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Saving taxpayers some green?
Bay View Compass, by Michael Timm
Milwaukee, WI.
"According to the Metropolitan Milwaukee Sewerage District’s calculator, the museum’s new 4,100-square-foot green roof is estimated to recharge 52,900 gallons of stormwater per year, with a per-storm capacity of 12,300 gallons. MMSD provided a $119,000 grant for the project to install modular biodegradable trays made of coconut husks and planted with sedum, which can survive harsh environments and is often used on green roofs..." [12.30.11]

A clean canvas; The future of Onondaga Lake's shoreline will be determined by the Syracuse community
Eagle Observer, by Amanda Wada
Syracuse, NY.
"...Meanwhile, Onondaga County and the city of Syracuse continue to work together to implement creative, green infrastructure programs...Projects range from parking lots that are done with porous pavement and plantings to the new green roof on the Oncenter, which is one of the biggest green roofs now in the northeast, said County Executive Joanie Mahoney. It has already been installed, and it will capture a million gallons of rainwater, annually..." [12.28.11]

New Portland Walmart to sport ecoroof
Sustainable Business Oregon, by Christina Williams
Portland, OR.
"Walmart announced Tuesday that its new store in the Hayden Meadows Retail Center in North Portland will feature a 40,600-square-foot ecoroof. Walmart will work with Portland-based Columbia Green and its resale partner Firestone Building Products on the design and implementation of the ecoroof. Columbia Green announced in January that it would lead development of a Walmart ecoroof in British Columbia. CEO Vanessa Keitges confirmed that they were also the contractor for the Hayden Meadows roof..." [12.27.11]

UBC researchers try to improve the green footprints of green roofs
Vancouver Sun, by Gordon Hoekstra
Vancouver, Canada.
“Researchers at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus are trying to green up an already green idea. Professor Kasun Hewage and master’s student Fabricio Bianchini, both engineers, are investigating whether they can improve the environmental footprint of green roofs...Green roofs have been used for decades in Europe, and have more recently caught on in North America. There are examples of green roofs in downtown Vancouver, including at the Vancouver Public Library and the Vancouver Convention Centre..." [12.27.11]

Beirut Wonder Forest
Now Lebanon, by Richard Kent
Beirut, Lebanon.
"...Melhi, an architect at the Studio Invisible company, came up with the idea of the Beirut Wonder Forest project, which aims to turn Beirut’s rooftops to public gardens for the buildings’ inhabitants. The project would create a space for small-scale agricultural production, while reducing Beirut’s poisonous carbon emissions and generating more oxygen. But Melhi was quick to affirm that the project is not a new idea. Great architects, such as Dominique Perrault, have experimented with the idea of rooftop gardens before..." [12.27.11]

Green Roof’ gets Doane Stuart $1.2M grant
The Record, by James Breig
Rensselaer, NY.
"...In her first foray into that field, she obtained a grant of $1,298,000 from the State of New York to convert the school's expansive roof into a Green Roof, a system that will be environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and educationally beneficial. Greening of roofs has become an innovative way to save energy and improve drainage, and many businesses, educational institutions and private homes have begun using the environmental breakthrough..." [12.26.11]

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Ph.D. student quantifies benefits of green roofs‎
Chicago Sun-Times, by Melissa Eddy
Chicago, IL.
"For Najwa Obeid, there's money in green roofs. A 30-year-old Ph.D. candidate at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Obeid has been working to quantify the financial, environmental and social benefits of green roofs in Chicago by applying economic theory to her findings. By putting hard, measurable and comparable numbers behind the benefits of such roofs, Obeid hopes green technology will become more than just an ecological thing to do but also an economic one because of the potential savings generated..." [12.23.11]

Frank Lloyd Wright: An Eco Visionary Before Green Became The Rage
Co.Design, by Suzanne Labarre
"...One imagines that Frank Lloyd Wright, America’s most famous architect, would’ve laughed mightily at the suggestion that he is linked to the environmentally minded architects who litter the profession nowadays. They’re just so earnest the way they like to talk about their green roofs and their fancy solar panels and their taste for group work and collaboration. Whereas FLW liked to... well, he liked to do other things..." [12.23.11]

More green terraces in Beijing soon‎, by Zheng Xin
Beijing, China.
"The Beijing government is encouraging greening of the city's rooftops. The idea is to reduce air pollution and improve urban ecology. According to the Beijing municipal bureau of landscape and forestry, the city will build terrace gardens atop public buildings below 12 stories. However, the subsidy amount remains undecided, although it won't be lower than 10 million yuan ($1.6 million) a year, according to Tan Tianying, president of the Beijing Roof Afforestation Association...The green roofs can better serve a building as well as benefit the residents, said a publicity official with the landscape and forestry bureau..." [12.21.11]

'Green' roof planned for Catalyst One project, by Algis J. Laukaitis
Lincoln, NE.
"Apartment tenants on the seventh floor of the new 10-story Catalyst One building could have something other downtown residents covet: native plants growing outside their doors. The Urban Development Department is working on a plan to build an 11,500-square-foot green roof on part of the mixed-use building...The department is working with Richard Sutton, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor of agronomy, horticulture and landscape architecture...other green roofs in Lincoln..." [12.20.11]

Dubai's newest park nurtures green ethos, by Staff
Dubai, UAE.
"...We considered the climate change and global environmental situations, aiming for the reduction of environmental pollution, gas emissions and savings in energy consumption. The municipality applied highest international standards for buildings and green cities, to preserve our natural resources and environment. The green roofs save 25 per cent of the power. Therefore, the idea of green roofs and heat insulation plants has been implemented in most of our projects, residential parks, and squares..." [12.20.11]

Green Thumb: An ardent gardener turns an unused rooftop into a lush garden
New Straits Times, by Ling Poh Lean, Petaling Jaya
"...With assistance from botanist and researcher Dr Francis Ng, Teo began planting and experimenting with plants that would flower throughout the year on the unused space on the rooftop of the mall...During the trial period, he said, Ng discovered that charcoal-based soil was good for rooftop gardening because it was lighter than the soil used in planting. Teo said the rooftop garden used technologies such as chilled water irrigation sourced from the mall's air-conditioning system to grow temperate plants as well as a rainwater harvesting system to recycle rainwater for general irrigation..." [12.19.11]

Construction of Israel's First LEED Platinum EcoBuilding by Geotectura Begins
Green Prophet, by Tafline Laylin
"...From brownfield rehabilitation to the most advanced energy and water saving techniques, the PSES EcoBuilding’s groundbreaking design is bound to inspire a whole new era of sustainable development...State of the art water saving techniques have been incorporated into this project. Not only will the building act as a “cup” for rainwater, but gray and black water will be separated so that the gray water can be recycled, and the building’s green roof will ensure the right kind of drainage..." [12.17.11]

Partners seek clarity over urban green infrastructure body's remit and funding
Horticulture Week, by Jez Abbott
"Plans for the Green Infrastructure Partnership took shape last week, but green-space professionals said they remain confused about its role and funding. The partnership - a keystone of the natural environment white paper - aims to help communities in urban areas create rooftop swards, community gardens and living walls. It draws together groups such as GreenSpace, Natural England, the Greater London Authority (GLA), Capel Manor College, the Landscape Institute, the Construction Industry Research & Information Association and food organisation Sustain..." [12.16.11]

City Council building to get green roof, public art accessible via web cam, by Beverly A. Carroll
Chattanooga, TN.
"Councilwoman Deborah Scott made a motion Tuesday to move forward with hiring a architect to engineer a green roof for the City Council building...The plan is for this roof to be different from other green roofs, said Leslie Jakobs, urban landscapes coordinator for the city's Office of Sustainability. She said plans are to put art that will be accessible via webcams installed on the roof. We're looking to put up a green roof system that would be about four inches thick and would absorb most of the rainfall that Chattanooga receives..." [12.15.11]

Hanging out with a green-fingered guru
Independent Online, by Vivian Attwood
South Africa.
"...The result is the construction of a living “beehive” in the shape of a traditional Zulu hut with a 9m dome and a vertical garden. It is already attracting crowds at the Botanical Gardens...The concept of vertical gardening is still fresh in South Africa, but the growing consciousness that climate change is inevitable and that man will have to adapt his environment to counter the effects of global warming, has spurred the demand for gardens that are integrated with architectural structures to provide natural temperature control..." [12.13.11]

Evergreen homes: Green Roof House
Mother Nature Network, by Matt Hickman
Seattle, WA.
"When building up to accommodate a growing family, the owners of the Green Roof House not only added a second floor to their Seattle bungalow but neighbor-pleasing elements like a green roof and living wall...The Green Roof House, completed earlier this year to much acclaim and showcased as part of the 2011 Seattle Green Home Tour, includes numerous green bells and whistles like a solar PV system, a living wall, a rainwater catchment system, and, of course, the titular green roof..." [12.12.11]

Green Roofs and a 300 Year Old Business: An interview with Ed Snodgrass, by Robin L. Eschler
"Emory Knolls Farm has succeeded as a family-owned business for over 300 years. Six generations have farmed the 150 acres in northern Maryland seeing it through stages of traditional farming, raising corn, cattle, llamas, and even Christmas trees. Ed Snodgrass, the current owner, international horticulturalist, author and avid conservationist, moved operations into raising green roof plants over the past 2 decades when all family farms have faced difficult times..." [12.12.11]

Merits of LEED appear inexact‎
The Tennessean, by Josh Adams
Franklin, TN.
"The $36 million police headquarters in Franklin has insurance policies to protect its geothermal heating and cooling system, its expansive green roof and its rainwater collection system...Franklin also has an insurance policy on the plaque that declares the police station a certified marvel of energy efficiency. For $163 in additional annual premiums, taxpayers are protected from having to pay the six-figure sum it can easily cost to have a large structure, such as the city’s police station, certified by the Green Building Certification Institute..." [12.12.11]

Michigan Can Be a Leader in Dealing With Climate Change‎
OpEdNews, by Olga Bonfiglio
"The opportunity to pull Michigan out of its economic slump and deal with climate change is right in front of us...The Ford Rouge Plant in Dearborn has a "living roof" where several varieties of sedum (a mossy-looking plant) are trained to grow up the factory's outer walls to keep the factory warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This came about when Ford called in acclaimed "eco" architect Bill McDonough in 2004 to help with the redesign of their Rouge plant in Dearborn where the F150 pick-up truck is made. As a result, the factory now has one of the biggest green roofs in the world. Roger Gaudette of Ford Land talks about the idea behind the green roof in this video..." [12.10.11]

Clean Energy Rust Busting Road Trip Part 3: Cincinnati and Columbus‎
Natural Resources Defense Council Blog, by Dylan Sullivan
Cincinnati, OH.
"...While Kroger and Eco Engineering might be some of the more established players in Cincinnati’s clean economy, thanks to a green roofing company, and a vision for Cincinnati’s economy, smaller businesses are combining to emerge as a larger player in the form of the Sustainability Partnership of Cincinnati, or TSPC. Up against the overflow issues that have long plagued Cincinnati’s combined sewer system, TSPC founder Ben Haggerty decided to do something. So he started Green Streets. Conceptualized initially as a rain barrel company, it has since evolved to include green roofing services, pervious pavement, and other storm water mitigating services. In 2010, it completed Cincinnati City Hall’s green roof, and became the cornerstone of TSPC..." [12.9.11]

The Green Revolution: Urban Gardens Transform Traditional Cityscapes
International Business Times, by Katy Dutile
"It's clear there's a growing green transformation in cities throughout the world, with greenery poking out above concrete skyscrapers and apartment balconies. Urban gardens are no longer simply a sign of wealth, they have become a tool in both the fight against global warming and food shortage. As part of the new green trend, many a city rooftop has been renovated into a garden oasis. These gardens aren't there just for looks; rooftops covered with a thin layer of grass or greenery provide insulation to buildings, which in turn lowers heating and cooling costs..." [12.9.11]

Schools Going Green
Wall Street Journal, by Sophia Hollander
New York, NY.
"...The Green Design Lab—a pilot project that started in 10 schools last year and has expanded to 30—brings Solar One teachers into the schools for up to 24 weeks. Through lessons, labs, and projects such as installing green roofs and gardens, Solar One instructors spend one or two classroom periods a week teaching five different units, including energy, air, water, materials and food. The group hopes to expand to 150 schools in the next three years..." [12.9.11]

South Africa: Local research on show at COP17
University World News, by Wanda Hennig
South Africa.
"...Clive Greenstone did his masters on green rooftops through UKZN's school of architecture, planning and housing. For that, he created a temporary green roof at Durban's Howard College campus. Greenstone, now researching for his PhD, provides the green fingers behind Durban's 'green roof pilot project', another initiative showcased by the city during COP17..." [12.9.11]

Vancouver Island University's newest building gets 'green' roof, by Darrell Bellaart
Nanaimo, Canada.
"A layer of topsoil on the roof of the Vancouver Island University's newest building will soon be blanketed with a multi-coloured display of ground-covering foliage. A green roof planned for the aboriginal Gathering Place is finally being installed, two years after construction started on the building...Once finished, the roof will be the focus of a VIU biology study to measure carbon offsets such roofs produce..." [12.9.11]

Chattanooga's City County counting on savings from gardens
Chattanooga Times Free Press, by Pam Sohn
Chattanooga, TN.
"Nathan Foxton levels pea gravel Thursday while working with other employees from Living Roofs of Asheville, N.C., to install a "green roof" on top of the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department. It will be downtown Chattanooga's 10th green roof. And some officials hope it will lead a charge for more green change. We're calling for 100 green roofs in coming years, said David Crockett, director of the city's Office of Sustainability..." [12.9.11]

Landscaper wants more green roofs in Bridgeport
Ct Post, by Vinti Singh
Bridgeport, CT.
"...Anders Lindquist installed a green roof on his parents' home on Midland Street. He hopes to expand his mother's established landscaping firm, Lindquist Landscape Design, to include this new product. The concept is simple: basically it's just vegetation on a roof, he said...Lindquist would like to see more green roofs on more homes in urban areas, especially Bridgeport. A green roof does require more cash upfront, but it lasts longer than a regular one. A green roof also reduces energy costs by absorbing heat in the summer..." [12.8.11]

Legal tips for construction firms pursuing LEED‎
Daily Commercial News, by Peter Kenter
"Sustainable building is transforming the Canadian construction industry. However, new construction techniques and new contract terms may be creating legal risks around liability, insurance and project certification that have not yet been fully explored...A lot of insurance companies are hesitant to give coverage for these types of projects because they don’t know what the risks are, says Stone. For example, what are the risks of green roof building?..." [12.8.11]

Shasta Landscaping constructs green roof
Lawn & Landscape, by Staff
San Marcos, CA.
"Shasta Landscaping completed, Inc. completed a green roof at the Charles David Keeling Apartments at Revelle College of the University of California in San Diego. This green roof is one of only a handful of commercial green roofs in San Diego County...All of the water used for the roof garden is recycled on site and reused for irrigation. Additionally, all residents’ water from laundry, sinks and showers is collected and reused for irrigation, too..." [12.8.11]

Green roof cost grows‎
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, by Steve Orr
Rochester, NY.
"The big, innovative green roof atop the downtown Civic Center parking garage is months behind schedule and needs a sizable green infusion of its own — $1.6 million in extra cash. The roof, which also constitutes the walkable Civic Center Plaza, is now projected to cost $10.3 million...When work is finished, officials say they will have one of the largest water-absorbing green roofs built in New York in recent years, one that annually will keep thousands of gallons of runoff from local sewers — plus a new plaza where grass and plants replace tired gray pavers..." [12.6.11]

University of British Columbia Claims Credit for 'North America’s Greenest Building’
ThomasNet Industrial News Room, by Al Bredenberg
Vancouver, Canada.
"The University of British Columbia (UBC) has just completed a new sustainability center that it is calling “North America’s greenest building.” UBC intends for the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) to serve as a “living laboratory” for environmental innovation...Living systems are incorporated into the building, including the green wall mentioned earlier, a green roof, and a rain garden..." [12.5.11]

3 Things You Can Do To Combat Climate Change‎
Co.Design, by Diana Balmori
"...Any one of us can plant a Freedom Lawn, thereby eliminating chemicals and reducing runoff. Any one of us can start a green roof, making the city cooler, cleaning the air, and stemming runoff. With a few allies, we can go further, reaching out to neighborhoods and entire cities, and constructing ways for nature and humanity to thrive and co-exist in a better, sustainable world..." [12.5.11]

McCarthy Completes Miramar College Parking Structure and LEED Platinum-Designed Police Substation
Parking Network, Press Release
San Diego, CA.
"...Key to its sustainable design is a green roof grid system, which covers the majority of the roof deck. The grid system uses modular panels for ease of installation, roof access and maintenance. A green screen, designed to achieve the look of a vertical garden, covers the west elevation of the parking structure. The vegetation used will contribute to a microclimate that is central to the facility's passive thermal and natural ventilation design..." [12.5.11]

Steven Holl Architects presents new publication: Horizontal Skyscraper‎
Art Daily, by Staff
Shenzhen, China.
"Steven Holl Architects and William Stout Architectural Books are pleased to announce the release of a new book, Horizontal Skyscraper. Richly illustrated with photographs, drawings, and watercolors, the book documents the design and construction of the Horizontal Skyscraper – Vanke Center, which opened in Shenzhen, China in 2009...The project employs some of the most forward-thinking sustainable design strategies. It utilizes greywater recycling, rain water harvesting, green roofs, dynamically controlled operable louvers, and high-performing glass..." [12.5.11]

Architect Balmori eyes sustainable Chinese cities, by Wu Jin
"...Now, with the Chinese translation of her latest publication "A Landscape Manifesto", the landscape designer is turning her attention to China...Balmori is determined to stay true to her ideal of integrating architecture and landscape. The landscape will have a much more prominent role in cities (in future), and not just as parks or private gardens, but rather by making green roofs, green walls, linear parks that snake through the city, integrating river shores and mountains into the cities..." [12.5.11]

Paris to Plant 80,000 Square Yards of Green Roofs and Rooftop Gardens by 2020
Treehugger, by Alex Davies
Paris. France.
"In mid-November, the Paris city council adopted a new Plan de Biodiversité. Among calls for an extension of the electric tramway system and improved management of the two forests that border the city, the plan includes a pledge to create seven more hectares (about 83,000 square yards) of green roofs and rooftop gardens throughout Paris...If the City makes good on its pledge, that will represent a nearly 300% increase in the space of eight years, and another feather in the cap of the capital that has taken a lot of steps to encourage its citizens to go green and walked the walk as well." [12.4.11]

Mayor announces completion of first green roof installation on Indianapolis city property, Press Release
Indianapolis, IN.
"Mayor Greg Ballard today announced the completion of the Union Station green roof project – the first green roof installed on city property in Indianapolis. The green roof project, located on the former train deck spanning Meridian Street, addressed long-standing drainage concerns both on and below the deck, and has been enhanced with a community space available for educational events...The green roof project includes a new deck with a re-graded surface to prevent standing water, a comprehensive trench drainage system and a modular green roof designed to reduce storm water runoff..." [12.1.11]

A Call to Waterlogged Northwesterners
The Daily Score, by Lisa Stiffler
Seattle, WA.
"...It’s time to tame the rain. We can help do this by implementing rules that will change how we build our roads, sidewalks, alleys, parking lots, roadside gardens, and rooftops. Right now, Washington’s Department of Ecology is accepting comments on just such rules for reducing and cleaning up these soggy torrents of dirty runoff...The answer lies with low-impact development, or LID. Ecology’s proposed rules require more extensive use of these building technologies and strategies to preserve native plants and soils..." [11.30.11]

'Green Roof' Industry Shows Off Environmental Solutions In Philadelphia, by Paul Kurtz
Philadelphia, PA.
"A gathering of movers and shakers in the “green roof” and “green wall” industry is taking place this week at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. This year’s theme is “Restoring Urban Waters.” Clayton Rugh, of Xero Flor America in North Carolina, was showing off photos of some of the green roof projects his company has manufactured since it opened ten years ago...Industry experts and vendors will be sharing their ideas through Saturday." [11.30.11]

Living roof concept `great branding'‎
Whangarei Leader, by Denise Piper
Whangarei, New Zealand.
"Whangarei could give itself a point of difference if more buildings had living roofs, according to an international expert. Dusty Gedge, president of the European Federation of Green Roof Associations, says living roofs could be great branding for Northland...Dusty says with Northland already being known internationally because of Hundertwasser – who embraced the living roof concept – they could also be a tourist attraction..." [11.29.11]

Workshop teaches how to stop stormwater at home
Main Line, by Cheryl Allison
Philadelphia, PA.
"...A two-day workshop held recently at Saint Joseph’s University focused, however, on the smaller steps that landowners can take to protect their property, local stream habitats and water quality...The stormwater workshop was the first public outreach activity of SJU’s year-old Institute for Environmental Stewardship, said Mike McCann, associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and a professor of biology..." [11.28.11]

New green roof tops off sustainability effort at St. Joe's
Main Line, by Cheryl Allison
Philadelphia, PA.
"When Saint Joseph’s University replaced the roof on its science center last year with a green roof, it was a first for the school, but part of a growing movement to create more sustainable, energy-efficient buildings and curtail stormwater runoff. But this green roof, or as it might be better described, vegetated roof, is different from others. Sections of the roof have been installed using different materials and plants, and built into the half-million-dollar system are instruments that will allow environmental scientists at the university to study and compare the performance of roof components over time..." [11.28.11]

Green wall unveiled at Edgware Road Tube station
Environmental Data Interactive, by Will Parsons
London, UK.
"A 200sq m green wall was completed this morning in a ceremony that saw The Mayor of London's director of the environment Kulveer Ranger, slot the final piece into place at the sit on Marylebone Road. The project, which has taken a month complete, is part of the London Clean Air Fund, financed by the Department for Transport. It is hoped that the 15 varieties of plants used in the wall will demonstrably improve air quality by trapping particulate matter, mainly deriving form traffic emissions..." [11.28.11]

Supermarket News, by Michael Garry
Pittsburgh, PA.
"...Over the past eight years, Pittsburgh-based Giant Eagle has gotten LEED certification for five supermarkets (and a few convenience stores) as a way to gradually improve the environmental footprint of the entire chain...Giant Eagle The chain’s LEED Silver store — a Market District format in Pittsburgh’s Shadyside area — includes one of the city’s largest green roofs, planted with sedums. The roof cleanses and reduces storm-water runoff..." [11.28.11]

Green roof planned for Kentucky Center
Louisville Courier-Journal, by James Bruggers
Louisville, KY.
“The Kentucky Center is hoping to go green, planning to spend millions of dollars for what could become Louisville’s largest and most visible environmentally friendly roof. Center officials have been working with an architectural firm on the design, costs and expected energy savings of a new roof covered with water-storing sedum plants, possibly even on the curving vertical section. The so-called barrel vault section of the roof would be a real prize, officials said, because unlike most flat green roofs, it can be easily seen from the ground in a well-trafficked part of downtown Louisville on Main Street..." [11.27.11]

How Germany Became Europe’s Green Leader: A Look at Four Decades of Sustainable Policymaking
Solutions Journal, by Ralph Buehler, Arne Jungjohann, Melissa Keeley, and Michael Mehling
Berlin, Germany.
"...Over the past 40 years, northern Europe, and Germany in particular, has been a hotbed for the innovation and application of green technologies to enhance the urban environment. These technologies, sometimes referred to as green infrastructure or low-impact development, include such innovations as green roofs, green facades, and permeable pavements..." [11.26.11]

Grading Vancouver's giant green roof
Vancouver Sun, by Steve Whysall
Vancouver, Canada.
"It’s been three years since the green roof was planted on Vancouver’s new convention centre. Is it a success? Is it as good as they promised it would be? The answer is that some parts are terrific — attractive, quality planting; a beautiful habitat for songbirds and insect life. But other areas are untidy, scrubby, a bit of a mess; you might even say, an eyesore, and a fair ways from what they could or should be...Covering 2.4 hectares (just over six acres), it is still the largest living roof in Canada and the largest non-industrial green roof in North America..." [11.24.11]

New Algonquin College building a boost for trades
Ottawa Citizen, by Maria Cook
Ottawa, Canada.
"A career in the construction trades just became a great deal more attractive with a dramatic new teaching facility at Algonquin College. With its massive green roof, the Algonquin Centre for Construction Excellence makes visible its commitment to sustainability...The building is composed of a two-storey wing and a five-storey tower, woven together by an undulating green roof and wrapped in floor-to-ceiling windows...In the adjacent atrium a five-storey bio-wall made of living plants filters the air and provides oxygen..." [11.23.11]

Urban Farms, Supersized. Largest Ever Rooftop Garden To Be Big As Football Field
Worldcrunch, by Staff
Berlin, Germany.
"A trio of German entrepreneurs is hoping to convert an old industrial building in Berlin into the world's largest rooftop farm. Plans for the self-sustaining organic spread, which should be up and running by 2013, include a fertilizing fish farm on the building's top floor... tons of lettuce, kohlrabi (a variety of cabbage), tomatoes and herbs are expected to be growing under protective glass roofing – on a city rooftop, some 7,000 square meters of it, an area as big as a soccer field..." [11.23.11]

District's first eco-learning lab opens doors at South Meck
South Charlotte Weekly, by Sarah Gilbert
Charlotte, NC.
"South Mecklenburg High School is now home to the only facility in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools where students can put what they learn in their environmental science classes into action...Students will use the laboratory to conduct hands-on experiments like tracking solar energy production rates during different weather patterns and comparing water retention using the green roof and the school’s traditional roof..." [11.22.11]

Craisin credited for saving cranberry business
Wicked Local, by Rick Holmes
Wareham, MA.
"In the bogs of southeastern Massachusetts, the cranberry harvest is in, and it’s a big one. For Wareham’s A.D. Makepeace, this year’s harvest is the biggest ever: 38 million pounds, some of which may land on your Thanksgiving plate...In September, Makepeace bought Read Custom Soils, which has specialized in soil formulated for golf courses and athletic fields. The company’s researchers are now developing specialty soils to help trees planted in urban sidewalks thrive. Its newest market is lighter weight soils for “green roofs,” those that replace black tar rooftops with green grass..." [11.22.11]

HOK’s Bold Design Concept Selected for Porsche’s New U.S. Headquarters and Customer Experience Center
PRWeb, Press Release
Atlanta, GA.
"...Reflecting Porsche's commitment to the environment, HOK is designing a highly sustainable building and targeting a minimum of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification. Energy conservation measures include fine-tuning the building orientation and creating a highly efficient building envelope. The team will explore opportunities for natural ventilation and on-site energy generation and green roofs that reduce the heat island effect and filter rainwater before it returns to Atlanta's water system...." [11.21.11]

Crowns of green for more flats, carparks, by Staff
"...Green roofs came about after the HDB and the National Parks Board (NParks), in a 2003 experiment, converted the top of a multi-storey carpark in Punggol into four green plots about half the size of a football field. It was found that this reduced heat on the building’s surface by as much as 18 deg C, and the surrounding air temperature by 3 deg C. Glare was also cut down by as much as 15 per cent..." [11.21.11]

The Breaking Ground Green Roof and Urban Agriculture
Breaking Ground Blog, by Catherine Burkee
Jacksonville, FL.
"...This month’s video on the Breaking Ground green roof focuses on how our rooftop garden is part of the larger urban agriculture movement in Jacksonville, FL. There are so many community members involved in this movement, from those connected to community garden projects such as the Friends of NE Florida Community Gardens and Sustainable Springfield...No matter what the specific issue, the urban agriculture movement has gained quite a bit of momentum here, and the Breaking Ground green roof is a part of it..." [11.18.11]

A guide to the “Emerald City” sewer system
Ecotrope, by Cassandra Profita
Portland, OR. & Seattle, WA.
"Earlier this week, I reported on a study by the Natural Resource Defense Council on how Portland, Seattle and other cities are directing rain water into living plants – on rooftops, along roadways, and in backyards – instead of sewer pipes...I talked with both cities, the EPA and NRDC and came up with these 10 ways Portland and Seattle are leading the way to greener stormwater systems (and for some added visuals, see EarthFix reporter Katie Campbell’s video)..." [11.18.11]

AFDW actively involved in DOD priority to save energy, environment‎
Capital Flyer, by Tabitha N. Haynes
"With the recent opening of two environmentally-sustainable "green" buildings on Joint Base Andrews, Md., the Air Force District of Washington is doing its part to support the Department of Defense's priority of environmental awareness and energy efficiency...The new William A. Jones III Building was also specifically equipped with a green roof. Green roofing improves the quality of rainwater runoff, has an insulating effect for the building, and fights the urban heat island effect..." [11.18.11]

Report says Philadelphia tops for green infrastructure
York Daily Record, by Joann Loviglio
Philadelphia, PA.
"Philadelphia ranks tops in the country and is a national model for its long-term efforts to reduce stormwater pollution and sewage runoff through eco-friendly and cost-effective measures like green roofs and porous asphalt, according to environmental group's new
report. The city led a list of 14 municipalities for its commitment to infrastructure and design changes like green roofs, permeable pavement, tree plantings and rain gardens to capture rainfall and reduce runoff pollution by slowing the flow of stormwater into the city's antiquated sewer system..." [11.17.11]

Green roof considered for art gallery; Roofs not 'justifiable' based on energy savings alone, report says
StarPhoenix, by David Hutton
Saskatoon, Canada.
"The city is considering a “green” roof on the Remai Art Gallery of Saskatchewan, which would form a case study for their use on other civic buildings. But a city report on retrofitting city-owned buildings with the green roofs — flat roofs covered with soil and plants rather than conventional roofing material — says they are not likely to be a justifiable investment in Saskatoon based on energy savings alone..." [11.16.11]

Vertical gardens: The good, the bad, the ugly
Christian Science Monitor, by Betty Earl
"The gardening trend that is currently sweeping the country – nay, let’s say sweeping a good portion of the gardening world, a trend that has many of us totally mesmerized -- is vertical gardening...You may be familiar with Patrick Blanc’s amazing vertical garden system known as Le Mur Vegetal, which allows both plants and architecture to live in harmony with each other...Conceived by people who don’t understand the systems, plant species choices, or proper cultural requirements, the end result is appalling, to say the least..." [11.16.11]

An Appeal to the SF PUC: Stormwater Funds Can Help Central Market
Triple Pundit, by John Lehnert
San Francisco, CA.
"...San Francisco’s Urban Watershed Management Program offers funds to help local communities manage this runoff. In so doing, this program can transform stormwater from an infrastructure burden to an ecological asset. A great opportunity is at hand to use this program funding: green rooftops in Central Market. Our Presidio Graduate School team – composed of MBA students in Sustainable Management — made this pitch recently to the SF Public Utilities Commission..." [11.15.11]

Easy to be green when your roof saves you money
Globe and Mail, by Gail Johnson
Port Coquitlam, Canada.
" roofs typically cost 10 per cent more to build than conventional roofs – costs that are usually recovered within the first two years of building operation. The energy savings and stormwater reductions, meanwhile, continue for the life of the building. Green roofs are said to last about twice as long as traditional roofs. Plus, they offer more aesthetically pleasing views for surrounding residential or office spaces..." [11.15.11]

Green Wall for Auckland City gets the go ahead, by Staff
Auckland City, New Zealand.
"A Green Wall project from the Committee for Auckland’s Future Leaders Programme has received a funding boost from Fuji Xerox to bring it to life. The Future Auckland Leaders Programme taps into the energy and insight of the city’s emerging leaders, cultivating their passion for Auckland and helping channel it into city-enhancing projects. Every two years, Future Auckland Leaders unveil their projects to the broader Committee for Auckland membership..." [11.15.11]

Natick carwash owner looks to build rooftop garden
MetroWest Daily News, by Ian B. Murphy
Natick, MA.
"Growing lettuce on the roof of a Rte. 9 carwash could spell green in many ways - food for the needy, environmentally sound local farming and cash in the hands of businesses who harvest the idea. The owners of the Scrub-A-Dub carwash on Rte. 9 will be going before the Planning Board tomorrow night with its plans to build a rooftop hydroponic garden to grow greens that would mostly be donated to charity..." [11.15.11]

Vancouver, BC, works to be greenest of all
The Seattle Times, by Craig Welch
Vancouver, Canada.
"Vancouver recently announced its desire to become the world's greenest city by 2020. As such, Western Canada's urban hub has set ambitious goals to turn itself into a living laboratory for all things sustainable...That period also saw construction of the continent's largest living roof — 400,000 native plants on six acres atop the Vancouver Convention Centre..." [11.12.11]

Green Roof Means Savings for Steele Memorial Library
WETM 18, by Jenelle Tortorella
Elmira, NY.
"A green roof on top of Steele Memorial Library has saved taxpayers around $7,000 since it was put in...The six-layer green roof is topped with a weather resistant sediment and plant mixture. It was installed in Summer 2010 to help lower the energy costs at the library...Library Director Ron Shaw said the library is expecting the utility costs for 2012 to be down a total of 18%..." [11.11.11]

Debunking the green myth
Vancouver Sun, by Steve Whysall
Vancouver, Canada.
"Can ugly, poorly designed areas of a city be transformed into beautiful, functional spaces simply by making them greener with more trees, gardens, parks, green walls, green roofs and so on?...But is the solution to dismal urban spaces and poorly designed neighbourhoods simply a matter of making them greener, perhaps through the planting of more trees or the addition of a garden, park or green wall? James Howard Kunstler, New York-born author, blogger and critic of urban planning, says it is a mistake to believe a city can be made more livable by just making it greener..." [11.11.11]

Soprema set to expand in Chilliwack‎
Chilliwack Times, by Paul J. Henderson
Chilliwack, Canada.
"One of Chilliwack's largest private employers is expanding. Soprema Inc. announced plans to build a second production plant on the same property of its current operation on Yale Road West...The membranes are also used in green roofs including on buildings surrounding Beijing's "Bird's Nest" stadium. Closer to home, Boileau said that Soprema's waterproof membranes were used in every new construction project for the Vancouver-Whistler 2010 Olympics..." [11.10.11]

U of W building to impress
Windsor Star, by Brian Cross
Windsor, Canada.
"From its green roof and living wall, to its soon-to-be-installed 75-foot-long wood beams in the ceiling of a massive four-storey atrium, to its glassed-in “industrial courtyard,” the $112-million Centre for Engineering Innovation is built to impress...Students and faculty will use the 10,300-square-foot green roof as a park...The green roof and the living wall aren’t new to Windsor. They also exist in the new David Suzuki elementary school that opened in east Windsor last year..." [11.10.11]

Walls come alive, inspire natural living
Calgary Herald, by Rachel Naud
Calgary, Canada.
"...Also known as architectural ecology that can range from climbing vines on structures to vertical hydroponics integrated into a structure, living walls or vertical gardens are man-made constructions that mimic nature. Kerry Ross, director for Calgary's Green T design, says there are two basic types of living walls: green facades and living walls. The difference is that Green Facades are plant covered (like climbing vines, for example) whereas Green or Living Walls have the plants rooted into either soil or a system that holds water and nutrients..." [11.10.11]

Green roof a smart investment
Chilliwack Times, by Tyler Olsen
Chilliwack, Canada.
"...Southern Drip has installed one of the first green roofs in Chilliwack and certainly one of the largest. The business's newly completed 8,000 square-foot roof is planted by a mix of sedums, grasses, shrubs and flowers. Powers says the roof has a number of benefits beyond simply making a large roof easier on the eyes...He notes that the green roof is expected to last twice as long as more traditional counterparts and should also provide better building insulation..." [11.10.11]

Council OKs new Ambleside Shell station
North Shore News, by Tessa Holloway
Vancouver, Canada.
"...The new gas station convenience store and shelter will have a green (landscaped) roof, with added landscaping to the sidewalk and on the north side of the property. In all, nearly 44 per cent of the site will be landscaped, compared to the current site, which has only two per cent green space...Laura Jones, representing Shell, said it's the first gas station with a green roof in Canada, and also touted a site-specific design that includes cedar construction materials, while toning down the neon..." [11.9.11]

Green construction in India‎
GroundReport, by Proloy Bagchi
"...Another effective way of controlling energy consumption is by making provision for green roofing. A green roof needs not very expensive surface but it manages to appreciably reduce the temperature in the building and also positively impacts on the ambient temperature. Germany and the United States have gone in for green roofing in a big way and the gardens put up on the roof not only add aesthetics to the buildings but also pull off some of the greenhouse gases from the atmosphere besides promoting bio-diverse environment in urban spaces..." [11.9.11]

