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Congress Passes Stormwater Funding Bill‎
American Rivers Blog, by Katherine Baer
"Just when you thought it was all over…Right before Christmas, Congress passed legislation (S.3481) amending the Clean Water Act and clarifying that the federal government must pay stormwater utility fees to local governments. This may sound kind of mundane, but local stormwater utility fees are an increasingly important way to fund local effort to reduce polluted stormwater runoff..." [12.30.10]

The Living Wall in downtown Calgary
Calgary Herald, by Trent Edwards
Calgary, Canada.
"...The vertical plantings are called an interior living wall, or a green wall. And this one -- all 1,950 square feet of it -- just happens to be the largest in Canada. Officially opened in April as part of the new office garden, the project funded by Bentall-Kennedy LLP has already earned international acclaim..." [12.30.10]

'Green' roof helps cap cooling costs, runoff‎
The Free Lance-Star, by Donnie Johnston
Fredericksburg, VA.
"...A green roof acts like a sponge, says Warmerdam. It absorbs some of the rainwater and slows the rest. That way stormwater drains don't become overwhelmed...Moerings USA has installed green roofs all over the United States and Canada. One of its largest jobs was the Target Center, a basketball/hockey arena, in Minneapolis..." [12.30.10]

EPA's bay blueprint
Washington Post, by Staff
. "In working with states to revise their plans, the Environmental Protection Agency added more stringent goals. The final plan includes these measures...Reducing storm-water pollution by increasing green roofs, tree plantings, pervious surfaces and street sweeping...Also read: EPA unveils massive restoration plan for Chesapeake Bay..." [12.30.10]

Climate looks right for a green-roof revolution
The Australian, by Morris Kaplan
"The world's cities offer enormous potential for creating greener environments that manage water better. It just takes a little creative insight to figure out a cost-effective means of making it happen. Green roofs are one solution, and an Australian company is becoming a big player..." [12.30.10]

For Ford, a Green Roof That Springs Eternal‎
New York Times Blog, by Phil Patton
Detroit, MI.
"...Growing in symbolism is the factory’s green roof, now celebrating its 10th anniversary...The roof has also inspired other businesses and architects to take green roofs seriously. One heavily publicized example is the California Academy of Sciences building in San Francisco, by Renzo Piano, which is dotted with poppies and strawberries. Another is the Clinton Library, in Little Rock, Ark..." [12.29.10]

How does your green roof garden grow?‎
EurekAlert, Press Release
University Park, PA.
"...Researchers from the Department of Horticulture at The Pennsylvania State University published a study in HortTechnology that evaluated the influence of substrate type and depth on establishment of five common green roof plants...The study by Christine E. Thuring, Robert D. Berghage, and David J. Beattie was designed to evaluate the effects of substrate type and depth on the establishment and early growth of five plants popular in North American green roof designs..." [12.28.10]

Cincinnati at forefront of sustainable schools‎, by Jessica Brown
Cincinnati, OH.
"...CPS is among the top school districts in the nation with LEED-registered buildings. It has 22 such buildings, a number topped only by Chicago (32) and Albuquerque, N.M., (26) according to numbers from the U.S. Green Building Council...At the nearly 500-student North Avondale Montessori, the walk-out "green roof" is topped by a layer of soil and plants..." [12.27.10]

A New Roof That Works for a Living‎
New York Times, by Alison Gregor
New York, NY.
"The green roof at One Irving Place sits atop a branch of Beth Israel Medical Center and is bookended by the four condo towers of the Zeckendorf complex...An analysis of green and black roofs published this year by Columbia University found that an unshaded green roof of 1,000 square meters (about 10,750 square feet) could save $330 to $350 a year in heating costs and $225 a year in cooling costs..." [12.23.10]

Eighth Avenue Place tower in Calgary recognized for environmental design
World Interior Design Network, by Staff
Calgary, Canada.
"...The building boasts Canada's largest green roof encompassing 30,000 square feet. It also features a two-storey retail podium; an atrium winter garden; a 1,143-car, below-grade parking garage and a 40-storey future west tower..." [12.22.10]

'Green' building raises bar‎
Charlotte Observer, by Lukas Johnson
Concord, NC.
"This 'green' roof, covered in drought-tolerant plants, is one of many features that helped qualify Concord and Kannapolis' new Rider Transit Center for a Gold level LEED-certification rating..." [12.22.10]

What Do the 2010 Census Results Mean for the Southwest's Water Supplies?
Natural Resources Defense Council Blog, by Rebecca Hammer
"...These communities should also begin to implement green infrastructure and low impact development practices – in other words, techniques like green roofs, rain gardens, and permeable pavement that stop rain where it falls, storing it and allowing it to filter into the ground so that it can recharge local groundwater supplies..." [12.21.10]

The Brooklyn Grange, a commercial rooftop farm in New York City‎
Dowser, by Sarah Kuck
Brooklyn, NY.
"One of the biggest farms in New York City, the Brooklyn Grange, sits six stories above the sidewalks of Queens. It has over a million pounds of soil and spans an acre, with a view of the Manhattan skyline in the distance...A lot of planning, negotiating, and pricing research also went into the early stages, such as figuring which were the best sources to use for soil and the green roof system..." [12.21.10]

Local Students Lead the Green Movement‎
Carroll Gardens Patch, by Molly Culver
New York, NY.
"...The green roof would provide students with hands-on learning opportunities like growing and harvesting food that would wind up on their plates in the school's cafeteria, and researching and planting native flora. The project also aims to help combat childhood obesity and serve as a storm water management tool..." [12.21.10]

Grant will promote 'green' bus shelters‎
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, by Diana Nelson Jones
Pittsburgh, PA.
"Most green roofs are so high you need a skyscraper window view to see one. Loralyn Fabian and Katherine Camp came up with a green-roof project for the street. For their plan to equip a new bus shelter in East Liberty with a green roof, they were awarded a $20,000 grant from the Sprout Fund and Pittsburgh Foundation..." [12.20.10]

HDB's first eco-precinct‎
Channel News Asia, by Sharon See
"Treelodge@Punggol is the first public housing project to attain the Building and Construction Authority's (BCA) Green Mark Platinum Award given to energy- and water-efficient buildings. The newly completed eco-precinct Treelodge@Punggol marks a milestone for the Housing & Development Board (HDB)...The 'green' roof has plants that help to lower the temperature in the flats..." [12.17.10]

Green Roofs Save Energy on Government Buildings
Sustainable City Network, by Aram Kalousdian
"There are currently just over 100 green roofs installed in Washington, D.C. alone, with an additional 25 under construction and many more in the concept/planning stage. Storm water retention in urban areas with combined storm and sanitary sewers is often the primary motivation behind the installation of green roofs, according to the Washington, D.C. District Department of the Environment (DDOE)...." [12.16.10]

Construction Specifications Canada sustainability guide coming soon‎
Daily Commercial News, by Jean Sorensen
"The long-awaited, two-volume Construction Specifications Canada (CSC) Tek-Aid incorporating sustainability into construction documents is expected to be issued by early 2011...discussed how to maximize credits when using green roofs and walls in the new Canada Green Building Council LEED system..." [12.16.10]

What Urban Rooftop Gardening Could Do For The Middle East
Green Prophet, by Arwa Aburawa
"With so many flat roofs across the Middle East, surely the region is ripe for a bit of rooftop gardening? Recent reports that people in the Gaza Strip are embracing rooftop gardening has got us thinking about the urban gardening phenomena and it’s relevance to the Middle East..." [12.15.10]

Commercial Construction Considerations: Green Roofs, by Matthew Steine - 3 hours ago
"Firefighters can expect higher heat and ventilation challenges...While some of you may never encounter these types of roofs, vertical ventilation is still a very valuable tool when suppressing commercial fires. However, if not approached correctly, vertical ventilation of green roofs may become more difficult..." [12.14.10]

Sequential: The Greenest Gas Station in the U.S.
TakePart - Inspiration to Action, by Ryan and Kassidy Brown
"...I think it’s safe to say it was destiny. As you will see in the webisode, besides selling biodiesel, Sequential also has solar panels, a living roof, and organic and local produce for sale inside the station. Imagine if every city had a gas station like this!...Watch video on YouTube..." [12.14.10]

When it rains, pollutants pour into Chesapeake Bay‎
The Virginian-Pilot, by Diane Tennant
Hampton Roads, VA.
"...It also has a green roof, solar panels, native drought-resistant plants and a rain garden...The great thing about this is it’s filtering all the water that falls on it, Amundsen said, looking over the green roof from her home office. Depending on the intensity of a rainstorm, the roof decreases runoff by 30 to 80 percent..." [12.12.10]

Brooklyn's fertile urban farm movement, by Jesse Ricke
Brooklyn, NY.
"...Urban farms are feats of technology and social organizing. Case in point is the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm which began this April. The roof base system and growing medium was designed by Goode Green, a greenroof design company with projects across the city. Eagle Street holds a Sunday market and collaborates with other growers in Brooklyn..." [12.10.10]

Rooftop gardens are a "Mercy" for staff and patients
Baltimore Sun Blog, by Susan Reimer
Baltimore, MD.
"Baltimore's Mercy Medical Center unveils its new, state-of-the-art, in-patient tower this week, and the project is crowned with three rooftop gardens that will provide patients and staff a bit of tranquility in the midst of illness and city noise..." [12.9.10]

Sprawl, climate change, carp control hinder Chicago sewer overflow solution
TribLocal, by Kari Lydersen
Chicago, IL.
"...So a primary way to address CSOs is to reduce the amount of storm water that flows into sewer pipes. This can be done by installing permeable pavement in parking lots and alleys; letting people collect rain in barrels for future use; installing green roofs and simply persuading people to use water more efficiently..." [12.8.10]

DEC Accepting Applications for Urban Forestry Grants‎
ReadMedia, Press Release
New York, NY.
"The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) today announced it is making grants available to support urban forestry projects across the state...Eligible projects include tree inventories and management plans, tree and shrub planting and maintenance, and green infrastructure projects such as green roofs and rain gardens..." [12.8.10]

Recycled compost for green roofs - new information from WRAP
Green Building Press, by Staff
"The rapid growth of green roofs across the UK has been given a further boost with a publication from WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) on the use of BSI PAS 100 quality compost in the development and maintenance of this increasingly popular construction application. The booklet, 'Quality Compost Use in Green Roof Construction' is the first document of its kind to outline the benefits of incorporating this material in green roof substrates..." [12.7.10]

Santa goes green
Providence Journal, by Charlotte M. Frieze
“...Landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh, designer of the green roof atop the American Society of Landscape Architects headquarters, in Washington, D.C., believes “Carole King got it right when she wrote about the magic of being up on the roof — a place that is a thousand miles away from what is just a few feet below you. Santa no doubt has that figured out and probably even appreciates that green roofs are one more step in keeping our world a safe and healthy place for our children..." [12.7.10]

Green Roofs Are Changing Architecture: BIG's New School In Denmark‎
Treehugger, by Lloyd Alter
"Green roofs continue to change architecture, as architects blend buildings into the landscape and use the roofs as architectural elements, often to hide the building from view. The Vilhelmsro school in Denmark 'focuses on nature and sustainability' so Bjarke Ingels of BIG designed it out of sloping landscaped bands that are integrated into the hillside..." [12.6.10]

KHD project wins Skyrise Greenery Award‎, Press Release
Melbourne, Australia.
"Bent Architecture’s award winning Head for the Hill project at 131 Queen St, Melbourne, has won another prize. The rooftop garden project took out third prize for a built project at the Singapore Institute of Architects’ and National Parks Board’s Skyrise Greenery Awards. The project aims to showcase the environmental, social and economic benefits of green roofs..." [12.6.10]

City announces water-quality grants‎
Lexington Herald Leader, by Beverly Fortune
Lexington, KY.
"Grants totaling more than $1.2 million were announced Friday to improve Lexington's storm-water quality. Recipients were local schools, businesses and neighborhood groups. Projects include installation of permeable pavement, stream restoration, and building rain gardens, wetlands and a green roof..." [12.4.10]

Upwardly Fertile: The Rise of the Vertical Garden
TIME, by Tim Newcomb
Santiago, Chile.
"...Pennsylvania's nonprofit Longwood Gardens captured the title of North America's largest living wall with a vertical garden measuring 3,590 sq. ft., which is 50% bigger than that of the continent's previous record holder, PNC Bank in Pittsburgh. Now Longwood is being dwarfed by the InterContinental Hotel in Santiago, Chile, which planned to formally unveil its 17,000-sq.-ft. wall — about the size of six doubles tennis courts..." [12.4.10]

The Future of Design: Blue Is the New Green‎, by Staff
"...Blue design creates places that are not just neutral in their take, but actually add back to our world...a green roof planted with pollution–eating superplants that improved air and water quality in the local climate zone, and partitioned a part of the front lawn for a vegetable garden that contributed to the local food bank, we would have a single home that gave back to the greater community in three substantive ways..." [12.3.10]

Innovative Green Roof
American Rivers. by Sean Foltz
Milwaukee, WI.
"American Rivers has recently completed a 4,000 square foot green roof in Milwaukee’s Kinnickinnic watershed, at the Energy Exchange...LiveRoof, Etera and Xero Flor all provided extensive growing media for the roof in the form of mat, tray and plug systems..." [12.2.10]

Green Roofs are Starting To Sprout in American Cities
Yale Environment 360, by Bruce Stutz
"Long a proven technology in Europe, green roofs are becoming increasingly common in U.S. cities, with major initiatives in Chicago, Portland, and Washington, D.C. While initially more expensive than standard coverings, green roofs offer some major environmental — and economic — benefits..." [12.2.10]

Help Support Green Roofs in New York, One Square Foot at a Time
GOOD Environment, by Staff
New York, NY.
"...Seeding the City involved placing a small square of green on the roofs of New York buildings, creating a mini-green roof network to help support the idea of a city full of green roofs and get people used to having and caring for them. But now that network of small green squares has spawned genuine interest..." [11.29.10]

True Sustainability Means Going Beyond Campus Boundaries‎
Chronicle of Higher Education, by James Proctor
" efficiency and local food and green roofs are sustainable practices because they promote intergenerational equity: They minimize the squandering of resources now so those resources will be available for future generations..." [11.28.10]

Archial-designed BCA building in UK scoops 'Best Sustainable Project Title'
World Interior Design Network, by Staff
"...The building is equipped with a large sedum roof for rainwater attenuation from which excess rainfall is collected in feature water ponds and used for landscape maintenance and natural habitat enhancement. Rainfall from the zinc roof areas is collected and used for WC flushing..." [11.25.10]

Polish Green Roofed Homes
GreenMuze, by Staff
"...The eco-houses maximize solar input, with a very low above ground profile for the homes that are built partially underground, and feature living roofs. The green roofs help reduce visual impact while also providing insulation, protection from weather extremes, and are used for storm water infiltration..." [11.24.10]

Creating a Greener City, One Rooftop at a Time
Treehugger - Jennifer Hattam
"Putting a green roof on a landmark building -- the city hall in Toronto or Chicago, a convention center in Vancouver, San Francisco's California Academy of Sciences -- has long been a highly visible way for cities to gain some green cachet...To make green roofs a part of the everyday urban fabric, we need a network of citizens not to only have green roofs, but to have the knowledge and skills to spread them..." [11.24.10]

Top 10 Green Roofs Across the Globe
Huffington Post, by Eva Maddox
"...Consider green or "living" roofs. Forward-thinking Germany (where reportedly 10% of roofs are green) led the pack in the 1960s, and the trend spread throughout Europe. And why wouldn't it, when you think of the advantages? Lower heating and cooling costs, the ability to pull pollution from the air, and increased real estate values and the creation of intimate spaces in the environment are just a few...For more information about these projects you can search our International Greenroof & Greenwall Projects Database..." [11.23.10]

Morris Arboretum's New Horticulture Center Complex: A Regional Model of Sustainability
UPENN Almanac, by Staff
Philadelphia, PA.
"...The green roofs on the equipment storage garages capture and absorb rain, slowing the surge of stormwater to the site drainage system...The two green roofs on the garages are very visible examples of sustainability. The 4-bay garage has a four inch deep planting area with various types of sedum. The 6-bay garage green roof is eight inches deep and was planted by hand with an experimental mix of plant species including north American species and other plants that are native to this region..." [11.23.10]

Green-thinking business finds growth in a rooftop
Honolulu Star-Advertiser, by Nina Wu
Honolulu, HI.
"...Scanning the Honolulu skyline, Joaquin says there is plenty of room for more rooftop gardens in this city. There could potentially be rooftop gardens on offices stretching from downtown Honolulu to Waikiki, he said, and on top of supermarkets like Whole Foods Market. An estimated one-third of city rooftops could be set aside for gardens..." [11.22.10]

It's not easy being green in the city‎
Sydney Morning Herald - Kate Dennehy
Brisbane, Australia.
"...Brisbane City Council spent $28 million transforming the once iconic meeting place into what has been generally regarded as a scorching and unwelcoming thoroughfare to be avoided on hot days...Mrs Carpenter, president of the not-for-profit group Green Roofs Australia, said any gardener could have told the council the fiddle leaf figs set in shallow planter boxes would never mature in the searing heat..." [11.21.10]

EPA's Clean Water Strategy: What it Means for US Industry‎
Water World, by Sue Poremba
"A final draft of the EPA's Clean Water Strategy is set for publication at the end of the year but what will this mean for companies in North America? Some experts believe the step up from the 1972 Clean Water Act is encouraging, others question where the funding will come from to enforce and research the new regulations...As heavily populated communities plant trees and park space, as well as institute sustainable building practices like green roofs, new runoff and wastewater issues will arise..." [11.19.10]

Workers planting Palomar's green roof‎
North County Times, by Paul Sisson
Escondido, CA.
"Workers are planting a living roof on a 1.4-acre portion of the huge Palomar West hospital under construction in Escondido, though patients will not gaze on the green expanse until 2012...As green roofs go, it's big, but far from the largest. An online database maintained by, which contains comprehensive information on installed and in-progress living roofs worldwide, lists 81 projects that are larger...Green roof at new hospital is more than a cover‎..." [11.19.10]

How green is a Greenbuild expo with 27000-plus people?‎
USA Today, by Wendy Koch
Chicago, IL.
"...The annual Greenbuild expo -- held this week in Chicago -- is a colossal trade show that reveals the industry's growing clout and market savvy...Wilson encouraged attendees, as they build for the future, to conserve water, detoxify materials, integrate food production into buildings (e.g. green roofs), build smaller and more resilient homes that can withstand the loss of power and to think beyond our borders..." [11.18.10]

Teens in the Bronx get lesson in green studies
CNN International, by Alex DiPalma
New York, NY.
"...Ritz, an innovative high school teacher at Discovery High School in the South Bronx in New York, has transformed his classroom into a green learning environment; textbooks are stacked on desks while vegetation fills the shelves and covers the walls. Ritz and his students recently cooked 450 organic meals using vegetables that originated in the classroom..." [11.18.10]

Fort Worth's Botanic Gardens Get a Living Roof‎
NBC Dallas-Fort Worth, by Greg Janda
Fort Worth, TX.
"...The Botanical Research Institute of Texas took the 70,000 square feet of empty space on top of its new $48 million building and are filling it with 6,000 trays to hold 30,000 prairie plants which together make what scientists call a 'living roof'..." [11.17.10]

Urban Intervention‎: The Syracuse Center of Excellence helps lay the foundation for the revitalization of a struggling Rust Belt city
Metropolis Magazine, by Stephen Zacks - 12 hours ago
Syracuse, NY.
"The ramped green roof of the Syracuse Center of Excellence responds to the crisscross of nearby highways. With an anticipated LEED Platinum rating, the building is a research center for indoor environmental building systems...The building’s double-height ground floor pivots from a five-story structure and swerves around onto a ramped green roof like a verdant freeway interchange..." [11.17.10]

ESRI Canada's Green Roof Named One of North America's Green Roofs for Healthy Cities
Spatial News, Press Release
Toronto, Canada.
"...ESRI Canada's project won in the extensive industrial/commercial green roof category and was selected for its integrated design that includes aesthetic, economic, functional and ecological components...Winners of GRHC's Design Awards were selected by a seven-member, multi-disciplinary judging team of landscape architects, engineers and horticulturists. The awards will be officially presented at CitiesAlive 2010..." [11.17.10]

Green roof installed on technology building
Appalachian State University, by Staff
Boone, NC.
"A green roof is now part of the viewscape at Appalachian State University. The Xero Flor product was installed on a 1,000-square-foot section of roof on W. Kerr Scott Hall, home to Appalachian’s Department of Technology. It’s part of $5.34 million in energy-saving projects that have been implemented across campus..." [11.16.10]

Casey Trees Moves To New Headquarters In Brookland‎
PR Web, Press Release
Washington, DC.
"...The administrative building, half new, half renovated, is approximately 10,000 square feet. It was included as one of more than 150 projects in the Sustainable Sites Initiative™ (SITES™) Pilot Program and features three green roofs covering just over 25% of the roof area. The remaining roof is covered by a white surface called a “cool roof,” which reflects sun off the building and keeps its interior cool..." [11.16.10]

Green-Roofed Port of Portland Headquarters Aims for LEED Gold‎
Inhabitat, by Bridgette Meinhold
Portland, OR.
"The Port of Portland recently consolidated their headquarters into a shiny, green office building designed by Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects (ZGF). Situated right next to the PDX airport, the new Port of Porland Headquarters is a LEED gold office that unifies the entity responsible for Portland's airport, shipping terminals and more. The project was finished in May of 2010 and it includes a green roof, a living machine to process waste water, geothermal heating and cooling, plus a plethora of other sustainable strategies..." [11.16.10]

Gardener: Green roofs and rooftop gardens
Evansville Courier & Press, by Joe Lamp'l
Evansville, IL.
"Considering that urban sprawl is wiping out much of the available green space in our cities, we only have to look up for solutions. Rooftop gardens offer numerous opportunities to replenish much of what has been destroyed. Green roofs are gaining popularity in both commercial and residential design as a way to reduce our carbon footprint..." [11.16.10]

Huge green roof sprouts at Union Square‎
Crain's New York Business, by Amanda Fung
New York, NY.
"A 14,000-square-foot green roof will be unveiled at Zeckendorf Towers in Union Square on Wednesday. Its designers and engineers are billing it as the largest residential green roof in the city. It sits atop the seven-story podium of the building, which largely houses Beth Israel Medical Center, located at One Irving Place...See also: Union Square Rooftop A "Green" Feat‎...and...Zeckendorf Towers Unveils City's Largest Green Roof..." [11.15.10]

Princeton continues significant progress toward sustainability goals‎
Princeton University, by Ruth Stevens
Princeton, NJ.
"...academic study in which faculty and students monitor real-time performance data from Butler College, where more than half the buildings have green roofs. Eileen Zerba, a senior lecturer in ecology and evolutionary biology who is leading the High Meadows Foundation grant-funded project, provided data for the report that indicate the Butler College green roofs are demonstrating a more than 60 percent reduction in peak stormwater runoff, compared to conventional roofs..." [11.15.10]

'Green' roof looks to help keep life of building
The Towerlight, by Jordan Russell
Towson, MD.
"There's only one building on campus that can cool itself down with outside air, sense how much light it needs to give and has flooring that gives off heat...The first of the highlights of the CLA is its partially vegetated growth on the roof. Plants cover a good amount of the roof and capture heat to put less pressure on the cooling system. It also is able to absorb water to help prevent flooding..." [11.15.10]

Honey Bees Find New Home On Baltimore Green Roof‎
PRLog.Org, Press Release
Baltimore, MD.
"...Lead by Green Roof Service and ADI Architecture and Design Inc. the former icehouse of Resource Conservation Technology welcomed one of the regions first Honey Bee oriented green roofs. Volunteers and honey bee enthusiast poured onto roof to be apart of the new habitat for honey bees. On lookers explored the garden as volunteers eagerly planted in the unique growing media..." [11.14.10]

Clean Technology for a Sustainable Future‎
The Epoch Times, by James Ottar Grundvig
New York, NY.
"...Two new approaches to improving the longevity of roofs, while reducing energy loads and lowering maintenance costs for air conditioning systems, are benefits too big to be ignored by cities such as Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. It was interesting to see the once mundane topic of rooftops debated with such zeal and expertise at Cleantech Corridor’s lively discussion on “Cool Roofs” by a group of diverse panelists, each championing a piece of their roofing turf..." [11.14.10]

What's up? Roofs that help save energy‎, by Kathleen Lynn
Hackensack, NJ.
"...While the number of energy-saving options is growing fast, these roofs tend to be significantly more expensive than the traditional asphalt shingle roof. As a result, homeowners have been slow to adopt them...But green roofs tend to last much longer, because the vegetation protects the roof structure from drastic changes in temperature, according to Jennifer Souder, a research manager at the Center for Green Building at Rutgers University..." [11.14.10]

Impossible Architecture: A Review of the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust
Huffington Post blog, by Guy Horton
Los Angeles, CA.
"...In keeping with this, the building's green roof, designed by Karla Dakin and Lisa Benjamin, seems to flow from the park's grounds. It's responsible, low-water mix of plants includes Blue Grama and Esparto Grass, Pine Muhly, Red Carpet Stonecrop, and Star of Bethlehem, a type of Hyacinth. When these reach their projected height of thirty-six inches, the building will become even more integrated with the landscape..." [11.13.10]

Interior landscaping - green on the inside
Horticulture Week, by Gavin McEwan
"For plants, it seems, indoors is the new outdoors. While the benefits of accessible, well-maintained exterior green space are now well established, interior landscaping can have at least as great a role in health and productivity. And this means significant opportunities for interior landscapers across the world..." [11.12.10]

City raises green area coverage target to 34 percent
Jakarta Post, by Indah Setiawati
Jakarta, Indonesia.
"Despite having made no major gains in achieving its initial goal, the city administration has said it aims for 34.51 percent of the city to be green space by 2030 — an adjustment from the previous target of 13 percent. The new plan calls for garden roofs, green walls and absorption wells..." [11.12.10]

Planting a seed for a green roof‎
Daily Record, by Robert J. Terry
Baltimore, MD.
"A Baltimore roofing company wants to give away a “green” roof to a nonprofit looking to reduce its carbon footprint. Cole Roofing has dubbed the promotion the “Green Roof Giveaway” and values it at $30,000, either in the form of solar panels or a vegetated roof, which Cole says are growing in popularity. Interested nonprofits can go to a website and upload a video or submit an essay explaining why a green roof would help them in their work. The deadline is Nov. 15..." [11.12.10]

'The Austonian' mixed-use scheme in Texas wins 'green' recognition‎
World Interior Design Network, by Staff
Austin, TX.
"The Austonian – the tallest residential building in Texas, designed by Ziegler Cooper Architects - has scooped a Four Star rating from Austin Energy Green Building...An exquisitely landscaped outdoor urban garden with a green roof, 75-foot pool, herb gardens, sundeck, barbecue grill, dog park are also featured on the tenth floor. Another green roof is located on the 55th floor sky lounge and outdoor terrace..." [11.12.10]

Hospitals Adding Roof Gardens to Improve Patient Care
Becker's Hospital Review, by Robert Schucker
Chicago, IL.
"As hospitals around the country increasingly adopt a patient-centered care model, these institutions are finding new ways to incorporate care into the built environment. One of the fastest growing trends is the installation of green roofs, or roof gardens, to create tranquil oases of otherwise barren rooftop space. On Chicago’s West side, the Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital decided on a green roof to provide horticultural therapy benefits..." [11.11.10]

ASLA Green Roof Earns Top North American Design Honor‎
Business Wire, Press Release
Washington, DC.
"The American Society of Landscape Architects’ (ASLA) green roof, located in downtown Washington, has earned recognition as one of the best in North America. Green Roofs for Healthy Cities will present ASLA with its 2010 Award of Excellence in the Institutional Intensive category, which honors innovative green roof design in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The ceremony will take place at CitiesAlive: 8th Annual Green Roof and Wall Conference and Tradeshow in Vancouver..." [11.11.10]

Housing development scoops national award‎
Yellow Advertiser, by Martyn Dolton
"A Dagenham housing development has won a national award. The Atrium Terrace, in Baden Powell Close, has scooped the Best Small Development at the Affordable Home Ownership Awards 2010 thanks to its original architectural design...Every home also has a Sedum roof system - green roofs absorbing rainfall and providing good insulation..." [11.11.10]

LCQ14: Implementation of green roof projects for government buildings
7thSpace Interactive, by Staff
Hong Kong.
"...As at end October 2010, a total of 159 government buildings maintained by the works departments had green roofs. In addition, the works departments are currently undertaking roof greening works at 62 government buildings (including new buildings and buildings under refurbishment). Planning and design of roof greening works for another 32 government buildings are underway for implementation within the next three years..." [11.10.10]

Green roof added to Liverpool office space development‎
Free Office Search, by Daniel Silver
"St Paul's Square has claimed a first for Liverpool offices with its new green sedum roof. The new St Paul's Square office development in Liverpool has gone green with the installation of a sedum roof. Designed to improve the insulation of the buildings and create a habitat for wildlife, the roof is the first of its kind in the city's business district, the Liverpool Daily Post reports.." [11.10.10]

And the green get greener‎
The Eyeopener, by Ian Vandaelle
Toronto, Canada.
"...The university has been working to improve sustainability through initiatives like the environmental sustainability certificate available through the Chang School and the green roof of the George Vari Engineering building, an award winning installation that covers 10,000 square-feet of the roof..." [11.9.10]

Rooftop to Tabletop: Urban Farming Spreads Roots‎
OnEarth Magazine, by Shanti Menon
Chicago, IL.
"Rooftop farming is expanding into larger-scale operations. Eighteen feet above Chicago’s honking city traffic, Mike Repkin stands in a plot of buckwheat, delicate white flowers waving about his waist as an elevated train clatters past at eye level. From this unusual spot, Repkin is farming..." [11.9.10]

Building Green: The Office Space Concept of the Future Blog, by Jo Disney
"How will the commercial property industry adapt to sustainable issues and climate change fears in years to come - and how will this affect the office space market as we know it? Today we are learning about ever increasing numbers of property developments that are harnessing sustainable measures - ranging from the use of recycled materials and local resources in the building process, to green roofs and solar paneling in the finished product...." [11.9.10]

According to the Department of Environmental Protection, low impact development is all about taking a series of small steps
Torrington Register Citizen, by Jason Siedzik
Winchester, CT.
"...Green roofs are particularly suited for urban or contaminated areas, because the plants are provided in self-contained trays. Plants selected for their resilience to wind and other extreme conditions are placed on rooftops. In addition to absorbing rainfall, the plants help provide energy savings by reducing heating and cooling costs...Winchester one of 10 towns in Northwest Connecticut to be part of grant program geared for low impact (environmental) development..." [11.9.10]

Demand for green infrastructure projects higher than ever
American Rivers, by Staff
"A new report issued by American Rivers analyzes how the $1.2 billion of green water infrastructure funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has been spent. According to "Putting Green to Work: Economic Recovery Investments for Clean and Reliable Water," demand for green infrastructure projects has never been higher. The report highlights case studies and makes recommendations for how to best leverage future spending for clean and reliable water..." [11.8.10]

Case Names Winners of Environmental Business Awards
MarketWatch, Press Release
Racine, MI.
"Case Construction Equipment today announced the three winners of the first Environmental Business Awards, a national program that honors landscape contractors whose work directly benefits the environment or overcomes an environmental challenge...Roger Grothe, Aloha Landscaping, Mendota Heights, Minn., who built the first green roof on the island of Guam..." [11.8.10]

Eco-Toupees and Plastic Alleys‎
Green Source, by Blair Kamin
Chicago, IL.
"Despite a major sustainability push, the city of Chicago still has a long way to go in transforming its image from a Rust Belt city to the greenest in the’s important to remember that the green roof and green alley programs remain in their infancy. Stripped of the hype, they are realistically viewed as impressive first steps that plant the seeds for a new, ecology-minded urban infrastructure..." [11.8.10]

Remarks at Pixel Building Clean Tech Event
US Department of State, by Staff
Melbourne, Australia.
"...This building, thanks to Grocon's commitment, brought together your country's most creative minds to create a building with ingenious energy-saving features. It puts energy back into the power grid from its wind turbines and its solar panels. It has a living roof, that we just saw, that cuts cooling costs. It uses mainly rain water and filters its own waste water through beds of reeds to reduce the run-off it sends into the sewers..." [11.7.10]

Green Thumb: Green roofs good for people, environment
Memphis Commercial Appeal, by Christine Arpe
Memphis, TN.
"Green roofs are on the cutting edge of environmentally sound construction practices. Officials at Trezevant believe their 4500-square-foot green roof is the largest in Memphis..." [11.5.10]

Snakes and ladders, by Luke Wessely‎
"...Green roofs aren’t the best solution in every case (although they often are, as long as they’re intelligently planned). They’re just one of a number of solutions architects and builders ought to be considering when trying to make their building as efficient and sustainable as possible..." [11.5.10]

Wave-Shaped Solar Cruise Ship Terminal Envisioned for Taiwan
Inhabitat, by Bridgette Meinhold
"New York-based Sun and Associates recently unveiled a proposal for a solar-powered green-roofed terminal for Taiwan's burgeoning Kaohsiung port city. Spotted over on eVolo, the P.O.K. Passenger Transportation District features a gorgeous sweeping design coupled with a large roof-integrated solar system, an expansive green roof and urban park, and the reuse of shipping containers..." [11.4.10]

New Danube River Sewage Treatment Plant Will Have Green Roof
Inhabitat, by Timon Singh
Budapest, Hungary.
"...Known as “The Living Danube”, the plant is set to be the most advanced wastewater treatment plant project in Budapest, Hungary, and it will also boast a beautiful green roof...The 10,000 square meter green roof has been designed as a flat, green surface that will absorb airborne dust and similar impurities. The roof will also drown out noise whilst retaining up to 90% of water – preventing rainwater from draining into the sewer..." [11.3.10]

Global conference on greenery in buildings
Business Times Singapore, by Staff
"More than 450 delegates from 25 countries are in Singapore for the inaugural International Skyrise Greenery Conference 2010 at the National Library Building. The conference is the first of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region to cover not only rooftop gardens and green roofs but vertical green walls. At the three-day event, which ends tomorrow, more than 30 international industry leaders will share insights into the latest trends on integrating greenery with buildings. Keynote speakers include Emilio Ambasz from the US, Patrick Blanc from France and Ken Yeang from the UK..." [11.1.10]

Australia's Surry Hills Library Sets New Standard for Green Design‎
Inhabitat, by Bridgette Meinhold
"The Surry Hills Library and Community Centre in Sydney, Australia was recently awarded the 2010 National Award for Sustainable Architecture by the Australian Institute of Architects. Designed by Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp (FJMT), the library and community center sets a new standard of excellence for sustainable design. With automatic sun-tracking louvers, a rooftop photovoltaic system, a green roof, healthy indoor air quality..." [11.1.10]

Norfolk Naval Station ribbon cutting for 'green' roof project
Daily Press, by Staff
Norfolk, VA.
"...The project, which cost $613,000, includes vegetation planted over the roof's waterproofing membrane, insulating the building and reducing energy costs. Additional benefits expected from the roof include the reduction of runoff, filtration of pollutants from rainwater and protection from UV rays according to reports in the Virginian Pilot..." [11.1.10]

Azavea Creates the Web-Based System to Support the Philadelphia Water Department’s New Green Stormwater Management Program
PR Web, Press Release
Philadelphia, PA.
"...The Philadelphia Water Department has decided to implement a billing system that aims to encourage property owners to use onsite green management practices such as retention basins, trees, green roofs and porous pavement in order to both reduce the amount of impervious pavement and use soil and vegetation to filter the water...Already a national leader in the design and construction of green roofs and other urban sustainability practices, the new program is part of Philadelphia’s Greenworks Program, an ambitious plan to transform Philadelphia into the greenest city in the U.S..." [10.29.10]

ASEM gives city leaders new ideas
Jakarta Post, by Indah Setiawati
Jakarta, Indonesia.
"...The director general of Rotterdam’s climate bureau, Paula Verhoeven, said her administration enhanced a lot of green roofs in the city by implementing subsidies for citizens and companies to place grass and plants on roof buildings. “That is a very good way to contain water and to prevent storm water from running off the building and flooding the streets,” she said. Verhoeven added that her administration spent ¤200,000 (US$278,450) a year in subsidies to for more than half of the city’s green roofs..." [10.29.10]

Raising the (Green) Roof‎
Austin Chronicle, by Nora Ankrum
Austin, TX.
"...the Green Roof Advisory Group heads to City Hall – home of Austin's most prominent green roof project – to report on the state of Austin's "living roofs." Also known as "sky gardens," green roofs blanket the tops of buildings with vegetation – often native plants well-adapted to the local climate – and are known to improve both buildings and their surroundings. Created in August 2009, the advisory group was charged with exploring the feasibility of using city policy to promote green roofs around town...." [10.28.10]

Sustainable landscaping products to be showcased at Garden+Landscaping Middle East 2010
Zawya, Press Release
Dubai, UAE.
"Increasing awareness on the need to protect the environment along with the recent directive from the UAE Government on compliance with green building standards is boosting demand for sustainable garden and landscaping products. At Garden+Landscaping Middle East taking place next week green gardening and sustainable landscaping products will be showcased..." [10.27.10]

Architects hit grass ceiling in quest to tame urban jungle
Sydney Morning Herald, by Kelsey Muro
Sydney, Australia.
"Living roofs help cool cities, capture stormwater run-off, insulate buildings and reduce their carbon footprint. They also dampen noise and provide green habitats for birds - and people - in the concrete jungle. With more than half of the world's population living in cities, advocates say the living roof's moment has come..." [10.27.10]

Don't take water for granted
Vancouver Sun, by Mary Teresa Bitti
Vancouver, Canada.
"...Canadians are among the most water-hungry citizens on the planet, second only to the United States in terms of per-capita use of water...Increasingly, green infrastructure-- green roofs, urban forests, parks, wetlands, green walls and community gardens -- is seen as a viable alternative to concrete and steel conventional pipes and infrastructure to manage and clean storm water..." [10.26.10]

Can Green Walls In Highways Actually Reduce Anything?
Treehugger, by Paula Alvarado
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
"The Buenos Aires government is doing a six month tryout of how green walls perform in the city's highways as noise, temperature and pollution mitigators. Installed inside horizontal tubes filled with water and nutrients, the first seedlings were planted in the exit of a route that connects the southern part of the city with the suburbs..." [10.26.10]

Don't offset emissions, just go green‎
Ladysmith Chronicle, by Katherine Backlund
Ladysmith, Canada.
"...The need for greenery in large denuded city landscapes probably helps explain the crazy idea that’s becoming popular, which is the building of green roofs. This is not really a new idea as green roofs have been around for centuries in the form of sod roofs..." [10.25.10]

The John Theurer Cancer Center at Hackensack University Medical Center Unveils $130-Million Patient-Centered Comprehensive Care Facility
MarketWatch, Press Release
Hackensack, NJ.
"...The sun-drenched, four-story lobby atrium features one of the first Living Walls installed in a United States hospital. Accompanied by a 24-foot waterfall, the inspiring Living Wall is made of more than 30 plant species, all hydroponically growing without soil. Not only aesthetically beautiful, the wall breaks down indoor air contaminates through entirely natural processes, releasing purer, cleaner air..." [10.25.10]

Green roof being constructed at Illinois Central College‎
Peoria Journal Star, by David Zalaznik
East Peoria, IL.
"Installation is under way on the environmental green roof over the new CougarPlex at Illinois Central College. Chris Frye, principal design director at the PSA Dewberry offices in Chicago, said the 14,000-square-foot roof at ICC is one of the largest in downstate Illinois and is the fifth one the architectural firm designed..." [10.22.10]

Abaza calls for expanding practice of building roof gardens to limit pollution
Al-Masry Al-Youm, by Metwali Salem
"Egyptian Agriculture Minister Amin Abaza said it has become vital to begin building roof gardens throughout Egyptian cities to fight pollution and the infamous black cloud of smog. He said an initiative has already been started in some new cities which have begun growing vegetables on the roofs to fight price rises and meet some of the residents’ needs..." [10.22.10]

The Role of the Structural Engineer on a Green Roof Project Retrofit‎
Green Building Pro, by Kirk I. Mettam & Steven W. Peck
North America.
"Whether determining basic loading capacity and other safety concerns or undertaking more detailed measures to avoid costly building code errors down the road, the structural engineer is a critical team member of any green roof project..." [10.22.10]

Feds Hope to Be Role Model for Private Sector on Sustainability‎
New York Times, by Staff
New York, NY.
"...the General Services Administration is trying to similarly motivate the private sector to adopt sustainable practices and products. GSA Senior Sustainability Officer Stephen Leeds recently compared the effort to flying to the moon; GSA, he said, has the "bold and audacious goal" to reach a zero environmental footprint and lead the nation to sustainability...GSA is also testing efficiency improvements at a slew of government buildings. The agency's century-old headquarters in Washington, D.C., for example, is being renovated to include green roofs..." [10.22.10]

The "Rule" For Irrigating a Green Roof Garden‎
GREENandSAVE Blog, by Richard Heller
"Green roofs, as implied by their name, are meant to be sustainable, or at least that was the original intent in their creation. Like any creation, green roofs have taken on a life of their own and expanded into roof gardens that have an aesthetic as well as utilitarian purpose -- and this complicates matters somewhat...Richard Heller is founder and CEO of Greener by Design, a sustainable landscape design, construction, and maintenance company based in New York City." [10.22.10]

Roofs are Helping the Planet and Go Going Green!
Green Cars & Green Fuel Center Blog, by India Cooper
"We've all heard of slate roofs, tiled roofs even thatched roofs. But green roofs? They are more than just a trend. One of the first green roofs in Europe was created in Switzerland in 1914 and they are now recognized as being of great benefit to the environment...The world's largest green roof is over 10 and a half acres. It covers the entire roof of the Ford truck factory in Dearborn, Michigan." [10.21.10]

LEED Platinum and Green Roofed SAP America Headquarters
Inhabitat, by Bridgette Meinhold
Newton Square, PA.
"...Featuring an expansive green roof and tons of sustainable building strategies, the German software company's American headquarters recently earned LEED...A large green roof covers the entire building, providing insulation and reducing heat gain, while rainwater collectors trap rainwater for storage in a 50,000-gallon cistern..." [10.21.10]

Omega Institute's Greenest Living Building‎, by Ronnie Citron-Fink
Rhinebeck, NY.
"...As a high-performance designed building, the OCSL is powered by passive solar heating, a geothermal system, a photovoltaic power and includes a greenhouse and green roof, constructed wetlands and a green classroom that integrate seamlessly with the natural environment..." [10.21.10]

