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Which Cities Are Embracing the Green Revolution?

on February 28, 2013 at 12:30 pm under

If you keep up with‘s social media postings, you’ll recall a recent interesting infographic asking and answering the question “Which Cities Are Embracing the Green Revolution?”

It appears that New York City, Vancouver, B.C., Copenhagen, London, Amsterdam and Stockholm are leading the pack.  Produced by, it was recently published on

We thought it was really cool, and the publisher sent us an update for your review:

“Today, a greater proportion of the world’s population is living in urban areas than ever before.  For that reason, it is the cities of the world that are to become the front-line in any attempt to create a more efficient, sustainable future.

So how exactly are the planet’s metropolitan centers acting on this fact? Just what is being done in order to bring these areas into the green age?

In this infographic from, we look at how six major cities are cleaning up their acts in the name of cutting pollution and reducing carbon emissions. From green roofs to green cars, water conservation to hydroelectric power, we investigate which cities are embracing the green revolution.” ~

Check this out:

Infographic source: HouseTrip – New York City

So, do you agree with the choice of these six cities as taking the greatest lead so far? Let’s get more greenroofs and greenwalls into the mix next…

Happy Greening!

~ Linda V.