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Greenroof Funnies: Future Shock

on January 16, 2013 at 10:49 am under

Have you heard of the comic strip “Future Shock?”  I hadn’t until now.

Future Shock is an an off-beat look at science, technology and the world of tomorrow.   The daily comic was created by brothers Jim McGreal, a former assistant to Dale Messick on the Brenda Starr comic strip, and Pat McGreal, a former stand-up comic and writer for David Letterman and Rosie O’Donnell.   The comic runs in 25 newspapers nationwide and was just picked up by the Chicago Tribune a few weeks ago.

“Every so often, we delve into environmental matters, which we did with our debut strip in the Chicago Tribune on Dec. 30, 2012.” ~  Pat McGreal

Check out their “Green Roofs” cartoon:

I guess the aliens liked what they saw!  Definitely must be Chicago.

It was the “Comic of the Day” but now you can find it under the  environmental  category  on their website  – or in their fan club on Facebook under “Future Shock Comics Fan Club.”

We could all use a little levity every now and then, right?  Fun stuff.  Keep ’em coming, Future Shock!

~ Linda V.