North America's Largest Outdoor Green Wall Unveiled In BC
Marketwire, Press Release
Surrey, Canada.
"Green over Grey Designers have completed planting the largest and most biologically diverse outdoor green wall in North America. It is located in Surrey, Canada, covering the Semiahmoo Public Library and RCMP Facility. The unique design is nearly 3,000 square feet and consists of over 10,000 individual plants representing more than 120 unique species..." [10.20.10]

Green Monster - Vancouver International Airport Living Wall
Metropolis Magazine, by Tim Newcomb
Vancouver, Canada.
"...Flying is a fairly miserable experience even in the best conditions, and the drab, confusing, and downright ugly architecture of many airports certainly doesn’t help. Which is why Randy Sharp, the landscape master planner of Vancouver International Airport (YVR), in British Columbia, felt compelled to do something about a massive blank concrete wall confronting international travelers arriving via the city’s new light-rail system..." [10.20.10]

One-stop building efficient, eco-friendly‎
Pensacola News Journal, by Jamie Page
Pensacola, FL.
"Escambia County's new 'one-stop' center is not only more efficient for the public's needs, it's now the county's most environmentally friendly building. In fact, the new Escambia County Central Office Complex in Pensacola has the largest green roof in Florida and is built with cutting-edge 'green building' techniques..." [10.20.10]

Be Green 2: Living Walls, by Kirk Matthews
"The University of Hawaii Outreach College is spreading the news about an innovative project to create "living walls" across the community. Let's start first with a green wall, a living wall like this one at Whole Foods in Kahala. It's the brainstorm of Greg Lee from Tropical Images...Greg Lee (1st Look Exteriors) is GLT Hawaii Distributor." [10.19.10]

Rockwell green roof reaches new heights
Milwaukee Business Journal, by Rich Rovito
Milwaukee, WI.
"Rockwell Automation Inc. on Tuesday unveiled its new 'green' roof atop its corporate headquarters building in Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point neighborhood. Company management and city officials claim the environmental initiative has created the largest green roof in Wisconsin, with nearly 50,000 square feet of the 71,000-square-foot roof having been covered with sedum..." [10.19.10]

Green-Roofed Holocaust Museum Unveiled in Los Angeles‎
Inhabitat, by Andrew Michler
Los Angeles, CA.
"...The striking building designed by Belzberg architects features a generous green roof that acts as an extension of the adjacent Pan Pacific Park. The project was also designed to express one of the darkest moments in human history - a buried organic form greets visitors as they descend into a unique museum space that memorializes those who died and survived the holocaust..." [10.19.10]

CITGO Chesapeake Terminal Installs Region's First Green Roof‎
PR Newswire, Press Release
Houston, TX.
"The CITGO Chesapeake Terminal has installed a 3000-square-foot Green Roof system which is designed to reduce storm water runoff and help improve the local environment. The innovative, environmentally-friendly system integrates living plants into the building structure and will eliminate almost 60,000 gallons of storm water runoff into the nearby Elizabeth River..." [10.19.10]

Bronx School Begins "Green Roof" Installation
NY1, by Staff
Bronx, NY.
"A public school in the Bronx is taking its efforts of "going green" to a whole new level. The 1,400 square foot roof of greenery at the Alfred E. Smith Career and Technical Education High School in Melrose is the first officially approved Green Roof at a public school..." [10.16.10]

Natural high
Ha'aretz, by Zafrir Rinat
Jerusalem, Israel.
"Jerusalem is joining the world's cities in promoting 'green roofs': rooftop gardens designed to lower energy costs, purify the air and provide homes for plants and animals...The Jerusalem municipality has put together a plan to create green roofs in the city, starting with school buildings. Israel Electric Corporation is planning green roofs for power facilities, and a sewage treatment plant with a green roof in the capital's Har Homa neighborhood is in the planning stage..." [10.16.10]

Toronto's smartest building and broadcasting showcase opens on waterfront
Daily Commercial News, by Patricia Williams
Toronto, Canada.
"...Targeting LEED Gold, the building scheme employs numerous sustainable initiatives including green roofs, certified wood, low-emitting materials, light pollution reduction and gray water recycling. A four-storey-high bio-filter wall filters internal air to enhance the environmental performance of the building by lowering dependence on mechanical heating and cooling systems..." [10.16.10]

Vancouver Convention Centre's green roof getting a trim
Vancouver Sun, by Gerry Bellett
Vancouver, Canada.
"The grass growing on the six-acre meadow atop the Vancouver Convention Centre West is being trimmed this weekend, the only maintenance the roof receives. A team of landscapers armed with power-trimmers will be cutting back the array of wild grasses and plants sowed on the roof in 2008..." [10.15.10]

Highrise, skyrise, skyscape
Philippine Star, by Paulo Alcazaren
"...Singapore, in fact, is on the cutting edge of this vertical greening movement. Almost all new construction in the city-state involves high-rise greenery, vertical green, and green roofs. Because of the rapidity of this change in paradigms of design and construction, Singapore is hosting the International Skyrise Greenery Conference 2010..." [10.15.10]

The Biosphere presents two Green Roofs and a model Conservation Garden
Canada NewsWire, Press Release
Montreal, Canada.
"As part of its 15th anniversary celebrations, the Biosphère has installed two green roofs and created an indoor garden that reproduces three Canadian ecosystems. Visit the Biosphère to see these additions and to learn more about the environment and technologies for green housing. The green roofs show how the installation of planted roofs can benefit urban environments by helping to counter heat islands, dampen noise, boost energy efficiency, and purify the air and water..." [10.15.10]

Roots in the Sky
UAB News, by Grant Martin
Birmingham, AL.
"Green Roof Projects Could Reduce Pollution, Power Use. A new project at UAB is sending researchers through the roof. In a pioneering test of a hot “green” technology, UAB’s facilities management department has installed 15 miniature gardens and other experimental coverings (including river rock and marble chips) atop the Chemistry Building..." [10.14.10]

The greening of Olympia's City Hall‎, by Steve Bloom
Olympia, WA.
"Part of the new City Hall is getting a green roof – in more ways than one. For starters, the roof is literally turning green. Workers prepared beds of soil Wednesday on the roof of the building in the 600 block of Fourth Avenue East so they could plant beds of small green plants called sedums..." [10.14.10]

Park-side Eco Kindergarten Features a Glowing Façade‎
Inhabitat, by Andrew Michler
Zaragoza, Spain.
"...Santiago Carroquino Arquitectos focused on creating a preschool with lasting character that expresses playfulness yet minimally disrupts the surrounding natural environment. From the façade to the green roof to the preservation of indigenous trees, the kindergarten blends the boundaries between nature and building while providing a safe, light-filled, and airy place for children to play and learn..." [10.14.10]

Eco-Currents: talking trash and raising the roof‎
Austin Chronicle, by Nora Ankrum and Richard Whittaker
Austin, TX.
"...Some people here in Austin are combating the effects of coal and other carbon dioxide-emitting fuels right in – or on – their own homes using green roofs, which dedicate roof space to native plants that can help keep energy use down and combat the urban heat island effect, among other advantages..." [10.14.10]

Island offices 'go green' in a big way
Jamestown Press, by Geoff Campbell
Jamestown, RI.
"...Four green roofs help with rainwater drainage, as well as cooling and heating, Bell said. The highest of the four green roofs adds to the quality of life of EPI’s employees – a broader definition of environmental impact – with both its plantings and the open vistas to the Bay..." [10.14.10]

North Fork company installs environmentally friendly roofs, walls
Riverhead News-Review, by Samantha Brix
Riverhead, NY.
"...Plant Connection on Sound Avenue grows and installs green walls and roofs that are covered with grass, shrubs, trees and vegetables. Not only are these planted architectural elements aesthetically appealing, proponent say they're also an environmentally friendly way to prevent pollution and help buildings cut operating costs..." [10.13.10]

What is Mike Holmes most thankful for? Good contractors, naturally, by Mike Holmes
"...For the people who think of innovative ways to recycle post-industrial or post-consumer waste into products that reduce waste and help us live and build greener. Who invent grey-water and black-water recycling technology to help us conserve fresh water, green roofs to help reduce urban heat islands, and preserve habitat as well as conserve energy. Who invest energy and money into research and development for renewable, alternative energy sources, such as wind and solar..." [10.13.10]

Conservancy Congratulates Rundell Ernstberger‎
The Nature Conservancy, by Adam McLane
Indianapolis, IN.
"...The site design for the Efroymson Conservation Center includes many features that highlight Runsdell Ernstberger’s successful design solution, from the parking lot with its permeable pavement to the green spaces, gardens, and green roofs that cover nearly half of the site, using unique native Indiana species not normally seen in urban environments..." [10.13.10]

Room with a view‎
Trading Markets, Press Release
Cedar Rapids, MI.
"An idea to protect the views from the living rooms of Meth-Wick Community residents while their building is expanded has turned into one of Iowa's largest 'green roof' projects...The plantings are expected to prolong the life of the new roof by as much as 40 years and reduce air conditioning costs for the area underneath by 25 percent or more, according to LiveRoof..." [10.13.10]

Ecology's Stormwater Strategy‎
The Daily Score, by Lisa Stiffler
Seattle, WA.
"The Washington Department of Ecology has released its draft draft plan for beefing up its low-impact development requirements for controlling polluted stormwater runoff -- which is considered the top environmental threat to the Puget Sound and many other Northwest lakes, rivers, and roofs are in for commercial projects..." [10.12.10]

London is rising to the green roof challenge
Green Building Press, by Staff
London, UK.
"Green roofs are one way to help mitigate the effects of climate change arising from the built environment, and are increasingly being seen as an important part of making cities less damaging. London is rising to the challenge, not just by hosting the recent World Green Roof Congress 2010, but also via Mayor Boris Johnson’s draft Climate Change Adaptation Strategy..." [10.12.10]

Roofs come alive‎, by Jill Ellis-Worthington
London, Canada.
"...Kees Govers, of LiveRoof in Mount Brydges, Ontario – the company that installed this green roof – estimates that a 50 to 60% saving on heating and cooling costs could be realized in an industrial building, with slightly less in a residential application, as the insulation used in home construction is already at an energy-saving R40 (the rating of its resistance to thermal exchange)..." [10.12.10]

Green Roof at Freedom Field‎
WIFR, by Chip Brewster
Rockford, IL.
"Job growth in the Stateline could involve sustainable energy and our local "green effort" is growing a new project. Winnebago County's Freedom Field now has a one-thousand square foot "green roof." It was built by Ogle County company Simply Prairies and consists entirely of native prairie plants..." [10.12.10]

International Living Building Institute Certifies World's Greenest Buildings
Kansas City Star, by Staff
Kansas City, MO.
"...Eco-Sense is a celebrated site-specific example of how one family created an affordable ecologically sensitive home and lifestyle. Completed by owner/builders Ann and Gord Baird in December 2008, it features passive solar design, photovoltaics with grid tie and solar thermal installation, 90% energy and water conservation, composting toilets, rain water harvesting and grey water reuse, vegetated roof, earthen floors, and natural finishes – all fully integrated into their beautiful and modern version of earthen architecture." [10.12.10]

Layoff Plants the Seed of a New Green Career‎
SecondAct, by Jane Ganahl
San Francisco, CA.
"A San Francisco marketing executive goes back to his roots and finds his true passion up on the (eco-friendly) roof...The 42-year-old Smit, like the green roof he helped create, is a living example of reinvention. Like so many business executives who found themselves laid off during the recent recession, Smit was forced to drop back in order to move forward..." [10.11.10]

Living Walls Take on Size and Creativity
Metropolis Magazine, by Kadie Yale
Kennett Square, PA.
"...At 2,380 sq. ft., PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. has recently been pushed out of the title of Largest Living Wall in North America by Longwood Garden’s 4,072 sq. ft. wall. This beautifully arranged living billboard is irrigated in 9 zones only about 15 minutes a week, and is made up of geographically compatible plants so that the design remains constant year-round..." [10.11.10]

Rep. Maloney Celebrates a New Green Roof at Regis High School‎, Press Release
New York, NY.
"Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D - Manhattan, Queens) joined Columbia University Professor Stuart Gaffin, Regis High School Principal Philip Judge and Members of the School’s Board of Trustees, alumni, teachers and students to dedicate Regis High School’s much anticipated new green roof..." [10.11.10]

Dusty Gedge, Duncan Kramer, Dan Monck and John Little's innovation: green roofs
The Guardian, by Lucy Siegle
London, UK
. "...The Barclays building in Canary Wharf has a green roof designed by former punk and urban ecologist Dusty Gedge of, who thinks it's time there were more: There's 24 times the size of Richmond Park in flat roofs in London alone. You have all those buildings in out-of-town shopping developments which are grey, dead sheds – they should have green roofs..." [10.10.10]

Environment Secretary will seek tax incentives for green roof installations in Mexico City, by Staff
Mexico City, Mexico.
"Martha Delgado, Environment Secretary, said while attending the World Congress of Green Roofs 2010, that during the next budget discussion in the Legislature, she will seek to adopt tax incentives for green roofs and ensures that more than 17 million square feet of rooftop in Mexico City are already green...." [10.8.10]

A green home in Subic, by Marcos de Guzman Jr.
Subic Bay, Philippines.
"...Their home features green roofs, living walls and passive cooling elements—all the key concepts of green architecture. They started off with a 250-square-meter concrete duplex, originally built in the 1950s..." [10.8.10]

World Green Roof Congress in Mexico City
Demotix, by Alberto Millares
Mexico City, Mexico.
"Today The World Congress of Green Roofs 2010 was opened in Mexico, by Marcelo Ebrard, head of government in Mexico City, México. To have green roofs in Mexico City helps to reduce temperature, increases humidity, traps suspended particles. It implies a way of thinking, a culture of this civilization's survival, sustainability and a different relationship with the environment. In comparison Germany has 22 million square meters of green roofs, whereas Mexico City only has 12,500." [10.8.10]

Green-Roofed Long Cove House Melds Form and Function‎
Inhabitat, by Andrew Michler
Nova Scotia, Canada.
"The bitterly cold Atlantic winds have met their match with in this well-insulated green roofed home in Nova Scotia. The project’s southern orientation give the house a big bump up in efficiency, and the wonderful roof system and unique skin provide it with a rich personality..." [10.8.10]

DOE Grants SJU $1 Million to Study Alternate Fuel Source and Green Roofs
Newswise, Press Release‎
Philadelphia PA.
"...The planned research initiatives focus on two different projects, one involving switchgrass (Panicum virgatum), a potential biofuel crop, and another involving a comparison of green roof systems. Both initiatives will be conducted on Saint Joseph’s campus, but field studies of switchgrass will be carried out at the Konza Prairie, near Manhattan, Kan., which is a National Science Foundation Long Term Ecological Research site..." [10.7.10]

Gorgeous Eco-Lodge Built on Flathead Lake in Montana‎
Inhabitat, by Bridgette Meinhold
Flathead Lake, MT.
"...As eco-friendly as it is beautiful, green features abound throughout the entire complex, including a stacked wood facade built from fallen trees on site, a green roof and an integrated, energy efficient design...The roof of the Lake House features a beautiful sod green roof that provides insulation and infiltration..." [10.7.10]

Center at Andrews Air Force Base saves money with green roof, by Galen Jamison
Andrews Air Force Base, MD.
"The Air National Guard's new Readiness Center at Andrews Air Force Base is a great example of how technology can lower energy costs while also lowering the impact on the environment. The building has been given a Silver LEED Certification, in part because of the roof that is literally green..." [10.6.10]

As a federal pioneer of LEED, NOAA grasps savings, by Max Cacas
Suitland, MD.
"...NOAA's building earned a highly-sought after rating, called the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)...another factor in the NOAA building's LEED Gold rating is the building features one of the first green roofs on a newly-constructed federal building..." [10.6.10]

The Evolution of Green Roofs at Swarthmore
The Daily Gazette, by Henrietta Hakes
Swarthmore, PA.
"Swarthmore’s first green roof, built in the fall of 2002, was one of the first in the Philadelphia area. It and the other green roofs, on Alice Paul and David Kemp, are still recognized as distinctive: in 2011 the Green Roof and Wall Conference will be in Philadelphia, and Swarthmore’s roofs, known locally as the “best maintained”, will be featured on the program’s tour..." [10.6.10]

Largest solar array in Upper Midwest 16 percent completed, already largest in city, by Staff
Minneapolis, MN.
"...Minneapolis is recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the country. This solar array in the works is just one of many examples of how City government has led by example and taken advantage of the benefits of being green. City Hall and Target Center have green roofs to manage rainwater where it falls and keep our river, lakes and creeks cleaner..." [10.5.10]

PNC Place Opens As Greater Washington Regional Headquarters
Daily Markets, Press Release
"Green construction leader surpasses 100 LEED®-certified projects - Twelve-story building with three-story Climate Wall earns platinum LEED certification...PNC Place offers 350000 square feet of office space and retail, topped by a 15000 square foot Eco-Skygarden covering half its roof...Largest green wall in the United States displayed on One PNC Plaza..." [10.5.10]

New Yale Health Center opens its doors in New Haven‎
New Haven Register, by Mary E. O'Leary
New Haven, CT.
"...The center, which has its own adjacent garage, has views from the upper floors of the Grove Street Cemetery, which from that height looks like a giant park with a cityscape skyline behind it. There are six green roofs throughout the building and a healing garden on the top floor..." [10.5.10]

The secret garden, by Kim Tran
Toronto, Canada.
"...Two years ago, U of T’s Campus Agriculture Project — a group formed to promote farming as a more efficient and sustainable means of growing food both on campus and in the city — implemented several pilot garden projects across campus. One of these projects was the Sky Garden, created by three civil engineering graduate students, Heather Wray, Kyla Smith, and Sarah Wilson..." [10.4.10]

York's new hospital rooftop goes green, by Deborah Mcdermott
York, ME.
"...Last week, as one of the final installations in what is already a very "green" addition in an already sustainable enterprise, York Hospital installed a green roof on its new surgery center. Now when people recovering from surgery or in the intensive care unit look out their window, instead of looking at an expanse of flat, black roof, they'll see what looks for all the world like a rooftop garden..." [10.4.10]

Sky's the limit for garden design
Courier Mail, by Michael Matusik
"They used to be known as rooftop gardens, green roofs, and now a more picturesque 'sky gardens'. The concept of green roofs has been well established in Europe and North America for some time and is starting to be incorporated into many building designs in Australia..." [10.3.10]

Landscape architecture assistant professor applies his musical background to his field at UTA
UTA The Shorthorn, by Sarah Lutz
Arlington, TX.
"David Hopman believes in a hands-on approach, whether it’s in his first career as a classical guitarist or his second as a landscape architect...Hopman led the way in getting the first green roof in North Texas above the university’s Life Science Building, designing the 1,000-square-foot space as an experiment two years ago..." [10.3.10]

Green roofs becoming trendy in Madison‎
Wisconsin State Journal, by Lynn Welch
Madison, WI.
"Green roofs are sprouting up on local mixed-use condominium and apartment buildings as well as some public buildings, an effort to promote storm water retention, prevent urban heat buildup, and create appealing green spaces for city dwellers to enjoy..." [10.2.10]

Springfield Township officials tout advantages of building 'green'‎
Montgomery Newspapers, by Nicole Jenet
Philadelphia, PA.
"Solar panels, green roofs and a geothermal system will be “LEEDing the way” to a greener future for the Morris Arboretum and Springfield Township. At a Green Building Symposium held by the Springfield Township Environmental Advisory Commission, Morris Arboretum and Sustainable Springfield Sept. 29 at the new Horticulture Center of the Morris Arboretum, interested Springfield residents received a tour of the new center..." [10.1.10]

Cherokee Lofts is 40% more efficient than Calif. Title 24
Contractor Mag, by Candace Roulo
Hollywood, CA.
"The mixed-use building, which pays homage to the Hollywood history of Cherokee Recording Studios, MGM Studios and the many musicians who recorded music at this location, consists of 12 market-rate lofts, 2,800-sq.ft. of retail space, one underground level of parking, and a rooftop deck and green roof. It is the first U.S. Green Building Council LEED Platinum pending mixed-use building in Hollywood..." [10.1.10]

Rooftop park floated for library‎
Metro Canada, by Vancouver
Vancouver, Canada.
"Renowned landscape architect Cornelia Hahn Oberlander hopes the green roof atop the Vancouver Public Library will be converted into a spectacular rooftop park for everyone in the city to enjoy...It will be a sitting area and a beautiful place to view the city for everybody, said Oberlander, who won the library’s original design competition in the early 1990s with architect Moshe Safdie..." [10.1.10]

ASLA Highlights Green Infrastructure Benefits at Congressional Hearing‎
Business Wire, Press Release
"Green infrastructure techniques like green roofs, permeable pavers, rain gardens and other design approaches can provide significant economic and ecological benefits for communities facing overburdened and crumbling infrastructure, according to David Yocca, FASLA, who testified before Congress today on behalf of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)..." [9.30.10]

From the Garden - Roof garden is escape for families at hospital‎, by Susan Hart
Wilmington, NC.
"Did you know there was a “garden in the sky” on the New Hanover Regional Medical Center campus? If you stand in the parking lot outside the Betty H. Cameron Women’s & Children’s Hospital, you can see it – three stories up... Parents and visitors use the Green Roof when in need of a breath of fresh air or a chance to relax in a non-medical setting..." [9.29.10]

$1.5 Billion Plan Would Cut Sewage Flow Into City Waters
New York Times, by Mireya Navarro
New York, NY.
"The Bloomberg administration wants to invest up to $1.5 billion over the next 20 years on new environmental techniques to reduce the flow of sewage into the city’s waterways. The plan, announced on Tuesday by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, calls for building an infrastructure to capture and retain storm water before it reaches the sewer system and overloads it. The city would foster investments in projects like green roofs with plantings, porous pavement for parking lots, rain barrels, wetlands and depressions for collecting water in parks, for example..." [9.28.10]

WWF Completes Third Largest Green Roof in Washington D.C.
Inhabitat Blog, by Lea Bogdan
"The recently finished green roof atop the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) headquarters in Washington, D.C. is the third largest in the nation’s capitol. The project involved replacing the original 24 year-old roof with a 27,750 sq ft, state of the art living system of locally grown plant life. WWF has already impressed us with green architectural innovation at their headquarters in the Netherlands, and we’re glad to see them giving Washington D.C. an excellent example of the benefits of a green roof..." [9.28.10]

Raising the (Green) Roof
Soapbox Cincinnati, by Matt Cunningham
Cincinnati, OH.
"...Cincinnati Public Schools is incorporating green roof technology into its Facilities Master Plan, with the help of the Metropolitan Sewer District (since green roofs help control rain runoff, it's not uncommon for sewer and water management agencies to get involved with their installation). According to CPS project manager Robin Brandon, contractor Weston/Green Grid installed green roofs at Taft High School and North Avondale Montessori in less than a week each..." [9.28.10]

Buenos Aires Promotes “Roof Gardens” to Save Energy‎
Latin American Herald Tribune, by Joan Faus
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
"Authorities in the Argentine capital are using tax breaks to encourage people to establish gardens on the terraces and roofs of buildings with the goal of improving the urban environment and saving energy, as is already being done in Tokyo and Berlin, among other cities..." [9.28.10]

Toronto's Arcadia Co-op celebrates new green roof garden
Digital Journal, by KJ Mullins
Toronto, Canada.
"The residents of Arcadia Housing Co-op on Queen's Quay celebrated a new green space this Sunday. The artist community's back yard has been transformed from a cement slab into a garden area for neighbours to gather and enjoy nature. While the garden area looks like a backyard it is in reality a green roof. It sits on top of the parking garage that the Co-op shares with neighbouring Harbourside Co-op..." [9.26.10]

Homeowners use rooftop gardens to raise energy efficiency‎
Cape Cod Times, by Caroline Hughes
Cape Cod, MA.
"...Although the trend is more widespread in cities, putting a vegetative roof on a house is becoming more popular on residences as well. A database on the website lists close to 1,100 such roofs, including 36 buildings in Massachusetts with green roofs or green walls. The database does not cover every green building; a site spokesman estimates that it includes about one-quarter of all green roofs in the country. Just a handful of the roofs on the list belong to private residents..." [9.26.10]

Wrapped in life-giving green
Malaysia Star, by Chin Mui Yoon
"...Blanc created his first true living wall in the 1980s in Parc de la Villette in Paris. Today, his works of green art adorn over 140 walls around the world: the interiors of hotels, private homes and department stores in Bangkok, Berlin and Kuwait; luxury condominiums in Sydney; museums in Japan; and Parisian clubs. They are also a vital part of high profile architectural works such as Jean Nouvel’s Musee du Quai Branly in Paris and the Caixa Forum in Madrid by Herzog and de Meuron..." [9.26.10]

Celebrating the upgrade
Laconia Citizen, by John Koziol
Laconia, NH.
"The N.H. Department of Environmental Services and the member communities of its Winnipesaukee River Basin Program celebrated a $2 million upgrade to the facility on Friday which will see the wastewater treatment plant in Franklin cut its overall electrical use by 20 percent. Half of the cost to install new aeration blowers and to pay for energy efficiency improvements, including a 'green' roof, will be paid through a low-interest loan from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund..." [9.25.10]

Living the Green Life: Part 3 of 3, by Rachel Northrop
New York, NY.
"...One feature of LEED certified buildings is that they remove themselves from the heat island equation by installing greenroofs. Greenroofs come in endless varieties, and their main objective is to eliminate both heat absorption and heat radiation. This is primarily done through the planting of succulent plants, such as sedum, which cover the surface of the room..." [9.23.10]

Boosting Green Roofs in Seattle
KPLU Local News, by Liam Moriarty
Seattle, WA.
"Traditionally in the Northwest, having a 'green roof' means you've got excess moss build-up. But a new survey from the City of Seattle shows that roofs designed to grow grasses, flowers and even trees are taking on a life of their own...The roof - with walkways between the areas planted in sedums and ornamental grasses - is one of more than 60 green roofs that officials found during their city-wide survey..." [9.23.10]
[You may search for green roof projects in Seattle in the Greenroof & Greenwall Projects Database]

The Organic Growth of Portland's Green Roofs‎
The Daily Score, by Lisa Stiffler
Portland, OR.
"Portland is a leader in ecoroofs -- how'd they do it? Portland's ecoroof program is enough to turn other sustainability-striving cities green with envy. The City of Roses boasts 351 green roofs and rooftop gardens covering more than 26 acres. By comparison, Seattle has 62 vegetated roofs totaling about 9 acres..." [9.23.10]

Roof goes green
Timmins Daily Press, by Ron Grech
Timmins, Canada.
"Northern College is experimenting with a roofing system that covers the surface with soil and vegetation. 'We're putting extensive green roof, six inches of growing medium and very hardy plants, very drought tolerant,' explained Kees Govers, sales and marketing manager for LiveRoof Ontario. The purpose is to capture storm water, to reduce energy use and also to make the roofing membrane live longer..." [9.23.10]

Green roofs set to go greener, reckons RHS
Horticulture Week, by Jez Abbott
"Experts looking into green roofs may have hit on a sustainable alternative growing media by combining eco compost with green substrates...Just as potting compost has improved over the years, substrates for green roofs need investigation to optimise them for different plant types and climates. The research, funded by the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP), looks at amounts of compost that can be used in green roof substrates..." [9.22.10]

Green Roofs in Rotterdam: Studies, Plans, Outreach, and Reducing Flood Risks
WorldChanging, by Alison Killing
Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
"Rotterdam's initiative to promote the creation of green roofs within the city has seen just under 10% of the roofs suitable for this converted into green roofs. The project is part of the Rotterdam Climate Initiative, run by the Rotterdam city council, Port Authority and the Environmental Protection Agency with the aim of reducing the city's CO2 emissions by 50% and helping the city adapt to climate change..." [9.22.10]

EPA stormwater regulations = Green roof marketing
Washington Business Journal Blog, by Timothy R. Hughes
"EPA’s proposed changes to stormwater regulations may have quite significant financial impacts on the construction, real estate and development industry. The regulations may also create opportunities for some businesses using green roof design and construction and new products and techniques, such as pervious concrete..." [9.22.10]

Vertical garden grows downtown, by Rachel Forrest
Portsmouth, ME.
"Softly flowing tussock grass and curly, burgundy-hued coral bells are two plants that you'd come across on a walk through a New England forest, but it is a surprise when those plants grow on a brick wall on the side of an urban restaurant building...Green wall systems like this have only been around for about three or four years, Daniels said. Green walls come in two categories — the green facade (like ivy) and this one, which is a living wall, which means there's soil..." [9.22.10]
[You may search the Greenroof & Greenwall Projects Database for more information]

Lexington Gets its Fourth "Art in Motion" Bus Shelter‎
Business Lexington, by Tom Martin
Lexington, KY.
"...Designed and built by Prajna Design and Construction, Gardenstop takes the art shelter concept in a new direction by incorporating living plants, emphasizing the artfulness of our native flora while increasing the positive environmental impact of the structure itself. It features native vines growing on a metal screen backdrop, a green roof to divert storm water runoff and a host of other sustainable features..." [9.21.10]

Living it up -- on the roof
Arizona Daily Sun, Betsey Bruner
Flagstaff, AZ.
"Museum of Northern Arizona Director Robert Breunig stands on the roof of the Easton Collections Center. The roof is a 'living roof' with irrigation, grasses and flowers...Living roofs are covered with vegetation and a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane, and complete with drainage and irrigation systems..." [9.20.10]

Modules boast green roof and distinct build
Temple News, by Angelo Fichera
Philadelphia, PA.
"...The Modules at TempleTown boast a green roof and porous paving. TempleTown representatives hope it will be the largest modular building in the United States to receive certification from Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design..." [9.20.10]

More than just a pretty roof: Ecoroofs save cash
Sustainable Business Oregon, by Lee van der Voo
Portland, OR.
"Shawn Sullivan's only complaint with ecoroofs is that the pitch to get businesses to install them is sometimes all wrong...His point? Rooftop plants can save money, especially for businesses with large commercial buildings, because they can double the life of a roof and reduce energy and maintenance costs..." [9.20.10]

Lamb's ear may be better green roof plant
Greenhouse Management & Production, by David Kuack
London, UK.
"Research presented at the recent World Green Roof Congress in London, England, indicates Stachys byzantina (lamb’s ear) may be instrumental in lowering the rising temperatures in cities and counteracting urban heat island effects. Royal Horticultural Society scientist Tijana Blanusa studied three broad-leafed perennial plants and a sedum mix. In the first year of her research S. byzantina was found to significantly reduce the surrounding air temperature near the surface of the leaf by 1.5 degrees compared to bare, dry soil..." [9.19.10]

Parking for cars ... and plants, by Zha Minjie
Shanghai, China.
"The city is going to be greener in future with plans to incorporate greenery in the construction of new multi-level parking lots. The new parking lots will be covered by plants, like the gardens now seen on many buildings' rooftops. It's an ideal way to increase the green coverage in the city where land is limited and to solve the shortage of parking spaces at the same time, city greenery authorities said yesterday..." [9.18.10]

NC State's Centennial Campus Unveils Latest Academic Building for Building for Engineering Students, Press Release
Raleigh, NC.
"The latest building to open on NC State's Centennial Campus is an engineering student's dream. With state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment, the 248,000-square-foot building features two wind tunnels and Centennial's first green roof..." [9.18.10]

Storm water collection touted to reduce drain on businesses from MMSD fees, by Kay Nolan
Wauwatosa, WI
. "Changing the longtime engineering mind-set of deliberately channeling rainwater off of property in the Milwaukee area could save tens of thousands of dollars, attendees of a clean water conference were told Wednesday in Wauwatosa...35 percent to 50 percent lower heating bills due to the green roof..." [9.17.10]

Ridgewood puts new 'eco-friendly' gym to good use
Norridge Harwood Heights News, by Deborah Bayliss
Norridge, IL.
"Ridgewood's new gym uses vegetated green roof to help insulate the facility. Additionally, the new facility has a cardiovascular workout area with a view as well as a vegetated green roof and classroom. Designed to insulate the building, the green roof also serves as an outdoor, eco-classroom..." [9.17.10]

Illinois EPA seeks ideas for stormwater management‎
Belleville News Democrat, by Staff
Chicago, IL.
"The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency is seeking ideas for projects that reduce stormwater runoff and other discharges into state waterways...Those methods include permeable pavements, bioswales that collect polluted water and treat it, green roofs and other ideas..." [9.17.10]

Why Singapore is called the green city, by Amado de Jesus
"...Singapore government now also requires that concrete roof decks be converted into green roofs to address global warming. And as if that was not enough, studies are now being made to promote green walls to minimize exposing bare walls to solar heat...Today, Singapore is turning out to be a leading practitioner and advocate of the largest growing industry in the world, the green building industry. This week marks the second time that Singapore is hosting World Green Building Conference..." [9.17.10]

MHS grad leaves green legacy
Mansfield News, by Paula Vogler
Mansfield, MA.
"A modular classroom at Mansfield High School has a green roof section in place thanks to Kjirsten Seiler, a 2009 graduate, but that is not all she left behind. According to principal Joseph Maruszczak, the roof with the plants on top has become a discussion starter as students look out the windows of a stairwell in the main building and wonder what they are looking at..." [9.17.10]

Living roof for living river project‎
Environmental Data Interactive - 3 days ago
"Living Danube - the €500million project to revolutionise Hungary's environmental management of the river - took a further step towards completion recently when a high-performance green roof was installed on a waste water treatment plant in the country..." [9.16.10]

Victoria Invests $4.3 Million For Living Green Roof‎
Gov Monitor, by Staff
Victoria, Australia.
"Victoria's new desalination plant will feature a living 'green roof' larger than the MCG and the biggest in the southern hemisphere...The living green roof will be planted entirely with local native species, providing a sustainable centrepiece for a project that will secure the future water needs of our stat..." [9.16.10]

Rainwater can help with dry seasons‎, by Noel Kingsbury
"How to use the varying British rainfall patterns around the year to the best effect in your garden and allotment...The green roof here is a mix of plants that can survive drought, but freshen up and grow when it rains, including species of thyme, sedum and sempervivum. Whatever rainfall does exceed the carrying capacity of the green roof will end up in a rainwater butt..." [9.15.10]

Green machine: Why our walls really should have ears‎
New Scientist, by Helen Knight
London, UK.
"...Tijana Blanusa, a Royal Horticultural Society researcher based at the University of Reading in the UK, wanted to know if Sedum really is the best plant for the job...She will present her findings at the World Green Roof Congress in London tomorrow..." [9.14.10]

Beautiful Reclaimed Fir House Boasts a Lush Living Roof‎
Inhabitat Blog, by Yuka Yoneda
Jackson, WY.
"This gorgeous home in Jackson, Wyoming packs sustainability and killer good looks into one green package. Designed by Ward Blake Architects, the Landes-Oatey residence is clad in reclaimed fir and boasts a beautiful grass-covered green roof. Aside from the large windows that stream daylight into the rooms, the house also utilizes thermal massing technology..." [9.14.10]

New push for more 'green rooftops' here
Bayside Bulletin, by Jenna Daroczy
Redlands, Australia.
"Innovative new ways to create open, green spaces high above ground level will be considered when the Redlands hosts a 'Green Roofs' forum. Cr Debra Henry (Div 3) called then for the council to develop guidelines for green rooftops to be part of more apartment developments in the Redlands, and the council is now working towards hosting a local forum to discuss the concepts, designs, regulations and other facets of 'green roofs'..." [9.13.10]

California Affordable Housing Community Sets New Standard for Sustainability, Urban Design
Nation's Cities Weekly, by Cherie Duvall Jones
Buena Park, CA.
"The City of Buena Park, Calif., has approved an innovative multi-family, affordable housing community that utilizes a distinctive "green" roof and will be developed on a vacant infill site...The concept features a unique green roof with grass and other landscaping that’s housed over the interior parking area, which creates useable open space for residents and has significant sustainable advantages..." [9.13.10]

Growing by leaps and bounds
London Free Press, by Pat Currie
London, Canada.
"...From a start only two years ago, when the Hillens secured the licensed rights for Ontario to the LiveRoof green-roof system, developed in Michigan, LiveRoof Ontario Ltd. has accelerated into high gear. Sales hit $800,000 in 2009, mostly due to a single $700,000 contract to provide green-roof plant modules for a spectacular, high-visibility project at Toronto city hall as part of a $4.3-million refurbishment of Nathan Phillips Square..." [9.13.10]

Green homes are not so new‎
Denver Post, by Tom Noel
Denver, CO.
"The now popular "green" idea of having your lawn or other greenery on your roof would not surprise Colorado's sod house pioneers. Nor are solar buildings that new. A remarkable, largely forgotten architect began building solar homes in Colorado 50 years ago..." [9.12.10]

Applicants sought for green infrastructure grants in Indy
Lawn & Landscape, by Staff
Indianapolis, IN.
"Indianapolis' office of sustainability and United Water have partnered for the Green Infrastructure Grant Program. This year, $100,000 in funding will be granted to organizations who utilize green infrastructure projects designed to improve water quality and reduce stormwater runoff...The primary goals of green infrastructure are to capture and store stormwater as close to where it falls so that it can be cleaned, infiltrated into the soil and slowly released into rivers and streams. There are many types of green infrastructure; some popular examples include green roofs, porous pavement and rain gardens. Applications are available at and" [9.9.10]

DuPont™ Typar® Geosynthetics Protect Budapest's 'Living Danube' Wastewater Treatment Plant
VAdvert Press Center, Press Release
Budapest, Hungary.
"The 'Living Danube' is the advanced wastewater treatment plant project in Budapest, Hungary, that is being built to achieve a general recovery and environmentally sustainable management of the Danube River. Another stage of the project was recently completed resulting in the plant now being protected by a high performance green roof that exploits the properties of DuPont™ Typar® Geosynthetics to deliver long-term reliable functionality..." [9.9.10]

Gridded Modular Eco Home in the Hills Outside Sao Paulo‎
Inhabitat Blog, by Bridgette Meinhold
Sao Paulo, Brazil.
"...Gardens, walkways, green roofs, and pavilions weave in between the family rooms, creating a direct connection with the surrounding landscape. Designed by the Brazilian firm forte, gimenes & marcondes ferraz ARQUITETOS, Casa Grelha, or Grid House, stands up on stilts in a beautiful valley surrounded by a large swath of native forest that is permanently protected..." [9.8.10]

Chicago takes the LEED in eco building‎
Grist Magazine, by Kari Richardson
Chicago, IL.
"...So you might think that Chicago -- birthplace of the skyscraper and home to nine of the world's 100 tallest buildings -- is like a City of the Eco-Damned. Not so. Chicago has the highest number of LEED-certified buildings in the United States, the highest square footage of green rooftops, and a longstanding commitment to green building...Chicago's City Hall is one of the city’s most prominent green roofs..." [9.8.10]

Landhouse: A Sloping Prefab Home Complete with Meadow Roof‎
Inhabitat Blog, by Yuka Yoneda
Fidalgo Island, WA.
"...Born from the wish of land artist Mark Merer to make sustainably built homes look just as green on the outside as they are on the inside, Landhouse is a series of prefabricated houses that feature sweeping green roofs that residents can treat as their own personal meadows..." [9.8.10]

American University Green Roof Built With McLean Gardens Neighbors‎
W*USA News9NOW, by Dan Guzman
"A new environmentally-friendly "green" roof will get the finishing touches Wednesday on the campus of American University, enhancing the school's already strong eco-friendly reputation...Washington itself has the second highest number of green roofs in the country, trailing only Chicago..." [9.8.10]

Green ideas go through the roof at Atlantic County Utilities Authority‎
Press of Atlantic City, by Michael Miller
Atlantic City, NJ.
"First, it was windmills. Then solar panels. Now the Atlantic County Utilities Authority is exploring the benefits of green roofs...Plant Connection, Inc., based in Dix Hills, N.Y., donated the greenery to the ACUA as a demonstration project in hopes the idea catches on in southern New Jersey as it has in other parts of the country...The concept of green roofs has been gathering momentum as part of the larger energy-conservation movement. Atlantic Cape Community College plans to incorporate a green-roof design in its new $10 million Hospitalities Studies Center it is building on the Worthington Campus in Atlantic City..." [9.8.10]

Green Building: A Real Estate Revolution?‎
NPR, by Franklyn Cater
"While much of the U.S. real estate market has been floundering, one area has not seen a dip. Green building now accounts for nearly one-third of new construction in the U.S. That's up from 2 percent in 2005, according to McGraw-Hill Construction, which tracks the industry...That sector was practically non-existent in 1993 — when the U.S. Green Building Council got its start. The USGBC created the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED program..." [9.7.10]

Big marsh offers great views of birds, stars
Metro Canada - Toronto, by Steve Lambert
Winnipeg, Canada.
"...Oak Hammock Marsh, established by Ducks Unlimited and the Manitoba government, is made up of 36 square kilometers of land that was once drained for farmland. Now restored to its wet former self, the area is home to more than 300 species of birds — everything from finches to eagles to elegant white pelicans — as well as 30-odd types of mammals such as beavers and ground squirrels. A quick, 20-minute drive from city limits, the marsh has a three-storey interpretive centre with a grass roof..." [9.6.10]

American Society of Landscape Architects Sustainability Programs Featured on Center for Environmental Innovation and Leadership (CEIL), Press Release
Alexandria, VA.
"...In 2006, ASLA introduced its first green roof at their Washington, DC headquarters. The roof acts as a demonstration for public tours and has helped decrease the building’s heating and cooling costs. 'The most promising aspect of green roofs is what they can do for environmental issues, particularly in the DC area,' says Somerville. In addition to ASLA, many federal agencies have installed green roofs in downtown DC, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. National Park Service and U.S. Department of Transportation...." [9.5.10]

For columnist, village at Shanghai Expo is the best 'Better City'‎
Vancouver Sun, by Kim Davis
Shanghai, China.
"'Better City, Better Life' is the theme of the Shanghai World Expo, with environmentally friendly design or sustainability messaging at this pavilion...Among the technologies that promise to help ameliorate the consequences to our environment making a strong and clear visual appearance are living walls and green roofs..." [9.4.10]

Lawn & Garden: Up on the roof top live plants grow‎
Peoria Journal Star, by Clare Howard
Peoria, IL.
"...Any business interested in improving our environment will look at green roofs in the future. Modern green roof technology evolved from work in Germany in the 1960s. By covering a roof with vegetation, rainwater is absorbed, alleviating storm water runoff. A green roof provides additional insulation for the building, creates habitat for wildlife, lowers urban temperatures and filters pollutants and carbon dioxide from the air, helping to reduce respiratory illnesses such as asthma...Learn more about green roofs, including benefits and costs, in the U.S. EPA's Reducing Urban Heat Islands: Compendium of Strategies..." [9.4.10]

