropolis
Main Contractor: McNab
Project Management: UQ Property, Facilities Division
Greenwall Design, Construction & Maintenance: Mark Paul, The Greenwall Company
Greenwall System: The Greenwall Company
Growing Media: The Greenwall Company

Project of the Week Global Change Institute

Project of the Week Video Feature

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Video & Project of the Week for August 24, 2015: Forest Lodge ECO House Green Roofs

August 27, 2015 at 11:01 am Project of the Week: 8/24/15


Forest Lodge ECO House
Sydney, Australia
645 sf. Greenroofs & 657 sf. Vertical Gardens


Project Description & Details

Forest Lodge is located in the heart of Sydney’s heritage precinct, just five minutes from the CBD. The 3.9 metre-wide vacant land for the multi-award winning Forest Lodge ECO House was one of the last original vacant blocks in the city. As a result, the City of Sydney Council encouraged a contemporary design that would be distinctly 21st century. Having designed every facet of the 2-story project from the external façade, green roofs, vertical gardens, interiors, fittings, and furnishings enabled designer Code Green to ensure that the philosophy of the design flowed seamlessly throughout every element of the project. Contractor Designer Constructions encompassed an eco-philosophy utilizing sustainable materials wherever possible.

Located on the main and lower story roof are flowering green roofs using materials from Sika and Elmich and sporting a variety of grasses, Sedum, Delosperma, and other succulents. They not only supply insulation for the home, but offer aesthetically pleasing views for the neighbors and an environment for the local insects and birds to dwell with logs, a small rock-lined pond, and wood sleepers for the path. Externally, lush vertical gardens utilize the Code Green Wall system of potted plants. They feature strongly with a seven-meter high vertical garden adjacent to the equally high entrance door; a second entry greenwall providing privacy; and rear patio greenwalls showcasing a suspended table waterfall. Among numerous sustainable features are solar concrete slab heating, solar water heating, solar sub terrarium heat storage system, and a 3,500-litre underground water storage tank. The finished building stands as testament to current design, complimenting the neighbouring heritage terraces and placing it in the urban history of the city of Sydney.

Find more photos and additional information about the greenroofs and the greenwalls for this project in The International Greenroof & Greenwall Projects Database.


ForestLodgeEcoHouse5Year: 2014
Owner: Private
Location: Sydney, Australia
Building Type: Single-Family Residential
Access: Accessible, Private

Type: Extensive Greenroofs
System: Custom
Size: 645 sq.ft.
Slope: 1%

Type: Living Walls
System: Custom
Size: 657 sq.ft.
Slope: 100%


Designers/Manufacturers of Record:

Green Roof Designer: Chris Knierim, Code Green Pty Ltd
Head Contractor: Designer Constructions Group Pty Ltd
Greenroof System: Elmich Pte Ltd
Green Roof Waterproofing: Sika Sarnafil®
, Sarnacol®
Leak Detection System: ILD Australia
Green Roof Soil Medium: Specially formulated by Code Green with only 2.5 inch thickness
Green Roof Irrigation: Un-irrigated

Greenwall System: Code Green Wall System – Potted system
Greenwall Waterproofing: Sika Liquid Membrane
Greenwall Growing Medium: Code Green Wall Mix
Greenwall Irrigation: Drip System


Project of the Week Video Feature

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Now Playing at the Virtual Summit 2015: “Greening the World Inside and Outside” by Mark Paul

May 5, 2015 at 4:34 pm

In celebration of honoring Earth Day 2015 and our planet’s ecology through healthy, regenerative design, we are highlighting each of the 23 awesome videos from our 30+ spectacular speakers from‘s Greenroofs & Walls of the World Virtual Summit 2015 ~ Connecting the Planet with Living Architecture: People, Projects & Design, running through May 31st.


Our hope is that by familiarizing you more with each presentation and its particular benefits, you will be enticed to join us during our wonderfully easy-to-navigate online Virtual Summit!  And, along with the speakers’ input, I will identify 5 Key Learning Objectives or “takeaway” bullet points that each video presentation provides to participants.

VS2015-MarkPaulToday we are spotlighting the individual presentation “Greening the World Inside and Outside” by the soft spoken and highly knowledgeable Mark Paul, a greatly lauded Australian horticulturalist and founder of The Greenwall Company.  He has designed around 300 greenwall projects and similar number of gardens and roofs.

VS2015-MarkPaul1Although we’ve been familiar with Paul’s excellent work, and have in fact highlighted several of his projects over the years as one of our “Project of the Week” features, we only met him last October in Sydney, where he and I both spoke at the wonderful World Green Infrastructure Congress 2014.

VS2015-MarkPaul2Paul has traveled around the world studying and collecting new plants for greenroofs and in particular, greenwalls, and his presentation is just this – a trip around the horticulture world, from Brazil to Borneo – showing a huge variety of inspirations and projects.

He says “Greenwalls can be used to produce instant ‘greenspace’ both inside and out.  These beautiful structures of greenery bring new life and nature back into urban environments.”  This becomes very evident with this presentation!


Sydney, Australia. “Over the past 25 years Mark Paul, founder of The Greenwall Company and a qualified horticulturist, has become a name synonymous with reclaiming the built environment, a passion he has had since childhood. Mark’s most recent achievements range from completion of one of the tallest greenwalls in Australia, implementation of a community schools program through to tailor-made residential installations in homes nation-wide. To date, Mark Paul has reclaimed thousands of sqm of the built environment.