City may ease green roof rules on new buildings
National Post Blog, by Natalie Alcoba
Toronto, Canada.
"Industrial building developers are on their way to winning a reprieve from the city’s green roof bylaw, and at least one school board hopes to be close behind. Under the alternative approved by the planning and growth management committee on Tuesday, the roofs of new industrial buildings and building additions can be covered in “cool” material, which is reflective and limits how high the temperature rises above the surface..." [11.8.11]

Rich pickings in Europe for high-end responsible travel
Travel Daily News International, by Staff
" across Europe are incorporating ‘living walls’ in the hotel design and architecture as part of their green credentials. Living walls provide a habitat for wildlife as well as a pleasant ambiance with vegetation. They can also help water and heat conservation. The concept works best in urban locations, with the report referring to the Pershing Hotel in Paris as a good example. The largest living wall in Europe is to be found at the Mint Hotel near Tower Bridge..." [11.8.11]

Making skyrise greenery affordable‎
Channel News Asia, by Evelyn Choo
"Skyrise greenery is gaining increasing popularity among building owners, but many are still holding back due to high retrofitting and maintenance costs. But a new collaboration is underway to study how green walls in Singapore can be made more sustainable and affordable...The scheme encourages the installation of green roofs or green walls on existing buildings..." Also read related blog post CITYGREEN’s Latest Issue is Available: Parks – Enhancing Liveability in Cities. [11.6.11]

The Green Man Whose Gardens Defy Gravity
Wall Street Journal, by Julia Flynn Siler
"Since Biblical times, gardens have been horizontal, with flowers and plants sprouting out of the ground. Patrick Blanc has turned that whole notion on its side, literally. Mr. Blanc is the inventor of the vertical garden, also known as the living (or green) wall...He also has a private practice designing gardens. Among the more than 250 he has installed around the world, his most famous are at the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris, the Caixa Forum Museum in Madrid and the French embassy in New Delhi..." [11.5.11]

Art gallery goes green on top
Windsor Star, by Doug Schmidt
Windsor, Canada.
"Visitors to the Art Gallery of Windsor can now escape the hustle and bustle of downtown in the fresh-air serenity of a new green roof oasis on the third floor...The rooftop terrace serves a secondary purpose, which is to teach the public the value — environmentally, esthetically, economically — of green roofs. LiveRoof, the company that created the AGW’s third-floor garden with a variety of minimal-maintenance sedums, chives and other hardy small plants, is also responsible for green roofs at Windsor’s new riverfront stage and the new Ojibway nature centre..." [11.4.11]

Anthony Tesselaar Plants releases its 2012 garden trends report
Garden Center Magazine, by Staff
“...Green roofs have definitely seen more of a commercial application and have been done in mostly urban areas, but they’re still a huge trend, she said. Green roofs help save on heating and cooling costs and actually protect the roof underneath from the degrading effects of the elements, so cities have received tax incentives for green roof installations. Some cities, like Toronto and Chicago, are even starting to require green roofs on some new buildings, based on the square footage..." [11.4.11]

Royal re-inauguration on the horizon for Erick van Egeraat's Drents Museum
World Architecture News, by Staff
Assen, The Netherlands.
"...An organic green roof extends over the extension complex and seamlessly merges the building with existing parks and gardens, not only expanding the exhibition space within the Museum but furthering the open areas available to the local community...slits within the green roof enable natural sunlight to flood the stark white exhibition areas within, illuminating the displays and reducing the energy demands of the institution..." [11.4.11]

Vertical Screen's world headquarters wins LEED Platinum
World Interior Design Network, by Staff
Warminster, PA.
"...The facility further sports four green roofs and a living wall in its interior portion. The building also incorporates a rainwater harvesting system which uses an underground storage tank with a capacity of 15,000 gallons. The tank stores rainwater from the roof and then filters and recycles the water in the office's toilets, interior green roofs and the living wall..." [11.4.11]

Penrith's green vision goes on show
Penrith Press, by Caryn Metcalfe
Penrith, Australia.
"Penrith as a “green city” could eventually be a literal description, with designs for the future of the city including grass roofs and rooftop gardens. Penrith Council unveiled the new design this week - the result of a 12-month community consultation period by art collective Campement Urbain..." [11.3.11]

High in the sky, a garden for all seasons‎
Medill Reports: Chicago, by Gretchen Roecker
Chicago, IL.
"...As one of hundreds citywide inching toward the target of 6,000 green roofs set for 2020 by the Chicago Climate Action Plan, the garden's impact persists...Though the City Hall roof is usually closed to the public, visitors can access other urban green roofs at the Chicago Center for Green Technology and the Pepsico Building, or see the suburban splendor on the roof at the Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe..." [11.2.11]

Green roof dedicated as tech lab
Bronx Times, by Patrick Rocchio
Bronx, NY.
"A new green roof that serves as a laboratory for solar and other clean technologies found on many new buildings in the borough was officially dedicated at the Association for Energy Affordability...New York State Homes and Community Renewal assistant commissioner Daniel Buyer and Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. were on hand for the ribbon-cutting ceremony, which was preceded and followed by panel discussions on weatherization and green technology..." [11.2.11]

California Academy of Sciences' roof is thriving
SFGate, by Joe Eaton
San Francisco, CA.
"...The academy's roof is a garden planted with some of what's on Turtle Hill: beach strawberry, bush monkey flower, many species familiar to anyone who's walked Point Reyes, for example. Its conditions are classically local and coastal: wind, fog, shallow soil. The fossils beneath and the roof above were gathered and built by a more recent natural force - human ideas - but at 3 years old, the roof's got terroir..." [11.2.11]

Indoor harvest of fresh produce part of new green arrivals at O'Hare
Medill Reports: Chicago, by Emma Dutton and Bethany Leggett
Chicago, IL.
"Forget more runways and increased airport security, for once. The latest modernization at O’Hare International Airport includes an aeroponic vegetable, herb and edible flower garden...The indoor garden is one of the latest green initiatives by the Chicago Department of Aviation to increase the sustainability of Chicago airports, showcased at the fourth annual Airports Going Green conference..." [11.2.11]

New York sea defences boosted by Dutch expertise‎
Radio Netherlands, by Reinout van Wagtendonk
New York, NY.
"...Higher dykes and storm surge barriers are still options in the Dutch plan, but for the time being they’re not pushing them so much. The VU scientists are putting forward environmental measures such as the extension of the salt marshes at Jamaica Bay near Kennedy Airport. These would serve as buffer zones to absorb the waves produced by higher seas. “A small-scale measure, such as green roofs on skyscrapers, would absorb rain water for a time, only later releasing it into the sewers,” says Professor Aerts..." [11.2.11]

Underground House With Green Roof Approved In Protected Area Next To Archaeological Site
TreeHugger, by Lloyd Alter
"The UK has very strict greenbelt and cultural heritage landscape rules to preserve heritage views and historic sites, and to control suburban sprawl. Recently there have been a bunch of attempts to bust the rules by using green roofs and underground construction to hide the buildings...But like the mirrored glass of the seventies, everyone quickly learned that they don't disappear at all. It is a very thin line separating the use of green roofs as a tool of green building or a new form of greenwash..." [11.2.11]

Vancouver Convention Centre roof a hive of insect and plant activity
The Province, Staff
Vancouver, Canada.
"Despite a cool summer, the Vancouver Convention Centre’s living roof is flourishing and attracting tons of wildlife. The six-acre green roof, which had its annual trim on Wednesday, has had unprecedented growth since it was put in three years ago...Ants, spiders, dragonflies and grasshoppers are crawling in the grass, dozens of sparrows and finches have made the roof their home, and the bees living in four beehives have produced nearly 120 pounds of wildflower honey this year..." [11.2.11]

Ponta dos Ganchos Resort Receives the World's Most Rigorous Certification for Environmental and Sustainable Management
CisionWire, Press Release
"Brazil’s most exclusive resort, Ponta Dos Ganchos, was granted ISO 14000 certification, which is the most rigorous internationally recognized certification for Environmental and Sustainable Management. From growing their own organic fruits and vegetables for their gourmet restaurants to utilizing award-winning green roofs, the resort has strived and succeeded in seamlessly blending the ultimate luxury experience, while also implementing scrupulous environmental and sustainable management methods..." [11.2.11]

Green roofs way of the future
Inner West Courier, by Hannah Parkes
Sydney, Australia.
"...For green roof advocate and environmental consultant Matt Dillon our thirst for urban expansion means demand for open space will only increase, and the only way is up...And the benefits are many. Green roofs not only improve the wellbeing of those with using them, they insulate buildings, cool down our cities and improve the area’s biodiversity...The Greening Cities Conference will be held at various venues across the city and the inner west from November 9-12..." [11.2.11]

Plants in controversial green wall die
Your Local Guardian, by Staff
London, UK.
"...As any good gardener knows, there’ll always be a few plants that don’t thrive when they first go in, so this replacement work and regular maintenance is included in the contract at no extra cost to the taxpayer. The rest of the wall is thriving and we’ve had some really positive feedback from residents, shoppers and traders who say who much it has brightened up the town centre..." [11.2.11]

Assembly Excellence‎: Ford Motor Co.
Assembly Magazine, by Austin Weber
"...A 10.4-acre green roof system suspends 70 percent of storm water prior to runoff. According to Hoskins, this removes potentially toxic and carbonaceous particulates, and provides building cooling through evaporation and shading. The green roof also provides sound deadening; extends the useful life of the roof membrane to twice that of conventional roof membranes; and provides habitat and nesting opportunities for a wide variety of birds and insects..." [10.31.11]

An Exclusive Set of Visionary Work: The Urban Land Institute Announces Winners of the 2011 Global Awards for Excellence Competition
PR Newswire, Press Release
"Five outstanding developments have been selected as winners of the 2011 Urban Land Institute's (ULI) Global Awards for Excellence competition, widely recognized as the land use industry's most prestigious recognition program...The Pinnacle @ Duxton, Singapore is a series of seven 50-story residential towers connected by two continuous and open skybridges. The sustainable residential project, with green roofs, sky gardens, and built using modular construction, is home to 7,400 residents—many of them young families—in 1,848 modern apartments, helping to redefine urban high-density living in Singapore..." [10.28.11]

Worldly Veggies Take Root in Scarborough
Torontoist, by Emily Van Halem
Toronto, Canada.
"...Access Alliance’s newest site, over at Victoria Park and Danforth, is reaching new heights in rooftop gardening. Plenty of okra, hot peppers, and callaloo (known as amaranth amongst the garden’s South Asian participants) were harvested from the green roof this year...And that’s the key point, it seems. “These crops, along with many other food plants cultivated on the green roof, are being used as an educational tool for the many new immigrants and refugees the organization serves,” explains Lara Mrosovsky, a health promoter at Access Alliance..." [10.28.11]

From XXL to S: Chicago architecture awards recognize excellence at a variety of scales
Chicago Tribune Blog, by Blair Kamin
Chicago, IL.
"...The Chicago office of Perkins & Will will take home six awards, including two for One Haworth Center, an artful transformation of the once-drab headquarters of the big office furniture maker in Holland, Mich. The architects stripped the old building down to its structural steel, gave it a new green roof, completely remade its interior and attached an L-shaped, light-filled atrium in front of it..." [10.28.11]

Magazine names Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney a Public Official of the Year, by Rick Moriarty
Syracuse, NY.
"...The magazine cited Mahoney’s decision early in her tenure to scrap plans to build three sewage treatment plants in downtown Syracuse to stop sewage overflows into Onondaga Lake. In their place, the county adopted a number of “green” programs. Among them: Save the Rain, an effort involving dozens of projects from planting green roofs on municipal buildings to wide-scale landscaping plans and other ways to reduce impervious surfaces citywide..." [10.27.11]

Green industry takes over Louisville
Lawn & Landscape, by Staff
Louisville, KY.
"The GIE+EXPO and Hardscape North America kick off today, bringing green industry professionals from across the country to Louisville, Ky., for three days of new product releases, equipment demonstrations and educational courses...GIC offered a course on one of the fastest growing trends in the industry. The session 'Vegetative Green Roofs – How to Capture this Hot Opportunity'..." [10.27.11]

KMCC Boasts Air Force's Largest Green Roof
Ramstein Air Base, Press Release
Ramstein Air Base, Germany.
"...among all the hustle and bustle of your next shopping trip to the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center (KMCC), know that there is a silent environmental champion up on the roof that you might not have noticed. It is the largest green roof in the entire Air Force, covering nearly 10 acres...Our host nation, Germany, spearheaded the modern movement toward green roofing. It gained popularity as a way to prevent storm water from flooding aging sewer and storm water systems and took off from there..." [10.26.11]

Waterloo, Ontario unveils library, sports centre funded by gas tax‎
Daily Commercial News, by Staff
Waterloo, Canada.
"The City of Waterloo, Ontario has officially completed the John M. Harper Branch Library and Stork Family YMCA facility, a $22.3-million construction project funded in part by the federal Gas Tax Fund...The city is aiming for silver certification under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards. Features include a green roof, motion-controlled lighting, low-flow plumbing and windows placed in such a way as to provide natural light to the heart of the building..." [10.25.11]

Shelving the shingles: the costs and benefits of green roofs‎
Finance and Commerce, by Dan Emerson
Minneapolis. MN.
"So-called green roofs have been hailed as one of the most effective tools to reduce the negative environmental effects of conventional buildings...According to a study in Germany, a “vegetated roof” on average can be expected to prolong the service life of a conventional roof by at least 20 years...The LiveRoof costs $15 to $20 per square foot compared with an average of about $8 for a conventional roof..." [10.25.11]

Going green in the inner city, by Kgopi Mabotja
Johannesburg, South Africa.
"Right at the top of Africa Diamond Building, on the corner of Goud and Kerk streets, lies the inner city’s very own Eden – a rooftop vegetable garden...The garden, where a variety of vegetables, including spinach, carrots, beetroot and cabbage, is grown, is an initiative of the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) and the Affordable Housing Company, Afhco...Mashego said the rooftop garden model would be expanded to other buildings in the near future..." [10.25.11]

NUS and Suntory ink 'green-wall' research deal
Suntory, News Release
"...In the collaborative research, Suntory will use its newly developed material known as ‘Pafcal’ to replace soil. The green wall system with "Pafcal" will be set up in the Greenery Technology Laboratory (GTL) of Department of Building, School of Design and Environment NUS. A series of experiments and research will be conducted to determine the thermal performance of the green wall system, the water absorption and retention of "Pafcal", the suitable choice of plants as well as the quality of water after passing the green wall..." [10.25.11]

Ottawa school, with green roof, almost ready
LaSalle News Tribune, by Amy Flanery
Ottawa, Canada.
"Ottawa Elementary Schools superintendent Cleve Threadgill admires the freshly planted green roof at the districts new Central Intermediate School building. Not only will the green portion of the roof benefit the environment and increase the life expectancy of the roof, but it will also provide learning opportunities for students...The production of oxygen is healthy for the immediate environment, and the anticipated growth to a four-inch-thick carpet of flora will provide increased insulation for the building and protection for the roof itself..." [10.25.11]

Tamachi Building Co. Invites Kindergarten Children to Potato Dig At Company's Rooftop Garden
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Press Release
Tokyo, Japan.
"Tamachi Building Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) dedicated to office building services, invited children of a nearby kindergarten for a sweet potato digging event on the rooftop garden of a company building in central Tokyo. The event, held to make a social contribution under the MHI group's CSR (corporate social responsibility) guidelines, provided the youngsters an opportunity to learn about environmental issues through a familiar and enjoyable activity..." [10.24.11]

Green scene is abuzz about bees‎
Victoria Times Colonist, by Sarah Meehan
"...Green roofs provide potential for recreational, aesthetic and eco-friendly space, and as the appeal of sustainable roofing grows, Washington-area residents continue to find colourful alternatives to just being green...It's this type of innovation that puts a personal spin on eco-friendly city living, said Kat Harrold, assistant green-roof designer at Green Roof Service in Bel Air, Maryland..." [10.22.11]

Queens gets a bit cooler with another green roof
Queens Chronicle, by AnnMarie Costella
Queens, NY.
"Green roofs absorb and retain large amounts of rainfall and are effective at controlling and retaining stormwater. And now one more city structure has obtained one — the Jamaica Wastewater Treatment Plant...The addition of the green roof is part of the NYC Green Infrastructure Plan, which calls for $2.4 billion worth of such projects over the next 20 years in order to reduce combined sewer overflows and increase buildings’ absorption of ultraviolet light. Green roofs also improve insulation, interior cooling and energy efficiency..." [10.20.11]

FedEx Express Hosts Largest "Green Roof" at Any US Airport
Business Wire, Press Release
Chicago, IL.
"When it comes to “green” roofs at airports, nothing in the country tops the FedEx Express cargo facility at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) and the world's largest express transportation company, recently opened the new package sorting center, which conducts operations under the largest continuous vegetated roof at an airport in the U.S.—or the size of three football fields..." [10.20.11]

London business group to instigate green roofs‎
Green Building Press, by Staff
"...Victoria BID is spearheading the introduction of several roof gardens, rain gardens and living walls – due for completion by the Spring of 2012. This is the first time such an organisation has been instrumental in changing the built environment by retrofitting several permanent green features to counter environmental issues identified within the city..." [10.20.11]

Green roofs socially, environmentally conscious
NYU Washington Square News, by Liz Beras
New York, NY.
"NYU is located in the heart of the Village, warranting panoramic views of the city from all directions. But unfortunately, NYU currently does not have any accessible roof space and students are limited to enjoying city views from the likes of windows and street-level observation. This can easily be improved by integrating open roof space in the form of green roofs. This would prove socially and economically beneficial for NYU and its students..." [10.19.11]

Vertical garden at Drew School, S.F.
San Francisco Chronicle, by John King
San Francisco, CA.
"If you're totally over green roofs by now - figuratively speaking, of course - here's another way to meld nature and city: the "vertical garden" that cloaks one wall of a new school building in San Francisco...The multispecies show was choreographed by Patrick Blanc, a Parisian who has made living walls his specialty. He responded to the site by emphasizing California natives, a move noted by the bees and butterflies that already add an extra dimension..." [10.19.11]

The Ecologists of Tomorrow Talk Shop
New York Times Blog, by Rache Nuwer
New York, NY.
"...His goal is to measure whether green roofs, which are gaining in popularity, are more successful than the traditional variety in attracting animals like birds and butterflies. He found significantly more types of birds and invertebrates — three times as many species and four times the number of animals — than on ordinary roofs...From a bird’s-eye view, 34 percent of Manhattan consists of roofs. Mr. Partridge is hopeful that New Yorkers will gradually embrace green roofs and imagines a day when floating green meadows traverse the city..." [10.19.11]

Green roofs save money, energy but challenge Texas plants
AgriLife Today, by Kathleen Phillips
College Station, TX.
"When contractors talk of green buildings, they mean environmentally friendly and energy saving. Add agricultural experts in the plans, and “green” also means plants – vibrant ornamental grasses, shrubs and flowers in park-like settings on the roofs of multistoried office buildings in cities. These green roofs actually will help mitigate problems in the urban areas like what people call having an urban heat island,” said Dr. Astrid Volder, Texas AgriLife Research horticulturist in College Station..." [10.19.11]

Japanese Architecture Takes Green Roofs to a Whole New Level - Literally
This Big City - Urban Asia Week, by Claire Baylis
Fukuoka, Japan.
"If you require a little inspiration of the green roof kind, stop ogling the neighbour's sedum-topped shed and start Google Earthing the ACROS building in Fukuoka, Japan, instead...Ultimately, says Ambasz, ACROS demonstrates that: You can have the building and the garden, not just the building in the garden..." [10.18.11]

Will leafy walls tackle London's pollution problems?
BBC News, by Tom Edwards
London, UK.
"Pollution in London is amongst the worst in Europe and, as I've mentioned before, the mayor and Transport for London (TfL) are trialing all kinds of new technology to get the levels down...The Green Walls are specially designed to trap harmful particulate matter, known as PM10s. TfL believes the walls will help at hotspots that regularly exceed EU legal limits..." [10.17.11]

The grass is greener at the top
TMC Net, by Staff
"...While Babylon is now no more, the concept of rooftop garden is being reborn by environmentally conscious architects and designers who are seeing environmental benefits of green roofs. The concept has taken off in many countries that are serious in promoting the green agenda: In Austria, developers are rewarded for installing green roofs; in Switzerland, there is a federal law for it since the late 1990s; and in Tokyo, new buildings with more than 10,000sq ft of space must green at least 20 per cent of their usable roof space..." [10.14.11]

Bowdoin College in Maine erects Earth-friendly roof‎
The Republic, by Staff
Brunswick, ME.
"Bowdoin College says it has a cool new rooftop for its heating plant...The roof, which is covered with a variety of flowering plants, reduces the urban "heat island" effect, extends the life of the roof and absorbs rain water. And as a side benefit, it doesn't make for a bad view from the upper floors of the nearby Buck Center. Bowdoin has a mission statement to be mindful of its impact on the environment of coastal Maine..." [10.13.11]

Another Oregon first: eco-friendly gas station
Portland Tribune, by Shannon Wells
Portland, OR.
"Bob Barman remodeled his Beaverton Chevron station to include a green roof, geothermal heating and cooling, solar panels, LED lights and a free charging station for electric vehicles. If you think of gas stations as grubby, oil-stained eyesores that stand for energy consumption rather than conservation, check out Beaverton’s new Highland Chevron and Extra Mile, at Murray and Allen boulevards..." [10.13.11]

The Biggest Infrastructure Project You've Probably Never Heard Of
Huffington Post Blog, by Adam Clampitt
"...D.C. Water is beginning discussions with the U.S. EPA about delaying construction of future tunnel segments in order to test low-impact development, a green infrastructure approach including green roofs, trees, and porous pavement that will reduce stormwater runoff at the source. The goal of this is to green District neighborhoods, reduce runoff and ultimately save money for ratepayers..." [10.12.11]

DEFRA announce Green Infrastructure Partnership, by Staff
"DEFRA has announced the creation of a Green Infrastructure Partnership (GIP), a scheme which will help to generate more green space in the city. The GIP will assist communities that have little free space in urban areas make more innovative use of existing grey infrastructure, through initiatives such as planting around grey walls and creating sky gardens on disused rooftops..." [10.12.11]

UK government launches scheme to boost green spaces in urban areas
The Guardian, by Peter Walker
"The green infrastructure partnership has no financial backing but has cross-government support and backing of influential groups...While theoretically intended for all of England, the two-year push will be principally aimed at urban and suburban areas. Planners and developers will be encouraged to include landscaped roofs and green outdoor areas where people can sit within new or redeveloped commercial or residential schemes..." [10.11.11]

Walkabout: Up on a roof, it's getting greener: the YWCA project
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, by Diana Nelson Jones
Pittsburgh, PA.
"...Today and tomorrow, workers from the Allegheny Construction Group are laying the last pallets in a 4,900 square-foot patchwork quilt of sedum to complete a 64-ton green roof on the building at Wood Street and Fourth Avenue...An estimated 25 green roofs are serving that greater good throughout the city. They include portions of the county office building, the Heinz 57 Center, Fifth Avenue Place and the David Lawrence Convention Center..." [10.11.11]

Insert Green Space Here
The Epoch Times, by Tara MacIsaac
New York, NY.
"An arrow on Garrison Avenue and Barretto Street in the Bronx points to a green roof stalled by lack of funding atop the Point Community Development Corporation building...Brooklyn artist Eve Mosher thought of a way to make solutions to climate change simple. She designed a conspicuous yellow arrow with the bold, black words “Insert___Here” printed across it, then let people all over the city fill in the blank and post their green solutions far and wide..." [10.10.11]

Airplane Cabin Designer Takes Garden Walls to New Heights
Aviation International News, by Kirby J. Harrison
"...The end result is four Living Walls to be built into a privately owned Boeing 787-9–one wall each in the stateroom, the passageway, the lavatory and the lounge. Each wall is completely covered, end-to-end and top-to-bottom, with ferns; all evergreen variants that do not shed their leaves, do not attract insects and are known for their non-allergenic properties..." [10.10.11]

Green roofs: Bocce, bees and beauty‎
WTOP, by Sarah Meehan
"Green roofs provide potential for recreational, aesthetic and eco-friendly space, and as the appeal of sustainable roofing grows, Washington area residents continue to find colorful alternatives to just being green...It's this type of innovation that puts a personal spin on eco-friendly city living, said Kat Harrold, assistant green roof designer at Green Roof Service in Bel Air..." [10.8.11]

Green Roof Movement grows slowly in Austin‎
Austin American-Statesman, by Joshunda Saunders
Austin, TX.
"Lauren Stanley and a few green roof advocates continue to spread the message...As cities like Austin continue to urbanize, fewer spaces are available to plant. But according to Austin's Green Roof Advisory Group, one of the available areas in the increasingly concrete-heavy landscape to reintroduce vegetation is on city roofs..." [10.7.11]

FedEx's O'Hare building home to Chicago's largest green roof‎, by Staff
Chicago, IL.
"Next time you take off or land at O'Hare International Airport, take a look at the rooftops that surround the runways. Twelve green rooftops are already at O'Hare and Midway airports. Two more are under construction. But the one top of the new FedEx building has real bragging rights -- the only airport with a bigger green roof is in Frankfurt, Germany...." [10.7.11]

DC Fire Stations To Install Green Roofs‎
WAMU, by Jessica Gould
"The firefighters at Engine 12 in Northeast D.C. know a thing or two about emergencies. And they say the Chesapeake Bay, with its struggling oyster population and expanding dead zones, is in trouble. So Engine 12 and a handful of other District fire stations are installing green roofs to prevent pollution. We’ll have a total of approximately 34,000 square feet of flat roof space to use for water retention and planting..." [10.6.11]

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Campus Awarded LEED Platinum Certification
PR Newswire, Press Release
Seattle, WA.
"...Completed in the spring of 2011, the campus is located in downtown Seattle across the street from the Space Needle. It replaces an asphalt parking lot with a campus that returns more than 40 percent of the site back to green space via two-acres of living roofs and native plantings. At 639,860 SF of occupied space, the project demonstrates how large-scale sustainable architecture can be delivered at the highest level..." [10.6.11]

Ashbury students hit the roof over school's new green space
EMC Orleans, by Tony Muma
Ottawa, Canada.
"Ashbury College headmaster Tam Matthews says the independent school's new green roof initiative was a year-long project that will hopefully pay life-long dividends for its students...In terms of independent schools, we're the first Canadian independent school to have a green roof and it may also be the first that's accessible for pedagogical purposes. Other schools do have green roofs that aren't accessible to students..." [10.6.11]

Insurance for green buildings
Mother Nature Network, by Layla Bellows
"When it comes to building green, we know the many environmental benefits of, say, tight envelopes, green roofs and thermal heating — not to mention commissioning it all to make sure it’s up to spec. A select but growing number of insurers are recognizing it, too, offering discounted premiums on property insurance for green certified commercial and residential properties. It’s also become more common to find policies that offer green upgrades in the event of a loss, albeit at a slightly increased price to reflect the higher upfront cost of building green...." [10.5.11]

EPA renews DC's stormwater discharge permit under conditions
Washington Post, by Darryl Fears
"The Environmental Protection Agency announced Wednesday that it renewed the District’s permit to discharge stormwater into local waterways, but only under the condition that it significantly reduce rainwater runoff and the huge amount of garbage that comes with it. Under the terms of the permit, the District is required to add a minimum of 350,000 square feet of green roofs on city properties, plant at least 4,150 trees yearly, and assure that new properties of 5,000 square feet soak up more than an inch of rainwater over a 24-hour rainfall to keep it from flowing into sewers and into rivers, streams and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay...." [10.5.11]

Trivia: How many acres of ecoroofing in Portland?
OPB News, by Cassandra Profita
Portland, OR.
"Thanks in part to the city's $5 per square foot incentive grants, Portland is now home to more than 300 ecoroofs. Care to guess how many acres they all add up to? Portland is once again accepting applications for ecoroof incentives. The city started giving out $5 per square-foot grants for new ecoroofs in 2008 primarily to reduce stormwater runoff. But the program also kick-started a growing industry..." [10.5.11]

Green roof sprouts up in the suburbs
Charlotte Observer, by Caroline McMillan
Charlotte, NC.
"...In lieu of shingles, green roofs consist of special vegetation laid on top of the roof structure. LiveRoof, the company that supplied Fant's vegetation, recommends using sedum, or succulent, plants because they're tolerant of droughts and cold weather, and store water in their leaves. Green roofs have many financial and environmental benefits. The vegetation membrane decreases storm runoff by absorbing water. The water that makes it through the membrane still drains through gutters but is cleaner..." [10.5.11]

TMC Exhibits Biotechnology and Greening Technologies, Press Release
Toyota City, Japan.
"Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) today held an event at its Toyota Biotechnology and Afforestation Laboratory in Aichi prefecture to showcase technologies developed there as part of its biotechnology and afforestation businesses. Technology on display included a newly developed yeast that increases the production yield of cellulosic ethanol bio-fuel, new technologies for the greening of parking lots and walls, and a new "cool-spot creation technology" for simulating and analyzing the effects of greening..." [10.3.11]

Large grass roof for Sussex sewage plant in Peacehaven
BBC News, by Staff
"One of the largest grass roofs of its kind in the UK has been completed on a new sewage plant, in a bid to help it blend in with its surroundings. The roof at Peacehaven, Sussex, is about two and half times the size of Wembley's football pitch. It has been laid in an attempt to allay concerns over the plant's impact on the landscape. The £300m plant is due for completion in March 2013 and will handle sewage from Brighton and Hove..." [10.3.11]

University of Maryland wins Solar Decathlon
Baltimore Sun, by Mary Gail Hare
College Park, MD.
"The University of Maryland took first place Saturday in the U.S. Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon 2011 with a solar-powered, energy-conserving WaterShed House that was inspired by the Chesapeake Bay. The design features a green roof that retains rainwater, solar panels that provide year-round power and a patent-pending indoor waterfall — key factors in an international competition that required the winning home to produce as much energy as it consumes, or more..." [10.2.11]

OKQ8 Sweden Opens Europe's First Sustainable Filling Station‎
CisionWire, Press Release
"Solar panels and rainwater for the car wash, solar cells for energy production, high speed rechargers for electric cars and a ’green’ roof are only a few of the environmental attributes at OKQ8 Sweden’s sustainable filling station, under construction in Stockholm. The station, due to be inaugurated in January 2012, is built with the ambition to be operated with almost no environmental impact. The construction of the station itself is environmentally optimized with maximal use of sustainable materials..." [9.30.11]

Street Smarts
TIME Magazine, by Michael Grunwald
"...Nutter's government is encouraging property owners to reduce their runoffs through financial incentives like tax credits for green roofs, mandates like a rule that all new buildings must absorb the first inch of rainfall on them in a storm and technical assistance to help businesses and homeowners deal with drainage issues...Philadelphia had one green roof in 2006. Now it has more than 60. Rain gardens are sprouting in its playgrounds, and the city's first green street absorbed 6 in. of rain during Irene..." [9.30.11]

Onondaga County's Oncenter goes green with rain-absorbing roof made of plants, Emily Kulkus
Syracuse, NY.
"To help prevent excess rainwater from flooding Syracuse’s sewer system, Onondaga County is going back to its roots, literally. A team of engineers and landscapers completed one of New York state’s biggest “green roofs” on top of the Oncenter’s Nicholas J. Pirro Convention, whose motto is “love the Earth, plant a roof,” has tracked green roof and wall projects around the world for 10 years. It compiled a database of more than 1,200 sites, including 134 in New York. The website’s publisher and editor, Linda Velazquez, said the database likely contains only a fraction of green roof and wall construction..." [9.29.11]

Greenstone Revolutionizes Lebanese Building Industry One Green Villa at a Time
Green Prophet, by Tafline Laylin
"Instead of mistaking Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for happiness, or giant energy-hogging homes for class symbols, Lebanon could learn from Western regret by revolutionizing its green building industry...La Brocéliande is a beautiful building tucked into the side of a mountain. It receives part of its energy from solar-panels, recycles greywater, has superior thermal insulation that cuts energy consumption, and it also features a green roof..." [9.29.11]

Cuyamaca garden gets growing again, by Karen Pearlman
San Diego, CA.
"There it grows again. The ever-expanding Water Conservation Garden at Cuyamaca College is celebrating the grand opening of its new permeable pavement and a new straw-bale house that has a green roof...The garden’s green roof was installed by Ulf Waldmann and Jim Mumford of GreenScaped Buildings. The straw-bale house has walls constructed from stacked bales of straw that are covered with a concrete stucco coating..." [9.28.11]

Academy of Sciences honored with another green building award
San Francisco Chronicle, by Staff
San Francisco, CA.
"...And how do you add a platinum sheen to a 410,000 square foot facility in Golden Gate Park? It starts with good design: the extensive vegetation on the visitor-friendly “living roof” consists almost entirely of natural species. The glass walls allow views from 98 percent of occupied spaces..." [9.28.11]

Open Door to be a 'green' model for nonprofits, Muncie
Muncie Star Press, by Ivy Farguheson
Muncie, IN.
"...staff from Jay-Crew began laying the green roof -- slightly more than 11,000 square feet of sedum grass vegetation on top of Open Door's South Madison Street building -- to assist in the heating and cooling of the building. Green roofs extend the life of roofs because ultraviolet rays are not hitting the traditional roof directly, slowing wear and tear on the building..." [9.28.11]

Portland State U Researchers Try To Increase Solar Panel Production with Green Roofs
Campus Technology, by Joshua Bolkan
Portland, OR.
"...The project they came up with, located on the roof of PSU's Science Building 2, consists of four pans totaling 720 square feet of planting area for the green roofs with PV panels donated by SolarWorld partially shading the back half of the pans..." [9.27.11]

Oncenter's "green" roof to help slow storm water runoff
NewsChannel 9 WSYR, by Staff
Syracuse, NY.
"The roof of the Oncenter is now green. Crews are just finishing up the project to slow storm water runoff. It’s one of the 50 green infrastructure projects the county proposed to save the rain and it’s one of the largest green roofs in the northeast...Proponents of green infrastructure say absorbing rainwater is just one of the green roof's many benefits..." [9.26.11]

Can Your Green Roof Survive a Hurricane?
Triple Pundit, by Tina Casey
"This season’s devastating hurricanes may have raised some red flags for property owners who are considering installing a green roof. But the experience of New York City electric utility Con Edison suggests that a well planned green roof is no more vulnerable to high winds and heavy rains than any other...Wind can be a concern for green roofs, especially since higher elevations are generally exposed to higher winds..." [9.26.11]

How Green Is My Toronto?‎
Green Source, by Lloyd Alter
Toronto, Canada.
"...During his term of office from 2003 to 2010, former Mayor David Miller introduced new green building standards—which came into force January 31, 2010, after a couple of years of negotiation—mandatory green roofs, and an innovative program for “reskinning” the city’s huge supply of 50-year-old residential towers. The result of these progressive policies and investments has been a wave of green projects and initiatives that has changed the face of Toronto in the last decade..." [9.23.11]

Going Green: Local Businesses Honored for Sustainable Ideas‎, by Laura J. Merisalo
Brookfield, WI.
"Investing in sustainable business practices can be as simple as changing a light bulb or as complex as installing a green roof, paying dividends that accrue to and go beyond the bottom line...A more recent green initiative is the new roof at the Wirth Aquatic Center. The city replaced the nearly 25-year-old roof with a vegetated roof that retains up to 4,200 gallons of rainfall..." [9.22.11]

Lambeth's green roofs
Footprint, by Staff
London, UK.
"...When installed in 2006, the Ethelred Estate’s green roofs were the UK’s largest green roof renewal project: 4000m2 of roof space was transformed on ten buildings. The green roofs were part of the local authority’s energy efficiency program, and they provide visual amenity for local residents who overlook them, forming part of a sustainable urban drainage strategy and helping to combat the urban heat island effect..." [9.21.11]

Public housing in Bellingham gets green roof, solar panels, by Kie Relyea
Bellingham, WA.
"The green makeover of Lincoln Square will include the largest green roof in Bellingham and the largest solar installation in Whatcom County...At Lincoln Square, that looks like a green roof - made up of three sections - totaling 6,200 square feet, and 90 solar panels that will generate up to 21,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity a year, covering 3 percent of the projected annual electricity use at Lincoln..." [9.21.11]

