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Bison Innovative Products Announces Partnership with Viewpoint & Host Dennis Quaid

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Bison Innovative Products is proud to announce a partnership with Viewpoint with host Dennis Quaid to showcase the innovative solutions Bison pedestal system offers for creating stunning rooftop decks.

The collaboration demonstrates how Bison’s highly engineered pedestal system is transforming urban spaces. And creating sustainable, healthy, and beautiful outdoor living environments.

As Steve Ludwig, VP of Marketing & Product Management, puts it, “Bison Innovative Products is thrilled to collaborate with Viewpoint to demonstrate that the aspiration of a stunning decking surface can be realized. Thanks to the highly engineered pedestal system beneath that makes these breathtaking outdoor spaces possible.”

Filmed on May 22nd, the episode will highlight how well-designed rooftop decks can improve health and quality of life by providing outdoor spaces in urban settings. Featuring key interviewees from the Bison team, the segment will showcase an installed unit.

Stay tuned for the Viewpoint episode to learn more about how Bison is revolutionizing rooftop deck design and construction.

About Viewpoint:
Viewpoint is an educational program dedicated to exploring timely topics and pressing issues across various industries. Hosted by Dennis Quaid, the program offers viewers an in-depth look into the latest advancements, innovations, and trends shaping our world today.

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Bison Innovative Products offer the design flexibility to create versatile, unique outdoor spaces. Since 1994, Bison has led the industry in the design and manufacture of Pedestals and hardwood Deck Tiles that create beautiful rooftop environments. This independently tested, modular Deck System allows rooftop decks to be installed quickly and easily without damaging expensive roofing systems. Whether you’re working on a restaurant, hotel, healthcare facility, or residential project, rooftop deck systems offer the design flexibility to create versatile, unique outdoor spaces over any structural surface.

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