Attorney General Cuomo announces additional $5 million investment to fight Bronx river pollution
PressZoom, Press Release
Bronx, NY.
"...Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation will receive $263,375 to install a 10,000 square foot green roof at 1055 Bronx River Avenue in the Bronx. The roof will eliminate roughly 150,000 gallons of storm water discharges to the river each year...New York City Department of Parks and Recreation’s GreenApple Corps, a public service program that provides participants with technical skills, practical knowledge and personal development opportunities will receive $350,000, plus $238,712 in matching funds, to replace a 7,200 square foot portion of the Department’s Bronx Borough Headquarters with a green roof. In addition to other environmental and cost-saving benefits, the roof will eliminate 100,000 gallons of storm water discharges to the river annually..." [9.3.10]

Area's solar industry bright‎
Trading Markets, Press Release
Pittsburgh, PA.
"...New and expanded utility-scale solar power plants nationwide could add 13 gigawatts of production capacity to the electric grid over the next three or four years...Scalo also plans to develop the roof of its headquarters, the former Crafton Golf Club, into a $1 million test site for how three solar energy technologies work in conjunction with a "green" roof with plant coverings that can control temperatures. State money will pay for about half of the project...." [9.3.10]

Blackdown Green Roof Chosen For England's First "Passivhaus/BREEAM Excellent" Building, by Staff
"An extensive green roof system from specialists Blackdown Horticultural Consultants of Somerset, has been installed at the new Centre for Disability Studies in Essex, helping the pioneering eco-building to become England’s first ever construction to achieve both Passivhaus and BREEAM 'Excellent' ratings..." [9.2.10]

'Green skins' grow in the Emerald City‎
Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, by Danielle L. Pierce
Seattle, WA.
"Vegetated roofs, walls and land together make a “green skin,” a system that integrates the built with the natural environment...In Seattle, vegetated or green roofs of all types are being installed for a variety of purposes, such as stormwater management and urban farm space. From plaza-covered parking garages to rooftop terraces, the creative design of green roofs has lent itself to making some wonderful places to visit..." [9.2.10]

CU Faculty Develop New 'Living Wall' Concept to Slash Energy Use
CU Boulder News & Events, by John Zhai and Carol Rowe
Boulder, CO.
"A multidisciplinary team of University of Colorado faculty has been awarded $1.97 million by the National Science Foundation to develop a "living wall" system based on biomimicry, or the imitation of nature, to slash energy use in buildings. The novel living wall concept takes its inspiration from the thermal regulation systems in the human body, which can efficiently adapt to changes in the surrounding environment through sophisticated heat transfer processes and metabolic adjustments..." [9.1.10]

Green roofs redefine cooling plant‎
environmentalresearchweb, by Andy Extance
New York, NY.
"Researchers at Columbia University, US, have demonstrated that a layer of plants and earth can cut the rate of heat absorption through the roof of a building in summer by 84%...Perhaps the greatest overall benefit of green roofs comes in tackling the "urban heat island" effect, which Gaffin suggests is responsible for two-thirds of New York's localized warming over the last century..." [9.1.10]

Undulating Green-Roofed Hotel Opens in Norway‎
Inhabitat Blog, by Bridgette Meinhold
Stavanger, Norway.
"JDS Architects recently announced the grand opening of their latest project - the Two Seasons Hotel situated in the center of Stavanger, Norway. Appearing almost like an M.C. Escher drawing from above, the square building is crowned with an undulating green roof that dips towards the historic section of town and rises dramatically on the far side to address a nine-story apartment tower..." [9.1.10]

Halifax farmers' market project a testament to local skills
Daily Commercial News, by Patricia Williams
Halifax, Nova Scotia.
"For RCS Construction and Lydon Lynch Architects Ltd., the recent opening of the $12 million Halifax Seaport farmers’ market marked the successful completion of what is being called one of North America’s most environmentally sustainable buildings...The facility has a large biowall as well as a 25,000-square-foot green roof, the second largest in Canada. An onsite vermiculture room will turn organic waste into compost for use in various planters..." [9.1.10]

Green Roofs in Philadelphia: Moving Green To The Top, by Felicia Middleton
Philadelphia, PA.
"Philadelphia is becoming a 'Greene Country Towne' from top to bottom. Green roofs are topping buildings all over town, adding additional green space and helping to clean the air. A green roof can be defined as a roof that contains vegetation - either partially or completely covered...The Friends Center of Philadelphia...The PECO Energy's headquarters..." [8.31.10]

Live Green at Heart: Transit Center's green roof‎
WBIR-TV, by Staff
Knoxville, TN.
"The Knoxville Transit Center is the newest addition to the city skyline. A driving force behind the design of the building was protecting the environment. KAT marketing director, Belinda Woodiel-Brill, said that included adding geo-thermal heating and cooling, solar panels and a roof covered with plants. Those plants do all kinds of wonderful things that a regular roof doesn't do...." [8.31.10]

Luxury LEED Vineyard Resort in Oregon‎
Jetson Green Blog, by Preston Koerner
Newberg, OR.
"...The resort was designed by GGLO to save 48% on utility costs, as well as reduce potable water use by 78% and overall water use by 37%, compared to a comparable non-green project...In addition to a 10,000 square green roof, which helps control stormwater runoff and minimize the need for energy, The Allison is powered in part by a 55 kW photovoltaic array..." [8.31.10]

Guerrilla gardeners take root in San Diego
San Diego Union Tribune, by Mike Lee
San Diego, CA.
"Unusual candy machines — filled with native plant seeds instead of gumballs — are popping up from San Diego to New York as a new strategy in an old effort to make abandoned or forgotten areas greener with unofficial plantings...San Diego's first seed bomb vending machine is managed by Jim Mumford, founder of GreenScaped Buildings and a specialist in planted roofs and vertical gardens...Watch video by clicking here:" [8.30.10]

Williams Selyem Announces Opening of New Winery‎
PR Newswire, Press Release
Healdsburg, CA.
"Iconic producer of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Zinfandel builds new facility to gain additional control of winemaking and provide unparalleled visitors' experience...highlights of the new winery include the preservation of a number of 200 year-old California oak trees, utilization of sustainable design elements such as a "green roof" of native grasses...the installation of solar panels on the roof of the parking structure..." [8.30.10]

Some lessons for a greener Peoria
Peoria Journal Star, by Clare Howard
East Peoria, IL.
"Anthony Corso worked for a leading Chicago architectural firm with offices overlooking the internationally famous green roof on Chicago's City Hall. The roof has been described as "a garland of nature" crowning the classic revival-style reason Chicago is a global leader in green roof development and permeable paving is because designers, planners and staff know what is possible and know that Mayor Richard Daley 'pushes the envelope'..." [8.28.10]

A tall story: Frenchman Patrick Blanc is the undisputed master of the vertically-planted garden
The Independent, by Anna Pavord
London, UK.
"...Patrick Blanc started making his living walls inside buildings such as Les Passages shopping centre at Boulogne-Billancourt and Club Med's offices in Paris. In these controlled environments, he used mostly tropical plants, drawing on his travels in Taiwan and India, Guadeloupe and Malaysia to put together magnificent combinations of ferns and aroids. Schefflera, medinilla, billbergia, anthurium and asplenium all flourished..." [8.28.10]

SCC horticulture team on trend with rooftop garden
Spartanburg Herald Journal, by Linda Cobb
Spartanburg, SC.
"The dynamic trio at Spartanburg Community College better known as Jason Bagwell, Kevin Parris and Jay Moore are busy taking their arboretum campus to the next level...The latest garden effort to catch their eye is a “green roof” garden, or rooftop garden. SCC instructor Moore (also of Carolina Gardens) brought up this idea to Bagwell and Parris..." [8.27.10]

Planet Forward: Emergency on Planet Earth‎
Borderzine, by Theresa Valenzuela
El Paso, TX.
"The University of Texas at El Paso is 'walking the walk and not just talking the talk'...Over 9,156- square feet of UTEP’s Biology Building rooftop has been covered with plants, making it El Paso’s very first green roof with hopefully more to come. The motivation behind this green idea was to fight both carbon emissions and the heat island effect. This green roof will reduce immediate surrounding temperatures causing a decrease in high summertime energy demands; land will lower UTEP’s carbon emissions...Watch Video..." [8.26.10]

School District of Lancaster 'green' roofs are first for county public schools
Lancaster Newspapers, by Brian Wallace
Lancaster, PA.
"Three School District of Lancaster schools — Lafayette, Wharton and Ross — installed "green" roofs this summer on new additions. The vegetated roofs, which are designed to reduce rainwater runoff and conserve energy, are the first ever installed at a public school in Lancaster County, said Mary Gattis-Schell of the county planning commission...The roofs were funded with a portion of a $479,000 "energy harvesting" grant the planning commission received from the state Department of Environmental Protection..." [8.26.10]

International Skyrise Greenery Conference to feature over 30 industry experts
Channel News Asia, by Staff
"Over 30 internationally renowned industry leaders from 10 countries will be sharing their insights at the inaugural International Skyrise Greenery Conference (ISGC) in Singapore. The conference is the first of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region that will cover not only rooftop gardens and green roofs, but also vertical green walls – a growing trend around the globe. It will focus on the latest developments of skyrise greenery - the latest trends, innovations, technical studies of benefits, best practices, policies, and differentiating factors in design and implementation of skyrise greenery in an urbanized environment..." [8.26.10]

Hillside Elementary has green roof in time for start of school
MainlineMediaNews, by Staff
Berwyn, PA.
"With only a handful of green roofs adorning local buildings, the completion of Hillside Elementary School’s project this week is exciting...The project was funded by a Growing Greener grant with the Department of Environmental Protection, which was approved in 2008, and included the design and construction of 9,200 square feet of green roof and the first two years of maintenance..." [8.26.10]

New green roof research shows two-thirds of plants tested were successful
The Shorthorn, by Allie Cochran
Arlington, TX
. "After two years of research, a university associate professor has discovered the success and fail rate of certain plants in extensive green roof conditions, while providing a platform for research on its environmental implications. David Hopman, who designed and constructed the 1,000 square foot extensive green roof atop the Life Science Building, has monitored and compiled the results of plants’ longevity in green roof conditions..." [8.25.10]

Green Infrastructure and Wild Places—Through Artists Eyes‎
Natural Resources Defense Council Blog, by Andrew Wetzler
Chicago, IL.
"One of the great things about living in Chicago is how green it is. Literally. Every spring I’m always amazed by the proliferation of gardens, pocket parks, and major green spaces in the city...My wife, an arts writer, recently introduced me to the photographs of Brad Temkin, whose most recent work, Green Roofs and Rooftop Gardens, is now showing at Chicago’s City Gallery--Historic Water Tower through September 6th..." [8.25.10]

Green-Roofed Landsbanki Office Connects the City of Reykjavik
Inhabitat Blog, by Bridgette Meinhold
Reykjavik, Iceland.
"New York-based WORK Architecture Company has unveiled a design for Landsbanki Bank Headquarters that consists of a series of green-roofed steps rising up from a ground-level city park...The shared gardens are protected from the cold northern winds by the exterior of the building, and the green roof acts as an extension of the courtyards..." [8.24.10]

From Anthrax to Allium: Views from a New York Postal Facility's Green Roof‎
Scientific American, by Robin Lloyd
New York, NY.
"A New York City postal processing facility that was contaminated during the 2001 anthrax attacks is now the site of the largest "green roof" in Manhattan. The 65,000-square-foot roof area at the Morgan Processing and Distribution Center on Ninth Avenue between West 29th and West 30th streets cost $5 million to install in 2008. It affords views of such landmarks as the Empire State Building and is one of several pilot green roofs in the metropolitan area..." [8.23.10]

10 Green Weekend Trips Near You‎, by Lori Brown
"...From green roofs to green technology museums, the average visitor can turn a quick getaway into a Green Chicago experience with a little effort. Chicago has long been a national leader in the use of green roofs. Though the majority of green roofs are located atop private buildings and are off limits to the general public, there are a few open for exploring. The Chicago Center for Green Technology, Pepsico Rooftop Garden and Millenium Park are all buildings that allow guests to visit the rooftop gardens, and admission is free..." [8.23.10]

Clean living BedZed in Beddington wins a worldwide reputation‎
Sutton Borough Guardian, by Staff
"The largest eco-village in the UK has been voted one of the most important green buildings in the world. Beddington Zero Energy Development, or BedZed, is the largest example of a sustainable community in the UK...The building boasts a green roof with more than 1.7m plants and is equipped with a solar canopy that will satisfy up to 10 per cent of the facility's annual energy needs..." [8.22.10]

A suburban strip mall searches for sustainability on Whitemarsh Island‎
Savannah Morning News, by Mary Landers
Savannah, GA.
"...At a networking event, she chatted with a SCAD design student who told her about a nonprofit project called Emergent Structures that's reclaiming building materials like beautiful heart pine from the old Strathmore Estates in East Savannah...Preliminary talks with officials at the Metropolitan Planning Commission indicate there may be ways to partner with that agency to apply for a grant for the green roof..." [8.21.10]

Healdsburg welcomes eco-friendly hotel‎, by Staff
Healdsburg, CA.
" It seems like everybody is trying to go green these days and hotels are no exception. Increasingly, hotels around the world are trying to green themselves up to attract a growing number of eco-conscious visitors...Rather than jumping into a car, you can check out a bike to get around town and of course, a green roof helps top this project off..." [8.20.10]

BIG Wins Best Green Roof in Scandinavia Award with 8 House
Bustler, by Staff
"Completing its trilogy of housing projects in Oerestad with the same client, BIG + green roof contractor Veg Tech receives the award for 8 House’s 1,700 sq m sloping green roof. The Scandinavian Green Roof Association based in Malmo, Sweden awarded the Best Green Roof in Scandinavia at an award ceremony at the 8 House in Oerestad, Copenhagen..." [8.20.10]

Earthly delights: Homes underground are quiet, have more light than you think and are ecologically sound
Daily Mail, by Mark Hughes-Morgan
"Many of us dream of building our own home, but it's not often we consider doing it underground. We may need to think again - because ecology-conscious architects are busy moving earth-sheltered houses from the fringe into the mainstream as low-energy, low-impact alternatives to traditional houses...Over the top is a green roof that both absorbs Co2 through the plants, and provides superb insulation..." [8.20.10]

Co-gen plant puts tribe on green path‎ Blog, by Brian Hallenbeck
Mashantucket, CT.
"Mashantuckets produce more than half of energy used by Foxwoods with new cogeneration plant.. its clean-environment initiatives, which include the recycling of wood pallets, cooking oil, newspaper, cardboard, plastic and glass; the incineration of non-recyclable waste, and the award-winning "green roof" design of its Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center..." [8.19.10]

Thermal mapping: Hot in the city‎
GulfNews, by Jay B. Hilotin
"New study pinpoints hotspots across Dubai prompting authorities to look at green ideas to cool things down...The results have prompted authorities to draw up a raft of measures including ‘green roofs', urban vegetation and covered parking to cool things down..." [8.18.10]

Secure Self Storage in Rehoboth Now Runs on Solar Power‎, Press Release
Rehoboth, DE.
"Because of its success with renewable energy alternatives, Secure Self Storage is considering becoming more green. Secure Self Storage is analyzing the impact of using green roofs, solar panels and wind generators for the following properties: Coney Island (which services southern Brooklyn) and Rehoboth Beach (servicing southern Delaware)..." [8.18.10]

The era of the 'soddies' returns‎
Lincoln Journal Star, by Staff
Lincoln, NE.
""It was the first time we had ever seen a man’s front yard on top of his house." — Mark Twain, “Roughing It”. In the decades after Congress passed the Homestead Act in 1862, there were many buildings in Nebraska with grass and other greenery on their roofs. It was the era of the “soddies,” homes with 2-foot-thick walls and roofs constructed of strips of prairie sod — strong, tangled roots of buffalo grass and other native grasses. As the saying goes, everything old shall be new again. The era of the soddies is returning with the growing popularity of green roofs..." [8.17.10]

Green roofs take root‎
Garden Center Magazine, by Wendy Komancheck
Spring Valley, N.Y.
"...Matterhorn Nursery of Spring Valley, N.Y., is a leader in garden center sustainability. Green roofs are key components of Matterhorn’s focus on energy efficiency and (an) ecologically sound business practice...Horn didn’t just climb on his building’s roof and start planting. Instead, the process took planning and working with other experts before anything too root. Horn said he used two vendors for projects: The first, LifeRoof, offers a pre-vegetated, modular system. The second vendor is Moerings, which offers Sempergreen products..." [8.16.10]

American Chemical Society Launches "Green" Roof Project For Headquarters Building
Water Online, Press Release
"The American Chemical Society (ACS), the world's largest scientific society, recently took another major step in transforming its headquarters into one of the most energy-efficient and sustainable structures possible with existing technology by starting construction of a meadow on the roof - a "green roof" for its headquarters building..." [8.15.10]

County Office Building Tops Off With Greenery‎
WTAE Pittsburgh, by Staff
Pittsburgh, PA.
"...half of the roof, an area of 8,400 square feet, was covered in waterproof fabric and other materials and then topped off with soil and plants native to Southwestern Pennsylvania. County officials said green roofs can help cut costs through insulation properties and help cut runoff from rain storms...Officials said that so far, the roof seems to be reducing energy costs by close to $7,000 a month..." [8.13.10]

The Dry Garden: A skeptic's view of vertical gardens
Los Angeles Times Blog, by Emily Green
Los Angeles, CA.
"...Harvard University design critic Michael Blier designed his own system for a vertical garden that his Boston firm, Landworks Studio, is doing in Taiwan, where he says green walls work well, particularly in high-density urban settings. However, adaptations would have to be made for an arid setting, he said. “There’s lots of evaporation,” he said. It’s a trade-off. You have to be smart about species selection..." [8.13.10]

Green roof takes size record
Horticulture Week, by Gemma Mackenzie
Edinburgh, UK.
"Work on Scotland's largest green roof - at the Glencorse water treatment works near Edinburgh - is almost finished...Work began on laying turf on the 7,000sq m roof last month and it has been transformed into a meadow. The turf established itself very quickly and has grown away rapidly, so we are delighted with the results so far..." [8.13.10]

San Francisco Breaks Ground on Green Transbay Transit Center!‎
Inhabitat Blog, by Moe Beitiks
San Francisco, CA.
"...The new Transbay Terminal will feature rainwater and greywater catchment systems, wind turbines, geothermal power supply, and a massive rooftop park. The current CalTrain tracks will extend into the heart of downtown to meet it...It was designed by Connecticut-based Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, and you can see a gorgeous slideshow of renderings on their site." [8.12.10]

Dale Chihuly 'Floats' join Addison's new roof, foretell museum's reopening
Andover Townsman, by Neil Fater
Andover, MA.
"When the Addison Gallery of American Art reopens Sept. 7 for the first time in 18 months, residents will find one of its greatest new acquisitions not in a gallery, but on its roof...a work by Dale Chihuly, considered by many the world's most creative glass sculptor, was installed on the Addison's new green roof. It is his first major installation in Massachusetts and arrives in advance of a planned 2011 show at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston..." [8.12.10]

An ever-growing campus
The Salem News, by Amanda McGregor
Salem, MA.
"A crane lowered trays of vegetation that workers hefted onto the rooftops of a new residence hall at Salem State College earlier this week. The installation of the "green roofs" is a final piece of the $57.5 million construction of Marsh Hall, which will open to students in less than three weeks..." [8.12.10]

Green roofs a good fit for Berkshire County‎
Advocate Weekly, by Bill Schmick
North Adams, MA.
"...A typical gravel-ballasted flat roof that you see all over downtown Pittsfield, Lenox, Great Barrington or Adams has an average life of 15 to 20 years before needing replacement. Around here, roof membranes deteriorate because they are exposed to hot and cold temperatures as well as UV radiation from sunlight. But an added benefit of the components of a green rooftop is that it also protects a roof membrane from these aging factors for 35 to 50 years. That means the building’s owner can avoid one or two roof replacements over a 50-year life span..." [8.11.10]

Scholar Hopes to Cool City By Covering Roofs With Greenery‎
Voice of America, by Bethany Matta
Hong Kong.
"As Hong Kong struggles to build an environmentally friendly city, one professor is studying ways to help cut carbon emissions and lower electricity usage by covering the city's rooftops with plants. Jim Chi Yung, a geography professor at the University of Hong Kong, set up his first green roof in 2006 on top of one of the buildings at the university. He wanted to research how plants and grass covering a roof affect heating and cooling..." [8.11.10]

Tips for Selecting the Right Green Roof Design
Environmental Leader, by Staff
"When designing a green roof for your business, several issues need to be addressed, including type (extensive or intensive), weight, maintenance, irrigation, plant choices and cost. Several key factors need to be considered when designing a green roof, says Barbara Denson, director of origination, Global Markets, for Weston Solutions...She cites studies that show that in a typical storm, Weston’s 4-inch-deep GreenGrid Modular Green Roof System reduces storm water runoff by approximately 75 percent of the first 1 inch of rainfall..." [8.10.10]

Casa V House Has a Green Roof Room With a View‎
Inhabitat Blog, by Andrew Michler
Bogota, Colombia.
"...When dealing with steep terrain, the typical answer is just to suspend a box in the air, but architects Felipe Mesa (PlanB) and Giancarlo Mazzanti (Mazzanti Architects) decided to think differently. They tied the home elegantly to the slope, allowing for a shallow floor plate with plenty of light and a killer view of the pristine valley it overlooks near Bogotá, Colombia. Of course the real eye opener is the fantastic outdoor living space with a green roof and walk out deck to spend a pleasant afternoon on..." [8.10.10]

Manhattan College Awarded DEP Grant‎, by Staff
Riverdale, NY.
"The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recently awarded Manhattan College with $661,000 of the $2.6 million Flushing and Gowanus Green Infrastructure Grant Initiative to support the installation of a modular green roof for the New York Hospital Queens in Flushing, N.Y. and consulting firm with locations throughout North America, to design and install 20,000 square feet of modular green roof..." [8.8.10]

Green roof will sprout on Arbor Day Foundation building
Lincoln Journal Star, by Algis J. Laukaitis
Lincoln, NE.
"The Arbor Day Foundation won't be the only building in Lincoln with a green roof. Plans are in the works to install a green roof on the new Assurity Life Insurance Co. headquarters at 20th and Q streets. The green roof will cover about 8,000 square feet, according to Eric Casper, a landscape architect with The Clark Enersen Partners..." [8.8.10]

New primary school opens in Kingswood in September
Kingswood People, by Becky Feather
"When pupils start the new term at Courtney Primary School in Kingswood in September it will be in the brand new building they have watched being built in the school grounds....On the hill below it is the new school 210-pupil building which has a green roof to reduce rainwater runoff, enhance site ecology and provide insulation, a ground source heat pump and low water use fittings and sustainable urban drainage systems..." [8.6.10]

Awesome Hidden Lair Tucked Under Mounds of Green Grass‎
Inhabitat Blog, by Yuka Yoneda
"...imagine how we felt when we stumbled upon this delightful hidden gem by Vetsch Architektur. Made of concrete and earth, the Swiss estate is actually a cluster of grass-blanketed houses encircling a pretty little lake. Aside from using natural and recycled materials and having a green roof, the structure was built using typical earth house construction, resulting in an insulating blanket that protects it from rain, low temperatures, wind and natural abrasion..." [8.6.10]

Green roof takes on vibrant hues
Superior Telegram, by Staff
Superior, WI.
"A year after it was installed, the “green roof” on the University of Wisconsin-Superior’s Yellowjacket Union is healthy and its sedum plants are giving it a distinctive red and green hue...The Yellowjacket Union has one of the northernmost green roofs of its kind, and university officials said it is doing well since it was installed in August 2009..." [8.6.10]

North American market for Commercial Roofing Material to be worth $5.9 billion in 2014
PRLog.Org, Press release
"The North American market for commercial roofing materials was worth an estimated $3.2 billion in 2009, for a 5-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.7%...The green roof segment, though relatively small, is expected to increase at the highest CAGR, 24.5%, from 2009 to 2014, growing from $28 million to more than $83 million..." [8.6.10]

Greening the city, one roof at a time‎
Chicago Tribune, by Lori Waxman
Chicago, IL.
"Last week, as the temperatures in Chicago rose into the 90s and Senate Democrats abandoned their effort to pass a tough energy-climate bill, I happened on an oasis of cool, right in the middle of the Magnificent Mile. No, it wasn't a blast of icy cold, conspicuous-consumption air conditioning pouring out of some fancy retail shop. In fact it was just the opposite: photographs of the climate-cooling green roofs planted atop some of Chicago's most important buildings, including City Hall and the Cultural Center..." [8.6.10]

Sprout from the rooftop: Plantings provide unique, sustainable spaces‎
Memphis Commercial Appeal, by Lindsay Jones
Memphis, TN.
"Plantings provide unique, sustainable spaces to exhibit, entertain or simply linger atop buildings amid the presence of nature's greenery...As every experienced gardener knows, even the simplest flower bed takes planning. From the soil to the types of plants to the irrigation and maintenance, a basic garden can easily turn into a complex one before a single begonia is planted. So imagine the complexities involved in a rooftop garden like the one at Trezevant Manor in East Memphis..." [8.6.10]

The land of the Dachdeckermeister‎, by Luke Wessely
"Germany’s technical and political approach to sustainable construction is much more advanced than the UK’s. So why don’t we steal a few ideas from them...Most major German cities have planning policies that require buildings over a certain size to include a green roof element (a trend that has been picked up in other European countries and now seems to be finding its way across the Channel)..." [8.6.10]

Leading Costa Rica Green Architectural Engineering Firm Announces First Sustainable Luxury Development in Manuel Antonio with Habitat Protection
Earthtimes, by Carlton Solle
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.
"Arqueco Ltda., one of Costa Rica's most respected and prolific ecologically-aware architectural firms, today announced approved plans for the Palazzo Park Hotel & Residences, the first luxury beachfront hotel and condominium resort in Costa Rica to be built with the latest green building techniques and the Country's largest green roof..." [8.5.10]

Green roofs offer beauty, challenges in arid climates
Today @ Colorado State University, by Jim Klett
Fort Collins, CO.
"Imagine a future where a natural, lush "living roof" is a standard feature on all new construction. In an effort to advance the possibility, scientists from the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, have been working to identify the best-suited plants and the bona fide environmental benefits to placing plants on top of conventional roofs..." [8.4.10]

Case Study: North Carolina Remodel Soars Beyond LEED Platinum‎
EcoHome Magazine, by Katy Tomasulo
Wilmington, NC.
"Solar panels, geothermal, water collection, and a green roof top a lengthy list of sustainable features in this team-designed LEED-Platinum renovation....he opted to transform the shed-roof house into a living laboratory for green building, and in doing so recorded 113.5 points in the LEED for Homes program, one of the highest ever achieved by a remodel..." [8.4.10]

Fantastic New Solar Powered Carousel With Green Roof in NYC
Inhabitat Blog, by Andrew Michler
New York, NY.
"Hudson River Park’s Chelsea Cove on Pier 62 recently opened a beautiful carousel and covered it with an expansive green-roofed canopy that is topped with solar panels to keep the carousel spinning. CRStudios Architects designed the canopy to protect the park goers and to keep the carousel’s vivid lights energized and shining bright..." [8.4.10]

Hillside Elementary has green roof in time for start of school‎
Main Line, by Blair Meadowcroft
Hillside, IL.
"With only a handful of green roofs adorning local buildings, the completion of Hillside Elementary School’s project this week is exciting...The project was funded by a Growing Greener grant with the Department of Environmental Protection, which was approved in 2008, and included the design and construction of 9,200 square feet of green roof and the first two years of maintenance..." [8.4.10]

How the Environment is Shaping Hotel Design
AOL Travel News, by Douglas Wright
"Imagine a hotel that breathes, that generates power and cools itself using the wind, that absorbs the sunlight for energy like a plant, that collects and recycles rainwater from underground pools, and is covered with a landscaped roof sloping out from the hillside. Welcome to the new world of eco hotel design, where sustainability and green innovation are the current buzzwords..." [8.4.10]

Northumberland cafe has goats on the roof
Journal Live, by Richard Fletcher
Northumberland, UK.
"Builders thought entrepreneurs Darren and Nina Remnant were being silly billies when they came up with a novel idea on how to give their rural eatery a unique selling point...With a living roof made of moss-like sedum, the cafe provides the ideal grazing ground for the herd of hungry goats. Darren and Nina got the idea from relatives who had visited Canada and saw a similar project there..." [8.4.10]

Scientists unravel human-ecosystem interactions
EurekAlert, Press Release
Pittsburgh, PA.
"Whether it is a single rock being overturned or an entire mountaintop being removed, humans play a continuous role in environmental processes, and vice versa. Ecological scientists will discuss findings on human-ecosystem interactions—from the effects of nanomaterials on plant growth to the diversity of insect species on green roofs, and even communities of airborne microbes in hospital buildings—at the Ecological Society of America's 95th Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh from August 1-6, 2010..." [8.3.10]

'Green roof' will serve as learning lab, demo for future buildings at Bucknell
Bucknell University, by Julia Ferrante
Lewisburg, PA.
"...Initiated by environmental studies major Becca Shopiro, a rising junior, the green roof project is part of the Campus Greening Initiative's Sustainable Energy and Ecological Design (SEED) Project Program and will serve as a testing ground as well as a living, learning laboratory for students interested in green building, said Dina El-Mogazi, director of the Campus Greening Initiative. Shopiro supervised the project this summer as part of a McKenna internship, which supports environmentally oriented student projects..." [8.3.10]

Kalamazoo's City Hall to get green roof: Stimulus grant to add vegetation to center of city, by Fritz Klug
Kalamazoo, MI.
"...City planners and engineers are set to install a green roof this fall on a portion City Hall. The low-growing vegetation — around 5,500-square-feet — is expected to be a source of some financial savings and environmental stewardship once completed next spring. Marc Hatton, the city’s redevelopment project manager who helped write the project grant, said a green roof will also allow the city to test the technology..." [8.3.10]

Spain's Vertical Garden
GreenMuze, by Staff
"A vertical garden stretching six stories high covers the exterior of a children’s library in San Vicente de Raspeig, in eastern Spain. Architect Jose Maria Chofre designed the vertical living wall garden which incorporates a variety of drought tolerant plants, including floral and herbaceous species as well as ivy and ferns...Via Urbanbolisimo & Treehugger..." [8.1.10]

Juneau getting its first green roof
Juneau Empire, by Jonathan Grass
Juneau, AK.
"Construction of the new Downtown Transportation Center at the corner of Egan Drive and Main Street has included a new feature, something to provide some green in more than one sense. The project's new transit center will be home to a "green roof," which the minds behind it say will be the first of its kind in Southeast Alaska. In their simplest form, green roofs are those that contain living plants as part of the roofing structure..." [8.1.10]

Tomorrow's Skyline Blends Glass, Concrete With A Liberal Helping Of Green
Gizmodo Australia, by Christina Bonnington
"From green roofs to tree filled corridors to entire high rise floors left to plants and wildlife, forward-looking architects are combining technology and imagination to bring nature into modern homes and buildings. Greening your home or building can have a host of benefits...An expansive green roof like that of Studio Shift's Stadt Krone concept provides a vast area to utilise for agriculture..." [8.1.10]

Eco-friendly education‎
Wisconsin Builder Blog, by Caley Clinton
Milwaukee, WI.
"...Whether the investments in sustainability pay off in long-term job creation remains to be seen, but schools across the country aren’t waiting to find out....Sustainability on campus: A 33,000-square-foot green roof atop Sandburg Commons is the largest green roof in the state. There are two other green roofs on campus as well. Cambridge Commons, a student housing building expected to open this fall, is aiming for LEED gold certification. The project includes a green roof, gray-water system and other renewable energy efforts..." [8.1.10]

New Engineering Building on Centennial Campus Has Green Roof‎, Press Release
Raleigh, NC.
"The first building on NC State University's Centennial Campus to include a green roof has been completed. The 248,000-square foot Engineering Building III will begin accepting students in August as part of the beginning of the new academic calendar year. The roof of the building, which tops the high bay annex, consists of 10 different drought resistant plans and will save the university an estimated 25-50 percent on heating and cooling costs. The roof also creates a physically pleasing environment that retains more rainfall, eliminates the need for weed control and negates the need to use harsh chemicals. In addition, the green roof is expected to reduce noise pollution by 10 decibels..." [8.1.10]

Happy Hollow Park & Zoo is the 1st Amusement Park & Zoo to be awarded LEED Gold, Press Release
San Jose, CA.
"It's official, after years of planning, design and construction, San Jose's Park and Zoo has gone gold. The $72 million renovation project of Happy Hollow Park & Zoo has been awarded LEED® gold by the U.S. Green Building Council and is the first Amusement Park & Zoo in the country to be certified LEED gold...Seven green (growing) roofs with native plant species to provide habitat for wildlife - 14,000 sq. feet of open space was added to Happy Hollow on the green roofs. 56,000 plants, on seven green roofs, were planted - averages to 8000 plants per roof..." [7.31.10]

Chicago benefits from seven million square feet of green roof space
People's Daily Online, by Staff
Chicago, IL.
"Being recognized as a leader in building green roofs, the U.S. city of Chicago benefits from its 600 roofs with about seven million square feet of green space...One of the most famous green roofs in Chicago is located at the top of the Chicago City Hall. Mayor Richard Daley decided to establish the Green Roof after visiting Hamburg, Germany and seeing many green roofs there..." [7.31.10]

Developing green roofs for colder climates
Greenhouse Management & Production, by David Kuack
Minneapolis, MN.
"A 2-year green roof study conducted at the Univ. of Minn. looked at developing guidelines for low maintenance plants that could survive the cold and often dry Minnesota weather and still reduce building energy costs. Horticulture graduate student Jonathan Hensley and professor John Erwin sought to create a low maintenance roof that could reflect light and absorb heat during the summer and insulate buildings during the winter..." [7.30.10]

Museum of London finishes first green roof project
Horticulture Week, by Staff
London, UK.
"The first in a series of green roof projects has been completed at the Museum of London as part of the £20m Galleries of Modern London redevelopment project. A roof garden and an inner courtyard have been opened to the public and plans are underway to green the remaining 3,000sq m of roof space..." [7.30.10]

Going Above and Beyond: Green Rooftops Sprouting in the City‎
Express from The Washington Post Blog, by Josie Cellone
Washington, DC.
"...That's why the green roof movement has caught on in Washington, evidenced by individual homeowners who've installed green roofs atop their garages and the Dirksen Senate Office Building, where an existing tennis court will be transformed into a green roof. The city ranks second in the nation for installation of green roof infrastructure, with nearly 200,000 square feet of rooftop plots created in 2009 and more than 500,000 installed in 2008..." [7.30.10]

Green gables – Raising the roof on climate change‎
Camden New Journal, by Richard Osley
London, UK.
"...The top of 93-flat Dudley Court, which runs alongside the leisure centre in Endell Street, has been covered in vegetation. As tempting as the patch of green and the panoramic views may look, it cannot be used as a communal garden. But the idea is to use green roofs across Camden to combat climate change by reducing heat loss at roof level and upping biodiversity..." [7.29.10]

Wood-Clad Environmental HQ in Spain is A Green Gathering Place
Inhabitat Blog, by Andrew Michler
Zaragoza, Spain.
"A new public building in Zaragoza, Spain is much more than a set of offices for the city’s environmental services department — it is also a beautiful extension of the public park next to the Ebro River. Magén Arquitectos added a plethora of sustainable features like solar panels, rain catchment, and a green roof, but they also turned the building into a public gathering place — with an outdoor amphitheater, meeting rooms, and a path that transverses the roof..." [7.28.10]

Remains Lighting Receives Building Brooklyn Award In The Industrial Category For Environmental Leadership, Press Release
Brooklyn, NY.
"...The renovation of the Remains Lighting 25,000 square foot, four-story factory, incorporated many sustainable design features such as water conservation and rainwater harvesting, energy efficiency and solar power production, material use and waste-stream reduction, and the planting of a green roof and fruit and vegetable gardens...A green roof provides additional insulation, storm water control, and air quality improvement, and a large vegetable garden was created in the parking lot..." [7.27.10]

The challenge of rooftop gardens‎
Shanghai Daily, by Zhang Qian
Shanghai, China.
"...Green walls, green spaces around buildings, green elevated road edges, as well as green roofs have improved the city, making it more attractive and healthy...Green rooftops help during frequent storms in Shanghai's summer. Studies show they can retain up to 75 percent of the rainwater in given storm, gradually releasing it back into the atmosphere through condensation and transpiration, while retaining air pollutants in the soil..." [7.26.10]

P.S.71 to get a green roof, by Daniel Roberts
New York, NY.
"Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. has released a whopping $37.6 million in funding for new projects as part of his new 2011 budget, and Pelham Bay students and parents should be especially excited. Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars of the money — one of the largest allocations for any of the projects — will be devoted to a new green roof for P.S. 71, the Rose E. Scala School...Green roofs have become a major trend in the borough, with a whole score of low-income housing developments, senior centers, and public buildings adding them to their architecture in the past year..." [7.26.10]

Green hits the roof
BusinessWorld Online, by Victoria T. Vizcarra
Manila, Philippines.
"...In the Philippines, city governments are starting to lend a hand in greening smog-ridden locales: Last September, then Quezon City Mayor Feliciano R. Belmonte, Jr. signed Ordinance 1940--a provision requiring real estate planners of private and publicly-owned structures to reserve 30% of their roof space for plants. The Green Roof Ordinance also includes property tax perks as an incentive for green-roofed homes..." [7.26.10]

Student ideas for green roof make school a teaching lab
Boston Globe, by June Q. Wu
Boston, MA.
"Take Boston Latin School, and pack on top of its building a weather station, a greenhouse, two outdoor classrooms, a cafeteria, and a garden. Then add solar panels, wind turbines, and the outdoor elevator. It’s a 70,000-square-foot, $6.2 million green roof dreamed up by Boston Latin students, and it’s becoming a reality...The green roof, once constructed, will allow teachers to incorporate hands-on experiments into the sustainability curriculum, serving as an example for school districts across Massachusetts..." [7.26.10]

Atop city building, garden makes green statement
South Coast Today, by Steve Urbon
New Bedford, MA.
"...the roof is the first of its kind in the city, a high technology version of an ancient concept that is being adopted worldwide as a big boost in sustainability. This being 2010, it involves much more than dropping a load of dirt on the roof and planting grass and plants. For one thing, the roof has to support the weight, so the building design had to take that into account. For another, the roof is intended to be low-maintenance and high efficiency, so it involves a great deal of engineering innovation and modern materials...." [7.26.10]

New Bessemer Cutoff courthouse opens with sleek look, by Thomas Spencer
Birmingham, AL.
"...The one-story entrance plaza is topped by a garden roof planted with native wildflowers -- day lilies, coneflowers, black-eyed susans and drought-resistant succulent plants called sedum. The garden is prominently visible as you look down from the staircases leading to the second and third floors. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, the garden roof is intended to absorb and filter storm water. The building also has a system for capturing rain and storing it in a 20,000-gallon underground cistern for reuse in irrigation..." [7.26.10]

Government of Canada Invests in an Innovative Future for British Columbia's Horticulture Sector, Press Release
"The Government of Canada is investing in the long-term viability and profitability of British Columbia's ornamental nursery industry...$108172 will help evaluate "green roof" methods and technologies that support vegetation growth on rooftops and improve air and water quality, and reduce energy costs..." [7.25.10]

Frontier Project an energy use model‎
Press-Enterprise, by Leslie Berkman
Rancho Cucamonga, CA.
"...Although eastern cities like Chicago, New York and the District of Columbia long have used "green roofs" to manage storm water, she said, rooftop planting is new to California as a method for helping to insulate roofs in the summer and absorb and purify rainwater in the winter. "It is trickier in Southern California because we don't get rain year round," she said, and because inland roofs are exposed to beating sun and wind. "We are still trying to find out if green roofs are worth the resources we have to put into them..." [7.24.10]

Debating the merits of green, white roofs‎
Journal of Commerce, by Korky Koroluk
Vancouver, Canada.
"The popularity of both white and green roofs is undeniable. Kalinger, cited a couple of reasons why he thinks they’ve caught on. “One, is that if you install a reflective or a vegetative (green) roof you can earn LEED points,” he said “The other is that there has been a lot of advocacy for vegetative roofs. That’s led to some regulations coming into effect, particularly in Toronto, where they have a bylaw that stipulates that buildings over a certain size in all sectors shall have green roofs or white roofs..." [7.24.10]

Retrofit your roof from 'gray to green', by Tessa Salazar
"...So, what do green architects mean when they say “more green on the roofs”? It means turning roofs into gardens—a crown of life—giving plants on the city’s gray, imposing buildings. The immediate benefit of doing such would be an estimated three- to five-degree reduction in temperature on the floors beneath the green roof..." [7.23.10]

ECObitat: A Lush Modular Prefab With Living Green Walls
Inhabitat Blog, by Bridgette Meinhold
"Felipe Campolina’s ECObitat is a modular housing system designed specifically to provide emergency or disaster relief housing. Easily transported and made of off-the-shelf materials, the one-bedroom home can be constructed easily and delivered to wherever it is needed. We especially dig ECObitat’s modular living wall and green roof system that gives the prefab a lush, organic exterior..." [7.23.10]

It's never too late to learn to live green, by Hosea Sanders
Chicago, IL.
"...At the Montgomery Place retirement home in Hyde Park, two rooftop gardens have been installed. But they don't just provide great scenery for residents. They are designed to accommodate physical challenges. "On the dementia has a rooftop garden that has a circular, elevated planter. So you can sit in a chair or wheel up with a wheelchair, and you can plant which they do. They plant vegetables and flowers up there..." [7.23.10]

Ecoroof redux at Ecotrust‎
Sustainable Business Oregon, by Christina Williams
Portland, OR.
"In 2001 the Ecotrust building made headlines for its green features and LEED Gold status in part because of its ecoroof. By 2010, however, the green roof was in need of an overhaul and Enviroscapes Northwest stepped in. This month, the Portland firm completed a 10-day, $68,244 total replacement of the Jean Vollum Natural Capital Building's 6,000-square-foot ecoroof..." [7.22.10]

Jamboree Housing Corporation wins approval of City of Buena Park for new affordable community on vacant urban infill site‎
RealEstateRama, Press release
Buena Park, CA.
"...The four-story apartment community features contemporary urban design and the sustainable green roof over a 142-space surface parking area that will provide residents with open space for recreation and other outdoor activities. Planted with grass and other landscaping, the distinctive green roof will extend over most of the parking area and will help reduce the “heat island” effect that would otherwise be created by the surface parking facility..." [7.22.10]