Mark has pioneered a number of greenwalls and greenroof innovations with his formative landscape experiences and scientific background which has allowed for much experimentation, trial and testing with planting techniques, medias and methodology (and technology). These developments have put The Greenwall Company as a leader for greenwall and greenroofs in Australia. The Greenwall Company vision is to reclaim the built environment by clothing the facades of buildings with epiphytic and lithophytic planting to create a living, breathing architectural function to every building. ~ Read his complete bio here from the VS2015.


You will benefit from these 5 Key Learning Objectives as Mark Paul shares on the subject:

1) Our affinity with plants: Learn about his love for plants and holistic approach to site planning, how he started with epiphytes, lithophytes, and others in Rio de Janeiro with amazing plants living on cliff faces, surviving on seasonal rain, inspirations from “Granny Gardens” in Brazil;

2) Appropriate species of plant types and associations found on rocks, granite boulders, sandstone escarpment walls and more from Brazil, Dominican Republic, Sydney, Panama; and the importance of biodiversity and how to encourage and conserve it; 

3) Typologies: Photos and discussions of various architectural applications and planting techniques including walls, roofs, balconies, terraces, boats, pocket plantings, and potted plants from Puerto Rico to Panama to China;

4) Many case studies of retrofits including gorgeous wetland and bog greenroof and greenwall projects with fish using recycled water and wastewater for irrigation in Sydney and Queensland and how to create a tiny ecosytstem on a mini scale;

5) In depth case study about a recent 10 sqm greenwall in a fabella in Rio where they collected, processed, planted, and linked 600 PEP bottles participating with school children; a collaboration with Landcare Australia will provide $3000 necessary for funding of future raw material and irrigation systems to allow 400 schools a year to do the same, including in Australia and New Zealand.

Watch the 21:12 video presentation “Greening the World Inside and Outside” by Mark Paul now playing at the Greenroofs & Walls of the World Virtual Summit 2015.  If you have not yet registered (only $49 or 25), please do:

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Learn more about these awesome video presentations and their 5 Key Learning Objectives at the Greenroofs & Walls of the World Virtual Summit 2015:

“A Green Building Should Look Green, Which Means Hairy!” by Dr. Ken Yeang.

“Biodiversity in the Sky – How Green Roofs Can Be Designed as Wild Life Refuges” by Dr. Stephan Brenneisen.

Green Roofs to New Cities” by Dr. Diana Balmori.

“A Higher Purpose – Benefits to Human Health and Education through Green Roofing” by Elizabeth Hart.

“Beyond Extensive and Intensive: Defining the Comprehensive Green Roof” by Molly Meyer.

“Biosolar Roofs” by Nathalie Baumann and Dusty Gedge.

“From Passive House to the Cold North—How Vegetative Envelope Components Impact Buildings” Panel with Dr. Bob Cameron, Dr. Allen Lee, Dr. Karen Liu, and Chris Wark.

“Greening Rooftops in Alberta: People, Place + Projects” by Kerry Ross.

Video & Project of the Week for October 6, 2014: One Central Park

October 8, 2014 at 10:00 am Project of the Week: 10/06/14


One Central Park
Sydney, Australia
12,917 sf. Greenroof & Greenwalls


Project Description & Details

Designed by Jean Nouvel with collaborating architect PTW, Sydney’s new urban renewal and development project is Central Park in the Central Business District, spanning 5.8 hectares. Previously located on an industrial site, the mixed use development encompasses retail, commercial, residential, and community spaces including the huge public park in its center. Social and environmental initiatives underpin One Central Park‘s unique design with parkland where there previously was none; now approximately 64,000 square meters of landscaped areas, including the spectacular vertical gardens designed by Patrick Blanc, have become a significant contribution to the area and a worthy ‘new southern gateway’ to Sydney’s CBD.

The innovative two towers feature ground-breaking architectural elements including the 42-meter cantilevered Sky Garden / Heliostat with 320 glittering reflectors below the 100 meter high greenroof, plus the highest greenwalls currently in the world at 150 meters high. The vertical gardens use Patrick Blanc’s hydroponic Le Mur Vegetal system, interspersed in 23 various sized panels across the facades of the two towers, spanning over 1000 square meters. Also, Jakob Rope Systems trellising from planter boxes were placed all around the building, encompassing about 7 kilometers for climbers and trailing plants. Plants chosen needed to be able to withstand great drying winds and strong sun on top to more shade on the lower areas close to the street. 350 different species of plants were used in the green walls alone, including 250 native Australian species.

Year: 2013
Owner: Frasers Property & Sekuisi House
Location: Sydney, Australia
Building Type: Multi-Use
Type: Living Walls, Green Facades & Greenroof
System: Custom
Size: 12,917 sq.ft.
Slope: 100% and 2%
Access: Accessible, Open to Public


Designers/Manufacturers of Record:

Architect: Ateliers Jean Nouvel
Design Architect: Ateliers Jean Nouvel
Architect of Record: PTW Architects
Greenwall Designer: Patrick Blanc
Greenwall System: Le Mur Vegetal (Vertical Garden)
Wire Trellis System: Jakob Rope Systems
Jakob Rope Systems Supplier/Design & Installation: Tensile Design & Construct
Light Artist: Yann Kersale
Construction: Watpac
Photography/Images: Patrick Blanc, Jean Nouvel & via Frasers Property & Sekuisi House: Murray Fredericks, Simon Wood


Project of the Week Video Feature

Watch the One Central Park Project of the Week Video below or see it on our greenroofs.TV on YouTube:

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