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September 11, 2011 at 1:24 pm

Each week you can expect to learn What’s New here on through our “This Week in Review” video.  Here’s the transcript from September 9th, 2011 from our daughter, Anjuli – click on the photo below to see the video, or here.  Enjoy!

– Hello, I’m Anjuli Velazquez and welcome to This Week in Review for this week, September 9th, 2011 on GreenroofsTV.

Project of the Week

–   Our project of the week is the Haworth Corporate Headquarters built in 2007 in Holland, Michigan.  The 300,000 square foot sedum greenroof at One Haworth Center is a “living laboratory of innovative organic workspace solutions.”  The headquarters is also LEED-NC gold certified and has modified modules for increased sub-drainage and three elevated steel barriers to help regulate flow for its sloped roofs.  Along with 5,000 square feet of reflective white pavers, this roof was waterproofed with Firestone ISO 95+ and ballasted EPDM and planted with Hortech/LiveRoof recycled interlocking modular units, the LiveRoof Modular Green Roof System.  The roof has performed well during at least two 100-year storms since its installation.

To learn more about the Haworth Corporate Headquarters, click on our project of the week photo on our homepage.

What’s New“

–  Industry News

–   Watch our exciting trailer for the Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2011!  It’s quick and fun – under 3 minutes – and wets your appetite for what and who you’ll see at our virtual conference and expo that is like no other! It’s playing on our homepage, on our Virtual Summit page and on our YouTube channel, so check it out!

–   Also, today’s the last day to Pre-Register for this groundbreaking event.  Make sure to do go online and pre-register for our Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2011 by midnight so you can be eligible to win an Apple iPad2! Click on the banner on our homepage or just go to for everything about our event and to pre-register to see and interact with our amazing speakers!

–   Over at Sky Gardens, check out Linda’s latest posts: “GGWVS 2011: Don’t Miss 7 Expert Panels!“, “’s “˜This Week in Review’ on GreenroofsTV: August 26 & September 2, 2011“ and our GPW.

– “Upcoming Events“

–   September 12th: is the Application Deadline for applying for a Greening Western Queens Fund Grant.

–   September 13th-16th: is CONSTRUCT2011 and the CSI Annual Convention, in Chicago, Illinois.

–   September 14th-16th: is the 21st Century Building Expo & Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.

–   And September 27th & 28th: is our Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2011 – Connecting the Planet + Living Architecture: People, Projects & Design.

–  Check out our homepage for more Upcoming Events!

– “In the News“

–   Yi Chen, of, talks about “Rooftop Gardening Workshops At Your Local Grocery Store.” The Big Carrot, a grocery store in Toronto, Canada, that specializes in organic, GMO-free and environmentally safe products has transformed its rooftop. They’ve made a gardening workshop on their roof to teach urban dwellers how to winter-proof their urban gardens and about the benefits of using non-toxic household products. If you live in the Toronto, join them and along with the how to’s of urban gardening in winter climates, they’ll also teach you about vertical gardening and growing tomatoes in concrete parking lots.

–   Michael Bamesberger of the Omaha World-Herald says “Energy savings start at the top.” In June, the Whittier Research Center at the University Nebraska-Lincoln was renovated and became even greener than it already was by being the first building on the campus with a greenroof. The 700 square feet sedum roof allows researchers and landscapers to see first hand how to maintain a greenroof and test out all its benefits like stormwater retention, added insulation and preservation of the roof membrane. More buildings with greenroofs are popping up in Omaha, and people are realizing the energy savings greenroofs provide. Emily Casper of UNL Landscape Service, who planted the roof, said that “the U.S. … is moving towards more sustainable green building practices, and green roofs are a natural part of that movement.”

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– This has been This Week in Review for September 9th,  2011 on GreenroofsTV.  I’m Anjuli Velazquez and I’ll see you next week!

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