Central Park Dentistry gets "Green roof", by Kristin Buehner
Mason City, IA.
"...The green roof system will cost approximately $200,000...He has received some funding help from an $82,500 I-JOBS grant from the Environmental Protection Agency...The green roofs were provided by Xero Flor America LLC of Durham, N.C., and Liveroof Hybrid Green Roof System, of Davenport...Green roofs are being used at the Ford Motor Co. truck plant in Dearborn, Mich., Duke University Medical Center, Chicago City Hall and O’Hare Airport..." [9.20.11]

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center receives grant to study rainwater retention
Community Impact Newspaper, by Kate Hull
Austin, TX.
"The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center at The University of Texas received a three-year, $88,000 grant from an international manufacturer of differentiated chemicals, Huntsman International. The grant will go toward the study of rainwater retention on vegetated roofs that are geared toward hot, dry weather conditions common in Texas..." [9.20.11]

Portland, the City of Sedums?
The Daily Score, by Lisa Stiffler
Portland, OR.
"The City of Roses is being transformed into the City of Sedums as nearly 300 Portland rooftops are now blanketed in the drought-tolerant succulents. And as rooftops in Oregon are going green, some of the businesses that design, build, and landscape ecoroofs are having an economic mini boom...The spark came in 1996 when Tom Liptan, a city employee, installed Portland’s first ecoroof on his garage. He started championing the technology and green roofs slowly began sprouting around the city..." [9.20.11]

How green are green roofs?
PlanetEarth Online, by Adele Rackley
"Covered with a growing medium and plants, green roofs can benefit a building's insulation, control storm-water drainage and remove pollution from the air, as well as provide wildlife habitats...Careful design might make it possible to create habitats of equal wildlife value on a roof, and it is definitely possible to make green-roof habitats that are more valuable than a traditional non-greened roof; but green roofs will always be different..." [9.20.11]

5 Things that define a great eco friendly city‎
Waste Management World, by Uma Maheshwari
Abu Dhabi, UAE.
"...As the world trundles along on the wheels of science and technology, the wind whispers a word of caution about the need for diverting our path towards eco-friendliness...By proper redesigning and restructuring, a city can turn eco-friendly, saving millions of lives...Green roofing essentially involves covering the roof of building, partially or completely with vegetation or planting a growing medium over a waterproof membrane..." [9.17.11]

Green building technology on show in Singapore‎, by Jenny Marusiak
"...Elmich, a landscape engineering company headquartered in Singapore, was here to display a variety of easy ways to install green roofs and walls with modular units. The company, whose products are manufactured in Malaysia and designed in Australia, has completed a number of signature projects in Singapore, including the green roof at Marina Barrage, green vertical gardens at Orchard Central Mall and a green roof at Universal Studios..." [9.17.11]

PARK(ing) Day 2011 in San Francisco: “Time to Reclaim the Streets”
Streetsblog San Francisco Blog, by Bryan Goebel
San Francisco, CA.
"People all over San Francisco reclaimed metered parking spaces normally reserved for private automobiles today, and transformed them into living spaces for people to mark PARK(ing) Day...Green roofs are a very effective way of lessening the impact of storm water on a city, especially cities that have combined sewer systems because they retain the storm water and/or delay it. Inspired by architect Renzo Piano’s living roof at the California Academy of Sciences, a green roofing and green infrastructure movement is building in San Francisco..." [9.16.11]

Hills city hall is officially LEED gold, by Stacy Jenkins
Farmington Hills, MI.
"...The city was presented Monday with a plaque recognizing the Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification by the U.S. Green Building Council for the renovations at the building that has become an example of sustainable building practices...Its green roof areas, rain gardens, solar panels, low-flow water fixtures, natural light, porous pavers, use of recycled materials, geo exchange heating and cooling, solar hot water and efficient use of space have contributed to the gold certification — and much more..." [9.15.11]

South Africa ready to host COP 17 Summit, by Miller Matola
Durban, South Africa.
"An increasingly vocal player in the fight against climate change, South Africa leads by example. When the sun rises over Durban's Indian Ocean coastline in November, the world's eyes will be firmly centered on the city as the world gathers for the 17th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP 17)...Durban is piloting a Green Roof Project and extensive community reforestation projects to show how Africa's biodiversity can become a tool, not just for fighting climate change, but in creating economic opportunities..." [9.15.11]

Remington head office earns green certification
Calgary Herald, by Staff
Calgary, Canada.
"The Calgary head office of Remington Development Corporation has been awarded LEED Gold certification from the Canada Green Building Council. Remington said its Quarry Park West building is Alberta's first privately-developed suburban office project to earn the designation...Quarry Park West's unique environmentally friendly features include: 100 per cent of irrigation demands supplied by rainwater captured in three cisterns; 384 tonnes, or 76 per cent, of waste diverted from landfill during construction; 1,500 square metres of green roof; 76 per cent of the building is day lit." [9.14.11]

City Hall's green roof is cutting down on city's energy consumption
Campbell River Mirror, by Kristen Douglas
Campbell River, Canada.
"City Hall's award-winning green roof is saving the city thousands of dollars a year in energy costs. The roof provides energy savings in part because of its vegetative layer that protects the waterproof membrane from UV damage, temperature variations, and physical damage, says Amber Zirnhelt, the city’s sustainability manager..." [9.13.11]

How Design Can Save NYC When The Next Big Storm Hits
Co.Design, by Suzanne Labarre
New York, NY.
"In the wake of Irene, we revisit a proposal by Architecture Research Office to guard lower Manhattan against flood damage using so-called "soft" infrastructure--marshland, green roofs, and more...As part of PlaNYC, Mayor Bloomberg has commissioned dozens of acres parkland, which will help absorb stormwater runoff. More recently, the city issued an outline for improving water quality by supplementing traditional infrastructure with “soft” features like swales and green roofs..." [9.12.11]

Restaurants awarded BCA Green Mark certification‎
Channel News Asia, by Wayne Chan
"Singapore's Building and Construction Authority (BCA) announced on Monday that it is extending its Green Mark scheme to restaurants...This is believed to be the first such green building certification scheme in the world to include restaurants. The restaurant has a green roof, a rain water harvesting system and is designed to save energy and water..." [9.12.11]

How to Build a Greener City
Wall Street Journal, by Michael Totty
"Can cities be part of the environmental solution instead of part of the problem?...Green Roofs Rooftops, which take up a fifth of urban surface area, can be used to support solar panels or wind turbines, but they're otherwise underutilized. Covering the tops of buildings with grasses, shrubs and other plants can deliver a host of benefits. Though often more costly than traditional coverings, green roofs can provide insulation and trim a building's heating and cooling needs..." [9.11.11]

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum's Focus on Sustainable Design
Treehugger, by Roberta Cruger
New York, NY.
"From a green roof to locally harvested trees, the National September 11 Memorial and Museum opens on the 10th anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center with a dedication and much media coverage of every angle...A grove of more than 400 swamp white oak trees on the Plaza creates a peaceful green space that serves as a green roof for the 9/11 Memorial museum, the train station and other facilities 70-feet below street level..." [9.11.11]

Landscape combines beauty and function
Kansas City Star, by Maria Cote
Kansas City, MO.
"...Eric Kramer, with Reed Hilderbrand Associates in Watertown, Mass., worked with local landscape architect Jeff Bruce, managing principal of Jeffrey L. Bruce & Co. Kramer’s company took the lead on the north part of the Kauffman Center and the grounds around it, and Bruce’s company was in charge of the green roof over the city-built parking garage on the south side of the center..." [9.10.11]

Green Chevron gas station opens in Oregon
USA Today Blog, by Wendy Koch
Beaverton, OR.
"Green building has reached office buildings, airports, homes, churches -- and now, a gas station. In Beaverton, Ore., a redeveloped Chevron station opened today that touts a green roof, solar panels, geothermal power and bio-diesel fuel. 'We decided to be as green as possible,' says owner Bob Barman, who did a multimillion-dollar redevelopment of the Highland Chevron 'Extra Mile' Food Market. It cost more, but we'll save about $2,000 each month in energy costs. Besides, he adds: It's the right thing to do..." [9.9.11]

A rain garden is the latest must-have for the ecofriendly gardener, by Kate Bradbury
London, UK.
"...Rain gardens absorb rainfall, allowing it to slowly seep into the ground. The New Wild Garden's focal point is an office, topped with a green roof planted with low-maintenance wildflowers, herbs, flowering perennials and sedums. Green roofs absorb rainfall, compensating for the loss of green space beneath them and reducing the amount of water hitting the ground. Download a DIY guide from" [9.9.11]

Gardening Blog: Green Roofs
BBC, by Dusty Gedge
"Green roofs have slowly entered the mainstream. Many new developments are having green roofs installed as part of their designs. There is a growing industry catering for the large-scale construction industry, however, for me, it is the small scale green roofs that offer a chance to really do interesting things. Green roofs are now being accepted as an important part of sustainable construction and climate change adaptation, which is very important..." [9.8.11]

Young scientist‎: Green roof bridges generations
Memphis Commercial Appeal, by Jamie Elkington
Memphis, TN.
"...Chesne discovered the environmental benefits of a green roof system through her project, 'Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Green Roof Grow?' For her research, she sought resources from her local library and the expertise of a local roof contractor. She then met with Mike Isom, director of plant operations at Trezevant in East Memphis, who has overseen the installation of several green roof systems since the senior community's most recent expansion..." [9.8.11]

Chicago Department of Aviation publishes sustainability report‎
Airport World Online, by Dominic Welling
Chicago, IL.
"The Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) has launched its 2011 Sustainability Report for O’Hare and Midway airports, highlighting the gateways’ efforts to be as green as possible...Rosemarie Andolino, CDA Commissioner, said: Chicago is on the cutting edge of national efforts to make airports greener...Some of these projects include the installation of vegetated green roofs..." [9.8.11]

City gardens grow to a whole new level‎
The Star, by Colin Drury
London, UK.
"...There are about 25 to 30 of these green roofs across Sheffield - more than any other city in the UK outside London, says Nigel Dunnett. They’re all around but most people have no idea. They pass these buildings every day but don’t realise above their heads are these incredible nature reserves sharing our city with us. Indeed, these aerial gardens are a top some of our most famous buildings - including The Cube, in Shoreham Street; the Jessop Building in Leavy Greave Road; the Sound Box, in Gell Street; and Sharrow School in Sitwell Road, Sharrow..." [9.6.11]

Rooftop Gardening Workshops At Your Local Grocery Store‎, by Yi Chen
Toronto, Canada.
"A grocery store in Toronto, Canada, has converted its rooftop into a gardening workshop. The Green Roof workshop is organised by The Big Carrot, a Canadian supermarket that specializes in organic, GMO-free and environmentally safe products. The workshops are aimed at urban dwellers and include how to winter-proof an urban garden and the benefits of using non-toxic household products..." [9.5.11]

Greens dig for roof plants to beat heat
Hong Kong Standard, by Samson Lee
Hong Kong, China.
"...Hong Kong has just experienced one of the hottest Augusts since 1884, with a monthly mean temperature of 29.5 degrees Celsius, equaling the record set in 1990 and 1998, said president Roy Tam Hoi-pong, citing the Hong Kong Observatory. With sunlight directly hitting rooftops, temperatures can reach up to 50 degrees, he said. But with plants on rooftops, sunlight would be absorbed instead and the temperature could drop to 30 degrees..." [9.5.11]

Energy saving starts at the top‎
Omaha World-Herald, by Michael Bamesberger
Lincoln, NE.
"...In June, the junior-high-turned-research-facility became the first building at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to be fitted with a state-of-the-art "green roof," made of small, drought-resistant, water-storing plants....Green roofs also have been popping up off-campus in Nebraska. In Omaha, more than 10 green roofs have been installed on buildings within the past two to three years, said Kent Holm, the Douglas County environmental services director..." [9.4.11]

Greening the concrete jungle
The Economist, by Staff
Chicago, IL.
"...Planted in 2000, City Hall’s “green roof” reduces the amount of energy needed to cool the building in the summer; captures water during rainstorms, thus reducing the amount of water flowing into Chicago’s already overtaxed sewers; and combats the urban “heat island” effect, which makes cities warmer than nearby rural areas. On average, air temperatures above City Hall are 10-15°F degrees lower than those above the adjacent black-tar roof of the Cook County Building; on hot summer days the difference can be as great as 50°F..." [9.3.11]

Architect and 9/11 Memorial Both Evolved Over the Years
New York Times, by Ted Loos
New York, NY.
"...Like everything else about ground zero, the story of how the memorial got back on track is complicated, and involves many players...It includes a plaza with more than 400 swamp white oak trees, an area that will serve as a green roof over an underground museum designed by Aedas Architects with an entrance pavilion designed by the Norwegian firm Snohetta..." [9.2.11]

Towson University opens Liberal Arts building
World Interior Design Network, by Staff
Baltimore, MD.
"...Towson University has inaugurated its LEED certified Liberal Arts building located on campus in Baltimore, Maryland...The building has won the US Green Building Council's (USGBC) LEED silver certification for its environmentally friendly features in energy efficiency and construction. The building has a green roof, 50% of which is covered with plants..." [9.2.11]

Green roofs, algae part of UW AG research tour in Wyoming
The Prairie Star, by Staff
Laramie, WY.
"...if attendees weren’t mindful where they stepped, they would walk on portions of the roof of the newest building on the UW campus – a green roof by UW extension horticulturist Karen Panter. There were also trial plots of plants – fescues, sugar beets, peas and weed control re-search – that the approximately 70 attending the tours learned about...For example, we have genetic engineering of corn by professor Anne Sylvester and Steve Herbert growing the algae..." [9.1.11]

While creeping development brings flooding, change is slow and costly
Philadelphia Inquirer, by Sandy Bauers
Philadelphia, PA.
"...In the last decade, engineers, regulators, and developers have embraced the idea of turning parking lots, fields, and roofs into giant sponges that hold rainwater long enough to let it percolate into the ground...Philadelphia has been touted as being emblematic of the solution: Its $2 billion plan to foster a plethora of smaller swales, gardens, green roofs, and more - instead of a giant underground tank that simply holds the water until it can be treated - is considered a national model..." [8.31.11]

Planting the green roof. What is a native plant, really?
Native Plants & Wildlife Gardens, by Kevin Songer
"...Watching acres of green roof sedum planted across North America each year makes me wonder if the majority of our neighbors and our municipal bureaucrats buying the sedum roofs don’t really care about native plants, much less hybrids and cultivars...And most important of all, the green roof is going to survive and grow without added irrigation or fertilizers, contribute to biodiversity, offer beauty, clean stormwater, sequester carbon, produce oxygen and create an integrated pest management system..." [8.30.11]

Announcing the Global Green USA Green School Makeover Competition: A Chance to Win $65,000 to Green Your School!
The journal, by David Nagel
. "Global Green USA and Pureology have launched a new competition that will award five schools with funds to implement energy and environmental upgrades on their campuses. The Green School Makeover Competition will award one school with a $65,000 grant to fund school renovations, which can include anything from green roofs to environmental quality upgrades to new heating and ventilation systems..." [8.29.11]

NYC’s urban agriculture potential
SmartPlanet, by Tyler Falk
New York, NY.
"New York City is the most dense major city in the U.S. So how much land could possibly be available to farm? With limited space in the city, would urban agriculture be more of an asset or a burden? A new report from the Urban Design Lab at Columbia University’s Earth Institute dives into these questions to explore the city’s urban agriculture potential...Existing green roof incentive programs have not been designed to support rooftop agriculture..." [8.28.11]

Are East Coast Cities Prepared for Impacts of Hurricane Irene?
Natural Resources Defense Council Blog, by Jon Devine
"...While it’s not clear what impact climate change might have on the frequency of hurricanes, they are likely to become stronger as sea surface temperatures increase. A recent NRDC report provides some insight – exploring similar anticipated impacts from extreme weather (including more frequent and intense storms, and increased flooding), which we expect to increase in various parts of the country as a result of climate change..." [8.27.11]

Steven Holl Architects' Horizontal Skyscraper Wins American Architecture Award
International Business Times, by Alison Furuto
Shenzhen, China.
"...With over 45,000 of the 60,000 square meter site planted and the addition of the building’s green roof, the total planted area of the project is roughly equal to the site before development. By lifting the building off the ground, the project is both a building and a landscape, a delicate intertwining of sophisticated engineering and the natural environment. The project employs some of the most forward-thinking sustainable design strategies. It utilizes greywater recycling, rain water harvesting, green roofs, dynamically controlled operable louvers, and high-performing glass..." [8.26.11]

The Coolest Things in Nintendo's American Headquarters
Kotaku, by Stephen Totilo
Redmond, WA.
"...Nintendo is proud of how green their building is. It opened in May 2010 and received a Gold rating by the D.C.-based non-profit U.S. Green Building Council as part of that group's recognition of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED...The roof is alive, covered in some 75,000 square feet of Sedum, a ground-covering plant that is used on the headquarters to insulate the roof from the sun and to help capture rainwater as it is diverted into a tank nearby and filtered cleanly into nearby streams..." [8.25.11]

Making Every Raindrop Count‎
New York Times, by Anne Raver
Austin, TX.
"...Gardeners are embracing those prairie grasses with equal enthusiasm because of their heat and drought tolerance. These natives can be found in many of the city’s lawns, ornamental gardens and even green roofs. Remarkably, these deep-rooted plants can adjust to shallow soils, helping to cool houses and absorb rain — when there is some..." [8.24.11]

St. Elizabeth Hospital revealing more of its new look
Appleton Post Crescent, by Larry Avila
Appleton, WI.
"In the long term, the living roof atop the Cancer Center’s entrance will bring added benefits to the hospital beyond reduced energy costs. Studies have shown that people heal faster when they can see plants and green space...The plants themselves will provide a cooling effect as well, so they will see some savings there, and it will help to collect rain water so it will help reduce water flow into storm sewers..." [8.24.11]

New utility could manage flood area, by Joe Smydo
Pittsburgh, PA.
"...In May, the authority board awarded a $150,000 contract to Michael Baker Corp. to study the feasibility of creating a stormwater 'district' or 'authority'. The entity would manage stormwater for the city, if not the region, and give businesses financial incentives to use green roofs, permeable pavement and other measures to control runoff, said city Councilman Patrick Dowd, a water and sewer authority board member..." [8.24.11]

A Green Roof is Evolving at the Museum of London
Treehugger, by Bonnie Alter
"As part of the Museum of London's massive refurbishment, they have begun to install an ambitious green roof on the top of the building. This will be a long-term research and demonstration project, rather than the sexy public spaces that we have seen on other buildings. By having a number of different habitats, it will show the diversity that green roofs can have. There are plans for wildflower meadows, wetland areas, bluebell wood and planted walls. All using recycled materials from the existing roof..." [8.24.11]

Dewey Decimal gets a new home: Centennial College to open library and academic facility, by Staff
Toronto, Canada.
"Centennial College will mark the completion of its visionary plan for a new library and academic facility at Progress Campus with an official opening ceremony...Built to LEED Gold certification standards, the four-storey structure recycles its gray water, supports vegetation on its green roof and features a spectacular 16.5-metre-high bio-wall of live plants that can remove indoor airborne contaminants..." [8.24.11]

A Bronx high school tests integrated green roof technologies
Engineering for Change, by Rob Goodier
Bronx, NY.
"...The experiment's site is an actual green roof on a building on the school's campus that the students also built. It is the first green roof on a public school in New York City, installed last year as part of the school's new sustainability initiative. The students planted the roof in sedum and other crops. They built rainwater harvesters and solar-powered irrigation and transformed it into a naturally-cooled showcase of urban farming technology..." [8.23.11]

HQ keeps cool under green roof
Air Force Space Command, by Lea Johnson
Peterson Air Force Base, CO.
"The expanse of flora on the roof of the 21st Space Wing Headquarters building is a surprise to those who don't know it's there. There are 2,100 trays of sedum plants covering most of the 19,000 square foot roof, but it's more than a rooftop oasis. The GreenGrid roof system was installed in December 2007 as part of an Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency grant...The goal is to create a microclimate that provides a conducive environment, lowering roof temperatures and minimizing the "heat island effect" by lowering the overall carbon footprint..." [8.22.11]

EverGreen Elementary School a big hit
Wayne Independent, by Tammy Compton
Lake Ariel, PA.
"Parents were very interested to learn more about the rooftop garden and the on-property greenhouse...Planted with about 6,000 perennials, the rooftop garden is designed to take the runoff from the roof and put into a bio-retention, to take that water so it doesn’t get wasted...It’s a complete learning center. The children can learn in every area of this building, whether it be the greenhouse, the rooftop garden, the classroom, the library..." [8.22.11]

Federal Building roof goes "green", by Staff
Louisville, KY.
"The largest green roof in Kentucky is now growing on a building in Louisville. It will help the environment and cut costs at the same time...Shyam Reddy of the General Services Administration adds, the vegetative green roof reduces replacement, reduces roof replacements, and the maintenance required over the building's life cycle, it also cuts down on summer heat gain and winter heat loss, it minimizes rainwater runoff and it reduces greenhouse gas emissions at the site..." [8.22.11]

Why London 'super sewer' may not work, by US city chiefs‎
London24, by Lucy Purdy
London, UK.
"Officials from two cities in the USA have warned Thames Water bosses not to bank on their multi-billion pound “super-sewer” to clean up the Thames...I would only look at a deep tunnel as part of a comprehensive strategy. The first priority would be prevention and improvement work to stop basement flooding. The second would be stopping rainwater from entering sewers by disconnecting downspouts, and setting up rain gardens and green roof initiatives..." [8.22.11]

Sprucing up Singapore's urban landscape
Channel News Asia, by Evelyn Choo
"Expect Singapore's urban landscape to be spruced up with nature over the next decade. The National Parks Board or NParks on Monday revealed its "City in a Garden" framework - which could see more skyrise greenery and green urban spaces...But he also said the greenery would extend vertically, with sky gardens. He called upon Singaporeans to do their part to bring this vision into reality by taking better care of the environment and natural heritage." [8.22.11]

Green goes well at community college's Wildwood campus
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, by Mary Shapiro
St. Louis. MO.
"Four years after a green roof and other green features were installed at the St. Louis Community College Wildwood campus, they're saving the college lots of green...Dennis Dill, district manager of maintenance and HVAC for the St. Louis Community College District, said the green features save the district about $45,000 annually at the campus...The Green Roof Blocks company installed this greenroof..." [8.19.11]

Banrock Station toasts 'living billboard' to help biodiversity
Business Green, by Staff
London, UK.
"First there were living walls and green roofs, but the latest craze in urban greenery could be living adverts as companies seek innovative ways to promote their environmental credentials...The advert, in London's Westfield Shopping Centre, consists of more than 800 native British plants from 14 different species, and took more than two months to grow and 12 hours to install..." [8.19.11]

Green Building Challenges for the Fire Service, by Jack J. Murphy and Jim Tidwell
"...Enhanced insulation products and techniques, high-performance glazing, and vegetative roofs are a few of the shell components that contribute to sustainability. Although some have little or no effect on fire safety, others present significant challenges...Fire department concerns regarding vegetated roof systems include the following: Roof load, Roof Drainage, Roof slope, Roof Access, Supporting structures, Fire exposure, Parapets, and Wind-speed..." [8.19.11]

Fuzhou plans to popularize roof greening
China Daily, by Staff
Fuzhou, China.
"Fuzhou has made a lot of useful attempts to ‘green’ roofs. Some of their efforts are being highly praised by specialists. The city has been awarded second prize for scientific technical progress in Fujian province for their light roof greening projects, which utilizes vertical greening plants on roofs. Also, Fuzhou has been active in promoting the positive results of this practical application..." [8.19.11]

Former brownfield a national model
Portland Tribune, by Ellen Spitaleri
Portland, OR.
"The mix of apartments and townhomes features green roofs, rain gardens and other eco-friendly landscaping, earning the public-private development’s recent selection as a model program for the Sustainable Sites Initiative. The initiative is laying the groundwork for the first national rating system for sustainable landscapes, similar to the Green Building Council’s LEED ratings for building design, says Jim Lapides, public relations manager of the American Society of Landscape Architects..." [8.18.11]

Winners from the rooftop to dam bottom
Independent Online, by Kay Montgomery
Cape Town, South Africa.
"...Two of the trophies, including the coveted Sali Shield, the industry’s highest national honour, went to Glenn Norrie of Capescapes for his landscape installation and a rooftop garden at the Life Science Faculty, University of the Western Cape. The stunning roof garden at the Life Sciences Building at the University of the Western Cape requires plants with soil-binding roots to hold the soil on the slightly sloping site..." [8.18.11]

'Rainwater Tour' Gives Residents Ideas for Better Stormwater Management, by Caitlin Moran
Redmond, WA.
"Plentiful precipitation has never been a well-loved characteristic of the Puget Sound region, but increased environmental awareness is now giving many North westerners a new reason not to like rain: pollution from stormwater runoff...Rain gardens, green roofs and the added use of pervious surfaces also helps slow stormwater flow into the streams, which in turn mitigates stream bank erosion and flooding..." [8.16.11]

How Does Your Rooftop Grow?, by Patricia Culligan
"...To better understand urban green roof behavior, a team of researchers at Columbia University, including Patricia Culligan, Stuart Gaffin and Wade McGillis — in partnership with Columbia University's Office of Environmental Stewardship and the Earth Institute's Urban Design Lab — are instrumenting a suite of extensive green roofs throughout New York City..." [8.16.11]

Time for green roofs
Chattanooga Times Free Press, by Staff
Chattanooga, TN.
"...Similarly, consumption of electricity for air conditioning in urban areas can be significantly reduced by mitigating the heat-island effect of cities, where so many paved streets and layered flat roofs capture and retain solar heat. Even cities in colder climes -- Toronto and Philadelphia, for example -- have begun mandating the installation of green roofs to mitigate both storm-water runoff and the heat-island effect that drives up air-conditioning costs and forces electric utilities to add more costly capacity..." [8.16.11]

Green Learning Station programs set to bloom
Soapbox Cincinnati, by Matt Cunningham
Cincinnati, OH.
"...The $1.2 million Green Learning station showcases a wide range of environmentally friendly technology, including a composting facility, a green roof and pervious pavers to control water runoff...students from the University of Cincinnati and environmental engineers are using sensors to track how the station's green roof, pervious pavers and other rainwater control measures perform on a near-real-time basis..." [8.16.11]

Experts Consider City's Infrastructure After Storm, by Courtney Gross
New York, NY.
"...the Bloomberg administration released a proposal to divert storm water from the system, promising to reduce overflow by 40 percent by 2030...Experts champion the proposals, which include the planting of street trees, the exploration of porous pavement and the construction of green roofs. If you add that up, between 10 or 20 billion gallons of water a year would never go into the wastewater process system. That's an enormous dent in the problem..." [8.16.11]

U.S. cities prepare to adapt to climate change
USA Today, by Wendy Koch
"...An increasing number of cities have begun vulnerability assessments, and some — notably Chicago — are already taking steps to counter adverse effects...Chicago is planting trees and replacing impervious surfaces such as concrete sidewalks with permeable materials to allow rain to seep into the ground. It has more than 600 green roof projects completed or underway..." [8.16.11]

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Top 10 Clean Energy Initiatives
Green Chip Stocks, by Shawn Lesser
New York, NY.
"...In September of 2010, Bloomberg researched the new NYC Green Infrastructure Plan. This plan presents a new approach to improving the water quality in New York City by integrating green infrastructure, including green roofs and swales, with numerous investments aimed at optimizing the current system as well as build cost effective, targeted traditional infrastructure. This plan lines up with Bloomberg’s umbrella PlanNYC..." [8.15.11]

Implementing sustainable practices on key urban issues‎
Natural Resources Defense Council Blog, by Kaid Benfield
"...Green infrastructure techniques such as green roofs, roadside plantings, rain gardens, and rainwater harvesting not only improve water quality; they also transform rainwater from a source of pollution into a valuable community resource. Done well, low impact development helps to literally green the urban landscape, cool and cleanse the air, reduce asthma and heat-related illnesses, cut heating and cooling energy costs, create urban oases of open space, and generate green landscaping and construction jobs..." [8.15.11]

Want a garden without wasting water? Green Mat is the answer, by Emmanuelle Landais
"A thin, natural fibre mat created in Dubai is encouraging the bloom of rooftop gardens in the city by radically reducing cooling bills due to the double insulation they provide for homes and high-rises. Green roofs are recognised worldwide for helping to reduce urban heat island effect, the term given to the overheating of urban and suburban areas due to increased paved, built-over and hard surface areas..." [8.15.11]

Roofmeadow's Bus Shelter Green Roof selected for Leverage exhibition
Roofmeadow Blog Post, by Jane Winkel
Philadelphia, PA.
"We are very pleased to announce that our Bus Shelter Green Roof project will be included in this year’s Leverage: Strengthening Neighborhoods through Design exhibition. The exhibition will feature more than 40 community-based projects initiated in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago and Dallas by design firms, non-profits and public agencies..." [8.12.11]

New Clackamas County Service District No. 1 plant in Oregon City features new, green technologies, by Yuxing Zheng
Oregon City, OR.
"Clackamas County Service District No. 1's new sewage treatment plant in Oregon City recently celebrated its grand opening. The new plant boasts a number of unique sustainability features, including the green roofs, which will absorb rainfall and insulate the buildings...On three of the buildings, 20,000 square feet of green roofs absorb rainfall like a sponge and minimize the amount of water that accumulates on the site..." [8.12.11]

Rooftop Garden Inspires Chehalis Seniors to Get Their Hands Dirty
Centralia Chronicle, by Victoria Stewart
Chehalis, WA.
"...So far, the rooftop garden, which is located on a flat rooftop terrace over the main entrance hall of the Vintage Apartments, sports a new large American flag waving in the wind...The project is already having an effect on the residents. Some people who haven’t come out of their rooms very much are coming out to see this and enjoy it and marvel at it..." [8.12.11]

Gardens are growing on green roofs around town‎
Indianapolis Star, by Barb Berggoetz
Indianapolis, IN.
"All around the area are signs that Indianapolis is embracing the idea of creating a green community...What makes these green initiatives new? They are doing it all on the rooftops, creating "green roofs" that essentially grow plants -- grasses, shrubs, trees, even vegetables, on the roof...Eli Lilly's four green roofs at its corporate headquarters at 893 S. Delaware St. also prevent more than 450,000 gallons annually of storm water from entering the city's sewer systems..." [8.12.11]

Target Center's green roof: a prairie in the sky‎, by Meleah Maynard
Minneapolis, MN.
"Installed in September of 2009, the green roof is nearing the end of its second full summer. So far so good, says Tom Reller, senior director of operations for the Target Center. The city wanted to make a sustainable choice with this roof and except for one little bad spot that had to be fixed, everything has been going really well up here...Not surprisingly, it took a team of experts to make the $5.32 million green roof project a success. The design team included: Kestrel Design Group, who created the green roof design..." [8.12.11]

Green roof laid on Kalamazoo's City Hall‎
Kalamazoo Gazette -, by Fritz Klug
Kalamazoo, MI.
"Something is growing on top of City Hall. Installation of a 4,600 square-foot green roof should be completed today on top of one of Kalamazoo’s most recognizable buildings. About 2,300, 1-by-2-foot trays are being installed, said Jennifer Smith, a sales specialists for LiveRoof, a Spring Lake-based company which is providing the vegetation for the roof...It costs between $20 and $25 per square foot for the plants..." [8.12.11]

Big ideas for small spaces shared at gardening fair‎, by Danielle Milley
Toronto, Canada.
"From rooftops to balconies to tiny backyards, gardens can bloom anywhere, even in small spaces. An event organized by Live Green Toronto in partnership with the Carrot Common Green Roof is aiming to help people grow food anywhere...The fair will also feature guided tours of the new Carrot Common Green Roof where a variety of items are being grown. The 10,000-square-foot space features herbs, medicinal herbs, flowers and food such as tomatoes, kale, okra, beans, eggplant and zucchini..." [8.12.11]

Earthquake ravaged Christchurch unveils low-rise 'city in a garden', by Paul Chapman
Christchurch, New Zealand.
"The ambitious £1 billion draft plan for rebuilding the heart of New Zealand's second biggest city over the next 20 years was developed from more than 106,000 ideas put forward by the public. It envisages an environmentally conscious city of parks and green open spaces, rooftop gardens, cycle tracks, and a light rail network linking the centre and suburbs..." [8.11.11]

Fruitful harvest of unseeded rooftop colonies, by Emma Marris
New York, NY.
"...Charlie Miller, founder of the company Roofmeadow in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, says that Aloisio isn't the first to be curious about what might show up on an unseeded green roof...The director of the International Green Roof Association, Wolfgang Ansel, who is based in Nürtingen, Germany, says that whether a self-colonized roof is considered acceptable is all a matter of culture and expectations..." [8.11.11]

As Ecosystems, Cities Yield Some Surprises
New York Times Blog, by Hillary Rosner
New York, NY.
"...The project is studying seven green roofs, including one at the main post office building on Eighth Avenue in Manhattan, to understand their role in preventing sewage from spilling into the city's waterways during heavy rains...Scientists were able to show that installing features like green roofs and porous pavements could reduce storm water runoff..." [8.11.11]

NCKU green building gets LEED Platinum status
Focus Taiwan News Channel, by Y. F. Low
Taipei, China.
"An eco-friendly building at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) has achieved LEED Platinum certification -- the highest level of recognition from the U.S. Green Building Council, the university...It is equipped with solar chimneys that can move hot air out of the conference hall and replace it with cool air without the use of air conditioning. There are also toilets that can reduce water runoff and green roofs that use lightweight ceramics..." [8.11.11]

Car dealership buzzing with sweet activity
Vancouver Sun, by Darah Hansen
Vancouver, Canada.
"...The 62,000-sq.-ft. facility opened in 2007 with more than $1 million in sustainable features, including a 16-metre-tall wind turbine, solar panels, rooftop garden and geothermal heating and cooling system. The bees arrived two years later, after Neumann began reading with alarm news articles on the global collapse of honey bee colonies, known as colony collapse disorder..." [8.8.11]

New Canary Wharf Tower to be built at 25 Churchill Place Building half pre-let to the European Medicines Agency, by Staff
London, UK.
"Canary Wharf Group and EMA have agreed a pre-let of 250,000 square feet in a new office building of over 500,000 square feet to be constructed at 25 Churchill Place, Canary Wharf in London...Canary Wharf also has one of Britain’s highest concentrations of ‘green’ roofs, reducing energy use and encouraging biodiversity. Canary Wharf Group plc is one of the Sunday Times Best Green Companies in Britain..." [8.8.11]

Niagara researchers ask: What makes the best green roof?
St. Catharines Standard, by Samantha Craggs
St. Catharines, Canada.
"Green roofs are popular in Europe, but they haven't really taken off in Canada. Research scientist Rumen Conev is hoping to change that. Conev, who researches ornamental plant breeding at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, is heading up a study to identify native plant species that will improve green roofs in Canada..." [8.5.11]

How climate change threatens health in your state Blog, by Janet Fang
"The Natural Resources Defense Council has just launched a website called Climate Change Threatens Health – which shows the local effects of changing climate...New York's strategy includes employing smart grid technology to warn of power outage risks during high heat and pollution days and having a state green roof..." [8.5.11]

Downtown building gets new green roof
YNN, by Staff
Syracuse, NY.
"A local building gets a new environmentally-friendly roof with some help from Onondaga County's Green Improvement Fund. The roof of the Monroe Building in downtown Syracuse now has a surface that will retain storm water. The roof of the Monroe Building in downtown Syracuse now has a surface that will retain storm water. It's projected to capture more than 90,000 gallons of water each year..." [8.4.11]

Health centre goes batty for wildlife
South Yorkshire Times, by Staff
Doncaster, UK.
"Health chiefs who masterminded a £7m new health centre have gone bats... literally. Five roosting areas and boxes for birds and bats have been set up at the Stone Castle Centre in Conisbrough which opened last month. The environmentally friendly health centre is also the first clinic in the area to have a part sedum roof..." [8.4.11]

