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  european plants

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Optigrun Extensive Greenroof

Photo Source: Optigrün international AG,

The plants addressed below are not necessarily native to Europe, and in addition some have limited natural distribution (Building Green, 1993) - but they are proven and known to work great under the extreme physical conditions of a greenroof!   For a very wide selection of greenroof appropriate plants, visit the appropriately named Green Roof Plants website by Emory Knoll Farms at:

Sources for the below list:  Building Green...The London Ecology Unit, 1993; Optima Greenroof Planning Literature, 1998/1999; The Southern Living Garden Book, 1998.


Hens & Chicks Allium 

Photo Source: ZinCo International 3/98 Brochure

Allium moly; ostrowskianum; roseum; schoenoprasum; sphaerocephalon Grassy/rocky places, limestone
Alyssum montanum; saxatile  Rocks/gravels, walls, embankments
Antennaria dioica Rocky places, in paving crevices
Anthemis tinctoria Perennial; needs good drainage
Centranthus ruber   Old walls, cliffs, rocks, wasteland
Cerastium tormentosum Grassy/rocky places, banks and walls
Chionodoxa luciliae
Dryas octopetula Limestone, basic rocks
Helianthemum nummularium Dry meadows, banks, rocks
Jovibarba sobolifera Sandy and grassy places
Lavendula augustifolia Rocky slopes
Muscari armeniacum
Ornithogalum umbellatum
Saxifraga granulata; oppositifolia   Meadows, road verges, rocks/cliffs, often limestone
Sedum album; acre; floriferum; hybridum; reflexum; sexangulare;   spurium; telephium Rocks, old walls, sea cliffs, sandy places, dry grasslands and banks, dunes, beaches, railway tracks
Sempervivum arachnoideum; montanum; tectorum  Grassy/rocky places, screes, walls, roofs
Thymus drucei; montanus; serpyllum; vulgaris Dry grassland, heaths, dunes, rocks, sandy places




Flowers from ZinCo Brochure     Red Flowers from ZinCo Brochure

Photo Source: ZinCo International 3/98 Brochure

BOTANICAL NAME:                    

Armeria maritima  Cliffs, salt marshes, mountain ledges, dry grassland
Aster amellus; linosyris;  pyrenaus "Lutetia"; sedifolius "Nanus"; spp. Perennial; Alpine to tall climbers; over 600 species
Bergenia cordifolia Perennial native to Himalayas and mountains of China; part shade
Campanula glomerata; rotundifolia; spp. Annual & perennial; rock gardens, dry walls, over 300 species
Centaurea scabiosa; spp. Annual & perennial; over 500 species
Centaurium erythraea Roadsides, wasteground, rock outcrops, cliffs
Cichorium intybus Perennial; roadsides
Daucus carota Grassland, roadsides, rock outcrops and cliffs
Eryngium bourgatii Perennial; E. yuccifolium is native to eastern and central U.S.
Euphorbia polychroma; spp. Annual, perennial, shrub, succulent; as diverse as cacti
Geranium sanguineum  Dry rocky/sandy places, grassland, open woods
Gypsophila hybr. "Rosenschleier" Perennial; species requires good drainage

Hieracium aurantiacum;

pilosella; x rubrum

Grassland, heaths, wasteland and rock; outcrops/scree
Jasione montana Cliffs, dry grasslands, heaths, dunes
Leucanthemum vulgare Perennial; naturalized European native
Linaria purpurea; vulgaris  Fields, rocky and waste places
Minuartia hybrida   Walls, dry stony grassland
Origanum vulgare Perennial
Petrorhagia saxifraga  
Plantago lanceolata  
Potentilla argentea; verna  Dry, sandy grasslands, rocky/stony places
Rudbeckia spp. Perennial & Biennial; native to North America; thrive in all but soggy soils

Salvia nemorosa; pratensis; spp.


