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Join Us Online Today for the “Live Social Weekend Hangout” through Sunday April 12, 2015 – See the Line-up of Speaker Q & As at the VS2015!

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The Live Social Weekend Hangout on Friday, Saturday & Sunday April 10, 11 & 12 has begun at the Greenroofs & Walls of the World Virtual Summit 2015 ~ Connecting the Planet with Living Architecture!


The long weekend kicks off with a bang with the lively Q & A Public Chat Sessions from these really dynamic speakers:


9:30 am EDT: The Great Green Roof Review: Success & Succession with Jenny Hill & Terry McGlade

10:30 am EDT: Two Extremes in Waterwise Design from Denver, Colorado and Athens, Greece with Andrew Clements and Karla Dakin

11:30 am EDT: Stewardship of Rooftop Ecosystems with Michael Furbish, Brad Garner, and Dr. Whitney Griffin

2:30 pm EDT: Pollinators on the Parapets with Angie Durhman

3:30 pm EDT: A Higher Purpose – Benefits to Human Health and Education through Green Roofing with Elizabeth Hart


11:00 am EDT: The Development of Revolutionary Large Scale Vegetated Infrastructure Projects in Latin America and the Foundation of a New Industry with Pablo Atuesta

12:00 pm EDT: Biosolar Roofs with Dusty Gedge

1:00 pm EDT: Soil Ecological Processes on Green Roofs: Research and Observation Meet Theory and Intuition with Christine Thuring

2:00 pm EDT: Biodiversity in the Sky – How Green Roofs Can Be Designed as Wild Life Refuges Keynote with Dr. Stephan Brenneisen

3:00 pm EDT: Greening Rooftops in Alberta: People, Place + Projects with Kerry Ross

4:00 pm EDT: Beyond Extensive and Intensive: Defining the Comprehensive Green Roof with Molly Meyer


10:00 am EDT: Small Scale Green Roofs with Dusty Gedge and John Little

12:00 pm EDT: The 2014 Top 10 List of Hot Trends in Greenroof & Greenwall Design + a Look into 2015 with Haven Kiers and Linda Velazquez

1:00 pm EDT: From Passive House to the Cold North—How Vegetative Envelope Components Impact Buildings Panel with Dr. Bob Cameron, Dr. Allen Lee, Dr. Karen Liu, and Chris Wark

1:30 pm EDT: Versatile Living Walls & Roofs: International Applications for Agriculture, Energy Conservation, Pollution Attenuation, and Aesthetics with Dr. Bob Cameron

2:00 pm EDT: A Chat with’s Linda & Aramis Velazquez

4:00 pm EDT: Social Healing with Greening Panels Part 1 & 2 with Patrick Carey, Peter EnsignGeorge Irwin, and Darius Jones

7:30 pm EDT: Greenwalls in Middle Earth with Graham Cleary

8:30 pm EDT: Greening the World Inside and Outside with Mark Paul

* Also coming on Sunday is the Q & A Session from Marc Grañen, TBA

Unsure of how it works?  Check out our aptly named “How It Works” page at the Virtual Summit, in particular the Live Q & A Sessions (Public Group Chats) for the Live Social Weekend Hangout, visuals below:


Expo Pavilion

Of course, don’t miss the spectacular Expo Pavilion, opening on Saturday & Sunday!


Learn from industry experts, watch videos, download tons of info ~ and best yet, chat with them live!

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Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2015
Connecting the Planet + Living Architecture: People, Projects & Design

It’ll be fun chatting with you!

~ Linda V.