Postal Service Surpasses Green Facilities Goals
FOXBusiness, by Staff
New York, NY.
"One year after officially opening its first green roof in midtown Manhattan, the Postal Service announced it continues to exceed its energy savings targets, placing the agency more than two thirds of the way to achieving its goal to reduce energy use by 30 percent by 2015. The green roof, atop the Morgan mail processing facility, covers 109,000 square feet, or nearly 2.5 acres. During construction, approximately 90 percent of the original roof was recycled and reused on the new roof..." [7.22.10]

Environmentally friendly sports hall opened
Harrow Times, by Tristan Kirk
Harrow, UK.
"A Harrow college has opened its new hi-tech sports centre complete with living roof and walls. The Siena Building at St Dominic's Sixth Form College is decked out with thousands of living plants and has a roof made of sedum – a material which gathers water and feeds it to the plants..." [7.22.10]

How grows your garden up on the roof?
Dallas Morning News Blog, by Karen Pierce
Dallas, TX.
"With so many initiatives to "green up" urban surfaces and rooftops, it's refreshing to see the progress at the Fairmont Hotel's rooftop garden - covering 3,000 rambling square feet on the pool level. It was started several years ago, and new executive chef Andre Natera is carrying on the tradition. "We have no gardener," he says. Instead, the beds are maintained by the kitchen staff with only a little help with watering..." [7.21.10]

London museum opens first green roof‎
Environmental Data Interactive, by Luke Walsh
London, UK.
"Environmentalist and TV presenter Dusty Gedge gave a personal tour of the Museum of London's new green roof as a prelude to the upcoming World Green Roof Congress 2010...The museum, a short walk from St Paul's Cathedral, could be one of the City of London's largest green roof retrofitting schemes and, according to Mr. Gedge, has the potential to become an exemplar..." [7.21.10]

ACROS: A Giant Japanese Pyramid Blanketed in Green Grass
Inhabitat Blog, by Yuka Yoneda
Fukuoka, Japan.
"ACROS is a surprising building in more ways than one. If you were approaching the building from one side, all you would see is a typical, glass-walled office building. When Emilio Ambasz & Associates designed the building, there were tasked with maintaining the adjacent park, which happened to be the only remaining green space left in the whole city. We think they did a brilliant job of integrating the stepped green roof into the park – it almost appears as if the grass from the roof is spilling right into the grassy knoll with no interruption of flow..." [7.21.10]

8 Tallet: Green-Roofed Eco Village Opens in Denmark
Inhabitat Blog, by Andrew Michler
Copenhagen, Denmark.
"Ørestad is an emerging neighborhood in Copenhagen that is redefining 21st century living. At the heart of the development is 8 Tallet (or 8 House), a progressive apartment complex that is a small neighborhood in itself...Designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), the complex features a gorgeous green roof, is oriented to make the most of available daylight, and is still just a 12 min train ride to downtown..." [7.21.10]

Green roofs may bring long-term energy savings
Minnesota Daily, by Mark Vancleave
Minneapolis, MN.
"Research suggests a promising future for rooftop landscaping, despite the high cost...Erwin pointed to the Target Center as evidence that green roofs can become a reality in Minneapolis. The two-and-a-half-acre green roof atop the Target Center was finished in September at a price of $5.3 million. The roof will capture one million gallons of storm water each year..." [7.21.10]

Parks Dept. Expands Green Roof on Randall's Island‎
The Epoch Times, by Helena Zhu
New York, NY.
"The city’s Department of Parks and Recreation has recently added two new planting systems to Randall’s Island’s Five Borough Administrative Building. With the additional 10,000 square feet, the green roof now covers 26,000 square feet, allowing space for 21 uniquely designed landscapes. The new garden contains many kinds of vegetables, including tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, string beans, broccoli, corn, lettuce, cucumbers, eggplant, and mixed herbs..." [7.21.10]

Researchers to present technologies to save bay
Centre Daily Times, The Associated Press
Annapolis, MD.
"Floating wetlands, porous asphalt and living walls are some of the ideas that universities, federal laboratories and private companies are developing to restore the Chesapeake Bay. Those ideas and others will be presented Wednesday in Annapolis at a "Technologies That Can Save the Bay" event sponsored by the Maryland Technology Development Corporation and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation..." [7.21.10]

Oakland's Renovated Museum is a Green-Roofed Urban Gem, by Andrew Michler
Oakland, CA.
"Forty years ago the Oakland Museum of California introduced a radical, modern, and green concept for a public museum -- and that vision is now being updated and preserved in a major renovation. The brutalist design by Kevin Roche was hailed as a landmark for its massive garden roof, extensive courtyards and low-slung concrete buildings that, for a casual observer, could appear like a long-abandoned industrial complex from afar..." [7.20.10]

New Target Store Opens in Chicago Wilson Yard
MarketWatch, Press Release
Chicago, IL.
"Target brings one-stop shopping convenience and 300 jobs to the Wilson Yard community when it opens its doors at 4466 N Broadway St. in Chicago...The Chicago Wilson Yard Target is 200,000 square feet and features a green roof and the nation's largest spangleboard -- a 16 foot by 250 foot billboard display with 200,000 tiny bullseye medallions that shimmer in the breeze from the passing El trains..." [7.20.10]

Experts suggest green measures to combat floods
Channel News Asia, by Alvina Soh and Lim Zhi Ying
"Experts say the recent flooding has again shown why it is important to manage the environment and embrace green buildings. One solution lies in the rooftop gardens that some buildings have. They can function as catchment areas to store water and reduce the risk of flooding. Experts say such features should be incorporated into the building designs..." [7.20.10]

A shade cooler‎: Tree cover and green spaces can help cities beat the heat
Boston Globe, by Aaron Bernstein
Boston, MA.
"...The study also found that just one shade tree could trim 7 percent from the annual cost of cooling a well-insulated home...Another worthy cooling intervention, particularly for cities, are roofs covered with vegetation. These green roofs provide benefits year-round; they are cooler in summer and hold in heat better in the winter. They also absorb water, thus reducing storm run off and help to reduce the chances for bacterial contamination of beaches..." [7.20.10]

Air National Guard Invests in Green Energy‎
Environmental Leader, by Staff
"The U.S. Air National Guard is increasingly investing in green energy as it seeks to reach its goal of generating 25 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2025, according to a report on the National Guard’s website...Several are also pursuing plans to construct or retrofit green roofs to insulate their facilities and reduce rainwater runoff..." [7.19.10]

Landscaping an integral part of going green
Business Mirror, by Anjo C. Alimario
"...BluPrint, together with the Philippine Association of Landscape Artists (Pala), Philippine Institute of Interior Designers (PIID) and United Architects of the Philippines (UAP), launched the AViD competition last week. With the theme “Up on the Roof,” participants are challenged to design a “green roof” that requires the interplay of the three main design disciplines—architecture, interior design and, in particular, landscape architecture..." [7.17.10]

Eco-Friendly Option To Cooling Your Home
CBS 3, by Ben Simmoneau
Philadelphia, PA.
"At street level, Al Butler's house looks like your typical South Philadelphia row home. But on the roof, it's another whole jungle. That's because Butler's roof is green. We're not talking about the color. Instead, his roof is covered in dirt and vegetation: it's environmentally green...And there can be significant energy cost savings. Butler says his monthly energy bill is about $30 per month less..." [7.16.10]

New York Looks to Philadelphia for Ideas on Sewer Overflow Issues
WNYC, by Brian Zumhagen
New York, NY.
"...Philadelphia is relying more and more on green infrastructure: street trees, green roofs and restored wetlands around the city, and depending less and less on so-called “grey” infrastructure like expensive underground storage tanks. The water department has also changed the way it bills customers; non-residential building owners now have to pay for the amount of storm runoff they generate based on how much concrete or other impermeable surfaces they have on their properties..." [7.15.10]

University's Gathering Place now complete
Williams Lake Tribune, by Erin Hitchcock
Williams Lake, Canada.
"The Thompson Rivers University Gathering Place in Williams Lake is finished. The final construction detail, the “living roof” of natural grass sod, was added on Tuesday. "The living roof we’re putting on it is an actual live, planted roof,” says David Graham, TRU project manager for capital projects and construction..." [7.15.10]

A pixel makes a big statement in Victoria
Architecture and Design, by Staff
Melbourne, Australia.
"Grocon's new Pixel building, the first carbon neutral office building in Australia, has achieved the highest Green Star ever awarded...We also have the world's leading wind turbines, invented in Bendigo, the Melbourne University designed 'living roof', which re-introduces Victorian grassland species to the Melbourne area, and tracking photovoltaic roof panels..." [7.15.10]

McCarthy Breaks Ground for Miramar College Parking Structure and LEED-Designed Police Substation, Press Release
San Diego, CA.
"... Key to its sustainable design is a green roof grid system, which will cover the majority of the roof deck. The grid system uses modular panels for ease of installation, roof access and maintenance. A green screen will cover the west elevation of the parking structure and achieve the look of a vertical garden. The vegetation to be used will contribute to a microclimate that is central to the facility's passive thermal and natural ventilation design..." [7.14.10]

Melbourne's concrete jungle begins to turn green
The Age, by Adam Carey
Melbourne, Australia.
''Melbourne's steel and concrete skyline will turn over a new leaf today with the unveiling of the first roof garden on an existing commercial building. The new green roof has been fitted on to a 10-storey office block at 131 Queen Street, at a cost of about $250,000. It is set to reduce the building's energy needs for summer cooling by more than 50 per cent, researchers at the University of Melbourne and the CSIRO say..." [7.14.10]

Lawrence Tech Wins Grant to Promote Water Quality
Water World, by Staff
Southfield, MI.
"...The vegetated roof monitoring program will begin this summer and continue through 2011 to determine the effectiveness of vegetated roofs as a stormwater management practice. Lawrence Tech will help the Woodhaven-Brownstown school district integrate the roof data into the middle school science curriculum..." [7.14.10]

Longwood Gardens to Open New East Conservatory Plaza in October
Art Daily, by Staff
Kennet Square, PA.
"Longwood Gardens’ new East Conservatory Plaza, featuring the first terraced lawn in the United States designed by landscape architect Kim Wilkie and the largest indoor green wall in North America, will open to the public on October 9, 2010. The dynamic new gathering space and venue for educational talks, horticultural demonstrations and special events continues Longwood founder Pierre S. du Pont’s legacy of creating unique spaces that integrate into the natural landscape. ..." [7.14.10]

Debating the merits of green, white roofs
Daily Commercial News, by Korky Koroluk
Ottawa, Canada.
"...Quite apart from energy considerations, green roofs have an attribute missing from white roofs: They help control storm-water runoff...A study published late last year used the data collected from the five stations to show that green roofs really do mitigate urban heat-island effect; they really do absorb stormwater; they really do help keep the building below them cool in the summer and warm in the winter..." [7.13.10]

Parkade nears completion, by Brenda Kossowan
Alberta, Canada.
"...Sedum, a hardy succulent that lives on thin soils and needs very little maintenance, has now been planted on the green roofs that were incorporated in the design to reduce the parkade’s impact on the environment. The larger of the two roofs, neither of which is accessible to the public, is shaped like a half cylinder over the top of the parkade and there is another on the ramp...The sedum will grow into a carpet of small plants that will capture rain water and solar energy, dramatically reducing the runoff and solar heating that are common with large structures..." [7.12.10]

Where Does the Water Go?‎
Wall Street Journal, by Willa Plank
"Cities are coming up with new ways to deal with an old problem: storm-water runoff...The parks department also is constructing "green roofs" on 10 recreation centers, and testing green-roof systems on its administration building on Randall's Island. Green roofs are covered with soil and low vegetation that slow the rate of runoff..." [7.11.10]

Green Roof in a Purple City
SLAM Online, by Kyle Stack
Minneapolis, MN.
"NBA free agents might avoid Minneapolis due to its harsh winters, but many others move there partly because of the city’s determination to remain “green.” Target Center, home of the Timberwolves, is an example of why that’s the case. The arena, which opened in downtown Minneapolis in 1990 and which sits across the street from the Twins’ new palace, Target Field, unveiled its green roof in September 2009 to rave reviews. Target Center became the first sports arena in North America to have a green roof..." [7.11.10]

U.S Navy Greens Up Using Eco Friendly Products – Turf Covered Roof
The Yellow Ads, by Esther Alarcon
"...The Army has a green roof and the Air Force has a natural roof, so it was simply just a short time before the Navy got its green roof too. Development with a brand new energy efficient eco-friendly roof at Naval Station Norfolk got under way earlier this month...When it comes to environment and public health rewards, green roofs improve community wellness by reducing the summertime “heat island” effect brought on by uncovered roofs, plus they lessen smog by trapping pollutants including carbon dioxide..." [7.11.10]

Take gardening to new heights: Rooftop sanctuaries
Kansas City Star, by Marty Ross
Kansas City, MO.
"Rooftop gardens take the enjoyment of plants to a new level. But creating a garden so far off the ground poses plenty of challenges...Bruce calls the green roof a “recreational deck” with environmental benefits. The greenery keeps the area much cooler in summer than it otherwise would be, he says, and it intercepts about 75 percent of rainfall, significantly reducing stormwater runoff. It also helps absorb the sounds of the city, and it provides a natural habitat for birds and butterflies..." [7.10.10]

Starting at the Top
Morris Daily Herald, by Staff
Joliet, IL.
"Will County continued its commitment to “going green” this week, as workers installed a green roof on the County Office Building at 302 N. Chicago St., Joliet. The green roof, which seeks to reduce energy costs and offer other environmental benefits, is the first of its kind in downtown Joliet..." [7.10.10]

DEP awards $2.6 million for green infrastructure projects‎
NYC Environmental Protection, Press Release
New York, NY.
"Environmental Protection Commissioner Cas Holloway today announced the winners of the Flushing and Gowanus Green Infrastructure Grant Initiative...Manhattan College: $660,440 for the installation of a modular green roof project on New York Hospital. It will be designed to control runoff from a 1 to 1.5-inch rainfall on a half acre roof..." [7.9.10]

Eco-roofs could keep solar panels cooler‎
Daily Journal of Commerce, by Nathalie Weinstein
Portland, OR.
"...Portland State University researchers are investigating whether combining solar panels with eco-roofs could increase the efficiency of the panels. "Photovoltaic panels may benefit from an eco-roof in that an eco-roof creates a cooler environment,” said David Sailor, a PSU professor and director of the Green Building Research Lab..." [7.9.10]

Rare Birds Raise Secret Brood in Birmingham‎
Treehugger, by Jennifer Hattam
"...Once a popular home for the birds, Sheffield is now the center of an effort to bring the nationally rare species back by creating a network of green roofs on new and redeveloped buildings, imitating the sparse, wild vegetation the birds favor. According to The Guardian, the black redstarts have become a high-profile indicator of green roof success in London, where the bird's bombsite toehold has expanded thanks to the new, high-rise form of urban greenery..." [7.9.10]

Sowing seeds of the future, by Bruce Erskine
Halifax, Canada.
"The green roof under construction at Halifax’s Seaport Farmers’ Market is a reflection of the agrarian businesses that will soon occupy the waterfront space...Along with the green roof, which acts as a natural air conditioner, the $12-million complex includes four windmills that will generate electricity, a water collection system that will be used to feed the garden, flush toilets and clean floors..." [7.9.10]

A car-less Googletopia in the works?
Mountain View Voice, by Daniel DeBolt
Mountain View, CA.
" Imagine a futuristic bay-front enclave for Google and Microsoft employees where no cars are allowed, buildings have green roofs and no carbon footprint, people travel in automated pods and live in apartments among the office buildings...Bryant's comments about green roofs alluded to an idea advocated by McDonough that involves growing vegetation on roofs to insulate buildings and make use of storm water, as is done on Google's YouTube buildings in San Bruno..." [7.8.10]

Taking The Sizzle Out Of Summer In The City‎
NPR, by Scott Neuman
"As the mercury soared into the triple digits this week along the East Coast, you can bet it was even more stifling in the asphalt and concrete jungles of cities like New York and Washington than in nearby rural areas....From their perspective, Craytor says, putting on a green roof that can cost $2,000 to $4,000 can be a hard sell. "We're trying to show them how that benefits them in the long term. Businesses and individuals really do want to do the right thing..." [7.8.10]

Serious about Saving Energy? Replace Roofs‎
Youngstown Business Journal, by Dennis LaRue
Boardman, OH.
"...Extending tax credits to owners who retrofit their buildings to support the increased weight of green roofs could create 40,000 jobs across the United States and reduce the heat these structures lose by 90%, said Larson, chairman of the House Democratic Caucus..." [7.8.10]

Cover the roof in a carpet of grass to save energy‎
Irish Times, by Frank McDonald
“...Ireland has its own tradition of green roofs, going back to the pre-historic burial mounds of Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth in the Boyne Valley. But apart from a few examples of individual houses and roof terraces of apartment buildings, acres of roofspace on office blocks and shopping centres have yet to be greened..." [7.8.10]

EBIII gets University's second green roof‎
N.C. State University Technician Online, by Nathan Hardin
Raleigh, NC.
"The University will take another step toward innovation and sustainability this month with the opening of the campus’ second green roofed building. The 3,780-square-foot roof is located on part of the new Engineering Building III on Centennial Campus. The green roof is made up of 10 different drought resistant plants and, according to a University press release, will save the University an estimated 25 to 50 percent on heating and cooling costs..." [7.8.10]

Arboretum offers free green roof tours
The Philadelphia Tribune, by Melissa S. Treacy
Swarthmore, PA.
"...Rebecca Wehry Robert, member and visitor programs coordinator at The Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College, said that the facility operates three green roofs. On July 19 the arboretum will host two public tours of the living and growing spaces at 6 p.m. and then another at 7:30 p.m. [Guests can] learn about the inner workings, benefits and beauty of green roofs, while exploring the three we have at the Arboretum...." [7.8.10]

New Senate Bill Gives Cities Green Technologies to Clean Water, Lower Costs
Business Wire Press Release
Washington, DC.
"The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) today announced support for new Senate legislation designed to encourage green infrastructure – a novel, sustainable approach that uses natural systems of trees, plants and soils to manage rainwater instead of the overburdened and outdated infrastructure that currently exists in cities...Introduced by U.S. Senator Tom Udall, the Green Infrastructure for Clean Water Act (S 3561) offers grants and technical assistance for communities to use green roofs, rain gardens and other sustainable approaches that naturally capture and clean the rainwater – often preventing the water from ever entering the sewer system..." [7.7.10]

Rooftop Farm Opens In Queens
NY1, by Roger Clark
Brooklyn, NY.
"A ribbon-cutting ceremony today marked the opening of New York's biggest rooftop farm. The farm is run by the commercial farming business Brooklyn Grange and is located atop a building on Northern Boulevard in Long Island City, Queens. "We lifted up the soil with a crane and we covered the entire roof with a green roof system," explained head farmer Ben Flanner. "And there is over a million pounds of soil that we can grow vegetables in..." [7.7.10]

Biodiversity meets luxury in Mayfair‎
Greenbuild News, by Staff
London, UK.
"A luxury development in London's Mayfair has been finished with two roof gardens that maximize the biodiversity of the project. With almost 320m 2 of green roofing, the site, at 50 New Bond St and 14 St George St, has created a diverse environment for a range of birds and insects..." [7.7.10]

They can dig it
Boston Globe, by Devra First
Boston, MA.
"...restaurants are increasingly raising rooftop gardens — in Atlanta, Baltimore, Beverly Hills, Brooklyn, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Portland, Ore., Providence, Seattle, and more. Many cities offer tax breaks or other financial incentives to convert rooftops into green space. So-called “green roofs’’ reduce storm water runoff and help combat urban heat, among other benefits. In Boston, Sam Yoon, the former city councilor and mayoral candidate who is relocating to Washington, D.C., has been perhaps the biggest advocate of such incentives..." [7.7.10]

Bold Public-Private Venture Aims to Make Ore. City an 'Icon of Sustainability'
New York Times, by Michael Burnham
Portland, OR.
"...GE plans to use Portland as a model for sustainable development deals with other U.S. cities...The feasibility study (pdf) envisions a 10- to 15-story building with 60,300 square feet of photovoltaic panels spread across its exterior. The rooftop will capture rainwater for use in sinks and showers, and the resultant gray water will be treated naturally on-site and reused in toilets, mechanical systems and planted ecoroofs..." [7.7.10]

Five Keys to Sustainable Lab Design‎
Laboratory Equipment, by Tim Studt
"Architects, lab managers and lab planners take a particularly detailed look at the inter-related sustainability and LEED criteria when planning a new or renovated lab facility...Green roofs are also more often being installed as a way to conserve water (used for irrigation or gray applications), while at the same time decreasing the amount of heating or cooling required because of the green roof’s insulative values..." [7.6.10]

How to lead the nation in sustainable built environment innovation
Sustainable Business Oregon, by Johanna Brickman
Portland, OR.
"...Our systems-thinking approach has led us beyond leadership in the installation of solar panels and green roofs as individual components: Oregon university researchers are first in the nation to explore what benefits accrue when green roofs and solar panels are installed in close proximity — the panels shading the plants and the plants cooling the panels, in synergy..." [7.6.10]

Architecture: The Fish House by Guz Architects
Bloginity Blog, by Staff
"This modern tropical bungalow encapsulates the essence of living in the hot and humid climate of Singapore by creating open spaces which encourage natural ventilation and offer residents views to the ocean...photovoltaic panels supplying enough energy to the house, while the remaining area is used as a green roof giving residents some outdoor leisure spaces..." [7.6.10]

Healdsburg's latest hospitality gem
North Bay Business Journal, by Dan Verel
Healdsburg, CA.
"The opening of an ambitious and environmentally conscious hotel is poised to vault Healdsburg even higher among tourist destinations in Sonoma County...Among the green amenities of the former gas station lot are a growing roof that will be planted with native succulents, which will capture and filter rainwater and help contain energy for the building while providing a habitat for birds and insects..." [7.5.10]

New building in Malaysia boosts latest green technologies
Channel News Asia, by Melissa Goh
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
"A new building called G Tower is challenging the way buildings are built in Malaysia...While the extensive landscaping with sky gardens and green walls help to cool the building and improve air quality. The building uses double glazed glass panel with a layer of Vacuum trapped in between that cuts down on heat transmission. Another green initiative - a system to harvest rainwater which is then used to irrigate plants and vertical greens found throughout the entire building..." [7.2.10]

Green Roofs That Melt the Mind, Not the House
Discovery News, by Alyssa Danigelis
Boston, MA.
"Turns out that there's a lot going on upstairs. Green roof tech is heating up -- or rather, getting cooler, and the masterminds behind two promising sustainable rooftop inventions are actually still in high school...Want plants on your house but have a funky-shaped roof? No problem. The team from Hillside New Tech High School in Durham, North Carolina, came up with a structure that makes it possible to grow plants on sloped rooftops..." [7.2.10]

Vibrant, new-age design
Deccan Herald, by
Aruna Chandaraju
Bangalore, India.
"Aruna Chandaraju talks to architect Wong Chiu Man of Singapore-based architecture firm Warner Wong Design WOW Architects which designed the Vivanta, by Taj - Whitefield...Sustainability also takes on a poetic ideal emanating from its sculptured form. The landscaped ground ‘plane’ becomes the green roof thus reducing heat (by adding mass and thermal resistance value) and cooling loads to the podium spaces underneath. Rainwater is also harvested from its ‘planes’ and channeled for reuse in landscape irrigation..." [7.2.10]

Clean Air And Water Are Top Concerns For Cities Around The World
GovMonitor, by Staff
"Water supply and air pollution are among the most pressing issues for cities say participants at Singapore’s World Cities Summit 2010...That is the response from a sampling of city leaders and urban planners who attended Singapore’s World Cities Summit 2010, held June 28-July 1. The group surveyed represents cities on four continents and in both developed and developing nations, including Australia, France, India, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, the United States, and Vietnam..." [7.1.10]

Target Center green roof recognized‎
Finance and Commerce, by Brian Johnson
Minneapolis, MN.
"Stock Roofing announced this week it has received another award for its work on the Target Center green roof project. Sika Sarnafil, a global manufacturer of membranes used in roofing systems, presented its “2009 Project of the Year” award to Stock Roofing for the 115,000-square-foot green roof, the fifth-largest installation in the U.S...Sika Sarnafil also recognized St. Paul-based Berwald Roofing & Sheet Metal for its work on the University of Minnesota’s Science and Technology Building..." [7.1.10]

Southface Provides Online Tour of its Atlanta-based Eco Office; Offers the Building's Extensive Performance Data to Researchers
Earthtimes Press Release

Atlanta, GA. "The new Online Tour of the Southface Eco Office, a LEED® Platinum building located in Downtown Atlanta, provides virtual building access to researchers who wish to study the building’s energy- and water-use metrics. It also includes detailed photos and narrative about the building's design and performance features. The Eco Office Online Tour and performance data are available from anywhere in the world...The Eco Office is a three-story structure with a rooftop green roof..." [7.1.10]

Gorgeous Maximum Garden House Creates Green Urban Space
Inhabitat Blog, by Bridgette Meinhold
"...The resulting house includes a vertical living wall and green roof that is not only beautiful and functional, but also serves to improve the building’s performance...A green roof then covers the carport and is planted in an artistic pattern which can be easily seen from the upper floors..." [7.1.10]

Green-Roofed Soccer Training Facility Has a Field Right On Its Roof!
Inhabitat Blog, by Bridgette Meinhold
"This verdant soccer training facility in France shows its love for all things turf by expanding its pitch right onto its roof! The Centre de Formation de Football in Amiens consists of a facility and office space to support the athletes right alongside a field where the team practices. Designed by Chartier – Corbasson and finished in 2009, the facility is sure to inspire its athletes and maybe even provide for some interesting drills while playing on the roof..." [6.30.10]

Garden gets new green roof‎
The Daily Evergreen - 9 hours ago
Pullman, WA.
"The Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Display Garden now features an extensive green roof. The green roof is part of the multi-phased display garden, where students from the landscape architecture program are given the opportunity to put theory...The green roof itself, which sits atop a shade and storage pavilion, was built almost entirely from 100-year-old recycled wood. It supports small drought tolerant plants and ornamental grasses..." [6.30.10]

Intel's "Greenest" Building Unveiled, by Staff
Kiryat Gat, Israel.
"With natural light coming from the warm Mediterranean sun, shade courtesy of a rooftop garden, and a data center running energy efficient Intel “Nehalem” processors, the new Intel Development Center can rightly be called the “greenest” Intel building in the world...Water that condenses on air chillers—some 5,300 gallons a day—is siphoned off and supplies enough water to irrigate all the landscaping around the building as well as the rooftop garden..." [6.29.10]

200-Foot-High Living Wall Proposed for Portland Federal Building
Architectural Record, by Tim Newcomb
Portland, OR.
"Home to an expanding light-rail system, a thriving bike culture, a citywide recycling program, and a large number of LEED-certified buildings, Portland, Oregon, has long been known for its green sensibility. So it seems fitting that a government building there may soon be sheathed in a 200-foot-high living wall that would be visible from miles away...Don Eggleston, AIA, president of SERA, says the living wall has aesthetic value, yet also aids greatly in mitigating solar gain..." [6.29.10]

City hall 'green roof' a model for rest of Canada
Campbell River Mirror, by Grant Warkentin
Campbell River, Canada.
"...The FCM recognition acknowledges Campbell River City Hall’s green roof as the first civic building in B.C. to receive a complete green roof retrofit to an existing civic building, said Cornfield. With this green roof, the City of Campbell River is demonstrating our commitment to both our Green City strategy and to the B.C. Climate Action Charter, and we’re showing municipal governments across Canada that a green roof retrofit can be a great fit from a triple-bottom line approach when considering upgrading a conventional roof..." [6.29.10]

Milwaukee's living roofs
Milwaukee News Buzz, by Staff
Milwaukee, WI.
"Milwaukee has carved out a reputation as an international leader in constructing green roofs. According to a recent ranking, only nine cities in the U.S. and Canada added more in 2009. The latest major addition – the sweeping new green roof atop the Downtown Central Library – opens to the public for the first time this week. Milwaukee added about 50,000 square feet of green roofs in 2009, according to the ranking. Only three cities added more than 100,000 square feet: Minneapolis (125,000), Washington, D.C. (180,000) and Chicago (550,000)..." [6.29.10]

Green Spaces On City Rooftops
G-Online, by Fran Molloy
Sydney, Australia.
“...Interest in green roofs is growing substantially around the world,” says Australian landscape architect Jock Gammon...City of Melbourne Councillor Cathy Oke chairs the Eco-City Committee and says she’s excited about the potential of green roofs to transform the city. Cities have huge heat islands; they are hot and getting hotter and green roofs and vertical gardens are definitely a way to mitigate this..." [6.29.10]

Federal Building To Get 'Green' Overhaul‎
WRTV Indianapolis, by Staff
Indianapolis, IN.
"Green Roof, Rainwater Collection Among Renovation Plans. Federal stimulus money will pay for the renovation of a downtown landmark, including the integration of several green features...The upgrades include adding a green roof to help keep the building cool, harvesting rain runoff to cut water use by 30 percent and using digital controls to trim energy costs by 10 percent..." [6.28.10]

Costa Cruises' new zero impact headquarters: the "Palazzo Costa"‎
e-Travel Blackboard, Press Release
Genoa, Italy.
"Costa Cruises has officially inaugurated their new headquarters in Genoa; the "Palazzo Costa". A perfect blend of creativity, innovation and respect for the environment, Palazzo Costa features cutting edge Italian architecture and design...'Green roofs' and gardens on the terraces improve heat and sound insulation, filter the fresh outdoor air before it enters the building, and reduce the build-up of dust and rainwater run-off." [6.28.10]

Grow your own roof? Port Orange approves green initiatives‎
Daytona Beach News-Journal, by Kelly Cuculiansky
Port Orange, FL.
"The grass could be greener upstairs, too. In addition to taking care of the lawn, Port Orange residents may have the opportunity to install green rooftops -- a growing trend of vegetating roofs with grasses, plants and even trees. City leaders have agreed to code changes that will permit green roofs and community gardens in an effort to pave the way for green initiatives. On Tuesday, the City Council gave preliminary approval for the new practices and development incentives..." [6.27.10]

Healdsburg's green hotel
Santa Rosa Press Democrat, by Meg McConahey
Santa Rosa, CA.
"...The uber-green boutique hotel has eco-friendly features such as a living roof and ultra-low water use, as well as a radical design...The water and ecology themes thread through the design as well. The living roof with its watery wave was designed by American Hydrotech (which designed the roof of the new California Academy of Sciences) and installed by Bertotti Landscaping in Petaluma. It captures rainwater to reduce runoff into the creek and stores it in a tank to feed the Kahn water sculpture, a centerpiece of the hotel’s hip Spoonbar Restaurant..." [6.26.10]

City Council funds green roof study
The Horn, by Tiffany Tso
Austin, TX.
"The City of Austin remains fixed on raising the bar for environmental improvements. Austin City Council passed item 75 Thursday, which promised to sponsor green roof development research to be led by the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and the University of Texas. The approved sponsorship will grant the researchers up to $10,000 for the project..." [6.25.10]

5 cool facts about the St. Paul fire station's new green roof‎
LiveGreenTwinCities Blog, by Staff
St. Paul, MN.
"For the St. Paul Fire Department’s newest station, at W. 7th St and Randolph, the folks at city hall decided to get serious about eco-friendly design. And the bossest feature of the place is its multilevel showpiece 2-level 8,000 square foot green roof...1. It’s Watershed-Friendly, 2. It Keeps the Heat Off the City, 3. It’s an Air-Filtering Aerie, 4. Farming Firefighters!, and 5. It’s Experimental..." [6.25.10]

Discovery Zone roof grows green‎
Herald Palladium, Shawn McGrath
St. Joseph, MI.
"Riverside couple's $80,000 donation completes project after funding ran out...The green roof is being installed on the Discovery Zone building and is expected to be complete in one or two weeks, depending on weather, Adams said. The green roof consists of sedum plants in reds, pinks and greens and will be visible from Lake Bluff Park..." [6.25.10]

Building Toronto city hall green roof posed host of challenges
Daily Commercial News, by Saul Chernos
Toronto, Canada.
"...City Hall is both a modern building and a heritage site, aesthetic and historic needs raised technical challenges. Shortly into the project, crews discovered the existing roof was built without a slope, contrary to information designers had been provided. This led to complications, including drainage....Gardens in the Sky, a unit of Flynn Canada that builds living roofs, did much of the installation work. Manager Terry McGlade says the roof’s large size and the fact that adjacent areas remained operative made it tough to co-ordinate the various activities..." [6.25.10]

Green Beer: MillerCoors brewery creates sustainable business model, by Eric Decker
Milwaukee, WI.
"...The Milwaukee brewery is not only focusing on “green” programs on the operations side. Last September, the brewery completed the installation of a green roof on top of one of its administrative buildings. “Because this is an old manufacturing facility, we were intrigued that we could do the new and cool thing,” Moschea said. “This is the first green roof in the MillerCoors facilities. It’s an innovation thing.” Instead of the traditional bed of gravel that covers most commercial buildings, most of the surface of the administrative building is now covered with four types of sedum, a low-growing plant that holds large quantities of water. Although the brewery has not been able to track the energy savings for the building, Guiliani said the green roof will generate savings in several areas..." [6.25.10]

Sprawling Swedish Green Roof Planned for Malmo Exhibition Center
Inhabitat Blog, by Bridgette Meinhold
Malmo, Sweden.
"The design for Malmo’s New Fair and Exhibition Center was recently decided upon in a juried competition, and the winner is Erik Giudice Architects for their proposal featuring the sprawling green roof pictured above. Malmo’s exhibition center will become part of a mixed-use development area in Hyllie, and will also include additional housing, office, park and commercial space. One of Sweden’s largest green roofs will come out of the new project, plus the building will meet up with the city of Malmo’s global environmental strategy..." [6.24.10]

Fireman's Fund Insurance Company Introduces New Green Insurance Endorsements to Broaden Coverage for Policyholders
Business Wire, by Staff
Novato, CA.
"Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, the first property and casualty insurance company to offer green insurance to the U.S. commercial marketplace, introduces the next generation of green insurance endorsements that broadens coverage and allows policyholders to tailor solutions to better meet their needs... In the case of a loss, Fireman’s Fund protects the customer’s green investment with broad coverage including, for example, green power generating equipment, alternative water systems, and vegetated roofs...Vegetated roof coverage extended to vegetated swales and other vegetation that reduces heat island effect, including vegetated walls..." [6.23.10]

Green Roofs - Ingenuity sprouting from the rooftops
Science Nation, by Miles O'Brien
New York, NY.
"...With help from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Gaffin and his two partners, Columbia Univ. civil engineer Patricia Culligan and Lamot-Doherty Earth Observatory geochemist Wade McGillis, are researching what benefits green roofs might have on harsh urban environments. Their initial data suggests the answer is--quite a bit...This research is funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). We have a real incentive to focus on generating new products to support a green economy for the U.S..." [6.23.10]

Can cities save our bees?
The Guardian, by Marion Tanguy
"The alarming decline in the number of bees is well known, but their salvation could come from an unlikely area...Actions range from the creation of gardens and the arrangement of rooftops for bees, to the reduction of pesticides. Bees can only benefit from this kind of initiative. In the UK, Natural England, an agency that advises the government on environmental issues, has launched a plastic beehive to install at home. In the US, Chicago was the first city to act on behalf of bees: the city hall hosts a hive on its planted roof, thanks to the program Green Roofs..." [6.23.10]

Self-Sufficient Napevomo Solar Decathlon House‎
Inhabitat Blog, by Andrew Michler
Madrid, Spain.
"As the European Solar Decathlon heats up in Madrid, the Napevomo House is turning heads for its very unique tack on design. The team, composed mainly of students from Arts et Métiers Paris Tech, has combined two powerful technologies into a single system that heats the house and provides electricity at the same time. That would explain the unusual parabolic mirror sprouting from the top of the building, as if it were the Jetsons’ vacation home. The green roof and wall system brings the design back down to earth, and the overall effort results in a very comfortable home that produces all of its own power and requires zero outside energy..." [6.23.10]

Urban Garden & Terraces Grace Rooftop Deck For Chicago Senior Living Project
Senior Housing News, Blog
Chicago, IL.
"...The project’s green roof hold rainwater to prevent overcharging city sewer systems and helps absorb sunlight and provides insulation and cooling . Of equal importance, the green roof areas offer a beautiful stepback to the dwelling and common area windows. Worn Jerabek PC architects, the firm that designed Mayor Daley’s green roof at City Hall, is proud of this green initiative, created in partnership with The Renaissance Companies..." [6.22.10]

The Cyan-Sustainable Design as High Design
Green Building Pro, by Caitilin Pope-Daum and Walker Macy
Portland, OR.
"...The Cyan is in the process of becoming LEED Gold certified. Landscape design is a defining element of the project, as over half of the building footprint is either vegetated ecoroof or pedestrian-oriented open space...A 7,200 sf ecoroof is planted on the 4-story podium level of the building. It is visible from units in the tower and surrounding buildings, and is laid out in a pattern that complements the plaza below. It is planted with a broad variety of sedums, perennials, and low grasses..." [6.22.10]

Living vegetation grows atop Elmwood Park Zoo's new pavilion
Norristown Times Herald, by Melissa Brooks
Norristown, PA.
“...One way of paying back what you take away is a green roof...the county saw its first green roof (in 2003) at the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection building in Norristown. The zoo has taken the lead in doing something like this, Plechner added. We’ll see a lot more of these (green roofs) in coming years — especially in Philadelphia..." [6.20.10]

Green Living presents green roof options for Toronto, by Kj Mullins
Toronton, Canada.
"...On Saturday Green Living Toronto hosted several area groups and manufacturers who deal in green roofs at Trinity Church on Bloor Street in Toronto. The event allowed visitors to see what options are available for greening their office building and residential rooftops. Green roofs provide more than just a nice place to relax on a summer day. They help the building itself become cooler and more environmentally friendly. The use of vegetation adds oxygen to the air and helps filter the air within the building..." [6.20.10]

Waste-water plant sets new standard
Calgary Herald, by David Parker
Calgary, Canada.
"A waste-water treatment plant may not sound like the most exciting job but GEC Architecture has designed the new-generation Pine Creek facility for the City of Calgary in a campus setting with the site incorporating LEED criteria...Careful placement of earth berms plus the largest installation of green roof in the province provide naturalized visual screening to reduce the apparent size of the plant from the river and the escarpment above..." [6.18.10]

More companies create tools for rooftop gardening
The Associated Press, David Runk
Trenton, MI.
"...Rooftop gardens provide environmental benefits similar to traditional green roofs, in which plants are used to reduce storm water runoff, filter pollutants, and cut heating and cooling costs...GreenGrid, which is owned by Vernon Hills, Ill.-based Weston Solutions Inc., makes rooftop gardening systems that can be used on smaller private homes as well as businesses. It began using plants planted in recycled plastic bins for green roofs and later began offering deeper containers for growing vegetables..." [6.18.10]

Ball Memorial Hospital gets grant for energy efficiency
The Star Press, by Staff
Muncie, IN.
"Ball Memorial Hospital has won a grant for energy efficiency improvements...In October 2009, the hospital installed the state's largest green roof, atop the South Tower. In a green roof, vegetation is planted to conserve energy, reduce stormwater runoff and extend the life of the room. The hospital's green roof is 23,000 square feet in size." [6.18.10]

Glendale Country Club completes $2 million renovation featuring expansive green roof, other eco-friendly improvements
Bellevue Reporter, by Staff
Bellevue, WA.
"...Now, instead of gazing upon deteriorating wood shakes, they're welcomed with a new grand entry and colorful 4000-square-foot green roof as the centerpiece...The green roof, believed to be one of the larger ones in the Greater Seattle area, consists of seven layers, including waterproof membranes, a filter mat, specially engineered growing materials and a variety of carefully selected plants..." [6.18.10]

Mayors announce green initiative at Milwaukee conference‎
The Business Journal, by Stacy Vogel Davis
Milwaukee, WI.
"The mayors of more than 70 cities along the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River pledged Thursday to adopt and expand green municipal practices with the launch of the Green CiTTS program...Mayor Tom Barrett pointed to Milwaukee’s storm sewer improvements and green roof installations as examples for other cities to follow. The city won an “effective use of technology” award Thursday morning from Milwaukee-based Public Policy Forum for installing a green roof on Central Library..." [6.17.10]

Governor Quinn Announces More Than $1 Million to Support Renewable Energy Development, Green Jobs
IGNN, Press Release
Chicago, IL.
"Governor Pat Quinn today announced more than $1 million in federal stimulus funds for S&C Electric Company to manufacture products that improve the distribution and transmission of electricity, and to install a new green roof. The green roof will reduce the amount of energy consumed at the facility. The two projects are expected to create more than 300 jobs and retain 121 jobs. The investment is made possible through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)..." [6.17.10]

Look, Listen, Learn! New Report Shows How Swiss and UK Cities Can Help Each Other
PR Web, Press Release
London, UK.
"Cities in the United Kingdom and Switzerland have a lot to learn from each other to achieve urban sustainability, according to experts in a new report 'Urban Sustainability: a Contradiction in Terms' published today by the Embassy of Switzerland in the UK...Similar dialogue in the past resulted in the UK+CH green roof partnership, which has been a major influence in bringing green roofs into the mainstream in the UK..." [6.17.10]

Foundations aid Pittsburgh YWCA's green roof‎
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, by Bill Zlatos
Pittsburgh, PA.
"The YWCA is getting a green roof, part of a campaign by charitable foundations to make Downtown more environmentally friendly...When its roof is completed, the YWCA will join the Highmark Building, Fifth Avenue Place and the Heinz 57 Center among Downtown buildings with green roofs..." [6.17.10]

Austin could spend $10,000 on vegetated rooftop study
News 8 Austin, by Jenna Hiller
Austin, TX.
"...Globally, there is so little research done in warm weather systems. We've attracted a lot of attention from around the world just because we're looking at green roofs in hot climates, Simmons said. Even though a few city buildings around town, including City Hall, already adorn rooftop gardens, this is the first time green roofs are being studied in a climate like that of Central Texas..." [6.17.10]

The Green Apple: How Can Cities Adapt to Climate Change?
Scientific American, by David Biello
New York, NY.
"New York City--and other major metropolises around the globe--face an epic challenge in coping with the impacts of global warming...Chicago has attempted to reduce energy use in buildings by encouraging green roofs—planted gardens on rooftops. Green roofs, which diminish the heat island effect, could also help forestall an expected increase in deadly heat waves such as the one that killed 700 people there in 1995..." [6.16.10]