'Living walls' great backdrops for floral tapestry, by Dean Fosdick
Ashville, NC.
"...Living walls can be created in many different styles like this floral tapestry, which was inspired by a stained glass window done by Louis Comfort Tiffany. The design is made up entirely of flowers and colorful foliage...The Biltmore's floral tapestry is just one living-wall variation. Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pa., has designed another. It is said to be America's largest living wall, with 47,000 plants from 25 different woodland plant species..." [8.4.11]

Library installs green rooftop
TribLocal, by Melissa Jenco
Elgin, IL.
"The Gail Borden Public Library is planting a message of sustainability for the Elgin community right on its own rooftop. The library recently covered parts of its roof with plants officials expect to absorb rainwater, produce oxygen and provide extra insulation for the building...The plants are low maintenance and only will need to be watered if there is an extended drought..." [8.3.11]

Clean Water and Livable Communities: New Report Shows How Communities Support Clean Water and Redevelopment
American Rivers Blog, by Katherine Baer
"Where would you rather live – community A in vibrant, thriving area but one that is hot and floods every time it rains, or community B in a vibrant, thriving area that is cooled by trees and green roofs where pocket gardens and green streets soak up water to help reduce local floods and sewer overflows?.." [8.2.11]

New York City Council Passes Two Bills to Encourage Urban Farming & Rooftop Greenhouses Blog, by Will Giron
New York, NY
. "New Yorkers have been growing urban farms for quite some time, but it finally looks like the city government is officially supporting urban farming efforts. City Council passed two bills last week in an effort to support consumption and production of local foods and farming. The first bill supports and encourages the construction of rooftop greenhouses, while the second aims to free up land for urban farm use..." [8.2.11]

Millennium Science Complex nears finish, readies for advanced research, by Staff
University Park, PA.
"...Designed by architect Rafael Vinoly, the Millennium Science Complex's most visually notable architectural feature is a large cantilever joining the life sciences and material sciences wings. Beneath the cantilever is a plaza and garden that doubles as a green roof for the lab space below. Green roofs are part of efforts to make the building LEED-certified, the U.S. standard for environmental and energy efficiency..." [8.1.11]

Roof gardens soften hard edges of city living
Reuters, by Chris Michaud
New York, NY.
"As the mean streets of many cities undergo a renaissance into vibrant downtown meccas, rooftop and terrace gardens, largely invisible to the public eye, are creating a verdant canopy...Luxury condos are installing "green roofs" as an amenity, while enhancing energy efficiency, and locavore movement chefs lovingly tend to their herb and vegetable crops to spike their sauces and grace their artisanal pizzas..." [8.1.11]

Go Green with Greenroofs Seattle, by Jim Dever
Seattle, WA.
"Jim Dever tells us how some of your innovative neighbors are doubling the size of their yards without adding a square inch. Find out about the latest green trend to hit the Northwest. Learn more at,, you can watch a video about green roofs with Patrick Carey, our Architecture Editor..." [7.30.11]

Food: A taste of the high life
Daily Mail, by Fiona Mccarthy
Manhattan, New York.
"...High up on the 12th floor rooftop, the urban fruit and vegetable patch supplies the hotel with much of its summer produce, and the flowers go to fill vases around the 86-room hotel...Thanks in part to its rooftop garden, Crosby Street was recently recognized as the greenest new hotel build in New York, the only hotel in the entire state to win Gold certification from the prestigious international body LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)..." [7.30.11]

A green space for New Hope, by Amanda Cregan
Doylestown, PA.
"The grass is greener on a rooftop in New Hope. Chris Mastronardi of Yardley and Dennis Hough from Morrisville installed plants on the roof of the New Hope municipal building, the first town hall in Bucks County to get a green roof. The installation by LiveRoof cost $45,000 and includes two years of maintenance..." [7.29.11]

MVH patient tower earns LEED designation‎
Dayton Daily News, by Staff
Dayton, OH.
"Miami Valley Hospital has been awarded LEED Silver certification for its 12-story, $135 million patient tower...The hospital also planted green roofs, which include 11,000 square feet of living plants. Such roofs are meant to cut stormwater run-off and insulate the building, thereby cutting heating and cooling costs..." [7.28.11]

Wide open spaces
Lawn & Landscape, by Carolyn Lawell
"Want double-digit growth? The green roof market is exploding. Brush up on the basics and take your company to the next level...There are two factors that need to be considered before the design process begins. “No. 1, we have to know what the structural load capacity is for the rooftop. That is going to tell us how much additional weight we can put on that roof, if any,” says George Irwin, president of manufacturer Green Living Technologies International, which is headquartered in Rochester, N.Y...Also read Marketing and selling green roofs..." [7.27.11]

Eco-living and Home Tour returns in August
Gulf Islands Driftwood, by Staff
Salt Springs Island, Canada.
"Back by popular demand, Salt Spring’s Eco-Living and Home Tour returns Sunday, August 7...Dr. John Christian will show his new compact 800-square-foot earth-sheltered studio/office with living roof and gardens...Marsh Heinekey, former BCIT Living Roof program director, will give a demonstration of living-roof technologies. Gardening and permaculture experts will share information in their organic food gardens — and much more..." [7.27.11]

Greening the roof: Tacoma resident's DIY green roof is thriving, by Rosemary Ponnekanti
Tacoma, WA.
"Sandra Ruthven’s garage roof is the ideal poster child for the environment. Remodeled and installed with a low-water, low-soil rooftop garden a year ago, it’s now a colorful ecosystem in the sky, attracting bees, hummingbirds and the neighbors’ admiration – oh, and a few annoying baby tree seedlings. Overall, though, it’s been an impressive success, and a learning experience for Ruthven and her family..." [7.27.11]

Atop the Sky Garden at UofT
blogTO, by Alexandra and Elena Hall
Toronto, Canada.
"...If you look up, way up to the top of U of T's Galbraith Building, you may catch a glimpse of the Sky Garden. Initiated by the Urban Agriculture Society (a student chapter of the Food and Water Institute) and maintained by dedicated group of volunteers and urban agriculture enthusiasts, the Sky Garden is one of Toronto's largest rooftop vegetable gardens and the first of its kind on a Canadian university rooftop..." [7.26.11]

Supermarket rooftop gardens: an exercise in community building?
The Ecologist, by Eifion Rees
"...The major hurdle is weight load, particularly on newer, out-of-town supermarkets, says Dusty Gedge, founder of Commercial buildings like Budgens - solid structures from the first half of the 20th century - are ideal for purpose. But modern lightweight steel structures may not support even the simplest green roof...Dusty Gedge says it is ‘impossible' for a city to feed itself through roof farming alone, but hails Food from the Sky for being ‘a community activity that is raising awareness and highlighting the issue of food security..." [7.26.11]

First green roof on UD campus will keep class comfortable
The News Journal, by Wade Malcolm
Newark, DE.
"...Rooftop vegetation has sprouted on campuses across the country, from community colleges to Ivy League institutions. Nearby Swarthmore College, a liberal arts school in Delaware County, Pa., has more than 14,000 square feet of plants covering the tops of its buildings. They've been used on commercial buildings as well, said Chad Nelson, an assistant professor of landscape design who has been studying the function and aesthetics of green roofs..." [7.26.11]

Jurys Inn Newcastle Gateshead Quays welcomes a living roof
ITCM, by Staff
Newcastle, UK.
"The highly anticipated new Jurys Inn Newcastle Gateshead Quays is now home to the first green roof of its size...We are on track to open our exciting new hotel in the heart of Gateshead later this Summer. The green roof will help us to become even more energy and waste efficient, ultimately benefiting our local community..." [7.26.11]

It's 128 degrees on Penn Medicine's green roof, but that's cool
Main Line, by Alan Thomas
Berwyn, PA.
"...How much in energy savings is 19 degrees of difference worth?...Bisha says it’s too early to say exactly how much energy the green roof and other design features, such as motion-sensitive lighting, will save. Several more years will be necessary to gather data. And, there are 45,000 more existing square feet of space to be fitted out as the need for more area increases...Watch video on Mainline Media News.." [7.25.11]

Faster payback for green roofs
Greenbuild News, by Staff
"The payback period for green roofs is getting much shorter, according to a report released by Atmos Consulting. The research also shows that green roofs can save energy and cash for both newbuilds and existing buildings...Recent studies show green roofs save two litres of fuel oil/m² per year..." [7.25.11]

New eco-development opened in Wellington, by Staff
Wellington, UK.
"The Wrekin Housing Trust, along with developer Lovell Partnerships, is thrilled to have opened its exciting new eco development, Arleston Lane (now named Windsor Court) in Wellington...There is a mixture of apartments, which feature the grass roof, and houses, two of which have been specially adapted for those with particular requirements...Watch video on YouTube..." [7.25.11]

Honey is at the heart of a beneficial partnership
The Guardian, by David Crowley
London, UK.
"One of the most impressive features of the London office of global investment bank Nomura, located in the City on the banks of the River Thames, is its 36,155 square foot flowering sedum-covered roof...We can use our building's environmental credentials – the roof garden and sedum roof – to give something back to the city by supporting the pollinators and inner city young people..." [7.25.11]

Cool Springs has largest collection of 'green' buildings‎
The Tennessean, by Kevin Walters
Cool Springs, TN.
"...Spectrum’s pursuit of LEED certification comes as the city of Franklin pushes forward on encouraging more-sustainable practices, such as Franklin’s curbside “blue bag” recycling program. The city was recently awarded an LEED gold level of certification for the Columbia Avenue police headquarters for its energy use, lighting, water and material use. The 32,000-square-foot “green roof" on the headquarters is the largest roof using native plant materials east of the Mississippi River..." [7.23.11]

Green roofs and bike racks plus shopping as Walmart comes to PoCo‎
BCLocalNews, by Diane Strandberg
Port Coquitlam, Canada.
"...The tiny, colourful, drought-tolerant plants that more-rightly belonged in rock crevices or an alpine meadow stretched out as far as the eye could see on 113,467 square feet of the roof's 151,290 square-foot surface...The green roof is the first example of PoCo's 2006 bylaw amendment that now requires all buildings over 5,000 square metres (53,821 square feet) to use green technology to reduce the heat island effect of large buildings, boost energy conservation and promote natural dispersion of storm water run-off..." [7.22.11]

Boulders, gardens and green roofs
The Hindu, by Varna Shashidhar
Dambulla, Sri Lanka.
"...It is the first hotel in the world to be LEED Certified (LEED Version 1) by the U.S. Green Building Council in 2000 (rated bronze). It has won the Green Globe Commendation Award over a number of years. Water is managed with great sensitivity in the project. Deep wells on site provide potable water. The flat roofs that are an appropriate response to the dry zone are intensive green roofs; vertical gardens that form a façade over the buildings have resulted in increased biodiversity due to the valuable habitat provided..." [7.22.11]

Report urges action on London flood risk‎
PlanningResource, by Michael Donnelly
"A London Assembly report has called on mayor Boris Johnson to ensure developers make more use of sustainable urban drainage schemes (SUDS) to prevent serious flood damage in the capital...The report also calls for greater use of green roofs to prevent water run off and calls for an existing green roofs fund to be rolled out to include other forms of sustainable drainage to support more exemplar projects to stimulate commercial interest..." [7.22.11]

Green space is gold standard for Hub's residential projects
Boston Herald, by Jennifer Athas
Boston, MA.
"Buyers and renters are becoming more sophisticated and demanding every year, so developers are always trying to stay ahead of the curve. One project that got it right is the Clarendon, a 33-story luxury tower in Boston’s Back Bay...The Macallen won LEED Gold certification in 2008 and the terrace garden along with the building’s sloping green roof were integral to the building’s rating..." [7.22.11]

Postal Service Saves Millions in Energy Costs
PR Newswire, Press Release
New York, NY.
"On the eve of the second anniversary marking completion of one of the country's largest green roofs, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has reported more than $400 million in energy cost avoidance since fiscal year (FY) 2007...The nearly 2.5-acre Postal Service green roof, atop the Morgan Mail Processing and Distribution Facility in New York, is the city's largest green roof. Combined with other energy-saving enhancements, the Morgan green roof helped the facility save more than $1 million in energy costs and 40 percent in energy use in its first year..." [7.21.11]

A lake with a view: Selfridges unveils rowing boats and a cocktail bar as it opens its roof for the first time since WWII
Daily Mail, by Staff
London, UK.
"It was an historic moment –complete with cocktails and a dyed green lake –Selfridges roof garden opened for the first time since World War Two. With a madcap boating lake, thousands of plants and a cocktail bar the prestigious London store has definitely plunged its garden into the 21st Century...The old roof gardens were popular with ladies after shopping and even boasted a miniature golf course..." [7.21.11]

Construction Industry Readies for 2012 Rebound‎
The Epoch Times, by James O. Grundvig
New York, NY.
"...The challenge will be to transform static structures into dynamic ones that contribute to a greener city and improve the quality of life, such as controlling the amount of storm water runoff and carbon sequestering through the green roofs initiatives, as well as reducing the overall “heat tab” effect that hot buildings have in aggregate across the city..." [7.20.11]

Beijing to Develop "Hanging Gardens" on Public Buildings‎, by Staff
Beijing, China.
"Public buildings throughout Beijing that are 12 stories or less are set to become greener under a new project that will dramatically increase the number of plants on roofs throughout Beijing, according to the authorities of the Beijing Municipal Gardening and Greening Bureau, the People's Daily reports...Since the first green-roof project in 1984, around 1.5 million square metres of roofs have been made green, including the roofs of government buildings, hospitals, schools and residential areas..." [7.19.11]

RIBA Award-Winning Dental Practice Rises From The Lush British Countryside
Inhabitat Blog, by Ana Lisa Alperovich
Ivybridge, UK.
"...David Sheppard Architects created a relaxing woodland dental practice that incorporates local materials while blending in with Devon’s luscious countryside...The dental surgery center also features a green sloping sedum roof that follows the topography of the site and a range of photovoltaic panels that produce renewable energy used by the lights and machines..." [7.19.11]

Medical center to feature ‘green’ rooftop
Americus Times-Recorder, by Lisa Law
Americus, GA.
"The new Phoebe Sumter Medical Center (PSMC) anticipated opening date is December 17, 2011 and with it’s opening patients will enjoy the largest green rooftop in the southeastern United’s been proven that patients heal better when surrounded by plants, said Johnson as he explained the benefits of the green roof…" [7.18.11]

Ryan Homes Unveils The Greens at Locust Chapel, Howard County's First Official "Green Neighborhood"
PR Newswire, Press Release
Ellicott City, MD.
"...This revolutionary new community is certified green by the Patuxent Environmental Group, an independent environmental engineering firm that is recognized as a national leader of energy efficiency programs...This community clubhouse and focal point includes a host of green building initiatives, including a fully planted green roof and special rainwater retention and re-use features..." [7.18.11]

Academy of Science's 'living roof' is taking root
Sacramento Bee, by Debbie Arrington
San Francisco, CA.
"Nine stories above ground, this "living roof" attracts visitors from around the world. Atop the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, the state's most famous roof garden has thrived into a full-fledged native paradise...When this elevated garden was originally planted in May 2007, 50,000 biodegradable trays – made of coconut husks and tree sap – covered the 2 1/2-acre roof..." [7.16.11]

Greening up: Rooftop farms and gardens flourish in the cities‎, by Elizabeth Millard
Richfield, MN.
"...The green roof is now in its second year, located at West 7th and Randolph, and the 8,000-square-foot space keeps the firehouses cool in the summer and warm in the winter, according to Steve Zaccard, the city's fire marshal and public information officer...Despite the challenges, though, there may be more initiatives toward green roofs in the future..." [7.16.11]

Inner-city Students Innovate and Create at GreenFab, by Ellen Ferrante
Bronx, NY.
"Ariel, Manny and Eric, students in the South Bronx GreenFab program, tested the effectiveness of green roofs as insulators by making a small model and placing temperature sensors on the top and bottom. They tracked their data over time to demonstrate that green roofs effectively keep buildings cool in the summertime..." [7.14.11]

Green roof garden rooted in food, how things grow, by Danielle Milley
Toronto, Canada.
"...While some green roofs only provide an environmental and aesthetic benefit, this roof goes a step further. It is an educational space for the thousands of high-rise dwellers who live in nearby Teesdale and Crescent Town...The infrastructure for the garden was completed late last year and in the spring community volunteers and staff set out planting the garden, which features a variety of plants including vegetables, herbs and native flowers..." [7.14.11]

Brighton Business Leads Farmington Hills Green Roof Project‎, by Tina DeBord
Farmington Hills, MI.
"There's a new way to tell it's summer -- flowers are in bloom on the roof of Farmington Hills City Hall. A sustainable building practice that is growing in popularity all over the world, the green roof is the liveliest element of city hall's recent $8 million eco-friendly renovation, and a Brighton business is responsible for it..." [7.14.11]

SAS World Headquarters' Building C Receives Highest LEED Certification
Business Wire, Press Release
Cary, NC.
"...SAS’s newly opened Building C has been awarded the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for New Construction Platinum certification by the US Green Building Council...It incorporates solar-generated hot water and electricity, a building cooling system that uses chillers during off-peak periods to cool floor slabs and a 1-acre green roof that filters and slows the rate of stormwater run-off..." [7.13.11]

Urban Gardening Challenges: Patio, Rooftop and Balcony Gardens, by Kathy Jentz
Silver Spring, MD.
"...A common concern about green roofs is that they may cause leaking problems. In actuality, green roofs have proven to be much stronger and more efficient than regular roofing materials at keeping water out...The building and green roof were completed just under two years ago. The green roof plantings were designed by renowned landscape design firm Oehme, van Sweden and Associates and they are maintained by Ruppert Nurseries..." [7.13.11]

Support grows for city rooftop garden
Auckland, by Jessica Tasman-Jones
Auckland, New Zealand.
"Green-fingered Aucklanders are championing a plan to turn part of an inner-city carpark into a community garden. The Karangahape Garden Facebook page was set up last week to gauge public interest in creating a garden on the upper deck of the Cross Street carpark, which is currently run by Auckland Transport...Much of the infrastructure needed to support a rooftop garden is already in place..." [7.13.11]

Grow up! Vertical gardening helps you get the most out of your space
The Republic, by Sarah Wolfe
Columbus, IN.
"Big on ideas but short on space? Maximize your yard's potential by growing up — not out — with vertical gardening...The trendiest vertical gardening technique is living walls — fences, patio walls or other surfaces covered in plants, flowers, succulents, even fruits and vegetables..." [7.11.11]

Green roof project at Cleveland State University: Whatever happened to ...?
Plain Dealer Blog, by Thomas Feran
Cleveland, OH.
"The green roof atop the CSU Recreation Center is alive and in use and officially named the Huber-Westfall Garden in recognition of Erin Huber and LeeAnn Westfall, the environmental science students who spearheaded the 7000-square-foot rooftop garden. They worked on installing its 15,000 plants from 10 wildflower species in August 2009, after two years of research, development, lobbying and fundraising..." [7.11.11]

Green roofs: Sprout it from the rooftops
The Virginian-Pilot, by Roy Bahls
Norfolk, VA.
"The green roof on the Public Programs office at Norfolk Botanical Garden features a colorful display succulent plants including ice plants, sedum, hen and chicks and echeveria that require little water. They create a mat of foliage...'We here at the garden have a green initiative, and that’s to basically do as much as we can to be conservative with energy and resources,' said O’Neil, director of horticulture. 'And we do all that we can to be in tune with the environment – and the green roof is part of that..." [7.10.11]

Shannon Nichol puts her mark Gates Foundation landscape
The Seattle Times, by Valerie Easton
Seattle, WA.
"The 12-acre Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation landscape across from Seattle Center includes masses of native plants and 150 big-leaf maples. Raised up in sleek, dark concrete planters, integrated with ornamentals, and anchoring a vast reflective pond, native ground covers, rushes and perennials have never looked so stylish and city-appropriate..." [7.9.11]

This green project starts at the top
Green.Indy, By Mary Beth Breckenridge
Indianapolis, IN.
"The authors of 'Small Green Roofs,' Nigel Dunnett, Dusty Gedge, John Little and Edmund C. Snodgrass, argue that putting plants on a roof is as good for the occupants as it is for the environment. A green roof, they say, connects us with nature while it cools the building and slows runoff. The book covers the process of creating a green roof and choosing plants..." [7.9.11]

Plan to reduce sewage flow into waterways OK'd
Coshocton Tribune, By Staff
Cleveland, OH.
"A federal judge approved a plan to dramatically reduce the amount of untreated sewage that enters Lake Erie and other waterways near Cleveland...The district also must invest at least $42 million in so-called green solutions, which rely on plant and soil systems, green roofs and cisterns and other methods to capture, store and filter storm water before it reaches combined sewer systems..." [7.9.11]

LiveRoof growing strong at Grand Haven Community Center, by Dawn Veltman
Grand Haven, MI.
"Not only is the newly installed 'green roof' at the Grand Haven Community Center aesthetically pleasing, the environmental covering will help with heating and cooling costs and storm water cleaning as the plants filter pollutants before going into the storm drain...Completed on time and on budget, the Community Center's LiveRoof brand Hybrid Green Roof System was completed in late June.…" [7.8.11]

Making green roofs greener
UBC Public Affairs, by Darren Handschuh
Vancouver, Canada.
"Since last fall, the assistant professor of Project and Construction Management at UBC’s Okanagan campus School of Engineering has been looking at ways to make green roofs even more environmentally friendly by using construction waste. Green roofs – where plants are grown on specially designed matting – are no longer a novel idea. But there is room for improvement, and Hewage and Bianchini are looking at recycling waste building materials to form the base layers of a green roof..." [7.7.11]

Take a tour of PECO's green roof, by Katherine Scott
Philadelphia, PA.
"You can't see it from the ground, but there is a green garden growing on the roof of the Peco Building in Center City and it's not just nice to look at, it's helping the environment one plant at a time. The 45,000 square foot green roof on the eighth floor of the Peco Building is the largest ever installed on an existing building in an urban area of Philadelphia...Watch video..." [7.7.11]

Upper East Side Co-op Builds Rooftop Garden For Children
DNAinfo, by Amy Zimmer
Manhattan, NY.
"Plymouth Tower, a 340-unit complex on East 93rd Street, hopes its new rooftop garden will become a model for others...opportunity for children of Plymouth Tower on East 93rd Street to get their hands dirty learning about food, and a way for the residents to fill their meals with fresh herbs, hot peppers, eggplants, zucchini, squash, cucumbers and strawberries...the $75 planting modules from GreenTech, but will let the residents take charge of the planting..." [7.7.11]

Urban Roof Garden Has Been a Ten Year Project
Treehugger, by Bonnie Alter
"This roof garden has been a ten year labour of love for the owner who is both the architect and designer. It all started with an eco house, built on a small piece of land in a dense residential area. The architect wanted to be environmental and he had a passion for gardening. A decade later, house and gardens are flourishing..." [7.7.11]

Regular rooftops will go green with envy
MetroNews Canada, by Duncan McAllister
Toronto, Canada.
"Rooftop gardens and terraces are an increasingly popular amenity for Toronto condominiums and provide an excellent common area for residents to enjoy a little of the outdoors in the inner city...Although green roofs are a fairly new trend for urban condos, they are not new to Toronto. The Manulife Centre has maintained a well-established green roof for the past 25 years, located over a parking garage, with mature trees..." [7.7.11]

Red China's Green Buildings
Foreign Policy, by Christina Larson
Shanghai, China.
"The 160-acre Olympic Village was touted as the "world's largest green building complex," featuring solar and green roofs and a heat exchange system that collects and reuses rainwater for heating and cooling. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, the village's 42 buildings were over 50 percent more energy-efficient than typical Beijing residential buildings. The village received the first LEED gold certification outside the United States and was the largest LEED-certified project at the time of its completion..." [7.6.11]

New Anschutz Health and Wellness Center at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus will feature innovative Green Roof, with Nu Sigma Nu donation
University of Colorado Foundation, Press Release
Denver, CO.
" The Green Roof will allow the Center to grow its own fresh, healthy produce onsite, and is possible thanks to a generous donation of $650,000 from a fund established by the historic Nu Sigma Nu medical fraternity. The Green Roof will top the new state-of-the-art health and wellness facility, a Gold LEED® Certified Building that will open to the public during the spring of 2012..." [7.6.11]

Green Your Drainage: Vegetated Roofs
Apartment Therapy Re-Nest, by Lauren Zerbey
"Our Green Your Drainage series has covered a number of ways to divert roof runoff, but what if that rainwater never has to leave the roof in the first place? In this fifth and final post of the series, we're talking about the basics and benefits of green roofs...Green roofs can add considerable weight to a roof, so if you're considering one for your own home, always work with a qualified engineer to ensure your roof can handle the additional load..." [7.6.11]

Phoenix rolls out green construction code, by Staff
Phoenix, AZ.
"The city of Phoenix is using a new green construction code, making it one of the first cities in the U.S. to implement such a code. The voluntary codes took effect July 1 and have a number of different innovations from using vegetation in order to mitigate urban heat island effects to green roofs and energy-saving features..." [7.6.11]

Sustainability vital to Scandinave Spa Whistler experience
Reine Communications, Press Release
Whistler, Canada.
"...The Scandinave Spa Whistler not only helps their guests eliminate stress and toxins through the practice of hydrotherapy; their commitment to the environment extends to cutting-edge green technology that works to reduce the environmental footprint of the facility itself...Technologies employed in the construction of this eco-friendly facility include: Vegetated “green” roofs are low slope and grass-covered, creating efficiencies for heating and cooling while acting as added insulation..." [7.6.11]

Up on the green roof: Unique garden to be featured on July 9 walk
TribLocal, by Sheryl DeVore
Libertyville, IL.
"...She's visited the green roof at Peggy Notebart Nature Museum in Chicago and marvels at Millennium Park, which some folks might not know is actually a green roof...Simpson‘s green roof will be open to the public during the Gardeners of Central Lake County’s July 9 walk. A limited number of people will be allowed on the green roof at one time. For more information, go to" [7.4.11]

Amsterdam Schipol airport's new garden park inside the terminal
Australian Business Traveller, by John Walton
Amsterdam, Netherlands.
"Amsterdam's Schipol airport is gunning to be the European hub of choice for the discerning traveller, this time with a park -- yes, an actual park with grass and trees and other green things -- inside the airport terminal...The somewhat unimaginatively named Airport Park has a landscaped roof terrace to lounge around in..." [7.4.11]

Green Roof, Greenhouse Makes College Greener
EarthTechling, by Carrie Gonnella
Salisbury, NC.
"This summer I am lucky to have a fellowship at Catawba College‘s Center for the Environment. I was fortunate to start just in time to learn about two initiatives the Center is pursuing: a green roof for the science building and a new high efficiency greenhouse. I learned all about green roofs from Chuck Friedrich of Stalite Co. Stalite makes a green roof growing medium that is durable, lightweight, and easy to apply. There are many important steps involved in creating a luscious, healthy, and sustainable living roof..." [7.3.11]

Ashgrove 'greens' its roof, by Julia Le
Mississauga, Canada.
"After a year of harvesting rich soil, selecting seeds and cultivating plants, students at Ashgrove Public School recently raised their sights higher — moving the whole thing to the roof...they will gather meteorological data to compare the impact of the green roof versus a plant-free 'control' roof. The school is one of five Mississauga schools participating in the Green Roof Project initiated by the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) chapter of Let's Talk Science..." [7.2.11]

Delft University Researcher Finds Green Facades Filter Pollutants, by Cameron Chai
Delft, Netherlands.
"It has become a trend for most of the latest buildings to sport green facades and roofs. The doctorate thesis of Marc Ottelé, a researcher from Delft University of Technology finds that green facades, which are created using upright type of plant growth, actually bring in a number of benefits to the building..." [7.2.11]

'Vertical farms' make buildings greener, by Staff
"Researchers here have found a way to grow, say, kangkong and bean sprouts in ‘vertical farms’ on the sides of buildings, removing the need for agricultural land...The method has several advantages over traditional 'green walls' where plants grown on the sides of buildings take in carbon dioxide from the air outside. The glass enclosures recycle the carbon dioxide from inside the buildings, making them greener..." [7.1.11]

£20m hall of residence all set for new students, by Chris Knox
Newcastle, UK.
"...The development has received a ‘Very Good’ BREEAM environmental assessment rating for its many energy-saving features, which include solar thermal panels to heat hot water and a sedum roof covered in grass, which includes alpine plants to encourage biodiversity. Bat boxes have also been installed at the development..." [7.1.11]

Secretary Markowitz presents 2011 Governor's Awards for Environmental Excellence
Vermont Biz, Press Release
Waterbury, VT.
"...Environmental Excellence in Resource Conservation - Projects that conserve resources and protect the environment by minimizing resource consumption or by applying the strategies of reuse or recycling...Heritage Aviation & TruexCullins Architecture and Interior Design - Developed sustainability model in renovated aviation facility with green roof, wind turbine, ecological landscaping, porous pavement, and water reuse..." [6.30.11]

NRDC Annual Beach Report: Closing and Advisory Days Hit Second-Highest Level in Decades, Press Release
"Pollution from stormwater runoff and sewage overflows continue to plague America’s beaches, which saw the second-highest number of closing and advisory days in more than two decades last year, according to the 21st annual beachwater quality report released today by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)...The best way to keep this pollution out of America’s beachwater is to prevent it from the start by investing in smarter, greener infrastructure on land – like porous pavement, green roofs, parks, roadside plantings and rain barrels – that makes a real difference in the water...Watch video of solutions for cleaner beachwater..." [6.29.11]

Crops out of concrete: Farming Hong Kong's urban island‎
CNN International, by Benjamin Gottlieb
Hong Kong.
"...If we really want to see the maximum benefits of urban farming here in Hong Kong, we have to create more rooftop farms, said Hui, whose research focuses on sustainable agriculture and green roof use...The population density makes it difficult to have urban farms anywhere other than on the rooftops of the city's soaring skyscrapers..." [6.29.11]

Designing a Built Environment Resilient to Climate Change
The Dirt (ASLA), by Staff
"...Buildings, landscapes, infrastructure, and even entire cities can be designed to be more resilient to climate, environmental, and population changes, argued a high-profile panel at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) D.C.’s Design D.C. conference. Green technologies and practices have come a long way. Smart policymakers and designers are now applying these tools, figuring out ways to leverage existing systems..." [6.28.11]

Green roof for a green campus
Ball State University News, by Marc Ransford
Muncie, IL.
"As part of a strategic effort to incorporate environmentally conscious projects throughout campus, Ball State University has installed its first green roof on its newest building. The university has placed about 7,000 square feet of GreenGrid — a modular, maintenance-free plant system made by Weston Solutions — on the roof of the North District Energy Station..." [6.28.11]

Thomas M. Cooley Law School Pursues Green Building Certification from the Society of Environmentally Responsible Facilities
PR Newswire, Press Release
East Lansing, MI.
"The Thomas M. Cooley Law School (Cooley Law School), the largest law school in the country by enrollment, is pursuing green building certification from the Society of Environmentally Responsible Facilities (SERF)...The campuses feature a number of innovative, green features. These include: a 20,000-square-foot vegetated roof, an energy-efficient computer-controlled building automation system..." [6.28.11]

JDS Architects Builds A Rolling Rooftop Playground And Park
Co.Design, by Belinda Lanks
Copenhagen, Denmark.
"The Copenhagen firm takes the green roof a step further, creating a delightful outdoor playground for both kids and adults. Despite the premium placed on real estate in our overcrowded cities, one space remains woefully underutilized: the roof. And we’re not just talking about installing green roofs and urban farms but finding creative ways to spruce up the stretches of tar and concrete that top off our skylines..." [6.27.11]

Mott Community College library completes renovation
World Interior Design Network, by Staff
Flint, MI.
"Work on the $8.2 million project for refurbishment of the Mott Community College’s library in Flint, Michigan, has been completed...In addition, the facility now features a 960 square feet stripped vegetated roof wrapped in ground plants which helps cut down and delay rainwater runoff and reduces energy consumption by providing increased insulation..." [6.27.11]

Jobs for the Future to Launch Green Jobs Training in High-Growth Industries
PR Newswire, Press Release
Boston, MA.
"Jobs for the Future (JFF), a leading nonprofit education and workforce development organization, will leverage its expertise in green sector training to expand job training for workers...Data indicate that the construction industry will grow over 4 percent in the next five years, creating hundreds of new jobs. Employers also increasingly indicate a need to retrain existing workers in green technologies, specifically weatherization and insulation, green roof maintenance, solar panel installation, green building maintenance..." [6.27.11]

New monastics share community, offer hope‎
The Tennessean, by Caty Hirst
Nashville, TN.
"...It still needs $600,000 to complete renovations on the building...The apartments will have a green roof, with a layer of soil and plants to insulate the building, decrease water runoff and give residents the opportunity to grow their own food...Outside will feature growing walls, or trellises, allowing for vertically growing plants, such as grapes, to snake up the side of the apartments..." [6.26.11]

Mesterfjellet School / Cebra, Various Architects, and Østengen & Bergo
Int'l Business Times, by Alison Furuto
Larvik, Norway.
"...Their relativity concept for the Mesterfjellet School creates a unique experience for Larvik, Norway, designed around the user’s room program, site conditions and functional specifications to cultivate a positive learning environment...The new Mesterfjellet School is a compact, five-floor tall wood-clad volume with a green roof that relates closely to the rock outcropping after which it is named..." [6.25.11]

Pinnacle's green is golden, Mayor Dean says of LEED-certified Nashville skyscraper
Nashville Tennessean, by Anne Paine
Nashville, TN.
"This wasn’t his typical park outing. He was standing several stories up on The Pinnacle at Symphony Place’s green roof covering the parking garage of what is proclaimed to be the first Leadership Energy and Environmental Design-certified skyscraper in the state..." [6.24.11]

Building a Green Economy in Australia‎
Huffington Post Blog, by Kathleen Rogers
"...Brisbane is pioneering a two-tiered strategy to produce locally grown food in urban spaces. It is considered the first city in the world to include both urban farming and green roofs in a sustainability action plan to reduce the effects of greenhouse gas emissions, and potentially improve local diets..." [6.23.11]

Old film treasures preserved in federal new archives building‎
Ottawa Citizen, by Julia Johnson
Ottawa, Canada.
"...The facility was also designed to be environmentally friendly, including efficient mechanical systems, insulated walls and a green roof, Caron said. A green roof also helps with keeping the vault cool by reducing heat exchange, Gasperetti said. And instead of using manicured grass on the roof, it is designed to look like exactly the meadow landscape surrounding the facility..." [6.23.11]

Leadership & Business Sustainability The Focus For Plantscape Industry Expo 2011
PerishableNews, by Plantscape Industry Alliance
Las Vegas, NV.
"The role of leadership in a company’s success will be the topic kicking off conference sessions at this summer’s Plantscape Industry Expo held by PIA, The Plantscape Industry Alliance, August 30 – Sept. 1, 2011 at the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa, Las Vegas, NV...The Exhibitor Showcase highlights the latest products and services - spotlighting products used in interior plantscape; living wall; patio; rooftop; holiday and special event; green roof; and floral installations..." [6.22.11]

Marquette Plaza Becomes First Minneapolis Downtown Building to Receive LEED Platinum Certification
Business Wire, Press Release
Minneapolis, MN.
"Marquette Plaza, originally designed by famed architect Gunnar Birkerts and long revered as one of Minneapolis’s architectural landmarks, is re-establishing its iconic status today as it becomes the first downtown Minneapolis building to earn LEED Platinum certification...The most visible aspect of sustainability is the expansive 1.5 acre green roof, covering 46 percent of the total building footprint..." [6.22.11]

Eco-friendly green roof an age-old concept
North Shore News, by Kevin Vallely
Vancouver, Canada.
"Recent years have seen a clear and defined shift to a more ecologically conscious building industry. More and more people are looking for products and technologies that not only effectively do the job they are meant to do but also reflect an eco-friendly awareness when doing it. The construction industry is responding...Case in point: the green roof..." [6.22.11]

Swedish's Issaquah Highlands hospital is 'green' by design‎
Issaquah Press, by Warren Kagarise
Issaquah, WA.
“The highlands hospital campus features a 6,000-square-foot landscaped rooftop deck — a ‘green’ feature meant to improve aesthetics and patient wellness...Usually, the things that save energy are not so sexy as solar panels and green roofs and all of these things that people talk about, she said. It’s just making systems more efficient..." [6.21.11]

