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New: As Seen On…TV, Film, Video, Digital Arts…Greenroofs & Walls!

on August 19, 2014 at 5:44 pm under

Have you noticed lately how examples of living architecture – specifically greenroofs and greenwalls – seem to be sprouting up (sorry, couldn’t help it) in today’s screen media more often?

I’m not talking about radio, print, blogs, or other news media – that’s been going on for years ( has been around since 1999) – that’s why we have a whole section devoted to “NewsLinks.”


And videos abound on the subject online on YouTube and others, hence our own GreenroofsTV channel on YouTube where we have been posting videos since 2007…


But I’m referring more about how they’re popping up in TV, cable, and online shows, and more recently, films.


The PBS Crew: L-R: Associate Producer Deborah, Host Michael Weishan, Me, Producer Laurie and Camera Man Joel in April, 2006 at Saul Nurseries’ “The Swamp” location.


L-R: Me, Michael and Karen of Saul Nurseries.

Sometimes they’re the focus of a segment of an episode (like when I was on The Victory Garden on PBS back in 2006 and Ed Snodgrass was on Hallmark Channel’s “The Martha Stewart Show” in 2012) or at other times they’re just randomly seen in the background, like on a few recent House Hunters International (love that show!) or used to make a specific point – examples coming soon.


Martha Stewart and Ed Snodgrass of Emory Knoll Farms/Green Roof Plants.


L-R: Chip, The Martha Stewart Show Set Designer; Ed Snodgrass; and Andrea Mason, the Garden Segment Producer.

Well, we’re going to start pointing them out to you, and hope you do the same by sending us an email to: with the name of the show/film for a quick post – to get people aware of the airings!  If you have the date it aired (and link) or will air, even better.  By the way, send them from around the world, not just from North America!

Our first one will showcase the Temple Residence on Treehouse Masters, hosted by Pete Nelson, using the System from Plant Connection – also our Project of the Week.


Happy watching!

~ Linda V.