Council OK's green roof at Wirth Aquatic Center
Brookfield Elm Grove Now, by K. L. Klein
Brookfield, WI.
"A green roof on the Wirth Aquatic Center that would naturally reduce stormwater runoff could be a showpiece for the city, but is it really worth a $350,000 investment?...they approved an agreement with the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District in which the agency will provide up to $200,000 for the roof. The city will pay the remainder of the $350,000 cost..." [6.16.10]

Stunning Green Roofed Hospital Heals Through Sustainable Design‎
Inhabitat Blog, by Andrew Michler
Florence, Italy.
"The Meyers Pediatric Hospital in Florence, Italy is an exceptional sustainable design that harnesses architecture to help the healing process. The complex is located in a park-like setting and consists of an early 20th century building updated with a new sustainable wing. With an extensive green roof, robust daylighting, and copious art and open space the hospital provides an ideal environment for healing..." [6.15.10]

Dublin Rec Center gets EPA grant for green roof
Columbus Business First, by Staff
Columbus, OH.
"An environmentally friendly project at the Dublin Community Recreation Center is getting a $50650 boost from the Ohio EPA. The agency has awarded a Surface Water Improvement Fund grant to the city for an effort to “green” 2,300 feet on the roof of the recreation center by planting vegetation. The city also plans to install a walkway, small patio and two rain barrels..." [6.15.10]

Tacoma's Center for Urban Waters Adapts to Environmental Conditions‎
Inhabitat Blog, by Bridgette Meinhold
Tacoma, WA.
"The recently opened research center and environmental laboratory actually has the capacity to react to its environmental conditions and alter itself in order to minimize its energy use...Some of the other sustainable features included are a green roof to infiltrate storm water, solar passive design, daylighting, natural ventilation, geothermal heating and cooling, rainwater collection, grey water recycling for irrigation, a photovoltaic system, electric car charging stations and more..." [6.14.10]

Putting rain to work
Chattanooga Times Free Press, by Pam Sohn
Chattanooga, TN.
"...Sustainability is predicated on doing no harm. It's way too late for that. We have to come to know the new terms of regenerative landscapes and high performance landscapes...That shift includes green roofs to absorb rainwater and slow runoff, pervious pavement to allow precipitation to soak into rain gardens and landscape irrigation systems, and gutter sculptures to catch gushes..." [6.13.10]

Cities focusing not just on water, but on its quality, Press Release
"A garden of purple, white and blue flowers adorns the rooftop of Atlanta City Hall, overlooked by glass and concrete skyscrapers. A resident of Philadelphia walks along a pathway filled with trees, shrubs and flowers. A group of children help build a wetland in Charlotte, N.C., just outside their school. Cities across America are confronting the issue of stormwater, also called water quality. Each city's efforts have a somewhat different look and feel, whether it be through wetlands that naturally clean the water, green roofs that keep and store the water while also cleaning it or parks that provide buffers to rivers and streams..." [6.12.10]

Striving to be world's first carbon neutral capital, Copenhagen enacts mandatory green roof policy Blog, by Andrew Nusca
"In an attempt to be the world’s first carbon-neutral capital, Copenhagen, Denmark will reportedly enact a new policy mandating green roofs. The new policy requires building plans to incorporate vegetation and soil and applies to all buildings with roofs that are at less than a 30-degree pitch..." [6.11.10]

NS Norfolk starts green roof project
WAVY-TV, by Staff
Norfolk, VA.
"Naval Station Norfolk kicked-off one of the Navy's first "green" roof projects with a ceremony Thursday morning. The base location receiving the roof is Bldg A 50 on Maryland Avenue...Officials say "green" roofs benefit the environment by filtering and retaining pollutants held in rainwater runoff, thereby improving the water quality that ..." [6.10.10]

Eco-roofs sprout beauty, art in urban centres
Calgary Herald, by Paula Trotter‎
Calgary, Canada.
"One of the newest eco trends really isn't that new at all. According to Kerry Ross, the co-founder and project manager and designer for the Alberta Ecoroof Initiative, the green roof concept dates back to Babylonian times...Ross is currently working as a project manager for the IBI Group on a large green roof for an Edmonton hospital. The Ted and Lois Hole Green Roof Healing Garden is schedule to open by August and will be the largest eco-roof in the city..." [6.10.10]

Barcelona has 3.5 hectares of green roofs
Ajuntament de Barcelona, by Staff
Barcelona, Spain.
"Barcelona has 3.5 hectares of green roofs in 54 of the city's terraces and buildings using this constructive system which integrates vegetation into buildings. Green roofs could be expanded to cover a surface area of close to 96 hectares, if all the city's available spaces were to be used...2009 saw green roofs installed in several municipal buildings such as the Biblioteca Zona Nord (1,200 square metres) and the Fàbrica del Sol (150 square metres)..." [6.10.10]

Cleveland Botanical Garden to help set sustainability standards for landscape projects, by Michael Scott
Cleveland, OH.
"The Cleveland Botanical Garden is on the forefront of setting new nationwide sustainability standards for landscape projects -- not only by pushing the green envelope on its own, but by developing new guidelines for everyone else...The initiative is a partnership of the American Society of Landscape Architects, the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center at the University of Texas at Austin and the United States Botanic Garden..." [6.10.10]

Green roofs need sensible design
Daily Commercial News, by Staff
Toronto, Canada.
“In the rush to embrace green roofs, it’s essential that design professionals maintain their focus on the durability and proper performance of the roof, says one industry expert. If we’re going to talk about sustainability, we‘ve got to address the issues of durability, because it’s durability that brings sensibility to wanting to even be sustainable. What good is it for a green roof to have a premature roof failing..." [6.9.10]

Bercy Chen Buries a High-Tech Update of a Traditional Pit-House
Treehugger, by Lloyd Alter‎
Austin, TX.
"Bercy-Chen Studio is doing a fascinating 1400 square foot residence in Austin, Texas that hits all the right TreeHugger buttons. It is on a modern version of the pit-house used by ancient Pueblo and Cherokee Indians...However it adds a few modern touches like hydronic heating & cooling, geothermal heat exchange, phase-change thermal heat storage, rainwater collection and a green roof..." [6.9.10]

Global Green Building Materials Market to Reach $406 Billion by 2015, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.
PR Web, Press release
World. "This is primarily driven by increased awareness of environmental concerns the world over, high-energy costs, increasing awareness that green buildings enhance well-being and productivity, and decreasing costs of green building materials...Green floorings represent the largest and fastest growing green building materials in the US, followed by green concrete and green roofs..." [6.9.10]

New County Court Building Gets Green Roof, by Marshall Mcpeek
Columbus, OH.
"You won't see it as you drive by on High Street. And you won't notice it when you walk through the grand entrance. But you won't be able to miss it when you look down from the surrounding office buildings. It's green. Like a lawn. And it's on the roof. The new Franklin County Courts Building is designed to be uber-environmentally friendly. It has energy-saving heating and cooling systems, special windows and now... sedum..." [6.9.10]

Meet & Eat: Lisa Goode, of Goode Green Designs
Serious NY Eats, by Leah Douglas
New York, NY.
"As the nation becomes increasingly aware of our need for environmental sustainability and agricultural self-reliance, we begin to look for new ways to incorporate greenery into our lives. Lisa and Chris Goode run Goode Green, a green-roof design firm to suit this precise need. They started out with greening roofs with plants and other small vegetation, but have been looking towards a more agricultural approach as demand increases..." [6.8.10]

Wells Fargo Office Tower Saves 5 Million kWh Annually
Environmental Leader, by Staff
Charlotte, NC.
"Wells Fargo’s Duke Energy Center, in Charlotte, N.C., has earned the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certification...The office tower also features a green roof planted with native and adaptive plants, which reduces the “heat island” effect, cuts heating and cooling loads on the building, and mitigates storm water runoff, while providing an outdoor space for tenants..." [6.8.10]

Why vertical gardens are the height of fashion, by Kate Weinberg
"Living walls are a chic way to fill gaps in the small garden with flowers and shrubs that can cover bare walls beautifully...While some gardeners use the phrase "vertical gardening" in this rather pointless way (rather than just talking about the honeysuckle growing on their shed), Patrick Blanc-inspired "living walls" are a different breed..." [6.8.10]

Pitched vs. flat: Despite the cold, climate still allows a wide choice for roofing
Alberta Construction Magazine, by Godfrey Budd‎
Alberta, Canada.
"Roofs are sometimes referred to as the fifth side of a building, suggesting their role as part of an integrated, complete envelope system that includes waterproofing, exterior walls, and cladding...Green roofs can reduce cooling loads on a building significantly-up to 30 per cent. People tend to go to a reflective roof, but in Alberta its probably an energy negative..." [6.7.10]

Going for the 'green'
Helena Independent Record, by John Harrington
Helena, MT.
"...The 110,000 square-foot building, designed by Mosaic Architecture and built by Dick Anderson Construction, both of Helena, has innovative and energy-saving features from top to bottom — from the literally 'green' roof planted with sedum grown near Whitehall and designed to absorb energy and reduce the building’s carbon footprint to the two 2,500-gallon cisterns in the basement that capture rainwater from the uncultivated portions of the roof and then use the water to nourish the ground-level landscaping..." [6.6.10]

Pepsi votes sought for conservatory roof project
Rockford Register Star, By Mike Wiser
Rockford, IL.
"The Rockford Park District needs your help to win $50000 to help pay for a green roof over the Nicholas Conservatory...The Park District has joined other local individuals and organizations seeking money in the nationwide competition that allows people to vote online once a day...Aqua Aerobics has pledged $200,000 for naming rights for the green roof. The outcome of the Pepsi grant, however, may affect the design of the roof and how much the district spends on it..." [6.4.10]

Hotel takes rooftop gardens a step further with beekeeping
Los Angeles Times Blog, by P. J. Huffstutter
Chicago, IL.
"Few chefs rave about having bugs in their business. But Myk Banas, the executive chef and director of food and beverage operations at the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile, dotes on the hotel’s rooftop hives of honey bees...Mayor Richard M. Daley, who has been a proponent for “greening” Chicago, seems to have a fondness for such projects: Hives of Italian honeybees have been housed in a corner of City Hall’s rooftop garden for years..." [6.4.10]

Dallas office buildings offer rooftop garden oases
Dallas Morning News, by Steve Brown
Dallas, TX.
"...Nestled high above street level at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, the urban oasis has an appropriate landscaping feature – a giant dollar sign made out of walkways and low walls...A handful of Dallas office projects are now offering rooftop gardens that aren't as shielded as the park at the Fed. These new green spaces provide business tenants a convenient break from the big city far above the buzz and grind of the streets..." [6.4.10]

Happy birthday, Biosphère
Montreal Gazette, by Monique Beaudin‎
Montreal, Canada.
"...Since opening its doors in 1995, the Biosphère environment museum has evolved from one focused on water to an education centre that teaches young people across North America about ecology and sustainable development...the Biosphère has two working windmills, solar panels, green roofs and walls, and a geothermal system, all deliberately chosen to show visitors..." [6.4.10]

St. Paul fire station getting green roof
Minneapolis Star Tribune, by Chao Xiong‎
Minneapolis, MN.
"A green roof is being installed on the garage serving St. Paul's newest fire station at W. 7th Street and Randolph Avenue...The 8,000-square-foot green roof is being installed on a parking garage that serves a new building that houses fire department headquarters..." [6.3.10]

Downtown's Pacific Plaza earns LEED Platinum
Tacoma Daily News, by Staff
Tacoma, WA.
"BLRB Architects announced today the Pacific Plaza building in downtown Tacoma has received LEED Platinum certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) -- the highest rating possible -- for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability...the 60,000 square foot Pacific Plaza was designed by BLRB Architects and features two floors of Class A office space; 30,000 square feet of storefront office space; a 30,000 square foot green roof..." [6.3.10]

Female mallard nests on the edge of bank roof
Annapolis Capital, by Pamela Wood
Annapolis, MD.
"The 'green roof' at the Severn Savings Bank building in Annapolis certainly is attractive: a nice patio surrounded by lush green plants, with an expansive view. But for a duck? A female mallard duck has taken up residence on the edge of the bank building's roof. Workers in the building on Westgate Circle fear she's sitting on eggs..." [6.3.10]

Can We Use Biomimicry To Design Cities? Janine Benyus Says Yes
Treehugger, by Leonora Oppenheim
London, UK.
"Janine Benyus explains why formulating ambitious nature inspired briefs for city master planning is important. "If you're working in an area with dangerous levels of soil erosion, you should ask how can we have a policy of zero rainfall hitting bare ground? Then you can start designing a city with multiple green roofs, awnings and coverings. If on the other hand you are building in an area of severe water scarcity and the goal is to get 40% of water back in the ground, you should ask, how can we design permeable pavements?..." [6.3.10]

Hugh Garner Housing Co-operative will boast largest green roof in Canada
Daily Commercial News, by Peter Kenter
Toronto, Canada.
"The eight-storey Hugh Garner Housing Co-operative, located in the heart of Toronto’s Cabbagetown, has officially opened the second phase of what will be the largest residential green roof project in Canada...Terry McGlade, Manager of Gardens in the Sky, a division of Flynn Canada Ltd., masterminded the garden portion of the green roof..." [6.3.10]

Passion for Plants - Botanical Window to the Blue Mountains
ABC Local, by Dr Tim Entwisle
New South Wales, Australia.
"The World Heritage Exhibition Centre is about to open and is expected to draw in thousands of new visitors to Mount Tomah Botanic Garden each year...A bonus in having this Centre in a botanic garden is that we can create a landscape outside to add to the experience - the building has a 'green roof', and is surrounded by plantings evoking the feel of vegetation in the Blue Mountains..." [6.2.10]

Columbia St. Mary's hospital to add second green roof
The Business Journal, by Staff
Milwaukee, WI.
"Columbia St. Mary's Inc. said Wednesday that it has received a grant of $325,000 from the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District to install a second green roof at the new Columbia St. Mary's Hospital Milwaukee on the east side...MMSD backs the project through its 2010 Regional Green Roof Initiative Program because the green roofs at the hospital will capture rainwater and keep it out of the regional sewer system..." [6.2.10]

New Appraisal Institute book teaches how to appraise "green" homes
National Mortgage Professional Magazine, by Staff
"A new book published by the Appraisal Institute helps shed some light for appraisers on how to estimate values for popular “green” home features, such as energy-efficient appliances, toxin-free flooring and insulation and vegetated roofs. In An Introduction to Green Homes, author Alan Simmons, SRPA, LEED AP, provides an overview of the programs, organizations and products fueling the current surge in environmentally responsible building and remodeling..." [6.2.10]

Council pushes for clean development
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, by Joe Smydo‎
Pittsburgh, PA.
"Legislation sponsored by four Pittsburgh City Council members would require contractors involved in city-subsidized developments to operate air-friendly vehicles and reduce water runoff through the use of green roofs, man-made wetlands and rain gardens...It would encourage developers to go beyond conventional stormwater management practices and control runoff with green building practices such as green roofs..." [6.2.10]

BMW dealership goes green in Richmond, British Columbia
Journal of Commerce, by Jean Sorensen
Richmond, Canada.
"A vast amount of indoor space is required for car dealerships today and dealers are looking for ways to cut heating costs...These areas need to be heated, so one dealer turned to geothermal energy as a green solution, when designing his building. It didn’t stop there. He added a green roof and now a recycling centre, complete with a 60-foot vertical wind turbine..." [6.2.10]

Builder planting seed of 'green roof' design in Jacksonville
Florida Times-Union, by Steve Patterson‎
Jacksonville, FL.
"...The roof of her construction company — 1,200 square feet of it, anyway — will be covered this summer by low-maintenance plants installed to hold and filter rainwater and reduce heat buildup around the building. It’s apparently the first green roof on a Jacksonville business, and one of only a few on any type of building in Northeast Florida..." [6.1.10]

Shanghai Expo 2010 offers glimpses of a greener future
Vancouver Sun, by Michael Geller‎
Shanghai, China.
'Why can't buildings wear coats to keep the heat in and the cold out? This is one of the questions asked at the UK Pavilion at Shanghai EXPO 2010. The answer? They can wear coats. In fact, a layer of vegetation incorporated into a green roof can help control the temperature of a building while improving energy efficiency..." [6.1.10]

Compact and Green: Wave House
Jetson Green Blog, by Preston Koerner
Reims, France.
"This affordable, 1,400 square-foot home is under construction near Reims, France, according to Dezeen. With a curvy green roof -- somewhat similar to the one seen at Birchway Eco-Community -- Wave House has a double-skin polycarbonate glass facade and a vegetated surface to shield against summer heat and winter cold..." [6.1.10]

Allegheny County Office Building roof going green
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, by Len Barcousky
Pittsburgh, PA.
"...Ms. Cravotta, who is special projects coordinator for Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato, was one of the tour leaders Tuesday on a visit to the first "green roof" being installed on a government building in southwestern Pennsylvania...That makes the county's first green roof an ideal tool for demonstrating the different kinds of plants, drainage systems and growing materials that can be used in such project..." [6.1.10]

KC's six-story-high Green Roof park opens
Kansas City Star, by Kevin Collison
Kansas City, MO.
"The Green Roof, Kansas City's newest park, is atop a garage at 13th and Main streets in the Power & Light District...“We’re happy to have the Green Roof open for the public’s enjoyment,” said Rick Usher, assistant to the city manager. “We’ve completed all the improvements necessary to the public and ready for the spring and summer season..." [5.31.10]

Container Crossbox with a Green Roof
Jetson Green Blog,
by Preston Koerner‎
Brittany, France.
"When using shipping containers for a structure, you'll want to do your homework, but often the results can be stunning, as is the case here. Located in Brittany, France, Crossbox was built with four containers and topped with greenery. Two modules cantilever over the other two, but you can hardly tell what's going on as drywall and cladding camouflage the industrial skeleton." [5.30.10]

Toronto to host Federation of Canadian Municipalities' (FCM) first-ever Municipal Awards of Excellence, Press Release

Toronto, Canada.
"...FCM presented its Sustainable Community Awards and the newly created Watershed Awards. The winners of the 2010 FCM Sustainable Community Awards are: Brownfields: the City of Toronto, Ont., Buildings - City of Campbell River, B.C., Green Roof Retrofit for City Hall...The green roof retrofit has provided Campbell River with an opportunity to demonstrate leadership in environmental initiatives, and has generated community interest in green building principles and the Green City Strategy..." [5.29.10]

The Many Ways to Make Roofs Green
Technorati Blog,
by Nicole Wong
Vancouver, Canada.
"In the effort to reduce cooling and heating cost of buildings, storm water runoff, and to make cities prettier and healthier, some buildings have adopted roof top gardens...The Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver's rooftop garden yields all kinds of herbs, edible flowers, vegetables, squashes, and berries for the hotel restaurant..." [5.29.10]

Green roofs offer mix of beauty and practicality
Quad Cities Online, by Lindsay Hocker
Rock Island, IL.
"The green roofs that have sprouted on Quad-Cities buildings are natural patches in a concrete world...The green roof was completed in 2009 so this is its second growing season. A $316,000 grant River Action received from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency paid for the roof..." [5.29.10]

The green roof at Toronto City Hall
Toronto Blog Blog, by Gadjo Sevilla
Toronto, Canada. "The green roof at Toronto City Hall is considered the city's largest publicly accessible green roof. Sadly, it's not situated at the top of the twin towers, but instead many flights below on the podium roof - the part of City Hall that surrounds the building that looks sort of like a spaceship...Designed to be a new urban oasis, the green roof covers 35,000 square feet. Aside from adding another green space to the city, the podium is said to improve thermal and sound insulation, air quality and will create a habitat for birds and small animals..." [5.28.10]

BofA grabs bigger piece of tower
Charlotte Business Journal, by Will Boye‎
Charlotte, NC. "Bank of America Corp. has taken its new, 32-story uptown office tower off the market and plans to fill all but 5% of the space with its own employees...Bank of America plans to seek LEED Gold certification for its new uptown tower, which includes a range of sustainable design features. including green roofs and water-conservation strategies..." [5.28.10]

Roofs for wildlife and recreation, by Staff
UK. "A ZinCo green roof from Alumasc has been used for the roof garden of the Ormeau Bakery apartments in Belfast. RPP Architects specified ZinCo intensive green roofing elements and Hydrotech MM6125 waterproofing for the car park podium...The Hydrotech MM6125 was chosen for the waterproofing element, offering a solution for inverted green roofs and hard landscaped podium structures in new build applications..." [5.27.10]

Hugh Garner celebrates completion of Phase 2 of Canada's largest residential green roof
ECO/Huff Strategy, Press Release
Toronto, Canada. "...The green roof, currently two-thirds completed, has roofing membrane material and electro-mechanical technology for preserving rain water. The customized green roof design also features pergolas and a gazebo for shade, seating and decking, planted beds, accessible raised planters and barrier-free paths...$150,000 from the City's Live Green Toronto Grant Program enabled the Co-op to proceed with Phase 2 of the project and access the latest green roof technology..." [5.26.10]

Green Roofs as Greenwash Come to China
Treehugger, by Lloyd Alter‎
World. "Architects use all kinds of tricks to make their buildings look better in renderings; mirrored glass used to be a favorite, with renderings of buildings showing reflections of sky and clouds as the building just blended into the landscape. As we have noted before, green roofs are the new mirrored glass, as architects bring roofs down to ground level and blur the line between landscape and building. But just imagine what this project would look like if green roofs had not been invented..." [5.26.10]

Diary of an Urban Farmer: Braving the Storm
The Atlantic, by Annie Novak‎
New York, NY. "Two weeks ago, three stories up in the air, I knelt on the rocky, shallow soil of the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm to plant row after row of eggplants, peppers, and tomatoes...High winds had sent my tender pea plants into a trembling, serpentine dance. As they'd blown back and forth, the shale and rocks in the green roof soil medium had cut many of their stems to the quick, killing them abruptly in their first month of growth..." [5.25.10]

The Best Industries for Starting a Business In 2010
, by Christine Lagorio, Tamara Schweitzer and Josh Spiro
US. "Congratulations: You have survived the recession. Now what? If you have ever had the urge to start your own business, now may be a good time to make a move...Helping homes and businesses go green is a $17.75 billion-and-growing industry. Environmental consulting is expected to grow 9 percent a year over the next five years, according to IBISWorld, a publisher of U.S. industry research. This industry is well suited to independent contractors with the skills to install environmentally friendly gear such as wind turbines, solar panels, and green roofs..." [5.24.10]

New green-roof housing development soaks up the sun, Daniel Roberts
Bronx, NY. "...The $110,000.000 building is at the corner of East 158th Street and Melrose Avenue, and was designed with the goal of achieving a LEED-Gold rating, which is a high honor in the world of environmentally friendly architecture. Its green efforts have indeed earned the building that mark, along with hard-to-get certifications from NYSERDA Energy Star and Enterprise Green Communities. The structure has 84 residential units, 16 of which are dedicated to the homeless. There are three green roofs, one solar panel roof on the 12th floor, and a complicated eco-friendly ventilation system that will provide fresh air and save energy..." [5.24.10]

Wall gardens growing in popularity
San Diego Union Tribune, by Mike Lee‎
San Diego, CA. "...Jim Mumford, president of GreenScaped Buildings and a self-described “eco-warrior,” is behind many of the region’s wall gardens, including the one at the Urban Corps office. He attracted attention in 2007 for installing a green roof on his Kearny Mesa warehouse as a demonstration project..." [5.24.10]

Underground Mountainside Hotel is Efficient and Beautiful
Inhabitat Blog, by Philip Proefrock‎
Italy. "Architect Matteo Thun has designed this striking eco-friendly hotel to be located on a mountainside in the National Park of Stelvio in the Italian Alps. Composed of a series of underground buildings linked by undulating green roofs, the complex takes advantage of passive design principles and ground-source heat pumps to conserve energy..." [5.24.10]

Europe in bloom: a living façade at the European Environment Agency
European Environment Agency, by Staff
Copenhagen, Denmark. "The Living Façade is one of EEA's main contributions to the United Nations International Year of Biodiversity. The front of our building on Kongens Nytorv 6 will be covered with about 5,000 annual plants showing a map of Europe and plant biodiversity. The façade will be in place from 22 May to October 2010. Follow the project step by step, and learn more about the science behind it..." [5.22.10]

The Big Smoke opens up
London Free Press, by Jim Fox
Toronto, Canada. "See Toronto as few tourists have by exploring places and gems off the beaten track -- or just take a walk on the beach. It's all possible next weekend -- and free -- as Doors Open Toronto offers an enticing list of 146 buildings of architectural, historic, cultural and social significance to visit...These include heritage landmarks, modern structures, green roofs, places of worship, halls of learning, boardrooms, bedrooms, breweries, lighthouses, mansions, museums, theatres, national historic sites, centres of rail travel, cemeteries, factories, banking halls, architects' offices and more...The City Hall Podium Green Roof will reopen as the city's largest publicly accessible green roof on the open house weekend..." You can search for more Toronto Project Profiles in the Greenroof & Greenwall Projects Database [5.22.10]

OMRF 'tops out' research tower construction
Edmond Sun, by Staff
Oklahoma City, OK. "...The building will be the second in Oklahoma to earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold certification. It boasts newly developed energy management systems to cut electricity usage and a living roof and rain garden to prevent runoff pollution and insulate the building. Water consumption will be reduced by recycling condensation from the air conditioning system and by using native plants in landscaping..." [5.21.10]

6-acre 'greenroof' atop Vancouver Convention Centre in B.C., by Katie Zemtseff
Vancouver, Canada. "Vancouver, B.C., is home to one of the largest green roofs in North America: a 6-acre behemoth bigger than four football fields on the edge of a busy metropolis. But when you're up on the roof, it's like you are in a quiet meadow surrounded by urban land...Few people get up onto the Vancouver Convention Centre West roof. Bruce Hemstock, a partner at the landscape architecture firm PWL Partnership, said it is closed to protect the new habitat and creatures that live there. The roof is home to four beehives, other insects, birds and rodents..." [5.20.10]

Seoul to Build 122 Rooftop Gardens By Year-End
Arirang News, by D. Aeun
Seoul, South Korea. "More than 100 buildings in Seoul will be equipped with rooftop gardens by the end of this year. The Seoul city government announced on Thursday that it will earmark 11 billion won or about 8.3 million US dollars to build 52-thousand square meters of rooftop gardens. Public properties will receive financial aid covering between 70 percent to 100 percent of construction costs while selected private buildings will receive about half of the necessary costs. Government officials say the green roofs will contribute to reducing energy consumption needed for air-conditioning." [5.20.10]

Green Roof ROI Not for House-Flippers
Triple Pundit, by BC Upham‎
US. "Expert interviews and analysis of the latest studies indicate that plant-covered green roofs can save both individuals and society money over the long run, but seeing a net return on investment is a long-term proposition. Green roofs can lower energy bills significantly, especially in the summer...Translation: a green roof can break even over the long term — 50 years or so. For shorter time spans, the ROI may not be quite there..." [5.20.10]

Brownstown Middle School plans green projects
Metromode Media, by Andrew Clark
Romulus, MI. "Brownstown Middle School is going for the green building trifecta by installing a wind turbine, solar panels, and a green roof. The Woodhaven-Brownstown School District received $670,000 in federal grants to install the three sustainability projects this summer that will help generate clean energy for the school and teach its students about science, biology, and environmental issues. The green roof promises to be the biggest teaching tool..." [5.20.10]

Chicago Skyscapes: Chicago Botanic Garden, by Staff
Chicago, IL. "The new Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Plant Conservation Science Center features a green roof that underscores the Garden's commitment to plant conservation...Green roofs are an important component of sustainable urban development. According to the International Green Roof Association (IGRA), public benefits of green roofs include stormwater retention, a decrease in the urban heat island effect, a reduction of dust and smog, natural beauty, and the provision of a new habitat for plants..." [5.20.10]

Brooklyn Grange Farm receives green light to continue building city's largest rooftop garden
New York Daily News, by Leigh Remizowski
Brooklyn, NY. "After being ordered by the city to stop spreading 600 tons of soil atop a Long Island City roof, a group of urban farmers can now get back to work...The 40,000-square-foot project began last Wednesday at the Standard Motor Products building on Northern Blvd. with much media attention, but, it turned out, without city approval...The agency's main concern was whether the building could hold the weight of a rooftop farm..." [5.19.10]

Uber-Efficient Eco Auditorium Features a Sloping Green Roof
Inhabitat Blog, by Bridgette Meinhold
Carrus, Spain. "...The green roof acts as a sloping, open-air auditorium and helps keep the entire building cooler while improving the quality of public space in this area of Elche...Urbanarbolismo’s eco auditorium is a triangular building that features a leafy living facade facing the street and a sloping green roof up top..." [5.19.10]

Kansas City agrees to spend $2.5B on sewer system, pay $600K penalty
Kansas City Business Journal, by Staff
Kansas City, MO. "Kansas City has agreed to spend more than $2.5 billion on extensive improvements to its sewer system, the U.S. Justice Department and Environmental Protection Agency said Tuesday...In addition to improving public health and the environment, the project — which puts Kansas City on track to compliance with the federal Clean Water Act — is to be a model for using green infrastructure and technology in overflow solutions. The plan promotes natural or engineered green features, such as green roofs, rain gardens and permeable pavements, to cut storm-water flow into the sewer system..." [5.18.10]

Lab of the Year embodies client's ecological mission
R & D Magazine, by David Mann
Chicago, IL. "...The client wanted a green roof to serve sustainability, research and educational functions, and required that the building achieve LEED Gold or higher...This project addressed all aspects of outstanding lab design: beautiful architecture, out standing site integration, functional and flexible labs, sustainability, an extra measure of energy conservation, and integration of public access and science on display." [5.18.10]

Outdoors: Green Roof Design by Goode Green in New York
International Business Times, by Francesca
New York, NY. "Manhattan-based designers Chris and Lisa Goode of Goode Green are pioneers in the green roof movement in New York. In 2006, they restored a dilapidated building in Little Italy, working with architect Andrew Berman to build a penthouse apartment with a 6,000-square-foot green roof garden...After realizing there was a need for green roof design in the city, the couple founded Goode Green with Amy Trachtman in 2008; among their projects are the meadow roof for the Crosby Street Hotel and the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Greenpoint, Brooklyn..." [5.18.10]

New York City's Bryant Park Wins 2010 Landmark Award
Environmental Expert, Press Release‎
New York, NY. "...the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) and the National Trust for Historic Preservation announced New York City’s Bryant Park as the winner of the 2010 Landmark Award. The award recognizes a project’s design excellence, longevity and contribution to the public realm...In addition to a large green roof, the park now offers year-round activities enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year..." [5.18.10]

Innovative Lifewall Living Facade Tiles
Jetson Green Blog, by Preston Koerner‎
Spain. "Earlier this year, Ceracasa unveiled Lifewall, a modular living wall tile for exterior applications made in one square meter panels. Lifewall was designed by and currently marketed globally by Emilio Llobat of Maqla Architects, Azahar Energy, and Ceracasa. The new system uses drip-water irrigation for water efficiency and can support a variety of plantings..." [5.18.10]

Easy being green for county's new facility
Waukegan News Sun, by Jim Newton‎
Libertyville, IL. "Lake County government's first green roof took root Monday as workers planted perennials on top of the county's new Central Permit Facility in Libertyville. The Lake County Stormwater Management Commission secured a $150,000 grant from the Environmental Protection Agency for the rooftop project, which will absorb water to prevent runoff and serve as an insulating feature to help keep the building cool in the summer and warm in the winter..." [5.18.10]

Wolf Street Block Wins 'Cool Roof'; Philadelphia Aims to Be Greenest City
EP Magazine, by Staff‎
Philadelphia, PA. "Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter announced that the 1200 Block of Wolf Street has won the RetroFIT PHILLY "Coolest Block" contest. Nutter's announcement followed the signing of legislation aimed at helping Philadelphia become "the Greenest City in America." The new law requires installation of energy-efficient reflective roofs or green roofs on all new no- and low-slope roofs throughout the city..." [5.18.10]

PSU recognized as top “green” college
PSU Daily Vanguard, by Michael Pascual
Portland, OR. "Portland State was recently named as one of the top “green” colleges in the U.S. by The Princeton Review, and is featured in the organization’s new book, Guide to 286 Green Colleges...Currently, Sailor is working on research dealing with energy and the environment with a focus on the urban climate system. Last year, Sailor, along with members from the chemistry and biology faculty at PSU, was awarded a $300,000 grant from the National Science Foundation for a project researching the benefits of combining green roofs with solar arrays..." [5.18.10]

Escondido nursery grows roof for new Fallbrook Library
North County Times, by Gary Warth
Fallbrook, NC. "Roofing material doesn't usually attract much attention, but there's something special about the one planned for the new Fallbrook Library. "We've had people calling from all over about this," said Jerri Patchett, chairwoman of the Friends of the Fallbrook Library building task force. "They want to know about the art and the green roof."..." [5.17.10]

Buildings that control their climate, naturally
Times of India, by Paul John
Ahmedabad, India. "The city may feel like insides of a furnace these days, baking denizens ruthlessly as the mercury continues on its relentless climb, but then there are some cool spaces too. Mostly unnoticed, these 'cool by nature' buildings may help you change your perception about...'Most of our new office projects have gardens on roofs as a cooling feature.' The electric bills of my office which used to be driven up by AC have dipped by 45%. Cooler office environs means less AC consumption..." [5.17.10]

Fordham Bedford Housing receives Home Depot greening grant, by Daniel Roberts
New York, NY. "Fordham Bedford Housing Corporation, on Grand Concourse, has just been handed $75,000 and will at last be able to move forward in outfitting an affordable living facility for the elderly with a green roof and expansive ground-level garden...The $75K comes from the Home Depot Foundation, which selected FBH from a number of competitive applicants. This year’s round of Home Depot grants will support the building of over 1600 healthy, affordable homes, 31 playgrounds, and the landscaping of 48 acres in total..." [5.16.10]

Government needs strict rules before homeowners can safely go green
Toronto Star, by Diana Zlomislic
Toronto, Canada. "...A Star investigation has discovered that governments have created what some describe as a “Wild West”-like situation by urging homeowners to go green when they renovate or build from scratch. Green government grants and other incentives have boosted the building sector but few guidelines or quality-control standards exist, and those that do are not policed..." [5.16.10]

Putting an Ecoroof Over Your Head
The Daily Score Blog,
by Lisa Stiffler‎
Portland, OR. "...While installation of the green roof costs more upfront, that skips all of the savings associated with the roof – primarily their extended lifespan. There are also heating and cooling costs savings that come from the ecoroof’s added insulation. And there are the less-economically tangible benefits (at least to a homeowner) of creating wildlife habitat, reducing "heat island" effects, and reducing air pollution..." [5.14.10]

Nowhere to go but up, by Bill Power
Halifax, Canada. "Halifax landscape architect Sue Sirrs thinks vertical gardening will revolutionize the industry with an endless list of new applications. 'Look at this amazing garden. It’s hard to think it might have been nothing but a concrete wall,' the talent behind Outside! Planning and Design Studio said Wednesday as a living wall — a spectacular vertical garden — was unveiled in Dartmouth..." [5.13.10]

G20's greensignature a living wall
The Globe and Mail,
by Anna Mehler Paperny
Toronto, Canada. "...Ottawa put out a tender Wednesday asking for proposals on a “living wall” to be built in the Direct Energy Centre. Anyone with plans for a made-in-Canada wall of “pre-cultivated” plants has until May 25 to submit their idea. Not only will the vertical garden cool the building and improve air quality during the summit, the notice states, it will also 'benefit the City of Toronto long after the Summit has passed'..." [5.13.10]

Adam Fry the Science Guy
Tarry Town Patch Blog,
by Sarah Studley‎
Sleepy Hollow, NY.
"...The senior's project, Green Roofs: A Viable Stormwater Management Technology, was one of 16 first-place winners in the Senior Environment category...Fry, who has always been interested in engineering, stumbled upon green roof technology while conducting research for his three-year-long science research program at SHHS..." [5.13.10]

High Above Queens, the Dirt Is Deep, and Good
New York Times Blog, by Diane Cardwell‎
New York, NY. “Brooklyn Grange, one of the biggest farms to start in the city since the days when Brooklyn and Queens were the nation’s leading vegetable producers, began to take shape Thursday as a crane hoisted bag after enormous bag of dirt –- each weighing more than a ton -– onto the roof of an industrial building in Long Island City...I guess it was really one step beyond what we were trying to accomplish with a green roof — to make the life of the roof last longer and the energy efficiency..." [5.13.10]

Creating fine habitats ... naturally
The Bay of Plenty Times, by Graham Skellern‎
Auckland, New Zealand. "One company, Auckland-based Natural Habitats, has expanded into Tauranga and wants to bring an extra dimension to landscaping. The award-winning company plans to introduce environmentally friendly greenroofs, greenwalls and rain gardens...Studies show the greenroofs and greenwalls improve the air quality and thermal insulation, and dampen noise, producing healthier buildings and occupants, said Mr Muir..." [5.13.10]

NSCC designs, builds, plants innovative "living wall"
Nova Scotia Community College,
by Stacey Baillie
Dartmouth, NS.
"A living, breathing example of innovation is growing at Nova Scotia Community College’s (NSCC) Centre for the Built Environment at the Waterfront Campus in Dartmouth...Living walls combine the natural and built environments. They filter the air, create habitats and add vitality to a building’s design. In 2007, Centre for the Built Environment architects, Barrie & Langille, hired Sue Sirrs, owner of Outside! Planning and Design Studio, to study the feasibility of an exterior living wall that would thrive in a cold climate..." [5.12.10]

UCA Tests Green Roof for Energy Savings
UCA Today, by Staff‎
Conway, AR. “University of Central Arkansas officials are taking green efforts to a higher level -- the roof top. About 2,000 square-foot of sedum, a drought tolerant plant material, has been planted on the roof of Laney Hall. The test area will help officials determine green roof benefits and how it functions. Laney Hall was selected because its roof was structurally able to support the weight associated with the installation of a green roof..." [5.12.10]

'Green roofs' take off in New York
Dispatch Online, by Staff
New York, NY. "Urban farming is a growth industry in New York city’s concrete jungle, and with little open land free, agriculturalists and beekeepers have taken to the rooftops to pursue their passion...The movement is helped along by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who seeks to turn the city into a sustainable development champion. Through PlaNYC 2030 , a programme he launched on Earth Day 2007, people who install 'green roofs' can get a tax break..." [5.12.10]

Green roof in Northpointe Industrial Park may save energy bucks
Tarentum Valley News Dispatch, by Mitch Fryer‎
Buffalo, NY. "A green roof may be sprouting on top of a county building in the Northpointe Industrial Park and a local man is involved in the roof's design and implementation. John Welch of Manor, vice president of technologies for Stimulus Engineering, an engineering services and products firm south of Bloomington, Ind., recently received accreditation as a 'Green Roof professional.'..." [5.12.10]

Kenmore's shiny, new City Hall
PNW Local News, by Tom Corrigan
Kenmore, WA. "...Kenmore Public Information Officer Leslie Harris noted the new City Hall is on track to be Leadership in Energy for Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certified. According to both Harris and Brown, green attributes include a vegetated roof, solar panels, natural lighting, permeable pavement to reduce water run off and countertops made from recycled materials. In a second-floor office area, Brown pointed out counter tops made from sunflower seeds..." [5.11.10]

Rooftop garden, cooler indoors
Honolulu Advertiser, by Mike Gordon
Hawaii. "As cool ideas go, this one tops them all. Businesses can reduce their air conditioning cost — and in turn, their carbon footprint — by planting a garden on the roof...The newest green roof is growing right now on a second-floor deck used by the Honolulu architecture firm of Philip K. White & Associates. Employees at the firm recently planted 150 square feet of ferns, naupaka papa, rhoeo and plectranthus using a modular system called GreenGrid, which grows plants in removable trays..." [5.10.10]

Green Roofs: Beneficial or Boondoggle?
The Daily Score,
by Lisa Stiffler
Portland, OR. "...But it turns out that living roofs offer more than green window dressing. According to Northwest-specific research, ecoroofs significantly reduce stormwater runoff and their insulating properties cut energy use. Additionally, though more difficult to quantify, the roofs provide plants and soil that are hospitable to bugs and birds. The vegetation helps clean the air and can reduce the “heat island” effect in which cities and their pavement and black rooftops are hotter than undeveloped landscapes..." [5.10.10]

Living walls may be the ultimate raised-bed garden
North County Times, by Lindsey Besecker‎
San Diego, CA. "Things are looking up for gardeners who are short on space but long on imagination. It's increasingly easy to build vertical gardens, structures that enable plants to grow upward if there is no room for growing them laterally....'Holding water on a flat roof isn't difficult, but turning it 90 degrees on a wall is tremendously tricky,' said Edmund Snodgrass of Street, Md., an author and operator of a nursery dedicated to producing green roof plants..." [5.9.10]

Milwaukee Public Library installs green roof
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,
by Don Behm
Milwaukee, WI. "The roof of Milwaukee's Central Library sprang to life, and went to work, in Friday's steady rain. Thousands of sedum, a ground-covering plant, and clumps of chive and ornamental grasses - all perennials - were planted Friday in a six-inch layer of small gravel and soil spread across 30,000 square feet - nearly seven-tenths of an acre - to create a green roof atop the historic building, said Taj Schoening, business operations manager for the Milwaukee Public Library..." [5.8.10]

Living walls and green roofs - turning clients green
Horticulture Week, by Gavin McEwan‎
UK. "Considered no more than a novelty even two years ago, living roofs and walls are fast becoming established in the building mainstream. This has led to an outpouring of new off-the-peg formats...Living surfaces offer so many positives as to make the choice of specifics seem almost irrelevant. But just as a good garden designer will want to know what purpose a client has in mind for a garden, establishing the primary purpose of the surface early on will make defining the specifics easier..." [5.7.10]

DC set to tunnel its way out of sewage overflows
The Chesapeake Bay Journal, by Lara Lutz‎
DC. "District's green roofs, rain gardens and stormwater upgrades make it a leader in controlling runoff...The District has been working for years to encourage and help fund green roofs, rain gardens and other surface treatments that hold and absorb rainwater..." [5.7.10]

Eco-sheds being donated to community housing corp
Windsor Star, by Dave Hall‎
Windsor, Canada. "Renewable energy housing projects and green-roof eco-friendly sheds are all part of a collaboration between students at St. Clair College and a pair of housing organizations on the city's west side. Students in the college's architectural, civil and construction program designed and built a small shed which has been donated to the Windsor Essex Community Housing...” [5.6.10]

