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on October 21, 2011 at 2:59 pm under

As you may know, in addition to contributing Christine’s Ramblings I also send out my newsletter, “Students On the Roof: Green Roofs on the Curve” to interested students and faculty as the Student Editor.

I’m now in my 3rd year PhD  at the University of Sheffield, which has put a wrench into the biannual frequency of my newsletters.  Still, it is only Time which has limited my writings; there is no shortage of muse in this world.  As such, topics of inspiration gradually acquire steam and content, and some build up to the point of vital expression as a burst of creative energy.

GREEN ROOFS ON THE CURVE 2011: Virtual Conferencing: WOW, it’s NOW!

If you read my last newsletter, A Drop in the Bucket, you may recall deep contemplations about the inner conflicts of being a green professional.  At the time, I was musing how to reconcile the environmental damage caused by attending international conferences.

This edition of Green Roofs on the Curve celebrates the most technologically-modern event I’ve ever attended: the Greenroofs & Walls™ of the World Virtual Summit 2011.  As if in response to my despair in the last newsletter, this recent/ ongoing/ conference genuinely satisfied my interest in cutting-edge information, but didn’t require me to travel, not to take time out of my busy week/ month!

It’s just a quick read, and I’d love to know your thoughts – see GREEN ROOFS ON THE CURVE 2011: Virtual Conferencing: WOW, it’s NOW! here.  I do have deeper thoughts simmering (about technology and choice) for a proper newsletter, but don’t know when that will be ready.

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