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Dr. Karen Weber Receives NEWIEE Achievement Award

on May 10, 2011 at 10:59 pm under

A dear greenroof colleague of ours,  Dr. Karen L. Weber is the Executive Director of the Foundation for a Green Future and Coordinator of  Boston GreenFest, now in its 4th year.  Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the Foundation for a Green Future runs programs to educate school children and communities about the importance of bringing nature back into our cities.

“We are a group of dedicated Board members and volunteers who are working hard  to make the Foundation for a Green Future, Inc. a driving force for environmental awareness and for bringing nature back into our urban spaces.  Originating from five continents, we span industry, academia, community organizing, energy, and small business.” ~  Foundation for a Green Future, Inc.

Boston GreenFest is their annual festival at Boston City Hall and takes place at the end of August.   The largest multicultural environmental festival in the region, Boston GreenFest 2011 will have various new special features including a GreenSoul Stage, Green Entrepreneurs Small Business Forum, EcoQuest, Eco Salsa Fashion Show and an eco-friendly firework display.  They’ll also launch a GreenKiosk Contest and a Mini GreenPlaza Challenge.  This year Boston GreenFest will be held on August 18-20 – don’t miss it!

I’m delighted to say that early last month, Karen received a prestigious award given by New England Women in Energy and Environment – the NEWIEE Achievement Award.  This was to honor Dr. Weber’s work at the Foundation and Boston GreenFest in educating the public about greening our urban spaces and our lives, particularly with regard to greenroofs and sustainable practices.

“Founded in Boston in 2008 by a group of eminently accomplished women in the sector, NEWIEE harnesses the passion, intelligence and leadership experience of New England women to promote and encourage public interest in the energy and the environment sectors. Comprised of members across the public and private sectors, as well as various age groups, NEWIEE is also a stimulating forum for networking, sharing of expertise and information and mentoring.” ~  New England Women in Energy and Environment

Dr. Weber was introduced by Massport’s Sustainability Officer, Jacki Wilkins, and presented the award by NEWIEE president, Judy Chang.  Dr. Weber’s acceptance speech reminded gala guests that greenroofs are not an option.   Read more here.  Referring to greenroofs, Karen  said:

“They are a way that we can give back to the planet to help cool things down, reduce CO2, improve our hydrologic cycle and stormwater management while making our living spaces more beautiful and building a true green economy.” ~ Karen Weber

Boston City Councilor Rob Consalvo was also in attendance, and later in the week, he bestowed another honor upon Karen offered by the City of Boston for her work on Boston GreenFest.

Congratulations!  I also want to send her belated but heartfelt wishes for a great Mother’s Day last Sunday (and to all of us who are lucky to be called Moms).

In addition to everything else she does for her community, the environment, and to promote greenroofs, Karen and her husband, Edwin Salamanca, are the proud parents of triplets!

There should be an award for that, too, I’m sure you’d agree,  Way to go, Karen!

~ Linda V.