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Guest Feature Articles

The opinions expressed by our Guest Feature writers may not necessarily reflect the beliefs of, and are offered to our readers to simply present individual views and experiences and open a dialogue of further discussion, debate and research.  Enjoy, and if you have a particular comment, please contact the author, or send us an email to:

Past Guest Feature Articles:


july - 4th International Green Roof Congress - “Explore the Nature on Rooftops” in Turkey - Brought Together 500 Experts from 35 Countries - By Sabine Früh, International Green Roof Association (IGRA)

june - Vertical School Gardens - Educational Successes in Barcelona - By Marc Grañén, Landscape Artist and Creator of PhytoKinetic

june - Huertos Verticales Escolares - el ejemplo de éxito en Barcelona - Por Marc Grañén, paisajista artístico y creador de PhytoKinetic

may - An Integrated Biofilter System to Contribute to Net Zero Architecture While Providing Decentralized Wastewater Treatment - By Robert D. Cameron, Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, Center for Green Roof Research

january - Explore the Nature on Rooftops -4th International Green Roof Congress (20 – 21 April 2015) Istanbul/Turkey - By Wolfgang Ansel, Director, International Green Roof Association (IGRA)


september - Green Roof Complements, Completes Seasonal Lakefront Home in the Mountains of Western North Carolina - By David Aquilina, Strategic Storyteller

july - Water: The Key To Everything Green - Why water will be the topic on everyone’s mind at CitiesAlive in Nashville, Tennessee this November - By Rebecca Black, Director of Business Development, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

june - Vertical Garden in Delicias, Zaragoza: A Naturalised Hanging Garden Plaza - By Joaquín Sicilia Carnicer of Sicilia y Asociados Arquitectura, S.L.P.

may - Green Roofs Down Under: 2014 World Green Infrastructure Congress Sydney - Green, Global, Connected - By Matthew Dillon, President of Green Roofs Australasia

april - SOLARIS at Fusionopolis (Phase 2B): From Military Base to Bioclimatic Eco-Architecture - By T. R. Hamzah & Yeang Sdn. Bhd., International Architect Firm

march - Green Roofs and Walls in Music City: 10 compelling reasons to attend CitiesAlive in Nashville this November - By Rebecca Black, Director of Business Development, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

february - Perspectives - Code Requirements for Rooftop Gardens and Landscaped Roofs - By Chicago Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA) Staff

january - 2013 Was a Record Year for Ecoroof Construction in Portland, Oregon - By Casey Cunningham, Landscape Architect, City of Portland’s Sustainable Stormwater Division


december - A Comparison of the Three Phases of the High Line, New York City: A Landscape Architect and Photographer’s Perspective, Part 1 - Series Intro & Walk System Discussion - By Steven L. Cantor, Landscape Architect

october - Ford Dearborn Truck Plant Green Roof at the Rouge Complex: Looking Back Ten Years - By David Aquilina, Strategic Storyteller

october - Kentucky Green: Vegetative Roofing in Downtown Louisville - By Reed Hitchcock, Executive Vice-President, Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA)

september - Green Roofs and Air Pollution in the UK - By Dr. Andrew Speak, University of Manchester

august - 11th Annual CitiesAlive Green Roof and Wall Conference: October 23-26, 2013 at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis - Securing Urban Resilience with Living Architecture: Food – Water – Energy - By Rebecca Black, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

july - New Corporate Green Roof is First on a Commercial Building in Historic Durham, N.C. Downtown District - By David Aquilina, Strategic Storyteller

july - The World Green Infrastructure Congress 2013 in Nantes: A Key Feature of the Sustainable Cities of Tomorrow - By Marc Lacaille, Director General of ADIVET (L'Association des Toitures Vegetales)

june - International Green Roof Congress 2013 Hamburg – The Future of Urban Roofs - By Wolfgang Ansel, Director, International Green Roof Association

april - Grey to Green: a Conference on the Economics of Green Infrastructure
May 21 & 22nd – Toronto, Ontario
- By Tracy Jackson, Director, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

march - 3rd International Green Roof Congress - Hamburg Will Be the Showcase for Green Roofs in 2013 - By Wolfgang Ansel, Director of the International Green Roof Association


november - Observational study of grasshoppers (Orthoptera) on green roofs in northern Switzerland - By Julie Ann Razryadov, Founder of Downtown Binghamton Greenroof Initiative

- The Indian Green Infrastructure Network Invites You to Bangalore in November! - By Hema Kumar, Founder of the Indian Green Infrastructure Network (IGIN)

