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  care facilities

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Care Facilities: Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Schools, Daycare Centers - The soothing nature of plants would provide a green alternative for patients and/or visitors  seeing ugly tar or gravel roofs.  Live plants are life reaffirming; we can see movement in the wind and enjoy the flowering qualities of growth and color.

Sedum Varieties on Extensive Greenroof by Optima Kindergarten Day Care Facilities in Germany with sedums and other succulents on barrel roofs by Optima Photo by Optima.
Specialty Businesses/ Resorts/ Theme Attractions/ Cruise Ships:  Any company or service provider in the entertainment, hospitality or eco industry could promote ecological design and their own personal green development philosophy by incorporating greenroofs into their design schemes. How about a greenroof system on a cruise ship deck for a Par 3 Golf Course? Hotel Interior Courtyard Greenroof by Optigrun
                    Source:  Optigrun
                        Source:  Optigrun

Airports: Terminal & Maintenance Buildings, Hangers - Huge expanses of impervious cover can be mitigated while providing visual interest from green plan views offered during take-offs and landings.  Soil and vegetation retain moisture long after brick, concrete, and tarmac have dried out (The London Ecology Unit, 1993).  Currently, there are tens of thousands of square meters greened at roofs numerous European airports, including Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Zurich, Stuttgart, Milan, Bordeaux, and even Seattle, WA, just to name a few.  For more info about this application, the possibilities and the realities, read the following paper by Publisher Linda S. Velazquez:  European Airport Greenroofs - A Potential Model for North America - Updated 7.05






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