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Luxuriant Greenroof Vegetation by ZinCo
 Photo Source:  ZinCo International

Residential:  Forward thinking individuals and/or developers trying to make a positive difference could make an environ-mentally friendly statement with a greenroof for single and multi-family communities. Owners can indulge in whimsy or a particular green design concept.





Private Earth-Sheltered Residence by LSV Side of Earth-Sheltered Home by LSV
Back/Roof of Earth-Sheltered Home by LSV I took these series of pictures of an earth-sheltered private residence near North Fulton County, Georgia.  Although different from greenroofs, earth-sheltered homes share similar environmental benefits and physical properties such as protective roofing membranes and other materials.


Intensive Greenroof Drawing by Tettoverdi of Italy
                                    Source:  Tetto Verde, S.R.L.

Developers:  A permeable greenroof cover could allow greater land area for proposed develop-ment by reducing the overall maximum percentage of impervious cover requirements (namely for standard tightly sealed rooftop and parking areas) on a given piece of property.  The stormwater benefits of the roof(s) will allow greater flexibility of land design, possibly without the need for other water runoff control measures, such as unsightly and expensive detention ponds.





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