CITYGREEN – Stepping Up with Green

August 5, 2013 at 1:24 pm

The latest issue of CITYGREEN on green roofs and walls has just been released.  Now in its seventh issue, the award-winning publication CITYGREEN is published by Singapore’s Centre for Urban Greenery & Ecology (CUGE).


CITYGREEN is a biannual publication and winner of the APEX 2012 Awards for Publication Excellence as well as MPAS Awards 2012 Finalist, and covers topics on greening and ecology of the urban environment.

Through its cover story, research reports and other feature articles, the magazine updates its readers on a diversity of topics along the theme “Stepping Up with Green,” bringing forth the emerging trends in the field of skyrise greening across the world.

Unraveling New Possibilities In Advancement of Skyrise Greenery

In this issue, CITYGREEN unravels the new possibilities in the advancement of skyrise greenery. It rounds up a number of impressive project features.  Featured Writers for CITYGREEN issue 7 include Cornelia Oberlander, Marc Ottelé, Wong Mun Summ, Maureen Connelly and Paul Erlichman.

Locally within Singapore, the PARKROYAL on Pickering hotel and Jardin condominium go beyond extensive integration with the façade, to bring greenery into close interaction with users.

Internationally, the VanDusen Botanical Garden Visitor Centre demonstrates remarkable design of green roof deeply integrated with the building’s water conservation and treatment strategy, and innovative designs of commendable winners of the international Green Roof and Wall Awards of Excellence as well as Hong Kong’s Skyrise Greenery Awards in 2012.

Stepping Up with Green also shares the positive financial forecasts for the global green roof and green wall market. In Aditya Ranade’s report of the economic study, Lux Research forecasts a USD 680 million market by 2017 for green walls, suggesting a sure role for such landscape treatments in the future of cities.  By the way, Aditya Ranade was one of our keynotes at our Greenroofs & Walls of the World(TM) Virtual Summit 2013 – if you didn’t attend, you sure missed one exciting video!

In line with the growing market, more rigorous standards and testing of various green materials will prove essential. Marc Ottelé shares the findings of a life-cycle assessment conducted with collaborators to understand the cradle-to-grave environmental impacts of five different types of vertical greenery systems.


Latest Research Reports

Read these interesting articles and more in the latest issue of CITYGREEN – preview it here.  Available at leading bookstores for only SGD 15.00 you can purchase it online.  For more information, please visit CUGE’s online store.

I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m sure the articles are great!  I can’t wait to get my copy.


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Greenroof Project of the Week for May 20, 2013: St. Luke’s Magic Valley Hospital

June 23, 2013 at 6:33 pm

St. Luke’s Magic Valley Hospital
Twin Falls, ID, USA

13,243 sf. Greenroof

St. Lukes Magic Valley; Photo Courtesy of South Landscape Architecture

Project Description & Details

St. Luke’s Magic Valley’s new state-of-the-art medical center opened its doors in 2011 to meet the healthcare needs of the rapidly growing region. Built for the 21st Century, it incorporated features designed to promote maximum patient comfort and quality patient care. The St. Luke’s design team goals were to provide a state-of-the-art “green” facility.

Putting a public face on a hospital’s green initiative has helped to spread awareness of environmental issues. In the case of Magic Valley, the public face came in the form of the hospital’s rooftop gardens. Designed by South Landscape Architecture, the gardens serve to remind the public of the importance of plant life and give patients a beautiful view from their hospital rooms. Tournesol Siteworks’ GRT3 Modular Green Roof Trays were planted with a variety of native sedums filled with a local planting soil mix.