Gardens That Grow on Walls
New York Times, by Kristina Shevory
Manhattan, NY. "Given the chance to accompany a team of botanists on a plant-collecting expedition to South America, most gardeners would probably be satisfied with the experience. They wouldn’t come home and try to recreate the rain forest in Manhattan...Matthew McGregor-Mento put 400 plants in his vertical garden in Manhattan...Many of the modular systems — essentially plastic trays filled with dirt and attached to a wall, with a sprinkler or drip irrigation system — differ dramatically from Patrick Blanc’s living walls...” [5.5.10]

Plant wall cleans indoor air, by Paul Dalby
Toronto, Canada. "What does a car plant in Cambridge have in common with a new condo building and a supermarket in Toronto’s Regent Park? Answer: they’re all using biologist Alan Darlington’s magical green plant wall to purify the air in their buildings...The reason Darlington and his researchers are so far ahead of the game is they were the first to realize it’s not actually the plants doing the fresh-air cleanup — it’s the microbes nestled around their roots. They mount subtropical plants on porous lava rock with air flowing through it and a pool at the base of the wall pumping water to carry nutrients to the plant roots..." [5.5.10]

Cincinnati celebrates new Green Learning Station in Avondale
Soapbox Cincinnati, by Randy A. Sines
Cincinnati, OH. "...As part of the transformative project, the asphalt parking lot of the former SOHIO gas station will be replaced by pervious paving, bioswales and rainwater harvesting units that will capture most of the rainwater that falls onto the surrounding ground. There will also be three types of green roof systems installed on the Green Learning Station in addition to the region's first sloped green roof on the neighboring Park District building..." [5.4.10]

Green-roofed bike racks in the works
Western Front, by Lillian Furlong‎
Billingham, WA. "A student-led group is proposing to have green roofs installed on bicycle racks around campus, making bicycling to campus even more sustainable. Plant-covered bicycle racks help reduce storm water run off and would provide an ecosystem for small insects..." [5.4.10]

Mayor Bloomberg, HUD Secretary Donovan, Speaker Quinn, Commissioner Cestero and Other Officials Announce 100,000 Units of Affordable Housing Financed Through City’s Housing Plan
New York RealEstateRama, by Staff
New York, NY. "...Via Verde reflects a commitment to a new kind of sustainability - not just the environmental sustainability of green roofs and compact fluorescents but also the social and economic sustainability that can only result from housing with a mix of incomes and uses...At the heart of the project are a series of gardens that begin in the courtyard then spiral up through a series of green roofs..." [5.3.10]

Columbia Study Finds Con Edison's 'Cool Roofs' Save Energy, Help the Environment
MarketWatch, Press Release
New York, NY. "Green and white roofs atop a Con Edison training and conference center in Long Island City, Queens, help prevent energy losses and provide important environmental benefits compared to traditional dark roofs, according to researchers from Columbia University...The "green roof," consisting of 21,000 plants, keeps heat in the building during the winter, reducing the need for heating, and keeps heat out during the summer, reducing the need for air conditioning..." [5.3.10]

Get Your Wildflower On: Eat some charismatic megaflora at top restaurants in NYC this week
Treehugger, by Bonnie Hulkower‎
New York, NY. "Wildflower Week NYC celebrates its 3rd Anniversary in New York City this week with a bunch of events that will make you think differently about wildflowers, or at least make you stop and smell them!...Want to see how you can put a green roof on an arts space in the East Village?..." [5.2.10]

LEED, Prefab, Apartments: The Modules
Jetson Green Blog, by Preston Koerner‎
Philadelphia, PA. "This 72-unit building, The Modules, is under construction near Temple University in Philadelphia. Designed by Interface Studio Architects, the apartment project includes 60,000 square feet of living space with a green roof, parking for 38 cars, and storage for 50 bikes. What's impressive is not just that this will be a prefab, green, contemporary, apartment building, but that it may be the largest modularly-constructed LEED for Homes project in the nation..." [5.2.10]

Realtors® Recognize School of the Future Design Winners, Press release‎
US. "Wind and solar power, recycled building materials and structures that encourage community involvement are all components of winning designs for the annual School of the Future Design Competition...The students chose low VOC paints as well as LED lighting, rain barrels and green roofs. The school includes recycled tire walkways, indoor elevators..." [5.2.10]

Making Claims on Green Buildings
Risk & Insurance Online, by Matthew Brodsky
US. "How will green buildings and the insurance policies that cover them perform? Some claims data is coming in with answers...Fireman's Fund, the first insurance company to offer green-related coverage in 2006, has tracked losses over the last four years, according to Glick. What the insurer found was that green buildings had 20 percent fewer claims than non-green buildings...Still, questions persist. These include the standard ones that underwriters have been talking about for the past couple of years. For insurers, they are kept up at night with nightmares of green roofs and other redefinitions of covered property..." [5.1.10]

Greening the Rooftops: World Green Roof Conference Secretary General Wang Xianmin Blog, by Gabriel Monroe
Shanghai, China. "Secretary General Wang Xianmin of the International Promotion Center for Vertical Planting explains his excitement for roof gardens, the potential he sees in the movement, and what to look forward to at the World Green Roof Conference, which will be hosted by his organization in partnership with the Shanghai World Expo, in Shanghai, on May 7-10..." [5.1.10]

Saving the Sound from Stormwater, by Dean J. Koepfler‎
Tacoma, WA. "Stormwater: Runoff from lawns, streets and parking lots carries pollutants, but there are solutions to keep the grime in place...Tacoma’s new Center for Urban Waters building on the Thea Foss Waterway was intended as a model of low-impact development and incorporates several features, including a green roof, a rainwater-capture system and rain gardens...The vision for low-impact development goes far beyond green roofs, permeable pavement and rain gardens..." [5.2.10]

User fee touted for aging Alcosan system
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, by Len Barcousky
Pittsburgh, PA. "...The money raised through the user fees could be used both to improve the existing stormwater system and to finance "green infrastructure" projects, he said. Those measures, for example, could include providing tax credits to property owners who install "green roofs," he said. Rooftop plants are grown in materials that absorb rainfall. Acting as mini-parks, they also help to lower center-city temperatures and can reduce a building's heating and cooling costs..." [4.30.10]

Royal visit marks opening of Flowcrete's new HQ
PR Log,
Press Release‎
Cheshire, UK. "Global flooring company Flowcrete has reinforced its commitment to manufacturing in the UK and to leading edge sustainable design with the opening of new state-of-the-art headquarters in Cheshire...alongside a vegetative green roof, with waterproofing, from Tremco Roofing Division...The green roof comprises of a living carpet of succulent plants, which absorbs carbon dioxide, adds thermal insulation and provides an environment for native birds, insects and other wildlife..." [4.28.10]

City says green roofs at O'Hare well worth the effort
Chicago Daily Herald, by Marni Pyke
Chicago, IL. "...We believe going green reduces our dependency on other sources of energy, making Chicago's airports good neighbors to the surrounding communities," Chicago Department of Aviation Commissioner Rosemarie S. Andolino said. O'Hare has about 33,967 square feet of green roofs and anticipates growing that to 390,840 square feet in the future. What does the city plant on its green roofs? Varieties of sedum, a flowering plant that tolerates drought and doesn't attract wildlife. The sedums used by the city have white or yellow flowers and are hardy ground covers...." [4.28.10]

ASLA announce 2010 Professional Awards,
by Staff
"The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) announced the winners of the 2010 Professional Awards, representing the best in landscape architecture around the world in the categories of general design, residential design, analysis and planning, research and communication. The jury considered 618 entries – the largest number in ASLA history – from 20 countries around the world, selecting 49 projects for distinction...Click here for a list of project winners that included green roofs or green walls in their design..." [4.27.10]

Garden Center's one-stop green shop, by Amy Howell Hirt‎
Cincinnati, OH. "...The flat, wheelchair-accessible roof of the former gas station will include two styles of tray-based 'green' roofing, both of which absorb rain and provide extra insulation. And the sloped roof on a stone cottage behind the Civic Garden Center will be covered with varieties of sedum - a drought-tolerant and low-maintenance succulent often used for green roofing..." [4.27.10]

Green roofs take earth-friendly urban living to new heights
Deutsche Welle, by Laura Schweiger
Dusseldorf, Germany. "Buildings in the German city of Dusseldorf prove the sky is the limit when it comes to enriching the urban environment. Trading tiles for vegetation, green roofs promise both environmental and economic benefits...More than just a rooftop garden, a 'green roof' is a different way of approaching architecture, using vegetation supported by waterproof materials instead of conventional construction materials..." [4.26.10]

ESRI Canada's Green Roof Receives Toronto's Award of Environmental Excellence, Press Release
Toronto, Canada. "ESRI Canada, which provides enterprise geographic information system (GIS) solutions, today announced it has received the 2010 Green Toronto Award for its green roof project...the green roof helps the company promote environmental stewardship and demonstrate how organizations can integrate green initiatives into their business..." [4.26.10]

Nat'l Fish & Wildlife & FedEx Deliver Grant to Expand Parks' 5 Borough Parks Green Roof
Broadway World, by Staff‎
New York, NY. "...With this grant, we will expand our green roof by another 6000 square feet, said Commissioner Benepe...The Parks Department's GreenApple Corps secured a $50,000 grant from FedEx and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to expand its green roof project at its Five Borough Shop..." [4.26.10]

Digital Coffee Shop: Green from top to bottom
Golf Course Industry Magazine, by Pat Jones‎
Ardmore, PA. "You know the famous picture of Ben Hogan’s perfect follow-through with a 1-iron off the 18th fairway during the 1950 U.S. Open at Merion GC? Fantastic image, huh? Go visit the course today, stand on that famed spot on 18 and look left. You’ll see something equally fantastic: the first “green roof” at a golf course maintenance facility in the nation..." [4.26.10]

Prince of Wales calls for environmentally-friendly stately homes, by Louise Gray
UK. "The Prince of Wales has called for a major environmentally-friendly refurbishment of Britain's historic buildings to "avert the climate crisis"...More complex solutions include fitting solar panels or planting a "green roof". The UK is committed to cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent by 2050..." [4.25.10]

Urban Forager | Wilds of the Rooftop
New York Times, by Ava Chin
New York, NY. "...With the proliferation of eco-roofs sprouting up across the city, I have long looked up at the tops of buildings and been curious about what tenacious weeds may be growing there...on issues of environmental and business sustainability, informed me that she'd seen a weed thriving in their living roof, I was curious to identify it..." [4.25.10]

DC fire department installs first 'green roof'
Washington Examiner, by Nafeesa Syeed
DC. "D.C. fire officials say they are creating the first 'green roof' at a fire station in the city...D.C. fire and EMS department spokesman Pete Piringer says crews are installing the dirt roof at the Engine 6 station on New Jersey Avenue in northwest Washington. Piringer says grass and other plants will grow on the specially designed roof, which will collect runoff rain water and provide insulation..." [4.25.10]

Highly productive
Financial Times, by Sarah Murray‎
World. "As the world’s cities expand rapidly, demand for fresh, local produce increases and metropolitan authorities gradually start to ease planning restrictions...City vegetable gardens come in many sizes. While Saunders’ balcony amounted to just a few square feet, at the other end of the scale are projects such as the one installed by Goode in Brooklyn, which covers 6,000 sq ft and produces fruit and vegetables for local restaurants and shops..." [4.24.10]

Tokyo's goal: Be the greenest
Los Angeles Times,
by Marla Dickerson‎
Tokyo, Japan. "It’s been reducing solid waste, requiring factories and offices to cut carbon emissions, giving cash incentives to install solar panels, toughening building standards and planning more greenery...Still, simply preserving what's there is a victory, Matsushima said, and essential in combating the so-called heat-island effect. Heat-trapping concrete and asphalt have raised Tokyo's temperature by about 3 degrees Celsius over the last century, according to the government. Green roofs, along with tree planting and community gardens, are a way to build community support to fight climate change..." [4.23.10]

Vancouver a leader among green-roof cities
Vancouver Sun,
by Doug Ward‎
Vancouver, Canada. "Vancouver's roofs are getting greener -- with the city in a front group of North American cities embracing the living-roof movement, says the city's deputy manager...Vancouver has not adopted Chicago's policy of offering incentives to builders who put green roofs on their buildings. Chicago has about seven million square feet of green roofs. Its city hall's green roof is one of the best-known examples of the roofs in the U.S..." [4.23.10]

Earth Day 2010 Chicago: Climate Protection is Good Business
Eco Factory,
by Staff‎
Chicago. IL. "Chicago Mayor Richard Daley today marked the 40th anniversary of Earth Day by re-committing the city to protecting human health, the environment and the climate, which in turn promotes economic development and improves the quality of life for all residents...And he said Chicago is acknowledged as the national leader among cities in green roofs, with 600 completed or underway totaling more than seven million square feet. The city requires green roofs to be installed on buildings of developers who receive economic assistance from the city..." [4.22.10]

Earth Day 2010 San Diego: Building a Greener Downtown
Eco Factory,
by Staff‎‎
San Diego, CA. "On the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders unveiled a new program designed to make the downtown more environmentally sustainable and to help San Diego reach state climate change goals for 2020...Strata and its neighbor, the LEED-certified Hotel Indigo, were two of the first projects to use CCDC's incentive program that allow developers to add square footage to their projects in exchange for installing green roofs..." [4.22.10]

Muskegon Community College touts 'green' roof, by Jordan Travis‎
Muskegon, MI. "Muskegon Community College isn't just talking the talk. The college is implementing some of the "green" technologies it preaches to its students. College officials and faculty said Wednesday MCC is committed to a green future, both in training students for alternative energy jobs and in campus building practices. Lush plants on the green roof built in a courtyard of the college's campus at 221 S. Quarterline is one example...The green roof, which college officials claim can save at least 25 percent in energy costs for a single-story building, was installed by Spring Lake-based LiveRoof, LLC..." [4.22.10]

Bayer Inc. Celebrates Earth Day as One of Canada's Greenest Employers - For the Second Year in a Row!
Canada NewsWire, Press Release‎
Toronto, Canada. "Bayer Inc. announced today that it has been selected as one of Canada's Greenest Employers for 2010 by Mediacorp Canada Inc., as featured today in The Globe and Mail. This is the second consecutive year that Bayer Inc. has received this prestigious recognition...Bayer's green roof, composed of 10,000 square feet of plant life, reduces energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Not only has the green roof improved air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and other pollutants..." [4.22.10]

California's First LEED Platinum School Teaches With The Environment
Inhabitat Blog, by Andrew Michler
Occidental, CA. 'It’s spring at last, and the new Salmon Creek School in Occidental, CA is celebrating the sunny weather with a beautiful new living roof! The recently finished building is the first school in California to be LEED Platinum certified, and it sprouts not just a green roof but lavender, pink, white, and yellow as well...Pesinger Architects and Symbios Design worked closely with students, administrators, community and environmental groups to cover all the bases..." [4.21.10]

EPA Proposes “Next Generation” Storm Water Controls in Clean Water Permit for Washington D.C.
U.S., Press Release‎
DC. "The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today announced that it has issued a proposed permit to the District of Columbia requiring the District to continue improving its Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) program for controlling stormwater runoff. EPA is accepting comments on the permit until June 4...Implementing a sustainable and enforceable approach to promoting low impact development and green infrastructure, including enhanced tree planting, green roofs, and water reuse onsite to slow down the rate of runoff from paved areas of the District..." [4.21.10]

Economic downturn boosts green innovation, by Gareth McGrath
US. "As the environmental movement prepares to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, there’s no question the economy has taken a toll on the ability of people and businesses to be green...But the green roof industry has grown even during the recession, he said. Mott said the popularity of vegetated roofs is growing because of economics as much as anything to do with being environmentally friendly. They pay for themselves in 5-7 years, he said, referring to the energy savings from the nontraditional roofs..." [4.21.10]

City transit center gets top green rating
Billings Gazette,
by Ed Kemmick
Billings, MT. "The city’s new MET Transfer Center in downtown Billings is a platinum hit. The city found out this week that it has been awarded the highest certification — LEED Platinum — from the U.S. Green Building Council...The gardens on the building’s roof, for instance, insulate the roof membrane from UV rays, extending its life from a typical 20 years to as many as 50..." [4.20.10]

Portland refines approach to eco-roof goal
Daily Journal of Commerce, by Justin Carinci
Portland, OR. "Planting greenery on 43 barren acres in Portland by 2013 may not sound like such an ambitious goal - except that the acres are on rooftops...Instead of paying the incentive directly to building owners, the city will hire a contracting team to find buildings suitable for eco-roofs, convince the building owners to allow them, and then design and build the roof systems..." [4.20.10]

Ten years of green roofs in Chicago: Mayor Daley's green thumb and iron fist have produced impressive gains, but the movement remains in its infancy
Chicago Tribune Blog, by Blair Kamin‎
Chicago, IL. "...Yet the green roof movement in Chicago remains in its infancy, not only in numbers but in design quality. There should be more green roofs...While it’s true that quantity matters in green roofs — it is easier to cool off a city with 5,000 green roofs than with 500 — quality should matter just as much. The key is to weave the roofs in the texture of everyday life. Think of a building with a planted roof where you could take a break from your computer..." [4.20.10]

NETL's green projects promise energy efficiency all year round
Environmental Expert, Press Release‎
Pittsburgh, PA. "...The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) is taking the lead in this green revolution by developing cutting-edge, clean energy technologies...Two Pittsburgh buildings are being outfitted with green roofs similar to the one on Morgantown's TSF. The concrete roofs already covering these two buildings are ideal for supporting the added weight, and the rubber coating over the concrete will last much longer protected by the vegetation..." [4.19.10]

A Green Building Grows in an Unlikely Neighborhood
NBC Bay Area, by Joe Rosato Jr.
San Francisco, CA. "...From its 24 rooftop solar panels, to its rainwater collection tanks, the building shuns PG&E for electricity, and the City for its water...The center captures rainwater from its roof, which is then funneled into three, massive 4,800 gallon tanks. The tanks supply water to toilets, a living roof of native plants, and other irrigation..." [4.19.10]

NYC Schools Convening To Go Green Together
GothamSchools, by Elizabeth Puccini and Anisa Romero‎
New York, NY. "Schools, non-profit organizations, and businesses all came out to demonstrate their wares and share their efforts Saturday at the city’s first-ever Green Schools Alliance conference, titled “Visioning the Future.'...Green Living Technologies, an approved Department of Education vendor, is bringing gardens into the classrooms with green roofs, walls, and vertical agriculture. The company is a partner for a new sustainability-themed high school scheduled to open in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx next year..." [4.19.10]

Electric Vehicle on Display at Children's Museum
Inside Indiana Business, Press Release‎
Indianapolis, IN. "Beginning April 17, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis invites visitors to go green as the organization kicks off its 2010 celebration of Earth Week...a new garden will cover more than 4,000 square feet of the museum’s roof space. The space is visible from the Sunburst Window, located on the Mezzanine level of the Sunburst Atrium. The rooftop garden will feature a product called GreenGrid®, a lightweight modular green roof product, and will have several different types of sedum..." [4.19.10]

USM's Rooftops Go Green
The Free Press of the University of Southern Maine, by Dave Holman
Portland, ME. "Keen observers may notice plants growing on several small roofs of the Abromson Community Education Center and Wishcamper Center of the USM Portland Campus. These plants are not there by accident - they're green roofs designed to reduce water run-off, extend roof lifespan, and reduce heating and cooling needs...there are only two green roofs in Maine registered with - an industry website where people can list their green roofs in the site's..." [4.19.10]

Ritz-Carlton places two beehives on hotel's roof
WCNC, by Staff
Charlotte, NC. "The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte, which opened in October 2009 as the first LEED®-built hotel for greater Charlotte, has introduced a living change to its green, vegetated roof. Currently planted with 18,000 sedum plants to enhance building insulation, and housing a chef’s garden providing organic herbs for the hotel, the green roof of The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte is also home to two new beehives, which will generate honey for hotel culinary use..." [4.19.10]

UW team brings rooftop garden to campus greenhouse
The Daily of the University of Washington, by Erin Fleming‎
Seattle, WA. "Right off the Burke-Gilman Trail by Stevens Way, what was once a metal roof at the UW Botany Greenhouse is now furnished with three different plant beds, making a productive and earth-friendly 'green roof.' Through donations, planning and coordination across multiple UW departments, the Green Roof Research team of graduate students, faculty and an alumna constructed a rooftop garden intended to demonstrate the various uses of a green roof..." [4.19.10]

GSD Experiments With Roofs
Harvard Crimson, by Stephanie B. Garlock‎
Cambridge, MA. "The Harvard Graduate School of Design removed 3,750 pounds of gravel from the roof of Gund Hall and replaced it with different amounts of organic substrate on Friday afternoon to test different cost-effective methods of green roof retrofitting. The installation of five additional plots marks the third round of testing led by Christian Werthmann, a professor of landscape architecture at the School of Design who has been looking to create a cost-effective green roof since 2006..." [4.19.10]

Dayton looking for ways to capture methane released from water treatment
Dayton Daily News, by Joanne Huist Smith
Dayton, OH. "The city of Dayton’s waste water treatment process produces 600,000 cubic feet of methane gas per day and the city is looking to capture the gas and reduce waste...A 'green' roof reduces the Urban Heat Island Effect by insulating and shading the roof, thus reducing the amount of heat that is radiated back into the atmosphere..." [4.18.10]

Grand Haven Community Center board eyes improvements -- 'green' roof, terrace renovation, by Dawn Veltman
Grand Haven, WI. "...The center wants to install a green roof on the exposed roof on the west side of the building and then explore the possibility of putting a green roof over the entire building...A LifeRoof is a living plant roof system that was developed by the Hortech company in Spring Lake. It uses plants in modular containers to cover the roof..." [4.17.10]

Plants put the green in nursery barn roof
Akron Beacon Journal, by Mary Beth Breckenridge
Norton, OH. "...The low-growing plants supply the ''green'' in the green roof that Dayton installed to demonstrate the rainwater-control and temperature-regulation benefits of the technology. Green roofs are specially designed rooftop gardens that help moderate a roof's temperature, cool the surrounding area and mitigate storm-water runoff..." [4.17.10]

U.S. Government Reaches a Milestone $4 Billion for Green Buildings
EnergyBoom, by Alison Pruitt‎
US. "The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) recently reached a landmark US$4 billion in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds that it has invested in energy efficiency for federal buildings nationwide...Constructing a new energy-efficient courthouse in Austin, Texas, with high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, extensive use of natural light, and an efficient "green" roof..." [4.16.10]

Research Matters... Other species for green roofs
Horticulture Week, by Dr. Ken Cockshull‎
London, UK. "The main reason for growing on roofs is that the plants will absorb solar radiation and use much of that absorbed energy to evaporate water. This has the benefit of cooling the roof, which reduces the cost of air-conditioning within the building and improves the local environment around it...." [4.16.10]

Next-Generation City Building
The Mark News, by Ross McGregor‎
Toronto, Canada. "...From the use of the latest, best technology to treat and reuse contaminated land to a comprehensive series of mandatory green building requirements, waterfront buildings and neighbourhoods will be among the greenest in the world. These buildings will incorporate ecologically friendly features, such as green roofs, and all will meet LEED Gold certification..." [4.16.10]

Tarkington Teachers Go Green, Visiting Europe
Southwest News-Herald, by Amanda Drapiewski
Chicago, IL. "As an Earth Day celebration this year, two teachers from Tarkington School of Excellence plan to recount their adventures observing Europe...Inspired to instill stewardship inherent in two countries devoted to environmental practices, the teaching team capitalized on a Fund for Teachers fellowship to observe Germany’s green roofs, wind turbines and recycling bins..." [4.16.10]

Public Invited to Celebrate Earth Day at Biosphere 2

UA News, Press Release‎
Oracle, AZ. " a new decade begins, we believe it's time for Earth Day to reflect the ideals of the younger generation that will inherit and care for our planet...New Biosphere 2 Exhibits – Featured topics will include solar energy, green roofs, rainwater harvesting and more..." [4.16.10]

Green roofs: a constructive design
Society of Chemical Industry, by John Fifield
London, UK. "Today, roof gardens and roof terraces not only provide much-needed outdoor space in urban areas, but the environmental benefits of turf and green roofs, are also widely recognised. Due to the high degree of insulation that they provide, green roofs are known for their ability to provide an extremely constant temperature throughout the year..." [4.16.10]

Bronx Activists Trying to Turn Park Projects, Stimulus Cash Into Economic Engines
New York Times, by Nathanial Gronewold
New York, NY. "...100 or so community organizers, union leaders and out-of-work laborers gathered at Bronx Community College to brainstorm ways at using the "green jobs" initiative to tackle unemployment in the South Bronx...that the borough boasts more green roofs than any other part of the city; there is a green roof atop Borough Hall, the only one on municipal property..." [4.15.10]

Roswell, Alpharetta going green, by Hatcher Hurd‎
Alpharetta, GA. "...Today, Alpharetta's Rock Mill Creek has been seen as one a leading project in green innovation. City Environmental Education Coordinator Terry Porter said it was a park designed with the environment in mind as place where people can connect with nature and learn about environmental issues. The parks great pavilion is a test tube for using roofs as a vegetative incubator, capturing rain for plants on the roof. The green roof on top of the pavilion is engineered to be efficient in capturing the runoff for reuse to keep the plant life healthy. The plants themselves are a trial to see which ones will survive on rooftops...You can watch the entire video about this project on" [4.14.10]

Gainesville business wins environmental award
Inside NoVA, by Amanda Stewart‎
Gainesville, FL. "...A green roof, featuring wetland plants, tops the Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc. building in Gainesville. The company recently won a gold medal in the 2010 Governor’s Environmental Excellence Awards for its LEED gold-certified building..." [4.14.10]

FAB-HOMES design wins treehuggers “best of green” award
Environmental Expert, Press Release‎
Vancouver, Canada. "FAB-HOMES, a new Passive House design studio based in Vancouver, Canada, has won Treehuggers 'Best of Green' Readers Choice Award 2010 in the category Design and Architecture...The extensive list of green building options include a highly efficient heat recovery ventilation system, triple pane passive windows, rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling system, solar photovoltaic and solar hot water panels, green roof gardens, the use of renewable, low-VOC materials throughout the design and many more..." [4.14.10]

Columbia building boasts green technology,
by Wach Fox‎
Columbia, SC. "Clemson's Sandhill Research Center sits across from the Village at Sandhill. Nestled behind an expanse of dirt roads lies a building designed to cut energy and give each employee a view. A guided tour of the facility Wednesday afternoon gave us a chance to see the building's green roof, which helps manage rainwater runoff and provides natural insulation, and its greywater system, which reuses more of the facility's water through a complex filtration system..." [4.14.10]

National Weather Center to showcase vegetative roof system
Oklahoma Daily, by Staff‎
Norman, OK. "The National Weather Center on the OU campus will showcase the state’s first experimental vegetative roof system on a university campus from 9 a.m. to noon Thursday, April 22. The green roof project is a collaboration between the OU colleges of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences and Architecture. The project is also sponsored by the Oklahoma Water Resource Board and the Oklahoma Conservation Commission..." [4.14.10]

Utah gets first 'living roof'
KSL-TV, by Richard Piatt‎
Salt Lake City, UT. "One of the newest state-owned buildings is also one of the greenest in the state. The Unified State Laboratories building is a high performance building and includes a unique living roof...When you put the green roof on, the temperature drops to 70 degrees, and it will stay that way even if the outside temperature is 110..." [4.13.10]

Mayor Miller talks green-ness in Bancroft
Barry's Bay This Week, by Dan Schell‎
Bancroft, Canada. "A self-proclaimed passionate environmentalist, David Miller has been a vocal leader for green-focused municipal initiatives during his time as the Mayor of Toronto...Something like green roofs can lead to a two degree drop in the temperature in summer months, therefore leading to a drop in the use of damaging air conditioning systems on the environment..." [4.13.10]

One-stop permitting
Waukegan News Sun, by Jim Newton‎
Libertyville, IL. "...The county also obtained grant funding to help institute environmental building practices, including a "green roof," for the new complex...the green design features incorporated into the building demonstrate the county's commitment to the environment and serve as an example to developers. The sustainable building features include an 8,000-square-foot green roof that absorbs precipitation and reduces storm water runoff, and helps regulate the temperature of the building..." [4.13.10]

Want to build in Tel Aviv? You'll have to go green, says mayor

by Ranit Nahum-Halevy
Tel Aviv, Israel. "...Building permits will be issued by the city engineer only after receiving an expert opinion on the environmental aspects of the plan. Requirements for green construction include lower water use, energy efficiency, thermal and acoustic insulation, limits on the use of raw materials, natural ventilation and prevention of mold, natural lighting, so-called green roofs and recycling..." [4.13.10]

Walls you can eat, ‎by Eilene Zimmerman
San Diego, CA. "Mario Batali decided last year to install a garden between his adjoining West Hollywood restaurants, Osteria Mozza and Pizzeria Mozza. But a plain old backyard patch wouldn't do. Batali wanted something more visually striking, something more ... vertical? So he turned to Jim Mumford, the owner of Good Earth Plant and Flower Company in San Diego...Edible walls are a gamble for Good Earth, which took in just over $1 million in revenue last year..." [4.12.10]

From Green Roofs to Clean Tech: How Chicago Is Preparing for the Sustainable Future
Huffington Post Blog, by Suzanne Malec-McKenna‎
Chicago, IL. "More than 20 years ago, Mayor Richard M. Daley had a vision of a green Chicago, from trees and roofs to green buildings and alleys. While on a visit to Germany in the late 1990s, he saw a green roof on Hamburg's City Hall and sought to replicate the idea in Chicago. He wanted the city to be a model for America around the environment. That first rooftop garden gained residents' interest, lowered fees and sparked other incentives to make the city the nation's "green roof" capital, with more than 300 buildings totaling 4 million square feet...Search for projects in Chicago in our Green Roof & Wall Projects Database" [4.12.10]

Testa Produce turns a brighter shade of green with new HQ
Refrigerated Transporter,
by Staff
Chicago, IL. "With a new distribution center under construction, Testa Produce says it is on its way to becoming the first US food distributor to operate in a facility certified as LEED Platinum by the US Green Building Council. Worldwide, more than 5,000 sites are now LEED-certified, but only some 5% of those have achieved the highest Platinum rating...A partially vegetated roof will help prevent stormwater runoff and will slope down to form a green wall through which employees and visitors pass to enter the building..." [4.12.10]

Heritage Aviation Opens New, Full Service FBO
PR Newswire,
Press Release‎
Burlington, VT. "Heritage Aviation will unveil its brand new, 79,000-square-foot, eco-friendly Fixed Base Operation (FBO) at the Burlington International Airport (BTV) during a celebration to be held on May 20, 201...Rain water is collected and reused, and the building has one of the largest green roofs in all of New England. Additionally, the parking lot was constructed using pervious pavement, a porous substitute for traditional asphalt, which allows water to be absorbed into the ground rather than runoff into storm..." [4.12.10]

Greening the state's roofs
Albany Times Union,
by Rick Karlin
Albany, NY. "Holland Avenue building to have vegetative roof system...Holland Avenue building to have vegetative roof system. Essentially, green roofs employ vegetation to add insulation, control storm water runoff and to help control carbon dioxide levels..." [4.12.10]

Green Rooftops a Growing Trend for Businesses,
by Marisa McNatt‎
US. "Rooftops of businesses across the country are blooming with vegetation, and research shows that these roofs have more to offer than just aesthetic appeal. By replacing the impermeable surface of a standard roof with vegetation, a green roof provides numerous environmental and economic benefits...The university’s green roof research team advised Ford Motor Co. on the installation of a 10.4 acre green roof on top of its plant in Dearborn, Michigan..." [4.12.10]

Green Roof Set For State College Municipal Building

State College News,
by Adam Smeltz
State College, PA. "State College is about to get some extra green with its government. The borough is seeking bids this month for a green-roof project at the State College Municipal Building, 243 S. Allen St. Expected to cost about $140,000, the effort will turn a section of roof -- the portion above the second-floor community room -- into a pocket of earth and well-maintained plants..." [4.11.10]

Solar-powered classroom about to make debut
San Francisco Examiner,
by John Upton
San Francisco, CA. "An off-the-grid classroom is about to open in one of San Francisco’s most environmentally disadvantaged neighborhoods...The living roof, which insulates the EcoCenter and protects against fires, is expected to flourish within months. Rain runs off the roof into three tanks, which provide the building’s only sources of water..." [4.11.10]

The Hanging Gardens

Shalom Life,
by Omer Shachnai
Concord, Canada. "...There is a new green groove that is sweeping across the world. United States, Germany, Singapore, Japan as well as Canada's new emerging solution to reduce pollution is transforming urban rooftops to flourishing gardens, who will reduce the heat and noise, clean the air and improve the cities' grayish skylines...the green rooftops seem to be a bright new environmental growing trend and one of the first green initiatives the world's cities and countries are actually pulling off." [4.10.10]

Stackable, portable concept homes offer mobile living -- with a view

by Emanuele Comi‎
Brazil. "The Brazilian architect has designed a concept for a residential tower comprised of portable, stackable apartment units, which he says opens up new possibilities for ways of living in the city...His vision would call for units with a green roof and walls and a system for recycling water..." [4.10.10]

Travel green for Earth Day
CNN, by Eileen Ogintz
Chicago, IL. "...National Geographic Kids Magazine, which devoted its April issue -- in the month we are celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day -- to how kids can help the planet on Earth-Friendly vacations...Look for the Element Times Square later this year. And Kimpton's new Hotel, Palomar Chicago, has a green roof -- a first for the Kimpton brand..." [4.10.10]

Finalists Chosen in Conceptual Design Competition for Newark Visitor's Center
The Daily Newarker,
by Ken Walker‎
Newark, NJ. "A structure with an undulating green roof that is a metaphor for the Passaic River was the winning entry in a conceptual design competition for a Newark Visitor’s Center sponsored by the Newark and Suburban Architects section of the New Jersey chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA-NJ) in conjunction with its Emerging Professionals and Young Architects Forum programs..." [4.9.10]

The environmental paradox of smart growth
Natural Resources Defense Council Blog,
by Kaid Benfield‎
US. "There is no question that sustainable land use requires, among other things, neighborhood density...Incorporate green infrastructure for stormwater mitigation and livability benefits...Seattle, in particular, has a terrific set of guidelines for incorporating vegetation, green roofs, drainage, pervious surfaces and other low-impact development techniques that allow the urban watershed to thrive (and, in many cases, recover) with density..." [4.9.10]

Underground five-star hotel plans submitted
Property Week News,
by Deirdre Hipwell‎
Hersham, UK. "...The hotel has been designed to blend into the surrounding environment, with the guest rooms below ground level set around a sunken garden and courtyard spaces and a living green roof that reflects the natural landscape..." [4.9.10]

A fresh new look for Nathan Phillips
Toronto Star,
by Patty Winsa
Toronto, Canada. "When the green roof opens at City Hall next month, it will be a historic occasion: the first time the podium between the two towers has been open to the public in 30 years. But the green roof is significant for another reason. It will mark the first completed step in a multi-million-dollar makeover of Nathan Phillips Square..." [4.9.10]
$42 Million Facelift For Nathan Phillips Square, by CityNews Staff
Work to begin on $42.7-million makeover of Nathan Phillips Square, by Kelly Grant of Globe and Mail

W&M awards five summer sustainability internships
William and Mary News,
by Staff
Williamsburg, VA. "William & Mary's Committee on Sustainability (COS) announced the funding of five awards for sustainability internships for the summer of 2010...Amanda Anderson for "Green Roof / Green Design." Anderson's project continues work begun as a pilot project funded in 2009 by COS. She will be studying the efficiency and efficacy of green roof designs and analyzing their ability to control building temperature, storm water runoff and nutrients..." [4.8.10]

Sustainability: Green Roofs,
by Staff
Edwardsville, IL. "...SIUE engineers and scientists are evaluating the environmental benefits of green roof technology and the performance of various green roof materials and techniques...GREEN is a collaborative initiative lead by the School of Engineering and the Department of Environmental Sciences. The effort involves local St. Louis companies Green Roof Blocks and Jost Greenhouses and other environmental industry leaders and universities...According to Bill Retzlaff, associate professor of biological sciences and chair of that department, a green roof on the SIUE Engineering Building lowers the roof temperature in the summertime as much as 70 degrees..." [4.8.10]

Youth Learn Green Job Skills in NYC,
by Katie Leavitt‎
New York, NY. "...Instead of hanging out on the streets, youth involved with the MillionTreesNYC Training Program are hanging from the trees...Ecological restoration trainees learn about restoration and management of NYC's parks and nature zones, including erosion control, damaging plant removal and green roof installation..." [4.8.10]

Chesapeake Bay Program releases bay health report

by Alex Dominguez‎
Annapolis, MD. "...Continuing efforts are needed to put systems into place to allow soil in the bay watershed to better filter storm runoff. When more green roofs, rain gardens, cover crops on farms and other runoff retention systems are in place, the bay watershed will be able to better withstand events such as this spring's heavy rains that wash nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus off farms and lawns into waterways..." [4.7.10]

Maryland Works To Become National Sustainability Leader

Press Release‎
College Park, MD. "The University of Maryland is making great strides as it works to become a national leader in sustainability efforts on campus. From green roofs to LEED Certified buildings, being named the top green campus in the U.S.,...These efforts have become especially important as the world celebrates the 40th anniversary of Earth Day by honoring the entire month of April as "Earth Month."..." [4.7.10]

Monastery Becomes Highest-Rated LEED Building in US
by Staff
Middleton, WI. "The U.S. Green Building Council has awarded the Benedictine Women of Madison's Holy Wisdom Monastery a Platinum rating – the highest level of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification available...Five additional acres around the new building will be restored to prairie and two vegetated roofs over the maintenance building and garage are planted with prairie forbs and grasses..." [4.7.10]

Green Infrastructure: More Bang for Your Conservation Buck
The Epoch Times,
by June Kellum
US. "The past decade has seen a dramatic new view of land conservation. Green spaces, formerly seen by urban developers as undeveloped commodities or pleasant amenities, are being recognized as economic boons and essential public health...Other examples of this smart planning, he said, are planting trees that reduce summer use of air conditioning, green roofs (roofs covered in vegetation)..." [4.7.10]

Midwest Health-Care Operations Add Solar, Energy Efficiency

Environmental Leader,
by Staff
US. "Health-care facility upgrades across the nation are taking different roads to sustainability...Rush University Medical Center in Chicago is aiming for LEED gold certification for its new orthopedic building and new East Tower...Orthopedic Building, completed in late 2009, features a green roof that restores 50 percent of the site with adaptive vegetation, decreases 25 percent of storm water runoff and reduces heat island effect..." [4.7.10]

'Green roof safaris' tempt the black redstart back to Sheffield
The Guardian,
by Martin Wainwright
London, UK. "Wild and natural roofs have lured the bird, which once favoured the city's dilapidated industrial sites...A skyline route takes in a cluster of green roofs at Sheffield University and on city council properties, including Sharrow school whose roof is the first to be designated as a nature reserve...Watch AudioSlideShow..." [4.7.10]

Verizon Thinkfinity Brings the Lessons of Earth Day Into the Classroom, With Free Educational Online Resources, Podcasts
PR Newswire Press release‎
Baskinridge, NJ.
"Teachers looking for lessons on environmental issues ranging from climate change to renewable energy sources to local ecosystems will find a host of educational resources available for free in Verizon Thinkfinity's new Earth Day feature...Green Roof Design: In this lesson from Science NetLinks, students work in small teams to design a heat- and water-conserving roof of plant material for an urban apartment building..." [4.6.10]

City-funded experiment using 16 types of rooftop gardens to make air cleaner, harvest rainwater
New York Daily News,
by Erin Einhorn
New York, NY. "Emerging from the exhaust-choked air beside the Triborough Bridge is a giant city-funded, flower-blooming science experiment. Parks Department workers are growing 16 types of rooftop gardens to see which mixture of soil and plants works best to clean the air, harvest rainwater and cool the building below..." [4.6.10]

Students help make roof 'green',
by Julia Lee
Toronto, Canada. "UTM PhD candidate for the department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Shidan Murphy helps students from the Froebel Education Centre design a green roof for their school that captures rainwater and reuses the run-off..." [4.5.10]

EDA Requests Applications under Energy Efficient Building Systems Regional Innovation Cluster,
by Valerie Amor
US. "...The Economic Development Administration (EDA) today has announced its participation in the Energy Efficient Building Systems Regional Innovation Cluster Initiative (Initiative), the first pilot project of the Interagency Regional Innovation Clusters Taskforce (Taskforce)...EDA encourages the Consortia to consider new, energy efficient and environmentally beneficial ways of constructing or renovating infrastructure, including use of natural vegetation for storm water retention and sewage filtration, green roofs, and on-site water recycling..." [4.5.10]

Off-Grid Cliff House Harnesses the Elements for Self Sufficiency
Inhabitat (blog) -
Andrew Michler - ‎15 hours ago‎
Muskoka, Canada. "Off the Grid means many things to many people. The Cliff House on Muskoka Lakes, Ontario, interprets “off the grid” as grand self-sufficiency...In the summer prevailing breezes and thermal vent stack, along with a green roof, keep the building naturally cooled..." [4.5.10]

Integrated Habit Design Competition
Green Building Press, by Staff
London, UK. "Think your design or structure is really green ? Then enter the Integrated Habitat Design Competition, in which the overall winner will receive a cash prize and all finalists will receive free entry to CIRIA's World Green Roof Congress in London in September, as well as having their work published and displayed at a 5-week exhibition at The Building Centre, London..." [4.5.10]

Urban Waters spirit runs deep
The Olympian,
by Rob Carson‎
Tacoma, WA. "Center hopes to be hub for environmental expertise, green technology...It’s a smart building, managed by a weather station “brain” on the roof...The building features a green roof, recycled water for toilets, a natural heating and cooling system, and natural light to reduce dependence on electricity..." [4.5.10]

Water Town Place Going Green... On The Roof
by Justin Foss‎
Cedar Rapids, IA. "Residents in a downtown condominium have a lot of yard work to do this summer. That's because they're turning their buildings roof into a green roof...We're also partnering with Kirkwood so we're able to teach another generation how to install and maintain green roofs as well..." [4.2.10]

Designers look to the future of gardening

San Francisco Chronicle,
by Joe Eaton‎
San Francisco, CA. "...A green roof, water catchment planter and infiltration basin surrounded a leaf-strewn patio in sunset light...This year's "The Living Room" is a great green cube, its exterior walls covered with 19,000 aeoniums, sedums and other succulents in 20-inch-square flats..." [4.2.10]

