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Intensive Greenroof - Optima Italy

Source: ZinCo International 3/98 Brochure

Intensive greenroofs are more elaborately designed roof landscapes, such as roof gardens and above/underground parking garage roofs, that are intended for human interaction and will need to be engineered to conform to the load requirements.

Intensive greenroofs can be distinguished from the popular roof garden of container-filled plants by the continuous underlying greenroofing layer system.  Ideally, these greenroofs have relatively flat roof surfaces (1 - 1.5%) or mild roof slope percentages of up to 3%.

Metal Waterfall on Intensive Greenroof by ZinCo

Photo Source:  ZinCo International
3/98 Brochure

Different growth media types and depths allow for a larger selection of plants, including flowering shrubs and trees. Typical soil depths start at 6 - 8 inches and can reach 15 feet or more - the limiting factors here are the roof loads and perhaps the client's budget.  Pathways, terraces, water fountains, ponds, and other architectural features result in beautiful and dramatic spaces.  Depending on the plant selection, additional water collection cisterns, reservoir boards, irrigation, fertilization and/or maintenance may be necessary, just as it would be for a traditional garden.

Additional layers such as protection boards and water retention mats are usually included in the design.  Due to the increased number of layers and therefore product requirement, intensive greenroofs are more expensive.  The maintenance requirements will also be much greater.

Although a more refined application and therefore more expensive, the ecological benefits of intensive greenroofs remain the same or can be greater due to the greater natural processes utilized by larger and more diverse plant species.



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