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October 6, 2011 at 10:05 am

Our vision of producing and sharing the virtual experience to our industry with our inaugural Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2011 was successful, and we couldn’t have done it without the great support of many people, in particular our main patron, Rare Earth Sponsor  TREMCO, along with Emerald Sponsor American Hydrotech.

Thanks again also to our Exhibitors  Grant Associates,  Green Living Technologies,  Green Roof Blocks,  GreenGrid Roofs,  Green Roof Plants,  ILD,  J-DRain, and  Roofmeadow – although the lifeblood of any conference is its speakers, the sponsors and exhibitors make it happen – none of this would have been possible without their financial support!

We are so proud to have put together the most amazing community of talented international speakers that you could have asked for – all leaders in their fields.  See the Speakers page and read all about them and their presentations.

Speaking of our Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Speakers, I’d like to stress that although the 2 live days have passed, the end of the Virtual Summit is on October 28 – if you missed out on September 27 & 28, you can still register until October 28!

You can’t beat the price of only $49 – or $25 for students/faculty/government professionals to access all 32 of our great panel sessions, interviews, presentations, and live Q & A commentary plus see the latest from manufacturer/supplier and organization/government exhibitors.

Visit all of our truly unique and innovative areas  within the virtual environment: the Rare Earth and On Demand Auditoriums, the Tremco Meeting Room, the Sky Terrace Networking Lounge, the Media Lounge, and the International, North American & Associates Pavilions at the Expo – did you know you can still chat with your fellow online attendees either in a public or private via video, audio, or text while logged in?

We’re putting together an awesome Highlights Video of our wonderful participants to give you a taste of what you are missing – look for it soon!  We hope to see you still in Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2011!  Register  here.

Love the Earth, Plant a Roof!

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Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2011: See More of Our Awesome Speakers!

September 15, 2011 at 9:39 pm

Our Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2011 is less than two weeks away!

Last week I told you about our seven fantastic panel sessions who you’ll be watching followed by a live Question and Answer session, including:  “Biodiversity and Green Roofs,” Greenroofs & Walls for Educational & Social Equity in the Bronx,” “The Portland Ecoroof Program: A Cross-section of the Green Roof Movement in Portland, Oregon,” “Vertical Agriculture: A Global Movement Starts Locally, from Walls & Roofs to Table,” “Wind. Water. Heat. Grow. Greenroofs.,” “Greenroofs: Wind & Fire,” and “Green Roofs Without the Hype.”

In addition to our four awesome Keynote Speakers whom we’ve already profiled –  Andrew Grant,  Charlie Miller,  Ed Snodgrass and  Ralph Velasquez – and other luminaries previously highlighted, here are more brilliant speakers you will enjoy hearing:

Roland Appl, Germany:  The Technical Director of ZinCo and President of the International Green Roof Association (IGRA) will present “Combining Green Roofs with Photovoltaics.”


Jörg Breuning, USA and Germany:  The principal of Green Roof Technology (Previously Green Roof Service) and co-founder of Green Roof Safari will present “Green Roof Technology Sails Around the World.”


Ignacio Espoz, Chile:  The founder of LatinGreen, Director of the World Green Roof infrastructure Network (WGIN), and Director of the Chilean Association of Green Infrastructure will present “Green Infrastructure in Chile and Innovative Living Walls for Environmental Restoration in Mining of the Atacama Desert.”

Tanya Müller Garcia, Mexico:  The founder of AMENA – Asociación Mexicana para la Naturación de Azoteas – (National Mexican Greenroof Association), Vice-President of WGIN, and Director of Urban Reforestation and Bikeways for the City of Mexico will present “Development of Greenroofs and Walls in Mexico and Latin America.”

Richard Hayden,  RLA, ASLA, CLARB,  USA:  The landscape architect and Garden Roof Department Manager at American Hydrotech, Inc. will present “Sloped and Complex Green Roofs.”


Haven Kiers, LEED AP, GRP, USA:  The founding partner of GreenSwell Design and Planning, trainer with Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, and contributing editor on will co-present the “2011 Top 10 List of Hot Trends in Greenroof & Greenwall Design” with Linda Velazquez.

Terry McGlade, Canada:  The horticulturalist, landscape designer, and  founder and President of Gardens in the Sky will present “Constructing Gardens in the Sky.”


Chris Wark,  MSME, LEED AP,  USA:    The engineer, Senior Energy Analyst for Viridian Energy & Environmental, and contributing editor on  will present “E = MC2 of Green Roofs: Ranking Energy Benefits by Mission, Climate and Construction.”

Imagine a world of green:
What are we doing to create organic architecture?

Next week I’ll highlight the rest of our stellar cast of greenroof and greenwall professionals and enthusiasts!

