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Tournesol Siteworks: Various Positions, multiple locations in the USA

on June 1, 2023 at 4:16 pm under

Tournesol Siteworks is looking for a few positions in various locations in the USA.

Position: Multiple
Company: Tournesol Siteworks
Location: Various

Tournesol Siteworks is always looking for qualified individuals to join our team. We’re a small but rapidly growing company in the expanding market for Green Building products. Because we’re a tight-knit group, you need to be a team player to succeed here. We take good care of our people, and folks that fit within the group and perform tend to stay for a long time.

For the better part of the last decade, we’ve introduced ourselves as the company at the intersection of landscape and architecture. While that’s still who we are, we’re focusing our message on a more important part of our business – you! The real thing that’s allowed us to grow our business is a dedication to customer success.

With our material options and Customworks team, designers and contractors across the country can be inspired to dream big and we’ll work with you “successful sites start here!”

As a manufacturer to the commercial landscape marketplace, we’ve been helping designers and contractors create complete rooftop environments for over 30 years.

More information:

Tournesol Siteworks is a manufacturer of products for commercial landscapes for over 30 years, and it has become the premier solution provider of products for rooftops, terraces, streetscapes, public institutions and hospitality projects nationwide. We provide complete landscape solutions for the urban environment. Green roofs don't have to be complicated, and our modular trays make installation on existing locations easy. From irrigation systems to site furnishings, we can green any building!

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