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Attending the VS 2015? Send an Under 3-Minute Video for the Inspiration Nook!

on March 16, 2015 at 2:52 pm under

The Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2015 is‘s third online conference, and of course we try and get different speakers with varied subjects each time to keep it fresh and topical.  Did you know that even if you are not a featured Keynote or Speaker at our Virtual Summit 2015 you can still highlight your ideas or work here?


Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2015
Connecting the Planet + Living Architecture: People, Projects & Design

So, what if we didn’t invite you to present but you have some great info, project, research, poster board, or just plain cool idea that you want to get out?  In 2013 we inaugurated a new idea – the “Inspiration Nook” to offer this opportunity to all attendees.

What is it?

Photo Source: FriendBurst by Barbara_K

The Inspiration Nook is simply a virtual niche where we play short, informative – and hopefully inspiring in some way – videos.  In essence, all attendees can create and share their under 3-minute video, get your short bio included on the Speakers page, AND hold your own online Q & A Session with other attendees over our Live Social Weekend Hangout on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday April 10, 11 & 12 – all included with your Registration:


Registration Fee:

$49 – special discounted pricing;

$25 – for students/faculty and government professionals*

* Email address must have .edu, or .gov or other governmental domain name extensions.

You may be saying “there’s not enough time!”  Sure there is – you’ve got just under weeks to put together a fun little video about your passion – nothing fancy!

This series is focused around sparking conversation, ideas, dialogue and connections around a specific greenroof/wall-related topic – a mosaic of bright ideas for a greener world.

Quality Over Quantity

We’ve all heard of the “Elevator Pitch” – why not  show your succinct pitch in an < 3-minute video!  Examples:

– As a researcher or student you may have recently spent a lot time (and money) creating a poster board for a conference or class – share it with like-minded people and get their input.

– Professors and teachers: you could get your entire class to create a video of snippets from each student.

– You have a new book coming out (yes, a little commercial, but informational as well) – tell our audience about it and then be on board to answer audience questions.

– Your firm is working on (or finished) a really cool project that you have short film of – show it and share your experience (cannot be product-oriented, it would need to be project-oriented).

– You have an idea for the public good and would love some constructive feedback from your peers.



Maximum length: 2:56 to allow branding on our part;

Video due date: March 31, 2015.  All videos will be on demand through May 31 so it could be later, but you’ll get more exposure if it’s up at the beginning on April 6.

After registering, send me: your photo, 2-3 line bio and video description, its title, and a photo representing your video.  Tell me the time and date for your live Q & A Session.  Then we’ll add you to the Speakers and Agenda pages.

Here are a few examples from 2013:

Green Roofs on Lean-tos in Adirondack Wilderness Areas Inspiration Nook Video by Alison Liedkie.

Upping the Urban Green. What is the Actual and Potential Role of Ecology in our Cities? Inspiration Nook Video by Dr. Mark Simmons and Christine Thuring.

Natural System for Recycling Wastewater and its Nutrients Inspiration Nook Video by João Manuel Linck Feijó.

NOTE:  The Inspiration Nook videos are not meant to be overtly commercial (no product endorsements, please – if this is the case, you may want to consider exhibiting at the Expo Pavilions at a very low cost!  $400 for advertisers/$500 for non-advertisers).

Don’t forget the awesome Continuing Education Credits:

GRP-logoGreen Roofs for Healthy Cities, the North American green roof industry association, is offering credits for the GRP, Green Roof Professional, up to a total of:

GRP CEU (10)


Through AEC Daily, a developer of online education courses for the construction sector, these organizations have certified specific courses and will give their members credit upon completion up to one credit each for a total of:

AIA/CES (3), USGBC/GBCI CE (3), HSW (3), AIBD CE (2), AIC (2), BOMI CPD Hours (3), CCIDC CE (3), FBPE (3), InterNACHI (3), LA CES™ (2), NARI CEU (3), NAHB CE (3), RCEP PDH (2), RCI CEH (3), AAA (3), AANB (3), AIBC (3), CSC PDE (3), NLAA (3), NWTAA (3), OAA (3), OAQ (3), SAA (3).

Join online for our spectacular Greenroofs & Walls of the World™ Virtual Summit 2015 -Registration is open.  We hope to see you online and watch some of your work!

~ Linda V: