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Banca Catalunya in Barcelona by LSV
Banca Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain; Photo by LSV.

Unattractive, unused, and impermeable roofs represent enormous wasted opportunities in our urban and suburban environments.  Because of the durable and size-flexible nature of greenroofing systems, they can be utilized in lieu of traditional planting options and built into a variety of settings.  Extensive and intensive greenroofs along with earth-sheltered buildings of all kinds could make considerable contributions to improving our quality of life. 

In light of the numerous environmental, economic, aesthetic and psychological benefits provided by greenroofs, several market applications come to mind for potential opportunities for their widespread promotion, construction and enjoyment throughout the world:

The photo below is from Paul Collins of the Nottingham Trent University, School of Property and Construction.  He has an informative website, Green Roofs & Earth Sheltered Buildings.  Paul is Principal Lecturer and Head of Postgraduate Studies Faculty of Construction, Computing and Technology.  The photo is of the International School located in Lyons, France, and it is an example of a "suspended" greenroof -  where the greenroof is created on a suspended membrane structure.  For more photos of this roof and other suspended greenroofs, see Design Editor Haven Kiers' October 2005 Chic Sustainability Column entitled "Green, Chic, and Sexy - And Good for You, Too!"

Source: Green Roofs & Earth Sheltered Buildings

The International School, Lyons, France;  Source:  Green Roofs & Earth Sheltered Buildings


Greenroof on Barge House, Amsterdam

A greenroof waterscape in The Netherlands;
                       Photo Courtesy Gary Oberts                           

Gary Oberts, of Metropolitan Council Environmental Services in St. Paul, MN, took the photo at right of a house-barge he discovered in Amsterdam during the fall of 2000.  Here is an example of a truly creative way to integrate a greenroof within a cityscape, or in this case, a waterscape!






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