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Living Roofs, Inc. Honored with Two Awards at the NCASLA Conference

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Living Roofs, Inc. has been honored with two awards at the NCASLA conference.

The vegetated roofs at Camp Mending Heart picked up a Recognition Award in the Residential Design category. The project rests along the shore of a mountain lake deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, a region known for its biologically diverse habitats and species. Nine roofs cover four separate buildings tucked throughout the property, each blanketed with a vegetated roof, visually and ecologically integrating the buildings with the forested site.

Living Roofs designed the custom green roof systems, biodiverse plant selection, planting approach, and post-installation management to sustain plant communities and species native to the region and to embrace the region’s ecological richness.

This project showcases how to creatively integrate green infrastructure into residential projects—from reducing rooftop temperatures and minimizing stormwater runoff to promoting biodiversity— all while creating an extraordinary visual amenity.

Architecture by: PLATT
Vegetated roofs: Living Roofs, Inc.
Photography by: William Abranowicz / Art + Commerce

Living Roofs Inc. is an experienced, award-winning design and construction company specializing in end-to-end implementation of landscape on structure. With 100s of commercial and residential projects successfully completed across the Southeast since 2006, we’ve dedicated years to mastering the nuanced complexity of vegetated roofs and landscape on structure —from design to construction and ongoing care & maintenance. The path to a perfect landscape on structure shouldn’t feel complicated. We’re not going to say it’s easy, but with Living Roofs, it will feel that way.

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