Annual, perennial, biannual, shrub; over 60 species & 40-50 selections
Sanguisorba minor Perennial
Saponaria ocymoides; officinalis Perennial; tough sites, railroads
Teucrium chamaedrys  Chalk grassland, walls, rocky places



Wildflowers by LSV

Photo by LSV

Achillea millefolium; tomentosa     Roadsides, grassland
Anthemis tinctoria Arable land, roadsides, wasteland
Arenaria serpyllifolia Arable land, wasteland, chalk, grassland
Dianthus arenarius; carthusianorum; deltoides  Dry grassland; over 300 species
Fumaria officinalis    Arable fields, esp. chalk/sand, wasteground
Galium verum Perennial; the U.S. native requires some shade
Hypericum perforatum; polyphyllum Roadsides, hedgebanks, grassland, esp. on chalk/sand
Lotus corniculatus    Grassland, roadsides
Malva sylvestris    Roadsides, wasteground, hedgebanks
Prunella grandiflora; vulgaris  
Reseda lutea Wasteland, grassland
Silene nutans; vulgaris   Roadsides, open ground, hedgebanks, esp. on chalk/sand
Verbascum bombyciferum; nigrum; phoeniceum; thapsus    Wasteland, dry banks
Veronica teucrinum  



ZinCo Intensive Greenroof ZinCo Path Detail

Photo Source: ZinCo International 3/98 Brochure

BOTANICAL NAME:                           NATURAL HABITAT & NOTES:
Agrostis capillaris Dry, acid grasslands, wasteground, heath
Agrostis stolonifera Widespread.  Grassland, roadsides, cliffs
Briza media Native to Mediterranean region
Bromus erectus; tectorum Wasteland, roadsides, chalk grassland
Carex flacca; montana; morowii  
Cynosurus cristatus   Grassland on acid and basic soils
Festuca amesthystina; mairei; ovina; rubra; rupicaprina; valesiaca Dry grassland, roadsides and wasteground
Holcus lanatus  Rough grassland, wasteland
Helictotrichon sempervirens  
Melica ciliata  
Poa alpina var. vivipara; annua; compressa; pratensis  Bare and disturbed ground, meadows, roadsides, walls, wasteland
Stipa pennata  
Trisetum flavescens Widespread in meadows and grasslands



Extensive greenroof with pond by Optigrun

Photo Source: Optigrün international AG,

Ajuga reptans
Alisma plantago-aquatica
Caltha palustris
Carex acuta (gracilis); acutiformis
Lysimachia numularia
Lythrum salicaria
Mentha aquatica
Sparganium erectum
Veronica beccabunga


Poppies from the ReNatur Brochure  Hollyhocks from the ReNatur Brochure

Photo Source: ReNatur© Stauden Brochure

Amelanchier ovalis Many species of Amelanchier are available in the U.S.
Anaphalis triplinervis "Sommerschnee"  
Anthericum liliago  
Buddleia alternifolia Buddleias are favorites of butterflies
Buglossoides purpurocaerulea  
Buphthalmum salcifolium  
Buxus sempervirens Appropriate for more formal settings
Cornus mas                                                             
Crocus wildarten Requires well-drained soil
Daucus carota
Dictamnus fraxinella
Echium vulgare
Genista lydia; saggitalis
Hedera helix English Ivy thrives in partial shade and is an excellent groundcover for erosion control
Hyssopus officinalis The U.S. Agastache needs well drained soil & dislikes high humidity and high rainfall
Inula hirta
Iris germanica; pumila; tectorum Species has 200 -300; I. tectorum is native to Japan where it grows on cottage roofs
Juniperus communis; sabina Numerous Juniperus species, both trees and groundcovers should perform well in parts of the U.S.
Knautia arvensis
Malus sargentii "Tina"; Malus Spp. Numerous Malus species are native throughout the U.S. 
Onosis spinosa
Perovskia abrotanoides
Pinus mugo mughus
Prunus laurocerasus; pumila var. adpressa Tolerates some salt spray
Pulsatilla vulgaris
Ranunculus bulbosus Perennials w/fibrous or tuberous roots; needs great drainage
Rosa pimpinellifolia; Rosa Spp. Roses like well-drained soil
Salix lanata
Scabiosa canescens; columbaria Annuals & perennials; most species dislike hot, humid summers
Tulipa sylvetris Tulips need well-drained soil



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