Secret roof garden at £7m venue
The Star, by Staff
Doncaster, UK.
"...Growing 20 feet above the pavement, this ‘living’ roof has just been laid on a front section of The Stone Castle Centre, the multi-million-pound health centre currently being built for NHS Doncaster at Garden’s Lane...Designed to boost the green credentials of the two-storey building, the mass of sedum plants act as sponges, soaking up rainwater instead of allowing it to flow into the mains drainage system..." [6.21.11]

Green roof condo selling point
Omaha World-Herald, by Cindy Gonzalez
Omaha, NE.
"The second Riverfront Place tower opened this month with urban living features, including one growing in popularity in Omaha: the green roof. Though the “green” does not relate necessarily to color, or money, the roof is made up of mostly green plant life and is designed to save cash in energy consumption...Kent Holm, environmental services director for Douglas County, can point to about 10 green roofs of various types around the city today — and, he said, the trend points to adding more..." [6.21.11]

Think Of Buildings As Sandwiches. What Makes Them Tasty?
Co.Design, by Karen Alschuler
"As our cities grow and evolve, buildings should become stacks of uses, as varied as the communities that are cropping up around them...We plant the roof, going beyond the impressive benefits of the now familiar green roof to an intensively productive space linked and leased and in demand for single users (such as a local-food restaurant), cooperative residents, local businesses managing multiple roof spaces, or the grocery store downstairs..." [6.20.11]

Saint Mary's Research Looking To Hit the Roof - Is Your Roof Available?
Saint Mary's University, by Staff
Halifax, Canada.
"Two of Saint Mary’s University top researchers, Dr. Jeremy Lundholm and Dr. Leanne Philip of the Biology and Environmental Studies department are pioneering green roof technology in Halifax and are looking for your help...They are looking for a partner interested in helping promote this world leading research which improves the environmental sustainability of buildings and municipalities..." [6.19.11]

Burnt-out home goes from ashes to awesome
Richmond Times-Dispatch, by Julie Young
Richmond, VA.
"...the results are spectacular — from the green roof to the 25-foot-tall plant-covered wall between the dining room and great room...The ecosystem was designed by Scotty Guinn Dilworth of SG Designs and installed by Capitol Greenroofs...The roof-top garden, also by Capitol Greenroofs, consists of drought-tolerant sedums around a bluestone patio..." [6.18.11]

Police HQ gets energy, land-use awards
The Tennessean, by Kevin Walters
Franklin, TN.
"The U.S. Green Building Council awarded its Gold level of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification to the $36 million, 92,000-square-foot building for its energy use, lighting, water and material use, among other facets. The headquarters, which opened last year, has a geothermal heating system, stores rainwater in underground cisterns for use in toilets and landscaping and has a 32,000-square-foot “green roof” that is the largest roof using native plant materials east of the Mississippi River..." [6.17.11]

Tremco Incorporated headquarters dedicated in Beachwood, by Ted Kortan
Beachwood, OH.
"Tremco Incorporated, a building products and solutions company, and subsidiary of RPM International, dedicated its renovated 40-year-old corporate headquarters in Beachwood...Hundreds of people took in the ceremonies in a huge tent Friday at noontime. They ate a catered lunch then were given tours of the new building -- many going up to the vegetated roof to see the almost 1,600 plants that are part of one of the roofing systems Tremco offers..." [6.17.11]

Rooftop garden installed at Cedar Hall
Evansville Courier & Press, by Jonathan Lintner
Evansville, IL.
"...A rooftop garden on Friday was installed at Cedar Hall, which will open this fall for its second year, to provide hands-on learning for students...A crane raised pallets full of plants Friday morning while Cedar Hall eighth grader Ashton LeChance watered the newly installed GreenGrid System, a garden designed for rooftop use...Also read Garden planted on rooftop of Cedar Hall..." [6.17.11]

How to: Enter the green roof market
Lawn&Landscape, by Carolyn Lawell
"As the density in cities increases and more green space is turned into development, residents, companies and government officials are looking for ways to replace that lost land. And the way they’re going about it – through green roofs – means more work for the landscaping industry....Going into green roofs, it’s good to understand the bigger picture of where green roofs fit in and what the expectations are, says Roger Grothe, whose company Aloha Landscaping, has been involved in the installation of more than 600,000 square feet of green roof space..." [6.16.11]

A tiny step forward for green roofs in Philadelphia, by Sandy Bauers
Philadelphia, PA.
"The city's newest green roof is also, in all likelihood, its smallest and oddest - a cheerful puff of plant life atop a bus-stop shelter at 15th and Market Streets...Green roofs top sites including the main Philadelphia Free Library, the PECO building, the Friends Center, Drexel University dorms, the Curtis Institute of Music, the Penn Charter Performing Arts Center, the new Kensington High School for the Creative and Performing Arts, the Urban Outfitters corporate headquarters, and numerous private homes...Also read: Philadelphia Unrolls A ‘Green’ Roof On A SEPTA Bus Shelter, Waiting for the rain: Green-topped bus stop a first in Philly, and Green roofs: That bus stop shelter is only the beginning... " [6.15.11]

Rooftop Garden at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel Plants New Crops, Plans New Menu
Canada NewsWire, Press Release
Toronto, Canada.
"From soil to sky, this season, Ontario's field to table menu is going global in rural and urban areas alike. Culinary trend setter, Chef David Garcelon of the Fairmont Royal York Hotel, invites crop researchers from Vineland Research and Innovation Centre to plant South Asian Vegetables okra, round eggplant, and red hot peppers on the Hotel's rooftop garden in Toronto..." [6.15.11]

How to…turn your home into a wildlife haven
The Ecologist, by Paul Miles
London, UK. "
...Habitat loss is the main threat to global biodiversity and despite much of the debate focusing on rainforests, building sites are equally important. 2011 marks the beginning of the UN’s Decade on Biodiversity, with world leaders being exhorted to slow the mass extinction of species being wrought by 21st century civilisation...If you don’t have a garden, you can always plant on your walls or roof. Living walls and roofs have become increasingly common..." [6.14.11]

Homeless gardeners provide makeover for iconic Southbank building
The Ecologist, by Helena Drakakis
London, UK.
"They used to sleep beneath London's Queen Elizabeth Hall. Now a pioneering collaboration between the Southbank Centre and a housing association is giving a group of ex-homeless a chance to create a rooftop garden...The garden, he says, is the best thing that's ever happened to him. It's not just an urban sanctuary for flowers, plants, insects and other creatures - it's also one for Pulford and the volunteers who helped create it and maintain it daily..." [6.14.11]

Cities try to adapt to heat waves, by Max Paris
"...cities tend to be several degrees hotter than the surrounding rural areas, because of all the black roofs, concrete and steel that absorb and retain heat. To combat this effect, Montreal is 're-greening' urban areas. In some cases, that means tearing up parking lots to plant trees and build parks. In other cases, it is the creation of roof-top gardens. One of the signature projects is at the Palais de Congrés in Montreal's downtown..." [6.13.11]

Chattanooga Housing Authority's Mary Walker Towers Goes Green
The Chattanoogan, by Staff
Chattanooga, TN.
"Seniors living at Mary Walker Towers will soon become the first public housing residents in the city to enjoy a green rooftop. The Chattanooga Housing Authority, which owns the property, received a $46,400 grant from Greenspaces for the LiveRoof tray system. The local Greenspaces initiative promotes environmentally-friendly construction and provides funding to help commercial builders construct sustainable buildings..." [6.13.11]

DEP Awards $3.8 Million for Stormwater Management Projects
Sustainable City Network, Press Release
New York, NY.
"Environmental Protection Commissioner Cas Holloway today announced the 15 winners of DEP’s 2011 Green Infrastructure Grant Program...The grants will be used for a wide variety of innovative and creative stormwater controls, including green roofs, blue roofs, porous concrete, bioswales, and other measures to reduce and manage as much as 5.7 million gallons of stormwater a year...." [6.11.11]

Taking gardening to new heights
San Jose Mercury News, by Maria J. Ávila-López
San Jose, CA.
"...The rooftop project has many benefits, according to Lindsey Cromwell Kalkbrenner, director of the university's Office of Sustainability, and a university Web page dedicated to the project. The green roof acts as insulation, reducing heating and cooling costs, it works as a sound barrier, and it even increases the life span of the roof underneath because it is not exposed to the elements..." [6.11.11]

Raise the rafters: A green roof can be a thing of beauty - and fun
The Independent, by Anna Pavord
"The advantages of green roofs have been drummed into us pretty thoroughly over the past couple of years. But we've still got plenty to learn about maintaining them. The self-sustaining ideal is not as easy in practice as it appears on paper...So I was particularly interested this spring to wander over the green roof designed in 2009 by Oehme van Sweden for the new plant conservation and science centre at Chicago's superb Botanic Garden..." [6.11.11]

EcoSuperior Teams with Union Gas for Green Roof Effort‎
Net Newsledger, by Staff
Thunder Bay, Canada.
"There is a new green roof in Thunder Bay. Union Gas is celebrating 100 years of providing safe, reliable and affordable service to customers and communities across Ontario. To mark its Centennial, the company is awarding a $7,500 grant to EcoSuperior Environmental Programs in support of their Green Roof project, which will be delivered in partnership with The City of Thunder Bay..." [6.11.11]

Manufacturing Digital Visits Rolls-Royce Motor Cars' Magnificent Goodwood Manufacturing Facility
Manufacturing Digital, by Christopher Davies
Chichester, UK
. "Even before construction of Goodwood began, Rolls-Royce, alongside architect Sir Nicolas Grimshaw, wanted the facility to blend in with the surroundings and be as environmentally friendly as possible. Located on the south end of the Goodwood Estate, sharing its location with the home of classic motor racing events such as the Goodwood Revival and Festival of Speed, Rolls-Royce's glass-walled, semi-sunken plant is practically invisible from neighbouring Downs thanks to a 35.000sqm green roof covered in grass...." [6.10.11]

America's Hottest Roofing Trends, Tecta's Green Roof & Solar Experts Weigh In
Colliers International Summer 2011 Issue, by Jeff Bond
"In an interview published by Colliers International Summer 2011 Issue, Angie Durhman, National Green Roof Manager at Tecta America along with Katie Riedo, Solar Development Manager for Tecta America's Tecta Solar Division discuss sustainable rooftop installations across the nation..." [6.10.11]

African immigrants plant roots on Long Island City rooftop farm to gain a sense of home
New York Daily News, by Sam Levin
Queens, NY.
"African immigrants hoping to be granted U.S. asylum have discovered a taste of home on top of the city's largest rooftop farm. The Refugee Immigrant Fund Asylum Help Center, a Queens nonprofit that aids those fleeing persecution and torture, has partnered with a 40,000 square-foot rooftop farm in Long Island City to give refugees a unique opportunity to work the soil in their new urban home..." [6.10.11]

Hyunjoon Yoo's Green Weave Golf Club Sports a Living Wall Blog, by Andrew Michler
South Korea.
"The Green Weaving Club set in the middle of a golf course in Jeollanam-do, South Korea is a beautiful extension of the green complete with an expansive living wall. Hyunjoon Yoo Architects was challenged to design the high-quality club house on a narrow lot without overwhelming the flow of the greens around it..." [6.9.11]

BEST Contracting Receives Award for Waterproofing Excellence
San Francisco Chronicle, Press Release
Gardena, CA.
"BEST Contracting Services announced today that they have received a contractor "Project of the Year" award for waterproofing work done on the Tom and Billie Long Patient Care Tower, John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, California. The award was made to BEST by Sika Sarnafil, the market leader worldwide in the manufacture of roofing and waterproofing systems..." [6.9.11]

PECO Gives Green So Region Can Go Green!, Press Release
Philadelphia, PA.
"PECO has chosen 20 municipalities across the Greater Philadelphia region to receive a total of $150,000 in grant funding as part of PECO Green Region, the company’s municipal open space grant program...PECO's grant programs support the companywide effort to be an environmental leader, through renewable energy, LEED-certified buildings, hybrid vehicles and a 45,000 square foot green roof at our Philadelphia headquarters..." [6.9.11]

Mayor announces 1000+ community food gardens tended by 35000 Londoners
Greater London Authority, by Staff
London, UK.
"...Food from the Sky is all about connecting us with our community, external and internal. Customers love buying the product and coming to our open days, volunteers (aged 3 to 73!) love giving up their time to grow food on our roof and over 600 primary and secondary school children will spend time in our sky garden this year learning about food growing, sustainability and biodiversity..." [6.9.11]

Proposed Australian vertical city to include living walls
Daily Commercial News, by Korky Koroluk
"...Green roofs. Living walls. Stormwater collection. Daylighting. Renewable energy. All these things and more, are a welcome and necessary change from the days when an office building was simply a lifeless rectangular box standing on end...Rooftop gardens are often done these days, and vertical gardens or living walls are becoming common. But these gardens will be different..." [6.9.11]

Government Agencies Required to Go 95% Green on All Purchases‎
Sustainable Business Forum, by Tracey de Morsella
"Last week, the Federal Acquisition Regulations Council released an interim rule on green procurement, requiring that the head of each agency ensure that 95 percent of new contract actions are for products and services that are energy efficient, water efficient, bio-based...As much as 50% of all current Air Force construction project incorporate the use of green-roof technologies. The most common technologies used by the Air Force are cool roofs, vegetative roofs and renewable-energy generation..." [6.8.11]

17 Best Green Practices from LJ's New Landmark Libraries‎
Library Journal, by Louise Schaper
"Green means a lot to the future of library design. An important criterion for LJ's New Landmark Libraries project is sustainable design, and the winners are models of green choices inside and out...#17 - Reduce harmful water runoff. Rain gardens, permeable parking, under-building parking, and living green roofs are seen at Sammamish Library..." [6.7.11]

Rooftop garden offers cancer patients respite from treatment at Hackensack University Medical Center, by Barbara Williams
Hackensack, NJ.
"For just a moment, patients can forget they're in a cancer center. The Manhattan skyline offers a spectacular background for lush boxwoods, vibrant flowers, and the herbs and vegetables growing in the rooftop garden at the John Theurer Cancer Center at the Hackensack University Medical Center..." [6.7.11]

Top 10 Climate-Ready Cities in the US‎
Triple Pundit, by Boyd Cohen
"...While action at the Federal level in the U.S. has been painfully slow, cities in the U.S. are starting to lead by example at a local level...Chicago now boasts more than 300 miles of bikeways, 7 million square feet of green roofs and currently has more green hotels than any city in the U.S. (13)...The D.C. government has committed to reduce its emissions 30% by 2020 and 80% by 2050 (over 2006 levels), has passed a strong green building code, is 2nd in the country in green roofs..." [6.7.11]

The Green League university tables
The Guardian, by Rachel Williams
"...And the crowning glory, the "green" sedum roof – actually more of a russet colour – on the Newton building, which acts as a natural insulator, helps prevents flash flooding and provides a haven for birds, bees and butterflies...It seems no stone has been left unturned in the university's bid to green its operations, so it's no surprise that NTU has just topped the People & Planet Green League of UK higher education institutions for the second time in three years..." [6.7.11]

Sustainable Healthcare Architecture‎
Express Healthcare Management, by Staff
"Sustainable architecture is the production of space in an artistically effective way through the use of low cost and low or zero energy architecture...The emergence of 'healing gardens' on many health care campuses creates opportunities to employ vegetated roof, sometimes called 'green roof’, strategies for storm water retention..." [6.6.11]

Glenview Garden Club's gone greener [Urban gardening], by Katie Conkle
Louisville, KY.
"...This year, the Glenview Garden Club has promoted the tour from a green angle--for the first time incorporating gardens located close, yet outside the Glenview area. The three gardens featured outside of the normal Town and Country Tour route may be found downtown. Since my personal interest in gardening rests in sustainable living practices (the more urban the better)..." [6.5.11]

Native Delaware: Idea for green roof took root in hot classroom, by Margo McDonough
Newark, DE.
"The University of Delaware's first green roof, partially installed on Colburn Laboratory two weeks ago, came about because Annette Shine and her students were too hot to concentrate…One of the first things we did was talk to Ed Snodgrass, a Maryland nurseryman who is considered the father of the green roof movement in the U.S..." [6.3.11]

Library goes green with living wall
Sooke News Mirror, by Staff
Surrey, Canada.
"While there are no shortages of parks around the Semiahmoo Peninsula to enjoy the greenery of trees, flowers and plants, there is one place where one might not expect to find such foliage growing – on the wall of a South Surrey building. The ‘living wall’ began to take root last fall on the south exterior wall of 1815 152 St., home to the South Surrey RCMP and Semiahmoo Library..." [6.3.11]

UK 'Zero Emissions' Housing Development Misses Target, but Satisfies Most Residents
New York Times, by Jeremy Lovell
London, UK.
"...With its visually striking and brightly colored weather-vane ventilation cowlings, rooftop gardens, photovoltaic (PV) panels...It was built facing south to catch the most sun; had triple-glazed external windows and super-insulated walls; generated most of its own electricity and heat; harvested rainwater; grew some of its own food on green or living roofs..." [6.3.11]

Columbia Green partners with Firestone, lands big sale
Sustainable Business Oregon, by Christina Williams
Portland, OR.
"New mandates in markets throughout the hemisphere are requiring the construction of ecoroofs as a way to handle stormwater runoff. Portland startup Columbia Green Technologies Inc. is getting a piece of that action, thanks in part to a private-label reseller agreement with roofing materials giant Firestone Building Products. Columbia Green's ecoroof technology, sold by Firestone under the name Skyscape Vegetative Roof System, is being installed on a 100,000 square-foot ecoroof on a Wal-Mart outside Vancouver, British Columbia..." [6.2.11]

The AIA recognizes 13 projects with the 2011 CAE Educational Facility Design Award, Press Release
Washington, DC.
"The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Committee on Architecture for Education (CAE) has selected13 educational and cultural facilities for this year’s CAE Educational Facility Design Awards...This project is a state-of-the-art lab classroom building that celebrates green strategies including rainwater harvesting, green roofs, and raingarden landscapes..." [6.2.11]

Citizen scientists set out to quantify the value of urban farms
Dowser, by Rachel Signer
New York, NY.
"Seeing Green is a year-long research project that will measure the stormwater management potential of urban farms....Speaker Christine Quinn right now is looking to do a green roof amendment – right now it’s not possible to grow food-producing plants on green roofs, it’s a hole in the legislation and she wants to amend that..." [6.2.11]

Gunderson unveils greenroof pilot project
Sustainable Business Oregon, by Christina Williams
Portland, OR.
"Working with the city of Portland's Bureau of Environmental Services and the Portland-based Greenroof Info Think-Tank, Gunderson designed and built its own greenroof. The company will use it as a testing ground to determine what kind of design works best in an industrial setting and how effective the green rooftop is in providing an environment conducive to a vibrant ecosystem..." [6.2.11]

Native plant research breathes new life into green roof planning across Canada
Canada NewsWire, Press release
Vineland, Canada.
"New research sponsored by the Canadian Ornamental Horticulture Alliance (COHA) at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland) and Nova Scotia Agricultural College will assess plant diversity and survival issues for green roofs...With this research we are particularly interested in moving away from the more common plantings dominated by Sedum species to a broader selection of native plants that demonstrate sun, wind, cold, and drought tolerance..." [6.2.11]

Red Bank High School students plant green roof, promote unconventional urban agriculture, by Adam Crisp
Chattanooga, TN.
"...Green roofs are springing up all across Chattanooga. Atop Girls Preparatory School and the Creative Discovery Museum, just to name two, the roofs’ plants and dirt absorb rainwater that might have flooded the ground. They also cool buildings by absorbing sunlight. In Red Bank’s case, the garden does all that, but it also provides a space to grow vegetables..." [6.2.11]

Pa., Philly sign 25-year, $2 billion plan to clean water through ‘green’ infrastructure
Washington Post, by Staff
Philadelphia, PA.
"Pennsylvania and the city of Philadelphia have embarked on what environmental officials say is the largest project in the U.S. to reduce stormwater pollution through eco-friendly measures, such as porous asphalt and rooftop gardens...They crafted a plan to install green roofs on city buildings, plant trees and other vegetation along sidewalks, and repave streets, basketball courts and parking lots with porous asphalt and concrete that let rainwater flow through..." [6.1.11]

Bon Jovi Gets Behind Affordable Green Housing
EarthTechling, by Susan DeFreitas
Philadelphia, PA.
"...Project H.O.M.E. and Bethesda Project have announced–along with Mayor Michael A. Nutter, rock star celebrity Jon Bon Jovi, Cardinal Justin Rigali and Brian Hudson from the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency–that Conelly House, the first LEED- certified, affordable housing facility in the city center of Philadelphia, is now complete...Eco-friendly components here include a green roof, highly insulated walls, a rainwater collection system for irrigation and non-potable use, and high-efficiency mechanical and lighting systems..." [5.31.11]

The strategy of 'Going Green'
Eagle News Online, by Legislator Kathy Rapp
Onondaga County, NY.
"For the past few years Onondaga County has dramatically changed course with a focus on green projects. The Legislature made an important decision a few years ago to abandon the "gray infrastructure" which involved building an expensive wastewater treatment plant to adopt the "green" philosophy...With our new found knowledge of green projects and their benefits, the Onondaga County Convention Center will soon be home to one of the largest green roofs in the Northeast..." [5.31.11]

Brave green world: The rise of vertical gardens
Cumberland Courier Newspapers, by Kerrie Davies
"...For these green visionaries, every day is World Environment Day. For the rest of us, it’s June 5. But if their dreams become reality, we’ll be living in futuristic Hanging Gardens of Babylon as environmental concerns and work-life balance drive demand for green skyscrapers. In short, we will be increasingly looking up, rather than out, at our gardens..." [5.31.11]

Asheville rec center gets 10,000 plants on its roof
Asheville Citizen-Times, by Mat Payne
Asheville, NC.
"Emilio Ancaya and four crew members of his Living Roofs company endured the torrid midday heat on their hands and knees last week, as they often do. In just a few days, they would turn the flat space, high off the ground, into a giant planter. The team installed about 10,000 sedum plants that will make up the center's green roof..." [5.30.11]

Jewel of a park is hidden on a downtown KC rooftop
Kansas City Star, by Kevin Collison
Kansas City, MO.
"...The park, which includes a half-acre lawn ringed by a paved walkway and benches, was finished in 2009 as part of the Power & Light District, but its opening was delayed by a city demand that rest rooms be built too. Finally, after that $417,000 project was finished, it opened to the public last year...The elevator directory lists it simply as The Green Roof..." [5.30.11]

New airport to be green gateway to Chennai‎
Times of India, by Staff
Chennai, India.
"If an airport marks the gateway of a city, Chennai will soon get the status of a city with Asia's greenest gateway in another couple of months...Two glass bridges on either side of the building are provided for arriving passengers. A central courtyard garden is visible from everywhere inside the terminal. The multi-level car park with a green roof top is another attraction..." [5.30.11]

Beyond LEED to Net Zero Energy: RFK Jr., Suzuki and Sinclair's Keynotes at Sustainability Summit
Treehugger, by Roberta Cruger
Pasadena, CA.
"...Last week I described the tour of CalTech's Energy Retrofit which kicked off the three-day conference. There were two simultaneous tracks - business and public sector sessions with meetings that brought together government representatives, from Iowa State to Miami-Dade County, and companies like CBS-TV Studios with green suppliers, such as Dyson, Demilec's recycled soy-based insulation, LiveRoof green roofs and Sika white roofs..." [5.28.11]

Sky gardens unveiled on roof of St David's Centre
WalesOnline, by Kathryn Williams
Cardiff, Australia.
"They are a hidden, private sanctuary in a part of the city that is routinely thronged by tens of thousands of shoppers. Sixteen metres above the hustle and bustle of the St David’s shopping centre in the heart of Cardiff, four sky gardens have been installed. While up to 5.5 million people can pass through the £675m complex during a month, the gardens above are the exclusive preserve of the residents of the flat development, who can enjoy views over the city while being hidden from view..." [5.28.11]

The Great Wall / Yamasaki Ku Hong Associates Design Lab
International Business Times, by Sebastian J
"Seoul-based Yamasaki Ku Hong Associates Design Lab shared with us their project ‘The Great Wall’, a complex in Suizhong, China...Seven cores created by this methodology were elevated to mimic 'mountains' of Korea; this way of shaping created a chance to entertain '100% green' roof-garden idea..." [5.27.11]

Winning garden fit for a Queen
The Star, Press Release
London, UK.
"...The Royal Horticultural Society presented Dr. Nigel Dunnett, from the Department of Landscape, a silver gilt award for his New Wild Garden, designed with the help of postgraduate and undergraduate students...At the heart of the garden was an office featuring a green roof created from a recycled shipping container, and pools to capture rainwater..." [5.27.11]

For the First Time Ever, National Gallery Painting by Van Gogh Comes to Life, by Staff
London, UK.
"For the first time ever, a painting is being made into a ‘living wall’ outside the National Gallery. With over 8,000 living plants, General Electric (GE) has brought a masterpiece to life with a version of Van Gogh’s famous painting A Wheatfield, with Cypresses as part of the Gallery’s carbon plan..." [5.27.11]

Green Vertical Walls at the Chelsea Flower Show
Treehugger, by Bonnie Alter
"Green vertical walls are very popular at the Chelsea Flower Show this year, as are green roofs. Green walls are a natural, good looking and environmental way to cover that ugly back wall. They are nicer than vines because bugs and insects can find a home in them...And the mother of all vertical walls, presented by B & Q, and standing 9 metres tall. It's a beacon at the Flower Show and a model for everyone, with tomatoes cascading over its balconies and herbs growing on each floor of the stairwell." [5.27.11]

Mustard Seed sprouts garden
Metro Canada - Calgary, by Katie Turner
Calgary, Canada.
"Designer Rob Avis of Verge Permaculture says he hopes the Mustard Seed rooftop garden inspires guests to grow their own vegetables. Some of the fruits and vegetables growing on the rooftop garden include strawberries, lettuce, kale, chard, herbs, peppers and tomatoes. The Mustard Seed is sprouting new life in the midst of the concrete jungle with the introduction of a rooftop garden..." [5.27.11]

New media, young minds and Christchurch's green future
3News NZ, by Chris Whitworth
New Zealand.
"...Green roofs also offer energy efficiency by reducing the heating and cooling cost to a city because the organic top acts as insulation to harsh weather. According to the article, the roofing style also offers cleaner water and drainage solutions – something many Christchurch residents would no-doubt readily embrace given the sewage troubles the city currently faces..." [5.27.11]

Udall Co-Sponsors Water Resources Bill‎
KRWG 90.7, by Staff
New Mexico.
"U.S. Senators Tom Udall (D-NM), Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), and Ben Cardin (D-MD) have introduced legislation to help address the nation's water challenges by encouraging the research, development and promotion of new green infrastructure technologies and designs, which use natural processes to combat polluted stormwater runoff...Proven solutions like planting trees and installing green roofs, rather than enlarging sewers, will also save communities money..." [5.26.11]

Look down on your neighbours: How city gardeners can broaden their horizons with a roof terrace
The Independent, by Kate Hilpern
"...Rooftops and terraces can provide accessible outdoor retreats high above neighbours' prying eyes. They will almost certainly be suntraps and can provide great views...But it takes some forward-planning: roof gardens take longer to design and build than their ground-level equivalents and can go horribly wrong if you simply try to recreate what you would do in your backyard..." [5.26.11]

City Council OKs commercial rooftop farms
Medill Reports: Chicago, by Gabriel Silverman
Chicago, IL.
"Chicagoans may soon witness the transformation of the Windy City’s skyline from bare, unused rooftops into green fields of lettuce, herbs and vegetables...This means that green roofs, which have enormous benefits to the community, can now create financial benefits, said Molly Meyer, owner of Rooftop Green Works LLC..." [5.26.11]

British Land - offering urban shelter and habitats for insects and rare birds
The Guardian, by Lorna Thorpe
"British Land won over the judges for its contribution to local biodiversity – urban habitats that provide shelter and foraging for insects, rare birds and plants in the heart of London...Over the past few years the company has created green roofs on all 10 of its recent office developments in central London, as well as retrofitting them to some existing buildings..." [5.26.11]

Aqua Skyscraper Captures Lakeshore East’s 2nd Prix International Design Award
PR Web, Press Release
Chicago, IL.
"Bold in both design and function, the architecturally distinguished Aqua tower developed by Magellan Development Group at Lakeshore East has captured the blossoming community’s second prestigious Prix d’Excellence International Design Award from the International Real Estate Federation...Aqua has also been built to eco-friendly LEED standards, including its sun-shading balconies and low E-tinted glass that help maintain optimal temperature control and the 80,000-square-foot extensively landscaped roof garden..." [5.26.11]

Green-Roofed Minneapolis Central Library is a Civic Lesson on Eco Design Blog, by Andrew Michler
Minneapolis, MN.
"...The Minneapolis Central Library by Pelli Clark Pelli features a huge atrium that cleaves the building into layers of light-filled spaces to help catalyze visitors to search for the perfect book and sit down with it for a spell. A series of green roofs, advanced cooling and heating systems, and low-energy lights slash the library's energy use by nearly a third, making the building a lesson in how deep green design benefits everyone..." [5.25.11]

Trends at the Chelsea Flower Show 2011‎
Which?, by Staff
London, UK.
"A giant vegetable tower, an Avatar-inspired 'sky garden', roman ruins and a glamorous Monaco swimming pool are just some of the sights at this year's Chelsea Flower Show. Few of us are going to incorporate Roman ruins or swimming pools into our gardens, though, so here are some of the trends we spotted that you could try at home...Both green walls and roofs can be used to good effect in a small garden..." [5.24.11]

EU urges governments to let city soils breath‎
Business Green, by Jessica Shanleman
"New report urges member states to tackle the problem of "soil sealing" by reassessing planning processes and promoting green roofs...The European Commission has today published a report highlighting the problem of "soil sealing", when land is covered with impermeable material such as asphalt or concrete, causing an irreversible loss of the soil's biological functions..." [5.24.11]

Chelsea Flower Show Opens with a Blast (of Wind)
Treehugger, by Bonnie Alter
London, UK.
"...The artistic and aesthetic favourite seems to be the Wild Garden sponsored by the Royal Bank of Canada. Canadians can't take much pride in the splendour since there is not one aspect of Canadian content in it except our good old Canadian dollar. However, it was created by one of the eco gurus of the gardening world and it contains a recycled container that serves as an artist's studio, green roof, native plants combined with garden plants..." [5.24.11]

Integrated Habitats Design Competition 2011
Pimlico People, by James Mass
"The Integrated Habitat Design Competition (IHDC) 2011 is now under way after its launch at Cityscape, Ecobuild. This year's Principal Sponsor is the Victoria BID, which forms part of their Green Infrastructure Audit – helping to bring ecosystem services to central London businesses...There are 13 judges on the panel this year including Gary Grant – Chair of Judges, international ecologist and master planner, Dusty Gedge – President of the European Federation of Green Roof Associations, and Alice Tree – Scottish Environmental Protection Agency..." [5.24.11]

Residential Balcony Turns into Vegetable Garden, by Staff
"...Niu Jian, leader of greening balcony research team of Beijing Green Roof Association, explains the booming "city garden" has grown in popularity because of the rising prices of vegetables and revelations of food safety incidents, and this DIY garden can also relieve stress and make them feel happy..." [5.24.11]

Technology, attitudes converge to make rooftop farms a reality
The Bulletin, by Glenn Rifkin
Montreal, Canada.
"...It has taken a timely convergence of technologies and consumer attitudes to bring rooftop farming to the fore. The advance of hydroponic growing techniques and innovative, cost-effective greenhouse systems, together with increasing consumer desire for organic produce, has redefined the term locally grown and spurred entrepreneurs to create a variety of greenhouse technologies and business models..." [5.23.11]

A City Prepares for a Warm Long-Term Forecast
New York Times, by Leslie Kaufman
Chicago, IL.
"...Climate scientists have told city planners that based on current trends, Chicago will feel more like Baton Rouge than a Northern metropolis before the end of this century. So, Chicago is getting ready for a wetter, steamier future...Thermal radar is being used to map the city’s hottest spots, which are then targets for pavement removal and the addition of vegetation to roofs..." [5.22.11]

Chelsea Tower Show: Vertical gardening is bloomin' marvellous at this year's event
Daily Mail, by Emily Allen
"...two designers at this year's Chelsea Flower Show have taken gardening to new heights with creations suspended in mid-air and the tallest garden structure ever seen at the prestigious event...Designer Patrick Collins said the 30 foot garden, in which every plant has associations with food or drink, highlights how people can grow their own food in an urban setting...Diarmuid Gavin will unveil his spectacular 'Irish Sky Garden'..." [5.22.11]

Making green buildings a norm, by Michelle V. Remo
"...The Philippine Green Building Council (PGBC), a non-profit organization, is helping address the issue of climate change by encouraging the building sector go for environment-friendly buildings, and for policymakers and other concerned members of society to push for the same...Another way is the use of green roofs, which are roofs that have plants or vegetation on them so that less heat goes into the building and less energy is required for ventilation..." [5.21.11]

An urban meadow
Financial Times, by James Alexander Sinclair
"It is Chelsea Flower Show time again, one of the UK’s comfortingly traditional events that will always mean that the summer begins with an outpouring of magnificent gardens and floral displays....Dr Nigel Dunnett, who is one of the great plants man pioneers of our age: he is a reader in urban horticulture at the University of Sheffield and, as director of the Green Roof Centre, well-known as a champion of green roofs and spectacular urban meadows..." [5.20.11]

Cylindrical Green Roofed Japanese Tsunami Control Center Lets Waves Pass Right Underneath Blog, by Bridgette Meinhold
Osaka, Japan.
"... The circular, rusty steel building, designed by Endo Shuhei Architect Institute is lifted off the ground to let waves go under it and the round shape will dissipate the water's forces. Topped with a green roof and outdoor living terrace, the tsunami center has many views of the water and the floodgates..." [5.20.11]

Madrid's Green Wall is Flourishing as is the Caixa Forum
Treehugger, by Bonnie Alter
Madrid, Spain.
" was designed by Patrick Blanc, who has created some of the most famous vertical gardens in Europe. It was installed on an exterior wall of a former power station which was renovated by equally famous architects Herzog & de Meuron. The garden and the building have been braving the pollution, hot sun and elements for four years and we are pleased to announce that both mother and child are doing well..." [5.20.11]

Eton Properties Philippines, Inc. recently launched its first residential development, by Staff
"...The project boasts of two-storey Sky Gardens – a unique design that gives residents a green oasis inside the tower. A feature uncommon in city living, the Sky Gardens provide a flourishing environment of green with spacious gardens and inspiring open spaces amidst towering vistas of the metropolis..." [5.19.11]

Adelaide launches green wall project
Architecture and Design, by Staff
Adelaide, Australia.
"The South Australian Government and developer Aspen have launched a 'green wall' project in the Adelaide City Central Precinct...The capital works project follows a detailed feasibility study which demonstrated that green walls could be effective in reducing heat loads in Adelaide buildings while also bolstering public amenity..." [5.19.11]

NTU wins Platinum Award from BCA for sustainable design‎, Press release
"Nanyang Technological University (NTU) today receives the Green Mark Platinum Award from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) for adopting best practices in environmental sustainability...The award goes to NTU's School of Art, Design & Media (ADM), an iconic art piece in the centre of the 200-hectare green campus known for its lush foliage...Beyond being an aesthetic feature that doubles as a scenic outdoor communal space, the green roofs keep the ambient temperature low and reduce heat in the daytime..." [5.19.11]

Briefings, Congressional Visits Featured in High-Performance Building Week
ThomasNet Industrial News Room, Press release
"High-Performance Building Week recognizes human, environmental, economic, and total societal impact of high performance buildings. HPBCCC, established by ASHRAE, will highlight importance of high-performance buildings to federal, state, and local policymakers and general public...And on May 26 - the American Society of Landscape Architects Congressional will conduct a Green Roof Tour and Reception..." [5.19.11]

Trying to Create a More Permeable New York‎
Gotham Gazette, by Anne Schwartz
New York, NY.
"...A tax abatement implemented in 2009 provides incentives for building owners to install green roofs. While praising the idea, Levine said in a recent blog post that the tax break could be structured better to promote a technology that a recent study found to be “the most cost-effective of the stormwater interventions” considered in PlaNYC..." [5.19.11]