See the GGW Virtual Summit  Speakers page and  Agenda to learn all about each presenter and their presentations or the panel sessions.

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And, you’ll be  automatically  entered for the chance at winning our second Apple iPad2 drawing, announced on September 30, 2011.

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We hope you join us for this very interactive virtual experience – think film festival meets 2-day  webinar  and online expo extravaganza!

Brought to you by, we’d like to thank to our Virtual Summit Sponsors  TREMCO (Rare Earth) and  American Hydrotech (Emerald) and our Exhibitors, Associates, and Media Partners – make sure to visit them at the  Expo Pavilions.

See you  online  on September 27 & 28, 2011!

~ Linda V.

GPW: Haworth Corporate Headquarters

September 10, 2011 at 10:13 pm Project of the Week: 9/5/11
Haworth Corporate Headquarters
Holland, MI, USA
45,000 sf. Greenroof

Year: 2007
Owner: Haworth, Inc.
Location: Holland, MI, USA
Building Type: Corporate
Type: Extensive
System: Single Source Provider
Size: 45,000 sq.ft.
Slope: 30%:
Access: Inaccessible, Private

Project Description & Details

The new Haworth Corporate Headquarters, also known as One Haworth Center, in Holland, Michigan is a 300,000 sf living testament to adaptable, user-focused, sustainable design.  It has a sun-filled day-lighted atrium with flowering sedum plantings on the 45,000 sf modular greenroof, and – along with over 750 workstations with access to daylight and naturalistic views, among other credits – it has been certified LEED-NC Gold.  In line with their corporate sustainability objectives Haworth says, “The fully renovated environment will function as a living laboratory of innovative organic workspace solutions.”

Its west end slopes down six stories to grade while also narrowing in width from 60 feet at the top to 24 feet at the bottom, so when the manufacturer of its aluminum edging expressed concern about hydraulic pressure during severe storms, horticulturist and system designer Dave MacKenzie of LiveRoof shared the concern with the design team, which prompted an engineering review.  In a collaborative effort, modules were modified for increased subdrainage and three elevated steel barriers were installed to help regulate flow.  Larger drain holes also were drilled into the edging at the base. As a result, the One Haworth Center was planted with a Hortech / LiveRoof Modular Green Roof System consisting of a Standard 4″ System with recycled interlocking modular units.  The highly reflective greenroof accounts for the following LEED Contributions in SS (Sustainable Sites) and MR Material Resources): Heat Island Effect-Roof; Recycled Content; and Regional Materials.  Although the greenroof is inaccessible, it is very visible and the HQ is open for tours.

Designers/Manufacturers of Record

Architect: Perkins + Will
Landscape Architect: Peter Lindsay Schaudt Landscape Architecture, Inc.
Modular Greenroof System: LiveRoof LLC
Grower: Hortech /  LiveRoof LLC
Installation: Katerberg Verhage Landscaping
Waterproofing: 60mil EPDM, Firestone Building Products
Slip Sheet: 45mil EPDM, Firestone Building Products

Additional Info

The Haworth Corporate Headquarters is a  global company operating in over 120 countries worldwide and is still family-owned.  It rebuilt its new headquarters  adjacent to its existing million-square-foot plant because Dick Haworth,  the company’s chairman,  liked the potential for “reality checks.”  His desire was to partner with customer needs and utilize the company’s knowledge and research to help make work spaces healthier and more productive.

Regarding the renovation strategy, in 2008  Dick Haworth said via  Walk the Talk, in Metropolis Magazine that  “It was central that we set a whole new standard, take what we’ve learned in our research, and practice what we preach.”  Here’s a graphic below of what they hoped the finished building could emulate – excellent job!

Located about a half-hour drive from Grand Rapids, Michigan,  the previous corporate center was less than appealing.    Metropolis continues and says:

“…the scary concrete ­bunker where workers had holed up since the early 1980s was replaced by an airy three-story sweep of glass and steel that slices across its 320-acre site of grasslands and marshes like a sleek airline ­terminal.  A soaring new atrium runs the facade’s entire 1,000-foot length, glistening in polished white terrazzo floors and punctuated by olive trees, splashes of red, and aerial stairways, all spanning panoramic views to the outside.”

It had so little natural light – see above – that the employees used to joke that the place could double as a mushroom farm!  The aerial photo below shows its new design is a far cry from its former self:

Since the new headquarters doubles as a showroom, Perkins + Will branded the space with Haworth products and its signature red and white:

Covering the new light-flooded, three-level north-facing atrium, project principals say that the Gold LEED-NC building’s 45,000 sf vegetated roof has been instrumental in achieving corporate sustainability goals.