Villa Bio: House With a Cantilevered Living Roof is a Feat of Engineering
Inhabitat Blog,
by Bridgette Meinhold
Figueres, Spain. "The Villa Bio house is located in Figueres, Spain in the province of Girona, and was built by Barcelona-based Cloud9...The green roof on top is actually a hydroponic garden and also supports people lounging on the deck and gardening..." [4.2.10]

H Associates propose Green Energy Theme Park for KEPKO's new headquarters
Ecofriend Blog,
by Anupam‎
Naju, South Korea. "...The design inverts the normative scheme to create a polycentric organization with an open civic space at the heart of the site. The podium mass is dispersed into a series of sloped green roofs that integrate with the landscape. This unique construction will channel light and enhance air circulation..." [4.2.10]

HK Pavilion to get green roof,
by Staff
Hong Kong, China. "Green collaboration between Hong Kong and Shanghai will ensure a vibrant and verdant rooftop display for the Hong Kong Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo 2010...Showcasing Hong Kong's rich natural heritage and the co-existence of its urban and countryside areas, the "green" rooftop will help insulate the Hong Kong Pavilion and keep the interior cool in the summer heat..." [4.2.10]

Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort Named Greenest Resort in the US

Inhabitat Blog,
by Bridgette Meinhold‎
Lake Placid, NY. "Recently the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort in Lake Placid, NY was awarded a 5-Green Leaf Rating from Audubon International and the Audubon Greenleaf Eco-Rating Program...Among their many green practices, Golden Arrow has installed a 3,400 square foot green roof to help insulate the hotel, as well as offer a view their guests can enjoy from a nearby deck..." [4.1.10]

Portland taking eco-roofs to a new level,
by Keely Chalmers
Portland, OR.
"The city of Portland wants to take the eco-roof concept to a new level by transforming building rooftops into actual wildlife habitats...Dusty Gedge, president of the European Federation of Green-roof Associations, took a tour of some of Portland’s green roof-tops. Gedge says Portland is internationally known for its traditional eco-roofs which help reduce annual storm runoff by about 70 percent. But he says, with a few modifications, the green roofs also provide a home to wildlife like insects and birds..." [4.1.10]

Auburn Hills sets sustainable example; green roof on police dept
Metromode Media,
by Jon Zemke
Auburn Hills, MI. "Auburn Hills city leaders are making the effort to talk the sustainability talk and walk a greener walk...The Auburn Hills Police Dept's shooting range also has a green roof to soak up the rain water runoff..." [4.1.10]


Singapore Sky Gardens
, by Staff
Singapore. "A new development in Singapore combines stunning sky gardens with residential living space. The environmentally friendly project from Daniel Libeskind Studio, features six glass towers and eleven apartment blocks in Keppel Bay..." [3.31.10]

Europe's first LEED platinum shopping centre in Stockholm
Construction & Maintenance,
by Staff
Liljeholmen, Stockholm. "...This Stockholm-based centre is the first shopping centre in Europe to achieve the highest LEED classification, and one of the world's few platinum-rated buildings of any kind...A special feature in Liljeholmstorget is the green roof between the shopping centre and the neighboring office building..." [3.31.10]

Demolition of old Children's Hospital, county green roof approved
Pittsburgh Post Gazette,
by Diana Nelson Jones‎
Pittsburgh, PA. "The Pittsburgh Planning Commission Tuesday approved the University of Pittsburgh's plans to demolish the DeSoto Building of the former Children's Hospital in Oakland and Allegheny County's plans to install a green roof on the County Office Building...The county's green roof -- on 8,500 of the 30,000-square-foot area -- will be installed by June with almost $613000 in energy efficiency conservation block..." [3.31.10]

Homeowners plant a 'greenroof' for aesthetics and cooling
Atlanta Journal Constitution,
by C. W. Cameron‎
Atlanta, GA. "...Several high-profile buildings such as Atlanta City Hall and the Woodruff Arts Center have planted roofs, and they’re starting to show up on homes as well. These planted roofs are called "greenroofs."...Not “green roof,” but “greenroof,” a term becoming commonly accepted as a way to differentiate the planted roof from a roof made of green-colored building...Saul Horticultural has been in the greenroof business since 1996, providing both the growing mixture and plants for projects all over the United States..." [3.30.10]

PSU and PGE Form Sustainability Alliance
by Staff
Portland, OR. "Portland General Electric, the region’s major urban utility, and Portland State University, the region’s major urban university, have formed a long-term strategic partnership to promote the economic, environmental, and social sustainability of the Portland metro area...PGE has also contributed to a National Science Foundation-funded project at PSU, studying how solar panels and green roofs can be installed together on buildings to improve energy generation and efficiency..." [3.30.10]

City Opens Up Contract Bids For School Eco-Lab Meant to Supply Danny Meyer
by Nicole Breskin‎
Greenwich Village, NY. "The city is moving ahead with a new "green" roof atop a Greenwich Village school, which will be home to a wide variety of flora and fauna — including bats, butterflies and basil — and likely provide ingredients to restaurants like Danny Meyer's Gramercy Tavern. The city issued a request for proposals Monday for a construction partner for the estimated $1.1 million-plus “green roof infrastructure” for P.S. 41, a kindergarten through fifth grade school at West 11th Street..." [3.30.10]

Energy Filmgoer: Carbon Nation
Huffington Post Blog,
by A. Siegel‎
DC. "Sadly, the thirteen-day smorgasbord of the 2010 Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital came to an end this Sunday. The festival ended with a bang: the world premiere of Carbon Nation, a film by Peter Byck and a (clearly) talented team...the power of white and green roofs, which can lower ambient temperature, the comment that lowering Chicago's summer temperature would save $150 million a year in lower utility costs..." [3.30.10]

First Look, Atlanta Botanical Gardens Living Wall
Projects, People & Products Blog,
by Chris Lyon of Tournesol Siteworks
Atlanta, GA. "Thanks to our partner Saul Nurseries, who sent us these images of the VGM living wall being installed last week at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens by Valleycrest. The wall is 52′ long x 8′ high, made up of 120 modules..." [3.29.10]

Nats pitchers and catchers report to a green ballpark Blog,
by Melanie D.G. Kaplan‎
"...Nationals Park became the first major sports venue in the nation to become LEED Silver Certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. The ballpark, a brownfield redevelopment near Washington’s Anacostia River, is expected to serve as an anchor for urban revitalization...I also want to create more green roofs and even green walls, like the six-story one that PNC Bank did..." [3.29.10]

Green roofs over Austin
The Examiner,
by Blane Conklin
Austin, TX. "Austin is moving to make roofs in the city greener. The City Council heard a report from its Green Roof Advisory Group (GRAG) on Thursday, March 25. This was the culmination of the initial phase of research into how green roofs could benefit Austin and how to make it easier for them to flourish in the city. The next phase will determine best practices and develop policy recommendations for the city over the next five years..." [3.28.10]

11th annual Doors Open Toronto will unlock the city's architecture
Canadian Architect,
by Staff‎
Toronto, Canada. "Doors Open Toronto, the popular annual citywide celebration featuring free access to architecturally, historically, culturally and socially significant buildings, is back for its 11th year...The City Hall Podium Green Roof will reopen as the city's largest publicly accessible green roof on the Doors Open Toronto weekend..." [3.27.10]

Eco warrior aged 89 does power of good
The Star,
by Staff‎
UK. "An eighty-nine-year-old eco warrior is opening up his environmentally-friendly home to visitors tomorrow...He collects rainwater via a 'living' green roof. His home is kept warm in winter by a wood-burning biomass heating system..." [3.27.10]

Business blooms on high
Edmonton Journal,
by David Finlayson
Edmonton, Canada. "...The firm hopes the 'living roof' it starts installing next week will be the benchmark for the increasing number of companies planning on going green...There's a huge interest in green roofs in Alberta. It will be interesting to see how this one develops over the year." [3.27.10]

Solar-powered 'Living Loom' gateway designed for Nigerian capital
Ecofriend Blog,
by Anupam‎
Abuja, Nigeria. "...Designed in the form of a traditional Nigerian bow harp, the new development will feature a giant solar canopy and green roofs. Dubbed the “Living Loom”, the sustainable gateway will be constructed from bricks made from the local laterite clay..." [3.27.10]

Film Festival Sounds Alarm on Environment
Voice of America,
by Penelope Poulou
"Every spring the nation's capital welcomes the cherry blossoms and the Environmental Film Festival...The U.S. documentary, "The Green House," shows how private initiative is changing the world one step at a time. Jason Scadron and Liv Violette's documentary chronicles the building of the first carbon-neutral house in McLean, Virginia...Its green roof, thermal floor tracks and fiber optic skylights all say green..." [3.26.10]

World Health Day Spotlights Urban Well-Being
findingDulcinea, by Sarah Amandolare
World. "Next month, the World Health Organization’s World Health Day will focus on urbanization and health. Many U.S. cities are already making strong efforts to go green...In recent years, vegetated rooftops have been showing up in surprising places, including Major League Baseball stadiums and New York City factories. These green roofs, topped with grasses, succulents and other vegetation, are being built across the United States and Canada due to increasing efforts to prevent pollution, lower energy costs and thwart runoff..." [3.26.10]

Guess who builds deep green in Wisconsin?
USA Today,
by Wendy Koch
Middleton, WI.
"When you think of people building green, who comes to mind? Movie stars? Software moguls? Al Gore? What about female monks? Seriously...Four rain barrels that collect and store water for plant care and two rain gardens to minimize stormwater runoff. Two vegetated roofs over the maintenance building and garage..." [3.26.10]

The Houses That PET Built
3BL Media - Greenopolis,
by Staff
"Eco-minded architects and designers are making treasure out of trash by recycling used PET bottles into beautiful, sustainable, buildings...Each casa ecologica has a “living roof” made from sod and turf which insulates the house better than a conventional roof..." [3.26.10]

Hard-working roofs
Greenbuild News,
by Mike Crook
UK. "...It’s no accident that the roof is often referred to as the fifth elevation – a reflection of the growing expectation that they should also perform aesthetically...Planted roofs can play a pivotal insulating role. Research by Nottingham Trent University found that the temperature beneath the membrane of a conventional roof fluctuated between 0.2 and 32ºC – while in contrast temperatures beneath a green roof varied much less, from 4.7 to 17.1ºC..." [3.26.10]

Real estate software firm scoops up business award
Waterloo Record,
by Chuck Howitt
Cambridge, MA.
"...Environmental Award: Farm Mutual Reinsurance Plan Inc. The new $15-million headquarters for the company representing mutual insurance companies in Ontario, located on Pinebush Road and visible from Highway 401, features geothermal heating and cooling, a green roof, recycled building materials, automatic light dimmers and recycled rainwater..." [3.26.10]

Planning 'central' to climate change adaptation
by Michael Donnelly
UK. "Climate change adaptation and mitigation must become more central to the planning system...Innovative spatial planning will be critical in introducing the measures required to help make our urban areas less vulnerable to a changing climate – measures such as green open space, green roofs, and sustainable urban drainage systems..." [3.25.10]

Nationals Park Gets a Green Win
NBC Washington,
by Alison Drucker‎
Washington, DC.
"...Nationals Park was the country's first major league ballpark to be certified under the LEED green building rating system...The park has a 6,300 square foot green roof, and other areas of the roof use highly reflective materials -- both features minimize heat gain..." [3.25.10]

Succulents sizzle in Southern California gardens
Nursery Management & Production,
by Debra Lee Baldwin
Escondido, CA. "In frost-free areas of the drought-ridden Southwest, succulents with colorful leaves and intriguing textures are the celebrities of the plant world and the darlings of landscape designers...Because of their compact and unusual shapes, striking foliage, and ease of maintenance, succulents lend themselves to imaginative, nontraditional gardens. The plants can be used as wildfire barriers, for green roofs..." [3.24.10]

10 to watch: Under 30, changing Baltimore
Baltimore Sun, by Staff
Baltimore, MD. "...Jeremy Frederick had his way, the Baltimore skyline would be dotted green. Since joining Baltimore-based Floura Teeter Landscape Architects straight out of college four years ago, Frederick has been instrumental around town integrating green-roof technology..." [ 3.24.10]

In Brooklyn, Lettuce, Not Steel, Scrapes the Sky
Atlantic Online Blog,
by Annie Novak‎
New York, NY. "...Today, I farm a 6,000-square-foot roof-turned-vegetable-farm on the shoreline of the East River in Greenpoint, North Brooklyn. I believe it's the only full-on commercial green roof growing in the country, to date. Built atop a sound stage warehouse by television and movie production company Broadway Stages, and installed by green roof company Goode Green..." [ 3.24.10]

Learn to keep construction projects Earth-friendly
Metro Canada - Toronto,
by Rafael Brusilow‎
Toronto, Canada. "...George Brown introduced the first LEED course last year with a focus on methods and materials for new construction to great interest and that course – Building Green with LEED: Core Concepts and Strategies will return in April again and enrolments are still open. The college also has several planned courses on green roofs and sustainable development in the pipeline as well...." [3.23.10]

Vancouver Convention Centre West Achieves LEED Platinum
EP Magazine,
by Staff‎
Vancouver, Canada. "The Vancouver Convention Centre West (VCC) has been awarded LEED® Canada Platinum certification, the first convention center project in the world to earn what is the program's highest rating...Landscaped with 400,000 native plants and grasses, the green roof acts as an insulator to mediate the exterior air temperature..." [3.22.10]

Alexandria officials question need for 'green' library roof
Washington Examiner,
by Markham Heid‎
Alexandria, VA. "As Alexandria officials scramble to fill a $44 million budget shortfall, plans to construct a new $380,000 eco-friendly rooftop on one of the city's public library branches have angered some local leaders...However, the roof project is supplemented by federal grants -- money awarded by the Environmental Protection Agency for eco-friendly projects -- that the city will lose unless it moves forward with its plans..." [3.22.10]

JPL Wins 'Green Building Award'
Jet Propulsion Laboratory,
by Whitney Clavin
Pasadena, CA. "JPL's environmentally friendly Flight Projects Center received a "Green Building Award" at the fourth annual Green California Leadership Awards, held during this week's Green California Summit...The building's green assets include: a "living roof" of desert plants, low-flow faucets and toilets, a "smart" heating and cooling system..." [3.19.10]

Fully insulating houses good for cutting carbon emissions
UK Net Guide,
by ‎Staff
London, UK. "Reducing carbon emissions from the UK's housing stock is one of the primary focuses of the government as it aims to meet targets of cutting carbon emissions from homes by 29 per cent by 2020...And as global temperatures continue to increase it may be wise for city dwellers to start considering putting green roofs in place..." [3.19.10]

Teachers Strive to Bring Earth Day Alive for Students, Press Release‎
Chicago, IL. "Earth Day 40 takes on a new meaning for four elementary school teachers as they bring their global summer experiences home to their students. Katie Schneider and Meghan O'Connor teach at Tarkington School of Excellence, Chicago's first "green" school complete with a vegetated/reflective roof and floors crafted from recycled glass...Inspired to instill stewardship from two countries that excel at environmental practices, they capitalized on a Fund for Teachers fellowship to witness Germany's green roofs, wind turbines, and recycling bins on every corner, ride Switzerland's ethanol-powered buses and drink fresh water from the Alps from a tap..." [3.19.10]

Grimshaw wins work in Wales and South Korea
Building Design,
by Ruth Bloomfield
London, UK. "Grimshaw was celebrating this week after being appointed to design two landmark projects on different sides of the globe...Visitors will move through botanical exhibits, aquariums, exhibition halls, a 3D theatre and restaurants, before re-emerging by way of a rooftop garden with views of the immediate outdoor eco-park..." [3.19.10]

Sky's the limit of Kensington Roof Gardens
This is London,
by Rosie Boycott
London, UK. "...Kensington Roof Gardens boast 1.5 acres of green space including fully grown oaks and fruit trees growing in 1.5m of soil, and a stream stocked with fish and wildlife...Between 2004 and 2008, 420,000 square metres of green roofs were installed in London, compared to 96,000 square metres in 2003...The champion of roof gardens is Dusty Gedge who has built green roofs on Barclays Tower in the City and the Komodo Dragon House at London Zoo. You can download his DIY guide at" [3.18.10]

Burning With Inspiration
Metromode Media,
by Kirk Vanderbeek
Detroit, MI. "...The Rouge Factory Tour is an interactive experience that, as she explains, combines innovation and manufacturing with history and green architecture...visitors can view the world's largest living roof (an attraction that requires Jones to ask of herself: "How do I make porous pavement interesting?)..." [3.18.10]

City studies green roof regulations
Pittsburgh Post Gazette,
by Diana Nelson Jones‎
Pittsburgh, PA. "Legislation that would define a green roof and establish zoning height allowances for rooftop gardens was considered and postponed...Councilman William Peduto's legislation would define green roofs as "regular and customary accessories" to homes and commercial properties..." [3.17.10]

Rainwater runoff the key to a green city
Victoria Times Colonist,
by Calvin Sandborn‎
Victoria, Canada. "We need to completely reinvent how we deal with storm water...Engineers, developers, and governments across North America are adopting green rainwater management techniques, including porous pavement, brick pavers, narrower streets, sidewalk planter boxes, replacing curbs and gutters with grassy boulevards and swales, improving soil absorption, retention ponds, rain gardens and green roofs..." [3.17.10]

Felipe Campolina's Portability Skyscraper features green roof and walls
Ecofriend Blog‎,
by Anupam
Brazil. "Brazilian architect Felipe Campolina has unveiled the designs of a futuristic skyscraper that is composed of hundreds of mobile living units. The skyscraper deals with both environmental and social issues with the living units starting from a modular system scaled from the standard OSB plate...The individual units come with windows in tempered glass, green roofs and walls and can be aligned according to the need..." [3.17.10]

Station kiosks to become 'buzz' stops
Islington Gazette,
by ‎Staff
London, UK. "News and flower kiosks outside Angel Tube station are set to be transformed into "buzz stops" to attract wildlife...New mini green roofs will attract insects and birds and add a touch of greenery to one of Islington's busiest junctions. The council's executive will also..." [3.16.10]

Climate Change In Business, Going Green Often Means Saving Green
Business West,
by Joseph Bednar‎
Springfield, MA. "But what an increasing number of companies are discovering is that not only do green considerations benefit the planet, they’re often good for the bottom line, too...The most visible result of that priority will be a 'green roof,' featuring a walking path and a variety of plant life, where staff, patients, and visitors ca relax..." [3.15.10]

Creative Discovery Museum Getting City's Largest Green Roof
The Chattanoogan,
by Staff‎
Chattanooga, TN. "A new green roof is being installed this week over the existing roof of the at the Creative Discovery Museum...According to the manufacturer’s information, LiveRoof, green roof vegetation will help cool the air during the hot summer months reducing indoor temperatures and air-conditioning costs..." [3.15.10]

Gimme Shelter: A Q & A with Leslie Hoffman
Mother Nature Network Blog,
by Matt Hickman
New York, NY. "Earth Pledge's Leslie Hoffman discusses how community plays a key role in her remarkable green home building project, Gimme Shelter....Hoffman also wanted the home to be different beyond just being a beautiful, sustainable structure with solar photovoltaics, a rainwater catchment system, green roof, and so on..." [3.15.10]

Going green with buildings
Malaysia Star,
by Thean Lee Cheng & Tee Lin Say
Malaysia. "There was a time some 20 years ago when being green was fashionable. Many felt it was just hype; like most passing fads, it would go away. It did not...The idea is to reduce the use of potable water for its rooftop gardens. The company will also collect condensate water from its air-conditioning units..." [3.13.10]

The sky's the limit: A roof garden will make your neighbours green with envy - and developers are catching on
Daily Mail,
by Dotti Tulle
London, UK. 'Roof gardens have come of age. But they are no longer just open spaces in which to put up a few deckchairs and wait for the sun to shine. All kinds of elaborate and exotic garden designs are landing on a rooftop near you..." [3.12.10]

Triptych combines art and architecture
Architecture and Design,
by Staff
Melbourne, Australia. "Designing a residential tower that stands 29-storeys high within the heart of Melbourne’s art precinct was indeed a challenge...each apartment opens out onto a vertical village featuring a nine-metre high glass atrium with a live green living wall and communal space for residents to enjoy..." [3.12.10]

Living Walls: The Indoor Garden Trend,
by Dave Good‎
San Diego, CA. "Live plants can cover an apartment wall, or a whole skyscraper facade...Time called the 'living wall' one of the 50 best inventions of 2009. Developed by a French botanist named Patrick Blanc, living walls come in all shapes and sizes. They can cover entire facades of skyscrapers with greenery or they can grace interior apartment walls..." [3.12.10]

Pay now — and pay later
Baltimore Sun,
by Karen Hosler‎
Baltimore, MA. "...We're not getting any free ride by putting off the cost of installing green roofs, rain barrels, retention ponds and other water containment and cleansing techniques. Mother Nature says it's not a question of pay me now or pay me later, but one of pay me now and pay me later. However, the interest rate on inaction is going to rise considerably..." [3.12.10]

Cultivating crops on city rooftops
Environmental Expert Press Release
London, UK.
"To meet the challenges of producing food in a more environmentally-friendly way, the European Environment Agency (EEA) has called on cities to develop 'living walls' of edible plants. Through vertical farming, agriculture could become a feature of urban life, lowering energy consumption, carbon emissions and resource use in food production..." [3.11.10]

Brown roof project by LDA Design wins biodiversity award
Horticulture Week,
by Staff‎
London UK. "LDA Design's brown roof project at Royal Arsenal Riverside in Woolwich, south London, has won a biodiversity award...Different from a green roof in that its aim is to increase biodiversity and habitat space in urban areas, the LDA Design project was a joint scheme with ecologists Baker Shepherd Gillespie (BSG)..." [3.11.10]

Affordable, Curvy, and Super Green
Jetson Green Blog,
by Preston Koerner
London, UK. "...Designed by Acanthus LW Architects for Paradigm Housing, these homes were built with recycled steel and minimal construction waste...Green features include a sedum-covered green roof, photovoltaics, solar thermal, rainwater capture for toilet usage, high insulation, abundant natural light, passive ventilation, biomass boiler for heating and hot water, and heat recovery systems..." [3.10.10]

In Oakland, Solar and Affordable Housing Part of the Same Deal,
by Erin Milnes‎
Oakland, CA. "...Designed by architect David Baker + Partners and built by J. H. Fitzmaurice, Ironhorse incorporates many sustainable building measures, among them solar-heated water, photovoltaic arrays to supply electricity for common areas, certified 'green' carpets and vegetated 'green roofs,' which last longer than conventional roofing and provide insulation from both heat and sound..." [3.10.10]

Win a green roof for your school by photographing local wildlife
The Ecologist,
by Matilda Lee
London, UK. "With spring around the corner, why not take a walk around your local park or forest to get a closer look at - and photograph - local wildlife. Uploading pictures can win a school near you a green roof...Dusty Gedge, an urban ecologist and founder of, an independent source of green roof information in the UK, says that a green roof can be used as an outdoor classroom and will help to preserve local wildlife..." [3.9.10]

A Few Things the West Could Teach Japan About Housing - #8 Roof Garden Blog,
by Alastair Townsend
Japan. " Fukuoka’s ACROS building and the Roppongi Hills Keyakizaka in Tokyo are remarkable examples of urban green roofs...Japan has a number of notable green roofs (both large offices and houses). That said, Japan (and the rest of the world) is still somewhat behind Europe in this regard. We can all agree, however, that the world needs more green roofs – particularly Japan..." [3.9.10]

Futuristic New York and Sustainable Sao Paulo Projects Win Zumtobel Prize
Fast Company,
by Alissa Walker
World. "...Sao Paulo workspace named Harmonia//57 designed by French-Brazilian architects Triptyque was named as the winner. The firm was charged with creating a flexible environment on a unique site deluged with heavy rain and very high temperatures. Taking advantage of the abundance of natural resources, the designers added not only a green roof, but vertical gardens as well..." [3.8.10]

City will hold ecoroof fair Friday and Saturday,
by Susan Green
Portland, OR. "Anyone interested in installing an ecoroof, a vegetated roof that absorbs rain and reduces stormwater runoff, can find all the information and resources they need at the free, city-sponsored Ecoroof Portland 2010 fair from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday at Leftbank Annex, 101 N. Weidler St..." [3.8.10]

Media-TIC building will cut emissions by 37 percent with energy-saving skin
by Staff
Barcelona, Spain. "...Architect Enric Ruiz-Geli has designed an inflatable membrane façade from the Media-TIC building that will help it save energy and reduce carbon emissions by as much as 37 percent...The roof of the building will feature a green cover and photovoltaic panels. The green roof collects rainwater, which is then collected in a tank and re-used for sanitation and landscaping..." [3.8.10]

Former Larimer gas station to make 'green' statement
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review,
by Jodi Weigand
Pittsburgh, PA. "A long-vacant gas station in Larimer is being transformed into a place where people can learn about water conservation and growing local produce. The Energy and Environment Community Outreach Center at East Liberty Boulevard and Larimer Avenue is expected to be completed this fall. It will also feature solar panels, a community garden and a 'green' roof that will collect rainwater for irrigation..." [3.8.10]

Green by design,
by Donna Laporte
Toronto, Canada. "...Terry McGlade is a horticulturalist and landscape designer who has been specializing in green roofs for 10 years. He says a lot of thought went into designing the green roof system for this home...McGlade is founder of Gardens in the Sky, a division of Flynn Canada, the largest roofer in Canada. He says interest is growing and he has designed green roofs for about eight houses in the past year..." [3.6.10]

Maldives To Fight Rising Sea Levels With Floating Islands
Inhabitat Blog,
by Jill Fehrenbacher
Maldives. "The tiny island nation of the Maldives is under serious threat from rising sea levels caused by climate change...the renderings for the amphibious mini-cities appear depict star-shaped, tiered islands with indoor spaces hidden under lush green-roof terraces, complete with interior pools and beaches..." [3.5.10]

'Flagship' grass roof development takes shape in Witham
BBC News,
by Staff
Witham, UK. "An eye-catching residential development that features an eco-friendly green sedum roof is taking shape in Witham...The green roof is predominantly made of moss, with a few wild flowers, was laid as a blanket similar to turf. As well as improving the insulation, it also captures rain water run-off which is reused to irrigate itself...Listen to an explanation..." [3.4.10]

Seminar in Carnegie touts green roofs
Pittsburgh Post Gazette,
by Bob Podurgiel
Carnegie, PA. "Even though most roofs are still covered with ice and snow, people in Carnegie are thinking green -- as in green roofs. Dr. Rob Berghage, associate professor of horticulture at Penn State University, gave an audience Friday of about 50 local political leaders, business owners and conservation advocates an introduction into how green roofs are constructed and how they can benefit building owners and the environment at a green roof and green landscaping conference in the Carnegie Borough Building..." [3.4.10]

Saturday, March 13th Meet Mike Darcy at EcoRoof Portland 2010
750 KXL,
by Staff
Portland, OR. "The City of Portland is sponsoring Ecoroof Portland, taking place March 12-13, 2010. Come learn how ecoroofs work, why they're important, and what's next for Portland's rooftops and sky..." [3.4.10]

Stunning Green Roofed Apartment Building Rises in Amsterdam
Inhabitat Blog,
by Bridgette Meinhold
Amsterdam, The Netherlands. "Construction was recently finished on this stunning green-roofed apartment building in Amsterdam, and residents will soon be able to move into their stunning new light filled apartments. Designed by NL Architects, Blok K is located between the historic center and the recently redeveloped harbor area in the east...More photos..." [3.3.10]

DuPage gets grant to create green roof
Chicago Daily Herald,
by Jake Griffin
Chicago, IL. "The county recently received a $250,000 federal grant from the Department of Energy to convert the cafeteria's roof to a more energy efficient and ecologically friendly version...The 'green' roof would provide energy-saving benefits by providing better insulation for that area of the building thereby lowering heating and cooling..." [3.2.10]

Roofing demand in US projected to be $17.9 billion in 2014
MMD Newswire Press Release

US. "...As increasing awareness and interest over environmentally friendly roofing products that also help reduce building utility costs continue to expand and gain in popularity, the roofing market is expected to see gains at above average paces in composite shingles, photovoltaic roofing, and green roof systems through 2014." [3.9.10]

SIUC's first 'green roof' in the works
The DailyEgyptian,
by Erin Holcomb
March 1, 2010
Carbondale, IL. "Landscaping isn’t new to the campus, especially to the agriculture department — but tending to greenery on a rooftop will be. The recent renovations the university made to the Agriculture Building’s roof this past summer may seem like simple repairs, but the roof has been built to double as its own ecosystem...SIU-Edwardsville already has green roofs on three of its buildings, said Bill Retzlaff, chairman of the department of biological sciences at SIUE. The green roof on its engineering building houses six projects used for research..." [3.1.10]

NYC Students, Officials to Host Design Unveiling Event of Public School
ps41 News Release
Greenwich Village, NY.
"New York City public school students and officials will host a design unveiling ceremony for a first-of-its-kind Greenroof Environmental Literacy Laboratory (GELL) on March 2 at PS41 in Greenwich Village..." [3.1.10]

DM concludes second phase of Green Roofs awareness campaigns
WAM - Emirates News Agency,
by Staff
Dubai, UAE. "Dubai Municipality has concluded the second phase of the awareness campaigns on Green Roofs project in the Global Village, which was held from 18 to 28 February. Engineering models of the project were placed at the Global Village to explain the idea of the project in a simplified form to the public..." [3.1.10]

Absorbing ideas address runoff
Atlanta Journal Constitution,
by Heather Vogell
Atlanta, GA. "Ideas that sounded utopian a few years ago — such as roof gardens and pavement that absorbs water — are cropping up across the country to meet new mandates for controlling rainfall after it hits the ground...The city expects its seven acres of green roofs to more than double in the next few years..." [3.1.10]

Roof garden opens at Liverpool University
BBC News,
by Staff
February 26, 2010
Liverpool, UK. "Students at the University of Liverpool have created an urban roof garden on the roof of the Guild building in Mount Pleasant, Liverpool...The garden provides a place to grow herbs and salad and includes two beehives and bird nests to encourage local wildlife to the area..."

It's Alive! That Roof is Alive!
Huffington Post Blog,
by David Becker
February 26, 2010
New York, NY. "...But what if you started putting farms in new and unexpected areas closer to home? Areas with plenty of sunlight. Look up. Think green roofs. Building owners motivated to lower HVAC costs, speed building approvals, and lower construction costs are turning to green roofs..."

Green Olympic Games track energy savings
Los Angeles Times Blog,
by Kim Murphy
February 26, 2010
Vancouver, Canada. "...While the technology allows Olympics organizers to pat themselves on the back for innovations such as green roofs, waste-to-energy power generation, solar panels and reuse of waste heat, developers say the more important targets are older, drafty buildings that need to tighten up on their power consumption..."

Walmart to sit atop Lowe's at 25th Street Station by fall 2011
Baltimore Sun,
by Edward Gunts
February 26, 2010
Baltimore, MD. "...Walmart, the world's largest retailer, would join Baltimore's first Lowe's Home Center as tenants in the center. The new store would generate 250 jobs, according to company officials...The new store will have a vegetated "green roof" covering more than an acre..."

Growing Up -- On The Roof
Calgary Herald,
by Trent Edwards
February 26, 2010
Calgary, Canada. "Green roofs: an ancient idea, and yet so cutting-edge as a way to make modern buildings more sustainable. But setting up a green roof in Calgary today isn't as simple as it was for an ancient Viking or Japanese farmer laying sod on their home. Green roofs today need an insulating membrane, city bylaw officials' approval and a whole lot of know-how..."

Green Thumb: Mid-South Hydrangea Society hosts sought-after plant curator
Memphis Commercial Appeal,
by Christine Arpe Gang
February 26, 2010
Memphis, TN. "...While most of us spend our lives trying to get plants to thrive in the ground we walk on, others look up to find new gardening frontiers in green roofs...Andy Sudbrock's passion for plants and the natural world has taken in him in two directions. He owns Nashville Natives, a nursery and landscape business specializing in using native plants for environmental restoration and landscaping. In his other business, Southeast Green Roofs, he grows sedums and other succulents for green roof applications..."

Algonquin College's EDC TTBS building will be covered in an undulating green roof
Ecofriend Blog,
by Staff
February 25, 2010
Ottawa, Canada. "...The unique form of the building blends into the landscape and uses color to animate the facades. With parks and garden spaces for added greenery, the building also features an undulating green roof that covers over 50 percent of the surface. This green wall enhances bio-diversity and reduces storm water run-off, conserves energy and reduces urban heat island effect..."

Green roof installation made easy
Nursery Management & Production,
by Kelli Rhoda
February 25, 2010
US. "More efficient green rooftop installation methods mean more profit...Green roofs are a wonder of engineering, but it can be a labor-intensive process. But Express Blower, a manufacturer and distributor of pneumatic blowing equipment in Eugene, Ore., has a solution. By pairing up with pneumatic blower truck owners, contractors are saving time and money, and truck owners are expanding their services and increasing profit..."

With tubs of dirt, a 16-year-old New Canaan student schemes to green the high school
New Canaan News, by Brittany Lyte
February 25, 2010
New Canaan, CT. "...Milunovich spent part of her February vacation in an eight-hour Certified Green Professional course learning about green building...Last year she founded the green roof club at New Canaan High School. And perhaps most impressive, Milunovich has launched this club into a no-nonsense campaign to convince the New Canaan Public School administration to install a green roof at the high school..."

New Fire Design Standard Approved for Green Roofs
GRHC Media Release

February 24, 2010
Toronto, Canada. "Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC) and SPRI, Inc., the trade association representing the manufacturers of commercial roofing systems and component suppliers, are pleased to announce that the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has accepted their VF-1, Fire Design Standard for Vegetative Roofs as an American National Standard. This document was created to provide a design and installation reference for roofing professionals to help eliminate the risk of fire on vegetative / green roofs..."

Dare we tamper with the process of rain?
Wicked Local Roslindale,
by Dr. Karen Weber
February 24, 2010
Rolinsdale, MA. "Why do we not have a huge refrigerator to cool the earth down and in winter make snow? Fortunately, nature has provided us with a unique cooling system...One solution that has been consistently overlooked is that of green roofs, or vegetative roof coverings. By using plants to cover our buildings, we recreate a natural balance on our human-made world..."

How to turn blueprints green
MIT News,
by David L. Chandler
February 24, 2010
Cambridge, MA. "Open-source program developed at MIT allows architects and engineers to optimize a building’s energy systems early in the design process...He developed comparisons based on three types of roofs: conventional dark asphalt roofs, cool roofs (such as white roofs) and green roofs (with a layer of soil and grass or other plants growing in it)..."

Vancouver's Green Olympics: Exceptions that Change the Rules
WorldChanging Blog,
by Alex Aylett
February 23, 2010
Vancouver, Canada. "...The stunning new LEED certified athlete's village and convention centre have been the centerpiece of what is being touted as the most sustainable Games ever. What's one green-roof on a convention centre (even if it is the size of four football fields) if the rest of the city just keeps chugging along the same as always? But for Vancouver, these two super green developments are icons of a larger shift. Rather than being exceptions that prove the rules of unsustainable urbanization, these are exceptions that have helped change the rules..."

Georgian CCHR promotes sustainable architecture with an insulating green roof
Ecofriend Blog,
by Staff
February 23, 2010
Atlanta, GA. "Antoine Predock Architect in collaboration with Perdock_Frane and Moody-Nolan have designed the Center for Civil and Human Rights (CCHR) for Atlanta, Georgia that expresses the universal and timeless struggles for human and civil rights...While normal roofs waste space are hidden from view, the new CCHR’s roof will be layered with a patchwork of gardens, that apart from adding a green touch to the architecture also serve as natural cooling systems..."

Green-roof bylaw earns mixed reviews
The Toronto Observer,
by Tanis Reynolds
February 22, 2010
Toronto, Canada. "Toronto’s new green-roof by-law has earned praise from environmentalists but concern from local developers who worry about the impact of the by-law on their bottom line. The green-roof by-law, approved by Toronto City Council in May 2009, has won kudos from environmental groups who claim green roofs are both economically and environmentally viable..."

Urban blossoms
Norristown Times Herald,
by Staff
February 22, 2010
Philadelphia, PA. "Temple University Ambler Landscape Architecture and Horticulture students will add a vibrant green to the gray shades of the urban landscape. Temple’s exhibit — "METROmorphosis — Transforming the Urban World" — meshes perfectly with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s 2010 Flower Show theme, "Passport to the World."...Green roofs, urban beekeeping, vertical farming, rain water harvesting, solar and wind farms, waste recycling, and edible landscaping are some of the innovative ideas at various stages of development and application that will shape the future cities..."

Transport for London unveils UK's largest hydrogen fuel cell
The Guardian,
by Cath Everett
February 22, 2010
London, UK. "Transport for London (TfL) hopes to cut its carbon emissions by 40 per cent and save £90,000 per annum on utility bills with a newly unveiled green power plant at its head office that includes the UK's largest hydrogen fuel cell...Solar panels will be introduced to heat water, while green roofs will be installed to boost insulation, absorb rainwater and improve local ecology..."

Guangzhou Metro Authority Headquarters will be insulated by green roofs
Ecofriend Blog,
by Staff
February ‎22, 2010
Guangzhou, China. "Perkins Eastman have designed a sustainable building to serve as the headquarters of the Guangzhou Metro Authority...Due to the tropical climate of China, the building design integrates a terracotta sunscreen system on the exterior envelope that contributes to a reduction in the cooling system’s energy consumption. Moreover, green roofs insulate the building and prevent storm water runoff..."

City needs to redo its recipe for handling food, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer says
New York Daily News,
by Sondra Wolfer
February 19, 2010
Manhattan, NY. "The city should amend its PlaNYC program to include a massive overhaul of the way it deals with food...The city should facilitate the development of rooftop gardens and create an NYC Urban Agriculture Program, which would provide access, resources and information to promote community gardening..."

Mike Holmes: Olympic Village gets gold for roofs,
by Mike Holmes
February 18, 2010
Vancouver, Canada. "When you're watching coverage of the 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Games, take a look at the roofs of the Olympic Village. They're green, and I think they represent exactly the kind of design we need to be incorporating in all developments, especially large ones in urban areas...A green roof provides an oasis for wildlife – birds and insects can live on it. And I think green roofs just simply look good..."

A sneak peek at new Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation campus,
by Deborah Feldman
February 18, 2010
Seattle, WA. "...It is the future of the world's largest charitable foundation and designed to combine the best environmental practices with some stunning aesthetics...The living roof that we have, and the million gallon water storage to recycle that water..."

Green Jobs Will Exceed Trained Workers, Says Report
The Epoch Times,
by Cindy Chan
February 18, 2010
Ottawa, Canada. "Jobs in the environmental sector are growing rapidly and Canada needs to catch up to train more workers to meet the demand, says a recent report. The Canadian Council on Learning (CCL), the country’s national organization for educational research, says that in 2011 the demand for environmental employees is expected to increase by 8.1 percent, fuelled by rising interest in environmental issues..."

Tour 'Home of the Future,' on display at Vancouver's Olympics
USA Today,
by Wendy Koch
February 18, 2010
Vancouver, Canada. "...Outside is a panel of plants such as native ferns and mosses by Green Living Technologies, a company based in Rochester, N.Y., that's been building green walls worldwide. The wall reduces storm water runoff, filters air pollutants, absorbs carbon dioxide, insulates the home and also provides shade..."

8 Things You Should Know About Designing a Roof
Insurance News Net,
Press Release
February 18, 2010
US. "Roofing industry expert Joseph Schwetz maintains that there is an important difference between what building codes require and what the construction insurance industry—notably mutual insurance firm Factory Mutual—demands—and that this difference can lead to problems in designing a roof...Be prepared to do extra work to get approval for a green roof. Schwetz says that FM is close to finalizing its requirements for vegetated roofing..."

Roofs in Rexdale get cool,
by Jordan Maxwell
February 18, 2010
Toronto, Canada. "Even though the winter season still reigns, Rexdale is about to become just a little bit cooler. Cool Rexdale, a new economic, social and environmental program, was launched this month to save energy by installing green or cool roofs on buildings while engaging local youth in the project...The initiative is part of the City of Toronto's Eco-Roof Incentive Program..."

Blue Forest's off-grid 'Eco Classroom' also has a green roof
Ecofriend Blog,
by Staff
February 18, 2010
UK. "...Constructed using sustainably harvested timber and incorporating a green roof, the Eco-Classroom also features a green roof that allows the structure to blend perfectly with the woodland. The structure is also the first building in the UK that processes harvested rainwater from the green roof into hot and cold drinking water using solar energy..."

Academy of Sciences' living roof flourishing
San Francisco Examiner,
by John Upton
February 18, 2010
San Francisco, CA. "Winter rains have helped prepare Golden Gate Park's newest and most native habitat to flourish this spring. The carefully managed experimental ecosystem that occupies the undulating 197,000-square-foot rooftop of the California Academy of Sciences has evolved in the 17 months since the new building opened. The living rooftop slopes up and down to form large mounds that create microclimates, with some areas windier and drier than others, which has helped to create a tapestry of native plant populations..."

Winter Olympics gets a touch of greenery
by Tannith Cattermole
February 17, 2010
Vancouver, Canada. "When Vancouver won the competition to host the 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games thoughts immediately turned to construction, and one of the most awe-inspiring initiatives has to be the redesign of the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Center (VCAEC). Currently hosting the international broadcasting and media hub for the Winter Olympics, this waterfront building is not only beautiful and functional but is environmentally sustainable, boasting a green electricity program, a seawater heating and cooling system and the largest "living roof" in Canada populated with 40,000 plants and grasses..."

The Olympic Effect
Huffington Post Blog,
by Gregory Unruh
February 17, 2010
Vancouver, Canada. "Potential host cities spend millions attracting the Olympic Games. The hope for a return on their investment is largely economic...We're seeing it with the Vancouver winter games. The city boasts an Olympic Village constructed to the highest LEED® green building standards fitting facilities with now de rigeuer green roofs, solar panels and water harvesting..."

Too much pavement, too little oversight: EPA to tackle stormwater runoff
Environmental Health News,
by Sarah Coefield
February 17, 2010
US. "Across the country, stormwater runoff hammers thousands of rivers, streams and lakes. Communities are left to struggle with the consequences of too much pavement and too little oversight. Now the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is gearing up to tighten federal stormwater rules that have been criticized by environmental groups and deemed ineffective by a national panel of researchers...The rules may include guidelines for techniques such as rain gardens, rain barrels, green roofs, green streets and porous pavements..."