Downtown alderman proposes legalizing sale of Chicago rooftop veggies‎
Chicago Journal, by Ian Fullerton
Chicago, IL.
"The right to operate a for-profit farm in Chicago has long been an iffy subject, but all signs indicate that the city is ready to take on the idea...If passed, the ordinance would be an economic boon for farmers looking to turn a buck on their rooftop produce, said Molly Meyer, owner of Rooftop Green Works, a company that builds and maintains green roofs..." [5.18.11]

Central Library renews environment via green roof, by Bobby Tanzilo
Milwaukee, WI.
"...When the library needed to replace its 25-year-old roof last year, instead of going for a conventional roof, a 30,000-square foot green roof was constructed and 132 solar electric panels were added to generate about 36,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. That's enough to power four homes annually..." [5.18.11]

Green roof is crowning glory: study
Montreal Gazette, by Monique Beaudin
Montreal, Canada.
"Want to cut your air conditioning and heating costs? Look up, and think green. A green roof in Montreal dramatically cut air conditioning and heating costs in a 100-year-old duplex in Plateau Mont Royal, a new study has found. Air conditioning requirements were cut by at least 91 per cent, and the energy needed for heating dropped at least 27.4 per cent, the study found..." [5.18.11]

Grow Your Own Green Office
Wall Street Journal, by Javier Espinoza
"...Make gardens in the sky: Canary Wharf, one of London's major financial centers, has the biggest concentration of green roofs across an area that supplies offices to around 100,000 employees...They provide an extra layer of insulation so they help regulate the temperature of a building against drastic changes in temperature." A study on the environmental benefits of green roofs found that an 850 meter square retrofitted green roof on one building reduced CO2 emissions by about 11.5 tonnes a year..." [5.16.11]

Green roofs change the growing landscape
Broomfield Enterprise, by Ann Montague
Broomfield, CO.
"...Green roof experts from around the world will gather June 16 in Denver as Colorado State University, Denver Botanic Gardens, the University of Colorado and the U.S. Green Building Council co-host the third annual Green Roofs of the West Symposium. Participants will discuss how green roofs fit into the sustainable cities of tomorrow..." [5.15.11]

It can be easy to be green; Gwinnett treasure promotes green lifestyle
Gwinnett Business Journal, by Staff
Buford, GA.
"It’s a living, breathing example of green stewardship at its best. The Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center, which opened in 2006, was the county’s first LEED-certified building, blazing a trail of environmentalism for the region. As an active model of sustainable construction, with water reuse, a one-acre vegetated roof and other sustainable building features, the 59,000-square-foot Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center is also a mecca for education for people of all ages..." [5.13.11]

A green roof grows in Brooklyn
Brooklyn, NY.
"...The 12,500-square-foot Red Hook rooftop -- which looks out onto a parking lot full of school buses, an abandoned building, and a huge IKEA store -- has got to be one of the more unusual Wildflower Week venues. But Mankiewicz, who designed it, thinks spaces like this should be a lot more common..." [5.13.11]

University of Okla. receives EPA award
Norman Transcript, by Staff
Norman, OK.
"The University of Oklahoma was among winners of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awards presented Tuesday at the state Capitol...The release states that the university received the recognition for its experimental “green roof” project that reduces stormwater runoff and intercepts solar radiation..." [5.12.11]

Landscape is locally rooted at foundation's campus
Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, by Shannon Nichol‎
Seattle, WA.
"...Campus buildings include over half an acre of green roofs that add to the benefits of the neighboring 1.4-acre green roof on the Seattle Center garage and Gates Foundation Visitor Center. These green roofs are designed for optimal water absorption, based on on-site mockups and data from the Seattle Green Roof Evaluation project. They are modeled to absorb 90 percent of the water that falls on them..." [5.12.11]

Why are museums reluctant to go green? Blog, by Melanie D. G. Kaplan‎
"...Say you are interested in a green roof. You look at the cost, and it’s X, and you think you can’t afford it, because the traditional one costs X-2. But if you take away that roof, you take away the extra insulation on the building, you take away capturing rainwater to use as greywater, which helps the flow rate of water and storm water systems..." [5.11.11]

Understanding urban biodiversity and opportunities for the property sector
CSR Asia, by Helen Roeth
"...Urban land-use planning and regulation play a fundamental role in conserving ecosystems and creating green belts and conservation corridors. However, also efforts at smaller scale can help conserve and revitalise urban biodiversity conservation and there is a role to play for property development companies. For example, emerging green design solutions such as green roofs and green walls provide biodiversity benefits..." [5.11.11]

Clemson University institute to study 'vertical farming' feasibility in Charleston
Clemson University, by Staff
Clemson, SC.
"...Research elements will focus on water and energy self-sufficiency by incorporating elements of alternative energy sources and gray water collection and reuse; green-roof and vertical garden technologies; sustainable production of high­-quality organic foods within a reduced urban footprint; enhanced hydroponics; rooftop and vertical wetlands for urban farm water quality treatment..." [5.10.11]

A mayor who left his mark on Chicago's cityscape
Chicago Tribune, by Blair Kamin
Chicago, IL.
"...Early in his tenure, Daley was a kind of Martha Stewart, prettying up the cityscape with trees and flowers. But he grew beyond being a mere beautifier and became a leading advocate of greening cities to combat global warming. According to city officials, he oversaw the planting of more than 600,000 trees, the construction of more than 85 miles of landscaped medians and the building of more than 7 million square feet — more than any other city in America — of planted roofs..." [5.9.11]

Roof Collapse Results in Blessings for Aquascape in St. Charles, by Jackie Birks
St. Charles, IL.
"Abundant community support has enabled the pond supply company to thrive despite having to move out of its headquarters after the February cave-in...The international headquarters for Aquascape, the largest manufacturer and distributor of pond supplies in North America, sustained major damage to its parking garage when a portion of its 5-acre 'green' roof..." [5.9.11]

Green roofs, energy consumption, and sustainable development
Canada NewsWire, Press Release
Montreal, Canada.
"The Montréal Urban Ecology Centre (MUEC) is launching a study on the Energy Performance of an Extensive Green Roof in Downtown Montréal that examines, in particular, the energy consumption of heating and air conditioning. At the launch, Alan DeSousa will present the actions of the Montréal Community Sustainable Development Plan that are linked to green roofs, and the MUEC will make recommendations for building green roofs in Montréal..." [5.9.11]

Testa Produce to be Featured on Upcoming Episode of American Farmer, Press Release‎
Chicago, IL.
"...The episode will introduce the company’s new location, proposed to be Chicago’s first LEED® Platinum Certified building and the first LEED® Platinum Refrigerated Food Service Distribution Facility in the nation. The state-of-the-art facility features a 750 kilowatt wind turbine; a 45,000 square foot barrel Green Roof; a 5000-gallon rain reclamation system; a 765,085 gallon rain retention pond; a solar hot water system for the entire building; and a myriad of other eco-friendly features..." [5.9.11]

Growing Veggies on Walls: Teens Green Bronx
Huffington Post, by Lorna Sass
Bronx, NY.
"...How did Ritz manage to grow truckloads of organic vegetables indoors with virtually no equity but sweat equity? One thing he did was partner with a for-profit enterprise called Green Living™ Technologies, a pioneering developer of cutting edge urban agricultural systems. George Irwin, CEO of Green Living™ Technologies and a man with a big heart and a vision as huge as Ritz's, contributed all of the building materials for the grow wall...Also read 'The Pied Piper of the Bronx' blog post..." [5.7.11]

Mexico Unveils Gigantic Green Roofed Volcano Soccer Stadium, by Cameron Scott
Guadalajara, Mexico.
"The city of Guadalajara has unveiled a volcano-like soccer stadium that is veritably exploding with green features. Created for the popular Chivas team by French architects Jean-Marie Massaud and Daniel Pouzet, the stadium features a volcano-evoking exterior that captures rainwater and processes it through wetlands for use in watering the pitch..." [5.7.11]

Con Edison Green Roof Winner for City Waters: Columbia Scientists
Marketwire, Press Release
New York, NY.
"Green roofs like the one atop a Con Edison building in Long Island City, Queens can be a cost-effective way to keep water from running into sewer systems and causing overflows, Columbia University researchers have found. The Con Edison Green Roof, which is home to 21,000 plants on a quarter acre of The Learning Center, retains 30 percent of the rainwater that falls on it. The plants then release the water as vapor, the researchers said in the study...Watch video on YouTube." [5.6.11]

New US Coast Guard Headquarters – Plans To Consolidate Service Under A Grassy Roof
GCaptain, Press Release‎
"...The new Coast Guard headquarters will include a green roof among other sustainable design best practices. Until recently, all new federal buildings were required to meet a ‘Silver’ certification under the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design criteria, GSA recently set a goal to exceed this requirement with a LEED "Gold" certification..." [5.5.11]

Towards smart green roofs, by Elsa Sidaway
"...No more unnecessary watering during heat waves due to timers flooding plants without taking into account their real water needs. The firm Tivao, born from a partnership between the firm Agralis and “The Mediterranean Green Spaces Company”, imagined a solution that could adapt watering to plants’ hydric stress..." [5.5.11]

Roofs green up: Downtown's overhead gardens treat the eye and the Earth
Louisville Courier-Journal, by Matt Frassica
Louisville, KY.
"Louisvillians are proud of their urban parks system — the grand views of the Olmsted parks and the sculpted surfaces of Waterfront Park among them. On a much smaller scale, urban gardens have started springing up among the high-rises and cast-iron facades of downtown. But you'll never see these gardens while you're walking down the street — they're growing on rooftops..." [5.5.11]

It’s Always Play Time at Henning Larsen’s Beautiful Green-Roofed Day Care Center in Denmark, by Tafline Laylin
"...Decidedly minimalist, Henning Larsen chose glass and wood for the Bernts Have day care center commissioned by the municipality of Holbæk. The tall glass windows invite light deep into the building and are double glazed to minimize heat radiation. Tucked into the side of the hill, the green roof keeps the home both warm in the winter and cool in the summer..." [5.4.11]

NRDC Files Suit against the Water Reclamation District: Time for the District to Become Part of the Solution, Not the Problem
Natural Resources Defense Council Blog, by Ann Alexander‎
Chicago, IL.
"NRDC and its coalition partners filed a lawsuit today demanding that the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District stop polluting the Chicago River and start protecting it...Some of the more popular and useful green infrastructure solutions include rooftop plantings, or “green roofs”; permeable pavement; and streetside planting strips, or “bioswales” -- all of which not only address stormwater volume and pollutants..." [5.3.11]

House Ocho with a Lively Green Roof
Jetson Green, by Preston Koerner‎
Carmel, CA.
"This is House Ocho, a project in Carmel, California, designed by Feldman Architecture. The home is beautiful and modern with striking clean lines, though perhaps its most prominent detail is a lively green roof that hides the structure in the hillside of a nature preserve in the Santa Lucia Mountains..." [5.3.11]

Fanshawe expansion celebrated
London Free Press, by Hank Daniszewski‎
"Friday the 13th will be a lucky day for Fanshawe College with the official opening of the first major expansion outside of the main campus in London. The Centre for Applied Transportation Technologies (CATT) is a $31 million Project that will accommodate 1,500 students...It features environmental innovations, including a vegetated green roof occupying 48000 square feet, storm water reclamation, solar-powered GPS tracking skylights for natural day-lighting in the shops..." [5.3.11]

Affordable Green Housing Opens in the Bronx, by Staff
Bronx, NY.
"A 243-unit affordable green housing complex opens today in Bronx, New York. The $68 million Serviam Gardens for low- and moderate-income seniors, was built according to Enterprise Green Communities Criteria, a green building framework for affordable housing...Green Features include a green roof, a rain water recycling system, energy efficient lighting and cooling, and a super-insulated building envelope..." [5.3.11]

Gardens go skywards... If you've got a flat roof, turn it into an attractive green space and see your investment grow
Daily Mail, by Graham Norwood‎
"...Green or ‘living’ roofs are suddenly in vogue. London Mayor Boris Johnson has called for more green roofs in the capital and some local authorities across the country offer grants - even in these recessionary times - to encourage owners to retrofit them...Environmental charity Groundwork Sheffield has produced a guide for DIY enthusiasts wanting to build their own green roof..." [5.3.11]

Cannon Design completes new building for Northwest Community Hospital
World Architecture News, by Staff
Arlington Heights, IL.
"...Elements of nature connect inside and out and include landscaped gardens, green roofs, as well as interior finishes that use colors and patterns found in nature...The impact of 'heat island effect' - the result of structures absorbing and retaining heat, reaching temperatures higher than the surroundings - is minimised by using light coloured roofing and extensive green roofs..." [5.3.11]

Khris Dodson, of Save the Rain, says more 'green infrastructure' could have soaked up stormwater that swamped our streets and basements last week Blog, by Khris Dodson‎
Syracuse, NY.
" infrastructure is popping up everywhere around Syracuse and Central New York. Our 17,000-square-foot, living, green roof at the Syracuse Center of Excellence is one example. Our green roof is able to manage hundreds of thousands of gallons of rainwater each year. The green roof planned for the Oncenter will be able to manage 1 million gallons and the Connective Corridor project will be able to manage millions of gallons through tree boxes and porous pavement. Imagine if we had more green roofs..." [5.1.11]

Follow industry trends to get the latest landscaping looks, by Charlotte Albers
Burlington, VT.
"The rooftop Garden Pavilion at Fletcher Allen Health Care, designed by H. Keith Wagner Partnership, a Burlington landscape architecture firm, is the recipient of a 2010 Vermont Public Space Award. The design incorporates edible landscape plants, raised vegetable beds, a shed that collects rainwater, soaker hoses, and an open space where cooking workshops and demonstrations are planned..." [4.30.11]

'Green roof' concept taking hold
The Daily News Online, by Paul Mrozek
Batavia, NY.
"Turf farmer Craig Yunker has teamed up with Genesee County Economic Development Center and Cornell Cooperative Extension to bring a grower of "green roofs" from France to Western New York...Trays of living roof increase energy efficiency and decrease the amount of stormwater runoff, according to Gaelle Berges, product manager for Vegetal Innovation & Development of France..." [4.30.11]

NL Architects Unveil Knokke-Heist School Blanketed With a Green Roof Blog, by Bridgette Meinhold
"NL Architects recently unveiled their competition-winning plans for a new school in Belgium that is completely covered with a green roof. Organized around a central 'heart', four branching arms pinwheel off the center to provide space for different grade levels...The school's green features and innovative classroom design stand to place it at the forefront of the field of education..." [4.29.11]

Bay Friendly Garden Tour, from native to exotic
San Francisco Chronicle, by Joe Eaton and Ron Sullivan
San Francisco, CA.
"...Natives don't make sense on a green roof, she told us. They like to have a deep root system. She found few precedents for a meadow roof, or for any kind of green roof in a dry climate like the East Bay hills. It turned out to be a technical feat, using a honeycomb-like geogrid system that allows foot traffic without soil compression. The roof is irrigated but otherwise low-maintenance, getting an annual pruning..." [4.29.11]

Philadelphia's Battle Against Impervious Asphalt
Streetsblog Capitol Hill Blog, by Tanya Snyder
Philadelphia, PA.
"...Philadelphia is now the number-two city in the country for green roofs, behind Chicago. And they’re also implementing myriad public space improvements that are popular and desirable in cities for a thousand other reasons besides stormwater management. Green spaces make cities more beautiful and walkable, they improve rates of healthy outdoor activity – all the things you already know..." [4.28.11]

Metro Detroit's Institutes Of Greener Learning
Metromode Media, by Kim North Shine‎
Detroit, MI.
"...Lawrence Tech students use its green roofs, rainwater collection systems, solar power panels and other eco-minded facilities, such as the Alfred A. Taubman Student Services Center, as living laboratories...It also has a 10,000-square-foot green roof that controls and reducers water runoff, absorbing water into the roof and sending the remaining into a 12,000-gallon cistern that stores gray water..." [4.28.11]

PEC pupils design green-roof, win scholarship
Times of India, by Staff
"...Here's a cheaper way to solve the problem - turn the roof of your house into a green-roof. One such concept of final-year students of Punjab Engineering College (PEC) has won scholarship in Green Roof Competition organised by consulate general of Canada and Saint Mary's University. This concept will be implemented at consulate's house..." [4.28.11]

Green space for Zakariyya Park, by Lynley Main
Johannesburg, South Africa.
"Residents of Zakariyya Park in Region G are the recipients of a spotless new park. And even more exciting than turning the previously undeveloped area into a green sanctuary is that it is the site of City Parks’ first green roof...Green roofs have been taking the world by storm, and are making an appearance in South Africa too..." [4.28.11]

An Inexpensive Fix for US Water Woes
The Epoch Times, by Erica Gies
"...Stormwater, for example, instead of being treated as waste, can be cultivated as a resource. Rain—rather than being channeled into sewer pipes—can be stored in the ground where it falls through low-impact development (LID) technologies such as porous pavement, green roofs, rain barrels, rain gardens, vegetated swales, cisterns, urban agriculture, and wetlands and stream restoration..." [4.27.11]

Building smarts: Residents, officials unite to make neighborhoods eco-friendly
Washington Post, by Christy Goodman
Alexandria, VA.
"...A green roof will soon be installed on Alexandria's City Hall. The roof, made of plants that soak up storm water and help insulate the building, will be visible from inside the planning office to encourage residents and developers to incorporate the idea into their designs...The programs are paid for by a mix of federal, state and local taxes and grants. Alexandria City Hall’s green roof is being paid for with a federal grant..." [4.27.11]

With System Complete, IKEA Powers-up Solar in Brooklyn, NY
BusinessWire, Press Release
Brooklyn, NY.
"...IKEA Brooklyn additionally has 70,000 s.f. of green roof, a 6.5-acre waterfront esplanade, multiple transit options, and has been certified as a Brownfield redevelopment. The store also has been awarded LEED® (Silver) established by the U.S. Green Building Council and verified by the Green Building Certification Institute..." [4.27.11]

Amigos del Valle can't support full green roof; San Juan looks at smaller scale
The Monitor, by Elizabeth Findell
San Juan, TX.
"City leaders are exploring more limited ways to utilize a proposed live, green roof for Amigos del Valle in San Juan, after the building failed a structural check...San Juan is now proposing to take the middle road: replacing the roof for $100,000 and putting the LiveRoof system on only a few stronger portions that are lower on the building...The university is hoping to use the roof to monitor, among other things, drainage issues from living roofs..." [4.27.11]

Foster + Partners Break Ground on Naturally Cooled CITIC Skyscraper In China, by Andrew Michler
"Foster + Partners just announced that they have broken ground on the energy-efficient CITIC Bank Headquarters in Hangzhou Qian Jiang New City, China...The top mezzanine will host a sky garden and VIP accommodations, the construction also calls for local materials, and the building will reuse its grey water. The design is derived from the traditional Chinese ‘dua’ vessel, which features a slender base and enlarged body that symbolizes wealth, dignity and stability..." [4.27.11]

Will Chicago Stay on its Green Path under Mayor Rahm Emanuel?
sustainablog, by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg‎
Chicago, IL.
"...Mayor Richard M. Daley proclaimed his goal of making the Windy City the greenest in the country in the middle of the last decade, and, now, many in the green media space probably immediately equate Daley with green roofs (a cornerstone of his approach, though not the full extent of it)..." [4.26.11]

Spanish Train Station Renovated Into A Green-Roofed Youth & Public Art Center Blog, by Bridgette Meinhold
León, Spain.
"Espacio VIAS is a vibrant, new cultural and youth art center in León, Spain created from a historic train station in the city center. The renovation of the station was a collaboration between citizens and the city and designed by Estudio Sic to create a new public space, upgrade the train tracks and provides a space for youth creativity. Passive solar design and daylighting mix inside the newly renovated space and a canted green roof enlivens the area..." [4.26.11]

Senior Housing Facility Contributes to Chicago Neighborhood Revitalization
Senior Housing News, by Staff‎
Chicago, IL.
"...A green roof and other environmentally friendly features will comprise the $14.6 million development, which will receive the land, $8.6 million in bonds, $1.1 million in loans, and $451,266 in tax credits from the City of Chicago. Other financing includes $340,000 in donations tax credits..." [4.26.11]

Green buildings in Singapore: Adding the green touch with technology, by Staff
"New technology and green features such as vertical gardens are helping Singapore reach ambitious energy efficiency targets for its buildings...Many buildings also come with extensive overhangs and planters to block direct solar exposure. Facade and roof greening have also been introduced to mitigate urban heat effect and solar heat gain..." [4.26.11]

WPI Shows Off Its Green Campus
Worcester Business Journal, by Matt Pilon‎
Worcester, MA.
"Worcester Polytechnic Institute took some time this month to show off its newest dormitory, East Hall, which is certifiably green and sustainable, to a group of legislators...The tour capped off with a look at the dorm's “living green” roof, the first of its kind in Worcester. The roof is covered with hundreds of planters, which were just starting to sprout chives and other plants that absorb rainwater, helping to reduce groundwater runoff around the property..." [4.25.11]

Green rooftop research lacking
Winnipeg Free Press, by Staff
Winnipeg, Canada.
"...Shauna MacArthur of Friesen Tokar Architects told the Better Buildings Conference in Winnipeg on Thursday universities and technical colleges in Calgary, Edmonton, Regina and Saskatoon are all conducting ongoing studies into the best designs and plants for rooftop gardens. But she's not aware of any studies being conducted in Manitoba..." [4.25.11]

Roof over Rensselaer Union Bookstore to 'grow' green, figuratively and literally
The Record, by Danielle Sanzone
Troy, NY.
"...The final touches on the roof, located at the union’s southwest patio area, were made on Earth Day though the affects will last throughout the year. Hunt noted that the small plants will eventually flourish and become a thick vegetation on the whole roof which will act as insulation. It also decreases storm water runoff and the $100,000 roof will last twice as long..." [4.23.11]

Several green projects in the works in Onondaga County, by Kristy Smorol
Syracuse, NY.
"...Through the Save the Rain program, several green roofs will be built around the area, including at the elephant exhibit at Rosamond Gifford Zoo, Hazard Library, the Erie Canal Museum, the Oncenter Convention Center, the County Justice Center, and other buildings. Green roofs help absorb rainwater to keep it out of the sewage system. They also insulate buildings to bring down energy costs..." [4.22.11]

Richmond mayor calls for more green efforts by city, launches sustainability plan
The Associated Press, by Staff
Richmond, VA.
"...Media outlets report that Mayor Dwight C. Jones issued a mayoral order Thursday calling for actions that improve efficiency and reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions...The city already has taken several actions since a green initiative was announced last year. They include a community garden program and construction of the first green roof on a city facility." [4.22.11]

Is the World's Greatest Green Roof in Warsaw, Poland?
This Big City Blog, by Joe Peach
Warsaw, Poland.
"Warsaw is Poland’s biggest city and the ninth biggest in Europe. With its violent history now something of the past, the city has been able to refocus, positioning itself as a metropolitan hub linking west and east Europe. One by-product of this goal is the University of Warsaw’s library – a building with a green roof so impressive it is essentially a captivating urban park on top of a building..." [4.21.11]

Life from above
Montreal Mirror, by Tracey Lindeman
Montreal, Canada.
"...Both Lufa Farms, a new private greenhouse, and Rooftop Garden Project, a community-based endeavor, think a roof is a wonderful place to grow your own. Though the two projects differ wildly in many respects, they’re both rooted in the same idea. If we want a logical food system, it just makes so much sense to integrate food production into the city..." [4.21.11]

Rafael Viñoly Architects' Van Andel Institute Expansion Awarded LEED Platinum Certification
Archinect, by Staff‎
Grand Rapids, MI.
"...Various contributing factors to gaining LEED Platinum status include sunlit labs–signifying less need for electric lighting–and 13,000 square feet of photovoltaic panels; waterless urinals and a vegetated “green roof” to reduce water consumption; a 33,000-gallon rainwater storage tank to collect runoff for irrigation and use in the cooling tower..." [4.21.11]

'Greenest' Store Off Its Marks
Sheffield Telegraph, by Staff
"Marks and Spencer chief executive Marc Bolland officially opened a Simply Food store in Ecclesall Road, which the company says is its greenest ever...Among environmental features are a sedum roof and a green ‘living wall’ to encourage wildlife habitats, the use of rainwater to supply the toilets, harnessing heat from refrigeration units to heat the premises and..." [4.21.11]

Boston Mayor Recognizes Green Initiatives in the City
The Epoch Times, by Sharzad Noorbaloochi
Boston, MA.
"Mayor Thomas M. Menino awarded his 5th Annual Mayor’s Green Awards to local businesses, residents, and innovators of sustainable food practices last week...Mark and Etta Rosen were given the award for the Green Roof award after installing a green roof on their LEED certified home..." [4.20.11]

New Biodiversity Design and Whole Life Carbon reports published
Green Building Press, by Staff
"Two new research reports, Designing for Biodiversity, Productivity and Profit and Whole Life Carbon, have just been published by The British Council for Offices (BCO)...For example, the report notes that the daytime temperature fluctuation of a non-green roof can be 50°C, whereas that of a green roof will be only 3°C..." [4.20.11]

New report says hiring NYCHA tenants for green jobs, repairs would lower unemployment, save money
New York Daily News, by Daniel Beekman
New York, NY.
"Green jobs could be the silver bullet for problems faced by New York City Housing Authority residents, from drafty windows and moldy bathrooms to obesity, according to a new report by South Bronx community groups. Training and hiring hundreds of residents to build green roofs, make repairs and install energy-efficient appliances would save NYCHA money, reduce unemployment and improve public health, the report stated..." [4.20.11]

New Boom for Real Estate: Community Garden Plots
Mother Earth News, by Jennifer Kongs
"...Most cities have incredible garden acreage potential on the roofs of buildings. Especially in the downtown heart of large urban areas, green roofs can also help reduce the effects of urban heat islands. Even setting out some herbs and veggies in containers will get you started on your path to full city-farmerdom..." [4.19.11]

How to Combat Soil Erosion in the Garden, by Sami Grover
"...Of course the increase in hard surfaces, especially in towns and cities, has resulted in greater volumes of storm-water runoff. Consequently, these mini flash floods can carry away a great deal of soil. Luckily, here too there are plenty of ideas that can contribute to a gentler, less disruptive approach to channeling water through our homes, gardens and neighborhoods. From rainwater harvesting through porous paving to green roofs..." [4.19.11]

Five ways to make New York City's (street) grid greener Blog, by Andrew Nusca‎
New York, NY.
"...These issues are apparent to Bloomberg, whose $1.5 billion “green infrastructure” plan intends to replace aging public works with nature-centered projects...Require new developments to use green roofs and plantings, rather than pipes, to absorb stormwater..." [4.18.11]

Green architecture blossoming, by Theresa Hegel
Doylestown, PA.
"...The roof absorbs rain and releases it through the surrounding stormwater drainage system at a slower rate than water running off a traditional roof, according to school officials. It also absorbs heat and reduces the workload on the library's geothermal heating and cooling system...Like many other green roofs, this roof will be covered in sedum, helping to insulate the building..." [4.17.11]

Eco-friendly living roof trend takes root in U.S.
Columbia Daily Tribune, by Jan Wiese-Fales
"The academy’s green rooftop keeps the building’s interior an average of 10 degrees cooler than a standard roof would. That climate-control benefit is one factor that has fueled a growing trend toward green roofs, first in Europe but increasingly in the United States...The Environmental Protection Agency is sponsoring the seventh annual National Sustainable Design Expo this weekend in Washington, D.C. It features “innovative technologies designed to advance economic growth while reducing environmental impact,” including green roof technologies..." [4.17.11]

Green UAE school is a living, breathing blackboard jungle
The National, by Ola Salem
"...Liwa International School in Al Ain is a model of environmentally aware building, with a wall of plants helping cool the building, rooftop solar panels providing power, and two tanks filtering "grey" water for irrigation purposes... Liwa International is "the only school in the whole of the Middle East that has green walls..." [4.16.11]

The Luxe Rooftop Gardens Some New Yorkers Pay Millions For
Forbes Blog, by Morgan Brennan
New York, NY.
"...Rooftop Gardens uncovers outrageous terraces that include everything from an authentic Japanese tea garden to a Central Park-inspired garden with a miniature Great Lawn expanse of grass. It is indeed a decedent glimpse into the lengths New York’s luxury real estate residents will go to fulfill their Big Apple foliage fantasies..." [4.15.11]

Milwaukee Library To Show Off Green Roof
WISN Milwaukee, by Portia Young
Milwaukee, WI.
"Some of the best views of the Milwaukee skyline are now from one of the greenest spaces in the skyline. The Milwaukee Public Library is now sporting a green roof, and tours will be featured after a special ceremony this Saturday...To learn more about the library's new roof, click here to visit their website and view their webcam." [4.15.11]

Study: District leads Washington region in green building projects between 2003 and 2009
The Associated Press, by Staff‎
"Washington leads the region in green buildings, according to a new study. The study found 171 projects were given green building certification in the metropolitan Washington region between 2003 and 2009...Green building focuses on sustainability from design through construction and during building operations. Building features include items such as green roofs covered with plants to reduce stormwater runoff and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems..." [4.15.11]

Tour of the First PassivHaus in UK
Treehugger - Bonnie Alter
London, UK.
"This lovely looking Victorian house in west London seems deceptively straightforward except for a tiny plaque on the front door. It notes that this is the first house in the UK to reach PassivHaus standards. And that is no mean feat...This is the top of the kitchen extension and will be a flourishing green roof in the future. This photo shows the first weeks and by summer it will be (hopefully) a wildflower meadow..." [4.15.11]

Sustainability projects advance throughout Temple
Temple University News, by Preston Moretz
Ambler, PA.
"...Ambler is also home to Temple’s first “green” roof, which occupies about three-quarters of the 5,000-sq-ft roof atop the Intercollegiate Athletics Field House. It was installed in 2005 through a $50,000 grant from PECO Energy. A second “green” roof will be installed atop the new Architecture Building under construction on Main Campus." [4.14.11]

Students Society of Landscape Architecture recruits by building green roof VEISHEA display
Iowa State Daily, by Elisse Lorenc
Ames, IA.
"As an attempt for the Students Society of Landscape Architecture to recruit students for its academic department, the organization decided to do something visual for VEISHEA. Placed in front of the College of Design, SSLA spent 6 months planning and constructing a display to demonstrate the uses of green roofs..." [4.13.11]

greenHILLhome – A Green Roof, 3 Years Later
The Hill is Home Blog, by Jon Penndorf
"...In 2006 Jane and Rick Rutherford decided to install a green roof system atop a portion of their Hill row house. Through contacts at local nonprofit DC Greenworks, the Rutherfords were able to hire a contractor to make some structural modifications to their home and ready the roof for planting. Using sedums and herbs from Emory Knoll Farms in Maryland, the roof was covered with a special planting soil and covered with 350 small plants..." [4.13.11]

MSU students to present green-roof technology at EPA event in Washington
MSU News, by Tom Oswald
East Lansing, MI.
"A team of Michigan State University students travels to Washington, D.C., this week to take part in a competition that could net them a federal grant to continue research into technology that would allow “green roofs” to be used on sloped roofs. The students, who are in the MSU School of Planning, Design and Construction, are participating in the National Sustainable Design Expo, which is part of the Environmental Protection Agency’s celebration of Earth Day a video about this on YouTube." [4.13.11]

Ecotechbuild Completes The First Shipping Container Home In The Mojave Desert, Press Release
Los Angeles, CA.
"ecotechdesign, in collaboration with its design/build subsidiary ecotechbuild, is proud to announce the completion of the first permitted shipping container house in the Mojave Desert near Joshua Tree, roof: movable, bolt-on module add-ons use greywater irrigation and are planted with native desert plants and sedums to absorb heat, glare, dust and CO2..." [4.13.11]

Thriving living roof for Monash
Oakleigh Monash Leader, by Michelle Carnovale
Melbourne, Australia.
"Monash Council’s 'Living Roof', one of just a handful in Australia, will be used to monitor the benefits of city rooftop gardens. The 92sq m garden on top of the Civic Centre in Springvale Rd is designed to collect and use stormwater to prevent run-off polluting waterways and will be tested for many other environmental and economic benefits..." [4.13.11]

Manufacturer to provide materials for green roof of Norristown Area High School
The Times Herald, by Staff
Beachwood, OH.
"Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance announced today its selection as the manufacturer providing materials for the green reroofing of the Norristown Area High School athletic wing -- a 54,800-square-foot project that includes the school’s pool, gymnasium, locker rooms and weight room. The project is slated to begin April 15 and is expected to be completed in June..." [4.12.11]

Waste Management Celebrates Grand Opening of Philadelphia Material Recovery Facility
PR Newswire, Press Release‎
Philadelphia, PA.
"...The Philadelphia MRF was constructed using sustainable building and design techniques and has received LEED Silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. The siding and roofing of the processing building contain over 80 percent recycled content; advanced stormwater management systems, including a green roof on the office facility, treat stormwater to improve its quality prior to release..." [4.11.11]

Big prize for ANZ Docklands
Sydney Morning Herald, by Natalie Puchalski
"ANZ Centre has been named the Victorian Development of the Year at the Property Council's 2011 Innovation and Excellence Awards...An accredited six-star Green Star building, the ANZ headquarters includes environmental features such as solar power, wind turbines, tri-generation, black water recycling, a green roof, river cooling and under floor air-conditioning..." [4.10.11]

New career grows out of good earth
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, by Stephanie Beecher
Oconomowoc, WI.
"...Lurvey invested $700,000 of his own capital; Johnson invested his time and enthusiasm. Together, the families created TerraCaelum LLC, which grows vegetated sedum mat products for green roofing systems. The business serves as the Midwest contract grower for the American subsidiary of Xero Flor Germany (XeroFlor America)..." [4.10.11]

New library designs reaching final stages
UW Badger Herald, by Lucas Molina
Madison, WI.
"Plans for 119,000 square foot building feature increase in interior space, large children’s area, partial or potentially full green roof...'The green roof is in the budget right now, but one of the alternates that we'll have in the bidding documents is to do a full green roof,' Hursh said. At an Urban Design Commission meeting Wednesday evening, commission members strongly urged the project’s designers to create a full green roof if there were ample funds available..." [4.8.11]

Architects Imagine a Utopian Paris in 2100, a Little Warmer and a Whole Lot Greener, by Alex Davies
Paris, France.
"...With major plans to redesign its river banks, create a pedestrian paradise out of the Les Halles shopping mall, and improve the already great Vélib bike share system, the City of Lights isn't slowing down. And now a new exhibit is having fun imagining what the City will look like in the year 2100: 2º C warmer, due to climate change, but also a whole lot greener, where pedestrians rule and every building has a roof garden..." [4.8.11]

215 West Achieves LEED® Certification
Sacramento Bee, by Staff
Chicago, IL.
"...LEED certification of 215 West was based on a number of green design and construction features that positively impact the project itself and the broader community. These features include: Utilizing highly reflective roofing to reduce heat island effect, reducing water consumption by 20 percent through efficient fixtures, and creating a green roof with native landscaping to reduce the need for irrigation by more than 50 percent..." [4.7.11]

CityCenter DC: Redevelopment of the Washington Convention Center Site Breaks Ground
Dexigner, by Levent Ozler
D.C., US.
"...The high density, mixed-use scheme will create a low-carbon, pedestrian-friendly quarter and the master plan is designed to achieve LEED Neighborhood Development 'Gold'. The landscape, office and apartment buildings are oriented according to the path of the sun and incorporate green roofs to absorb water - the scheme aims to recycle 100 percent of the water used on site..." [4.7.11]

UMD Solar Decathlon home features humidity-absorbing waterfall, green roof, artificial wetland
Greenfield Daily Reporter, by AP Staff‎
College Park, MD.
"...The University of Maryland entry uses the Chesapeake Bay as its inspiration. The home's features include an artificial wetland that filters stormwater and greywater, which is water recycled within a home. The home has a green roof to retain rainwater and help cool it, and features an interior waterfall that uses a water-absorbing liquid to control humidity." [4.7.11]

All You Need to Know About Stormwater Runoff
The Daily Score Blog, by Lisa Stiffler
Seattle, WA.
"...The philosophy of low-impact development is to try to replicate nature’s way of managing rainfall. It means taking surfaces that normally repel water—roofs and pavement—and making them spongy. Low-impact development can mean building green roofs covered in water-trapping soil and plant...There are at least 350 ecoroofs in Portland, topping condos, the central library, government offices, and a university building, covering about 26 acres in all..." [4.5.11]