- 10th Anniversary - CitiesAlive Returns to Chicago To Celebrate and Plan Ahead - By Steven Peck, GRP, Honorary ASLA, Founder and President of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, Co-Founder, Green Infrastructure Foundation

june - Copenhagen, the Green City for the Third World Green Roof Congress - By Dusty Gedge, Founder of the World Green Roof Congress and

april - You’re Invited to Hangzhou, China for the 2012 World Green Roof Congress - By Wang Xianmin, Secretary-general of the 2012 Hangzhou China World Green Roof Conference

march - Portland Builds Over 100,000 Square Feet of Greenroofs in 2011 - By Casey Cunningham, Landscape Architect, City of Portland’s Sustainable Stormwater Division

january - All-Aboard the Greenroof Ship at the U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters - By Todd Skopic, Henry Company Northeast Regional Building Science Specialist


november - Pioneering Vegetated Architecture in Colombia: From Research to Regulations - By Andrés Ibáñez Gutiérrez, Faculty of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong and Biotectonica S.A.S., Colombia

october - Welcome to the 9th Annual Green Roof and Wall Conference, Restoring Urban Water: Philadelphia Takes the Lead - By Steven Peck, Founder and president of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

june - Various Types of Green Roof Systems Come Together at NYC's 5-Boro Complex - By Artie Rollins and John Robilotti, NYC Parks and Recreation

may - Ecological, Social, and Policy Factors Influencing Biodiversity on Green Roofs - By Bracha Y. Schindler

march - What’s Greener – White Roofs or Green Roofs? Find Out in Washington, D.C. at the Living Architecture Symposium - By Steven W. Peck and Jeffrey L. Bruce

january - How Green Roofs and Green Walls Can Qualify for the EPAct 179D Energy Tax Deduction - By Jason Deirmenjian, CPA


december - CitiesAlive! 2010 - By Janet Faust, Environmental Horticulturist and Greenroof Product Manager, JDR Enterprises, Inc.

november - Designer of GoGreenRoof™ Water Harvester Seeks GGR Campaign Team - By Tim Elam, Designer

november - An Invitation to CitiesAlive Green Roof and Wall Conference - By Jeffrey L. Bruce, FASLA, GRP, Chair, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities and Steven W. Peck, GRP, HASLA, Founder and President, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

october - Save the Date: Skyrise Greenery Conference Singapore (1st-3rd November) - By Wolfgang Ansel, International Green Roof Association (IGRA) and Dr. Tan Puay Yok, Deputy Director, Centre for Urban Greenery and Ecology (CUGE), National Parks Board

august - Green Roofs for a Changing Climate - The 2nd London World Green Roof Congress - By Dusty Gedge, Director, and President, European Federation of Green Roof Associations

july - Coupling Rainwater Collection with Living Roofs: A Water Quality Review - By David Williams and Jon Kinder, Prairie Designs LLC

july - Green Roofs at Boston GreenFest 2010 - By Demetria Spinrad, Foundation for a Green Future, Inc.

may - Green Jobs and Training: Expanding Green Jobs, Upgrading Skills and Seizing New Opportunity Are Focal Points At Our First Regional Conference and Training - By Steven W. Peck, GRP, HASLA, Founder and President Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

april - Perennial Peanut: Gold for Green Roofs in the Humid Tropics - By Patrick J. O’Connor, Green Roof Manager, ICS Group, Inc.

march - Top Down Greening: Green Roofs on the Rise - By Adam Henige, Web Consultant

february - International Summit in Shanghai: The Green Roof Solution to the Impending Drinking Water Crisis in India, Western China and Neighboring Countries - By Dr. Karen L. Weber, Earth Our Only Home, Inc.


october - A French Green Roof Research & Development Program - By Maxime Darnis and Philippe Faucon, ARRDHOR CRITT Horticole Green Roof Research

october - The eThekwini Municipality Green Roof Pilot Project - By Clive Greenstone, Principal of Green Roof Designs

august - In the Shadow of the Vertical Garden - By Lars Kronborg Bak, Landscape Architect

june - The Eco-villa at Soneva Kiri - By Louis Thompson, Six Senses Permaculturist

may - Climate protection, naturally – green roofs in Düsseldorf: financial support and quantitative analysis of aerial photographs - By Katja Holzmüller, Environmental Department of Düsseldorf

march - Green Buildings in India - By Christine Thüring, Student Editor

january - INTERNATIONAL GREEN ROOF CONGRESS 2009: “Bringing Nature Back to Town” - By Wolfgang Ansel, International Green Roof Association


november - Modern Green Roof Technology Literally Shipped from Germany! - By Jörg Breuning, Green Roof Expert and Consultant

october - Sustainable Head-Quarters: The West Midlands Fire and Rescue Authority - By Frances Carroll, Chartered Landscape Architect

october - Relaxing Villa Santai, the First Greenroof in Bali - By Victor Sinclair, Owner/Designer

june - Penstemons for Green Roofs in the Midwest - By Brent Horvath, Nursery President and Grower

