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Greenroofing on Underground Parking Garage from ZinCo

Photo Source:  ZinCo International 3/98 Brochure


Throughout Europe, underground parking garages utilize greenroof systems to take advantage of all the environmental benefits of a traditional intensive greenroof, while also providing  structurally sound and stunning landscaped recreational areas to area users and residents.

Previously unused, and often barren, space now can be designed for public enjoyment.

Earth Sheltered Garage by Amerdrain

Photo Source:

Earth-sheltered buildings are worth mentioning here because they offer some similar design solutions and environmental benefits, but are not technically considered greenroofs.  Greenroof build-up systems can be customized for these applications.

Whereas there is a distinct height separation from the earth to the roof with greenroofs, at some point earth shelters form a continuous layer between the ground and the roof.  Basically, they are built directly into the earth.  Their most similar features are the energy-saving insulation aspect, and the natural architectural integration of earth and structure.  Energy costs for earth shelters run approximately 40 to 70% less than those for equivalent above-ground structures (The London Ecology Unit, 1993).



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