Wait lists bloom as demand for city gardening grows
CTV News, by Darcy Wintonyk
Vancouver, Canada.
"...Vancouver is on the forefront of developing green roofs, including the new roof on the Vancouver Convention Centre that is home to a giant bee hive. Green roofs are now being planned on a massive scale in the bustling city's downtown core. The new million-square-foot, $750-million Telus headquarters will feature more than 10,000 square feet of green roof space. While most of the details still aren't finalized, the company says the growing space will provide organic produce for local restaurants as well as two elevated roof forests..." [4.5.11]

Massachusetts School Building Authority to chip in for Pollard roof
Wicked Local Needham, by Scott Wachtler
Needham, MA.
"The Massachusetts School Building Authority will kick in $1.1 million for a new green roof on the Pollard Middle School. The total budget for the Pollard Roof repair is $3.35 million and was approved by Town Meeting members at the Nov. 2010 Special Town meeting..." [4.4.11]

New Taft to house reborn school, by Staff
Cincinnati, OH.
"After three years of construction, the new $19 million Robert A. Taft Information Technology High School, one of Cincinnati Public Schools' biggest success stories, will finally welcome students Tuesday...The school includes several "green" features, including a 31,700-square-foot green roof, a "chilled beam" system to heat and cool the rooms, slanted ceilings and motion sensors to maximize light and minimize energy use..." [4.4.11]

Transit companies minimize petroleum
Knoxville News Sentinel, by Staff
Knoxville, TN.
"Bus riders in Knoxville can't find much cleaner rides. KAT's converted nearly 100 percent of its fleet to hybrid electric vehicles and the remainder run on clean fuels such as propane and biodiesel. Green amenities include a geothermal heating and air conditioning system and a green roof planted with drought-resistant, sun-loving plants..." [4.4.11]

Guide To Going Green
CBS Philadelphia, by Kim Glovas

Philadelphia, PA. "April 22nd is Earth Day...What can the average home-owner do about their personal homes, energy bills and their own back yard to decrease their carbon footprint?...Putting a green, living roof on a building is an idea that is starting to gain popularity...Listen to the interview with James DelGrosso on green roofs." [4.3.11]

Green roofs are growing Cleveland Green Building, by Nicole D'Alessandro
Cleveland, OH.
"Spring might be bringing green in some unexpected places. There are quite a few green roofs across Northeast Ohio, and the list is growing. In 2002, the Geauga Park District opened the West Woods Nature Center that included a green roofed service building. The green roof has served as a pilot project for the Park District to study the benefits of green roof construction and technology..." [4.3.11]

Aquascape set to open temporary store because of winter roof collapse
Kane County Chronicle, by Ashley Rhodebeck
St. Charles, IL.
"An eastside business that suffered a partial roof collapse in February has announced it will move to a temporary location this month. Meanwhile, structural engineers continue to investigate why the green roof at Aquascape's headquarters, 901 Aqualand Way, caved in on Feb. 13..." [4.2.11]

The Landscaping with Florida Natives garden tour will feature Indialantic's home
Florida Today, by Chris Kridler
Indialantic, FL.
"...The home will be featured on the Landscaping with Florida Natives garden tour of six gardens on April 9. The old house, owned by Baker's mother, was heavily damaged in the 2004 hurricanes. The replacement, a work in progress dubbed Florida's Showcase Green Envirohome, even has native plants on its multiple green roofs..." [4.2.11]

Green Roof Professional: What does it mean?
Water World, by Mark Apfelbacher
"With so many accreditations and acronyms floating around in the water industry, it's an accomplishment equally worthy of certification to identify half the listed designations. A new industry accreditation, Green Roof Professional (GRP), should be added to the list and it's gaining industry credit and client appreciation for good reason..." [4.1.11]

The Pasadena Water & Power Goes Green
Pasadena Weekly, by Bettijane Levine
Pasadena, CA.
"Pasadena’s new Water and Power building reflects the latest in environmental and humanistic design...Built as the new headquarters for PWP’s operations and maintenance crews as well as supervisors and executives, the steel-framed structure has a highly reflective roof and two experimental green-roof gardens, planted with sedum and Mexican feather grass, to cool it naturally from above..." [4.1.11]

Vertical gardens are high art, but only when given the proper canvas
The National, by Nick Leech
Abu Dhabi, UAE.
"...All of this would be of little more than academic interest if it were not for the fact that prefabricated, off-the-peg "green" or living wall systems are now being manufactured that allow the installation of more modestly sized vertical gardens in the home, office or classroom..." [3.30.11]

Green roof uberwork: Bjarke Ingels' M2 house
IBTimes, by Ross Dulmaine
"From a distance the M2 house looks like just another little rolling hill. Approach more closely and you find a modern, subtly camouflaged residence whose roof is covered in beautiful, easy to maintain sedum...Designed and created by Danish architectural design powerhouse, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) for the Danish builder M2 Homes." [3.30.11]

Flair Tower Receives LEED® Silver Certification From The United States Green Building Council, Press Release‎
Chicago, IL.
"...Flair Tower incorporates "green elements" such as locally produced and recycled building materials, water-efficient plumbing fixtures, and low VOC-emitting paints and sealants. The building employs green roof technology in combination with an amenity garden to reduce storm water impact to sewer systems and reduce the building's radiant heat load..." [3.30.11]

3,000 new affordable homes planned, by Staff
"...Mr. Alkhayyat said for the first time in Bahrain, each unit would have facilities for setting up rooftop gardens, using the latest scientific technology. We intend to landscape the entire area, but each house will also have a rooftop garden to give a clean and green look to the entire area..." [3.29.11]

Syracuse Builds $41 Million Incubator for Green Ideas, by James S. Russell
Syracuse, NY.
"Rising in the embrace of a freeway intersection, the Syracuse Center of Excellence is a glassy slab of laboratories poised on delicate X-braced columns. A roof covered in plants zigzags up from the entry to meet the labs at the third floor. Architect Toshiko Mori designed a planted roof (not visible under snow) that absorbs storm water runoff, a tactic that is rapidly becoming more common as a means to reduce burdens on aging sewage-treatment systems..." [3.29.11]

Build a Green-Roof Birdhouse
Philadelphia Magazine Blog, by Sandy Hingston
Kennett Square, PA.
"...My birdhouse would have what’s considered de rigueur in all the latest, most cutting-edge architectural designs: a green roof. Not a roof painted green, mind you, but a living, breathing, rooted roof of plants...The green roofs create a heat differential that aids airflow and reduces the interior temperature..." [3.29.11]

Gardening Trends
North Shore News, by Ailsa Francis
Vancouver, Canada.
"...Green roof technology has actually been around in Canada for many years, but it has only recently been catching on for residential applications. There are certain important considerations (i.e. roof pitch, load-bearing capacity, and maintenance provisions) but there are many energy, ecological and beautifying benefits..." [3.27.11]

Air Force goes green, by Leona Charles
Joint Base Andrews, MD.
"...The building was built using 20% recycled materials, a green roof and recycles and treats up to 90% of its storm water. In furthering its ecological commitment with this building, the building landscape uses native plants and a passive optical network which reduces IT maintenance and energy costs..." [3.25.11]

Five Questions with green roofer Kelly Luckett, by Jeffrey Tomich
St. Louis, MO.
"...Kelly Luckett is president of Green Roof Blocks LLC, a company he founded to capitalize on demand for rooftop gardens, or green roofs. A roofer by trade, Luckett took the green roof niche a step further by making it modular. His square green roof blocks are made of anodized aluminum, filled with a blend of lava rock..." [3.25.11]

Sod Covered Viking Houses Recreate History at L’anse Aux Meadows, by Yuka Yoneda
Newfoundland, Canada.
"When you think about Vikings, the first picture that might come to mind is one of fierce warriors wearing horned hats. But did you know that the storied Scandinavians were also avid builders of green-roofed homes? While the three sod-topped longhouses that sit on the remains of a 1,000-year-old Norse colony at L'Anse aux Meadows are just reconstructions, they were built to exemplify the sustainable architecture that the Vikings knew about centuries before LEED..." [3.24.11]

Green Roofs, Living Walls & Biodiversity
Living Green Roofs Blog, by Kevin Songer
. "Documenting increases in biodiversity through Green Roof and Living Wall should be a fundamental component of all vertical green projects, providing valuable data to help with understanding how wildlife, birds, insects, reptiles and plants adapt to the Urban Core..." [3.24.11]

Bill would provide incentive to install green roofs
North Carolina News Network Blog, by Doug Mayer, David Horn
Raleigh, NC.
"Some state lawmakers want to encourage the installation of green roofs. A bill introduced in the House would give a 75 percent tax credit for the cost of installing a green roof. Rep. Susan Fisher said the State Capitol is already leading by example with its own green roof..." [3.24.11]

Boost to green the Singapore skyline
Straits Times, by Jessica Cheam
"Singapore's tall buildings are going green. The National Parks Board (NParks) will subsidize up to half the cost of sprucing up these structures with plants - on rooftops or vertically on walls. The scheme, which applies only to existing buildings, was announced on Thursday by Ms Grace Fu, Senior Minister of State for National Development ...Also read our Sky Gardens Blog Post - Reflections of Fall 2010 Greenroof Conferences: Singapore, Part 2." [3.24.11]

Local, state and federal officials celebrate new Peace Arch border crossing
Bellingham Herald, by Peter Jensen
Blaine, WA.
"...Officials who spoke at Wednesday's ceremony were eager to highlight the benefits of the new station, including aspects that will make its operation energy efficient and more environmentally benign. These include a nearly 22,000-square-foot 'green' roof over the new secondary inspection area that will reduce water runoff, and energy-efficient lighting..." [3.24.11]

Green Roofs Take Root in North America
Justmeans, by Kendra Pierre-Louis
"...According to research conducted by Con Edison and Columbia University on Con Edison's Long Island City green roof, the average winter heat loss was some 34% lower under the green roof than under the black roof, while the summer heat gain was 84% lower on the green roof than under the black roof..." [3.22.11]

Post Katrina Lower 9th Ward Homes Go Green
EarthTechling, by Susan DeFreitas
New Orleans, LA.
"...But such was not the case when Brad Pitt–yes, the world-famous actor, of both cinematic and Brangelina fame–toured the City of Dreams...They feature metal roofs to reduce heat gain and capture rainwater; native plants, rain gardens and green roofs; low flow plumbing and dual-flush toilets; cabinets made from wood that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council..." [3.22.11]

Managing urban rainwater is CRD's green goal
Victoria Times Colonist, by John Balogh
Victoria, Canada.
"As we mark World Water Day, it's good to stop and think about what we can do to protect water supplies in our own region...There are two types of green roofs and one green wall under cultivation. The extensive green roof is comprised of shallow-soiled succulents that provide ever-changing colour, help to reflect the sun's rays and absorb rainwater, resulting in decreased runoff..." [3.22.11]

Vancouver our greenest city, by Terri Theodore
Vancouver, Canada.
"Vancouver tops the chart of Canadian cities leading the fight against climate change, says the World Wildlife Fund...City planners have been adding on to the labyrinth of bike lanes around the city and Vancouver is on the forefront of developing green roofs, including the new roof on the Vancouver Convention Centre that is home to a beehive..." [3.22.11]

U of M researchers dig into mystery of what makes the best green roof, by Don Shelby
Minneapolis, MN.
"...One thing you could count on is the idea of a green roof. Put some plants on the roof, save water and energy, and be proud of yourself. Green roofs are growing in popularity, and Minnesota has a lot of them, with more on the drawing board...Target Center has a green roof, saving the stadium energy and money..." [3.22.11]

Oakland: David Baker + Partners Win AIA Award
Curbed SF, by Philip Ferrato
Oakland, CA.
"Kudos to San Francisco's David Baker + Partners Architects for winning a 2011 AIA Housing Award in the multi-family category for his 2010 Tassafaronga Village project...The village is anchored by an apartment building with a living roof over the development's community room and services..." [3.21.11]

Energy Efficient Home Landscapes
The Dirt, by asladirt
"Watch an animation from ASLA’s “Designing Our Future: Sustainable Landscapes” online exhibition that explains how to use the landscape to reduce the energy consumed by a typical suburban home. See how smart tree placement and green roofs and walls dramatically improve energy efficiency..." [3.21.11]

Culti-Vert Creates a Cool Wave at the Palais
Canada NewsWire, Press Release‎
Montreal, Canada.
"The Palais des congrès de Montréal and the Montréal Urban Ecology Centre (MUEC) are proud to announce that their project Culti-Vert received funding from the Ministry of Health's Climate Change Action Plan that includes a section for reducing the negative health impacts of urban heat islands...This innovative project will feature proven green-roof technologies and demonstrate the enormous potential there is for installing green roofs and growing quality vegetables in downtown Montréal..." [3.21.11]

Green skies
The Standard, by Karen Ha
Hong Kong, China.
"In the fashion world, some say green is the new black. But in the real estate market, green may become the new gold...So, when we were putting together the green roof, we put a four-hole golf putting green on Metropolis Tower as well. The building also has solar panels and a wind turbine to provide lighting on the roof during the evening hours..." [3.21.11]

This spring, garden with a purpose
Lincoln Journal Star, by Kathryn Cates Moore
Nebraska City, NE .
"Gardening with a purpose is one of the top garden trends for 2011, according to research by the Garden Media Group...The National Arbor Day Foundation decided to put its environmental beliefs out there for all to see -- on its roof in Lincoln. Last September, more than 7,300 square feet of garden space was planted as a 'green roof,' according to Mark Derowitsch of the foundation..." [3.19.11]

Potawatomi Zoo's river otters get eco-friendly green roof, by Erin McGinn
South Bend, IN.
"The Potawatomi Zoo recently got a new river otter exhibit and now it is becoming more eco-friendly. On Saturday, volunteers from the South Bend-Mishawaka Leadership Program’s Green Team, the city of South Bend and the Potawatomi Zoo began assembling a green roof for the exhibit. It will be the first green roof on a city structure..." [3.19.11]

Feds probe chronic sewage overflows into lake, streams
Chicago Tribune, by Michael Hawthorne
Chicago, IL.
"... The mayor also has pushed for green roofs that help sop up storm water, including one atop McCormick Place that returns about 50 million gallons to Lake Michigan every year...It's time for a different way of doing business that treats our freshwater as an asset, said Scott Bernstein, co-founder of the Center for Neighborhood Technology and an early proponent of what is known today as 'green infrastructure'..." [3.19.11]

Changing Skyline: Is it lipstick on an energy hog?
Philadelphia Inquirer, by Inga Saffron
Philadelphia, PA.
"...Reducing water consumption is good. Reusing the storm water that falls on your building is even better. The Convention Center does a mediocre job of capturing rain because it opted for a white roof (better than black) over a planted roof, which acts as a sponge while cooling the building..." [3.18.11]

An elevated future for Christchurch?, by Nicole Mathewson
Christchurch, New Zealand.
"YikeBike founder Grant Ryan wants to gauge opinion on his idea of creating rooftop gardens on Christchurch's future buildings and linking them with elevated walk and cycle paths. With many buildings in line for demolition following the earthquake..." [3.18.11]

InterContinental Santiago Unveils New Club Tower
Focus on Travel News, by Ozgur Tore
Santiago, Chile.
"...The hotel also boasts a 17,000 square foot green living wall in the west façade of the building. The vertical garden, which faces two important avenues in the Financial Center of Santiago and features three different species of plants, provides a beautiful visual statement to passersby..." [3.17.11]

Rooftop Sedum Springs Back to Life Blog, by Ryan Mooney-Bullock
Cincinnati, OH.
"The sedum atop Cincinnati's first sloped green roof, growing atop a stone cottage at the Civic Garden Center, is reemerging from winter dormancy. Those of us who walk by it every day marvel at the colors popping up out of the muted winter foliage as the as the longer days and warmer temperatures wake these hardy little plants from their slumber..." [3.17.11]

City reopens subsidy program for ecoroofs
Portland Tribune, by Steve Law
Portland, OR.
"The City of Portland will reopen its incentive program that subsidizes the development of ecoroofs. Ecoroofs help keep stormwater out of the sewer system and filter pollutants. They also provide wildlife habitat, improve air quality and reduce the urban heat-island effect...Also read our Sky Gardens Blog post by Matt Burlin, Portland Celebrates Ecoroof Month in March." [3.16.11]

Dick Young Dies; Illinois Loses An Astounding and Inspiring Naturalist
ChicagoNow Blog, by Shawna Coronado‎
Chicago, IL.
"Dick Young, Illinois naturalist and inspirational environmental leader has died on Sunday at age 86...Young built the roof of his home with an eco-friendly idea in mind. They made it of reinforced concrete and planted a garden on top of the house. The plants functioned as an insulating factor and became a "Green Roof" before the term was ever coined. Young has had the roof for over fifty-two years and is quick to point out that his neighbor has replaced his traditional roof several times in that period..." [3.16.11]

London hotel houses Europe's tallest green wall
Greenwise Business, by Emily Smoucha
London, UK.
"The Mint Hotel in central London just got a bit greener as Frosts Landscape Construction unveiled Europe’s tallest living wall. The courtyard living wall rises up 11 stories to cover 1,025 square meters. At the top, the Mint Hotel has a green roof that covers an additional 350 square meters..." [3.16.11]

Rooftop Rainforest Coming To Sky One
Unreality TV, by Lisa McGarry
"Sky today announced details of Rooftop Rainforest, a two-part documentary which follows one eccentric visionary who wants to bring the Amazon rainforest to the heart of a city. Rooftop Rainforest will be broadcast on Sky 1 HD on the 4th and 5th April...The programme follows urban ecologist and wildlife expert Dusty Gedge in his ambitious effort to build an indoor rainforest on top of London’s Westfield Centre in Shepherd’s Bush..." [3.15.11]

Green Scene: Spring green - 2011 Green Building Directory released
Mountain Xpress, by Susan Andrew
Asheville, NC.
"...Although several local contractors can now install the underlying membrane that supports a living roof, Ancaya and his wife/business partner, landscape architect Kathryn Ancaya, 'were the first in the Southeast to specialize solely in green roofs' when they launched their business (Living Roofs, Inc.) eight years ago, he told Xpress from a job site in Florence, S.C., where they were installing a living roof atop the federal courthouse..." [3.15.11]

Lancaster County ready to finish distributing state green-roof grant money
Lancaster Newspapers, by P. J. Reilly
Lancaster, PA.
"...Not counting the F&M project, county commissioners since 2007 have approved grants for green roofs on eight buildings owned by five entities. Seven of those roofs have been installed, covering about 51,000 square feet. The eighth green roof is in the process of being installed. Based on studies done by Millersville University, Gattis-Schell said it's estimated the roofs that exist today are responsible for removing 1 million gallons annually of stormwater runoff from the city's sewer system..." [3.15.11]

Coveting Singapore's public housing system
USA Today, by Kathy Chu
"Singapore's public housing system is often touted as a model for other countries. The island nation houses more than 80% of its residents in public housing. It's building eco-friendly apartment buildings that have green roofs and that use recycled water...Also read our Sky Gardens Blog Post - Reflections of Fall 2010 Greenroof Conferences: Singapore, Part 2." [3.15.11]

Diadem USA and Roofscapes Inc. partner on ecoroofs
Sustainable Business Oregon, by Christina Williams‎
Portland, OR.
"Diadem USA, a green roof development specialist with roots in Europe and a US base in Portland, is teaming up with a venerable East Coast green roof company (Roofscapes Inc.) to expand its reach...Roofscapes is operated by Charlie Miller, a Philadelphia-based green roof expert." [3.15.11]

MGC, Ward green roofs will 'pay for themselves'
The Eagle Online, by Rachel Karas
Washington, DC.
"Green roofs are being installed on four roofs on the Mary Graydon Center and the entire upper roof of the Ward Circle Building...Four other AU buildings have green roofs: the Media Production Center, the Katzen Arts Center, the School of International Service and the Kogod School of Business...Green roof materials are relatively inexpensive, costing around $15 per square foot or $165,000 overall, before subtracting financial incentives..." [3.14.11]

Green LEEDs to platinum: SAP America earns distinction for utilizing environmental sources for newest building
Delaware County Daily Times, by Kathleen E. Carey
Newtown, PA.
"The glass windows stretch from the ground to the rooftop gardens to allow for natural sunlight to stream into the employees' workspace, bamboo is ubiquitous from the furniture to the ceiling and filtered air circulates ...A rooftop garden spans more than 1 acre and features lavender, rosemary, sedum and butterfly bushes..." [3.14.11]

Henry Ford West Bloomfield LEED-ing greening of health care, by Russ White‎
West Bloomfield Township, MI.
"...The hospital was constructed with Michigan-sourced materials whenever possible, and each patient room overlooks a pond and woodlands, a landscaped atrium, or a green roof. Two green roofs above the atria hold 20,000 plants, absorb rainwater, and help cool the building. Inside, the hospital atria hold 2,500 live plants..." [3.13.11]

New York City's Biggest Rooftop Farm
Huffington Post Blog, by Jake Rosenwasser
Queens, NY.
"...But this farm in the middle of urban Queens isn't just about ecological idealism...advocates argue that rooftop farms and urban gardens are patches of green that have a significant positive environmental impact. Green roofs lower heating costs in cold climates by preventing heat escape from buildings and lower air conditioning costs in warm climates, keeping buildings cool via plant transpiration processes..." [3.11.11]

People invest in green building
Horticulture Week, by Staff‎
"More people in the UK are investing in green roofs while enquiries about living walls have increased sharply, according to reports from construction firm Wallbarn. Wallbarn representative Craig Eardley, who spoke for the firm at the Ecobuild 2011 exhibition in London's Excel Centre, said sales of green roofs were up by about 50 per cent on last year..." [3.11.11]

Removing Barriers to Green Building Blog, by Katie Kosier
Philadelphia, PA.
"When you think of green building, chances are utilities aren’t the first client that comes to mind. However, with the help of Philadelphia-based Re:Vision Architecture, Pennsylvania’s largest electric and natural gas utility, PECO, installed a 45,000-square-foot vegetated green roof on its headquarters in central Philadelphia..." [3.11.11]

Georgetown Garden Calls a Condo Rooftop Home, by Jonna McKone
Washington, DC.
"The garden sits in waiting now, but the spring planting and summer growing season will soon be underway...Nothing, other than the lettuce, is edible yet, but Slate says, last fall and summer, sun-loving plants like eggplant grew well on the roof. The garden also attracted city wildlife - birds, butterflies and bees..." [3.11.11]

HDB carpark roofs put to better use where feasible
AsiaOne, by Eng Soh Seng
"Since 2005, the Housing Board has been incorporating green roofs on the top decks of multi-storey carparks (MSCPs) for all our new housing projects. Today, they are a common sight in new towns such as Punggol and Sengkang. For older MSCPs with lower parking demand, we do put the extra space to better interim use to benefit the local community, after meeting the parking needs of our residents..." [3.11.11]

Get ready for spring: A step-by-step guide to horticultural happiness
Independent, by Kate Watson-Smyth
"The last days of winter are hard on your garden, but now's the time to prepare for warmer months ahead...If you haven't got much horizontal space then why not go up? Living walls have been seen in urban environments for a while now – the US store Anthropologie created one in its London store..." [3.11.11]

Chasing Down The Muse: Green solutions from across the globe
Coastline Pilot, by Catharine Cooper
Laguna Beach, CA.
"...An in-flight magazine offered insight into sod roofing, which is now mandatory on newly constructed flat roofs in Copenhagen, Denmark. Roofs on any new construction that are 30% pitch or less must be green. Any retrofits may qualify for public financial support. Copenhagen's impressive goal is to become the world's first carbon-neutral capital by 2025. Closer to home, Malibu requires public buildings be sod-roofed, and in New York City, tax breaks are given to those who create planted roofs..." [3.10.11]

B Corp: Better laws for business, by Tamara Schweitzer
"...John Shepley, co-owner of Maryland-based Emory Knoll Farms, and one of the first business owners to incorporate his company as a Benefit Corporation in Maryland last October, says this level of accountability is exactly what led him to elect the status...When Shepley and his partner Ed Snodgrass formed Emory Knoll Farms, a company specializing in selling green roof plants in 2004, they made a commitment to be a sustainable business in all aspects of their operations..." [3.9.11]

KHD's Growing Up project wins another award Blog - Imogen Russell-Head
Melbourne, Australia.
"Melbourne's skyline is now a little greener with the completion of the world’s first fully-funded, competition-designed, retrofitted green roof...Growing Up is an initiative of eight young business leaders taking part in the Committee for Melbourne's Future Focus Group and demonstrates the environmental and social benefits of green roofs on city buildings..." [3.9.11]

Almost Instant Library Has Green Roof, Living Wall
Treehugger, by Lloyd Alter
Hamilton, Canada.
"...The building has radiant floors tied into a central energy plant, an enthalpy wheel to recover heat and moisture from exhausted air, a green roof, storm water harvesting, and a two storey high living wall..." [3.9.11]

Horticulture Building gains greenroof
Iowa State Daily, by Elisse Lorenc
Ames, IA.
"Students who have classes at Horticulture Hall will soon get to enjoy another greenroof on campus. Jen Bousselot, lecturer in Horticulture, received a grant from the Iowa Nursery and Landscape Association to implement the vegetated roof...Other LEED Certified Buildings such as the King Pavilion and Bio-Renewables building both have greenroofs that benefit both Iowa State and its students..." [3.9.11]

Benefits of rooftop gardens touted at green infrastructure workshop
Peterborough Examiner, by Kennedy Gordon
Peterborough, Canada.
"...These stories and more were heard Tuesday as Peterborough Green-Up and Green Infrastructure Ontario Coalition hosted the Green Infrastructure Training and Expert Consultation Workshop, a day of sustainability discussions aimed at promoting environmental renewal in urban centres — with an eye on helping the planet while boosting the economy..." [3.8.11]

Rainwater harvest study finds roofing material affects water quality, by Staff
Texas, US.
"...The study also showed that rainwater from asphalt fiberglass shingle roofs and increasingly popular “green” roofs contain high levels of dissolved organic carbon (DOC). Although other potential pollutants can be significantly lower on green roofs (turbidity and aluminum), the high DOCs are significant where these roofs would be used for potable rainwater collection..." [3.7.11]

Primary School Becomes First in NZ to Wear a Green roof, Press Release
New Zealand.
"A New Zealand green roof company has put a small Queenstown Primary School on the international map by becoming the first school in New Zealand to wear a ‘green roof’. Remarkables Primary School, a newly built enviro school, is one of a handful of schools throughout the world who can boast a green roof, which doubles as an outdoor classroom..." [3.6.11]

Tremco Roofing's BioTray System Best Green Product at International Roofing Expo
PR Web, Press Release‎
Las Vegas, NV.
"The BioTray vegetated roof delivery system from Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance was voted Best Green Product at the 2011 International Roofing Expo in Las Vegas..." [3.5.11]

Environmental Concerns Will Drive Demand For Green Building Materials
Zawya, Press Release‎
"Global market for green building materials set to expand to US$406 billion by 2015...The practice of planted green roofs is gaining momentum across the industry and is given a strong push by local authorities who are spear heading initiatives to increase the number of green roof projects in the region. This trend towards green roofs will be reflected at Garden+Landscaping Middle East..." [3.5.11]

Pinnacle tower earns gold status for being green
Nashville Business Journal, by Eric Snyder
Nashville, TN
"The Pinnacle at Symphony Place, downtown Nashville’s newest highrise, has garnered another superlative: the first LEED-certified skyscraper in Tennessee...Some of the building’s features that helped earn the designation include: a one-acre garden on a seventh-floor terrace..." [3.4.11]

Sika Sarnafil Announces 2010 Roofing Contractor Project of the Year Winners
ARW Magazine, by Staff
Canto, MA.
"Sika Sarnafil announced winners of its 2010 Contractor Project of the Year Competition. Twelve contractors were recognized for outstanding workmanship in completing a project using a Sika Sarnafil thermoplastic membrane for roofing or waterproofing applications...In the Sustainability category, All-American Exterior Solutions, Inc., of Lake Zurich, Ill., was awarded first place for the roofing system on the new FedEx cargo facility at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. This installation included a 165,000-square-foot vegetated green roof which is the largest at any U.S. airport and will help to mitigate more than two million gallons of storm water annually..." [3.4.11]

The Disappearing House
Wall Street Journal, by Nancy Keates
Orcas Island, WA.
"...The house satisfied its owners' desire to be energy efficient. A vegetated roof reduces storm-water runoff and provides habitat for insects. The water that does run off is collected and stored in tanks for irrigation. Solar-thermal collectors on the roof supply much of the potable-hot-water and hydronic-heating needs, and photovoltaic panels provide supplemental electricity..." [3.4.11]

Naperville Discussion of "Green Roofs", by Kristi Kattapong‎
Naperville, IL.
"...The Naperville Community Gardeners are holding a meeting this Monday, March 7 to discuss 'Green Roofs and Green Walls.' Kevin Crist from Intrinsic Landscaping will be presenting ideas for creating rooftop landscapes and living walls..." [3.3.11]

Ecoroofs: industry grows, costs come down
Sustainable Business Oregon, by Lee van der Voo
Portland, OR.
"Portland's ecoroof industry is expanding, and the cost of building ecoroofs is getting lower. These are the first signs of success for the city's green roof incentive program, lauded Wednesday during an update to the Portland City Council that suggested the city's ecoroof market was at a tipping point..." [3.3.11]

Top-down approach: Green roof part of sustainability efforts at Design School
Harvard Gazette, by Krysten A. Keches
Cambridge, MA.
"This is one of a series of occasional stories on the measures that Schools at Harvard are taking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions...Werthmann, director of the Master in Landscape Architecture degree programs at GSD, was in the process of writing a book on green roofs (“Green Roof: A Case Study,” Princeton Architectural Press, 2007) when he first considered the possibility of landscaping the roof of Gund Hall..." [3.3.11]

The Debate Solar Panels vs Green Roofs
RFP Magazine, by Holly Wu and Bruce Rowse
"Some say paint them white, some say create public space but two of the ‘greenest’ uses for a roof top are still competing for space...The world needs more individuals and communities to show leadership, take responsibility, and demand a better way of energy production...more environmental benefits are presented from green roof as compared to solar panels, however obviously ease of installation and cost are a major factor. It could be argued that the best benefits are provided by solar panels combined with a green roof as these can greatly improve their efficiency..." [3.2.11]

Portland sponsors month of EcoRoof events,
by Jacob Anderson-Minshall
Portland OR. "Portland's Bureau of Environmental Services is sponsoring Ecoroof Portland 2011, a month-long series featuring speakers and tours of local green roofs. The events begin Thursday, March 3rd with a talk by Stephan Brenneisen, the head of the Green Roof Competence Centre at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences..." [3.2.11]

Energy Security through the Four Pillars of Energy Conservation
Pactrick Air Force Base, by Michael J. Basla
Peterson Air Force Base, CO.
"...Another good example is at Peterson Air Force Base: the 21st Space Wing headquarters building has a green roof. Vegetation was planted on the roof in September 2007 and the building has seen reduced energy consumption. The green roof spans 19,000 square feet, and heat is redirected through the plants instead of the rooftop, cooling the inside of the building...Also read "A look (Again) at Airport Greenroofs" Blog post..." [3.2.11]

University of Kansas to build center to showcase the latest in sustainable energy technology
The Republic, by Staff
Lawrence, KS.
"A new building is under construction west of the University of Kansas' main campus that will showcase sustainable energy technology...It will feature several wind turbines, a green roof and a vented wall that will promote cross-ventilation in the summer and circulation of warm air in the winter..." [3.2.11]

Ecobuild exhibition kicks off today
World Architecture News, by Staff
"Today is the first day of this year's annual Ecobuild exhibition at ExCeL in London, featuring over 1,300 exhibitors in the fields of design, construction and the built environment. This year, the event will also host more than 130 seminars such as Where is the sustainable design zeitgeist? Anatomy of living roofs and walls..." [3.1.11]

Illinois Green Roof Collapse Still Under Investigation, by Mary Mazzoni‎
St. Charles, IL.
"It has been more than two weeks since a huge section of green roof collapsed in St. Charles, Ill., and investigators are still trying to figure out what went wrong...The Aquascape roof was the largest sloping green roof in North America, and its design made it even more unique..." [3.1.11]

Joanie Mahoney to deliver State of the County Address, includes 50 green initiatives, by Tim Knauss
Syracuse, NY.
"...Bound by a federal court order to reduce overflows, Mahoney's administration shifted course late in 2009 to emphasize green initiatives such as porous pavement, green roofs, wetlands and rain gardens......The green roof, which is expected to cost about $1 million, will cover 66,000 square feet — roughly 1.5 acres — making it one of the largest in the Northeast..." [3.1.11]

Southwest Atlantan Keeps Eyes on Environment, by Sasha Horne
Atlanta, GA.
"Local environmentalist says westside Atlanta residents need to pay more attention to city's water runoff issues...The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) illustrates green infrastructure practices to include rain gardens, porous pavements, green roofs, infiltration planters, trees and tree boxes, and rainwater harvesting for non-potable uses such as toilet flushing and landscape irrigation..." [3.1.11]

How can smart planning help cities adapt to climate change? Blog - Tyler Falk
"...A new report from the Center for Clean Air Policy found that cities that implement best practices in city planning — specifically with green infrastructure — can help communities improve air quality and human health, while creating economic prosperity, and a lower demand on energy. And ultimately, make cities more resilient to the effects of climate change. The report looks at green infrastructure like permeable streets, green roofs, parks, urban forestry, and flood resistant buildings..." [2.28.11]

New $90 million science addition unveiled at EMU in US
World Interior Design Network, by Staff
Ypsilanti, MI,
"...It features metal sunshades, a green roof, and a rain garden along the western edge of the Eastern Michigan University (EMU) campus...The two-storey high addition is topped by an extensive green roof planted with drought-resistant sedums native to Michigan. The roof is part of the project’s natural stormwater management system..." [2.28.11]

Umstead Hotel adopts students' green project
Cary News, by Matt Goad
Cary, NC.
"A team of accounting students has helped show the Umstead Hotel and Spa in Cary how "green" practices hold financial and environmental benefits...The winning team, from the University of Texas at Dallas, recommended a rooftop garden for the hotel...The students estimate that if the garden increases the occupancy rate by just 2.5 percent, it will pay for itself..." [2.26.11]

Archial's horse HQ steps gently round oak tree
Building Design, by Staff
"The £3.5 million building sits within Abbey Park and under the society’s design brief was limited to a single-storey to minimise the impact on the surrounding green belt land. The practice designed the HQ to surround a mature oak tree on the 1.4ha plot, with European oak cladding and a sedum roof..." [2.25.11]

Center for Urban Waters, by Andrew Rosenberg
Tacoma, WA.
"The Center for Urban Waters was envisioned by the City of Tacoma to be a beacon on the water and an example of using building and site sustainable strategies for all future projects in the City...A portion of the green roof area and the site rain gardens absorbs and treats rain water to reduce the quantity of site water runoff..." [2.23.11]

Morphosis Unfolds an Undulating Campus of Grass and Glass in Shanghai, by Andrew Michler
Shanghai, China.
"...The project’s west campus green roof is what first caught our eye. The greenery helps reduce unwanted heat gain in the sprawling campus through both its thermal mass and evaporative cooling. A double façade and glass curtain wall incorporated into the buildings also helps dramatically reduce exterior heat gain — and thus the amount of energy used for cooling..." [2.23.11]

CTS gets green roof with stimulus funding
The Chicago Maroon, by Benjamin Pokross
Chicago, IL.
"The new Chicago Theological Seminary (CTS) building will feature a green roof, thanks in part to a $50,000 grant to cover some of the construction expenses. The roof will contribute to the University’s new Sustainable Building Policy, which mandates that all buildings over $5 million be LEED certified—a measure of the building’s environmental impact across categories like energy and water efficiency..." [2.22.11]

Rooftop Gardens: The Key to Sustainable Cities?‎
Construction Digital, by Laura Clapper
"The sibling of green roofs, rooftop gardens produce similar environmental benefits while providing food for family, community...To the layman, a green roof and a rooftop garden are one-in-the-same: A bunch of plants on a roof. However, there are differences. Green roofs cover the expanse of an entire roof...Rooftop gardens, on the other hand, are built on smaller portions of the roof..." [2.21.11]

