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Highlighting Furbish as a SOPREMA Group Company

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Furbish, a leading provider of innovative living systems through the eastern U.S. region, is one of the first companies to merge into the green roof industry in Baltimore back in 2003, rapidly growing from a regional small business to one that is nationally recognized.

In 2022, SOPREMA®, Inc., a leading manufacturer of commercial roofing, waterproofing, wall protection and civil engineering waterproofing solutions, acquired Furbish, now a sustainable development company focused on the deployment and maintenance of green roofs, living walls, stormwater management, and other green technologies for high-performance buildings.

Their green roof systems achieve stormwater management requirements with only half the weight of a traditional green roof. For dollar-per-gallon of retained water, EcoCline is their most cost-effective green roof system you will find. It is low input, nutrient and dimensionally stable, and with Furbish Stewardship included, these systems contribute to LEED.

At Furbish, they are stewards of the customers’ visions for greener, healthier urban spaces. With their expertise, history, and commitment, they aim to enrich lives and enhance built environments.

Furbish is a living systems company based in Baltimore, Maryland that provides Furnish, Install, and Maintenance services for living roofs, living walls, and other ecological building systems. Furbish cultivates remarkable experiences by bringing nature into the built environment, enriching lives, and helping others make the world greener. The company services a collection of general contractors, roofers, designers, and owners/developers with its 5 brands: EcoCline, EcoCline Solar, BioWall, SmartSlope, and RainTainer. Working together, Furbish creates a world where nature is integral to the built environment – enhancing building operations, promoting human well-being, and employing sustainability at the heart of business.

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