Firm selects winning design for proposed visitors center in Newark
by Shankar P.
February 16, 2010
Newark, NJ. "A proposed visitor center in Newark has attracted interest from 200 design firms in more than 200 countries, but it was a domestic firm, Long Island, N.Y.-based design and architecture firm Di Domenico & Partners, that won the winning entry in the Newark Visitor Center International Design Contest...The winning design focused on sustainability, including a 'green roof' with landscaping, rainwater harvesting and features to ward off heat generated by pave environments..."

TD donates $50000 toward Vancouver Island University's Aboriginal centre
CNW Group,
Press Release
February 16, 2010
Nanaimo, Canada. "A traditional First Nations feast at Vancouver Island University (VIU) honoured TD Bank Financial Group on Monday for its contribution of $50,000 toward The Gathering Place, a new Aboriginal centre on the Nanaimo campus...Waugh describes The Gathering Place as a holistic integration of sustainable strategies. The green roof reduces storm water runoff and reduces energy demands for cooling and heating..."

Ecoroofs the topic of event from Bureau of Environmental Services,
by Carrie Sturrock
February 15, 2010
Portland, OR. "Ever considered putting a vegetated roof on your home or business? Then don't miss Ecoroof Portland 2010. Building and home owners can get all their questions answered at the March 12-13 event sponsored by the City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services. The roof systems absorb rain and reduce stormwater runoff and are supposed to last longer than conventional roofing..."

Horticulture, arboriculture careers begin at Olds College
Edmonton Journal,
by Staff
February 14, 2010‎
Edmonton, Canada. "...Through innovative research activities horticultural students now have access to use of alternative energy strategies that will open doors to brand new fields of endeavor such as 'green roof' technology and environmentally sustainable yards..."

The greenest Olympics ever? Consider medals, transit, buildings
USA Today,
by Wendy Koch
February 13, 2010
Vancouver, Canada. "Is this the greenest Olympics ever? The 2010 Winter Olympics, now underway in Vancouver, have taken steps to make the games eco-friendly...The Vancouver Convention Centre, home to the media center, has a living roof of 400,000 native plants...All the buildings have green roofs, cisterns to catch rainwater, passive solar design, upgraded insulation and windows as well as carpets and paint with low or no VOC..."

An Olympic accomplishment,
by Lisa Rochon
February 12, 2010
Vancouver, Canada. "...There's a shift away from exultant views of the mountains to something more intimate and, ultimately, more urban. Green roofs have established an exhilarating new visual rhythm. The buildings turn the corner in elegant ways, the landscaping is generous, and there are open corridors in the non-market (affordable) housing for natural cross-ventilation..."

What Will Vancouver Look Like When the Winter Games Are Gone?
Fast Company,
by Jesse Ashlock
February 12, 2010
Vancouver, Canada. "...As the largest city ever to host a Winter Olympics, Vancouver made sustainability the centerpiece of its design strategy, an approach that's evident in the high-density Southeast False Creek Olympic Village complex, where units will be sold as condos after the Games (assuming anyone's buying). Built to a LEED Gold standard, it's won plaudits from environmental advocates for its green roofs, rainwater reuse, and integration with parkland and public transit..."

Green Gasoline Station Goes Old School EV Style
EarthTechling Blog,
by Susan DeFreitas
February 12, 2010
Europe. "...The brainchild of Geotectura, a European design firm, in association with Malka Architects, the charging station is known as Green Gasoline...natural ventilation, on site renewable energy (including wind and solar) that powers the building as well as cars, along with water reuse and a green roof."

A sustainable stay
Explore Howard County,
by Judy Colbert
February 11, 2010‎
Baltimore, MD. "...When the Hilton Baltimore Convention Center Hotel opened, it had the largest green roof in the city. More than 60,000 one-inch plugs of six different plant species were used on the 32,000 square feet on the East Building roof. This reduces storm water runoff, lowers the cooling loads, eliminates heat islands (no blacktop roof) and creates habitats for birds and other wildlife..."

Working in a green building feels good
Mother Nature Network,
by Melissa Hincha-Ownby
February 11, 2010‎‎
Denver, CO. "One employee at the Environmental Protection Agency describes what it is like to work in a green building...Wendy works at the EPA’s Region 8 Headquarters in Denver, Colorado. The building features a green roof, which serves two purposes: reducing the heat island effect and managing stormwater..."

Port of Portland headquarters, PDX parking nearly complete, b
y Amy Hsuan
February 10, 2010
Portland, OR. "When the Port of Portland's new home opens in May, the 200,000-square-foot headquarters will be heated and cooled by 200 geothermal wells. Its 10,000-square-foot eco-roof, sprouting plants and grasses, will overlook Portland International Airport..."

Freight Container Retreat
by Staff
February 10, 2010
London, UK. "Converted freight containers live on as a lakeside residence at the Scottish Cove Park artist retreat, located on the Rosneath peninsula. The cube units, designed by London-based Urban Space Management, offer accommodation and work space units for visiting artists...Each recycled freight container unit has a kitchen, dining area, shower room, bedroom, balcony and living roof."

Vancouver to Host International Green Roof and Wall Conference
Media Release
February 9, 2010‎
Toronto, Canada. "Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, the North American green roof industry association and the British Columbia Institute of Technology (academic co-host) are pleased to announce that they will be hosting the 2010 Green Roof and Green Wall Conference – CitiesAlive! in Vancouver. The Call for Papers process is now underway, and Green Roofs for Healthy Cities is actively soliciting paper abstracts for presentation at the Conference..."

National Science and Engineering Week 2010 for teachers
by Rachel Hayward
February 9, 2010
London, UK. "National Science and Engineering Week, the nation's largest celebration of science, runs from March 12 – 21 2010 and there are some great resources on the British Science Association website to engage your pupils with science...What on Earth is also offering a biodiverse green roof to a school or educational building in the country that collectively uploads the most photos before the end of March. This has been sponsored by green roof developer Sika Sarnafil in conjunction with wildlife expert and Dusty Gedge..."

Chicago Neighborhood Development Awards presented to 10, including three in design
Chicago Tribune Blog,
by Staff
February 9, 2010
Chicago, IL. "Chicago’s community development world celebrated its present and future at the Hyatt Regency Chicago with the 16th Annual Chicago Neighborhood Development Awards...UrbanWorks for UNO Veterans Memorial School Campus...The project also incorporates a host of environmentally sustainable elements – including a green roof, energy efficiency measures and solar panels..."

LMN Architects-designed Vancouver Convention Centre West is World’s First Convention Centre to Achieve LEED Platinum Rating
Earth Times,
Press Release
February 9, 2010
Vancouver, Canada. "As media from around the world descend upon Vancouver, B.C. for the 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games, they will experience in the Games’ broadcast media center an unparalleled model of sustainability...A prominent feature to be recognized around the world is the centre’s six-acre living roof, which is Canada’s largest and the biggest non-industrial living roof in North America. Landscaped with 400,000 native plants and grasses, the green roof acts as an insulator to mediate the exterior air temperature, as well as contributes to the building’s stormwater utilization and integrates with the waterfront landscape ecosystem..."

Florida International Unveils Green Roof
Florida Nursing News,
by Staff
February 8, 2010
Miami, FL. "Florida International University, Miami officials announced the completion of Miami’s first “Green Roof,” a prototype “xeriscape” roof made of vegetation aimed at reducing the building’s environmental impact and maintenance costs, according to a news release. The roof places Miami on the list of cities that participate in the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Green Roof” Initiative..."

Tamagawa Takashimaya commercial facility features a mesh of gardens
Ecofriend Blog,
by Staff
February 8, 2010
Tokyo, Japan. "Green roofs and plantations not only improve the air quality but also better the aesthetic appeal of any facility. This is the reason we see buildings with green roofs and vertical gardens. Japanese architects Kengo Kuma have designed a commercial building in Tokyo that carries gardens on the roofs and borders..."

Building of green spaces continues
The GW Hatchet,
by Kara Dunford
February 8, 2010
DC. "The University's effort to increase green space on campus is progressing with construction continuing on two major green spaces, the Square 54 green roof and the Square 80 green space. Square 54 will include more than 26,000 feet of green roof structures, including 18,000 square feet on the roof of the below-grade parking and loading structure that will function as a courtyard..."

WEG Part Of 'Cool Rexdale' Program
Standardbred Canada,
by Staff
February 8, 2010
Toronto, Canada. "Partners in Project Green today announced the launch of Cool Rexdale, a new program that will help to improve the economic, social and environmental vitality of Rexdale, one of Toronto's priority neighborhoods...Cool and green roofs can help businesses reduce their heating and cooling costs and extend the life of their roofs. Green roofs, which support rooftop vegetation, also help clean our air, enhance biodiversity and retain storm water and its pollutants..."

Dubai Pearl Achieves Prestigious LEED Gold Pre-Certification
by Staff
February 8, 2010
United Arab Emirates. "Dubai Pearl, the 20 million sq ft integrated sustainable destination, overlooking the Palm Jumeirah, has attainted pre-certification from the US Green Building Council (USGBC) at the Gold level for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)...extensive grey water collection and re-use, green roofs and heat recovery systems will be integrated into the development..."

Fact Sheet: News on the Recovery Act
American Chronicle,
by Staff
February 7, 2010
Bronx, NY. "...the borough is getting a $4 million federal stimulus grant to create a free job-training program that will prepare about 400 borough residents for 'green jobs.' Program participants will get job training at several South Bronx sites that focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy industries, training in such areas as building green roofs, retrofitting buildings and planting trees..."

Vermonters shape space, better and better,
by Joel Banner Baird
February 7, 2010‎
Burlington, VT. "Vermont’s architects, bless ’em, are stepping up to the challenge. Displays of some of their latest (and greatest, some would argue) work will surface Wednesday and Thursday at the “Better Buildings by Design” conference, held at the Sheraton Burlington Hotel and Conference Center...A living, 'green' roof planted with sedum (in patterns designed to appeal to airborne viewers) drains to a 35000-gallon underground tank - and the water is used to wash aircraft..."

County stormwater shift to promote more 'green',
by Meredith Somers
February 5, 2010‎
Charles County, MA. "The preservation of Charles County's natural landscape and the promotion of conservation-friendly drainage systems is the way Charles County development will be headed in the coming months...Alternative surfaces include such things as green roofs and permeable surfaces, the latter of which is already in use throughout Southern Maryland..."

Building's secret garden top idea
Otago Daily Times,
by Allison Rudd
February 5, 2010‎‎
Dunedin, New Zealand. "Passers-by will never see the secret the University of Otago's new psychology building is hiding. High above the campus, the six-level building on Leith Walk has a roof garden - not a space to be admired or sat in, but one contributing to the building's rainwater collection and recycling system..."

A High School For Green Teens
Huffington Post Blog
, by Kerry Trueman
February 4, 2010‎‎
New York, NY. "...At his current position teaching at the Discovery High School in the Bronx, Ritz just oversaw the installation of a living, edible green wall in partnership with a for-profit enterprise called Green Living Technologies, a pioneering developer of cutting edge urban agricultural systems...Green Living Technologies is sponsoring a team of Ritz's students, bringing them to Boston later this month to be the first high students in America to be trained and certified as green wall and green roof installers..."

'Green' building in Hempfield now tells its story on the screen
Pittsburgh Post Gazette,
by Maryann Gogniat Eidemiller
February 4, 2010‎‎
Hempfield, PA. "The roof and grounds surrounding the building known as GreenForge in Hempfield were white with snow last week. But Westmoreland County's ultimate model of conservation was as green as ever...Jim Pillsbury, the district's hydraulic engineer and specialist in storm water management, worked on the project that turned the roof into Westmoreland County's first -- and, so far, only -- green roof. Instead of shingles, the surface is covered with thousands of sedum plants in nine varieties..."

The urban Ewok village
The Martlet,
by Glen O'Neill
February 4, 2010‎
Vancouver, Canada. "Imagine flying over any major city and, instead of seeing vast, square cement rooftops, you see parks and walking-path bridges that connect to adjacent rooftop parks...Vancouver is well known for its two large-sized green roofs. In 1995, the Vancouver Public Library had a 1,500-square-metre green roof installed. As well, Vancouver’s Convention Centre is home to a six-acre green roof, which houses thousands of indigenous plants..."

Over the Top: Data Shows "Green" Roofs Could Cool Urban Heat Islands and Boost Water Conservation
Scientific American,
by Katie Moisse‎
February 2, 2010
New York, NY. "Quantifying their urban climate change-mitigating effects is an important step in getting green roofing initiatives off the ground...Green roofs can cool near-surface air temperatures by an average of 16.4 degrees Celsius per unit area...A four-inch-thick green roof can hold a gallon of water per square foot..."

LEED Gold Certification for Cape Cod Green Home Achieved by Cape Associates and ZeroEnergy Design
PR Web,
Press Release
February 2, 2010
Cape Cod, MA. "Modern Cape Cod house earns both ENERGY STAR and LEED Gold certification for green features including solar electric, a green roof, and the use of sustainable materials...The house includes a wide variety of green features including solar electric, solar hot water, a living green roof, low flow fixtures and toilets, local and rapidly renewable materials, stormwater management, and a whole house ventilation and allergen filtration system..."

Green industrial roofing,
by Robert C. Lichy
February 2, 2010
US. "Evolution is yielding effective technology...Manufacturing plants located in urban or suburban areas frequently are guilty of contributing to what has been termed the Urban Heat Island effect because of large, black parking lots and dark roofs. While a white roof might reduce the negative effect, a green roof might actually mitigate the heat island. Green roofs not only cool and humidify the ambient air, they filter out dust and smog particles. Plants absorb aerosol contaminants in the ambient air, leaving the air safer for all of us..."

Israel's 'Living Building' In Jerusalem Grows With the Seasons
Green Prophet Blog,
by Maurice Picow
February 2, 2010
Israel. “While many countries are taking pride in their sustainable of 'green' building technologies, and LEED certification as we learn from Qatar, Israel may have gotten the upper hand by unveiling what it refers to as a 'living building.'...The roof is a 'living roof,' and not a 'green roof.' What is a green roof? It is a roof of plants that require watering. A living roof is comprised of native Middle Eastern flora which bloom according to the seasons and do not require any watering..."

Exploring the potential of the ground above our heads
BU Today,
by Leslie Friday
February 1, 2010
Boston, MA. "Opportunity is in the eye of the beholder. Flying low over Boston University, some might see a congested Commonwealth Avenue bordered by a multitude of buildings and parking lots. Others might see acre upon acre of available space, where gardens could grow, energy could be produced, and scientific theories could be put to the test...With partial funding from Phillips’ carbon emissions project, they plan to build boxlike surfaces covered in each of the three 'green roof' options, and place them on the CAS roof...."

Counting bugs on the California Academy of Sciences' living roof
SF State Campus Headlines,
by Elaine Bible
January 29, 2010
San Francisco, CA. "The California Academy of Sciences' living rooftop is teeming with insects. Since it opened in 2008, biology graduate student Jessica Van Den Berg has sampled the wildlife in this unusual habitat, counting tiny pygmy grasshoppers, honeybees and spiders. One find surprised her: an iridescent ground beetle never before seen in San Francisco..."

D.C. Greenworks names new leader
Washington Business Journal,
by Vandana Sinha
January 29, 2010‎
DC. "DC Greenworks, a nonprofit that promotes and installs green roofs, has named a new chief from the Bethesda business community. Peter Ensign, a longtime architect and former vice president of community development for the Greater Bethesda-Chevy Chase Chamber of Commerce, will replace Sara Loveland as executive director of the D.C. nonprofit. Ensign will take the helm of a group where a key project has been managing the D.C. Department of the Environment’s green roof subsidy program, which has grown in the last few years to $5 per square foot and up to $20,000 per project..."

White House debuts energy-saving plans for US government
USA Today,
by Staff
January 29, 2010
US. "The U.S. government, which has held recycling competitions, is expanding its eco-efforts. Today, the White House plans to announce that the federal government, the nation's largest energy consumer, will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 28% over the next decade...The U.S. Postal Service has built the largest green roof in New York City on a seven-story mail-processing building..."

Transbay Terminal project gets stimulus funds
San Francisco Chronicle,
by John Coté and Michael Cabanatuan
January 29, 2010
San Francisco, CA. "The final funding piece appears to be in place for a new Transbay Terminal in San Francisco after U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said Thursday the project will get $400 million in federal stimulus funds...Coming on the heels of a $171 million federal loan announced this week, local officials said the stimulus grant was the last piece of financing necessary to begin demolition and then construction of a terminal for high-speed and commuter rail, along with regional buses, all under one landscaped roof..." Also read SF’s Green Transbay Terminal Secures $171 Million for Construction, by Ariel Schwartz of

How to Bring Green into Your School
by Kelly Neylan
January 28, 2010
US. "Many of us are interested in leaving the planet a little better for our children. Our children spend so much time in their learning environments that the school is a great place to continue your greening efforts...Looking for an interesting or green lesson for your classroom? You may be interested in the green roof education guide for teachers and middle-school students. Check out interactive guide, teacher’s resource and lesson plan on green roofs..."

OGS to spend $1 million to 'green' state office roof
by Chris White
January 28, 2010
Albany, NY. "It's one of the first ‘green’ roofs for a state building in New York. The Office of General Services announced today results of a bidding process to build a vegetated roof system at the Holland Avenue Office Building in Albany. The lowest bidder, of the ten applications, was Titan Roofing, Inc. of Chicopee, MA, with $1,082,900..."

The Westin Wall Centre, Vancouver Airport Opens in Time for Winter Games
Press Release
January 28, 2010
Vancouver, Canada. "Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. announces the opening of The Westin Wall Centre, Vancouver Airport, a sophisticated, new-build hotel in Richmond, B.C...The hotel incorporates green elements into the design and function. A focus of the design is a “Living Wall” that incorporates 360 living panels consisting of more than 9,000 native plants, which assist in irrigation. The hotel also has a Green Roof system with a large landscaped area consisting of drought tolerant sedum and ornamental grass with long curved arches to emulate the flight paths and movements of planes from the nearby airport..."

Massive 131 Acre Green Roof Planned for Seoul
Inhabitat Blog,
by Mike Chino
January 28, 2010
South Korea. "The architects behind South Korea’s new eco dome have hatched another stunning project that plants a 131 acre green roof in the heart of Seoul. Designed by Samoo Architects & Engineers, the plan renovates the run-down Garak Wholesale Market with an eco-upgrade topped with a sprawling public garden..."

Apply for a Green Award in Boston
Allston-Brighton TAB,
by Staff
January 28, 2010
Boston, MA. "Nominations are now open for the Mayor’s 2010 Green Awards, which recognize local sustainability and environmental awareness leaders in three different categories – Green Business Awards, Green Residential Awards, and Bike Friendly Business Awards. Constructing offices with recycled plastic bottles, providing a fleet of bicycles for commuting employees, and creating rooftop gardens are just some of the innovative approaches that businesses are taking to green Boston..."

Integrated Biofilter System for Wastewater Treatments
by Bradley Swope
January 27, 2010
Pennsylvania, PA. "The disclosed invention is an integrated biofilter constructed of inexpensive and locally available materials to decontaminate both gray and black wastewater, allowing these waters to be reused. The system combines a subsurface flow wetland, a living wall, living columns, and a green roof to create a complex of micro habitats for diverse bacteria and plant communities..."

Toronto launches green initiatives designed to build a more sustainable city
Canadian Architect,
by Staff
January 27, 2010
Toronto, Canada. "On January 31, 2010, the City of Toronto will introduce two initiatives designed to "green" Toronto's new building stock: the Toronto Green Standard and Green Roof Bylaw...Toronto's Green Roof Bylaw, the first bylaw in North America to require and govern the construction of green roofs on new developments. The bylaw will apply to permit applications for residential, commercial and institutional developments, while industrial buildings have until January 31, 2011 to include provisions for a green roof in new construction..."

Jerusalem Bird Observatory opens visitors center
Jerusalem Dispatch,
by Dan Slobodkin
January 27, 2010
Jerusalem. "...Located on the Knesset grounds between the Knesset building and the High Court, the observatory, with its “living” roof, is the world's only birdwatching spot situated at a parliament...The rooftop features more than 700 bulbs and plants native to Israel, making it an attractive spot for a variety of species..."

Ross School Achieves Silver-Rating LEED Certification
Stephen M. Ross School of Business,
by Bernie DeGroat
January 26, 2010
Ann Arbor, MI. "School earns high marks for use of recycled building materials, green roofs, energy performance, water efficiency and more. The Ross School of Business is among the best in the world for research and education on sustainable enterprise, so it should come as no surprise that the school's new building is now officially LEED-certified by the U.S. Green Building Council, a Washington D.C.-based, nonprofit coalition of building industry leaders..."

Make-designed sustainable footballer's house goes for planning
Building Design,
by Ruth Bloomfield
January 26, 2010
UK. "Make Architects has designed this ultra-sustainable home for England and Manchester United footballer Gary Neville. Plans for the house, which have taken three years to perfect, have now been submitted to Bolton Council...A wind turbine will provide power for the property itself and a neighbouring house, while covering much of the house in a green roof of meadow grasses and wildflowers will reduce energy usage..."

Instead of Building New Green Places, Green the Ones We Have
Opposing Views,
by Kaid Benfield
January 26, 2010
DC. "...Speaking of green roofs, you are unlikely to encounter any greener than the one I recently had the pleasure of touring, on top of the DC headquarters of the American Society of Landscape Architects and pictured just above. The fact sheet on the roof, intended as a demonstration project, says that the design includes two elevated 'waves' that create a pleasant foliage-enclosed space and block the unsightly view of the rooftop HVAC systems..."

AgeSong Bayside Park Brings Holistic Elder Care to Emeryville
Business Wire,
Press Release
January 25, 2010
Emeryville, CA. "...The five-story 116,366 square-foot residential complex offers independent and assisted-living apartments for senior adults in a vibrant and healing environment that reflects AgeSong’s holistic approach to care...A 'green' roof is planted with native vegetation that filters out particulates from rainwater runoff prior to entering the storm drainage system..."

Urban Development And Ecosystem Go Hand In Hand
Bru Direct,
by Edwin Eng
January 25, 2010‎
Brunei. "The Development Master Plan for Brunei Darnssalam's capital, Bandar Seri Begawan, is being prepared by an international group of planning, environmental, economic and infrastructure consultants...Among the suggestions highlighted in the press release included using permeable materials for paving driveways and parking areas, creating 'Green Roofs' on new buildings that can absorb rainwater and slow down run-off water, creating open areas around the site with vegetation that can effectively retain and slow down water flows..."

Builders say nature cannot be ignored,
by Tessa Salazar
January 22, 2010‎
Philippines. "Take nature into consideration, and the rewards will be plenty. Ignore nature, and the consequences are certain to be dire. The country’s top builders say they have always built on this principle...cites Celadon Park and Senta, which also have green roofs; Treveia, as part of Nuvali, has sustainable features further enhanced. She cites bioswales, a retention pond which serves both as a feature and sustainability element..."

Network Rail national centre given green light
MK News,
by Staff
January 22, 2010
UK. "Network Rail has been given the go-ahead to build a new national centre in Milton Keynes...The design for the new building includes eco-friendly features including 'living roofs', which will encourage diverse habitats for flora and fauna in the centre of the city, and a rainwater harvesting system which will be used to flush toilets and irrigate landscaping..."

Green rooftop project brightens roof at SIUE
St. Louis Post-Dispatch,
by Staff
January 22, 2010
Belleville, IL. "Belleville-based Taylor Roofing Inc. recently installed a "green roof terrace" at Rendleman Hall at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville...The terrace garden project includes a roof garden drainage system, root barrier, protection fabric, aluminum roof garden edging and aluminum drain boxes. The benefits include improved stormwater run-off management, year-round energy efficiency and reduced rooftop noise infiltration."

An In-Depth Look at the Hospital of the Future
Fast Company,
by Kate Rockwood
January 21, 2010‎
US. "The hospital of the future is designed not just to heal the sick but also to help sustain the environment. Hospitals have a brutal effect on the earth. They consume twice as much energy as typical office buildings and operate 24/7...Every hospital needs an oasis, but it's not just an aid to patients and visitors. A rooftop garden also helps regulate building temperature, providing an extra layer of insulation while absorbing rainwater to reduce the strain on overtaxed sewers..."

US homeless get green shelters and eco-friendly Detroit gym
USA Today,
by Staff
January 20, 2010
Detroit, MI. "Not everyone gets to live in a green home, but an increasing number of the U.S. homeless do -- temporarily, at least, in shelters. Today in Detroit, the homeless can even start working out in a green gym...This shelter has a green roof, water-saving dual-flush toilets, 100 solar panels, an interior courtyard with birch trees and a greenhouse where residents can grow food..."

LA's Central Avenue gets its own City Hall
Los Angeles Times,
by Scott Gold
January 19, 2010
Los Angeles, CA. "There are ice plants and clusters of aloe on the roof, with views of the Hollywood sign in one direction and the San Gabriel Mountains in another...The one-acre complex, including a 1500-square-foot community center and an adjoining, 7500-square-foot city services center -- and the first 'green' roof on a municipal building in L.A..."

Perth CBD now good enough to eat
by Jessica Stone
January 19, 2010
Perth, Australia. "Perth residents have welcomed a new, sustainably-designed addition to their inner CBD, with the opening of the unique 'Greenhouse' bar...The exterior walls host 4,000 pots planted with cascading strawberries, and the rooftop garden grows many many of the herbs, fruit and vegetables that the European-style bar uses in its menu..."

Crowning glory
Malaysia Star,
by Staff
January 19, 2010
Tokyo, Japan. "Standing on one of the streets of Tokyo, visitors will be amazed by the soaring gleaming skyscrapers. But if you were airborne, you will get a completely different view – many of these high-rises are topped with plots of soothing greenery. Tokyo has been sprouting green roofs, alongside green walls, since the launch of its 10-year project for Green Tokyo in 2006..."

Storm over storm-water rules
Baltimore Sun Blog,
by Tim Wheeler
January 18, 2010
Baltimore, MD. "New regulations intended to reduce polluted storm-water runoff in Maryland have sparked a backlash among developers and local officials, who contend the rules undermine the state's Smart Growth policy by making it too expensive to redevelop urban and older suburban areas...The new rules discourage the now-common practice of collecting storm runoff in ponds or underground tanks, in favor of letting the rain soak into soil, whether on open ground or green roofs, like the one shown above on a new elementary school in St. Mary's County..."

Giant trellises will be grown on 18-story federal office building in Portland
Los Angeles Times, b
y Tim Fought
January 16, 2010
Portland, OR. "They haven't figured out yet how to get the pruning done, but architects and federal officials plan one of the world's most extensive vertical gardens in downtown Portland — what amounts to a series of 250-foot-tall trellises designed to shade the west side of an 18-story office building...More recently, green roofs have become established as a way of providing insulation and controlling stormwater runoff, among other benefits, and green walls have begun to emerge as not only pleasing to the eye but also part of highly efficient buildings..."

Roof gardens to have their time in the sun
Sydney Morning Herald,
by Peter Ker
January 16, 2010‎
Australia. "...Dubbed the ''urban heat island'' effect, the phenomenon is prompting action from experts around Melbourne and the world - and much of the focus has turned to the tops of our tallest buildings...Williams says both white and green roofs shield buildings from solar radiation, but that the vegetation on a green roof can also cool the environment by evaporating water out of leaves...Green roofs are operating on a number of levels, they have storm water benefits which white roofs don't have..."

Green Walls Grow blog,
by Andrew Price
January 15, 2010
US. "If green roofs are too horizontal for you, consider green walls...Green Living Technologies LLC, of Rochester, N.Y., designed the wall at PNC. Chief Executive George Irwin said the company also has installed walls in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Seattle...Green walls have all the aforementioned environmental benefits of green roofs. But, as the PNC example highlights, for businesses they also have another very important advantage over green roofs: You can easily advertise that you have one."

California adopts first statewide green building code
Christian Science Monitor,
by Daniel B. Wood
January 15, 2010
Los Angeles, CA. "...The California Building Standards Commission voted unanimously this week to approve the first statewide green building code. Taking effect January 2011, the nation's first mandatory green building code – dubbed “CalGreen” – lays out specific constraints for newly constructed buildings...Some environmental groups including the Sierra Club and the National Resources Defense Council were critical of the two-tier “Calgreen" voluntary rating system suggested by the new code. That would clash with the "LEED" rating system, a voluntary green building label widely used nationwide, and cause confusion among builders..."

From tar to tendrils
Chattanooga Times Free Press,
by Tamara Best‎
January 15, 2010
Chattanooga, TN. "Roofs across Chattanooga continue to receive 'green' makeovers with the number of green roofs increasing. Now the Pioneer building, home to CapitalMark Bank & Trust, has joined the list...The Pioneer project, funded by greenspaces, used LiveRoof, an already vegetated system, which constructs its sedum trays from recycled plastic. Sedum, a form of succulent vegetation, is often used for green roofs..."

The green home which could save the planet
Portsmouth News,
by Jeff Travis
January 14, 2010
Portsmouth, UK. "There's grass growing on the roof rather than the garden - and it doesn't even need mowing...Solar panels provide the hot water and the grass roof keeps the building cool in the summer and maintains a constant heat in the winter...The bungalows are among 125 eco-friendly homes to be built across the Chichester area - many with grass roofs..."

From an idea to the tangible, green roofing gains momentum in Somerville
Somerville News,
by James Reddick
January 14, 2010
Somerville, MD. "...In what is largely a concrete jungle, Somerville's residents, environmentalists and community leaders are contemplating transforming its roofs into budding ecosystems. The green roofs momentum has gone from the initial, trial phase - marked by the St. Polycarp Village roof installed this part summer - to a more comprehensive discussion regarding policy..."

Green building gets LEED gold status
Central Florida Future,
by Megan VanWaus
January 13, 2010
Orlando, FL. "UCF stayed true to its colors by earning LEED gold status certification for the recently constructed Physical Sciences I building...'This has been years of effort lobbying with administration to get the LEED certification going,' said Castro, who is also the president and co-founder of Intellectual Decisions on Environmental Awareness Solutions, a student organization promoting environmental sustainability. 'This building has the first green roof to be approved by the state at UCF..."

IDev Technologies opens Webster facility,
by Staff
January 13, 2010
Houston, TX. "IDev Technologies Inc. has opened the doors to its new manufacturing facility in Webster....It has already earned certification as a Gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design building, and features the largest “living roof” in Texas. A living roof is roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and soil."

The LEED Leaders
Data Center Knowledge,
by Rich Miller
January 12, 2010
Frankfurt, Germany. "The Citi Data Center in Frankfurt features a "green wall" featuring plants that are irrigated with recycled water. This week Digital Realty Trust confirmed that it is the first company to have two data centers earn Platinum status, the highest rating possible under the LEED ( Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program for energy efficient buildings overseen by the US Green Building Council..."

Expo roof gardens of China Pavilion
by Staff
January 12, 2010
China. "Visitors to the Shanghai Expo can enjoy roof gardens at the China Pavilion this May. The concept comes from the Jiuzhou Scenic Area of Yuanmingyuan, or the Old Summer Palace. The Scenic Area from the Qing Dynasty is believed to be the concentration of half the culture of the dynasty. Around the China pavilion, are provincial pavilions. They represent the essential core cultures of each province. Now the roofs will be equally marvelous. Roof gardens of over 30 thousand square meters have been designed here. [Watch a Video]"

'Good to Go' Centers Benefit from Tax Credits, Grants
PR Web,
Press Release
January 12, 2010
Milwaukee, WI. "...More than 150 ‘Good to Go’ ECOnvenience Centers are targeted for future development; all built to United States Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards...Infrastructure credits for construction established by the USGBC for LEED certification include panelized construction with Green Roof control of water runoff, 100 percent LED energy-efficient lighting, use of pervious concrete and rain garden installations minimizing storm water runoff and recharging ground water at each Center site..."

Republicans are ready to say 'yes' in 2010
Pottstown Mercury,
by Rep. Joe Pitts
January 12, 2010
Philadelphia, PA. "...individuals and companies across the country are working to increase the energy efficiency of their homes and offices. You may have read in the local paper about companies installing new "green" roofs. A green roof can be a big investment, but it pays off over time. I'm one of the original sponsors of a bipartisan bill that gives a tax break to businesses that install a green roof, the Green Roofing Efficiency Tax Act, H.R. 426. We have the support of 31 Democrats and Republicans, and I hope that this year we will see this bill signed into law..."

Tacoma Goodwill's garden wall is a new city icon
Seattle Times,
by Valerie Easton
January 11, 2010
Tacoma, WA. "A new vertical garden at the Goodwill-Milgard Work Opportunity Center in Tacoma features about 100 different varieties of plants installed between layers of felt and nourished by water. The garden wall, which measures 20 by 40 feet, is "a new iconic image" for the city, says Matthew Erlich of Tacoma Goodwill..."

2010 Green Toronto Awards
HazMat Management Magazine,
by Staff
January 11, 2010
Toronto, Canada. "Who’s the greenest of them all in Toronto? Nominations are now being accepted for the 2010 Green Toronto Awards, the City of Toronto’s environmental awards of excellence. The City of Toronto, in partnership with Green Living, invites residents to nominate local individuals, companies and organization is leading the way to a greener Toronto...A winner in each of nine categories will receive an award and $5,000 to donate to a registered charity of their choice:...Green Roof — leadership in green roof and living wall projects..."

Hulsey Center green roof gets results, draws attention
UAB News,
by Staff
January 11, 2010
Montgomery, AL. "...UAB Facilities energy management department was building UAB’s first green roof atop the Hulsey Center Building, and the plants were being sent here. Hurley contacted Energy Manager Matt Winslett to schedule a time to visit and see the roof for herself. Now, ADEM is interested in learning more about the green roof’s benefits — and in promoting it throughout the state...Hurley and ADEM are interested in learning more about the benefits of the green roof to curb the amount of pollutants that reach the storm sewer and ultimately flow to rivers, streams and lakes..."

New biodiverse green roof will help fight climate change
Greenwise Business,
by Staff
January 11, 2010
UK. "One of the UK’s leading turf specialists is launching a new green mat for urban rooftops that will help UK cities adapt to climate change and improve their biodiversity. Lindum is launching the pre-grown vegetative mat as an alternative to pure sedum blankets...Green roofs that include wildflowers in the mix attract a wider range of wildlife than pure sedum mixtures and offer high visual appeal over a long season...Lindum is set to launch its ‘Biodiverse Green Roof Mat’ at Ecobuild 2010, which takes place at London’s Earls Court from March 2 to 4."

Capital's rooftops to go green under GAM initiative
Jordan Times,
by Staff
January 11, 2010
Amman, Jordan. "Thousand of rooftops in Amman will be planted under a three-year programme designed to increase the green cover and beautify the capital...The project, implemented by the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) and financed by the World Bank, is already under way, with the initial phase having seen the planting of gardens on rooftops around the Citadel in the heart of the capital..."

2009 AIA Greenville Design Awards Recipients
AIA Greenville,
by Staff
January 10, 2010
Greenville, SC. "Every other year, the Greenville section of the American Institute of Architects recognizes a diverse group of building projects for excellence in architectural design during their Biennial Design Awards Program...Merit Award: DesignStrategies, LLC, Patewood Memorial Hospital, Greenville, South Carolina. The Architect designed the facility as a two story diagnostic and treatment building with a “green” roof, and a four level patient room tower..."

KU awarded stimulus funds for engineering
Lawrence Journal World,
by Mark Fagan
January 9, 2010
Lawrence, KS. "...the project would receive $12.3 million and be completed by spring 2012. KU will be responsible for coming up with $6.5 million...The building itself will incorporate sustainable features, including reflected sunlight for illumination, solar shades for temperature control and a “green” roof to capture carbon and provide insulation. The federal money is part of the more than $123 million in awards to 11 public universities and nonprofit research organizations announced Friday by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce."

Coast Guard HQ at St. Elizabeths gets full speed ahead,
by Max Cacas
January 8, 2010
DC. "...the design itself is extraordinary, it's mind-blowing in terms of how progressive it is, how eco-friendly it is, the acres on acres of green roofs, and other environmentally friendly features...The commission also approved plans for a large car parking garage adjacent to the Coast Guard complex, which is also being built with a "green" roof and special architectural landscaping to minimize the impact of such a large structure on the site..."

RDH Architects aims to elevate design of utilitarian municipal building
Daily Commercial News,
by Patricia Williams
January 8, 2010‎
Newmarket, Canada. "...A landscaped extension of the building's green roof provides an additional visual barrier creating the illusion, when viewed from the north, of two distinct structures...LEED Silver is being targeted. Green strategies include a geothermal heating and cooling system, solar hot-water heating, stormwater collection for irrigation in addition to the green roof, day lighting and natural ventilation..."

St. Paul's newest fire station has red doors and a sheen of green
Minneapolis Star Tribune,
by Anthony Lonetree
January 7, 2010
St. Paul, MN. "...The combined fire station and headquarters facility was designed to include energy-efficient features throughout, including a green roof that will be open to West End community use...But it is the green roof that will be the 'big environmental feature,' said Anne Hunt, environmental policy director for Mayor Chris Coleman..."

Penn State exhibit at state Farm Show dripping with information
Penn State Live,
by Staff
January 7, 2010
Harrisburg, PA. "The many faces of Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences will be evident at the 2010 Pennsylvania Farm Show...Penn State is at the forefront of greenroof research and implementation, with green roofs on a number of campus buildings. Researchers in the college have been studying green roofs for more than a decade...Penn State was the first institution to offer a class in which students design and construct green roofs and living walls on real structures..."

Build your own eco-shed,
by Jean Vernon
January 7, 2010
UK. "Jean Vernon explains how to make your own green garden building with minimal outlay...Normal sheds are not strong enough to support a green roof. They need strengthening or altering to take the weight. A sedum roof is extremely heavy and if the roof shifts over time it can even break the glass in the windows. One solution is to place the shed under a separate green roof canopy..."

Nutter's Next Great City is being built
It's Our City Blog,
by Christine Knapp
January 6, 2010
Philadelphia, PA. "In April 2009, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter released a plan called Greenworks. It is his administration’s vision of how to make Philadelphia the greenest city in the nation...The Philadelphia Water Department continues to be one of the best, and most forwarding thinking in the country. First, storm water fees from commercial properties will now incentivize best practices like green roofs or porous pavement..."

Living Walls May Be the Ultimate Raised-Bed Garden
New York Times,
by Dean Fosdick
January 6, 2010
US. "Things are looking up for gardeners who are short on space but long on imagination. It's increasingly easy to build vertical gardens, structures that enable plants to grow upward if there is no room for growing them laterally....'Holding water on a flat roof isn't difficult, but turning it 90 degrees on a wall is tremendously tricky,' said Edmund Snodgrass of Street, Md., an author and operator of a nursery dedicated to producing green roof plants..."

Green roofs are the way to go
Pocono Record,
by Gilman Ouellette
January 6, 2010
US. "The green movement today is as controversial as ever. Its proponents urge change, citing the ethical implications of our lifestyles, while their opponents cite a lack of financial viability in 'going green.' But by taking the movement off the ground — literally — we can find options to satisfy both groups...The nascent technology of 'green roofs' offers the perfect means of reusing the developed space in the area..."

AMCOL International Headquarters Awarded Silver Certification by the US Green Building Council,
Press Release
January 6, 2010
Hoffman Estates, IL. "MCOL International Corporation (NYSE: ACO) today announced the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has awarded their new headquarters building, located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) NC Silver certification...The exterior of the building includes a native landscape design, using bioswales and rain gardens to provide natural filtration and treatment of rainwater. The two native planted green roofs showcase CETCO GreenScapes® components, which are part of AMCOL's environmental segment and do not require any irrigation..."

Funding Approved For Catoctin Creek Nature Center,
by Jackie Cutler
January 5, 2010
Frederick, MD. "The Frederick County Catoctin Creek Nature Center hacs been given the green light. On Monday, Senator Ben Cardin announced that 2.7 million dollars in stimulus funding would go towards the project. The Nature Center would help preserve the Catoctin Creek watershed and would help educate visitors. The center will house the first green roof to be built in the county..."

Physalia – A positive energy amphibious garden to clean European waterways
by Staff
January 5, 2010
Europe. "...The zero carbon emission architecture is designed to harvest renewable energy to make the prototype a positive energy one, where it can generate more energy that it crossed in its double hull by a hydraulic network that enables to filter the fluvial water and to purify it biologically by the systems planted roof..."

Living roofs rise in popularity
by Kevin Maki
January 4, 2010
Missoula, MT. "Green can be found everywhere these days, even on rooftops. Some farmers are responding and moving their crops skyward...Lengacher contracted with a company called XeroFlor to sell his living roof. Over the past eight years, the company has put up nearly 50 of them across the country..."

Going Green: Energy Efficiency through Lighting and More - an Industrial Example to the Home Market
by Stephen Calder
January 4, 2010
Belgium. "...In order to reduce the company's carbon footprint, significant investment was made in solar energy production and rainwater harvesting, using the latest grass roofing technology...a grass roof has been planted outside the top-storey meeting rooms and hospitality areas. This not only provides a pleasant view, by using a system of filters and reservoirs it provides efficient temperature control of the building..."

Brand new in Boston
Boston Herald,
by Paul Restuccia
January 4, 2010
Boston, MA. "Boston architecture broke out of its conservatism in the past decade with many outstanding and innovative buildings that have garnered national attention...Its stepped-back pyramid form and layered landscaped roof has inset decks for great views and its sustainable materials, such as zebra wood, made for distinctive interiors..."

Local food for sustainable communities
by Rachel Sullivan
January 4, 2010
Australia. "Bringing food production much closer to home makes sense. As our population becomes more urbanised, the environmental and financial impacts of transporting produce to our suburbs have risen...But can food forests, green roofs, backyard veggie patches and community gardens realistically feed the tens of millions predicted to live in the cities of the near future?...Rooftop gardens are appearing in Japan and the USA, notably Chicago and New York..."

Green house takes on a whole new meaning in eco-friendly projects, by
Marianne White
January 2, 2010
Quebec, Canada. "The $300-million, 800-housing units green neighborhood, located close to the downtown in Quebec City, will feature a thermal heating system using wood waste, green roofs, solar panels, stormwater recuperation and sustainable design...In addition, a basin will capture and recycle stormwater to irrigate green spaces and there will be green roofs, solar panels and LED street lamps..."

Improving Health through Community Design
Williams Lake Tribune,
by Laine Kuyer
January 1, 2010
BC, Canada. "...It is becoming more widely recognized that aspects of the “built environment” – that is, the places and spaces created or modified by people, including buildings, parks and transportation systems — impact our food choices every day...Land use planning can help establish new grocery stores and farmers’ markets and can help integrate agriculture into our built environment in the form of community and school gardens or rooftop gardens in underserved areas..."

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