Moscow office space goes green
Russia Beyond The Headlines, by Tatiana Shabaeva
Moscow, Russia.
"The Russian branch of the WWF is bringing sustainable, environmentally friendly construction to the center of Moscow. Could it be the start of a trend?...This project aims to promote a holistic relationship between man and nature. A grass roof will provide insulation and soundproofing and help collect rainwater..." [2.21.11]

The USPS is green
Boston Globe Blog, by Dara Olmsted
"...In 2010, the USPS generated over $13 million in revenue from expanded recycling and waste prevention efforts...They are upgrading their facilities to include energy-efficient lighting and HVAC, native landscaping, low-flow water fixtures, and one of their buildings in NYC has one of the nation's largest green roofs..." [2.20.11]

Very Aware, by Manny Lozano
"CARBON NATION is one of those great documentaries that makes such a good argument that it really doesn’t matter which side of the climate change movie you fall on, you’ll be convinced to do something about it even if you’re not a liberal, hippie, environmentalist...with lots of colorful graphics popping up explaining what terrawats are, the temperature of green roofs compared to traditional blacktop roofs..." [2.19.11]

Freight & Salvage's living roof is tops‎
San Francisco Chronicle, by Joe Eaton
San Francisco, CA.
"Our personal priorities are fundamental, so we enjoyed the (finally!) comfortable seats in Freight & Salvage's new building through several concerts before we knew about its living roof...Green roofs are as much a water-treatment solution as anything else. The roof filters rainwater before it flows into Berkeley's storm sewers and the bay..." [2.18.11]

An Interview with Bob Peck, GSA's Public Buildings Commissioner
SustainableCitiesCollective, by Staff
"...GSA installed its first green roof in 1975. Now there are more than one million square feet of green roofs across all federal government buildings. A roof on the building of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is more than 100,000 square feet alone. This is an achievement, but in terms of all GSA’s buildings a drop in the ocean..." [2.18.11]

Greenhouse: Temporary Sustainable Restaurant Opens‎ Blog, by Imogen Russell-Head
Sydney, Australia.
"THE GREENHOUSE, a temporary restaurant promoting sustainable construction techniques and operational processes, opens this February in Sydney’s Circular Quay. Created by Victorian-based environmental artist Joost Bakker, Greenhouse is an exemplary model of self-sufficiency, from its green roof top garden filtration system, the straw bale insulation, and local and seasonal menu to the conversion of cooking oil into bio-diesel used to power the entire structure..." [2.18.11]

Horticulture Center at Morris Arboretum receives LEED Platinum designation
Penn: Office of University Communications, by Julie McWilliams

Philadelphia, PA. "The Horticulture Center at Penn’s Morris Arboretum has been awarded LEED Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), making it the first University building to earn the honor...rain gardens to mitigate storm water run off; and green roofs for storm-water management and to help reduce the ambient summer temperature..." [2.17.11]

Turning over a new leaf‎
University of Texas at Austin News, by Barbra Rodriguez
Austin, TX.
"Wildflower Center ecologists help spur land use transformation through national green landscaping initiative...projects are highlighted by the Sustainable Sites Initiative™ (SITES™) partners because of what they show about the ways landscapes can be developed to harness nature’s capabilities...Eco Manor, the Tudor home of Laura Turner Seydel, daughter of environmental philanthropist Ted Turner, and her husband, environmental attorney Rutherford Seydel, is another SITES pilot project..." [2.17.11]

Forensics Team Seeks Cause Of Midwest Green Roof Collapse‎
Engineering News Record, by Johanna Knapschaefer
St. Charles, IL.
"While a demolition contractor clears debris and stabilizes the site of what the owner claimed was the largest sloped green roof in North America, a forensics team is investigating why the structure suddenly collapsed on the afternoon of Feb. 13...The firm did not remove any snow from the roof prior to the collapse, Beaulieu says. The green roof was planted with native Illinois prairie plants in six inches of soil..." [2.17.11]

Could Botswana Become a High Tech Hub? SHoP Architects Builds a $50m Gamble
FastCo.Design, by Suzanne Labarre
"Botswana hires the A-list New York architects to build a hub for a new knowledge economy. Will it work?..The Botswana Innovation Hub is designed to throw start-ups, global corporations, and research and health organizations under one massive green roof stretched long and low over part of a 57-hectare site of barren veldt in the capital city of Gaborone..." [2.17.11]

Stride Treglown’s BREEAM Outstanding Office Shoots For Net Zero, by Andrew Michler
"When UK-based architecture firm Stride Treglown sat down to design their own office, they took on the challenge of creating the most sustainable building they could afford. The result is the earliest pre-emptive BREEAM Outstanding award conferred for any building...A biomass boiler, green roof and solar panels help propel the design into the elite class of buildings that consume net zero energy..." [2.17.11]

Introducing the Living Architecture Academy, An online Green Roof and Wall Learning Center
Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC), Press Release
Toronto, Canada.
"Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC) is pleased to announce the launch of the Living Architecture Academy (LAA), an online portal to green roof and wall educational content from conferences and events, including the recent CitiesAlive, Green Roof and Wall Conference in Vancouver, BC..." [2.16.11]

Save space with living walls‎
Express & Star, by Staff
"...vertical planting caught on several years ago, inspired by Frenchman Patrick Blanc, a pioneer in this field who has transformed many buildings’ facades into living art, planting rich mixtures of lush foliage plants...Vertical planting has increased in popularity because it makes best use out of the urban garden where space is limited, while living walls are sustainable, eco-friendly, purify the air and reduce the heat in towns..." [2.15.11]

Structural engineers to exam Aquascape roof collapse
Daily Herald, by James Fuller
St. Charles, IL.
"The Aquascape Corporation building, regarded as the poster child for “green” roofs in the Fox Valley, won’t reopen for business until the original designers can determine what caused a collapse of the roof covering the parking garage, officials said Monday afternoon. Speculation as to the cause places the blame more on the white material on the roof, snow, than the green..." [2.14.11]

City's $21 million grant program needs better scrutiny: AG
Toronto Star, by Paul Moloney
Toronto, Canada.
"About $21 million in city grants run by the Toronto Environmental Office — including grants for green roofs — needs more scrutiny, says Toronto’s auditor general. In his review, Auditor General Jeff Griffiths said four out of nine projects were late submitting progress reports..." [2.14.11]

Love the Green Roof. But Is It An Example of Green Design?‎
Treehugger, by Lloyd Alter
"We have been having a little internal debate about what makes a building green enough to get on TreeHugger. Sometimes it is hard to tell; we gave Tom Kundig the 2009 Best of Green prize for "doing the right thing without hitting you over the head." Usually having a green roof is a free pass..." [2.14.11]

Inspiring Home with One Garden per Level in Singapore, by Staff
"The Meera House was designed by Guz Architects and is located on the island of Sentosa in Singapore. We consider it a daring and original project - after all, not many homes feature green spaces for every floor of the building...The intention was to try to allow each roof garden provided a base for the storey above allowing the layered effect to make each storey feel like it was a single storey dwelling sitting in a garden..." [2.13.11]

Green Roof Grants, by Catalina Logan
"...In some cities, such as Copenhagen, Denmark, flat or nearly-flat roofs are required to be vegetated. While the phenomenon isn't quite as popular in the United States, nevertheless there are a number of grants available from the government, as well as from foundation and private sources..." [2.11.11]

Celebrity gardener Don Burke praises rooftop garden
Tweed Daily News, by Peter Caton
"Celebrity gardener Don Burke, from Burke’s Backyard, has given a green thumbs up to a rooftop garden which is part of a new over-55s apartment block opposite the Tweed Heads Bowls Club. The 1300 square metre garden on top of Proda’s Serene Living project has been described as the largest of its kind in Australia, generating interest from champion gardeners and celebrities alike..." [2.11.11]

Botanist builds living wall at San Francisco's Drew School
San Francisco Examiner, by Dan Schreiber
San Francisco, CA.
"...Billed as his largest outdoor display in the U.S., Blanc’s work is coming to the Bay Area for the first time at the 250-student private high school in Pacific Heights. Equal parts artist and botanist, Blanc is inspired by the way plants interact with natural vertical spaces such as bluffs and waterfalls. His patterns create a “living wall,” characterized by a flowing aesthetic designed to give off a sense of freedom...Watch the video on KTVU Channel 2 Morning News..." [2.10.11]

Assembly panel approves 5-bill package to encourage design of green energy buildings, by Tom Hester
New Jersey.
"A five-bill package designed to encourage the proliferation of environmentally friendly buildings, was approved Thursday by the Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committee. The proposals are aimed at encouraging the incorporation of so-called green and blue roofs into the design of new and existing buildings..." [2.10.11]

ARRA Grant to Help Fund Seminary Building Green Roof‎
Newswise, Press Release
Chicago, IL.
"The University of Chicago has received a $50,000 grant to help fund a green roof atop the new Chicago Theological Seminary building, now under construction at 1407 E. 60th St. The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity provided the grant through the Green Roofs Program of the Federal 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act..." [2.10.11]

Toilet idea flush with natural charm
West Linn Tidings, Kara Hansen Murphey
West Linn, OR.
"If two West Linn architects had their way, park goers answering the call of nature would have an option better suited to their natural surroundings...The roof would catch rainwater to use for flushing toilets, lessening the burden on the city’s stormwater system...A vegetated rooftop would reduce heat gain and reflect sunlight in addition to enhancing the structure’s natural appeal..." [2.10.11]

UCSF unveils Rafael Viñoly Architects-designed Regeneration Medicine Building
World Interior Design Network, by Staff
San Francisco, CA.
"The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) has officially opened the Ray and Dagmar Dolby Regeneration Medicine Building, designed by Rafael Viñoly Architects (RVA) as a series of four split-level floors with terraced grass roofs..." [2.10.11]

Design: Large-scale murals made up of plants are being used to purify the air and make cities beautiful
Times LIVE, by Andrea Nagel
South Africa.
"...Blanc found that a network of pipes controlled by valves could provide a nutrient solution containing minerals needed for their growth. The solution flows down the wall and the roots of the plants embedded in polyamide felt take up nutrients, leaving excess water to be collected at the bottom of the wall by gutters and returned to the system..." [2.9.11]

Canada's Most Sustainable Cities Rankings‎
ECO/Huff Strategy, Press Release
"The West has won: Victoria and Vancouver top list of Canada’s most sustainable cities. Toronto takes top spot in large city category. This year Western Canada proves to be the leader in urban sustainability, with Vancouver and Victoria tying for first place in the overall standings as Canada's most sustainable cities..." [2.9.11]

LMN Wins National AIA Honor Award for Interior Architecture
Dexigner, by Levent Ozler
"LMN-designed Vancouver Convention Centre West (VCCW) has been selected as a recipient of the American Institute of Architects (AIA)'s Institute Honor Awards, the architecture profession's highest recognition of works that exemplify excellence in architecture, interior architecture, and urban design..." [2.9.11]

Up on the roof‎
Express & Star, by Staff
"...Rooftop gardening can help combat climate change by lowering surrounding air temperatures, according to a recent RHS survey and, with this in mind, the organisation is encouraging urbanites to make the most out of their outdoor space and help the environment by growing plants..." [2.9.11]

Community Celebrates Greenest Building in Washington State
Seattle Post Intelligencer, by Danielle Johnson
Seattle, WA.
"...The new building features an ethno botanical garden to grow food; cisterns for rainwater harvesting; a green moss-mat roof; composting toilet; natural ventilation and radiant floor heating; a living wall of tropical plants to treat grey water; and solar panels, which will produce all of the building's energy..." [2.8.11]

New Report: High Rates of Per Capita Emissions in Global Cities, Especially Among Affluent, by Jonna McKone
"...Other policy recommendations for local-level action on climate change include congestion pricing, restructuring land value taxes to increase the value of land served by public transit, traffic calming to discourage driving, driving and parking restrictions, green building codes, including “green roofs,” and retrofitting mass transit to reduce vulnerability due to flooding..." [2.7.11]

Only 45 Days Left to Submit Sustainable Construction Projects to Holcim Awards Competition, Press Release
Waltham, MA.
"Final Call for architectural and building professionals along with students to compete for a share of $2 million in prize money in the prestigious international Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction...Former winners include The California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco; a true benchmark of sustainable education..." [2.7.11]

New Green Roof Tracks Weather at UCF
University of Central Florida, by Staff
Orlando, FL.
"...The newly established weather station was built as part of a green roof created to help UCF study the cooling potential of different native plants. The study will help researchers discover ways to increase the cooling efficiency on other green roofs in Central Florida..." [2.7.11]

Pictures: Kickoff Time for Green Stadiums
National Geographic, by Staff
"When Green Bay and Pittsburgh face off Sunday in Super Bowl XLV, the game will showcase the U.S. National Football League's newest and largest stadium, while also highlighting a move to greener design and cleaner energy at arenas worldwide...Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas...Staples Center, Los Angeles...Doha Port Stadium, Qatar...Target Field, Minnesota...Nationals Park, Washington, D.C....Kaohsiung Main Stadium, Kaohsiung, Taiwan...Lincoln Financial Field, Pennsylvania...Stade de Suisse, Bern, Switzerland...EasyCredit-Stadion, Nuremberg, Germany..." [2.4.11]

Meydan Shopping Complex is a Hill-Like Green Roofed Mecca in Istanbul, by Yuka Yoneda
Istanbul, Turkey.
"...Green roofs like the one that tops the Meydan shopping center have many benefits including mitigating the urban heat island effect, insulation of interior spaces, and stormwater runoff minimization. The center’s natural cooling, ventilation, daylighting and solar panels also work to cut down on energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions..." [2.3.11]

DEP Announces $3 Million in Community-Based Green Infrastructure Program Grants, Press Release
New York, NY.
"Environmental Protection Commissioner Cas Holloway today announced up to $3 million in grants this year for green infrastructure projects within combined sewer overflow drainage areas in New York City as part of the NYC Green Infrastructure Plan. The grants can be used for green roofs, enhanced tree pits, and other measures to reduce and manage stormwater on private property and public sidewalks..." [2.2.11]

Solving Urbanization Challenges by Design – The Science of Green Roofs (part 2)
State of the Planet Blog, by Lakis Polycarpou
"...In part two, Patricia J. Culligan talks about the challenge of quantifying the economic benefits of green roofs, the potential for rooftop agriculture, and what it means to solve urbanization challenges by design...At some stage I think you’ve got to step back from wanting to study a problem and you’ve got to actually try and solve it..." [2.2.11]

Targeting sustainable drainage to help counter climate change‎
Click Green, by Susanne Charlesworth
"Dr. Susanne Charlesworth, Leader of the Sustainable Drainage Applied Research Group at Coventry University, discusses the benefits and advantages of sustainable drainage (SUDS) and its varied roles in helping to create a greener environment..." [2.2.11]

Environmentally-Friendly Prison Open in Hong Kong‎
NTDTV, by Staff
Hong Kong.
"...The $200 million facility took three years to complete and features a green roof, solar panels, solar water heaters, natural lighting and an enhanced ventilation system...Green roofs help to lower the indoor temperature and heat-generating areas like the kitchen and laundry are on the top floor to limit the spread of heat and take advantage of natural ventilation shafts..." [2.1.11]

Libraries as green community and neighborhood anchors‎
Natural Resources Defense Council Blog, by Kaid Benfield
US. "...An urban library’s greatest contribution to sustainability may well be not its solar panels or green roofs but its symbolic value demonstrating investment in a city neighborhood and its intrinsic value as a place of learning and gathering. When cities, particularly inner cities, are strong, the environment wins, because reinvestment in our older neighborhoods is the antithesis of environmentally damaging suburban sprawl..." [1.31.11]

Solving Urbanization Challenges by Design – The Science of Green Roofs (part1)
State of the Planet Blog, by Lakis Polycarpou

US. "...In this interview, Patricia J. Culligan discusses her work with the Columbia University Green Roof Consortium to quantify the benefits of green roofs —a new approach to roofing in dense urban environments that has been heralded as a way to insulate buildings, manage sewer overflows from stormwater (by reducing the volume and peak flow of water that flows into sewers during storms) and mitigate the urban heat island effect..." [1.31.11]

Philadelphia Hotels, Find Capital for Energy Efficiency Projects
Hotel News Resource, by Susan Patel
Philadelphia, PA.
"At a time when access to capital is constrained, the City of Philadelphia created the GreenWorks Loan and Rebate Fund in 2010 to help businesses as hotels finance energy efficiency building practices, materials and equipment for major renovations and new construction projects. In addition, there is the Green Roofs Tax Credit and the Pennsylvania Green Energy Loan Program..." [1.31.11]

City postpones green rooftop requirement‎
Globe and Mail, by Anna Mehler Paperny
Toronto, Canada.
"The city is delaying a requirement for new industrial developments to sport leafy green tops with an aim to find environmentally friendly alternatives to rooftop gardens ...In this case, a year’s grace period before new industrial buildings and larger residential and commercial developments must set up plant-based green roofs has been extended to two..." [1.27.11]

Yorkdale shopping centre undergoing $220-million expansion
Daily Commercial News, By Staff
Toronto, Canada.
"Yorkdale shopping centre is undertaking a $220-million expansion that will add more than 145,000 square feet of space...The expansion will include green initiatives such as a 65,000-square-foot green roof, which will extend roof lifespan, reduce atmospheric heating and make the shopping centre eligible for LEED Silver certification..." [1.27.11]

Utilizing green roofs‎
University of Rochester - Campus Times, by Amir Khan
Rochester, NY.
"... Green roofs demonstrate how natural biological systems can be a moderating force...There are over 20 green roofs at Frankfurt International Airport in Germany. These green roofs not only help muffle noise from planes, but also have doubled the lifespan of the roof structures concealed beneath the plants..." [1.27.11]

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Leads Car Rental Industry in Sustainable Construction; $150 Million Investment Over Five Years
Marketwire, Press Release
St. Louis, MO.
"Over the next five years, Enterprise will invest more than $150 million in sustainable construction through the use of a newly established set of guidelines called the Enterprise Sustainable Construction Protocol (ESCP)...the Enterprise O'Hare location include: a "green" roof system that insulates the building and provides a suitable habitat for native plants..." [1.26.11]

Green-Roofed La Llotja Theater Takes Color Cues from the Fruits of Spain
Inhabitat, by Yuka Yoneda
Lleida, Spain.
"...Designed by Mecanoo Architecten, the building showcases sustainable design features like a large cantilever for shade and shelter from the rain, solar panels, and thermal storage. In addition, a sprawling garden makes its home on La Llotja's roof, providing theater-goers with an extra special place to take in views after a performance..." [1.25.11]

The Perry and Marty Granoff Center for the Creative Arts opens at Brown University
PRWeb, Press Release
Providence, RI.
"Brown University will officially open the Perry and Marty Granoff Center for the Creative Arts...Apex Green Roofs designed the self-sustaining green roof and JaffeHolden designed acoustics for the Martinos Auditorium. An independent report on the economic impact of the Center’s construction and operation estimates the project created nearly 310 jobs in construction and related industries in Rhode Island..." [1.25.11]

Ithaca College's Peggy Ryan Williams Center wins LEED-Platinum‎
World Interior Design Network, by Staff
Ithaca, NY.
"...Sustainable practices for site selection, reduced energy and resource consumption, and enhanced indoor environmental quality have been followed. Geothermal heating and cooling, which utilizes the earth’s relatively consistent temperature; use of sustainable and local materials; controlled natural lighting; nearly 6,500 square feet of green roofs; porous pavement and low maintenance native grasses are some of the eco-friendly and energy-efficient elements employed..." [1.25.11]

Toronto reviewing green roof law
AHN - All Headline News, by Vittorio Hernandez
Toronto, Canada.
"With a new mayor in office, Toronto is reviewing the city’s green roof law, which mandated new industrial buildings to have vegetation-covered roofs by April 30, 2012... Also read, "Companies may avoid green roofs" by Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star..." [1.24.11]

Carleton opens 'green' building‎
Ottawa Citizen, by Don Butler
Ottawa, Canada.
"The university's new Canal Building has earned five out of five 'globes' on the Green Globe rating scale...On the rooftops, there's a 10-kilowatt array of solar panels and a ' green roof ' landscaped with sedum, a native drought-resistant plant...The green roof is currently covered by a layer of snow. But in warmer weather, it will capture rainwater, eliminating the storm water flow, and insulate the space below it, reducing energy requirements..." [1.24.11]

Green scheme making its Mark abroad‎
Straits Times, by Jessica Cheam
"Singapore's Green Mark scheme for environmentally friendly buildings is going places - all the way to the Middle East, India and Africa...Despite a slow start, it has grown rapidly. In the past couple of years, its presence has spread to countries in the region such as Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand..." [1.23.11]

Get more bang for your buck: Valuing green infrastructure's multiple benefits
American Rivers Blog, by Will Hewes
"...When it comes to controlling stormwater – one of the largest sources of water pollution in the country – there are the big pipes and deep tunnels that we’ve used for decades. They have their place, but in many cases, green infrastructure such as green roofs, rain gardens, trees, etc offer a much more attractive alternative..." [1.21.11]

Salt Lake City police HQ goes green
Salt Lake Tribune, by Derek P. Jensen
Salt Lake City, UT.
"When most people imagine police buildings, they don’t picture public plazas, solar panels, lush landscaping or a green roof. But all that and more are planned for Salt Lake City’s $125 million public safety headquarters, designed to transform the block just east of Library Square...." [1.20.11]

Onorato to talk on energy efficiency
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, by Mike Wereschagin
Pittsburgh, PA.
"Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato will be a featured speaker at the National Association of Counties' 2011 Forum on Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy conference in Los Angeles...Allegheny County's efforts include installing a " green roof " on the County Office Building, Downtown, which has saved about $50000 in electricity costs..." [1.20.11]

Mill Pond Park "Power House" gets green certification, by Patrick Rocchio
Bronx, NY.
"...The green innovations, including a green roof with plantings on over 52% of the roof, storm water management that reduces runoff by 25 to 50% and almost a quarter of the building’s infrastructure now containing recycled materials. The LEED certified building is a first for the Parks Department..." [1.19.11]

Keeping score
Chicago Tribune, by Staff
Chicago, IL.
"Mayor Richard Daley may not be keeping score, but a green accounting of his 21-year reign includes: More than 600,000 trees have been planted and 93 miles of landscaped medians have been built. More than 7 million square feet of planted roofs have been added, including a 20,300-square-foot green roof atop City Hall..." [1.19.11]

Fishing for a better way to fix a roof, by Jessica Stephen
Greenfield, WI.
"It won't bloom until spring, but the first green roof in the city has been installed at Aquatics Unlimited...Pioneer Roofing in Johnson Creek, which had worked with the Koehns to weigh the best option to replace their 20-year-old roof, learned about a grant opportunity through the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District. Under the program, business and other organizations could get up to $200,000 for a green roof project..." [1.18.11]

Top Green Project Picks
Interior Design, by Staff
"...Windrush School by Bay Area architects Ratcliff exemplifies the latest and most advanced modern green design while helping to shape the scope of the future. This certified LEED Platinum K-8 school plants the seeds of eco-conscious design concepts at the source: today's youth. Featuring passive ventilation, photovoltaic panels, a green roof, low-emitting indoor materials, and much more..." [1.18.11]

Greening The Rouge: Ford's More Sustainable Pickup Plant‎, by John Voelcker
Dearborn, MI.
"A green roof is not at its most photogenic in a Michigan winter. In fact, it's hardly green at all--more like gray and brown--though it still insulates the building below just as well. But while some of the green aspects of Ford's showcase Rouge assembly plant have succumbed to the January weather, others operate year-round..." [1.18.11]

Steven Holl Architects' Horizontal Skyscraper Wins AIA Institute Honor Award
Art Daily, by Staff
Shenzhen, China.
"...The project employs some of the most forward-thinking sustainable design strategies. It utilizes greywater recycling, rain water harvesting, green roofs, dynamically controlled operable louvers, and high-performing glass. 1400 square meter of photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of the building provide 12.5 percent of the total electric energy demand for Vanke Headquarters..." [1.17.11]

5 standout species for extensive green roofs, Press Release
Fort Collins, CO.
"Used throughout the world to lessen the environmental impact of urbanization, green roofs can offer a wide range of ecological and aesthetic benefits. A new study from researchers at Colorado State University's Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture published in HortScience evaluated six plant species to determine the plants' ability to thrive on extensive green roofs in Colorado..." [1.16.11]

It's not inside, it's on top‎
Times LIVE, by Tiara Walters
South Africa.
"A living roof provides insulation, absorbs runoff and creates space for birds and wildlife... A 223-page CSIR study for the eThekwini Municipality detailed not just the effects of sea-level rise on Durban, but the full effect of climate change on the city's entire metropolitan area...But for all their benefits, such as augmenting biodiversity and acting as carbon sinks, green roofs are yet to become a standard component of building construction in South Africa..." [1.15.11]

Fine Living: Mill Valley home's roof garden garners accolades‎
Marin Independent-Journal, by PJ Bremier
Mill Valley, CA.
"A Mill Valley home took one of only 12 landscape prizes awarded by a Canadian organization...It was designed by McGlashan Architecture of Berkeley and planted with drought-tolerant wildflowers, herbs and dry grasses. 'The living skin of the earth is a precious resource and a beautiful thing. It just felt right to compensate for disturbing the site with a living roof,' says the project's lead green roof designer and firm principal, Scott McGlashan..." [1.15.11]

Dirt hits roof of science building
Albany Democrat Herald, by Steve Lathrop
Albany, OR.
"...This is the fourth green roof his crew has prepared. The White Oak roof measures nearly 9,000 square feet, and once the soil is in place, planting is expected to begin within a few weeks...The green roof will provide several benefits, including cooling, storm water management and energy efficiency..." [1.14.11]

Food pantry in the inner city, by Hannah Spyksma
Auckland, New Zealand.
"Carrots, lettuce and beans will soon be sprouting from rooftops around the city, if Urban Pantry founder Emily Harris has her way. Ms Harris, 25, is planting the second crop of vegetables on her inner city rooftop garden. She has already harvested the first bunch, donating silver beet, lettuce and herbs to the Auckland City Mission..." [1.14.11]

Up on the roof: Eateries grow own 'hyperlocal' food
Medill Reports: Chicago, by Lindsey Valich
Chicago, IL.
"...Besides reducing the carbon footprints of food delivered from miles away, rooftop gardens help reduce rain water runoff and can additionally help in insulating buildings in the winter as well as absorbing heat in the summer...He said he modified the soil in the rooftop garden by adding extra nutrients. Nutrients are lost at a greater rate in rooftop gardens versus gardens on the ground level because they can seep out of the bottom of the plant boxes..." [1.13.11]

Air Force officials using more greenroof technologies
United States Air Force, by Debbie Aragon
San Antonio, TX.
"If they're not providing top cover on Air Force bases already, chances are they will be soon. With the Air Force's continued emphasis on sustainability, energy conservation and environmental consciousness, green-roof technologies, and other efficiency measures are high on the priority list for new military construction and ongoing roof repair and replacement programs..." [1.13.11]

Quirky but efficient, Taiwan's first carbon neutral building opens
Focus Taiwan News Channel, by Staff
Tainan, Taiwan.
"...National Cheng Kung University's campus in downtown Tainan officially opened Jan. 12 to great fanfare as the Y. S. Sun Green Building Research Center, has a roof that is anything but conventional, with two solar chimneys, a natural roof garden, sun-shielding awnings, a wind turbine tower and a leaf-shaped solar panel...Also read 'Green and beautiful: Tainan’s Magic School' by Steven Crook of Taiwan Today..." [1.13.11]

Bastyr University's green student village gets honors from USGBC
World Interior Design Network, by Staff
Seattle, WA.
"The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has announced the student housing project at Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington as the Outstanding Multi-Family Project of the Year 2010...Butterfly roofs to capture rainwater, with some featuring green roofs; permaculture teaching garden with edible and medicinal plants..." [1.13.11]

Camping with the Khoisan: A home that pays homage to its environment and history
World Architecture News, by Staff
Robberg, South Africa.
"A passionate owner with a sense of responsibility to the environment commissioned Paul Oosthuizen Architects to build a home that would 'pay homage to the Robberg peninsula'...The unconventional topographical shape of the planted roof is made possible by the tensile strength of reinforced concrete left exposed in various planes..." [1.12.11]

Garden Party: The city's new nature‎
The Smart Set, by Stefany Anne Golberg
New York, NY.
"A magnificent thing has been happening outside my window in Brooklyn. This past summer, I noticed vegetable gardens and fruit trees overwhelming the once-empty hull of yard behind my building. The paved patios have been blasted up and turned into thriving miniature farms. Gardens are being grown on the rusty fire escapes and tended by my young, overall-clad neighbors. Everything is getting greener, and leafier..." [1.12.11]

A defining moment for green roofs in Savannah
Savannah Morning News, by Mary Landers
Savannah, GA.
"Already known for its lush canopy of trees, Savannah is poised to nurture a previously overlooked garden space: Rooftops. City Council will vote Thursday on a green roof ordinance that standardizes the design, installation and maintenance of roofs covered or partially covered with plants..." [1.12.11]

Florida not big on 'green roofs'
Pelican Press, By Stan Zimmerman
Sarasota, FL.
"While they're increasingly attractive in the rest of the United States, " green roofs " are a harder sell in Florida...Florida, however, is different...The plants have minimal roots and do not need deep soil to thrive. And these plants, once started, do not need periodic irrigation. However, the sun is too intense in Florida for them to survive..." [1.12.11]

Taking Education Through the Roof at Rothenberg‎
Soapbox Cincinnati, by Jonathan DeHart
Cincinnati, OH.
"...The environment at the Rothenberg school will be one of innovation. While more buildings around town are donning green roofs for the environmental benefits or to score LEED certification points, the Rothenberg school's rooftop garden will have some permanently planted areas, but the planting beds will be planted by the students every year, so they will be a blank canvas for them to plant and learn from..." [1.11.11]

Illinois EPA Grant Program to Fund Green Stormwater Projects
Smart Growth Online, by Staff
"The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency recently launched its first Green Infrastructure Grant Program, offering $5 million to pay for stormwater infrastructure projects. The demand from government entities, non-profit organizations and businesses for the funds was huge, indicating the interest in sustainable, green infrastructure stormwater practices. By its December 15, 2010 deadline, IEPA had received 155 applications seeking about $50 million in funding..." [1.10.11]

Music City Center trims back plan for green roof‎
The Tennessean, by Anne Paine
Nashville, TN.
"The Music City Center's signature green roof has grown less green. Two pieces of the meadow-like expanse have been sliced from the design to stay within the project's $585 million budget. That still leaves about 178,000 square feet of greenery covering 28 percent of the 14.5-acre roof. While that's considerably less than several of the living roofs across the country, it appears to be the largest such undertaking in the Southeast so far..." [1.9.11]

Green Grows Upward: Green Roofs Growing Across America‎
Tiny Green Bubble, by Manda Jamsey
"Yes to green roofs ! From the largest green roof in the United States on the U.S. Postal Service’s Morgan Processing Plant and Distribution facility in Manhattan, which has reduced runoff into the New York municipal water system by as much as seventy-five percent in the summer, to the WWF’s newly minted green roof, vegetation is going above the skyline..." [1.8.11]

Experts debate regional merits of green roofs
Daily Commercial News, by Brian Martin
Vancouver, Canada.
"...Besides their sheer mass, green roofs in summer provide shading from the plants on them and cooling as the plants transpire. In addition, a green roof doesn’t absorb heat the way a traditional roof can...Tyrel Sutton agreed. He is in business development in the Lower Mainland with Flynn Canada, one of Canada’s largest building envelope specialists..." [1.8.11]

Gardening delights‎
Ottawa Citizen, by Ailsa Francis
Ottawa, Canada.
"Look for black petunias to hassle-free containers, community plots and urban farming...picks for the coming year that will continue to gain momentum... Green roof technology has actually been around in Canada for many years, but it has only recently been catching on for residential applications..." [1.8.11]

COP17 in Durban, South Africa 2011‎
Bellona Blog, by Michelle Lanning
Durban, South Africa.
"The next climate summit, COP17, for 2011 will take place in the South African city of Durban, showcasing to the world how they have adapted their city and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The first and possibly the most successful so far is the Green Roof Project, initiated in 2004. The programme aims to restore unused rooftop spaces into places that can simultaneously help combat global warming and on a smaller scale help tackle some issues with the city's infrastructure..." [1.7.11]

City will help building owners get green‎
Houston Chronicle, by Tom Fowler
Houston, TX.
"The city of Houston will offer commercial building owners up to $200,000 in incentives to improve energy efficiency, putting a special emphasis on retrofitting older and smaller buildings. The city will pay to offset 20 percent of the labor and material costs of projects that improve a building's efficiency by at least 15 percent...Eligible projects could include energy-efficient lighting and windows, insulation and " green roof " technology..." [1.6.11]

Five Myths About Green Building, by Monte Paulsen
Vancouver, Canada.
"Green doesn't have to mean expensive, exotic or uncomfortable...Did Vancouver's signature green projects (Vancouver Convention Centre and Olympic Village - Southeast False Creek) run over budget because of sustainable design? Or did costs skyrocket because these megaprojects were spec'd by ambitious politicians, built by loosely supervised public-private partnerships and rushed to completion at the peak of a record-smashing real estate bubble?..." [1.6.11]

Take a tour of some of the city's ecoroofs, by Shannon L. Cheesman
Portland, OR.
"...There is also an opportunity coming up where you can get a tour of some of the private ecoroofs in Portland that aren't open to the public. In March, the city will be holding a free Ecoroof Portland event at the Oregon Convention Center and they'll be inviting folks to sign up for personal tours...Some of the Ecoroofs open to the public: Multnomah County Central Library, Hawthorne Hostel Ecoroof, Multnomah County Multnomah Building, People's Food Co-op Ecoroof..." [1.5.11]

10 Most Interesting Architecture Projects of 2010‎
International Business Times, by Staff
"Brace yourselves for a post that will get your design and architecture senses racing! We decided to make a very special list that includes the 10 best homes of 2010 according to your Facebook shares...# 1 The Fish House is an exotic residence designed by Guz Architects and located in Singapore...the remaining area is used as a green roof giving residents some outdoor leisure spaces..." [1.5.11]

Skanska Starts Phase 2 of Green Office Project in Gothenburg‎
Construction Digital, by Laura Clapper
Gothenburg, Sweden.
"The Tennet project will meet LEED Platinum and EU GreenBuilding standards, feature green roof, energy efficient technology...The building will consume 25 percent less energy than the traditional new building and features a green roof of sedum plants to absorb rainwater and energy efficient ventilation..." [1.5.11]

Forget Farm to Table, This is Rooftop to Table
Organic Authority, by Brianne DiSylvester
New York, NY.
"...Before you start wondering how one little rooftop garden can feed a whole restaurant, John Mooney has it covered. The garden harvests enough fruits and veggies to feed his 80-seat restaurant every night of the year for 10 whole months. They are growing over 70 varieties of veggies, fruits and herbs..." [1.5.11]

Chelsea garden to use every rain drop
This is London, by Jamie Thunder
"This May's Chelsea Flower Show will feature its first full-scale sustainable " rain garden", inspired by Victorian horticulturalist William Robinson. The RBC New Wild Garden is designed by Dr Nigel Dunnett to use every drop of rain that falls on it. The central building, a shipping container, will have a " living roof " and drainage and water collection pools reuse rainfall. Robinson's 1870 The Wild Garden introduced "naturalised" planting." [1.5.11]

Green is Dundalk High School's Color
DundalkPatch, by Timothy Dunn
Baltimore, MD.
"Dundalk High School first earned its green school certification in 2006. Seven local schools have followed suit....The 400-sq. foot roof was covered with a special plant known as sedum, which grows bilaterally in just three inches of soil. Sedum is ideal for green roof design because of its ability to insulate..." [1.4.11]

This Just In: CFOs Don't Care
Motley Fool, by Selena Maranjian
"For many CFOs, energy management just isn't a priority...But a decade ago, Ford (NYSE: F) built a 10.4-acre green roof over its River Rouge plant. With plant life living in a thin layer of soil, it serves birds and insects, produces oxygen (offsetting carbon dioxide emissions from the factory), and purifies rainwater, thereby saving Ford the cost of a chemical-laden water treatment system..." [1.3.11]

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