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Commercial & Industrial:  Strip Shopping Centers, Malls, Gas Stations, Factories, Warehouses – Greenroofs would be ideal for businesses like gas stations who need to mitigate some of their detrimental ecological effects.  Relief for large expanses of non-porous roofing pavements can be provided by retrofitting existing roofs or constructing new greenroofs.  Huge areas of flat roofs can be turned into naturalized areas, as is the case in these examples by Optima/Optigrün.

Optima/Optigrun Commercial Extensive Greenroof Optima - Italy Extensive Greenroof on a Factory

Photos by Optima and Optigrün


Lower Level Entrance Area to Banca Catalunya & Offices by LSV

Urban Environments & Downtown Centers: Tall Office Buildings, Restaurants/Bars/Clubs, Multi Story or Underground Parking Garages, Terraces between Buildings, Areas above Basements, Housing Blocks, Individual Dwellings – All can take advantage of the height differential in a cityscape where plan views are the norm and provide visual and ecological relief; they can become good neighbors by softening views of the concrete jungle and the barren gravel desert of stone ballast roofs.


Underground Parking Garage at the Banca Catalunya by LSV

             Banca Catalunya; Photos by LSV.






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