april - A green roofing resource - By James R. Kirby, AIA, NRCA associate executive director of technical communications

march - An Intro to Green Walls and Green Roofs: Living Architecture at its Best - By George Irwin, Industry CEO and President


december - New Stormwater Regulations Promote Green Roofing and Waterproofing - By William F. Foley, CSI, CCPR, Waterproofing and Greenroof Design Consultant

november - Stormwater Runoff Issues - By Jim Lindell, Marketing Manager

april/may - The Green Roof Centre - Sheffield, UK - By Jeff Sorrill, the Green Roof Centre Project Manager


december - The Green Roof Stormwater Management Tool ~ a Free Community Resource - By Kelly Luckett, LEED AP, President of Green Roof Blocks

october - The world’s green roofs could be Australia’s market because: There’s “green gold” across our harsh landscapes - By Geoff Wilson, President of Green Roofs for Healthy Australian Cities

september - ENVISIONING A “GREENROOF” POLICY FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - Implementing Strategies to Encourage Alternative Stormwater Best Management Practices - By Gregory C. Long, R.L.A.

august - DIY Modular Green Roof Systems - By Sandra McCullough, LEED AP

july - Green Roof Industry Meets in Boston for Biggest Green Roof Conference Yet! - By Jennifer Sprout, Director, Conferences and Special Events, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

july - Compost Utilization Goes Through the Roof: Center for Green Roof Research at Penn State University uses compost in its media studies and plans to explore microbial communities - By Drew Mather, Soil Scientist

may - Perlite on Green Roofs - By Jennifer Appel, ASLA, Registered Landscape Architect and Licensed Irrigator

april - National Landscape Architecture Month - By Dennis Carmichael, FASLA, President, American Society of Landscape Architects


november/december - The next profit frontier for green roof companies is…FOOD FROM THE ROOF - By Geoff Wilson, President of the Urban Agriculture Network – Western Pacific, and Convenor of Green Roofs for Healthy Australian Cities

october - A Bold Plan for New Orleans - By Alex Wilson and the Editors of Environmental Building News

september -
German Ecology and a Regenerative Design Tour - By Roland Oehme, Landscape Architect

august - The World Green Roof Congress & Green Roof Week, Basel, Switzerland 2005 - By Dr. Stephan Brenneisen

may - Shouting from the Rooftops! Chicago’s Green Champions Share Techniques for Growing More Green Roofs on More Buildings - By Vuk Vujovic, LEED AP, and Douglas J. Ogurek, Architects

april - At Night All Cows are Black, or In the Land of the Blind the One-Eyed Man is King - By Patrick Carey, Designer

march - The Filter, Drain, and Water Holding Components of Green Roof Design - By Allan Wingfield, AIA

february - Replacing the Roof on Your Facility? How to Get What You Paid for and Avoid Unexpected Problems and Cost - By Ken Apicella, Project Manager

january - Horticulture Therapy: Rooftop Garden Creates An Oasis For Wellness & Rehabilitation - By Ed Jarger, Regional Greenroof Product Manager


december - Birds on a Cool Green Roof ~ Can the roof of Chicago's City Hall take urban nature to a higher level? - By Katherine Millett, Freelance Writer

november - A New Independent Green Roof Organisation for the UK - By Dusty Gedge, Greenroof Consultant

october - The GaLaBau 2004: 16th International Fair for Urban Green and Open Spaces in Nuremberg, Germany, September 15-18 - By Janet Faust, Environmental Horticulturalist & Greenroof Product Manager

september - The Times They are A-Changing: Trends and Challenges for the Green Roof Market of the Future - By Wolfgang Ansel, DDV, IGRC

august - Growing Green Roofs in the United States - By Wendy Willow Wark, Green Roof Consultant

july - Don’t Call It Dirt! - By Chuck Friedrich, RLA, ASLA, Landscape Architect and Growth Media Consultant

june - How to Build an Intensive Residential Green Roof - By Jennifer Appel, Registered Landscape Architect and Licensed Irrigator

may - Greenroofs - From the Classroom to the Boardroom - By Janet Faust, Environmental Horticulturalist & Greenroof Product Manager

april - Green Roof Demonstration and Research Center – Developing Further - By Louise Lundberg, International Green Roof Institute, Malmö, Sweden

march - A Cool Roof in a Hot City:  The Southeast's First Municipal Greenroof - By Benjamin Taube and Janet Ward,  Atlanta City Hall, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

february - When Mosses Recreate the Landscape on the Roof - By Michel R. Chiaffredo, MCK Environnement & BRYOTEC Technology

january - 2004 Will Be A Year of Laying the Foundations for Unprecedented Growth in the Green Roof Industry - By Steven Peck, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

Past Student Guest Feature Articles