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“Rooftop” by Brad Temkin Available in September and at CitiesAlive in NYC

on August 20, 2015 at 8:00 am under

Brad Temkin, Chicago-based photographer extraordinaire, has some exciting news to share with us:  A new large-scale book out next month on one of our favorite topics, if not our very favorite, titled Rooftop.


Knowing his beautiful body of work (as in 2012’s wonderful The Rise of Living Architecture Commemorative Edition Book), I am sure Rooftop will be both a collector’s item and a real crowd-pleaser!

“My goal is to give the work exposure to as many people as possible so they can understand what we already know too well…that our grace and ingenuity come through when we work together, and that the world is (can be) a beautiful place.  I believe sustainability and the future of humanity depends on this. ” ~ Brad Temkin

Published by Radius Books, Brad has been working on this photographic project on greenroofs since 2009. Rooftop will feature many high-profile local and international greenroofs as well as lesser-known, but equally fascinating ones as well.

“Rooftop draws poetic attention to a significant new movement which counters the heat-island effect afflicting cities across the globe. The benefit of green roofs reaches beyond reduced carbon footprint and improved storm water control. These grassy spaces embody the conflict of our existence, symbolizing the allure of nature in the face of expanding urban sprawl. Shot in locations ranging from Chicago to Zurich, Temkin’s images do more than merely document rooftop gardens. He situates his organic subjects within the steel, stone and glass angularity of urban structures, inviting viewers to revel in the open patterns and colors of these rooftop landscapes and their unobstructed connection to the sky.

Temkin’s images are interspersed with writings by authors John Rohrbach and Steven Peck, as well as architect Roger Schickedantz. These essays address such things as the aesthetics and intent of the photographs, living architecture, design, sustainability and the concept of bringing nature into an innovative urban context.” ~ Radius Books


Birds (looking east) in Dun Laoghrie Co., Dublin, Ireland; August 2009. ©Brad Temkin.

The hardcover in a clear Lucite slipcase measures 12.5″ x 11.5″ (80.6cm x 74.1cm) with two sections.  The first section is hardbound with 110 pages and 65 color images.  The second part is a 36-page perfect bound booklet insert with text by Rohrbach, Peck, and Schickedantz.  Both are housed in an acrylic shell with a retail price of only $50.00.

Brad is also offering a special edition book, limited to 45 copies, that includes a choice of three images (see here) printed as one 77.4cm x 96.7cm (12″ x 15″) image on 90.3cm x 109.6cm (14″ x 17″) archival inkjet print paper.  This will retail for $850.00 with a pre-publication price of $750.00 until September 20, 2015.


Lurie Children’s Memorial (looking southwest) in Chicago, IL; May 2012. ©Brad Temkin.

Rooftop‘s release will coincide with a traveling exhibition beginning at the Southeast Museum of Photography in Daytona Beach, Florida and the exhibition will travel to institutions and galleries over the next few years as well. The Southeast Museum of Photography is also including a dozen or so large prints from each of Brad’s series from Private Places, Relics, and Topographic Tales.

A suite of three Rooftop images are currently up at the exhibit “In The Garden” at the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography in Rochester, New York.  In fact, Brad will be there on Thursday, August 27, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. in the Special Exhibition Galleries to give a “Gallery Talk” on his Rooftop series.  A few other events are scheduled, including a solo show of the work at Scott Nichols Gallery in San Franciscso next month and the Sol Mednick Gallery in Philadelphia this October, as well as book signings at each.


Rock n’ Roll McDonald’s (from above, looking west) in Chicago, IL; July 2013. ©Brad Temkin.

And, as a treat for all of us, Brad will be holding an exclusive book-signing at the upcoming CitiesAlive Conference on Tuesday, October 6, from 1:00 – 2:00 pm at the Brooklyn Marriott Hotel.  Don’t miss it!


Brad shares his passion on the subject:

“My interest began because of my long time interest in documenting the human impact on the landscape and biophilic philosophy. ROOFTOP draws poetic attention to the movement of green roofs and how they reflect the conflict of existence, symbolizing the allure of nature in the face of our continued urban sprawl. These elevated landscapes represent the judicious reintroduction of nature, flourishing in a new urban setting. By securely situating the gardens within the steel, stone, and glass rectangularity of urban downtown, I ask viewers to revel in their far more open patterns, colors, and connection to the sky. In this break, I see not merely beauty and dichotomy, but the framework for positive change.” ~ Brad Temkin


Jacob Buckhardt Haus (looking east) in Basel, Switzerland; May 2014. ©Brad Temkin.

Amazon shows a release date of September 29, 2015, but it will be available by early September.  Make sure to get yours today at either Radius Books or Amazon to ensure the pre-order pricing.  Or, better yet, come to CitiesAlive in New York City this October and get a signed copy from Brad – I’m looking forward to mine!

Happy viewing,

~ Linda V.

About Brad Temkin:


Brad Temkin is a Chicago-based photographer and teaches photography at Columbia College. His work can be found in the permanent collections of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Milwaukee Art Museum, Corcoran Gallery of Art (Washington DC), the Museum of Fine Arts (Houston), Akron Art Museum (Ohio), and Museum of Contemporary Photography (Chicago) among many others. His images have been featured in Aperture, Black & White Magazine, TIME Magazine, and European Photography.

Contact Brad at +1 847.668.2723 or SKYPE bradtemkin; and visit