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Transatlantic Spring to Vancouver and Toronto in March & April

on March 26, 2013 at 1:45 pm under

I’m in the mystical phase of “PhD write-up”, which is challenging, exhilarating, good fun, and much more.  In particular, I’d underestimated the degree of excitement this phase would stir up, owing mainly to elements of time management challenges (e.g., teaching) and anxiety (e.g., the uncertainty of next steps).

Christine atop the Rathaus

What this means is I’ve earned an Easter holiday.  To make the most of my air miles (sigh), to meet up with many colleagues and friends in a short period of time, and to share what I’ve been working on, I’m giving a couple talks along my itinerary.  If you’re in Vancouver or Toronto, I’d love to see you!

Rathaus PV and bee

I will be presenting the latest research exploring ecological dynamics and processes of plants and substrates on old extensive green roofs.

Within the context of UN Decade on Biodiversity and the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, this work explores opportunities – and responsibilities – for the green roof industry to think global and act local.

CT-UN Decade on Biodiversity

Thurs. March 28 @ 17:30pm > BCIT Centre for Architectural Ecology (Green Roof Research Facility) at GNW campus.
If you can make the talk, meet us from 19:30 at Arts Club Lounge (Granville Island).

Tues. April 9 @ 17:30 > Carrot Common
Hosted by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

Hope to see you there!

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PhD candidate, University of Sheffield