The LiveRoof ® Standard 4″ modules were chosen because LiveRoof ® came fully vegetated at installation, and its patent-pending soil elevation technology allowed sharing of water, nutrients and beneficial organisms across the entire rooftop for Natural Function & Natural Beauty.  It also minimizes hot, wet, and dry zones, and avoids compartmentalizing the growing medium into an unnatural container as is the case with some other modular systems.

Haworth was able to recycle plastic scrap from their local plant into the LiveRoof modular units used on the roof, thereby helping to close the waste loop.

Although  Perkins + Will designed  the new Haworth Corporate Headquarters 20% larger than the old structure, the plan was for it not to consume any more energy. And  One Haworth Center has received much attention for its many sustainability efforts.  Last year, Eva Maddox of the Huffington Post, founder of Branded Environments, and design principal with  Perkins + Will understandably selected it as one of the Top 10 Green Roofs Across the Globe:

“I was fortunate enough to lead our firm’s Branded Environments team, in collaboration with our architectural practice, on one of our largest projects with long-term client Haworth.  The company’s Holland, Michigan headquarters and manufacturing facility achieved LEED Gold certification for a total renovation that featured a spectacular, sloping green roof.  This aspect not only aligned with the company’s sustainability platform, it made (and continues to make) a lasting impression on visitors and employees alike. ” ~ Eva Maddox, Huffington Post

Since we know the greenroof is  inaccessible  except  for maintenance, below is a photo from Haworth, Inc. which was clearly designed as a photo-op for their sleek chair line:

In 2009, Time Magazine recognized Haworth in its “Green Design 100,” Time’s round up of the best in sustainable design in the Architecture category:

“Call it responsibility or accountability.  Or simple popular demand.  The rarefied world of design is embracing the environment as never before. Top architects are implementing revolutionary methods. Fashion and furniture mainstays are manufacturing products using sustainable materials.” ~ Time Magazine

In 2008, BusinessWeek/Architectural Record recognized Haworth with its “Good Design is Good Business” Award.  The contest honors buildings that adhere to the sponsors’ semi-official tagline: “Good design is good business” and called  the final product of  Haworth’s new headquarters building “striking.”  When Chief Executive and President Franco Bianchi decided to replace Haworth’s headquarters he not only wanted to attract more potential customers from across the world to visit, he also:

“…wanted the space to act as an on-the-spot demonstration of the office systems he and his team sell, including equipment for every aspect of office life, from cafeteria to conference room.  The result includes a swooping glass-walled atrium that runs along one side of the building, flooding the three floors of offices with natural light.  Furnishings are entirely from Haworth, turning the site into a massive showroom.  The $40 million investment is paying off. ” ~ Bloomberg Businessweek

See an informative, short 3-minute video about the Haworth Corporate Headquarters modular greenroof by LiveRoof  here:

Take a virtual tour here, and to schedule a visit to the One Haworth Center, contact the showroom at: 616.393.3000.

Referring to the gorgeous, cooling greenroof, Haworth says:

“Its living proof we’re making sustainability a top priority.” ~ Haworth, Inc.

Did we miss something? We’d love to hear from you!  Click here to see more information about this project in The International Greenroof & Greenwall Projects Database. See how you can submit yours here.

Love the Earth, Plant a Roof!

~ Linda V.

Last Day for Early Bird Registration at the GGW Virtual Summit!

September 9, 2011 at 1:21 pm

Just a quick post to remind you to pre-register for the Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2011 by midnight tonight EDT to qualify for the half-off price of only $49 ($25 for students/faculty and government professionals).

PEOPLE: Creative thinkers, innovators, and trailblazers sharing project-focused organic “vegitecture”

PROJECTS: International icons of sustainability:  early successes + current & visionary profiles of excellence in design

DESIGN: Proven standards of diverse green technologies + dynamic and cutting edge designs for greening the planet with building integrated greenery:  bioclimatic, biodiversity, biomimicry & chic sustainability

This gives you full access to all the presentations, panel sessions, Expo Pavilion booths, Sponsor Meeting Rooms, Networking Lounge, Media Lounge and all your Social Collaboration Network (SCN) online video, audio, and text chatting on both September 27 and 28  and 30 days archived on demand through October 28!

As I’ve said before, we’re really  giving away  two  iPad2’s to registrants and attendees.    But increase your chances by pre-registering now and to become eligible for the first drawing, announced tomorrow, September 9, 2011 at noon.

One random winner will be chosen from the Early Bird Registrations and one from attendees who have been the most active using the  (SCN) during the  Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2011 on September 27 & 28.  This  includes all your online chatting and visiting our very important sponsor and exhibitor booths at the  Expo Pavilions!  Swipe your Virtual Badge at each exhibitor booth you visit to increase your chances.   See the official Rules & Regulations  here.

Watch our quick Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2011 Trailer below for highlights of Speakers, the  Agenda and more:


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See you online on September 27 & 28!

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