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Happy Earth Day! Now Playing at the Virtual Summit 2015: “A Green Building Should Look Green, Which Means Hairy!” Keynote Video by Ken Yeang

on April 22, 2015 at 3:51 pm under

Happy 45th Earth Day!  We all know that through sustainable design and nature-based architecture we can leave a more sustainable Earth community to our children, grandchildren, and beyond.

In celebration of honoring our planet’s ecology and healthy, regenerative design, we are highlighting each of the 23 awesome videos from our 30+ spectacular speakers from‘s Greenroofs & Walls of the World Virtual Summit 2015 ~ Connecting the Planet with Living Architecture: People, Projects & Design, running through May 31st.


Our hope is that by familiarizing you more with each presentation and its particular benefits, you will be enticed to join us during our wonderfully easy-to-navigate online Virtual Summit!  And, along with the speakers’ input, I will identify 5 Key Learning Objectives or “takeaway” bullet points that each video presentation provides to participants.


Starting alphabetically by presentation title and with the Keynotes, today we are spotlighting our Opening Keynote presentation “A Green Building Should Look Green, Which Means Hairy!” from the wonderful Dr. Ken Yeang, of Ken Yeang Design International and Hamzah & Yeang, with offices in Malaysia, UK, and China.


I’ve known the indomitable Ken for for a few years now since he and I both spoke in Singapore in 2010, and his groundbreaking leadership in architecture has been truly inspirational – not to mention avant-garde.

Solaris2London, UK and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Best recognized worldwide as the green architect and creator of the “bioclimatic skyscraper” itself, Ken is also a sensitive ecologist and planner, “known for his authentic ecology-based work on the theory and signature ecoachitecture and ecomasterplanning that have a distinctive hirsute verdant green aesthetic, carrying out design and research in this field since 1971.  He graduated from the AA School (London) and received his doctorate in ecological design and planning from Cambridge University (UK).

Ken has completed over 12 bioclimatic eco high-rise buildings, several thousand dwellings (terraced houses), over two million sq. ft. of interior design space, numerous eco-masterplans and eco-city designs, and has overall completed over a hundred building projects of all types worldwide.  Yeang lectures extensively in over 30 countries at conferences and schools of architecture on his ideas and work on ecological design and masterplanning.” ~ Read his complete bio here from the VS2015.


I had the very distinct pleasure of interviewing Ken a couple of months ago for the Virtual Summit.  Our oldest son, Joey (film/writer guy), and I caught up with him at his in London office for my “A Green Building Should Look Green, Which Means Hairy!” Keynote Video interview.  We had a hoot filming him and I’ll take this opportunity to once again thank him and his associates!


You will benefit from these 5 Key Learning Objectives as Dr. Ken Yeang shares:

1) His philosophy, ecological design agenda, and specifics regarding architectural devices of the Solaris, National Library of Singapore, and the EDITT Tower (the Ecological Design in the Tropics) among others;

2) How he was influenced early on from studying under Ian McHarg at the University of Pennsylvania;

3) The concept of “ecomimicry” as compared to biomimicry;

4) The biointegration of four ecoinfrastructural armatures of green design in order to be an overall coherent system – involving 4 color codes of green (nature’s utilities, ecology of the land, biodiversity balancing, ecological connectivity); grey (engineering infrastructure including renewable energies, zero energy, net waste, materials); blue (water management including sustainable drainage, closing the loop, rainwater recycling); and red (lifestyles including human infrastructures of material use and regulatory systems);

5) His thoughtful, in-depth advice to graduating or new architects entering our field today and his vision for the future of architecture.

Coming in at exactly 59:00, I am confident you will enjoy Ken’s deep commitment to ecology; environmental-centric, yet philosophical design aesthetic; and sharp wit (and very funny laugh)!

Watch “A Green Building Should Look Green, Which Means Hairy!” now playing at the Greenroofs & Walls of the World Virtual Summit 2015.  If you have not yet registered (only $49 or 25), please do:

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Happy Earth Day and beyond,

~ Linda V.