Year: 2012
Owner: St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center
Location: Twin Falls, ID, USA
Building Type: Healthcare
Type: Extensive, Test/Research
System: Custom
Size: 13,243 sq.ft.
Slope: 1%
Access: Accessible, Open to Public

St. Lukes Magic Valley; Photo Courtesy of South Landscape Architecture

Designers/Manufacturers of Record:

Modular Greenroof System Manufacturer: Green Roof Outfitters
GRT3 Modular Green Roof Trays Provider:
Tournesol Siteworks
Project Manager: John Roters, ASLA, South Landscape Architecture
Landscape Architect: Tom South, ASLA, South Landscape Architecture
Irrigation: Hunter

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Greenwall Project of the Week for April 22, 2013: Scala Shopping

April 24, 2013 at 10:29 pm  Project of the Week: 4/22/13

Scala Shopping
Quito, Ecuador

10,764 sf. Greenwalls

Scala Shopping; Photo Courtesy of Paisajismo Urbano ©

Project Description & Details

Located on approximately 4 hectares encompassing 160 commercial establishments and providing 2,000+ parking spaces, Scala Shopping is a new three-story upscale retail center in Quito, Ecuador. The city and developer sought a modern shopping destination where it was possible to have fun in a safe and secure setting, and generate employment and sound economic development.

A series of 9 hydroponic living walls totaling 1,000 m2 was installed from the Spanish firm Paisajismo Urbano. The developers felt that adding vertical gardens would promote the union of man and nature, inviting clients to take care of nature and help mitigate the shopping mall’s considerable carbon footprint. Approximately 30,000 plants of 90 different species were used – 60 of them native to the area. It is estimated that per year the vegetation on the facades of Scala Shopping will produce oxygen for 1,000 people and that all together the vertical ecosystems can capture about 300 tons of harmful greenhouse gases.

Year: 2012
Owner: Grupo Promotor Inmodiamante S.A.
Location: Quito, Ecuador
Building Type: Commercial
Type: Living Wall
System: Single Source Provider
Size: 10,764 sq. ft.
Slope: 100%
Access: Accessible, Open to Public

Scala Shopping; Photo Courtesy of Paisajismo Urbano ©

Designers/Manufacturers of Record:

Botanist & Designer: Ignacio Solano, Paisajismo Urbano
Living Wall System: Paisajismo Urbano ©
Paisajismo Urbano © Supplier/Distributor: Greenstar
Installation: Paisajismo Urbano and Greenstar
Maintenance: Greenstar

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See the Virtual Summit 2013 Highlight Reel & Special Offer

March 25, 2013 at 12:56 pm

As you surely know by now, our Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2013, presented in association with WGIN, has been extended through April 13 – we’ve prepared a Highlight Reel so you can see some of what you’re missing:

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  • State-of-the Market & Potential: According to Lux Research, the global market size for greenroofs and walls has burgeoned into a projected $7.7 billion market in 2017.  What are the drivers leading our industry?   What are our challenges?   Hear from the author of this report and other influencers.
  • Sustainability Strategies: Business leaders, ecology in our cities, and the new urban agriculture paradigm shifts must all optimize resources including people, places, and design.   Examine the successes and challenges from folks across the U.S., Toronto, Vancouver, B.C., Singapore, Hamburg, Mexico City, London, Malmö, Copenhagen, Spain, Australia, and China as we learn together about our potential on a global scale.
  • Integrating Nature into Our Built Environment: Are mankind’s feelings about nature innate?   Organic architecture is on the rise and high-performance, building integrated greenery technologies relate to our inner sense of biophilia.  How can greenroofs and walls be used as phytoremediation?  What native plants can we use on coastal systems?  What are some of the different living wall systems and maintenance issues?   How has vegetation evolved over a 20-year time period?
  • Case Studies of Successful Projects: Learn from designers of the Marina Bay SkyPark in Singapore, the Royal York Condominium in NYC, The Ledge in Boston, the Chicago Botanic Garden, Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market, Lufa Farms in Montreal, One Central Park and the sophisticated urban playground “ivy” in Sydney, Uncommon Ground in Chicago, Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm, the Food Factory in Rochester, Castle Medical Center in Oahu, the NYC Parks & Rec Department’s 5-Boro greenroof on Randall Island with 30 types of systems including solar, plus more about what cities are doing from around the world.

The VS 2013 has brought together some of the best and brightest in our international community of design professionals and thought leaders.   For less than the standard price of a 1-hour webinar, you can watch 20 hours of video presentations!


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